100 lb. Club - Scale Don't July To Me - Daily Weighing Thread Part 2

07-18-2011, 10:02 PM
Haven't seen Jeri, and we are just about at 500, so I started the new thread...

June-July 2010 - Lost 13 pounds
August 2010 - Lost 12 pounds
September 2010 - Lost 10 pounds
October 2010 - Lost 7 pounds
November 2010 - Lost 6 pounds
December 2010 - Gain 5.6 pounds
January 2011 - Lost 9 pounds
February 2011 - Lost 1.6 pounds
March 2011 - Lost 4.2 pounds
April 2011 - Lost 3.8 pounds
May 2011 - Lost .4 pounds
June 2011 - Lost 3 pounds

June 30 - 209.6

1 209.8 (+.2) Calories: 1361 Exercise: Yes
2 211.0 (+1.2) Calories: 1073 Exercise: Yes
3 211.0 (0) Calories: 1299
4 210.0 (-1) Calories: 1420 Exercise: Yes
5 210.2 (+.2) Calories: 1142 Exercise: Yes
6 209.6 (-.6) Calories: 1457 Exercise: Yes
7 210.0 (+.4) Calories: 1700 Exercise: Yes
8 209.0 (-1) Calories: 1455 Exercise: Yes
9 209.0 (0) Calories: 1829 Exercise: Yes
10 209.4 (+.4) Calories: 1636
11 209.2 (-.2) Calories: 1730
12 210.8 (+1.6) Calories: 1812 TOM :devil:
13 210.2 (-.6) Calories: 1717TOM :devil:
14 210.8 (+.6) Calories: 1933 TOM :devil:
15 211.2 (+.4) Calories: 1677 TOM :devil:
16. 210.0 (-1.2) Calories: 1700 TOM :devil:
17. 210.0 (0) Calories: 1562 Exercise: Yes
18. 210.4 (+.4) Calories: 1380
19. 211.2 (+.8) Calories: 1972
20. 212.0 (+.8) Calories: 764
21. 210.8 (-1.2) Calories: 1631
22. 210.8 (0) Calories: 1719
23. ????? Away, no weigh in Calories: 1824
24. 211.8 (+1) Calories: 1378
25. 211.2 (-.6) Calories: 1633
26. 210.4 (-.8) Calories: 1227
27. 209.4 (-1) Calories: 1431
28. 209.4 (0) Calories: 1357
29. 208.2 (-1.2) Calories: 1615
30. 206.8 (-1.4) Calories: 1873
31. 206.6 (-.2) Calories: 1407

07-18-2011, 10:18 PM
I am loving July!

1 184.8
2 184.4
3 183.2
4 183.2
5 183
6 182.8
7 181.8
8 182.2
9 181.4
10 180.4
11 180.6 Happy 6th Birthday little ones!
12 179.8
13 179.6
14 178.4
15 179.4 (had chili last night, dang that sodium)
16 178.8
17 177.8
18 177.4
19 177.4
20 177.2
21 177.4
22 176.4
23 175.4
24 175.8
25 175.6
26 176.8 (not enough sleep)
27 173.8
28 173.4
29 172.8
30 172
31 172

13.2 loss!!!

07-18-2011, 10:51 PM
This will be a new one for me! Doing personals from one thread into a new thread! I can do it ;)

Diana - Down the day after your bday, that's great gift in itself!

Coondocks - Woohoo! Down is down :) Just stalking you on twitter - classes start on Wednesday? How is that going to fit in to everything else you do?

Rennie - Great WI this morning, you are nearing the 160's! You can do it! Nice work on the treadmill!

Ona - :wave: Great WI with no activity! :)

Kukkie - I'm going to BC in August, on the 6th :) I'm excited! It's actually turning into a great summer, my boss is gone for 3.5 weeks on vacation, so I can really make the dept. my own which is actually fun! I can work through anything I think! Strep was pretty nasty though, I had to shorten most of my work days where I could. Sounds like the new job is going good, and once you get into the new routine's everything else will fall into place.. including weight loss :) I find it easier to lose weight the more I work - it forces me to bring foods that are on plan.

JamiSue - we are women, which requires us to be able to do it all :D Who knew bathroom talk could be such regular topics (excuse the pun!), :lol: Sorry to hear about your sodium gain, but with the amount of water you drink it'll be gone in no time!

Roxy - you actually extend the life of things by keeping them clean.. which is giving me a dieting idea ... one I might ignore today though! ;) Love the car story! I rarely take painkillers so this sensation is very new to me, it puts me into a blissful, unpainful and very sleepy mood. I think I am nearing the end, which is great! Hope the sinus infection/cold goes away soon!

Angie - wow, thats a long day! Hope you have a restful evening! Don't worry about feeling like a wimp from pilates, I think it kicks most people's butt the first time! When I was WAY younger and WAY more in shape, I used to run, swim, hike, do weights, etc... but yoga, omg, every. single. time. I'd just wake up aching! Keep at it :)

As for me? I got the little bump up I was expecting, it came sooner than I thought though :( Up 1.1 today to 261.2. But last Monday I weight 267.0 so I really can't complain. Maybe next time I could stay sick until I hit the 240's though? ;) I'm not being serious! Tomorrow will be my last day of eating lightly and not counting calories. Wednesday means business!!


07-18-2011, 11:22 PM
June 2010: Beginning weight: 195.4; Ending weight: 183.2, Total loss for JUNE: -12.2lbs
July 2010: Beginning weight: 183.0, Ending weight 178.0, Total loss for JULY -5lbs
August 2010: Beginning weight 178.4. Ending weight 171.6, Total loss for AUGUST -6.8lbs
September 2010: Beginning weight 170.4 Ending weight 167.0, Total loss for SEPTEMBER -3.4lbs
October 2010: Beginning weight 166.2 Ending weight 170.2 on 10/29, I gained in OCTOBER +4.0lbs
November 2010: Beginning weight 167.0 on 11/2 Ending weight 168.0, I gained in NOVEMBER +1.0lb
April 2011: Beginning 177.8 on 4/2 Ending weight 179.6, I gained in APRIL +1.8lbs
May 2011: Beginning 181.4 Ending weight 178.8, Total loss for MAY -2.6lbs
June 2011: Beginning 179.0 Ending weight 176.2, Total loss for JUNE -2.8lbs
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
** Hoping to get out of the 170's for good :crossed: **
** Calories per day 1430

30 ~ 176.2

01 ~ 173.4 (-2.8) calories 1064 off to a great start, but my calories were really low yesterday so tomorrow may show a gain :( but I'm :D for now
02 ~ 175.4 (+2.0) calories 1581 wow I didn't think it would be this bad :(
03 ~ 173.8 (-1.6) calories 1280 stepped on again after my shower 173.6 hope it keeps going down :crossed:
04 ~ 174.4 (+0.6) calories 2282 well no such luck on the weigh in tomorrow will probably be worse :(
05 ~ 175.0 (+0.6) calories 1447 much better today sodium not too bad :)
06 ~ 174.8 (-0.2) calories 1499
07 ~ 175.4 (+0.6) calories 1044 kinda low but too late to eat anything and I'm not hungry anyway :)
08 ~ 174.4 (-1.0) calories 811 way too low, not good
09 ~ 174.4 (N/C) calories 1712 ((282)) over not good ... feeling bloated
10 ~ 175.4 (+1.0) calories 1652 ((222)) over I feel ok not bloated, not stuff just fine
11 ~ 176.0 (+0.6) calories 1138
12 ~ 174.2 (-1.8) calories 1122 I have got to do better food wise (light spotting TTOM is on the way)
13 ~ 172.2 (-2.0) calories 1403 TTOM is here but light
14 ~ 172.6 (+0.4) calories 1458 TTOM still light cramps are present not as bad as they use to be but they are here
15 ~ 171.6 (-1.0) calories 1123 TTOM and cramps, I hope this doesn't last 2 extra days since it started weird
16 ~ 171.2 (-0.4) calories 1731 TTOM cramps were bad this morning
17 ~ 173.0 (+1.8) calories 914 TTOM low I know but I'm not hungry, I know tomorrow's higher calories will cause a gain on the 19th
18 ~ 171.6 (-1.4) calories 1328 TTOM is almost gone
19 ~ 171.4 (-0.2) calories 1147
20 ~ 172.2 (+0.8) calories 1500
21 ~ 171.4 (-0.8) calories 1694
22 ~ 173.4 (+2.0) calories 1529
23 ~ 174.0 (+0.6) calories 1659
24 ~ 175.4 (+1.4) calories 1041
25 ~ 173.6 (-1.8) calories 1657 sodium over by 983 calories under by 101
26 ~ 173.0 (-0.6) calories 1763 sodium over by 374 calories over by 5
27 ~ 174.4 (+1.4) calories 1396 (it's actually more but I don't know what the calories were on the yogurt from CRAVE
28 ~ 174.6 (+0.2) calories 1764
29 ~ 175.4 (+0.8) calories 1710
30 ~ 176.0 (+0.8) calories 2200 way over by 780 calories and 1939mg of extra sodium
31 ~ 177.2 (+1.2) calories 1750 over by 339 and sodium by 997mg

total gain for July 3.8lbs

07-18-2011, 11:23 PM
I just love that new thread smell... :)

07-18-2011, 11:42 PM
Jami you are crazy, I was cracking up at your morning story :lol3: the kids of course want to know, "why are you laughing?". ... yeah I did see where it said the max of sodium is 1300 to 1500 that is impossible. But 2500 just seems crazy also ... can't win them all. :)

Mango I to think it's frustrating when I do everything right and I have a gain ... but know your whoosh is in the making, a good one is coming :hug:

:welcome: Tammy... you are definitely welcome here :) There is also a diabetes/diabetic thread here. I have read their thread but don't remember if they do daily weigh ins. I know they record their fasting/waking glucose and check in often. Just wanted you to know, if you didn't already :) That Quantum scale would drive me bonkers :dizzy: to use to my old faithful that has my 10 best recorded weight ins saved ;)

:woohoo: eclipse on your new low, You Go Girl :high:

Vixsin glad you had a great day :) It's wonderful when things fall perfectly into place :)

Thanks Diana yeah we are getting close to our limit on this one, I keep looking because you all always leave me behind I think I was on page 9 of part 2 last month :lol3:. I know I've gotta keep up ;)

Future I just found out that DH ordered them off ebay and not off the site and they (the people that listed them removed the listing/the Zumba people had them remove them) so claim is filed with PayPal and I guess I'll order them :(. Always something to mess up my plans. You had mentioned the other day that you logged everything into MFP so I said "let me look her up" :) DD bought a peach shake for me from chickfila she put it in the freezer it took me 5 days to eat it. I figured from here on out that is how I will eat all shakes. The calories are split up and I don't feel as bad :D Glad you got your blizzard :hug:

Thanks Angie sorry about the soreness that means it's working right :) Thanks for the new thread.

envelope I'll say I love July when I don't see that 7 until it's 167 :lol3: been a lot of back and forth for me :?: You have done wonderfully :)

Thanks Aimee, I had typed everything on the old thread and figured no one would read it so I moved it here :) I hope to be in the 160's by the end of July :crossed: Enjoy your last day of laxed eating, back to the grind on Wednesday :woohoo:

Ok I just ate 2 cups of grapes gonna get my last 20ozs of water in and go to bed, Night Night

07-19-2011, 12:01 AM
Aimee I lucked out and was able to find an approved Proctor quickly so I can take all my courses correspondance and have him supervise the exams, woot woot! I am planning on using teradmill time as reading time all in one, i like reading while i'm on there anyway, might as well learn something ha ha. No worries on the bump, it happens, throw down! Good on ya for carrying the personals over - I cant do it, willhave to wait till im at my desk tomorrow.


07-19-2011, 12:33 AM
FutureThoughts -- I'm glad you had a nice birthday. It sounds like you made some good decisions and still REALLY enjoyed yourself! The best of both worlds...that's exactly as it should be on our birthdays! Oh yea, I'm glad you liked my story. I must admit that it had me giggling off and on myself today! LOL.

Angie -- Sounds like you had a rough day and even though it was only two hours, I'm glad to you had time to unwind with Cam. Hope you enjoyed your downtime with the bachelorette! And thanks for starting the new thread!

LGW -- No worries! We're all here to give what we can and take what we need! Keep takin' care of yourself, and we'll here if and when you're ever ready for personals!

Envelope -- GREAT job so far. Down almost 8lbs already this month!!

Aimee -- Yes, we are required to do a lot aren't we. I hear you about the cold...it's not like we wish for them but should the colds happen to bring us a loss...we'll take it! And yes, about 6lbs down from last Monday! That's GREAT!!

Rennie -- You're so dang close to the 160's! We're both almost the same lbs away from the next decade. Let's do it!! Glad you got a kick out of my story. I LOVE that I could share that you ladies here!

07-19-2011, 02:50 AM
June 30: 148.4


07-19-2011, 02:52 AM
Thanks for starting this, Angie! Sorry I've been MIA - my internet service has been really spotty the last week or so, and the last couple of days I haven't had any at all. There are a lot of things I love about living in Mexico, but the spottiness of the utilities is not one of them!

Anyhow, I'm down to 146.8 - first time under 147. Less than two more pounds to go until I'm officially a "normal" weight!

07-19-2011, 08:46 AM
It's going to be a HOT one here today! Currently its 23 (29 with the humidity), and going to 37 (48 with the humidity), I am planning to go to a friends place after work to swim in her pool. Should feel nice after a long day at work, and in the incredible heat! :D

Rennie - grapes sounds pretty yummy to me this morning! If you continue with this dedication you'll definitely hit the 160's by the end of the month! :) My original goal was to hit 263 by the end of the month, but I might revise that so I'm in the 250's by the end of the month. I was 257 on my last summer vacation a year ago - so I really haven't made much progress over the last year! Let's not think about that though :)

Coondocks - Sounds like it'll actually fit pretty perfectly into things then! Tomorrow I'm back to the world of counting calories, I think today I should be into eating meals not just a few bites of things so it's time! And yes, I will throw down! :D

JamiSue - My boyfriend got mono a few years ago and my best friend at the time kept trying to get it from him, :lol: I thought she was crazy, but maybe I understand her craziness now (or perhaps laziness!).

Jeri - congrats on the new low, and being so close to being "normal" :D But honestly, who wants to be normal when you can be spectacular :)

And with that I'm off to work! Have a great day ladies!


07-19-2011, 09:01 AM
April weight loss: 250.6 to 238.6: 12lbs gone :broc:
May weight loss: 238.6 to 222: 16.6lbs gone:carrot:
June weight loss: 222 to 208.2: 13.8lbs gone :broc:

June 29 (didn't weigh on 6/30): 208.2

1. No WI- camping
2. No WI-Shabbat
3. 208.2
4. 206.6
5. 205 TOM
6. 205 TOM
7. 204 TOM
8. 204 TOM
9. Shabbat, no WI
10. 204
11. 204
12. 202.6 (no longer obese!)
13. 202.6
14. 203.4
15. 202.6
16. shabbat, no WI
17. 202.2
18. 199.8
19. 199.6
20. 198.6
21. 197.6
22. 196
23. No weigh in
24. 196
25. 194.8
26. 194.4
27. 194.4
28. 194.4
29. 194.4
30. No WI TOM
31. 192.6 TOM

07-19-2011, 09:29 AM
Hoping for a better month...

May 31: 200.7
June 30: 202.5

01: 203.1
02: No weigh-in
03: 203.8
04: 202.9
08: 203.5
09: 204.5
10: 203.6
14: 202.6
17: 201.1
18: 204.7
19: 200.6
20: 201.2
21: 202.4
22: 201.6
23: 201.7
24: 203.9
25: 203.3
26: 201.9
27: 202.4
28: 202.5
29: 201.3

07-19-2011, 09:42 AM
Whoooooshhhhhhhhhh! Down 4.1 to 200.6 - hot damn! Goodbye water and then some.... I was pleasantly surprised by the scale this morning. I can truly only think that it must have been my body holding on to some serious water which caused the gain yesterday, but glad to see it has decided to let it go. Especially since TOM is due to arrive by the end of the week, so all the more surprising!

I also want to share with you ladies that yesterday during my spare time at work (first of all, I really only have spare time because I'm still relatively new and just doing a lot of reading to familiarize myself with stuff, I'm so bored at the moment :lol:), anyway so during my spare time yesterday I created one massive spreadsheet for myself. Essentially it's a big food/weight tracker - I really need to get in the habit of tracking what I eat instead of keeping it all in my head. So the way I set it up was so that I'm still following my LAWL plan, but in addition to that, for each exchange I'm also counting the calories. I made it so that it automatically tallies all my calories for the day without me doing any additional work. AND I made it so that I can log my weigh in and the weight change, so that if/when I get stuck I can always look back to see what it was that I ate that caused a loss/gain, if I need to lower/up my calories, etc. The best part is that I uploaded it to my amazon cloud account, so I can access it from any computer. I don't have to wait until I'm home because it's on my personal laptop, or wait until I get to work, because it's on my work laptop. I can update it anywhere! I actually also used it to plan out today and 3 more days of eating already as well. I am going to slam this thing into the ground now, I'm pumped.

07-19-2011, 10:23 AM
New Thread! Yay! I had a GREAT weigh in today!


07-19-2011, 10:45 AM
:yawn: Morning All!

Thanks for the new thread Angie!

Just a quick post (already at work - and lots to do!)

WI - up .2 to 209 even.

Not worried about it, I felt bloated and gassy this morning. I still feel bloated. :( But I think the big O is releasing this week (ovulation :lol:) --that's my weight enemy as opposed to TTOM. So I'm just going to keep staying on plan and drinking lots of water. Even if there are more ups this week I know a down will come :)

Hope everyone has a good day! I think thru most of North America there's a crazy heat wave happening, so I hope everyone can stay cool :cool:

07-19-2011, 10:49 AM
Keeping July moving down!
Getting back to my May determination!

April 24: 219
May 31: 210
June 30: 218

01: 218?
02: n/a
03: n/a
04: n/a
05: 216.4
06: 214.4
07: 213.6
08: 213
09: 212
10: 210.8
11: 210.4
12: 212.2 (high sodium Monday, ate late, and crazy bad heat wave)
13: 211
14: 209.3 U2 concert
15: 208.2 Applebees dinner
16: 210
17: 209.6
18: 208.8 --- 208.9 Birthday Mini-goal MET:D
19: 209
20: 207.2
21: 207.2
22: 207.6
23: n/a -- down the shore with family
24: n/a
25: 209.6 --way off plan; subway, cookies, donut, & more. Not good.
26: 211.?
27: 210.4
28: 207.4
29: 206.6 -- Jeanmarie's reception
30: 206.8 -- Birthday surprise - Tour of the Linc and Chickies :D
31: 207.4 -- OOOH, SO CLOSE! I'm counting tomorrow as last WI for July! 205 End of July Mini-Mini-Goal

July's my birthday month and I'm turning it around FOR ME! Saying goodbye to 28 with a downward trend, and going to continue it for 29!!

I've learned I work best with small goals along the way -- whenever i'm close to my goal date i always make better choices because i want to hit it! that's why i've added a mini-mini goal :D

07-19-2011, 11:13 AM
Made it to Onederland on August 29, 2010

Nov. 9, 2009 Joined 3FC Weight 261
Dec. 9, 2009 Weight 255.5
Jan. 9, 2010 Weight 249.8
Feb. 9, 2010 Weight 243.2
March 9, 2010 Weight 238.8
April 9, 2010 Weight 233.2

May 01, 2010 Weigh in: 229.0
May 31, 2010 Weigh in: 222.8
Total loss for the month of May, 2010: 6.2 pounds

June 01, 2010 Weigh In: 222.6
June 30, 2010 Weigh In: 214.8
Total Loss for June, 2010: 7.8 pounds

July 01, 2010 Weigh In: 214.8 Started Turbo Fire on July 1
July 31, 2010 Weigh In: 208.0
Total Loss For July, 2010: 6.8 Pounds

August 01, 2010 Weigh In: 208.0
August 31, 2010 Weigh In: 199.6
Total Loss For August, 2010: 8.4 pounds

September 01, 2010 Weigh In: 201.2
September 31, 2010 Weigh In: 193.2
Total Loss For September, 2010: 8.0 pounds

October 01, 2010 Weigh In: 192.4
October 31, 2010 Weigh In: 188.2
Total Loss For October, 2010: 4.2 pounds

November 01, 2010 Weigh In: 188.2
November 30, 2010 Weigh In: 177.4
Total Loss For November, 2010: 10.8 pounds

December 01, 2010: Weigh In: 178.6
December 31, 2010: Weigh In: 170.0
Total Loss for December, 2010: 8.6 pounds

January 01, 2011: Weigh In: 169.6
January 31, 2011: Weigh In: 161.2
Total Loss For January, 2011: 8.4 pounds

February 01, 2011: Weigh In: 160.8
Febraury 28, 2011: Weigh In: 155.4
Total Loss For February, 2011: 5.4 pounds

March 01, 2011: Weigh In: 156.0
March 31, 2011: Weigh In: 152.4
Total Loss For March, 2011: 3.6 pounds

April 01, 2011: Weigh In: 152.4
April 30, 2011: Weigh In: 147.6
Total Loss For April, 2011: 4.8 pounds


May 4, 2011 At my Endo appointment, the Dr. tells me to work on maintenance. My maintenance range is 145-150.

May: Stayed in my maintenance range :carrot:
June: Stayed in my maintenance range :carrot:

All Calories For The Day Are + Approx 200 For Morning Coffee, Cream, & Sugar

05: Weigh In: 148.2 Calories for the day: 1340
06: Weigh In: 145.6 Calories for the day: 1440
07: Weigh In: 144.4 Calories for the day: 1440
08: Weigh In: 143.0 Calories for the day: 1840
09: Weigh In: 142.8 Calories for the day: 1500
10: Weigh In: 143.6 Calories for the day: 1395
11: Weigh In: 144.6 Calories for the day: 1470
12: Weigh In: 143.6 Calories for the day: 1440
13: Weigh In: 143.2 Calories for the day: 1540
14: Weigh In: 144.8 Calories for the day: 1440
15: Weigh In: 145.0 Calories for the day: 1440
16: Weigh In: 144.0 Calories for the day: 1965
17: Weigh In: 146.4 Calories for the day: 1715
18: Weigh In: 146.2 Calories for the day: 1440
19: Weigh In: 146.0 Calories for the day: 1440
20: Weigh In: 146.6 Calories for the day: 1440
21: Weigh In: 146.2 Calories for the day: 1550
22: Weigh In: 146.8 Calories for the day: 1360
23: Weigh In: 144.4 Calories for the day: 1535 (TTOM)
24: Weigh In: 144.4 Calories for the day: 1415 (TTOM)
25: Weigh In: 144.0 Calories for the day: 1440 (TTOM)
26: Weigh In: 143.2 Calories for the day: 1510 (TTOM)
27: Weigh In: 142.6 Calories for the day: 1440 (TTOM)
28: Weigh In: 145.0 Calories for the day: 1390 (TTOM)
29: Weigh In: 142.6 Calories for the day: 1440
30: Weigh In: 142.4 Calories for the day: 1500
31: Weigh In: 143.4 Calories for the day: 1400

07-19-2011, 11:36 AM
Down a pound to 187.0. I'll take it. I feel sore from yesterday's exercise. Healthy Pizza Night with my friends tonight! I am bringing the pizza this time!!!! :yay: Yummy!

Going to try for 30 minutes of Yoga with Bob tonight. I could really use the stretching.

I've got a lot to do here at work. I'll be back at lunch time for personals!! :grouphug:

have a great morning!!!!!

07-19-2011, 11:48 AM
Moving over to the new thread!

15-257.2 ? so good yesterday, why did you go up?!!
17-259.8 I hate parties!
24-256.0 YAY! back down to losing 10 lbs!
28-257.0 (TOM)
29-256.6 (TOM)
30-258.0 (TOM)
31-256.6 (TOM)

07-19-2011, 12:18 PM
172.6 YAY BABY!!

I'm shocked, seriously. TOM showed up a week late so I was rudely awakened by that last night, very little sleep.
That's ok though, cause I'm still moving down.

AND AND AND . . . . I got my email confirmation of my registration, ID number and access to the student website with additional learning tools. So yeah, I got even less sleep from staying on there a little longer than I should have, woot woot!!!

