Chicks up for a Challenge - July 21 - August 4th Challenge!

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07-19-2011, 11:18 AM
Hey Guys!
This is my first time joining or starting a challenge post, but I decided I need some motivation beyond just "lose weight!"

So, here is my challenge: Eat on plan for 14 days straight. Also, do one healthy thing a day that you do not normally do. This could involve nutrition (a serving of veggies that you don't normally eat), exercise, mental, spiritual, or emotional health.

For examples, some ideas I thought I could do were:
1. climb stairs (I am currently nannying in a hotel room, so exercise is limited)
2. try a new and healthy food from Trader Joe's
3. spend more time in prayer
4. write a letter to a friend
5. journal
6. go swimming
7. put body lotion on more often
8. do a yoga dvd
9. choose to be loving when I would rather be unkind
10. choose patience instead of annoyance

To allow as many people as possible to commit to this challenge, let's start it on July 21-August 4!

I hope you guys will join me in this challenge...I am excited to see how it changes my attitude, emotions, and physical health!:D