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07-20-2011, 03:57 AM
I am coming up on my 3rd WI this Thursday and it is my plan to start working out again on Thursday after WI....

I miss doing some sort of exercise . I love to run and have a wonderful Rom-Fab work out machine, which can be used daily... the 4-minute work out. Sounds easy, but its anything but. Plus I love to go for long bike rides.

When I started almost three weeks ago, I was advised against doing any work out because of the intial changes in my diet.

So please others, give some insight on this one... when can I safely add working out back into my life without it stalling my weight loss. I would love to tone as I lose vs. waiting until I'm at my goal...


Princess Jessica
07-20-2011, 04:15 AM
There is a whole thread regarding this, I just bumped it for you. :) (It should really be a sticky...)
But my understanding is that after the first few weeks, you can start doing light exercise such as walking or yoga, but most coaches seem to advise people to stay away fro anything that gets your heart rate up or burns too many calories. I assume this is just because we are getting so few calories to start with and you don't want to shock your body or send it into starvation mode.
There are lots of people on the threads who successfully work out though, and there is even an athletic version of the protocol. Someone was actually talking about that today, so it should be in one of the most recent threads. They posted the protocol sheet and everything. :)
I would say talk to your coach first about anything though, just to be safe.