Vix - How are you making out with the Yoga? I still haven't been able to make it threw more than 30 minutes of it, def need to work on my flexibility lol. Have a fantastic pizza night tonight!!

Kukkie - Good on ya with the spreadsheet. I always have the best intentions with things like that . . . i seem to make more of a mess of it in the end LOL.

Aimee - I'm thinking it'll work out quite well, it'll make sure i'm on the treadmill that's for sure . . and not going to lie, i'm looking forward to having something to read on the drive to Cypress Hills. Obviously I wont be driving, but ya know what I mean. Think we can just sit outside this week and let the weight melt off? Its a freaking sauna this week!

Jami - Best . . . . Story . . . . Ever. Nough said :)

Love - We are def going to kick the 170's this month, no doubt about it. We are going to throw down and Get 'Er Done!!

I'm sorry to those i"ve missed . . . . have a wonderful day everyone!!!

07-19-2011, 01:00 PM
April 2011 - Lost 2.2 lbs
May 2011 - Lost 10 lbs
June 2011 - Lost 6.7 lbs

June 30: 265.9
1-6: OOT, No WI
7: 270.7 (+4.8)
8: 272.1 (+1.4)
9: 271.2 (-0.9)
10: No WI
11: 270.5 (-0.7)
12: 268.1 (-2.4)
13: 267.4 (-0.7)
14: 265.4 (-2.0)
15: 263.0 (-2.4)
16: 261.0 (-2.0)
17: No WI
18: 261.7 (+0.7)
19: 260.6 (-1.1) TOTAL -5.3

Feeling good this morning! I am so close to the 250's I can taste it! Gosh, I can't even remember the last time I was under 260! The 260's are going down this month!!!

Oh yea, and DH made an amazing dinner last night. It was a pizza with pesto, tomato, & chicken on wheat crust. So freaking yummy!

Jeri -- Those numbers are lookin' good!!! Less than 2lbs to "normal" weight?!? Hot digity!

Aimee -- Yea, all of us could use a serious but not life threatening disease every so often to help with our weight loss. LOL! Too funny! Mmmm...a nice swim in the pool sounds pretty great! Our summers in CA are usually quite warm but it's been seriously beautiful. It's only been in the hundreds twice and both times I was out of state and privy to much nicer weather. It's supposed to hit hundreds late this week though AND should stick around a while so we might actually get to swim a bit! Anyway, enjoy your swim!

Becky -- Woo hoo! You are putting up those big numbers again! Keep it up!!

Kukkie -- Yahoo! Way to get pumped girl! It sounds like you've got a great plan! And yes, the worst part about starting a new job are all the boring hours spent familiarizing yourself with the new company's processes and procedures. Zzzz....

MadameZombie -- Nice job. Keep fighting the good fight!

FutureThoughts -- The heat wave is expected in CA late this or early next. It's been fairly mild here for most of the summer and I will miss that when it goes. Hopefully your big O comes and goes soon so you can get back to being a "loser." :)

Vixsin -- Mmmm...healthy pizza night, huh? What kind of pizza are you taking? Good luck with your Bob yoga tonight!

Lindy -- Keep up the hard work...you CAN do this!!

Coondocks -- Woo hoo and hoorah on all counts! Life is good in the coondocks house right now!! :carrot:

07-19-2011, 01:47 PM
Coon: I'll tell ya, the yoga is hard but I am loving it. I've made it thru the whole hour only once so far. It's all about finding the modified pose so that I can get a good stretch. I had to let go of the fact that I couldnt stretch as deep as the folks with Bob. That was a hard one for me, but once I did that and concentrated on finding the correct modified form. Once that happened, it was ON!

Jami: I haven't decided yet. I know it will be something organic and all natural. Either Paul Newman's brand or maybe Full Circle. Those 2 seem to taste the best.

07-19-2011, 02:13 PM
7/11: 251.5
7/12: 251.5
7/13: 250
7/14: 253
7/15: 249!
7/16: 250
7/17: 248.5
7/18: 250
7/19: 250

I don't get it either. I was on plan yesterday and hungry when I went to bed, yet, still no loss.

07-19-2011, 02:38 PM
Up .2 to 147 this morning. Not bad for having to be up super early for a doctor's appointment!

07-19-2011, 02:39 PM
good morning everyone! (well, afternoon)...

weigh in: 254.6 (down .9)

i don't know why i'm suddenly having big drops and then a couple days of small gains, and then big drops again. maybe my body is just confused. meh.

anyway, today's weigh in puts me past the 45 pounds lost mark. 45 down, 90 to go... that means i'm 1/3 of the way to goal :D for some reason that just makes me feel like celebrating.

hope everyone has a great day!

07-19-2011, 02:55 PM
Vixsin -- Well, let me know what you decide on. Pizza is my ALL TIME favorite food so I'm always looking for new low cal ideas. The one my hubby made last night was about 200 cals/slice and was pretty darn tasty!

Mango -- If you're still hungry in the evenings, maybe you're not eating enough calories??

Jeri -- Eh! No biggy!

Mandy -- Woo hoo! You are rockin' it these days! I'm using you as motivation to get myself into the 250's finally!

07-19-2011, 03:27 PM
stupid me just flipped to page two and lost everything that I had typed (((STUPID))) arghhhhhhh :mad:

Coondocks good for you on finding an approved Proctor so fast. :) I just realized that I do better with my ipod playing while on the treadmill, with each song I say when this one is over :D :woohoo: 172.6 I know you're gonna pass me, but that's great. I'll definitely be trying to catch you :lol:. I followed JennieLovesKisses for as long as I could last year and when she got into the 150-140's I knew I could totally stop trying :lol: but I gave it my all for the most part. Coondocks we are gonna get'er done

Jami your story was a hoot :D, We can totally get to the next decade together. With you helping me on the weekends I know I can do it. I'm gonna miss you this weekend but I'll be fine :hug: :woohoo: 1.1lbs Gone :high: You are in the 250's it's here believe it :hug: When I finally see 170, I will surely claim 169 on that same day ;)

eclipse I will finally be normal around that weight also :woohoo: I'm so happy for you. You've done and are doing great :) Nope .2 is nothing :hug:

Aimee it was hotter than hot here yesterday but today is overcast so it's not so bad thank goodness. Grapes are my go to snack and the only thing I eat late and don't feel guilty ;). When you say end of summer do you mean Sept 1st? I haven't done well this year either but it's all in lessons learned and hopefully I got them :lol3:
last year for me
~8/31/10 = 171.6
~9/01/10 = 170.4
~9/30/10 = 167.0 but on 9/24 or 9/25/10 I was 165 ... 30lbs down from my start on 3FC. Felt so good (reminisce) :D. Come on you, Jami and I will do this (along with everyone else of course) :hug:

I absolutely love this ****Who Wants To BE NORMAL when YOU can BE SPECTACULAR****

Beck good job on the .2 down :). How old are your little ones? Did I ask you that before? I have 5, two girls 7 & 18 and three boys 10, 12 & 13.

:carrot: Kukkie .... whoosh 4.1lbs GONEEEEEEE :woohoo: That spread sheet sounds like it would make any mission we are on possible, you go Girl. You've got it all worked out :hug:

MadameZ good job on the 1.8 Gone :high:

Future I can't stand it when I feel gassy, broccoli is usually the culprit ;) Hope it goes away soon, Have a great day :hug: Oh just in case I forgot to say it, Congratulations on reaching your mini goal :)

Diana good job on the .2 down :)

Vixsin good job on the pound Gone :high: It's good you can bring the pizza at least you know what you're eating/getting no surprises :hug: Vixsin someone on here was talking about those Amy's pizzas last year they're organic. I've never bought one though. I like going to CiCi's and telling them what I want and then adding more spinach :D

Lindy it's probably water it'll be gone soon :hug:

Mango just be patient, that whoosh is coming. It has to :hug:

:carrot: Mandy :congrat: on 45lbs GONE :high: you deserve to celebrate, I sure would :hug: Dance a happy dance and treat yourself to a new something :)

Ona, Leah, Gale, Rhonda, Roxie and Roxy where are you?

Ok down .2 to 171.4 ... 170 is really hiding from me, why is that. Well gotta go be back later.

Oh and to my MFP buddies, I'm very happy that we are there together.

07-19-2011, 03:31 PM
Jami, I'm getting about 1600 cals a day or less, 1600 is my max. I've been walking everyday too. I'm hungry in the evenings because I'm starving when I wake up so I end up front loading my calories in the early day and don't have anything left later on. I'm doing Dukan so I have a limited number of foods that I can eat and its not a calorie counting program but I count anyways.

07-19-2011, 03:40 PM
I'm gonna miss you this weekend...

No, no, no! :D Okay, I'm calm again. I'm going camping but I'll have cell coverage and will need you MORE than EVER!

07-19-2011, 03:49 PM
I just got back from having my allergy labs done. I am so glad I did it. I don't know what they will find, but hopefully we can get to the bottom of this madness!

07-19-2011, 03:51 PM
Aimee Yay for road trips! How long will you be gone for - I can't remember if you already mentioned that. It's great that you can pretty much make the department yours! I agree that working more makes me bring foods that are on plan, the problem is sometimes if I get too busy, I forget to actually eat them :lol: But having them definitely keeps me from buying snacky things that aren't any good for me. Side note, it's disgustingly hot here as well, ugh.

Rennie I have grapes today too!!! I love the red, seedless ones, especially when they're cold. It really does fulfill my need for a little something sweet most days. I actually already had to tweak the spreadsheet, well not really tweak it but migrate it over to google docs. That way I don't have to download it, change something and upload again everyday, because that would be a pain. In google, I can just make my changes in the google spreadsheet and save within my account. No need to download anything. I also added in some extra formulas so that when I input my WI, it automatically tracks the change for me. Makes me sounds lazy I know, but at least I'll have an extra minute to focus on something else instead :lol:

Coon Where are you taking your courses through? I know ICS offers a program, just curious if that's the institution you're going through... You're rocking through the 70s girl :cheer:

JamiSue Loveddd your story, absolutely hilarious. Nice WI. You're gonna be out of those 260s before you know it!

Jeri congrats on the new low and being so close to normal. You're doing an amazing job.

Beck great job on you 0.2 down.

MadameZombie nice job! :cheer:

Future Chug that water girl :) it'll be gone in no time.

:wave: Diana

Vixsin yay for your pound gone. Pizza Nighttttt, yummm. Ours is generally on Thursday - I can't seem to find that Kashi pizza you once told me about anywhere, so definitely let me know what you decide this time.

:wave: Lindy

:wave: Mango are you getting enough water?? Often we mistake our body's need for water as hunger..

Mandy you're doing such a great job girl, keep it up! Congrats on your 45 lbs gone! :cheer:

07-19-2011, 03:53 PM
I just got back from having my allergy labs done. I am so glad I did it. I don't know what they will find, but hopefully we can get to the bottom of this madness!

Good luck! This was honestly one of the best things I ever did... Gave me some limitations, but it was better than the emotional rollercoaster every time I puffed up not knowing why!

07-19-2011, 04:03 PM
I'm still here.

I weighed in at 246.-something today. TOM arrived last night, and I had a 5 pound overnight gain. Fun. It's been a seriously hectic, not-so-fun week for me. Our a/c broke on Sunday (in New Mexico. in July.) and it looks like we'll have to get a new unit to the tune of around $4500. Add that to the $1800 of unexpected car repairs that have cropped up in the past week or so and I'm wiggin' out a little bit. I'm trying hard not to cope by eating, but that's tough when a person doesn't have any other coping skills in their arsenal (something else my therapist and I are getting to the bottom of.)

So, it's been a tough week financially and it's somewhere around a bazillion degrees in my house so my kids aren't sleeping well which means I'm not sleeping well... etc. It all piles up after a while, you know?

Sorry to whine at you guys, I know things could be worse and I didn't want to just come on here to complain. That's why I've not been posting much. But, still reading and thinking about you guys! :)

07-19-2011, 04:08 PM
Gale02, you just reaffirmed my commitment to living in Alaska ;) Hope it gets better soon, that some anonymous benefactor comes and magically replaces your A/C for you (don't we wish).

07-19-2011, 04:49 PM
Oh Gale :hug: Hang in there! Just do the best you can do for now and hopefully things will brighten up soon. We're absolutely here for you anytime :hug:

Mango :rofl: at your comment. I know you live there, but my colleague and I were just talking about how we should move to Alaska to get away from this heat wave we've been stuck with for days, so very timely that comment :lol:

07-19-2011, 04:57 PM
Angie I missed you in my personals, oops! Not to sound cruel, but it makes me reallyyyyy happy to hear that you're sore! :lol: I know you know what I mean. I remember when I first did the workout, I felt like it was kind of a waste of time because I didn't really feel anything after it, but the next day, man oh man! I don't know where you are on Wellington, but there's a lot of construction going on down here as well, especially around the Financial District, so just a head's up!

07-19-2011, 05:26 PM
Mango - Alaska sounds fabulous right about now! :) Any way to package up some of that cool air and send it my way?

07-19-2011, 11:24 PM
Diana -- I sincerely hope the find SOMETHING out. I cannot imagine living everyday trying to figure out what's causing the reactions...all on your own! GOOD LUCK!

Kukkie -- Thanks and I hope you're right. Hmmm...maybe tomorrow will be the lucky day?? :D

Gale -- Wow! That is definitely quite a pile of crap you're dealing with right now! The good news is that surely you've had your fair share at this point and the "good luck" will move on to someone else! ;)

07-19-2011, 11:32 PM
im going to per-empt the weigh in tomorrow, the heat and humidityhas drained me of all energy, its unreal.
My mom being the wonderful woman she is decided no one should cook in this weather so she treated jack to a cheese pizza . . . . and brought me hot wings and spinach salad. Bless her for trying to support my healthy eating with the spinach salad (dressing on the side :) ) but of course before i know it, those hot wings were gone. Boo to me, i enjoyed them but have learned a new trigger food im best to avoid.
Id like to blame TOM for the complete gobble of them all but that's stretching it i think . . . . . weird thing to crave i'd imagine
At least Jack and I played a bit and I know i was sweating just from the walk home, felt like a flipping sauna :p
Ahh well, the scale will turn tomorrow and i'll jump back on the no-hot-wing-goodness wagon . . . . . damn those tasty little wings!!

07-19-2011, 11:36 PM
Up .8 today...I have to say I don't think this higher calorie thing is working out for me. Good lord. I'm up 2lbs from where i started the month. Still retaining some major water, but I've been eating out consistently...literally every day, and I have a really hard time managing to lose weight when I eat out. I think I may have mastered maintenance though...lol. Okay, tomorrow...it's back to a smaller range for me. I'm going to aim for eating 1500 cal a day or less (current aim is to average 1700) and I won't subtract any exercise. I'll try this range for 2 weeks and see how it goes...can't get much worse!

Aimee -- You hit the nail on the head....I can walk miles a day all over an amusement park...through a forest...over hill and dale...no problem, but yoga and pilates get me every time. That's what I love about them though, I can actually feel that it's working. Hey, I just discovered a new muscle. Did you know there is one that is right below your boobs, laying over the top ribs? I had no idea until last night -- it was so sore from the DVD that it hurt to cough. :lol: Congratulations on your great week so far! going to 37 (48 with the humidity ---> We are expecting the same on Thursday...blech! Why can't it just rain already? (Never thought I'd say that!)

Rennie -- You are having an awesome July, way to go my friend!

Kukkie -- I want some of whatever you're having! Great whoosh, congratulations!!!! Ooooh, I want a cloud for my spreadsheet, I have one, but I always forget to update it. lol @ you enjoying my pain! I'll be at 200 Wellington (TD), I'm looking forward to taking the train in and just walking up from Union.

FutureThoughts -- Enjoy your big O...lol -- I'm sure you didn't mean the kind I was thinking of. :cool:

Vixsin -- Congratulations on your 1lb loss!

Jami -- Good job on your loss today! Hasta la vista 260's!

Mandy -- Congrats on your .9 loss and on hitting -45lbs!

Diana -- Good luck with the tests, can't wait to hear what you learn from them.

Gale -- Hang in there. It sounds like a tough time for sure, but you can get through this and then hopefully look back at it as 'that summer'. :hug:

07-19-2011, 11:56 PM
Jami that's good to know that you'll have coverage. When we've gone camping you had to almost walk back out to the road for at least two bars, would drive me nutty because I watch too many horror movies so I over obsess in my head. The kids are fine just their nutty Mommy :dizzy: that's the spazz :lol: We've also been blessed with a full moon each time, I think I'd lose it for sure if not for the moon light. ;)

Diana I hope they can too. Did they tell you how long it would take? Diana I have a food victory ... went to Walmart yesterday and saw the honey roasted cashews in the bag for $4, I thought not bad but if I get them I need to use some self control. I tried to leave them there but they kind of got caught in my hand ... well I had 1/4 cup as a snack when I got home yesterday and 1/4 cup today as an afternoon snack. Aren't you proud of me (I am) I didn't eat the whole bag. :yay: Rennie :woohoo: I have grown up from my over indulgence of honey roasted cashews ;)

Kukkie I like my grapes the same way. (just had a cup) ;) And that tweak in your spreadsheet doesn't make you sound lazy, it makes you sound like the organized and professional Lady that you are :hug:

Gale I'm so sorry things are crazy right now. I can fully sympathize with you. We've gone through it also ... the kids were about to lose it. They don't understand they just want it fixed. So by all means complain away. :hug: Sorry about the car needing repair also ... praying things get better soon :hug:

Jami :crossed: that you're out of the 260's Maņana ;)

Coondocks, bad hot wings ... but I'm sure the walk home in the heat gave you some leeway :)

Angie you really think so. I think I just keep going back and forth. I don't even want to get on the scale tomorrow. I didn't get on the treadmill today. I had plans for early this morning and didn't want to get all sweaty and have to deal with my hair not drying fast enough, then I got a call to postpone until this afternoon and time just got away from me. They only thing that may keep my (weigh in) in tact is the fact that TOM has left the building :) Sorry about the soreness :hug:

OnaMi where are you? I'd call you but I know you're asleep, LOL ... rest well my friend. I hope you had a great day :hug:

Coondocks I just made a playlist just for walking on the treadmill can't wait until tomorrow. :)

Good Night ALL

07-20-2011, 12:18 AM

i've only had 960 calories today. i still have about 500 left according to MFP... and i'm pretty hungry, but don't think i want to eat very much since it's bed time...

was thinking some whole wheat toast with some PB or maybe make them pizza ish with pasta sauce and cheese? or maybe just a fiber bar and celery and yogurt to get me over 1200?

ahhh. i don't know.

07-20-2011, 12:53 AM
Mandy whatever you do don't eat that pb this late. It will sit with you like rocks. Typing from my phone not good :) Eat the yogurt and the celery, the fiber bar may sit with you also. Good night :hug:

07-20-2011, 01:23 AM
i ended up having 2 pieces of toast (50 cals each) with a little bit of smart balance light (50 cals per tbsp, half per slice), a sprinkle of garlic powder, 1/8 cup of mozz on each piece of toast (80 cals per 1/4 cup) and dunked it in 2 tbsp of pasta sauce (25 calories) for a total of 255 calories, and a couple pieces of candy for about 100 cals which left me under my goal for the day, and i don't feel hungry at bed time.

07-20-2011, 02:52 AM
OK...here it goes...

Now, I will be honest...with my schedule this may not happen often but I will try becuase I appreciate your support as well :-)

ANGIE: thanks for the new thread!

BECK: you are doing awesome with the weight loss :carrot:

KUKKIE: Keep it up, you are on a downward trend...also Fitday is a good program for logging your food (years ago it worked for me by logging in what I "planned" to eat the night before)...there are also great apps on the cellphone...I have one that I use to track my weight with graphs and goals!

MADAME: We have a similar trend of fluctuations; however, the trend is down! :D

FUTURE: great attitude! you are doing awesome with your weight loss!

DIANA: your overall progress is definitely motivational...thanks for posting :carrot:

VIXSIN: you are almost at your goal weight....I feel so inspired!

LINDY: Hello :dizzy: you're going great!

JAMISUE: I can taste the 2-teens dangling in my face...I feel like Pavlov's dog...I have vowed that once I am under a certain weight I will never see certain numbers again...right now that number is 225 ;) Keep up the good work!

MANGO: Stay in there...fluctuations will occur...they are fluctuations...not set backs...just monitor thr trend and overall it is a downward trend :) Look at my trend....this is what got my scale thrown in the trunk of my car when I first started this process, now I am comfortable with the fluctuations because I am so aware of my HEALTHY eating habits that I refuse to be defeated by the scale...I actuallly enjoy monitoring my trends now...they say if walls could talk...I say "if scales could talk" :D

ECLIPSE: Hello! :) What's 0.2 among friends

Konfyoozed: Celebrate!!!! :carrot:

Love2B: I feel like 220 is hiding from me :-)

Diana: Hopefully they figure out what is going on....

GALE02: Sorry to hear about everything that's going on. Hang in there. We're hear to listen (or read)

COONDOCKS: "no-hot-wing-goodness wagon" :-)

ahhhh...I did it....and it felt good!

Just for today I will have a program. I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. It will eliminate 2 pests -- hurry and indecision

07-20-2011, 05:02 AM
Hmm, Good Morning? :dunno: Guess who woke up at 3 AM?

TTOM still hasn't started, but I will get insomnia around TTOM time. The last time TTOM was early, so I guess this time it will be late. :lol:

I knew last weekend when I had that gain that there had to be something else going on beside me eating a few hundred extra calories for my Birthday. Crazy food allergies! I will blow up 2-3 pounds every time I have a significant reaction. I never know if I am having a reaction until I am well into it. Initially I will be suspicious of a sodium gain. Oh well.

Here's an equation for you:

allergic reaction + no bathroom time since Sunday + insomnia (waking up 3 hours early) + pending TTOM = a bad weigh in :lol3:

Calories for yesterday: 1440 + Morning Joe

Weigh In: 146.6

Up: .6

07-20-2011, 05:22 AM
Doing some personals since someone has insomnia:

Kukkie How long did you do testing? Did you do skin testing or was it blood work? I did some skin testing, but everything was negative. I'm just concerned that the Dr won't be able to figure it out. On a positive note, at least my reactions are not as bad as they used to be and of course I don't have anaphylactic shock. I am grateful for that.

Gale Sometimes it seems like when it rains it pours. Hang in there. :hug:

Angie I'm curious if your gain is from the sodium/msg of eating out, not calories. I know you are sensitive, too. :dizzy:

Rennie Congrats on the victory with the cashews! I worked my way around chocolate. We have to appreciate all of our victories.

FutureThoughts I hear you on that bloated feeling. I've got that one covered, too. ;)

Vixsin Congrats on that pound!

Lindy Hi :wave:

Coondocks Congrats on your weigh in yesterday! And a big :bravo: for your school/classes!

JamiSue Great job on the 1.1 pounds!

Mandy Congrats on the .9.

07-20-2011, 08:54 AM
Not a lot of time for personals.. yesterday was too hot to type! :lol:

JamiSue - I had the exact same WI as you yesterday! I'm expecting a gain this morning since the humidity makes me bloat up like crazy!

Coondocks - yesterday was UNBELIEVABLE!! OMG, and if sweating meant losing weight? We'd both be skinny by now ;)

Rennie - I guess learning lessons is important.. but when I'm at a pool with a ton of skinny girls I definitely don't remember why I didn't learn my lesson sooner!

Angie& Kukkie - Good luck on Thursday with this heat, it's intense to say the least :)

And with that, I'm off to work. I am off tomorrow so I can properly catch up!


07-20-2011, 10:07 AM
Lets Do This!!!!!!!!!!!

3-290.5 ( feel like I am moving in the wrong direction, but 4th of July weekend will be over soon)
4- Totally forgot as I ran out door to load boat for day on water.
5- Missed
6- 297.5 EEKS Better work of this 4th of July mishap
7- 293.5
8- 295
9- 293.5
10- 288.5
11- 286
12- 287
13- 284.5
14- 282.5
15- 282 (HOLLY COW I MADE 40LBS LOST TODAY !!!!!!!!!)
16- 281.5
17- No WI (Out of town)
18- "
19- 291.5 :tantrum: I really am my own worst enemy sometimes
20- 291
21- 287
22- 283.5
23- 281 (My new Low)
24- 281
25- 279.5 :dancer:
26- 280
27- 280.5 TOM AGGG!!!
28- 278.5
29- 278.5
30- 279
31- Out of town

07-20-2011, 10:29 AM
6. 269.5
7. 271.4
8. 272.3
9. 272.3
10. -
11. -
12. 268.8
13. 270.2 (i can't win lol!)
14. 270.3
15. 268.8
16. 268.8
17. 268.8
18. 269.5
19. 271.2
20. 268
21. 269
22. 265.4

07-20-2011, 10:30 AM
186.4 down .6 today. :)

running to a meeting. Be back in a bit.

