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07-20-2011, 04:35 AM
Ive decided..that since cheating last night for the first time ever on IP...that i would make sure i have some goals in place to keep me on track..and since i cant get my ticker yet..i would post some goals..feel free to share yours..and i hope that by looking at my goals and hearing will encourage me to keep going the right way!!

So here are my goals for this week...

Tommorow: Drink 4 litres of water...i averaged 2 the other need to up the water ..

Will make my soup ahead of time: Prep my veggies and make soup before i get so hungry that i go crazy with cravings.

Will take my vitamins: Good idea not to forget..i learned that lack of potassium equals really bad leg cramps..

Will eat only 3 packets: I was using 4 packets but im starting to think that maybe if i drink enough water...i will only need 3..

No sugarless gum: I admit im a chewing finatic with an oral going to try my hardest not to touch any kind of gum whatsoever..

and of course..last but not least: to stay 0P 100% for the rest of my life..cause there is no reason to cheat!:carrot: Yay for dancing carrots...

:DWhat about you???