07-20-2011, 10:33 AM
Have a great day everyone!

Start May 15 - 238
June 15 - 229 (-9 total wt loss)
July 15 - 222.4 (-15.6 total wt loss)
Monitoring trend:
7/6 - 226
7/7 - 225.2 (-0.8)
7/8 - 225.6 (+0.4)
7/9 - 224.4 (-1.2)
7/10 - 224.2 (-0.2)
7/11 - 224.2 (-0.0)
7/12 - 224.4 (+0.2)
7/13 - 222.6 (-1.2)
7/14 - 223.0 (+0.4)
7/15 - 222.4 (-0.6)
7/16 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/17 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/18 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/19 - 223.2 (+0.8)
7/20 - 222.0 (-1.2) - and here we go....

Have a great day everyone!!! :-)


Just for today I will have a program. I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. It will eliminate 2 pests -- hurry and indecision

07-20-2011, 10:36 AM
I'm here and still trucking! Thanks for asking Rennie :D

Down 1.5 for the month.. woohoo? I just keep going through days of big gains then whooshes, losing the same weight. Tracking again. Helping this week. Biggest help has been no eating out this past weekend! My top goal is to keep foods at home where I can cut out sodium.

Drinking water, staying cool and trying to move when possible. I try to keep up on this thread for personals... hehe

Keep up the work ladies.

07-20-2011, 10:45 AM
I felt like crud yesterday and other than getting up to potty and hit the scale, I slept until noon. The scale was friendly though and I was down .8 to 171.6. When I finally got up I ended up driving an hour away to see a friend, so I never made it on here. I am feeling better today and the scale is down .2 to 171.4. Yay!

Aimee - I'm glad you are about over it. Sorry about the bump, but we all know how to handle these things

Jeri - Yay new low!

Coondocks - I am lovin your excitement about school. I totally have months when TOM makes me crave hotwings, so if you wanna blame the jerk, I'm behind you 100% ;)

Mandy - 1/3 of the way there is a good reason to celebrate. :carrot::carrot: Your pizza toast sounds yummy.

Diana - I hope they figure it out for you. I know it must be nerve wracking.

Gale - :hug:

Angie - If you are eating out then it's almost certainly a sodium issue more than too many calories

07-20-2011, 10:46 AM
Up slightly, 0.6 to 201.2 which isn't bad considering the major whoosh yesterday, but since I was seriously OP yesterday and had lots of water, I'm blaming it on the humidity. My legs were so heavy this morning and I can barely move my rings, ugh. BBL for personals.

07-20-2011, 10:52 AM
Hello Everyone!

Rennie - 167 will be a nice 7 to see on the scale.

JamieSue - Thank you! I have been jogging 5 days a week, have managed to keep my cals with in my preferred cal range...and the scale has been cooperative lately. My perfect trifecta.

Kukkie - I love those wooshes!

Diana - I hope the Dr.s can help you figure it out soon.

Coon - I frequently crave salty things when TOM is around, so it is possible to crave wings.

Angie - There is bound to be alot of sodium in your meals from eating out. I bet if you were able to cut out restraunt food and watch your sodium you would drop that 2lbs plus more.

Jamie and Rennie - Your camping talk reminded me of one of our camping trips last year. All 5 of us had our own airmattresses, so my husband slept by one exit and I slept by the other. I woke up around 4 am saw that everyone was sound asleep and rolled over. A few minutes later I hear the zipper above my head being opened and I SCREAMED my head off. Then I look up and my husband had gotten up, stepped over the kids and was opening the air flap a little more. LOL I am sure I spooked some other campers out!

Mango I am like LGW - After tracking daily for a while, I have gotten to the point where I enjoy annalyzing the fluctuations. If I did not track daily I would not have learned that for some reason my body holds onto weight for 5-9 days until I ovulate, then the weight I should have lost comes off pretty rapidly.

LGW - I do not do personals very often, I do enjoy this thread daily though.

07-20-2011, 10:53 AM
Hi Friends.

Do you mind if I sneak back in? I've not been such a great accountability partner lately and I do apologize. I am realizing that I do much better if I come here and post with you guys daily....rain or shine! I'm extremely frustrated with myself, but all I really know to do at this point is to keep trying. I've not gained all of my weight back, but I can feel he difference in the how my clothes feel on me.

07-20-2011, 11:06 AM
:wave: Everybody

Can't seem to find the time for personals.Been spending a lot of time at the gym, must do old faithful...the Track,fix food and rest :dizzy: Sore as all get out :dizzy: tried spinning yesterday,loved it. :carrot: tried to walk off the soreness this morning,it helped some but my back leg muscles and my whole body ache all over :dizzy: Still going to Power Pump in 30mins :dizzy: still have to shower and change.. sigh..WI @182.0 today.Pushing hard, I'm on a Mission :sumo:The 80's Must die :devil:

Rennie :hug: you are doing excellent :bravo: you're sooo in the groove :yay:

Will try to get back for personal later today :dizzy: :grouphug:

07-20-2011, 11:20 AM
173.2 - not at all as bad as I was expecting. More water today, certainly less salt and definately no more hot wings!

Aimee - Touche on the heat, if it were that easy Winnipeg would be a weight loss haven in the summer . . . . whats with the freaky darkness outside? It's very unsettling . . .

Diana - So glad you got the work done, I hope you get some answers, I can't imagine how frustrating that must be not knowsing . . . and yet here you are, maintaining a tremndous weight loss . . . do you know how awesome you are??

FitGirly - Im beyond excited right now! I've heard so many of my friends/family talk about the 'passion' for what they do, I never had that - this just creeped up on me and low and behold - here's my passion in life :) Im totally blaming TOM for the hot wing cravings ;)

Shyla - Keep rocking it out, we all know how hard it can be and you're pressing on, kudos!!

LGW - NICE drop this morning!! no-hot-wing-goodness . . . . it's like crack for me, for real, love the ridiculously spicy brings tears to your eyes hot wings. Le sigh ha haha

Angie – I have the same problem when I eat out, even if I make the healthiest choice I can, some how it puts a wrench in things. Its nice now that we have a place that does all clean recipes, it helps a lot but I’m going to use that as a last resort, or only option kind of thing. Keep strong, hopefully you’ll find a nice balance soon  I hope you don’t get the weather we have been, its ridonculous!

Love – I get so excited when I make a new playlist, I’m lame like that ha ha. What have you got on yours? Im always curious to see what gets others up and moving with that Yay im gonna kick some butt vibe.

Ona – Ohhh spinning . . . I love that, I so wish the classes I could find here actually fit into my schedule 

Vix – You’ve inspired me to give the yoga another go . . . . and hey, I can open the windows and have my own little hot yoga studio . . . that’s actually kind of sad that I can say that ;p

I know I’m missing some people, so sorry about that . . . . . have a fabulous day everyone!!

07-20-2011, 11:38 AM
WTG Mandy, what time did you end up going to bed?

LGW, good job on the 1.2lbs Gone :high: Welcome to personals :hug: I like your---> Just for today I will have a program. I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. It will eliminate 2 pests -- hurry and indecision

Thanks Diana, wow what an equation :hug: hope some relief to all comes quickly :hug: Have you or are you able to rest now (during the day)? I know you have to go to work?

Aimee that was funny. I try not to pay attention to the skinny, bikini wearing woman at the pool and half of the ones there need some meat on their bones. I think to myself that's not attractive eww, they need to eat. But yeah I wish I had learned the lesson also but not to look anorexic just no rolls ;)

OnMyWayDown good job on the .5 down :) I think we all think at times that we are our own worse enemy ... but we are soon to be our true best friend :hug:

Roxie whoosh, Good job on the 3.2lbs Gone, you go Girl :high:

Vixsin good job on the .6 down :)

Roxy sorry about yesterday, glad you're feeling better today :) Good job on the 1lb down in two days, 170 here you come :) maybe we'll get there together :hug:

Kukkie yes it has got to be the heat :hug: LOL I look at the avatar more so than the names and I saw your new ducky and wondered who is that ;) Cute :)

Angie you know that it's eating out so you'll be fine when you can eat your own meals :hug:

envelope I can't wait ... Maybe sometime in August I guess that beautiful 6 will surface ;) That's funny about your husband and the zipper I think I would have knocked my DH over onto me or made him step on me from my trying to rip him apart, LOL.

Rhonda no sneaking allowed, we've been looking for you :hug: I find that true also, if nothing else tells you your clothes will speak loud enough. I'm in the same boat. You're here and we're here, we are all in this together :hug:

Ona we want you to be able to move. :hug: Please don't over do it. I know you to keep it in the groove, but you don't want to do too much too fast. I know you had one rest day but maybe after certain exercises or machines you should rest again or do easier things for a day until you have a full routine. Like easy one day, hard one day for a week, then easy one day and hard two days you know what I mean. Just my thoughts :hug: letting you know I care :) Ona you are only two pounds from goal. Have you decided on a new goal yet or are you just gonna let your body take you where to the next level and see how you feel?

Coondocks you are my sister weight partner (that sounds silly) but I do love it when there are others at my same weight it gives me that drive. We are a pound apart today. We should come up with a date that we would like to see 169/170 and see if we make it. Though I know we've been trying but maybe that will give us that extra push. Let me know what you think (and anyone that wants to hop on please do) it's all in good health and fun :hug:. My playlist is compiled of upbeat Praise and Worship songs and yes they totally give me all I need to keep moving. I tried just putting it on shuffle but if a slower hymn comes on I have to change it so that I don't slow down and fumbling with the iPod slows me down :)

Ok I knew it was gonna be like this. I am up.8 to 172.2. I'll tell ya that scale is just mean. I didn't get up until 8:02 so I know it would have been more had I got up at 6:45. I'm pooped from lack of sleep/rest. DD went to the beach yesterday and at midnight she was coming through Williamsburg. So between her late night driving, dropping her friends off, the time that it takes to get here, the dark county roads, I was up so many times. I should have just made some coffee and stayed up. I've had breakfast gonna get on the treadmill for about 30 minutes. I promised a friend I would meet her at Curves today at 11 but I may wait until tomorrow. I'm really tired. I told the kids I would take them to the pool also. Whyyyyyy??? Just not a good day to be me.

Have a great OP day Everyone

07-20-2011, 12:43 PM
Coondocks you are my sister weight partner (that sounds silly) but I do love it when there are others at my same weight it gives me that drive. We are a pound apart today. We should come up with a date that we would like to see 169/170 and see if we make it. Though I know we've been trying but maybe that will give us that extra push. Let me know what you think (and anyone that wants to hop on please do) it's all in good health and fun :hug:. My playlist is compiled of upbeat Praise and Worship songs and yes they totally give me all I need to keep moving. I tried just putting it on shuffle but if a slower hymn comes on I have to change it so that I don't slow down and fumbling with the iPod slows me down :)

Well, I leave for family reunion on July 31 and I refuse to be in the 170s then, its not going to happen so that is my time frame, 11 days . . . . I'm sure I can do it if I plan well and get back on the treadmill and weights.
I have to make a new playlist I think . . . something with a good beat that makes me want to get up and dance is what makes me keep going on the mill, usually makes me kick it up a notch too!!

07-20-2011, 12:59 PM
Ok Coondocks, so 11days ... oh my goodness you're making me work here :) Yeah that's why I chose the songs I did. They will definitely keep me moving and I can easily push those up buttons for an added workout. What's your highest speed and incline. I know it's much greater than mine. I'm only at 3.5 on incline gonna try to up it each week. My speed so far highest was 3.9 but not for the whole time, I need a heart rate chart down there I don't want to ever over do it. :)

I'm gonna make me a chart on the dry erase board with my name and your name ... don't show me up too bad now :lol:

07-20-2011, 01:02 PM
April 2011 - Lost 2.2 lbs
May 2011 - Lost 10 lbs
June 2011 - Lost 6.7 lbs

June 30: 265.9
1-6: OOT, No WI
7: 270.7 (+4.8)
8: 272.1 (+1.4)
9: 271.2 (-0.9)
10: No WI
11: 270.5 (-0.7)
12: 268.1 (-2.4)
13: 267.4 (-0.7)
14: 265.4 (-2.0)
15: 263.0 (-2.4)
16: 261.0 (-2.0)
17: No WI
18: 261.7 (+0.7)
19: 260.6 (-1.1)
20: 259.7 (-0.9) TOTAL -6.2

HAPPY DANCE! :carrot: HAPPY DANCE! :carrot: I'm in the 250's BABY!!! Beyond thrilled this morning and majorly motivated, so motivated I did an extra 10 minutes on the elliptical this morning! (Thank you USA for playing Cold Mountain this morning and keeping me so completely distracted and entertained!)

I need to brag on my DH for bit though. He is also overweight and diabetic and heavily medicated because of it. We've had many talks together about eating healthier and exercising so we can be an active and loving couple and parents. BUT...the idea has never really stuck with him. He wasn't eating good, he wasn't exercising regularly and had recently started noticing some symptoms indicating that his diabetes might be getting worse.

Anyway, he's been on vacation quite a bit this summer. As you know, he's a SAHD and spent 2 1/2 weeks in TX, then another week in WA and low and behold, when he finally got settled again, he weighed himself and was 20lbs lighter! Now, of course I said, "Great job baby! REALLY amazing!" But inside I was like, "Are you freaking kidding me?!?! I've been working my tail off and he loses 20lbs on freaking vacation?!?"

However, the great news is that the aha moment finally happened. When he came home from the grocery store that night, the bags were filled with all this...green and grainy looking stuff! LOL...huh? Healthy food? He's been creative with our dinners and I'm just so....excited! Obivously I'm ridiculously happy that I'm going to get many more great years on this earth with DH but it's also making my weight loss that much easier now that I don't have to modifiy his dinners to stay within my calories. Plus, after dinner last night, we had some family fun on the Wii Fit and I burned some extra uncounted, unexpected calories from the workout and the laughing.

*sigh* Life just doesn't get any better than this. Thanks for listening! :D

Coondocks -- Sorry about the terrible heat you guys are having. I can only imagine how difficult that makes just about everything. And hey, I'm glad you enjoyed your wings...today's a new day! ;)

Angie -- Good luck with the calorie finagling the calories. I can't that not a fun thing to be messing with and I feel for you. :crossed: that you find the magic spot soon.

Mandy -- Good job on the late night snack. Sounds like you handled it perfectly!!

LGW -- GREAT job on personals! And yea baby, I MADE IT! You're next for the 2-teens!! And that was a SAWEET loss this morning! GREAT job!

Diana -- Yeesh! That equation looks awful! No bathroom since Sunday!?!?! Yikes! TOM is due for me ANY day now too.

Aimee -- Funny about our WI. Take it easy with the heat you're having. It sounds AWFUL!!

OnMyWayDown -- Atta baby!! :carrot:

Shylah -- Nice to see you and FABULOUS loss this morning!

Vixsin -- Woo hoo!

Roxy -- I hope you feel better today. Nice back to back losses!!

Kukkie -- Nah, you're right, that's nothin'

Envelope -- Funny camping story! There's nothing better than creeping yourself out while camping!

Rhonda -- WELCOME back! Of course we love hearing from you again. Just keep your siggy quote in mind girly!

OnaMi -- Knowing you like I do, the 180's have met their match. They don't stand a snowballs chance... :D

Rennie -- I'm sorry you had a rough night with your small fry being out on her own. I know those nights of worry will come to me soon enough. Take care of yourself and maybe getting out will do you some good. Get you good and tired for a wonderful nights sleep tonight! ;)

07-20-2011, 01:32 PM
Coondocks when my Auntie was up here last week/weekend. She reminded me of how I looked last summer and how my eating was on point and I wouldn't eat this or that. It kind of mad me mad because I know I've gained since last summer and I don't need anyone to point out my flaws even though I know she meant well. So it would be nice to get down some more so that when I go down to NC for our reunion the second week of August I will be that person she thought highly of last summer. Her 3 youngest daughters 3 (my cousins) two in their late 30's and one in her late 40's have perfect bodies no fat any where. One was up here with my Aunt and I asked her what she does to stay that way?. She said she walks on her treadmill 20 minutes every Morning and eats only the correct portion of food, and she said she never overeats (lucky her).

Jami you are working it out, good job on the .9 down :) See I told you you'd be in the 250's now send that :dust: this way :D. Jami you know they lose much easier and faster than we do. I'm happy for you and your family, I love the relationship the two of you have. :hug:

Jami what am I gonna do in January when the only communications we'll have for 9 weeks and 4 days is writing. I'll be at that mailbox as soon as I hear the mail truck :)

Ok to the treadmill, didn't make it to Curves, too busy with my friends here :D. Got get'er done so I can keep up with Coondocks :woohoo: I'm excited :)

07-20-2011, 02:11 PM
bedtime last night: 1:15am

out of bed this morning: 6:45am

cleaned house like it was about to be inspected for about 3 hours. (and supposedly burned 700 calories doing so?)

daddy showed up around 9:30. ac guy showed up around 10 or so.

he left by 11, and i TOOK A NAP. woke up from my nap around 12:30 and weighed in (my normal weigh in time).

weigh in today: 253.5 (down 1.1 from yesterday)


i earned the chocolate :D

now it's time to get ready for work. have a great day ladies!

07-20-2011, 02:19 PM
Aimee Hi! :wave: I think it's hot everywhere! Try to stay cool.

OnMyWayDown You are going in the right direction again. You can do it!

Shylah Wow! Great job!

Vixsin Congrats on the .6.

LGW Great job on the 1.2 pounds.

Fitgirlygirl Congrats on the 2 day loss!

Kukkie Great job staying on plan yesterday.

Envelope Hi :wave:

GirlyGirlSebas Hi and Welcome back! It's good to see you.

Ona You are on a mission! I don't think the 80's stand a chance and I think the 70's are even shaking you their shoes! ;) You go girl!

Coondocks Thank you. :hug: I'm glad the weigh in wasn't bad.

Rennie I had to go to work, so I will try to get into bed early tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I won't be up before the alarm and the chickens. ;) I look forward to watching the friendly challenge between you and Coondocks. I will be :cheer: the two of you on to victory!

JamiSue Congrats on the .9. Yep, that's one of the side effects I get from having an allergic reaction. My body holds on to water, stuff, and anything else it can hold on to. :lol:

Mandy Great job on the 1.1 pounds.

07-20-2011, 02:31 PM
June 30 ~ 238 :(

1 ~ 236.0
2 ~ 236.4
3 ~ 238 (chinese food last night)
4 ~ 235.0
5 ~ 234.6
6 ~ 233.2
7 ~ 234 (I knew I felt "puffy" last night)
8 ~ 234.6 (did a little stress eating of chocolate yesterday)
9 ~ 234.6
10 ~ 233.8 (TTOM)
11 ~ No WI
12 ~ No WI
13 ~ No WI
14 ~ 233.6
15 ~ 233.2 (I expect this to be higher tomorrow - spent hours upon hours in the car today, had fast food and not much water)
16 ~ 234.4
17 ~ 234.2
18 ~ 235.4 :( - need to push the water
19 ~ 235.6
20 ~ 233.2 (not sure I trust the scale - it might need new batteries)
21 ~ 233.4

Hopefully I can get below my low from June (232.2) before the end of July, but with the stress and craziness right now, I'm not sure it will happen. I hope everyone is having a good day.

07-20-2011, 02:39 PM
I weighed in at 246.6 today, day 2 of TOM.

I got the estimate back for the a/c unit and my guy is giving me a screaming deal. New unit, delivered, installed and warrantied (for 10 years, I think) on Friday for $3900. It sucks, but it is what it is at this point, and I'm so glad he's giving me such a good deal. Hehe... I think it's because my parents gave him about $25,000 in business earlier this year.

Still hanging in here. Hot, tired, and ready to have all my things fixed, but hanging in there. :)

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Rennie - Why are you going to be without coms for 9 weeks? I love to write letters, if you want a penpal let me know! :)

Jami - WTG on the 250's!!

Sorry I don't have more time for personals... I gotta get dinner in the crockpot. You couldn't pay me to turn on the oven or stove to cook dinner right now. (Well, maybe for $3900 I'd do it, hahaha!)

07-20-2011, 03:03 PM
Love - IM all over an 11 day challenge :) :) I wont show you up at all . . . if you're getting on that treadmill and moving, you're doing great!

Anyone else joining in on our 11 day butt kicker? C'mon . . . you know you wanna ;)

Jami - that is AWESOME. Can't say anything other than AWESOME . . . . so happy DH had the Ah ha moment, i have to think it would be pretty fun to have a partner that was getting excited about a healthier life too :)

07-20-2011, 03:48 PM
Jami what did I tell you girlfriend! :cheer2: for the 50s! Great news about your DH... My hubby is also trying to get in the healthy eating groove, hopefully he'll get some of whatever your hubby did to make that aha moment happen. And yes totally frustrating that guys can lose so much quicker than we can :(

Coon very sweet of your mom to bring over the spinach salad, at least now you know another trigger food and what you need to do to stay away from it! :rofl: from your hot yoga studio comment!

Angie Ditto what Diana said - I don't think it's your higher calorie range right now, I really think it's the eating out but sometimes it can't be helped. I just don't want you to think it's not for you at all, but maybe for right now it's a good idea to lower again. I'm :lol: at your new muscle discovery btw! :rofl:

Mandy Great job on your 1.1 down! And some good choices made there last night as well.

LGW Thanks! I use Fitday to calculate the calories for each food, but I found that using it by itself wasn't really helping me any. If I look back at when I joined it, my weight has fluctuated between the same 15 lbs for over a year. I tried a couple of different apps as well, but for some reason none of it really appealed to me. I guess it's all about finding what works for you and this so far, is working for me... at least in terms of following it and keeping it updated. Great WI for you today!

Diana I discovered mine (and I have quite a few) through skin testing although I did bloodwork as a follow-up 6 months later but didn't learn anything new. I was supposed to go back for another follow-up at the one year mark, but I didn't bother because I hadn't had any problems after following the advice to avoid my triggers. Sorry to hear about your insomnia - hope you get some good sleep tonight.

Aimee it's gonna be disgusting here tomorrow! I soooo not looking forward to it.

OnMyWayDown you're going in the right direction again! Stay focused, you can do this!

Shylah - hey girl, where have you been hiding?! Nice drop today. I feel the same way, big gains/whooshes and I too just started tracking again. Let's do this thing!

Vixsin good job on your 0.6 down.

Roxy glad to hear you're feeling better! :hug:

:wave: envelope

:wave: Rhonda - welcome back, of course you can come back :hug: we're here for you. Every one of us knows how you feel, like Rennie said, we're all in this together!

Ona - you definitely sound like a woman on a mission!

Rennie someone else has a new avatar too I see! Sorry to hear you were up late yesterday! I'm sure after you get some sleep you'll be down again.

Kris sorry to hear there's more stress and craziness - is it from work?

Gale it's great that the guy is giving you a deal. Hopefully you'll be able to get some good sleep when you have the cool air :hug:

Okay! I think I got everyone, sorry if I didn't!!!!

07-20-2011, 04:35 PM
3: 261.2
4: 256.8
5: 257.8
6: 256.6
7: 255*
8: 254.6*
9: 255.4*
10: 255.2*
11: 254.8
12: 254.4
13: 253.4
14: 252
15: 252.2
16: 252.6
17: 256.8
18: 255.4
19: 255
20: 253.8

The sodium and beer is slowly making it's way out the door, but TTOM showed up, so . . . slow and steady shall be the word,:^:

07-20-2011, 05:18 PM
Mandy oh my goodness you have been busy. Glad you got that nap in before work. Good job on the 1.1lbs gone :) I can see you smiling, I'm happy things are looking up. And thanks for the lesson on working my phone with the thread. This new wave android stuff is crazy :lol: took me a minute to get it and I was trying so hard to let you know not to eat that pb because I know what it does to me, but I love the stuff :D

Diana I hope you are able to get into bed early. Thanks for being our cheerleader. I just told the kids about it. They said good luck, gotta love'm :D

Kris take the whoosh :woohoo: you deserve it ... they come when we least expect it. :) 2.4lbs Gone :high:

Gale her recruiter said they are allowed to have their cell phones or laptops so the only thing she'll be able to do is write and the kids now a days aren't like we were. I'll be writing and waiting ;) and panicking ;) I hate waiting for anything in the mail ... anxiety sets in because I have no patience :D Yeah LOL Gale for $3900 I'd cook in a hot house also. Glad you're getting it fixed on Friday :hug: I've pm my address to you, I don't mind writing though I like the quickness of email, told you lack of patience :lol:

Coondocks I'm totally excited. DD just made me three little 2 inch chocolate chip cookies. I wish they were ready before I got on the treadmill because now I don't want to eat them, but I don't want her to say Mom you're not gonna eat the cookies ;)

Kukkie my son took that picture with his BB (funny when I had that BB I didn't know how do to half the things he is doing with it) and I thought it was the neatest thing, looks cool (his words) :D I am so hoping to see better numbers tomorrow :)

StarGetsFit good job on the 1.2lbs Gone :high: slow and steady is ALWAYS the WORD so I've heard ... but quick and fast sure would make me feel good for a moment :lol3:

Ok got my walk (treadmill) time in:

~ 46:40 minutes (put in MFP @ 47 min)
~ 2.5 miles
~ 3.2-3.4 speed
~ 3.5 incline
~ 328 calories burned (MFP says 335 but I entered what the treadmill said)

shower time ... BBL :hug:

07-20-2011, 05:27 PM
Rennie I noticed your treadmill times tend to be different... Do you just see how long you can go?

07-20-2011, 06:21 PM
Rennie -- Consider the :dust: sent! And excuse me, but where in the heck are you going for 9 weeks and 4 days that we won't be able to text or be online?!?! I don't think I consented to anything like that! LOL! Seriously though, where are you going, what are you doing. I don't remember!! That is such a long time I REALLY hope its for something fun and exciting! Hopefully we'll be SO OP by then, it'll be a breeze!

And yes, if I have to dust of the old pen and paper so we can be pen pals....I WILL! ;)

P.S. - Oh yea, and how nice of your Auntie to be so perfect. Next time she walks on water she should let you know...then you might take her seriously! :hug:

P.P.S -- Hopefully that comment about your Aunt wasn't over the line. I know family bashing can be touchy. For example, I'm the only one who can talk about how flighty and goofy my mother is. Let someone else try that and see what happens! :club: If that's the case here, I take everything back and fully believe your Aunt is the greatest Auntie a gal could have! ;)

Mandy -- Wow! What a busy day and down another 1.1 lbs! You are knocking on the next decade's door! Glad you enjoyed that :chockiss:!

Kris -- Believe it baby! (but get knew batteries right away just in case) :D And YES, you can definitely meet that goal! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

You couldn't pay me to turn on the oven or stove to cook dinner right now. (Well, maybe for $3900 I'd do it, hahaha!)

:lol3: :rofl: Okay, I needed that. Way to get a laugh in when all you wanna do it cry Gale! LOVE IT!

Coondocks -- Thanks and yea, I think "AWESOME" just about covers it! Can't wait to watch you and Rennie duke it out with your 11 day challenge! :boxing: GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! (But in the really supportive, non black eye sort of way.) :D

Kukkie -- You did tell me!! I guess I believed you huh? LOL. Sending :dust: to your DH. It'll be good for him but will also make your life that much easier too.

StarGetsFit -- Woo hoo! http://rubber-stamp-shack.com/sweet_grass_stamps/plate_2/music_note_small.JPGNa na naaa na, Na na naaa na, hey hey hey...gooodbye! http://rubber-stamp-shack.com/sweet_grass_stamps/plate_2/music_note_small.JPG

07-20-2011, 06:27 PM
Oh...and can I just say how freaking stoked I am to update my ticker on Friday! It's like the best lil' treat in all the WORLD to update my ticker! :carrot:

07-20-2011, 06:47 PM
It's so hard to keep up around here :o
Rennie,where are you going for 9 weeks :?: you can't stay away from us that long :( Jami,you are too funny :),update that ticker girl cause you've been doing a great job :bravo: I think it was you that asked me about Zumba :?: anyway,i go 4 days a week.I'm trying to make a workout routine for myself.try a lot of classes they offer.I almost have one.you have a wonderful DH :love: Diana,hope Magnum had a good day :) Coon,go for it :sumo: give it all you got :sumo:
KuKKie,you have found something :carrot: got you charts,graphs and down 4 lbs yersterday :bravo:

07-20-2011, 06:47 PM
7/11: 251.5
7/12: 251.5
7/13: 250
7/14: 253
7/15: 249!
7/16: 250
7/17: 248.5
7/18: 250
7/19: 250
7/20: 249

Still stewing in my frustration over here. I feel like I'm putting too much effort into losing weight and getting no results and I'm ready to just say "eff it" and eat some pizza.

07-20-2011, 07:05 PM
Angie,thinking of you,hope all is well :hug:

Roxie,A friend(that works at the gym)was telling me about the instructor that give us a kick a$$ workout in Power Pump today :dizzy: About how she lost so much weight and later became an instructor :) i thought.. that's what Roxie's,gonna do ;)

Mango,I had this quote right in front of me as you posted.."Work hard,Stay focused and be conscious about what you put in your Mouth.You know right from wrong and just know that when you mess up,you're only hurting yourself and chances of reaching your goal".

07-20-2011, 07:52 PM
Thanks for the quote OnaMi, it's always motivating to hear/read positive messages. I still want pizza though *pouts* but I know I've been OP from day one with very little deviation from my plan and I wanna believe there is going to be a big fat whoosh coming up and pizza would completely derail that event from happening. At this point I crave the number on the scale more then the pizza, maybe I should just break out the tape measure, or maybe that would make me cry.

07-20-2011, 08:08 PM
Mango,you've been doing great :hug: maybe taking your measurements will give you that extra motivation.How about making a pizza that's a little more healthy? you lost a lb since yesterday so that great there:cp:

07-20-2011, 09:12 PM
I'm up .4 lbs today. I also have a rip roaring urinary tract infection. I thought I was going to freaking die last night. So I spent most of the day at urgent care and the pharmacy. I have not made the best food choices today, but I don't regret for one second the sugary goodness that was the Banana Chocolate Chip coffee cake that I got from Starbucks for "lunch." Sometimes food really does make you feel better (or it could be the meds :lol:).

07-20-2011, 09:51 PM
Mango Maybe you can make a healthier pizza on one of those thin buns, flat bread, or low carb pita. You can make it fit perfectly within your plan. No harm done what so ever.

07-20-2011, 10:15 PM
Mango pizza is my best friend and worst enemy... Wayyy back when I used to run track, I used to tell people I run so I can eat pizza :lol: I found a really healthy option on spark recipes where I make my pizza on a tortilla wrap, load it up with some veggies and that way I can eat an entire pizza for around 200 calories depending on what I put on it. I eat this at least once a week, it's not super heavy so I get my pizza fix without all the doughy carb filled calories! Maybe that's something you can try to work into your plan?

07-20-2011, 10:38 PM
Rennie - I'm SO addicted to watermelon! I've eaten an entire watermelon this week! Thank goodness it's lower in calories! I might look into grapes though! My goal is to be toned! I won't ever be a skinny person, I'm far too muscular! Hopefully you took it easy today and didn't over do it!

Kukkie - Our trip to BC will be just over 2 weeks, I'm looking forward to some beach time :) I can't not eat, omg, my stomach starts growling and then I get weak, I take 2 breaks and eat on them both. How's the heat today? The humidity definitely can make me a little bloated, it's been so long now I think I'm immune to it ;)

Angie - congrats on finding a new muscle ;) I'm reducing my calorie intake a little too, I'm just trying to drop into the 250's, and ideally I'd drop into the low 250's before my vacation. It's time for me to be done with flirting with the 250's, time to see the 240's! I could share my strep with you ;)

Shylah - I'm impressed you are getting moving, it's too hot here to sit still! Tracking consistently always helps me with losing consistently. I have been trying to eat at home too, its so much cheaper! That's my motivation :D

Roxy - Bumps are just on the journey, but a light dinner is pretty much my best bet to keeping them at bay! Sounds like a good day, sleeping in, visiting with a friend, glad you got to enjoy it! And a couple good wi's! :carrot:

Coondocks - yeah the clouds were SUPER creepy this morning! I'd also quite enjoy a huge thunderstorm right now!! I think I'm in for an 11 day butt kicker! I'm not sure about the exercise... but definitely the diet!! Think there's anything I can do for exercise that won't cause me to die from heat exhaustion? Think like doing abs and arms would do anything in that short of a time? Come on my personal trainer ;)

JamiSue - CONGRATS on the 250's!!! Yay!!!

Oh my goodness, that's all the catching up I can do today!! WI this morning and I'm up .7, the .7 I was down yesterday. Silly scale. Tomorrow should hopefully be a good one, hoping to break into those 250's!!


07-20-2011, 10:59 PM
I'm up .8 again to 212...so up 2.4 for the month! I'm just going to ignore this...it's ridiculous that I can gain so much and so consistently when I continue to eat fewer calories than I burn. So..no comment...just going to do what I do and see what happens next.

LGW -- Great effort on doing some personals! Congrats on your 1.2 :)

Diana -- Considering all you had working against you I think you had a pretty good weigh in! HOpe you get to bed early tonight :) Sodium is all I can think of...I've been eating out a lot, and I have two more days of it in front of me. I went super low cal today (because it's probably the only day this week when i could) so we'll see what happens over the next few weigh ins. Thank goodness I only have another week of work before my next vacation week!

Aimee :wave: I'm considering your offer of strep throat...could you mail it, I'd like to use it after my vacation? Can't wait to see you move into the next decade and beyond!

Shylah -- Great weigh in, congrats!

Vixsin -- Congrats on your loss today!

Roxy -- Good job on your .2 -- I'm glad you are feeling better now. I keep hoping it's sodium...but I'm not really getting a break from eating out, so I haven't seen any kind of a whoosh yet.

Kukkie -- I'm feeling you on the heavy legs...I'm dreading tomorrow, I have no idea what I'm going to wear. What does one wear to sweat in on the way to work? Good advice, thank you, I'm going to try to do much lower calories on the days I'm not eating out to try to balance this out a bit. Hey, do you have that same muscle I found? I thought I knew them all by now!

Envelope -- Thanks, I'm planning to cut out restaurant food as soon as possible. Work has been requiring me to eat out a lot lately. :( The funny thing is that I used to love this aspect of my job, now I complain about it...lol.

Rhonda -- Whole-heartedly, welcome back! We are all just trying every day...might as well join us!

Ona -- Do you take measurements at all? I'm just thinking that you might notice a big difference in those now that you are working out so much, while you may not see such dramatic changes in weight. I'm so proud of you for working it so hard! Thank you for thinking of me! :hug:

Coondocks -- Thanks! I'm just making the best of it until things settle down a bit. I should be more back to basics by Saturday...if it cools off a bit I could be inspired to do some cooking to prepare for the week.

Rennie -- I matched your .8 gain! Sorry to hear about the tough night and day...I hope it got a bit better for you. I missed something...are you leaving us for 9 weeks??? Why???

Jami -- Woohoo for the 250's!! Awww I love the story about DH and his change of heart. :hug: That's going to be great for you to have a partner in healthy living right there!

Mandy -- Great job on the housecleaning and on your loss! Cleaning is a great way to burn calories.

Kris -- Great loss! HOpefully the batteries are perfect and it will stick for tomorrow. Any new painting projects on the go?

Gale -- Crockpot dinners are a great idea for this weather. Good luck on getting your AC repairs done quickly.

Jeri -- Lol @ the banana choco yumminess for lunch. Meh, you can have that kind of lunch on occasion, and being super sick seems like a good reason. I'm sure the gain won't stick around for long. Feel better soon :goodvibes:

07-20-2011, 11:41 PM
Kukkie I try to do at least 45 minutes working my way to a hour but today right under my left breast started to hurt so I figured I'd better quit while I'm ahead :)

APB ----- :lol: I'm not going anywhere, I couldn't be so lucky as to even get a week vacation somewhere :D. Our oldest leaves for basic training and will be gone for 9 weeks and 4 days :lol3: But it is great to know I would be missed :grouphug:

Jami thanks for the :dust:. And no worries on my Auntie, I love her dearly but all people need to know what to say and when to say it and peoples weights are to be discussed in my opinion. It is fine for me to talk about me but if someone doesn't have anything good to say, whether they think it light conversation or not they shouldn't say anything. I know she meant well but it still hurt my feelings because every time I see her she brings it up so I feel obligated to get into shape before I see her again. Thanks for having my back :hug:

Hi Ona :wave: I'll be right here :hug:

Mango 1lb down is great :hug: NO pizza unless it's thin, whole grain and healthy ... doesn't sound so yummy now huh :hug: I hope I'm not out of line I didn't mean to be, just want to make you smile :hug:

eclipse sorry about the UTI, I like Starbucks iced lemon pound cake :drool: so I stay out of there and when I go to Target I quickly pass by :) Feel better :hug:

Aimee I love watermelon also :drool: but it's too expensive here for a small melon that the kids and I would devour and then I wouldn't be happy, so I buy the grapes and they know not to eat them :) Hoping for the 250's for you tomorrow :crossed:

Thanks Angie, stupid scales :D but we know what we're doing so it will pass and all workout :hug: Yes my day did get better and after this I am going to relax :)

Ok I'm getting off of here, I'm tired ... I am expecting a gain tomorrow also since against my better judgment I decided to have 3 meatballs which were very high in sodium which also brought my calories up to 1500 and when they are up more than the day before it just kicks the stupid scale up a notch too. That's what I get for being under yesterday

Good Night All see you in the morning :hug:

07-20-2011, 11:53 PM
mango - when i have a pizza craving, i feed it with an 'english muffin pizza'...

basically i take a high fiber 100 cal english muffin, put a table spoon of pasta sauce on each half, and 1/8 cup shredded mozz cheese on each half and stick it in the toaster oven until the cheese is melty. it usually adds up to around 200-220 calories depending on the sauce you use.

07-21-2011, 12:10 AM
I hate my treadmill right now, but love it too. 45 minutes, level 7 hike, speed 3.2 to 3.5 average . . . . . Love challenge is on!!

Aimee - Ive got to do some major arm and core work too, I'll be going through my text book tomorrow and see what I can come up with. If you're game I'm totally down for throwing some 'trainer' stuff your way :D

Alright, I need a shower ha ha

07-21-2011, 12:10 AM
Kris -- Great loss! HOpefully the batteries are perfect and it will stick for tomorrow. Any new painting projects on the go?

Thanks. I've worked on a few things, but nothing worth showing. However, my 2 1/2 year grandson painted a couple of small paintings that I think are worth sharing :). He painted a picture for his mom and one for me. I supervised, but he painted them himself. I picked the colors he used because I wanted the painting for his mom to match her room colors and same with the painting for me. The pillow (in the first picture) is the pillow my daughter has on her bed and that's where the colors for the painting came from. He said "I make a good painting. I'm a good painter."


07-21-2011, 12:29 AM
Kris sorry to hear there's more stress and craziness - is it from work?

Thanks. Work and just life in general :)

I snacked a lot today so expect a gain tomorrow . . . I've got to quit hitting the candy dish at work :(

07-21-2011, 01:59 AM
Feeling so good this evening, I had to get back on and re-post!

So, today was my 2nd or 3rd outing with colleagues since I've started my healthy eating plan 65 days ago and each time I managed to order a meal from the menu that fit my plan without temptation or guilt -- and my meals were delicious. I avoided the salsa/chips and the various appetizers that passed beneath my nose -- with amazing ease.

Someone posted an article last week on the self pride of making the right decision as opposed to the guilt and shame of the wrong one. I am here to tell you that self pride is the key! I am so proud of myself! I am so motivated to be committed!

I have been telling my co-workers about this site and my plan and telling them to hurry and jump aboard.

You ever know someone who starts one of the many weight loss plans and you believe it's going to be short-lived? Then they actually start losing a significant amount of weight and you start having anxiety surrounding the issue -- and wish you had started when they did, with whatever it was they tried -- yeah been there and done that -- so I'm trying not to leave my co-workers behind on this one!!!

I also think it's interesting that some people have noticed that I lost some weight (however, you do have to be very observant) :smug: -- but for others who have not noticed so much, I still get those -- "big-girl-ordering-a-diet-coke-and-healthy-meal-I'm-sure-that's-not-what-she-eats-all-the-time" look...well we'll just have to weight and see...:-)

Have a good night!

07-21-2011, 07:47 AM
Hey Ladies! :wave:

I missed checking in on our board yesterday -- I only got as far as changing my ticker and updating the WI post. lol, sorry about that!

After my small up Tuesday, I had a huge whoooosh yesterday! I broke straight thru 208 and weighed in at 207.2 :dance: I'm happier to say I stayed there for today too --- even after a drink at happy hour!

WI: 207.2 (no change from yesterday, -1.8 from tuesday)

Diana - :crossed: I hope they figure it out for you :angel:

Rennie - Congratulations on your kiddie going into the army :drill: (Besides being proud :) ) how do you feel about it? You doing ok with it?

I have to run --- I PROMISE to be back tonight for full personals....but if I don't get ready now I'll be late for work!

Have a great day everyone!

07-21-2011, 08:34 AM
I hate my treadmill right now, but love it too. 45 minutes, level 7 hike, speed 3.2 to 3.5 average . . . . . Love challenge is on!!

Uh Oh! We've got some serious motivation going on here! ;) Great job!

07-21-2011, 08:37 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave:

My butt is dragging today!

Angie Do you drink lemon in your water? Maybe squeeze some extra lemon and that will help flush the sodium from your meal.

Calories for yesterday: 1440 + :coffee2:

Weigh In: 146.2

Down: .4

07-21-2011, 09:15 AM
Here are the stats. I'll post my comment at the end of the thread.

January 13 - 252.0
February 2 - 242.8
March 2 - 227.8
April 6 - 217.6
May 4 - 206.4
June 1 - 197.2

1 - 186.8
2 - 185.8
3 - AFS (away from scale!)
4 - AFS
5 - AFS
6 - 181.8 (- 5 for the month) I can hardly believe this is accurate! We'll see what tomorrow brings!
7 - 182
8 - 182
9 - 181.6 - OK Now it's back where it belongs - keep on moving down, down, down!
10 - 182 (ouch)
11 - 182 ( I guess this is my new weight for a while. Darn!)
12 - 182 (sigh)
13 - 180 on official WI day (-6.8 for the month)
14 - 180
15 - 180
16 - 180.2
17 - 180.2
18 - 181.0
19 - 180.0
20 - 178.0 (-8.8 for the month)
21 - 177.8
22 - 177.6
23 - 178.0
24 - 177.2
25 - 177.0
26 - 177.0
27 - 176.0 (-10.8 for the month)
28 - 176.2
29 - 177.0 yikes!
30 - 177.0 ditto!
31 - 177.0 Down 9.8 for the month


07-21-2011, 09:20 AM
Oh, yeah - this IS the end of the thread! LOL at myself.

I'm feeling less anxious about posting every day. I still hate to see the "ups" in black and white, even though the "downs" are bigger. If anyone asks how much I've lost, I still answer with Wednesday's weight - but this has kept me OP for the entire month. Diet, water, and exercise. I think it has been a good thing as long as I can continue to psychologically ignore 6 out of the 7 days!

Hope everyone has a great day. It's going to be about 95 here, with the heat index making it seem like 105. I might just have to go to the Mall.


07-21-2011, 10:24 AM
172.8 this morning . . . . so far TOM has been nice to me this month, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop on that one though :p
I'll have to be bbl for personals, yet another team meeting this morning with breakfast . . i'm heading in early so I can load up on the fruit and yogurt :) :)

07-21-2011, 10:25 AM
Angie -- I bet it does have to do with the crazy heat and humidity. I tried looking it up last week to see if I could find info if it really did impact weight, I didn't spend long and didn't really find anything as a result...but I really believe it has to impact us. I mean, in the heat and humidity my fingers swell up so my rings don't fit -- that's gotta be doing something to the scale too!

Just keep fighting :sumo: it will come off!

Lin -- you're moving on down! I know it can be hard to see the ups written down...for me, I find comfort in the accountability here. and by tracking it everyday, I'm able to see how different things affect me...and I know when the scale seemingly randomly goes up, that it will come back down. And normally I can figure out what to attribute the cause to. I like figuring all that out, it gives me so much more control :) Anyway, good work! :hug:

Apparently I'm doing piecemeal personals today :o Just jumping on when I get a chance. LOTS to do at work....starting to fall behind, so I better get out of here :book2:

Have a great day everyone! :cool:

07-21-2011, 10:33 AM
up 1 lb today, but that's okay. PF Changs last night. Enjoyed the chicken lettuce wraps and a steamed veggie mix. So yum.

07-21-2011, 10:38 AM
Good morning everyone!

Start May 15 - 238
June 15 - 229 (-9 total wt loss)
July 15 - 222.4 (-15.6 total wt loss)
Monitoring trend:
7/6 - 226
7/7 - 225.2 (-0.8)
7/8 - 225.6 (+0.4)
7/9 - 224.4 (-1.2)
7/10 - 224.2 (-0.2)
7/11 - 224.2 (-0.0)
7/12 - 224.4 (+0.2)
7/13 - 222.6 (-1.2)
7/14 - 223.0 (+0.4)
7/15 - 222.4 (-0.6)
7/16 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/17 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/18 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/19 - 223.2 (+0.8)
7/20 - 222.0 (-1.2)
7/21 - 221.4 (-0.6) - and I dined out last night!

Have a great day everyone!!! :-)


Just for today I will have a program. I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. It will eliminate 2 pests -- hurry and indecision

07-21-2011, 11:04 AM
June 30 ~ 238

1 ~ 236.0
2 ~ 236.4
3 ~ 238 (chinese food last night)
4 ~ 235.0
5 ~ 234.6
6 ~ 233.2
7 ~ 234 (I knew I felt "puffy" last night)
8 ~ 234.6 (did a little stress eating of chocolate yesterday)
9 ~ 234.6
10 ~ 233.8 (TTOM)
11 ~ No WI
12 ~ No WI
13 ~ No WI
14 ~ 233.6
15 ~ 233.2 (I expect this to be higher tomorrow - spent hours upon hours in the car today, had fast food and not much water)
16 ~ 234.4
17 ~ 234.2
18 ~ 235.4 - need to push the water
19 ~ 235.6
20 ~ 233.2 (not sure I trust the scale - it might need new batteries)
21 ~ 233.4

07-21-2011, 11:35 AM
Mandy guess who's going to get some pizza sauce today :D. Vixsin I'm gonna pick up some of that turkey pepperoni to go with it :D

Coondocks good job on the .4 down :) ... :lol: You know I don't like you (I'm pouting :d) Level 7 are you trying to kill ME, :lol3: I can't get to level 7 in 10 days argghhhh :D This is gonna be one heck of a challenge ;) I want in on the core and arm workout info you are gonna give Aimee (I definitely need help with these bat wings and my loose thighs too) :D

Kris your Grandson is right he did make a good and painting and he is a good painter. I like it :)

LGW good job on the .6 down :) great job on dining with your colleagues. I would've had the salsa and chips but only 9 depending on how big they are. Salsa is almost a free food and so tasty, I love it, that's just me. :) It's good you have your co-workers doing this with you, what great motivation and you being their inspiration. Keep up the great work :)

Future Congrats on the new low :). We have her home until January so I'm OK for now. I'm just having an issue with her being an adult and letting go. It's been a long time since I was 18 but I know that unlike her I was working a full time job Monday through Friday in accounting so there was no hanging out until the weekend. So I'm trying to get her to come to an understanding that there is no reason to hang out everyday. She still goes to work on time, doesn't call out and goes to her PT training with the recruiter but I want her in the house more than out. I know I have to let go but it's so hard. I love for them to be in the house. Our oldest boy is gonna wanna be like her he likes to go too. But the other two boys are home bodies. One would never go out if he didn't have to, the other is just like the youngest he will go where ever I go but for the most part will stay in the house. I hope they stay that way. The youngest is only 7 so don't know yet, she just wants to go where ever I go :D. Sorry for the long spiel :) Piecemeal that's funny :D go ahead do your work we'll be here :hug:

Diana good job on the .4 down ;) Will the lemon really help? I remember last year someone was saying cranberry juice. I am willing to try anything :D

Lin you are dong great, almost 10lbs gone for the month so far :high: What specifically are you doing to lose so well?

Roxie great attitude, water, water, water :hug:

Ok I am down .8 to 171.4 (lost what I gained yesterday) that was at 6:45am I got back on at 8:30am which is about the same time I weighed in yesterday (8:19am) and it was 171.0 I sure hope today is a good day and I can see 170 tomorrow. OH MY GOODNESS talking about happy, I'd be overjoyed especially if it stuck for a few days ;)

Coondocks I'm gonna raise this treadmill to 4 and see how it feels ... BBL :)

07-21-2011, 11:36 AM
Down .8 to 185.6. :) I am buzzing around work so hard that I forgot to check in. I'll be back at lunch time.

Oh!! I found the most amazing article!!!! A resource that you can text in and ask the nutritional information for anything. I tried it and it worked for me!!! :yay:



07-21-2011, 12:03 PM
Up 1.2 to 202.4... I was OP soooo could it be the humidity? Water retention because I'm drinking way more due to the heat? Or TOM dropping off its baggage before checking in? Dare I say all of the above?! Ugh.

Aimee heat is brutal, it was already 30 degrees when I left the house at 7:30. Not looking forward to the rest of the day, yikes. Sounds like you're going to have a great time in BC!

Angie I truly think it's the heat. It's disgusting, bleh. As for what to wear, oh my oh my did I have a hard time with this one today! Didn't want to wear a skirt b/c I didn't want my legs getting stuck together :lol: ended up wearing dress pants a plain black fitted t-shirt (thank you Joe Fresh) with a camisole. Had my pants rolled up on the way in and felt like they were stuck to me. I hadn't been outside 10 minutes when I felt like I needed another shower, oy vay. Praying there will not be a power outage because I really don't know if I can handle that. We're supposed to get some relief on the weekend but more like low 30s.

Coon I admire your ability to get your workouts in during this heat!

Kris your grandson's paintings are neat! Looks like you've got a mini artist in training :) Maybe you should keep some healthier snack at your desk to help you avoid the candy dish, maybe some nuts or something!

LGW - glad to see you so pumped! And nice drop too!

Diana I'm dragging too! I had my usual cup of coffee while I was getting ready at home with my AC on, but had to get my second one an iced version from Starbucks b/c it was just too hot. Don't feel like it did anything though :(

Lin you're still moving down, good work!

Rennie nice drop! looks like the treadmill challenge is paying off :cheer2:

Vixsin good job on your 0.8 down! That doesn't work for us Canucks, how sad :( thanks for sharing though.

:wave: Future, Shylah, Mandy, Roxy, Ona and everyone else I may have missed..

07-21-2011, 12:05 PM
Rennie - I love turkey pepperoni! I can't eat the regular anymore lol Sure it looks funky at first, but cooks up nicely.

07-21-2011, 12:29 PM
I'm down .8 from yesterday, .2 from my low a couple of days ago, to 146.6. My UTI is feeling a lot better today too, woot!

07-21-2011, 01:12 PM
Angie - It's on it's way ;) What kind of calories are you eating? As we all know all calories aren't the same. Hang in there! You know what to do :) I can't wait either! Tomorrow morning hopefully!

Rennie - watermelon is pretty cheap here right now, the bf has been the one buying it and he doesn't care about cost, just making me happy. Cute, but so annoying when you are trying to save money! Great loss this morning! You will see 170's tomorrow, and I'll see the 250's! We just gotta keep it together today!! I'm planning chicken breasts and a spinach salad :)

Coondocks - yes please! Practice all you wanna!! I want my stomach flatter please :) Good choice with the fruit, and so happy they have a healthy alternative for you!

Future - Congrats on the whoosh and getting away from 208!

Shylah - sounds yummy and evil! :) 1 pound isn't too bad all things considered!

Kukkie - Definitely got to be the humidity, it's so intense!! Today we are cooler, and by cooler I mean 27! But no humidity, feels amazing!

Jeri - UTI's are just plain sucky, glad you are feeling a bit better!

I am down this morning! Down the .7 from yesterday, and it took some friends .5 to be exact! I'm done with my pain killers which means I can go to the bathroom again, I think that's why I've been having the little jump ups. Anyways.. 260.1, soooo close, and yet .2 away! Tomorrow I think! :D


07-21-2011, 01:34 PM
Vixsin good job on the .8 down :)

Thanks Kukkie, I think it may be working. I didn't eat those cookies yesterday but you know I wanted to. I figured I'll treat myself to a slice of homemade pound cake at the family reunion, someone will make one or maybe I'll make one and take it down :) I think one slice is like 250 calories but my cousin has a treadmill and we are staying with her so I will work it off :D Kukkie I think it's the heat because when it's super hot my rings get super tight so we do retain water in the heat, I'm sure of it.

Roxie I've never tried it but I trust you all that have so I will give it a shot. I love regular pepperoni but it tears my stomach up like you wouldn't believe hopefully the turkey pep won't do that. If so the kids will eat it :)

eclipse good job on the .8 down :) I think 8 is the number of the day ;) Glad you're feeling better. :hug:

Aimee that sounds like a plan ... chicken breast and a spinach salad. Have to find another veggie for the family the only one that will eat the spinach is the baby ... she eats everything I eat, except for tomatoes (stupid school served salad which she loves) and the tomatoes were mushy so now I can't get her to try them :(. Wouldn't it be great to see those numbers tomorrow JOY JOY JOY :crossed:

Ok got my walk (treadmill) time in:

~ 46:13 minutes (put in MFP @ 46 min)
~ 2.5 miles
~ 3.2-3.5 and 4.9 speed for a few minutes
~ 4.5 *20 min., 4.0 *10min. and 3.5 *15min. incline
~ 351 calories burned

07-21-2011, 01:38 PM
April 2011 - Lost 2.2 lbs
May 2011 - Lost 10 lbs
June 2011 - Lost 6.7 lbs

June 30: 265.9
1-6: OOT, No WI
7: 270.7 (+4.8)
8: 272.1 (+1.4)
9: 271.2 (-0.9)
10: No WI
11: 270.5 (-0.7)
12: 268.1 (-2.4)
13: 267.4 (-0.7)
14: 265.4 (-2.0)
15: 263.0 (-2.4)
16: 261.0 (-2.0)
17: No WI
18: 261.7 (+0.7)
19: 260.6 (-1.1)
20: 259.7 (-0.9)
21: 258.6 (-1.1) TOTAL -7.3

Wow! You know, I think this month was hopeless when it took me two whole weeks just to get in the negative. And now, well....just look. My monthly goal of 10lbs down is quite reachable. Who knew I do this?!?! I happy to be losing at all because TTOM is due (*pause to check watch*) ANY darn second now.

Me and DH experimented and tried an HG Sweet & Sour chicken recipe last night. But it was a FLOP! It was so gross. Definitely not my cup of tea. DH didn't like it much either though so we got a good laugh out of it. I'm just so proud of him! He's doing so great. Even got up to WI and go to the gym with me this morning. AND of course, he's lost 5lbs since Tuesday!!! LOL...nothing but pride for him this time though. :D

Went to see Harry Potter last and LOVED it!!! I definitely want to read the books again now. What an amazing ending! And yes, I abstained from eating ANYTHING at the theater evening my mother was eating movie theater popcorn RIGHT. NEXT. TO. ME! LOL. I had my water glass and MiO and I was set! YAY!! :carrot:

OnaMi -- Not a chance on my ticker. I just keep imagining how low the number will be when I WI tomorrow morning. I have a weight loss friend at work and when we said goodnight yesterday she said, "I'll see you tomorrow." I said, "You'll see less of me." She seemed confused so I said, "You know, 'cause I'll be skinnier!" LOL

Mango -- Keep doing whatever you're doing. 2.5lbs in just over a week isn't a bad loss. :hug:

Jeri -- Boo infections...of any kind...but definitely in the urinary tract. Happy ot hear you didn't die Tuesday night! ;) And congrats on the loss this morning!!

Angie -- Yea, life is pretty good with both of us completely focused on getting healthier. Really sorry about your struggles. I wish I could say I've been there but I haven't...yet. I know my day is coming and I'm learning so much from everyone that further into their journey than me. :hug::hug:

Mandy -- I've never tried and english muffin pizza. I think I will 'cause it sounds yummy!!

Coondocks -- Whooooweeeee. I'm scared o' you girl!!

Kris -- He is definitely a good painter! I LOVE them!! And I guess your scale wasn't crazy yesterday, huh? Woo hoo!

LGW -- So glad you've found your key. I completely agree that being proud of ourselves is a powerful tool!

Rennie -- I am so with you! All this pizza talk is making me HUNGRY!! Mandy's muffin pizza's sound yummy too and YES! The turkey pepperoni is a MUST!!

Vixsin -- Woo hoo on the .8!! And thanks for that article! I can't wait to check it out!

07-21-2011, 01:40 PM
Hello everyone! I am just getting back from vacation went to miami beach for a week didnt gain much weight maybe four lbs or so but im hopping back in .......

7/21 228

07-21-2011, 01:59 PM
:wave: everybody,

Diana,great job on the .4!

Lin,you're doing an awesome job :bravo: I understand how you feel. I started my Journey on another site,my WI day has always been Monday.

I seem to have kept that mindset.I get excited about what happens in the middle of the week but since I still report,on the other site,on Mondays,that's what really counts to me.Especially now since I'm in the final stages of my Journey and what the scale says isn't really my main focus any more,until i get to 180 that is :D

The other week i was feeling down cause it looked as if i had not lost anything ( i just look at my daily WI's) When i checked in on Monday, I realized i had lost something for that week.:)

Rennie,thanks for the advise :hug: Great job on the .8 :cp: work that treadmill :sumo: i know you're not gonna let Coon out do you :cool: :D

Future,great job holding steady :cp: it's so hot here :dizzy:

Coon,get'er done :sumo: I know you're not gonna let Rennie out do you :mad: :D I'm being an instigator :o

Angie,could be just sodium.everything will settled down. you're eating healthy and Moving..You will see a drop :hug: I'm ok where i am. :) Just trying to get'er done.Tired of looking at the 80's.

Kris,looking good :carrot: love your grandsons Pictures.I think he's gifted cause they really are good.


Shylah,you're meal sounded good and healthy,you made a good choice and that's great.:cp:Forgot to thank you for your comment the other day :hug: yeah..after realizing i didn't want to be fat any more,die from an unhealthy weight and wanted the second half of my life to be better than the first half.. over a year and 1/2 ago..i just keep going cause now i know how to eat to live.Sure,everyday is not the same..
I've had/have some good days
I've had/still have some hills to climb
I've had/have some weary days and hard nights
But when I look around
And I see what I've done by the Grace of God.
All of my good days
They out weigh my bad days
So I won't complain :)

Vixsin,great job on the .8 :cp: Thanks for the link :)

I WI @ 182.4 today.Zumba tonight.Still a little sore but feeling a little better.I like spinning but if it's going to do this to my leg muscle everytime..IDK

07-21-2011, 02:07 PM
good afternoon everyone!

weigh in today: 253.5 (no change)

so, hubby and i kinda went a little nuts with chips and queso last night. i swear that stuff is laced with crack, i could eat the whole bag of chips with the whole jar of queso in one sitting and still want more (i know i can, because i've done it) there was maybe 1/4 cup of the queso left, so we dumped it in dish and snacked on the chips and queso until about midnight! i finished it off with a few bites of deli turkey so i could get protein in lol.

no surprise i didn't show a loss today, that's a lot of sodium before bed! but it was yummy! :D

07-21-2011, 02:20 PM
3: 261.2
4: 256.8
5: 257.8
6: 256.6
7: 255*
8: 254.6*
9: 255.4*
10: 255.2*
11: 254.8
12: 254.4
13: 253.4
14: 252
15: 252.2
16: 252.6
17: 256.8
18: 255.4
19: 255
20: 253.8
21: 254

Up .2. I know I didn't drink enough water yesterday and my neck/back are sore today from making jam and preserves all day yesterday. I can't believe I'm still not back to where I was before the beer festival. Stupid beer!:mad:

07-21-2011, 02:37 PM
Jami good job on the 1.1lbs gone :high: Good job at the theater. I love popcorn (the Orville Redenbacher pour over butter) thank goodness it comes two to a box :D I use to make those pizza's for the kids when I did daycare, all the right ingredients for a healthy meal :)

Hi Matilda :welcome: back :wave:

Thanks Ona she and I are working it out :) we'll get there together. I can't wait to see what we weigh on 7/30 or 7/31. Have you checked your measurements yet? Don't ever feel down Girl, my hat is off to you. I wish I had your energy. Sometimes I feel so lazy but I know that I'm not. My house is clean, my family is happy and when everything is in order so am I. (even though it doesn't sound like it at times). ;) Sing it Ona :hug: How do you like Yolanda Adams new song, Be Still ... just beautiful :)

Mandy, LOL I am rolling here. that's funny but it is like a drug ... I mix it with regular salsa so I get the veggies in also, add some Pico de Gallo and you are good and full and still have some left ;) I also like the artichoke and spinach dip and I add more to that also, gotta make it seem healthy(er) :D

StarGetsFit but you know you'll get there and that's what matters :hug:

Ok gonna eat some lunch and try to do the pool with my babies, gotta stop making promises and not keeping them, wish me luck

07-21-2011, 02:41 PM
Down .6 today to 170.8. 2 more pounds and I will hit last months low of 168.8, I hope I can do it before the end of the month. I love vacation, but man do I hate the aftermath.

GirlyGirl - Welcome back!

Rennie, Coondocks - You can totally count me in, lets kick some 170s butt!

Jami - Congrats on hittin the 250s. Congrats to hubby too. Men just lose weight more easily, it's frustrating, I know. My DH can eat whatever he wants and keep a 31 inch waist. I love him (and I won't complain about lookin at him), but still, grrrrr! Congrats on abstaining at the movies, that's a big NSV for sure!

Mango - One of my favorite healthier versions of pizza is to use a portabella instead of normal pizza crust. I then put my own pizza sauce which I make by mixing crushed tomato with herbs. After that I add whatever toppings I am in the mood for, which for me almost always includes the miniature turkey peperoni slices. I finish it off with some low fat cheese and pop it in the oven. It is delicious. There are also tons of other options which people have mentioned. I like flatbread when I just MUST have a bread crust.

Ona - What is this Power Pump class you took? I am wondering if it is similar to the one I take called Power Hour. Are you doing weights?

Jeri - Oh no! I hope you have some kick butt meds and you feel better soon.

Angie - Evil scale! :hug:

Kris - I think that is awesome to get the little guy to paint in colors that match your rooms. Now you have the best abstract art ever!

LGW - Great attitude and I'm glad your meal out with colleagues was successful for you. I have gotten used to the looks. I figure I will get them from some people until I get to goal weight. Even now that the people that know me are used to it and they know I have lost weight, there are still new people and strangers in restaurants. Let them look, we know what we're doing.

Vixsin - That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Aimee - Yay for no more pain killers so you can get back to normal.

Rennie - lunch sounds like a good plan, I think I will too :)

07-21-2011, 04:11 PM
7/11: 251.5
7/12: 251.5
7/13: 250
7/14: 253
7/15: 249!
7/16: 250
7/17: 248.5
7/18: 250
7/19: 250
7/20: 249
7/21: 249
Well, at least I did not go back up to 250. I'm going to just be proud that I'm at 249 two days in a row.
I have a stress headache right now, and I'm at work to boot, we are really busy and I'm nauseous and light sensitive and would do anything to go home and curl up in the fetal position and cry. I had to fire someone recently for serious lack of judgment and now people at work are mad at me for doing what I had to do. It makes every day miserable for me when the staff doesn't realize there are rules for a reason. They should be mad at the person who got fired for being an asshat and doing what they did to get fired. But, I guess thats not the way it works, you can be a total asshat and still have everybody have your back and blame the person doing the firing for doing their job right. Grrrr. Good thing about all this, not a stress eater. I'm a stress starver.

07-21-2011, 05:19 PM
:wave:Matilda.welcome back.Miami huh..South beach ;) know you had a good time :D you did great with your weight.:cp:

Rennie,enjoy the pool ,It's hot enough for it :dizzy:I have to go out early in the morning and late in the afternoons,trying to dodge it :D but that hasn't been helping either.:dizzy: I heard it in passing once.Will look for it on you-tube.:) pretty neat how you got your Picture like that.How did you do that?

Roxie,it sounds like the same thing.We do a lot of work w/ hand weights,a bar w/weights and a stepper.. usually everyone takes 2 sets of weights.one we're comfortable with and a set that's a little heaver.

Oh,i can get up(when we have to lay down w/weights) by myself now :carrot: I've started to increase my weights :D a lady told me that i have to push myself a little bit :o you're doing great.you knocked that vacation weight out :high:

StarGetFit,you'll get there :hug:

Jamie, really Nice DH going to the gym with you,eating healthy..you've got major motivation going on :high: I tried that MIO,blueberry Pomegranate..:drool:

Getting ready for phase 2 of the exercise for today.I'm thinking i like to do everything earlier in the day cause i get lazy in the afternoons :o but a lot of classes are offered in the afternoons..sigh..

07-21-2011, 06:31 PM
Hello all! Can't seem to get out of the 230s ugh. Today the scale said 233.4 so maybe by the end of the month?? I actually went to Puerto Rico this month for a week and I'm just glad I didn't gain anything. I watched what I ate but I *was* with family and you all now how that goes!

07-21-2011, 06:57 PM
OnaMi, I was so disappointed in the Mio sweet tea flavor and it was the only one at the store in my town. Maybe I'll order some blueberry Pom. I asked the manager to carry more flavors, but she's tough to reason with, she still won't order sugar free coffee creamer.

07-21-2011, 07:01 PM
OnaMi, I was so disappointed in the Mio sweet tea flavor and it was the only one at the store in my town. Maybe I'll order some blueberry Pom. I asked the manager to carry more flavors, but she's tough to reason with, she still won't order sugar free coffee creamer.

LOL! So funny...the MiO Sweet Tea is my FAV!!

07-21-2011, 07:07 PM
Ona - I LOVE going to the weight lifting class. I do it, directly followed by an hour of zumba, 3 days per week. I have been going since February and I am so very much stronger now. I also credit it with the fact that I might actually not have to get the girls surgically lifted when I'm done even though I have gone from a FF to a C/D. Keep at it and you will love the results.

LaMariposa - I definitely know how that goes. I went to Florida to visit family for a week at the beginning of the month and I'm still working on getting off the 10.6 pounds I gained. I was not such a good girl and did not even attempt to stay OP while I was gone.

Mango - Strawberry Watermelon Mio is also awesomeness. My hubby likes the sweet tea one, but I was also not impressed.

Off to get a haircut and new zumba shoes.

07-22-2011, 07:45 AM
Good Morning and TGIF! :dance: I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

The forum was down last night so I couldn't come back to do personals. I had a high sodium meal last night. I think I need to avoid eating soup out. We also went to a place that we don't normally go to. DH wanted something "different". :mad:

Remember I thought I had insomnia the other day? It wasn't insomnia. It was Magnum. The last 3 nights he has woke us up between 3 and 3:30. I figured out what the problem is. We have been keeping him at home during the day because it has been too hot to take him to the shop. We also felt he would be more comfortable at home. Anyways, we have been feeding him later at night than we normally do. This means he has to go out at different times than normal. That first night, I didn't realize that he had barked. I just thought I woke up. Whenever I get up, I let him out. We need to come up with another plan for his feedings. This 3 am crap (literally ;)) is for the birds!

Still no TTOM for me.

Calories for yesterday: 1550 + :coffee2:

Weigh In: 146.8

Up: .6

Thank goodness for a maintenance range. ;)

You would think, if I was going to have craziness with the scale, that I would have had some serious fun. Meaning, eating a lot, alcohol, or crazy food that I normally don't eat. Not me.

Rennie I have heard that lemon water helps with water retention. I think Fitgirlygirl's gym trainer said it was the citric acid in the lemon that helps flush the water. It doesn't help when I have allergic reactions, etc. That's totally different.

07-22-2011, 08:47 AM
I also came to do personals like Diana last night when the site was down for maintenance, and don't have time this morning :( I also won't be reporting my weight today - last night's dinner didn't happen, the bf and I went out, and ended up eating out as well. And I didn't make one good decision, :lol: so I deserve a hefty gain today! Back on plan today though!


07-22-2011, 09:52 AM
I'm starting to buy that lemon thing Diana. I had some water with lemon yesterday and I'm down 3.6 today lol!

Totally freaked out because it's a travel weekend and I always come back weight up. sadness, finally lost some weight too.

07-22-2011, 10:26 AM
I am so tired. Our alarm system decided to blare like the wrath of God just past midnight last night and woke us up. All is well, nobody trying to break in or anything like that, but something was triggered and we're trying to figure out what it was. In any case, took a really really long time to get back to sleep. Down some of the gain from the past couple of days, thank goodness, 0.8 to 201.6. Not all gone yet, but getting there. It wasn't as yucky outside this morning as it has been the past few days, but still hot. I'm so grateful for this Friday and the weekend.

07-22-2011, 10:26 AM
173.4 back up again today . . . . so ok with that, and let me tell you why :)
Though the fruit and yogurt were much appreciated at yesterday s breakfast meeting . . . i completely forgot we had a company seminar all afternoon, so guess what I had for lunch options . . . . not the nice fruit selection I can tell you that. They decided to go all out and order chinese! The veg were good, i'm not going to lie, but I could really notice how much salt I don't eat anymore. I did stay well with my portions though, so good on me for that.
Then, I did some imprompto car shopping with a friend last night - and im pretty sure he's much more excited about it than I, I still hate car shopping. So dinner was not only late, it was microwaveable. Gotta say, pretty gross.

My arms and quads are feeling the bit of a work out I got in, no treadmill though - BOOOOOOO. But def feeling it in my arms :) :)

So, all in all, with the crap choices I had for food, TOM being a complete A-hole all of a sudden and lack of treadmill, that 173.4 is not bad at all. I have a feeling there is some water retaining there and i'm still convinced I'll get into the 160's for my reunion.

I'll BBL for personals . . . need to catch up on all the work I missed yesterday. Blah.

07-22-2011, 10:28 AM
I have 2 minutes before training starts but I HAD to post!!!!!!

NEW LOW TODAY!!!!! 183.8!!!!

NO MORE PLATEAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:woohoo: :woohoo:

So excited!!

07-22-2011, 10:42 AM
Good morning everyone!

Start May 15 - 238
June 15 - 229 (-9 total wt loss)
July 15 - 222.4 (-15.6 total wt loss)
Monitoring trend:
7/6 - 226
7/7 - 225.2 (-0.8)
7/8 - 225.6 (+0.4)
7/9 - 224.4 (-1.2)
7/10 - 224.2 (-0.2)
7/11 - 224.2 (-0.0)
7/12 - 224.4 (+0.2)
7/13 - 222.6 (-1.2)
7/14 - 223.0 (+0.4)
7/15 - 222.4 (-0.6)
7/16 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/17 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/18 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/19 - 223.2 (+0.8)
7/20 - 222.0 (-1.2)
7/21 - 221.4 (-0.6)
7/22 - 220.6 (-0.8) - 220 has been dangling in my face for so long, I guess I just had to jump up and grab it! :-)

Have a great day everyone!!! :-)


Just for today I will have a program. I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. It will eliminate 2 pests -- hurry and indecision

07-22-2011, 10:54 AM
:wave: It's FRIDAY!!! Wooo!

As promised I came in to do personals last but just like Aimee and Diana, it was down for maintenance :(

I was up .4 or .6 --- i got on the scale at my normal-ish time, and then got back on later too...hehehe. I splurged big time yesterday though - had a footlong turkey, cheese, spinach, honey mustard and avacado sandwich on flatbread from subway. it was delicious. ....but the splurge part were the 3 chocolate chip cookies from there :o man i love their c.chip cookies! and some regular old salty ruffled potato chips last night. :D

I'm headed down the shore with family for the weekend (the Jersey Shore...but not THAT jersey shore. god I hate that show!) It'll be tough but it's really only the one day to worry about. I can make wise choices!

Diana -- Sorry to hear Magnum's waking you up! You did make me giggle - :lol:. That's funny about the soup for you -- normally all the diet things I read always say "fill up on soup"...but you are right, that soup must be loaded with sodium :mad: Why can't restaurants do anything "healthy"?

Aimee -- Hope the bad choices were tasty :lol: A break here and there ain't a bad thing, right? ;)

Coon -- :high: way to make good choices with what you faced yesterday!

Kukkie -- ouch, what a wake up! :yawn: You must be exhausted. Congrats on the down - you're on your way back :high:

Shylah -- :cp: Congrats on the big whoosh! I wonder if the lemon trick works if you use lemon juice instead of a real lemon...I drink a lot of water at work and can't keep a bunch of lemons around :lol: Diana or FitGirl, do you know?

Jami -- What is MiO? I've discovered sweet tea vodka this year and love it...so that's all i'm thinking of :lol3:

Mango -- :high: congrats on the new decade!

LaMariposa -- wow! Great job maintaining while away!! :cp:

Ona -- keep on rocking that gym! :lifter: GREAT work!

StarGetsFit -- I hear your frustration from the festival. Don't let it deter you though, you are moving forward and going to be back there soon!

Rennie -- whoa, way to rock the treadmill! keep at it, you are doing great :)

:wave: to everyone, I know I missed a bunch of you but I REALLY have to get to work now :o Hope everyone has a great weekend!! :cool:

07-22-2011, 10:57 AM
super quick since we posted at the same time....

Vixsin - :yay: Congrats!!!! Great work bust through that plateau :carrot:

LGW - Woohoo! Way to grab that 220 :carrot:

You both just made me smile a lot... I know I'm going to have better motivation today because of you :D Congrats again!!!

07-22-2011, 11:32 AM
April 2011 - Lost 2.2 lbs
May 2011 - Lost 10 lbs
June 2011 - Lost 6.7 lbs

June 30: 265.9
1-6: OOT, No WI
7: 270.7 (+4.8)
8: 272.1 (+1.4)
9: 271.2 (-0.9)
10: No WI
11: 270.5 (-0.7)
12: 268.1 (-2.4)
13: 267.4 (-0.7)
14: 265.4 (-2.0)
15: 263.0 (-2.4)
16: 261.0 (-2.0)
17: No WI
18: 261.7 (+0.7)
19: 260.6 (-1.1)
20: 259.7 (-0.9)
21: 258.6 (-1.1)
22: 257.7 (-0.9) TOTAL -8.2

Another new low this morning! Woo hoo! I was actually WAY low on calories yesterday so I'm relieved to have lost at all. By the time I realized how low cal my din din was, there was no way I was going to try to cram in another few hundred calories. It was way too late. I'm relieved that I've been losing at all this last week since I usually retain water before TOM but he arrived in full force last night so now I just have to watch for my post TOM water gain so I can finish the month off strong. I'm bound and determined to reach my monthly goal of 10lbs lost!

We're heading out for a camping trip this afternoon. But with my DHs new motivation for getting thin, I'm really thinking I won't have a problem staying OP this time! :crossed: There's going to be a lot less junk food around to tempt me and no one in our lil' group is even taking sodas, which is a first! I think my parents have finally realized that I'm serious. Once I hit that 30lb mark, they seem to be....more aware or considerate of what I'm trying to do. Not that they were inconsiderate before or anything but it just seems like their lifelong perception of me has finally changed. They just automatically see me as a healthy eater now instead of seeing me as the eater I used to be and then remembering that I don't eat that way anymore. Does that make sense? Anyway, that's definitely a good thing! Anyway, I know I won't get any exercise in this weekend, 'cause my plan is to be lazy, though I am hitting the gym this morning. So LOTS of water (which shouldn't be hard 'cause it's gonna be pretty warm) and good food choices are the focus of the weekend. No more WIs after today until Monday too. ACK!!!

Roxy -- I don't think I've even seen the Strawberry Watermelon one! I am going to HAVE to go get one of those BEFORE I leave for my camping trip today! Hopefully, we have it on the west coast...

Diana -- Funny that you realized you were actually being woken up, not doing it on your own. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night like that and I have this niggling feeling that I heard something but the memory is locked away somewhere in my head. LOL! And yes, maintenance ranges are a VERY good thing!

Aimee -- Glad you enjoyed your night out with the BF!

Shylah -- LOL! Okay, I'm getting a lemon right now! I might even eat it raw if it'll make it's effects more powerful!! LOL!!!

Kukkie -- Yikes! I bet it was hard to fall asleep after that. The worst part about that kind of wake up is all the adrenaline that pumps into your system. Happy for your loss this morning!!

Coondocks -- That's one of the good things about working for a smaller company - fewer gatherings with food! I used to work for much larger companies and they ALWAYS had something going on with food. You're definitely going to hit 160 by your reunion though! You CAN do it!

Vix -- YAY! :carrot: and YAY some more! GOOD JOB!!

LGW -- Woo hoo!! You're going to be in the 2-teens in no time!!

FutureThoughts -- MiO is a water enhancer, kind of like crystal light but it's liquid and has 0 cals. You can find it with the powered drinks in most grocery stores. The lil' bottles are a bit pricey but they last a LONG time! And I use mine in every single glass of water I drink every day. And LOL about your Subway story. The one by my work gives away free chocolate chip cookies with every sandwich order on Fridays. I can't go on Friday's anymore. I LOVE their cookies way too much too! LOL!

07-22-2011, 12:07 PM
Love - I just have to say you ROCKED that treadmill yesterday!! I can see you are a worthy challenger . . . . well played Love, well played :D :D

07-22-2011, 12:12 PM
June 30 ~ 238

1 ~ 236.0
2 ~ 236.4
3 ~ 238 (chinese food last night)
4 ~ 235.0
5 ~ 234.6
6 ~ 233.2
7 ~ 234 (I knew I felt "puffy" last night)
8 ~ 234.6 (did a little stress eating of chocolate yesterday)
9 ~ 234.6
10 ~ 233.8 (TTOM)
11 ~ No WI
12 ~ No WI
13 ~ No WI
14 ~ 233.6
15 ~ 233.2 (I expect this to be higher tomorrow - spent hours upon hours in the car today, had fast food and not much water)
16 ~ 234.4
17 ~ 234.2
18 ~ 235.4 - need to push the water
19 ~ 235.6
20 ~ 233.2 (not sure I trust the scale - it might need new batteries)
21 ~ 233.4
22 ~ 234.4 - oh joy!

07-22-2011, 12:17 PM
Good Morning Everyone

Today didn't start out good just like last evening didn't end well :(. OK yesterday ... before I went to the pool you know me naked means scale time so I hopped on 173.6 had ate lunch of course so not bad. Checked on MFP and you burn lots of calories jogging in water and treading water. I did a little but not much so I shouldn't be upset/:mad:. Hopped on the scale when I got home 173.4 ok still no complaints though 172 would have been nice to see. Didn't stop at the store like I said I would so I didn't get to have anything that I actually wanted yesterday. I ate a huge salad for dinner but of course it's salad so I wasn't satisfied (though now I'm thinking it was all in my head). Should have stopped at the salad, We watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I had my pour over butter popcorn (shared of course) and it's only 50 calories per cup. Then I ate 6 Hershey's kisses, oh yeah and I also had a McDonald's strawberry lemonade I just remembered that. Guess what my scale said this morning 173.4 :fr: (keep in mind I got up a whole hour later than the past two days so it would have been higher I know) ARE YOU SERIOUS???? Ok rant over ... time for personals

Oh and when I tried to log on here last evening they were once again doing maintenance ... what is it every week or two now :fr: I don't remember them doing maintenance at all last year :)

07-22-2011, 12:30 PM
Jami & Future: Subway cookies?? :drool: I love the choc chip, but it's the Peanut Butter cookie that gets me! OMG! :drool: Back in tha day, I could put away 5 or 6 of them without batting an eye. Now, I have 1 and eat it so ridiculously slow, it's like I am making out with it. :lol: I can't get them too often, they are an old habit that is almost TOO great to visit. And Jami - camping sounds super fun!!!!

Diana: I hope you and Magnum can get back to some regular sleep soon. You are so kind to him by letting him stay home. I keep my A/C on for my puppers because I feel that I would come home to Chihuahua jerky if I didn't. :lol: Dogs are so great! Sidenote: I have also heard numerous times that lemon water is better than plain water because it aids in losing. Something about the citrus.

LGW: Congrats! Way to grab that 220!!! Great job!!!! :high:

Rennie: Be strong! You're back at it. :hug:

Coon: You are again rocking my world! :lol: First with the fruit and yogurt at the meeting and then the restraint with Chinese at lunch! That amazes me! Chinese food and I go WAY, WAY back. I don't think that I could've shown so much discipline. You SHOULD be proud! I'm sure we all are of your choice!!! Rocking the workouts, I see. Nice! I haven't seen Bob nearly as much as I want to. When is your reunion and what is it for? I'm certain you will ROCK the 160's for it!

Kukkie: Yay! Doesn't everyone enjoy being viciously ripped out of their peaceful slumber?! I'm sorry that happened! I hope you and DH are able to get it all sorted out and it NEVER happens again!!! I'm glad someone wasn't trying to break in though!

Shylah: Congrats on that great loss!!

Aimee: No worries! Today is a new day!!! I also logged on last night and was bummed that the site was down. :(

FitGirlyGirl: :wave: HI!!! I feel like I haven't "seen" you in months!!! Hows the adoption? Are we still waiting? Miss ya!

07-22-2011, 12:50 PM
Rennie - I track my cals burned with MFP too, and count my cals daily on a chart. The great thing is that even when the scale is not budging I know that it will make up for it soon...althought not always as quickly as I would like. When I do a month long report, and compare my cal deficit to lbs lost it is always within .5lbs!

07-22-2011, 02:08 PM
Roxy how was lunch yesterday? Please do join Coondocks and I ... so the two of you can totally kick my butt if I keep being stupid :lol3: Good job on the .6 yesterday and being close to your low, that has to feel great :) wish it were me. I'm no where near getting close to 165 :(

Mango good for you for moving into a new decade. I'm sorry about the people at your job, but hey they'll get over it. It should tell them to stay on their toes and do what the need to do. You didn't fire that person without warning so they knew what needed to be done and they chose to ignore it and not do it and rules/guidelines are put into place for a reason. Please don't forget to eat while thinking about all of this. Get you a meal bar or something :hug: Hope today is better :)

Thanks Ona I did enjoy the pool. None of us can swim (gotta work on that) but we all love the water so it's a workout moving around :) My son did it. It's called white out. He took the picture and then clicked something and it shades it in. It's an app on his BB. Pretty neat huh! ;) ONA great NSV to get up by yourself. I remember not wanting to get on the floor because I had to crawl to something to pull myself up (I hated it) but the victory of not needing help :woohoo: we are doing it! and heavier weights ... You go GIRL :high: Oh and instigate away :D I need that push :lol:

Mango and Ona, I like the Mio berry pomegranate and the sweet tea the best, I don't think I'll try the strawberry watermelon it just sounds too sweet :) . It last me a long time too because I don't like my drinks overly sweet. Even a Crystal Light pack last me two bottles of water :)

LaMari :welcome:

Roxy, you and Ona can be workout partners ... Roxy did you get a haircut or a trim, new hair cut let us see it :)

Angie my hair is growing out nicely the stylist at the Hair Cuttery said. I was fortunate enough to get the same stylist. :)

Diana LOL that is funny about Magnum :) Well I think I may just add lemons to my list of things I need. Now watch ... the kids love fresh squeezed lemonade so I'll need a barrel so I can have some for me :D

Aimee (our yours and my dinner) may happen today :D. I'll tell you I thought about you (dinner), Coondocks (treadmill), Mandy (English muffin pizza) Vixsin and Roxie (turkey pepperoni) all evening I had 3FC on the brain and I still messed up. :(

Roxie don't tell me that ... I'll be sucking on lemons :lol3: How much lemon water did you drink and how often?

Kukkie sorry about last night and the alarm. The alarm company couldn't tell you which sensor it was? Hope you get some rest this evening :hug:

Coondocks I thought about you all this morning ... I thought she is gonna be 170 point something and I am gonna cry :hug: We are really in this together. :hug: Today will be better for us both. I've had a bowl of froot loops (fiber) with 2%, a banana and 20ozs of water so far. I haven't been on the treadmill yet and honestly I just don't feel like it. So don't know if I will. TTYL ... Well we are off to a good start, it's Friday and we are the same weight (though neither of us are happy about it) Have a great day :hug:

:woohoo: Vixsin :congrat: on your new low :high: Thanks Vixsin, strong just doesn't seem to be a part of my character here lately, but at least I have you all :hug: to instill it again :) That's what I need to do ... have 1 and eat it so ridiculously slow, it's like I am making out with it. Savor the moment ;)

LGW good for you on the 220, keep up the good work :)

Future that's why I stopped eating at Panera Bread, their soup taste like someone poured the salt in it. And everything else is so good their but high in calories :( MiO is a water enhancer made by Kraft Foods, not bad.

Jami you are rocking it out again ... :congrat: on you new low :high: Your perception of your parents thinking makes a lot of sense. I'm with you on the lemon, we should all experiment for two days on and two days off and see what happens. We would eat/drink the same amount for two days and weigh in and two days off and weigh in and see what our results are. Sounds like fun unless you're allergic to citrus (Are you Diana?) I worry about you. :hug: Jami keep that phone on my friend, I don't know why I didn't text you last night. I think my brain really farts (literally) because the part that has sense must sometimes go straight out of my ears :lol3:

envelope I sent you a friend request :) You all are amazing with those charts. I need to figure out how to do one maybe I'll be happier :)

Kris :wave:

07-22-2011, 02:25 PM
Kukkie sorry about last night and the alarm. The alarm company couldn't tell you which sensor it was? Hope you get some rest this evening :hug:

It wasn't the actual alarm, it was the smoke alarm that is connected to our alarm system. There was no smoke/fire anywhere in the house, so not sure why it was triggered. And I always double check that the appliances are off when we go to sleep! The part that concerns me is that they didn't call when the thing went off to confirm if we were okay, I had to call them! And when I called the alarm company again this morning to discuss why they didn't call, they don't have any records of the alarm going off last night. So when I get home from work tonight, I have to call them again so that we can run some diagnostic tests. I gave them a piece of my mind though, what the heck am I paying for every month if when my alarm goes off, it's not showing up on your system! Argh!

As for the rest part, not likely - it was my mom's birthday yesterday, but since everyone had to be up for work early this morning, we decided to celebrate tonight, so no rest just yet... I may just get to sleep in tomorrow morning though, that would be nice :)

07-22-2011, 02:40 PM
7/11: 251.5
7/12: 251.5
7/13: 250
7/14: 253
7/15: 249!
7/16: 250
7/17: 248.5
7/18: 250
7/19: 250
7/20: 249
7/21: 249
7/22: 249

Well, at least I'm consistent this week. Consistently annoyed with my lack of loss. Last night I really struggled with wanting to drink a whole bottle of wine. prior to a few weeks ago a sixer of beer or a bottle of wine was a regular event. I can't believe after not drinking for two weeks I havn't lost more weight. It just seems ridiculous to me that one can go from drinking an 18 pack of miller light every three or four days to drinking nothing but water, mio and and black coffee and not see much of a loss. My other friends lost upwards of 20 to 40 lbs when they quit drinking. My body is so effed up.

07-22-2011, 02:41 PM
good afternoon everyone!

another friday, another 'official' weigh in... this makes week 18 of 'official' weigh ins... and the scale says: 253.3 (down .2 from yesterday, 2.4 for the week, 46.7 total)

i am not sad at all about that! i know it's a 'measly' point-two, BUT, considering there was bread pudding, spaghettios, and home made oatmeal-raisin cookies in my day yesterday... i will definitely take it! i tried to guestimate the calories in the bread pudding, but since it was from a mom n pop diner near where my husband works, it's impossible. i saw calories ranging from 150 to 1500! i would say i had about a half a serving... maybe less. i had a 'slice' about half an inch thick. i just used the calories from uno's as an approx. i hope it's close heh.

07-22-2011, 03:24 PM
I am inexplicably up .8 to 171.6. :mad: Calories, sodium, and water all on target yesterday, not time for TOM, not sick or injured, not sure what the heck. :?: I will probably be up some more tomorrow. Tonight is the retirement celebration for a friend of my husband and I have no idea what I will be served for dinner. That's always fun :( I have happy happy news today. I found out that my DH is probably not going to be deploying this year. WooHoo!

Diana - Oh no! I hope you can get Magnum on a better schedule. Yes, my trainer said it was the acid and that you can use lime also. I'm sorry it doesn't work for the allergy weight.

Coondocks - Chinese is evilness, yummy yummy evilness.

Vixsin - :congrat: on the new low. And yes, we are still waiting and frustrated.

Future - I love subway cookies so much that I can't go to subway. The only way I can get a sandwich from there is to get my DH to get it for me. If I go in I WILL have at least 1 cookie and then I will regret it.

Jami - That is great that the people around you are becoming more supportive. Good luck finding the strawberry watermelon. Have fun camping.

Rennie - Lunch yesterday was fabulous. I have found new salad dressings made by Bolthouse. They are made with yogurt and are much lower cal than regular. They have ranch, blue cheese, and blue cheese vinaigrette. MMMMMMM!!!!! As for the hair, it is just a much needed trim, it had gotten so long even hair glue wouldn't make it spike properly.

Mango - It can be really frustrating. If you actually feel like your body is not working as it should, do be sure to go to the doc and have lab tests done on your hormones and all that good jazz.

Mandy - If I have a food from a restaurant that I can't get info on I try to get the info for the same food from a similar restaurant. Diner for diner, buffet place for buffet place, etc. There's a mom and pop BBQ place that I go to sometimes, I use the nutrition info from Sonny's. I could easily get BBQ that I have nutrition info on, but those guys rock! I try not to eat foods I don't have info on too often, but sometimes ya gotta.

Happy Friday everyone!

07-22-2011, 04:14 PM
Roxie,great news about DH :carrot:have a good time tonight.That's happen to me so much :dizzy: crazy fluctuation :dizzy: you're doing everything right :hug:

Mango,you're going to have a big whoosh soon.great job not drinking.:bravo: maybe it just takes time for your body to adjust And you know everyone is different,you'll lose :hug: Just stay with it.Sorry the clerk won't order stuff,customers ask for.Maybe if you keep pressuring her ,she will :D..or offer to pay for it before hand or something.

Mandy,great weekly WI!

Rennie,"had to crawl to something to get up" :lol: don't feel bad,I sometimes have to too.But when laying down on the floor,I've learned how to roll over and get up on my knees :lol: now I can't balance on one leg when we have to, for the stretch at the end of class.I make sure i get near a poll to hold on too.Holding steady was great :cp:



Jami,you're killing that fat :carrot: Have a wonderful time.sounds like you won't have any problems,with dh watching what he eats too :cp: no soda :carrot:

Future,enjoy the Jersey shore! :)

Coon,awesome job making good choices :bravo: I know you're going to fight to get to 160 :sumo: If you don't make it, it won't be for a lack of trying :cool:


Vixsin,break through,break through!!! awesome job :bravo:


I held steady @182.4 today.I must be really solid cause I'm working my butt off,for real :D eatting on plan :dunno: i lose a lb then hold steady for a while :dizzy: I really wanted to get to 180 by the end of the month cause July 30th is my Mothers 87th birthday.
I wanted to give her a picture of a scale reading 180 cause It's always been her and my dream to weigh 180.Plus she's my biggest supporter.I felt good about reaching it last weekend when i weighed in at 181.8 but with over 2.4 lbs to go...I don't think I'm going to make it.I fought hard everyday/ate on plan everyday but God's will be done.

07-22-2011, 04:53 PM
Kukkie glad you gave them a piece of your mind. It's not like that monitoring they're supposed to do and that we prayerfully never have real need for is cheap each month :) but it sure does feel good knowing it's there. :) Well tonight will be fun and hopefully you don't wake up too early in the morning :hug:

Mango no it's not ... you'll see a change. Some of our body's take longer than others but when we do ... wow people notice ;)

Mandy good job on the .2 down and Congratulations on being almost 50lbs down. That's exciting in itself :)

Roxy that is wonderful, I'm happy for the two of you :hug: I just looked up Bolthouse dressings. I wonder if they have it here? I'll have to check when I go out.

Ona LOL I can't balance on one leg/foot either. :) Why do they do that at the end of class? humm ... I have as of today 3.4 pounds to go and I'm gonna get that lemon and see if it works. In Coondocks words I've gotta Get'er Done :D

Will you tell me why on earth my Mom's husband keeps bringing pizza over here (for the kids). :lol: I have to laugh 'cause I know why, but honestly why. I just ate one chocolate chip cookie that the kids made and a Fiber One brownie. I haven't had any real food today yet. :no:

07-22-2011, 05:02 PM
Rennie,i just saw those fiber one Brownies on tv.are they good? what's the sodium/carb count in them?FWIW, I got some lemon squeeze today also :D i sometime drink hot lemon tea at night.pretty neat,what you son did.

07-22-2011, 05:12 PM
i didn't particularly love the fiber one brownies. kinda dry. and not really a variation in flavor between the fudge ones and the pb ones.

that being said, fiber one brownie + a few seconds in the microwave + a small scoop of fat free fro-yo = delicious low cal dessert :D

07-22-2011, 05:27 PM
I think my brain really farts (literally) because the part that has sense must sometimes go straight out of my ears


07-22-2011, 05:33 PM
I stayed the same - 146.6. I'm slowly feeling better as the antibiotics kick in to get rid of my UTI. I'm still ridiculously tired. DD was supposed to go to girls scouts today, but it's a long drive and a longer meeting and I just didn't feel up to it, so I'm spending another day at home.

07-22-2011, 06:01 PM
Ona -- I love the FiberOne brownies -- I used to get their bars (fiber is an issue for me), but these brownies are now my mid-morning snack. I've only had the PB one. I enjoy it with a cup of tea :) without the tea, i'd agree with mandy that they're a little dry.

ithat being said, fiber one brownie + a few seconds in the microwave + a small scoop of fat free fro-yo = delicious low cal dessert :D

:drool:oh mandy.....you are making me drooool! That is the most brilliant idea i've heard in a long time! :T

07-22-2011, 06:03 PM
Ona - Don't give up just yet. Are you doing low carb or calorie counting or what? If you aren't already low carb maybe you could do it for just a little bit, it tends to be faster weight loss, especially at the beginning. Also, Fiber One brownies are awesome, especially if you pop them in the micro for about 10 seconds. Nutrition on them: Calories: 90, fat: 3, sat. fat: 1.5. Chol.: 0, Sodium: 100, Total carb.: 18, Fiber: 5, Sugar: 8, Protein: 1

Rennie - I get the Bolthouse dressings in the produce section of Wal-Mart.

07-22-2011, 07:57 PM
Ona they are very good. I could eat the entire box and I am not a brownie person. I still haven't made yours yet maybe the next time you make them you could mail a couple of pieces ;) I want to try the peanut butter flavor but don't know if I'd like it since peanut butter tends to take over what ever it's in. I was about to give you the facts, thanks Roxy I need to read through the thread before I answer a question :lol: Yeah it is neat what he did because that use to be my phone :D What is lemon squeeze?

Mandy now see I'm gonna have to try that! :D don't go giving me ideas now :lol:

Gale glad I could make you smile :hug: How are you? Did the a/c get fixed today?

eclipse feel better :hug: our daughter is a brownie now and they take off for the summer months. The cub scouts also take off for the summer but have 3 summer activities no meetings though. The boy scouts are faithful every Tuesday they have a meeting unless they had a weekend camp out then they have the week off.

Future mail me one to try :D

Roxy our Walmart is just now expanding to a Super Walmart it will be finished in October maybe they will carry it then. Right now it says I can find it at Giant Food and Wegmans. Giant is only 5 miles away so I'll go there hope they have a good variety otherwise I'll have to wait.

I just made a 32ozs cup of lemonade not bad. Let's hope it does some good :D. I was just looking at Chipotle and Moe's Southwest Grill's nutrition facts. My daughter is going there so I figured they could bring me back something. Have you ever looked at them? My goodness the calories for a burrito is like 800 something. Crazy I'll tell ya ... ok movie time gonna watch Lincoln Lawyer while I drink my water :D BBL hope there's no maintenance tonight ;) oh and I don't think the brownies are dry, but maybe it's a sweet fix for me and I would eat it if it were rock hard who knows :lol:

07-22-2011, 08:56 PM
Rennie The HVAC guys are coming tomorrow, woohoo! Let me know how you like Lincoln Lawyer, I've been wanting to see it. I love Grisham's books, but I'm apprehensive about this movie. His recent stuff has been unimpressive to me, to say the least.

07-22-2011, 10:26 PM
Just as I expected, I was up 2 pounds this morning, I did get on the scale after all! I'm still quite irregular and I think it's impacting my WI's too, because when I have a good bathroom day I'm down the next morning, and when I don't, I'm up. :lol: Oh my! :o Anyways, today was alright. I was super stressed at work today, lots of stupid decisions around me - including leaving a camera in my dept. that it worth nearly my yearly salary, unguarded, and out of sight of the loss prevention camera's! I was horrified this morning. I ate a muffin on my break, bad me! But I recovered nicely :D

Kukkie - Sorry to hear about the alarm, I know that all too well! A loss is fabulous for an interrupted sleep!

Coondocks - I enjoyed car shopping when I was doing it before, and I love my car :) Mazda 3 hatch back! Yikes, chinese food! Not a bad WI all things considered, TOM is approaching for me too, yuuuuuuucky!

Future - Have you tried their cheesecake cookies? OMG, I don't know what they were thinking, but yummy! My treat was extremely delicious, sounds like yours was too!

JamiSue - you are just pushing thru the 250's!! Great job :D It's always great to get out with the BF, but I have to start making better choices so we can do it more often! Have a great time camping!

Rennie - sorry to hear about your bump up this morning :( Bump's happen unfortunately, but you gotta keep at it! It could be from a variety of things, salt, water retention from exercise, but with daily weighing we can't have a loss everyday. I'm sure tomorrow you'll be back to normal! I had my dinner tonight, very low calorie and yummy!

Vixsin - Was there a notice saying they were going to do maintenance? I thought I missed it. Today is a new day, since I had a hard day.. tomorrow is a new day too :D

That's all the time I have for today :( I have to get up at some unnatural time tomorrow - 4am!! And then a long day, but I have Sunday off :D


07-22-2011, 11:13 PM
Hi Everyone! :wave:

Today it seemed like my lips have been getting worse from my food allergy. Last night I had the minestrone soup. It had chick peas and kidney beans in it. They are in the legume family, which is the same as peanuts. I didn't think about this at the time. I wonder if this is the culprit. :dunno: Here's a list of foods in the legume family.

Legume:Acacia; Acacia Gum; Alfalfa; Arabic; Black-eyed pea; Carob; Carob (St. John's Bread); Cassia; Chick Pea; Field Pea; Green Bean; Green Pea; Guar gum; Jack bean; Karaya Gum; Kidney bean; Lentil; Licorice; Lima bean; Locust Bean Gum; Mungo Bean; Navy Bean; Peanut; Peanut oil; Pinto Bean; Soybean; Soybean oil/flour/lecithin; Split Pea; String Bean; Talca Gum; Tamarind; Tonka bean; Tragancanth Gum; Urd Flour.

I have always eaten a lot of green beans. I think soy is in everything, too. I do try to avoid soy as much as possible. A lot of restaurants use peanut oil, too. Craziness! :lol:

07-22-2011, 11:51 PM
Gale, I love Matthew McConaughey, and the movie was very good, lots of action.

Aimee sorry about how your morning went but glad you recovered nicely :hug: Unfortunately I had a horribly lazy day so I didn't do anything. I had a good dinner also I made 2 mini pizza on a slim bun (I have never seen these before only 90 calories) with turkey pepperoni and my cole slaw really good. I'm expecting a bump in the morning also :)

oh my goodness Diana, I am so sorry that such a great person has to deal with such craziness. :hug: You are teaching me a lot about different allergies. I hope the reaction doesn't last long :hug: It's good you can laugh about it though. :)

ok good night ALL ... see you tomorrow :hug:

07-23-2011, 12:43 AM

I will have to catch up on my reading later. I am at my Aunt's and only have access via my iPod. I was down 1.2 yesterday and then stayed the same today . I won't get to weigh in tomorrow but that's just as well after another eating out day! I also forgot to bring my water pills here so I'll likely retain water due to that as well. It will be good to be back to normal food though!

07-23-2011, 08:43 AM
TGI Saturday for me!! :) Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! So my calorie range is from 1600-1800 and I ended my day at 1799. Good thing I had a light dinner to compensate for my 450 calorie muffin!

Diana - yikes, sounds like a hard allergy! Hopefully your lips are feeling a bit better today.

Angie - Great WI! :)

I am off to work! Have a great day!


07-23-2011, 08:51 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave: I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I got more sleep last night than I did the previous 3 days. :woohoo: I got 7 hours sleep. Of course I would have rather it been more, but I will take it. ;)

I don't know if my current lip situation is a new reaction or just a continuation of the reaction from last weekend. At this point, for my sanity, I am going to avoid all tree nuts, legumes, coconut, peanuts, beans, etc. I lost a lot of water weight over night. That is a sign that my body was definitely reacting to something since last weekend.

When I was in weight loss mode, these reactions would be so upsetting for me. I would think that my body was turning against me and gaining weight for no reason. I would also think that I was doing something wrong, although I was doing the same thing I had been doing all along.

Calories for yesterday: 1360 + :coffee:

Weigh In: 144.4

Down: 2.4 pounds of water weight, crazy stuff!

07-23-2011, 10:28 AM
no change . . . . seriously?? now im just annoyed, no change, pofffft. I blame TOM for this one, and i think a whoosh is long over due for me.
Pffffft, stupid TOM

Be back for personals, need to make breakfast for the wee one.

07-23-2011, 12:45 PM
Didn't get to sleep in this morning, unfortunately and went to bed later than usual because we had to test the alarm when I finally got home from my mom's yesterday. We tested the alarm and the smoke alarm and it was working fine. But we figured out that the night before it was the smoke alarm that went off, but it didn't trigger the actual house alarm which is why the company had no record of it. So it's working fine now, but they're going to send a technician out to see what's going on with it.. I also resisted the temptation to eat the Extreme Chocolate Fudge birthday cake at my mom's except for two very teeny tiny bites to get a taste. Up 0.1 to 201.7 but it's all good. BBL

07-23-2011, 12:59 PM
Coondocks & Kukkie Hi :wave: Have a great weekend!

07-23-2011, 01:05 PM
Coon - I hope the woosh fairy comes to visit you soon!

Diana - If you ask a Medical Professional they will explain that a coconut is not a nut but the FDA declared it one a few years back. :dizzy:

Rennie - When I go to the BMF dashboard, on the right hand side you can click a button for report and you can pick the amount of time you want your report for.
I ate Chipolte for lunch yesterday! It is so good, but the portions are HUGE. I had a bare burrito with black beans, double vegis, double tomato salsa, and cheese. It was really good.

07-23-2011, 01:17 PM
envelope We don't have a Chipolte here, but your lunch sounds great!

07-23-2011, 01:18 PM
Good morning everyone!

Start May 15 - 238
June 15 - 229 (-9 total wt loss)
July 15 - 222.4 (-15.6 total wt loss)
Monitoring trend:
7/6 - 226
7/7 - 225.2 (-0.8)
7/8 - 225.6 (+0.4)
7/9 - 224.4 (-1.2)
7/10 - 224.2 (-0.2)
7/11 - 224.2 (-0.0)
7/12 - 224.4 (+0.2)
7/13 - 222.6 (-1.2)
7/14 - 223.0 (+0.4)
7/15 - 222.4 (-0.6)
7/16 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/17 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/18 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/19 - 223.2 (+0.8)
7/20 - 222.0 (-1.2)
7/21 - 221.4 (-0.6)
7/22 - 220.6 (-0.8)
7/23 - 220.2 (-0.4) - still going...

Have a great day everyone!!! :-)


Just for today I will have a program. I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. It will eliminate 2 pests -- hurry and indecision

07-23-2011, 01:24 PM
Down .4 to 146.2. .2 lbs to 140lbs down, 1.2 until I'm "normal," and 3.2 until I'm literally half the woman I used to be!

07-23-2011, 01:29 PM
LGW Congrats on the .4! You are on a 4 day roll! :carrot:

eclipse Great job on your .4, too. Nothing wrong with being half the woman you used to be. I am right there with you! ;)

07-23-2011, 03:23 PM
:wave: eveybody..
Back to 182.0 today.Tried the Fiber one Brownie today.:drool:ThanksRoxie,fo the nutrient info and i really appreciated your post of support :hug: I'm doing everything i can as usual,counting calories,carbs and exercising like crazy.The heart is willing but my body don't want to corporate.

I've made peace with the fact that i might not make it in time but I'll get there eventually for sure. Hope you like your new shoes.I've got to get some more(gym,zumba) shoes too cause what i where to jog/walk have gotten old and dirty.Can't go to the gym in run down/dirty walking shoes :D

:wave:Angie,great WI :cp: Have a wonderful time with Auntie :)

Rennie."Lemon squeeze" is what i think is called lemon juice in that small yellow ball thingy,where you can just squeeze out 100% lemon juice.Fight on :sumo:

Mandy,how you use that fibre-one sounds good.Thanks :) must try it.

07-23-2011, 03:30 PM
Great water release there Diana :carrot: :)

07-23-2011, 03:58 PM
Ona You will get there. I never meet those types of goals in the time frame that I want to. I do get there, though. Have patience. You have come so far and you will meet your goals when it's time. :hug: Yes, I am so glad to be rid of that water. :lol:

07-23-2011, 04:14 PM
Thanks Diana :hug: i really appreciate your support :hug: I've never set a goal either,this was my first one and What's so frustrating is that, i gave myself last Month and this Month to get there.

I knew that the weight loss had slowed down to like 3 lbs a month( i was/am ok with that) and i took that into consideration.Last month is what messed me up,I only lost 1 lb cause i wasn't eating enough and didn't figure that out until the end of the month.

But like i said earlier,I'm at peace now.It is,what it is.The good news i guess.. is that i didn't mention to her what i was trying to do.Now she won't be disappointed in me/for me.Leave it to her,I've lost enough weight :)

That's a lot of water weight :D Hope your results will be able to shed some light on what's causing your reactions.I think it will :) Hope Magnum is having a good day :)

07-23-2011, 04:41 PM
Good HOT HOT Afternoon ALL,

Angie have fun at your Aunt's great job on the 1.2lb gone yesterday :)

Hey Aimee :wave: yay for being off tomorrow, get some rest :)

Diana great whoosh :high: glad you got more sleep/rest :hug: Diana Chipotle is very very good ... you'd love it, minus the beans :) I know you feel fabulous also. I can't wait to get close to goal (my first original goal of 150). I'll be shouting with joy :)

Coondocks well I am up .6 so you are doing better than me. :hug: See what happens to me every time I change that ticker. :mad:

Kukkie great job on resisting the cake. Sorry you didn't get to sleep in this morning, maybe tomorrow????

envelope I love their burritos and I would have the exact same that you had, but those calories are ridiculous. Maybe if I ate half for lunch and half for dinner. My problem is I hate to waste so I'd be thinking gotta finish it all now :lol:

LGW good job on the .4 down :)

eclipse good job on the .4 down and :congrat: on being normal and so close to goal. Wow half the size you use to be that has to feel amazing!! What are you planning to do to celebrate the NEW YOU? Also when are you gonna post a new picture? I can't wait to see. Do you have a special goal outfit already? Can you tell I am super excited for you? :hug:

Ona I thought that's what you were talking about but I wasn't sure. :) I like the pulp in the lemonade though :). Keep on truckin' Ona you'll catch up with me in a few weeks at the rate you're going :) That little up is probably your muscles retaining water I'm sure :)

Ok as you all saw above I am up .6 to 174.0. I don't have any excuse or explanation just up ... now if I am up tomorrow it will be because I am quite snacky today :( I had my regular Saturday breakfast which I do need to stop doing but I don't really want to cut out all of my fun/good meals.

07-23-2011, 04:48 PM
:lol: excuse me Rennie,these are crucial time here. :lol: I was down .4 today back to 182.0 :D Hold on Rennie :sumo: saturday is almost over :sumo: I bought some cherries today,thinking of you and your grapes.

07-23-2011, 04:54 PM
Rennie,don't deprive yourself.I try to find healthy, tasty options.Developing/learning how to eat this way for life cause if i don't the weigh will just come back.
Maybe you can still have your fun foods in a different way.Girl it's so hot out,that's why I'm in here. :D Plus I've done a days work before 12 noon,jogged /walked 4 miles,zumba,shopping,came back and cooked :dizzy: I'm kinda antsy,want to go to Mothers but will just look at a movie an chill.

07-23-2011, 05:06 PM
LOL Ona see when you don't post your yesterday I don't know whether it's up or down, I'm sorry. Well :congrat: on getting back to 182 and I still say at the rate you are going you'll catch me in a couple of weeks because I'll be waving at Coondocks, Roxy and you and pouting because I'm not moving and still between 171-175 :lol: I'm laughing but I'm serious and it's not funny :lol3: We have pancakes, eggs with cheese, turkey bacon every Saturday and Sunday and some times home fried potatoes. It's the only time we get to eat breakfast together. I could cut it down to one pancake and one egg though :D

07-23-2011, 05:08 PM
Ona you have had a full day already. We ran some errands but I am in for the duration.

Diana I got some cute shorts at Walmart for $9.88 so now I have 3 pair :)

07-23-2011, 05:14 PM
What about making you a different kind of pancake.One of those Bob Mills ones.Substitute your potatoes for sweet potatoes,1 egg and some white..There's always a way ;) I like the Bob Mills Flaxseed meal. No problem :D me too,since i MUST go to Church tomorrow.. jog/walk and eat before i go :dizzy:

07-23-2011, 05:25 PM
hey guys!

253.1 today. down .2... which is surprising considering the sodium fest that was dinner last night (chili dogs!). and the fact that i was up super early this morning. hopefully when i get back to my regular schedule i'll be down a little more :)

hottest i've seen today: 101*F with a heat index of 110! yikes! storming now though, so maybe that will cool it off a smidge.

have a good day folks!

(p.s. rennie - i just blogged about indulging and staying on track! link is in my siggy if you're interested in reading my take!)

07-23-2011, 05:44 PM
OK, some I'm going to need some support the next 4 weeks because my schedule is going to be quite hectic...going in early...leaving late...working overnight...and the cafe has food that should not be served to anyone :-(

I have already seriously thought about my plans for breakfast/lunch/dinner so that I can stay on top of my healthy eating plan. I'm cooking some meat and veggies this weekend to freeze, I've thought about some proteins that I don't need to cook such as yogurt,cheese, canned beans as well as possibly having to substitute fruit for veggies during some meals. I'm actually going to store some yogurt, cheese and fruit in the refrigerator in my office. I will try my best not to snack while working overnight (one good thing about the cafe is that there are no good snacks) -- maybe a few ice breakers to tide me over :-)

So as you can see, I am determined not to "fall off the wagon" :-)

If anyone has any quick ideas on veggies and meats that I can cook and store that would be great! Please keep i mind that I am not a good cook, I'm in the learning process so "quick" and "easy" would be ideal.


Great job on the large drops and small fluctuations!


07-23-2011, 05:56 PM
Stayed the same today. I was thinking I would at least lose the .8 gain from yesterday. I even had lemon water last night. Not sure what's up. Been busy this morning. We went to the quarterly library book sale and the library book store followed by the farmer's market.

Aimee - It pains me to remember that I used to pack away a muffin like that with breakfast along with the rest of my breakfast. I'd sometimes have another for a snack later too. Ouch!

Diana - Wow, this is a long one, huh? I hope it is done soon. Congrats on the water drop, I bet you're feeling better.

Coondocks - I feel your pain on the no change today. :mad:

envelope - I am starting to think that it is a good thing we don't have Chipolte here. They sound way too good.

Ona - For jogging and walking I totally recommend New Balance. For zumba the best shoes are either the ones on zumba.com (order 1/2 size smaller than normal) or if you don't want to spend $80+ shipping, I suggest going to Payless and getting Champion style # 75489-11 for $25.

Mandy - We have thunder, so I am hoping some of that storminess is gonna hit us too.

LGW - You can get some veggies that can be eaten raw too: carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, radish, tomato, spinach and other salad veggies. You can grab some frozen veggies which are really fast to prepare. I get a lot my veggies frozen and then just pop them in the microwave. If you have time to grill a large batch of chicken, that keeps pretty well and if you cover it while microwaving it that will help it not be dry. You can also just eat it cold in a salad or make some chicken salad with plain yogurt and herbs and such (I like to add some very finely diced carrot to mine). Cheese sticks are a handy thing for times like this. If you like them then Smart Dogs (veggie protein hotdog substitute) are also handy.

07-23-2011, 06:00 PM
3: 261.2
4: 256.8
5: 257.8
6: 256.6
7: 255*
8: 254.6*
9: 255.4*
10: 255.2*
11: 254.8
12: 254.4
13: 253.4
14: 252
15: 252.2
16: 252.6
17: 256.8
18: 255.4
19: 255
20: 253.8
21: 254
22: I forgot
23: 252.4

I weighed yesterday but I completely forgot what it was. I was all wrapped up in finishing my application to grad school. Which is now all done and turned in!:carrot:

I am also, finally, back to where I was a week ago when I went to the beer festival. :dizzy: I think, no more beer festivals for awhile.:(

07-23-2011, 06:00 PM
Fitgirl: Thanks for the suggestions! :-)

Does the lemon water really help....is it just water and fresh squeezed lemon?
Does anyone know the mechanism? Can you have it at any time or better in the evening...just curious...I'm not a water fan and I usually do this anyway, so just wondering how to make it more beneficial and wondering if I should drink more...I drink so much diet soda during the day :-(

07-23-2011, 06:01 PM
the storm knocked it down from 98 degrees (heat index of 106) to 80 degrees, heat index of 83. WOOHOO!

07-23-2011, 06:25 PM
Swimgirl: Hello :)

Diana: that was a lot of water weight, great job

Coondocks: hang in there...look at my trend...after a 1 week stall I'm back on my way down....I'm so glad I hung in there!

Kukkie: 0.1...don't sweat the small stuff...

eclipse: GREAT JOB on the overall weight loss...very impressive! :D

Ona: wasn't sure if your original post of 182 was an up or down....got it...great job...also great job on the overall weight loss!!!

K0ofyo0zed: i think I spelled it right :-) great job on the weight loss, I checked out your before/after on your blog as well....you are doing really good....you look great! :D

Just for today -- I will try to live through this day only and not tackle my whole life problem at once. I can do things for twelve hours that would appall me if I had to keep them up for a lifetime - FA :smug:


07-23-2011, 06:28 PM
K0ofyo0zed: i think I spelled it right :-) great job on the weight loss, I checked out your before/after on your blog as well....you are doing really good....you look great! :D


haha close enough on the spelling... you can just call me mandy, it's 1000x easier :)

and thank you for the kind words. i'll be posting another photo soon when i hit 250!

07-23-2011, 09:23 PM
I think i'm looking at this all the wrong way. I went shopping today with a friend and ended up picking up a size 8 shirt from rickis. Not long ago i couldnt get that to fit over my hips and it sits nicely now . . . so i'm doing something right.
Totally stalked Aimee too . . . . had to go see if she was working and sure enough she was! So strange putting a voice to the conversations ha ha. And at least Im not the strangest stalker shes had LMAO.

Just about to make some supper for the little man so I'll be back to see how the day has been for everyone.

07-23-2011, 09:36 PM
Diana - Gotta love a great sleep, and a whoosh after a good sleep!!

Coondocks - Nice to see you today!! I was SO out of it, I was attempting to do my job, and the other girl's job. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! :lol: Definitely not my weirdest stalker ever ;) What a funny thought! Any good deals at Ricky's? Not that I need more clothes. The whoosh will come, hang tight!

Kukkie - I'd like the cake please :) Being tired makes me crave anything people talk about, :lol: You going to be able to sleep in tomorrow?

envelope - your lunch sounds very yummy!!

Rennie - it's COLD here today! It's a nice change, but it'll be hot here tomorrow. I just found out that the week before my vacation I'm going to have to work 10 days in a row and like 50+ hours, I will definitely earn that vacation! How are you sleeping with the heat? If you don't get enough sleep your body starts to hold onto weight, so maybe that has something to do with your mysterious gain?

Roxy - those muffin's are evil, but I did it again today!! I decided on the low fat option at Starbucks, but I forgot my phone to look up the calories before I ate it. 350 calories again :lol: Luckily my lunch was lighter, so it worked out. It's interesting, I'm finding when I have a lighter dinner my weight loss is much better, even if I eat the same calories. Who knows why! Sorry to hear about the no change, hang tight, you will definitely get there!

LGW - my mom does hot water and lemon, and uses it for digestion, she says it keeps her from getting heart burn of indigestion. It also apparently keeps you "regular".

Up, down, down, up.. I was down this morning to 260.6. Kinda hovering here. I was VERY good today (so far!) so I'm hoping for 250's tomorrow! I'm hoping for it every day actually, sooooon!


07-23-2011, 10:21 PM
I want to say that I love this thread. I lurked a lot in the June thread and started posting a bit in here. I can tell there are many friendships in here and I don't know how all of you keep up on the personals, but I feel like I'm starting to get to know you and will try to post more often. I know this type of group is what I need to keep me focused. I "join" the decade threads, too, but your time in there is (hopefully) fleeting. I just feel like this particular group is where I fit. I'd absolutely love to meet each and every one of you in person.

Thanks for the motivation. I'm so encouraged by everyone's progress and the fact that several of you have hit your goal. Thanks for the support. I'll try hard to get the hang of doing personals. (I feel like I have to take notes as I read the day's current posts!) You can only talk about this stuff for so long with your friends before they get bored, so this forum, this thread in particular, is a great way to stay in touch with the trials and tribulations of weight loss without alienating everyone around you! I'm glad I found this particular thread.


07-23-2011, 10:32 PM
You can only talk about this stuff for so long with your friends before they get bored, so this forum, this thread in particular, is a great way to stay in touch with the trials and tribulations of weight loss without alienating everyone around you!

Lin Do you wanna guess how tired my family is with hearing about my allergic reactions and water weight gain! :lol3: I think I alienated them a long time ago. :lol: I am so glad that I can post about my frustrations here until I can get it figured out. I agree, everyone here is so supportive and wonderful. :grouphug: It's a great check-in!

07-23-2011, 10:44 PM
Lin: I totally agree! I love this thread! The daily accountability is a good one as well!

07-23-2011, 11:00 PM
Ona I have the flaxseed mill I just haven't used it in a while. I make a batch and eat them daily when I do though. They aren't bad at all. I don't like the sweet potato fry things and I usually make a lot of potatoes I only eat a spoon though so not too bad there. I also have egg beaters. Thanks for all of your help Ona with substituting things. As you can tell I have everything I need, I just need to DO IT :D. I have fallen again and now I need to get back up AGAIN ;) Yeah me too, 4th Sunday usher :D, filled in last Sunday also :)

Good job on the .2 down Mandy and yes I am interested and yes I will read :D My van said 106 the whole time we were out today. I cooked on the grill this evening about 7:30 and it wasn't bad at all. I wonder if we are gonna get a storm also?

LGW best of luck to you ... sounds like you just about have things in order :) great job in planning :)

Roxy does the lemon water make you feel a little bloated. I've had two 32oz cups and I am full, I mean full. Good recommendations to LGW on the foods. :)

StarGetsFit congratulations on finishing your grad school app :high: YAY to pre beer fest weight also :)

Coondocks I'll tell you we do think alike. I bought 4 tops today which I didn't mention later when I talked about the shorts. The tops are a size 8/10 I can't believe it. Oh the shorts are a size 14 the 12's were a tad tight. What new light did you find on our weight loss journey, I need all the help I can get my friend :hug:

Thanks Aimee Yes you will have definitely earned your vacation :hug: I wonder if it's the heat or just the fact that I need to get my behind on the treadmill and stop snacking? I sure thought the challenge and going away would keep me on track. :) I'm hoping with you Aimee :goodvibe:

Future my Zumba DVD's will be here on Tuesday :)

Lin just open two windows and switch back and forth. I love this thread, I have left many times in the last year but I come back to my friends always. :hug:

Ok my computer was and is acting up so glad I got to finish before I lost everything.

My calories today are 1659. I am 229 over for the day but my sodium and carbs are under so I may do ok in the morning. We'll see :)

07-23-2011, 11:26 PM
I've been posting all over the place with different start dates and different goals...and I just realized that I have averaged a 2# a week weight loss and I've actually lost 7 lbs for the month of July - for some reason because I joined this site after 7/1, I never recorded my 7/1 weight...super excited!!!

07-23-2011, 11:46 PM
Guess who started TTOM? You got it! Me!

Rennie Congrats on the shorts! I saw a new style of jeans there 2 weeks ago. I tried them on and I think I like them. I got frustrated, because I hate shopping for clothes, and put them back. I was thinking about going back tomorrow.

Mandy Congrats on the .2!

LGW Fitgirlygirl has a lot of great suggestions. I really like the salad and chicken salad suggestions. You can even make the chicken salad with extra veggies or fruit. I like making a curried chicken salad with any variety of celery, apples, pineapple, and nuts. :drool: Chinese chicken salad with chicken and cabbage, etc. The big thing is to plan, plan, plan, and stick to the plan (most importantly). ;) I'm not sure of the mechanics behind the lemon. Fitgirlygirl also suggested lime. I really like the lime, too.

Fitgirlygirl Hi :wave:

Stargetsfit Congrats on finishing the paperwork for grad school.

Coondocks You met Aimee, today? How cool is that??? I think it would be fun to meet other people from here. Congrats on the size 8 shirt!

Aimee Congrats on the scale being down. Again, that was totally cool to meet someone from the check-in!

Linjber Hi :wave:

Ona Hi :wave:

07-24-2011, 12:00 AM
I wonder if Coondocks and I are the first to meet IRL? I actually also met someone from a different thread on here, we never really kept in touch though, just that facebook relationship where you see whats going on in their life but never talk. It was definitely great to actually see how TINY she actually is - Coondocks doesn't look overweight at all, just "normal" if such a term exists :D

Watched a cheesy movie with the bf (Knight & Day) and now it's time for bed! Good night!


07-24-2011, 12:17 AM
After my last post on Wednesday night I did have a drop of 1.2 to 210.8 on Thursday morning, but then two more days of eating out pretty much non-stop. Today wasn't so bad, but I'm higher on calories than I would like to be, but at least they were good quality calories, not crap. No weigh in today as we slept over at my aunt's last night, so I did not have my water pill...I stepped on the scale tonight and it scared the life out of me, hope to whoosh some water retention away tonight.

Okay, time to catch up on personals...

Diana -- Thanks for the reminder about lemon, I'm going to get some now! I went to a farmer's market today and got some asparagus for the same reason -- will make this tomorrow....got lots of other nice fresh local veggies too! Hope you sorted out Magnum's schedule. Sometimes Goliath gets 'droopy poopy' and that's about the only time he barks to ask me to let him out through the night. Ugh, so sorry about the allergic reaction...

Shylah -- We don't have PF Chang's here, and that's just as well. I ate there twice while I was in VEgas, and loved it. Yum :)

Rennie -- Sounds like you are doing great so far, I'm reading 171 right now, hope to see an even lower number as I read on. :) You are doing some awesome walking...I'm going to have to get into this action! Hmm...you love Matthew McConaughey and my secret celebrity boyfriend is Johnny Depp. We should double date some time.

Kukkie -- I melted on Thursday too. I did wear a skirt, and luckily it was so hot that my sweaty thighs just whooshed right by each other...lol. It's raining over my house as I type this...FINALLY!!

Aimee -- I was aiming for a calorie range of 1400-1700, hoping to average around 1500, but I've been over that for sure lately. Next week at work I'm in a different office, but no meals planned out, so I'll bring my lunch and try to get a bit back to normal. Ohhhh, you are so close to the 250s..can't wait to hear what happened for you after Thursday! Okay, sorry to see there were consequences of eating out for you...crossing fingers and toes that it won't stick around long. Oh wait, it didn't...lol...okay, back to pulling for you to be in the 250's tomorrow!

Jami -- Seeing the last Harry Potter movie made me want to start at the beginning again too. I ran out to get book one and I read the first chapter to Cameron tonight. :) Good job for you and for DH, you are doing fabulous! I really miss the days when I lost so quickly and steadily *sigh* c'est la vie though, I'll have to muddle through the slow way now. I hope the fantastic losses continue for you for a long time to come, right to the end! What do you normally eat when camping? I have a great camp dinner to share with you if you are interested - I just had it tonight, but without the camping.

Matilda -- Welcome back! What did you do in MIami?

Ona -- I thought about you a lot over the last two days. There is a woman in the meetings I was in who was from a US office of our company. She put me in mind of you and especially because it is quite clear to me (probably not so much to others) that she has lost a significant amount of weight. I thought so the last time I saw her, just something about the skin on her arms that sits a little differently. This time around though she was sitting next to me for 2 days and I noticed all the little details that tell the tale. She had on support garments (ie/ Spanx) which I saw when she leaned away, and I could see some telling signs in her skin. Just the normal stuff I'm sure we all see, I have areas where my skin almost looks more wrinkly because of the losses I've had so far, and I would guess she's probably lost more than 100 lbs. Anyway, I was DYING to talk to her about weight loss, but never did work up the nerve to bring it up. I wanted to ask her what plan she used etc, but I kind of also wanted to talk about it with her so we could be on the same 'secret weight loss team' lol. Just wanted to tell you how her face reminded me of you. :D I'm very optimistic that you will get to see your 180 in time for your mother's bday...keep doing what you do and have faith! If the timing doesn't work I'm sure she won't mind getting this particular gift a little late.

Mango -- Uncooperative grocery store managers are the bane of my existence...for the love of Pete, if people are asking for stuff you'd think they'd order it in and give it a whirl. :dizzy:

Shylah -- I've just put lemon in my water, but if I can have the same result as you I'd be willing to suck a lemon! Nice whoosh...it should have a different name...like Va-roosh or something like that. :)

Vixsin -- Congrats on breaking through your plateau!

Roxy -- I'm so happy for you that DH is not likely to be deployed anytime soon!

Lin -- It's great to have you in our group, can't wait to hear from you more often and to get to know you better!

LGW -- I love to cook and plan meals ahead...my go to stuff for times like this are grilled chicken (Slice whole breasts in half so they are thin...marinate in olive oil, cut up lemon, rosemary, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder -- add this chicken to salad, soups, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, etc etc...), meat sauce made with extra lean ground beef or turkey and lots of fresh veggies (which can be used as a sauce, or eaten in a pita, added to salad to make a 'taco salad' etc.) and meatballs (also made with x-lean ground meat) which I just eat as snacks. Pork tenderloin is also very lean and can be prepared similarly to the chicken I mentioned and goes great with lots of stuff.

Okay..I'm out of steam for tonight. :wave: to everyone else!

07-24-2011, 09:24 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave:

Calories for yesterday: 1535 + :coffee2:

Weigh In: 144.4 (TTOM)

No Change

I started TTOM yesterday and was glad that I didn't gain from that. I just want things to calm down for a bit. ;)

Angie Hi :wave: I forgot about the asparagus! I will put them in my omelet if I am feeling bloated from water. Magnum seems to be back on schedule now. I need to make sure that I feed him as early as possible in the afternoon/evening.

07-24-2011, 10:12 AM
:wave: everybody..

Oh,my :yikes: Down 1 lb to 181.0 :hyper: :dancer: :woohoo:
w/o any bathroom activity :D

Be Back later..

07-24-2011, 10:24 AM
Oh,my :yikes: Down 1 lb to 181.0 :hyper: :dancer: :woohoo:

Ona Congrats and great job! :yay:

07-24-2011, 10:31 AM
Finally back down after gaining a few pounds. Officially 10 lbs today!

07-24-2011, 10:39 AM
Finally back down after gaining a few pounds. Officially 10 lbs today!

Lindy87 Congrats on the 10 pounds! :carrot:

07-24-2011, 10:39 AM
No WI for me this morning, was up most of the night with Jack and some growing pains. That poor kid is growing so fast, the only good thing i can say is at least he wont remember this.
I did get in some weights last night, felt nice, 200 squats woot woot! and some ab work . . . didn't go over board on the abs and i'm not really feeling it today so i think i need to up that a bit.
Going to be a tough one today my sort-of brother in law is having a birthday bbq today Jack and I are going to, Korean home made cooking . . YUM and ohh so much of it ha ha, i'll keep my portions decent and partake in a lot of water to help fill me up :)

Angie - I have that wrinkle skin going right now too, it's a reminder how far i've come but such an irritant that it's not going anywhere! Soon enough, in it's own time it'll go, just have to keep working at it. Whats the appeal of PF Changs? Is this a place i'm going to need to avoid like the plague if/when i go back to the US?

Aimee - I was wondering if we were the first to meet IRL too ha ha. Uhmmm, totally blushed when I read that "tiny" word .. . . I don't think anyone has ever said that about me except in refference to my height. The only ones shorter than me in our family are my nephews . . .. and they are 11 and 12, not much longer are they going to be shorter :( What running clinic are you thinking about going to? I may need to look into that . . . told my friend i'd go in on the marathon relay next year eeeeeesssshhhhh! There actually were some pretty good deals on at Rickis, there is a 70% rack at the back of the store with some really cute tops - worth checking out.

Love - I think it was finding that the size 8 shirt, it was more than one shirt so I couldnt write it off as a fluke or just the cut. My numbers on the scale havent changed, in fact they have gone up since the last time I tried on that size, so something is changing and im starting to realize its really not the number on the scale, there are numbers EVERYWHERE that can show the changes. We will get this locked down, no worries. I got your back, you got mine :) :)

Ona - Check you out with your pound down, good on ya!!

ok for some reason my netbook wont let me open another page to do some replies, hmmmm . . . . might just be me trying to use technology before 9 am ha ha . . . . I'm going to go do some reading and jump back on here.

BUT - I'll apologies in advance if I turn into a useless-info-fact person from my school work, yup . . . I'm one of those, I don't know why but I end up so excited that I turn into the OMG did you know . . . . person - feel free to tell me to shush if I start to get annoying with that :p

07-24-2011, 11:07 AM
I am down .6 to 171. I still have no idea what was going on, but glad to see it going in the other direction now.

LGW - It really does seem to help and you can also use lime. My trainer says it is the citric acid that helps. I don't know if it matters what time of day. When I know I have water weight I usually have a glass in the morning and another in the evening. Congrats on the 7 pounds!

Mandy - We got a storm too. Yay! My yard needed it.

Coondocks - That is a much better way to look at it and I bet you look awesome in your new skirt. Good luck with the BBQ today.

Aimee - :crossed: for you to get 250s soon.

Lin - 3FC in general and this thread in particular help keep me doing what I should do. Not to mention all that I learn from the chicks here.

Rennie - how quickly did you have this 64 oz.? If I drink a bunch all at once it can make me feel that way.

Diana - Boo TTOM! At least you can stop wondering when though.

Angie - I hope the water goes quickly. I forgot asparagus. I should have gotten some at the farmer's market yesterday.

Ona - Yay :yay:

Ok, time to go get ready for church. Have a great Sunday everyone.

07-24-2011, 11:21 AM
Coondocks :wave: Enjoy the homemade Korean food and party.

Fitgirlygirl Congrats on the .6.

07-24-2011, 11:31 AM
Hi Kids!!!

I feel the need to run in here and get a group hug! Bring it in, people!!! :grouphug:

So I am UP some random water. 185.6 Can you believe that?? :eek:

I was down a bit yesterday to a fabulous new low of 183.2. Went to my friend Brenda's house so the kids could play and had 3 homemade choc and PB brownies :drool:, 3 homemade choc chip cookies. They were SOO...GOOOOOD! I didn't take my medication yesterday because it keys me up for a good 12 hours and I could definitely feel a difference from not taking it. I had a horrible supper of a pb&j which of course wasn't nearly enough to fulfill me. Later on, I ended up having a stuff chicken breast and then went to bed. No wonder I gained. LOL Truth be told, I expected it. After all of those losses this week and TOM is right around the corner. I feel that he may have sent his monthly bag of water in early.

No worries. I am on plan and getting lots to drink. We have a great day ahead of us of doing chores and errands. Maxwell has decided to start our day off with attitude so that will mean that the house if going to get nice and clean today. :)

07-24-2011, 12:01 PM
Good morning everyone!

Start May 15 - 238
June 15 - 229 (-9 total wt loss)
July 15 - 222.4 (-15.6 total wt loss)
Monitoring trend:
7/6 - 2267/7 - 225.2 (-0.8)
7/8 - 225.6 (+0.4)
7/9 - 224.4 (-1.2)
7/10 - 224.2 (-0.2)
7/11 - 224.2 (-0.0)
7/12 - 224.4 (+0.2)
7/13 - 222.6 (-1.2)
7/14 - 223.0 (+0.4)
7/15 - 222.4 (-0.6)
7/16 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/17 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/18 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/19 - 223.2 (+0.8)
7/20 - 222.0 (-1.2)
7/21 - 221.4 (-0.6)
7/22 - 220.6 (-0.8)
7/23 - 220.2 (-0.4) - still going...

Have a great day everyone!!! :-)


Just for today I will have a program. I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. It will eliminate 2 pests -- hurry and indecisi

07-24-2011, 12:06 PM
Good morning everyone!

Start May 15 - 238
June 15 - 229 (-9 total wt loss)
July 15 - 222.4 (-15.6 total wt loss)
Monitoring trend:
7/6 - 2267/7 - 225.2 (-0.8)
7/8 - 225.6 (+0.4)
7/9 - 224.4 (-1.2)
7/10 - 224.2 (-0.2)
7/11 - 224.2 (-0.0)
7/12 - 224.4 (+0.2)
7/13 - 222.6 (-1.2)
7/14 - 223.0 (+0.4)
7/15 - 222.4 (-0.6)
7/16 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/17 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/18 - 222.4 (-0.0)
7/19 - 223.2 (+0.8)
7/20 - 222.0 (-1.2)
7/21 - 221.4 (-0.6)
7/22 - 220.6 (-0.8)
7/23 - 220.2 (-0.4)
7/24 - 220.4 (+0.2)...I will patiently wait it out...:-)

TWL: -2.2 for the week

Have a great day everyone!!! :-)


Just for today I will try to live through this day only and not tackle my whole life problem at once. I can do things for 12 hours that would appall me if I had to keep them up for a lifetime. - FA

07-24-2011, 12:14 PM
Vixsin Hi :wave:

LGW Congrats on the 2.2 pound loss for the week.

07-24-2011, 12:24 PM
Vixsin: I'm bringing it in :grouphug:

Fitgirl: great drop on the 0.6

Coondocks: homemade Korean...that sounds tasty...

Linda: Woo hoo 10lbs! :carrot:

Ona: Great 1lb drop

Diana: great job at maintaining

OK, so my schedule is taking a drastic change for the next 4 weeks. I will still try to log in on a regular basis. I will have dates without a WI (at leaast 7 days this month) as I will be working overnight and not leaving until 10am, so I will be eating at work before coming home.

Wish me luck! :goodluck: This in one of the challenges I've been worried about. I am grateful for this site, which offers me accountability I would not have had otherwise!


07-24-2011, 12:31 PM
LGW Good luck! You can do it. There was another poster here who worked different shifts. She did well.

07-24-2011, 03:46 PM
I'm at 211.8 this morning...so up compared to my last weigh in. Today is going well...on track for breakfast and lunch, good plans for dinner. I have a Splenda-Raspberry Pie in the oven and will enjoy a little piece after dinner.

Diana - I'm glad Magnum is back on a workable schedule. I think the lemon helped, I was 217 at bedtime last night!

Ona -- Great job! 181, I'm so happy for you!

Lindy -- Congratulations on losing your first 10!

Coondocks -- Sorry about Jack's growing pains :( Yes, avoid PF Changs (and particularly the delicious spicy chicken) when you are in the US -- totally scrumptious and full of the dreaded sodium and MSG. I put this in the same category as the Cheesecake Factory and the Olive Garden -- I'm very grateful they exist and even more appreciative that they are not close by.
LOL at you turning into the 'OMG did you know' person, I get like that too...go wild! I hate the wrinkle skin, but I'll take it over fat any day ;)

Roxy -- I lost a lot of water overnight, but hope to lose a bit more by tomorrow. :) Congrats on your .6 today!

Vixsin -- Chocolate and PB brownies??? Yum!

LGW -- Congrats on your .4 today

07-24-2011, 03:55 PM
3: 261.2
4: 256.8
5: 257.8
6: 256.6
7: 255*
8: 254.6*
9: 255.4*
10: 255.2*
11: 254.8
12: 254.4
13: 253.4
14: 252
15: 252.2
16: 252.6
17: 256.8
18: 255.4
19: 255
20: 253.8
21: 254
22: I forgot
23: 252.4
24: 252.8

Up .2 and now I must go to a birthday party. I hate parties. meh.

07-24-2011, 04:02 PM
And thanks everyone for the congratulations of finishing my Grad school application. It was kinda last minute. I called to talk about going next year, but the admission lady said that since they hadn't filled all the seats in the program yet they were still accepting applications, even thought the deadline to get them in had already past.:dizzy:

So, if I get accepted, I'll be a full time grad students in 2 months.:o

07-24-2011, 04:59 PM
I just had a chance to read a little and just want to chime in...

O...M...G!!!!! with the wrinkly skin!!!! I mean, really? My inner thighs look like I am about to celebrate my 80th birthday!!! :lol:

Like you, Ang, I'll take the wrinkles over the fatty, filled out stuff but jeez!!!! LOL

07-24-2011, 05:08 PM
Someone who'd lost over a hundred pounds once told me to get a lotion with active copper. There's one by Nutragena. And start using in as soon as you can. She said she didn't really have any problems with wrinkles skin because of it.

07-24-2011, 05:16 PM
OK, so I'm trying new veggie recipes to make this a lifestyle change.

Turnip fries: not bad :)

Rhubarb with homemade whipcream: :?: waaaayyyy to sour
I don't know if I did something wrong or if this is an acquired taste that I DO NOT HAVE...

Well as least I tried...back to the brocolli this week....butternut squash and lobster tails for dinner....mmmmm


07-24-2011, 05:20 PM
Good Afternoon ALL :wave:

LGW good job on the 2.2lbs for the week :) Good Luck to you. I love mashed turnips never had them in fry form. How did you cook them?

Thanks Diana, I was a little disappointed that they weren't a 12 but oh well the price was right. ;) I put on a pair of slacks this morning size 12 and they were baggy so it must be the make of Walmart's brand. :)

Diana and Aimee, I would love to meet up with you all. I even brought it up last year that we should plan something to all get together like a reunion. I've been to Myrtle Beach, SC and my Mom's husband is from Gaffney, SC ... Diana I think I asked you how close you were to there last year. Aimee, Angie, Coondocks and Kukkie we went to Montreal, Quebec years ago we have friends up there and had planned to go up this summer but couldn't get the communication between all of us straight so maybe next year. :) But if I happen to come to any of the places that you all are I will definitely let you know before I do so that we can meet. :)

Aimee yes there is a normal look apparently because some tell me that I don't look like I need to lose weight (if they only knew) :lol:

Angie :lol: Johnny Depp scares me, something about his eyes and too much make up I think. I can't see him out of character :D. Now Matthew is fine ;). :lol: sweaty thighs, don't you hate that and it just rolls down if you don't have on hose, what an awful feeling :) You must really be catching up 171 is a wish for me right now :( How and when did you drink the lemon water, full details please? :D

Ona :woohoo: congratulations to you on 181 you GO LADY :cheer:

Lindy great job on the 10lbs GONE :high:

Coondocks I was thinking the same thing it has to be inches lost because I was shocked. Even my baby said the 12/14 top was too big on me so if she noticed you know it didn't look good. I don't know if you recall me talking about bras last year. Well I noticed with them too. I am one day gonna sit down at my sewing machine and figure out how to make the cups smaller. I know how to do the sides to make them fit correctly (one day) :D. So I know I'm losing inches. Yes we will get through this together, I will always have your back :hug:. I am up today also. But I am also quite bloated, gassy. I think it maybe from the zucchini and squash that I ate.

Roxy, good job on the .6 down :) I'm trying to catch you ... can you see me behind you trying to keep up :lol: Oh I had it back to back, I finished a cup while grilling and had the kids add more water and the lemons and the pulp were still in the cup so it was just as tart. Thanks for the heads up, I won't do that again :hug:

Vixsin I will give all the hugs you need if I get them back :hug: You deserve that day yesterday. It doesn't happen often and you know how to get back OP :hug: I hear you Mommy on attitude and cleaning. I do the same thing. If you want to cut up and give me attitude, let's give you some time to think about it, and to my expectations. It always takes them awhile except for the middle boy he makes sure I don't pull it all out/down when he's done so he does it right the first time ;)

StarGetsFit :hug: take it in stride and have fun :) Gonna look into that lotion. Have you tried it out? Does it work?

Mandy where are you?

Gale is the a/c fixed?

OK back up to 175.4 up 1.4 from yesterday I weighed in 2 hours earlier though so who knows and like I said I was bloated and gassy earlier also. I am trying to make today an OP day and I think I have done well with the exception of eating 2 choc chip cookies as soon as I walked in the door from church. :no: But I haven't had anything else bad ... I don't think :D

07-24-2011, 05:23 PM
Up .6 today to 147.6. Nothing much going on today. It's my 12th anniversary, but Dh has to work :(.

07-24-2011, 05:38 PM
A VERY late start to the day today, I woke up with a migraine at 3am and attempted to sleep it off. It finally just passed, 12 hours later :) Phew! Did a weigh in earlier than normal.. and apparently I am down 1.3 this morning, which takes me to... 259.3 Heeeellloooo 250's!! :carrot: Missed you lots! :D

Angie - I've been experimenting with lighter dinners - either a salad with some lean protein or soup and a small bun. It's working great for me, maybe give something like that a try for a couple of days? Loved your post, its exactly what I feel like I'm doing when I'm catching up, :lol: And I hit the 250's! Yay!! I really think that The Cheesecake factory sounds yummy right now - was there one in Vegas? The bf wants me to take him to Vegas in March.

Diana - TTOM and no change! Fabulous!

Ona - Great WI this morning!! You are getting close to your goal! :D

Lindy - congrats on the loss and hitting 10 pounds lost!

Coondocks - sorry to hear about Jack :( Hopefully you are a little more rested before heading to the BBQ - I am officially starving and drooling at the thought of your food! You aren't really short either, although you sure can't tell I'm 5'7" eh?? Everyone thinks I'm shorter :( I was just thinking the learn to run clinic - it's basically Couch to 5K program, but you get to PAY for it, :lol: But the structure may help keep me on track! Can you believe I actually used to do a portion of a triathelon when I was younger? I sure can't!

Roxy - How are you sleeping these days? That always seems to have a negative effect on weight loss. Down is good :) You've lost 76 pounds, you know what you are doing, so hang tight and trust in what you are doing :hug:

LGW - You can definitely survive AND lose weight with shift work, just plan plan plan! Sometimes when you are tired you can silly food choices (I know this allllll too well!!).

Rennie - Back on plan missy!! I'm not feeling like doing much today, woke up with a migraine and so lack of food might be my problem today. Sorry to hear about the gain, but it's likely from the bloated thing. Hopefully the rest of your day goes smoothly!

Jeri - Happy Anniversary!! 12 years is pretty amazing!! Congrats :D What time does DH work until? I surprised the bf with a little dinner & gifts on Valentines day when he had to work until 11pm. Gotta get time in where you can!


07-24-2011, 06:04 PM
Wow Coon,200 squats! you go girl :high: have a great time at the BBQ. thanks :) really cool you and Aimee meeting :carrot: any stuff you learn will be greatly received,can't wait :)

:congrat: StarGetFit,getting that Ap done in time.:crossed you'll get in.great job getting back to before festival weight :cp:

Angie,that's a great WI considering all the eating out you've doing :cp: I really commend you cause you handled all those obstacles really good :bravo:.each eating out, you're getting stronger and better able to handle those adversities :yes: that pie sounds delicious.Thanks for thinking of me. :) You know what? now, for some reason.My face looks fine :?: either I've gotten use to looking at it or something... but every person i meet,which some i find myself talking to about weight and give them my testimony,they say they never would have known I've lost weight by my face :dunno: Now my arms are a different story :o there is only so much firming/toning is going to help there.Thanks for being optimistic for me :hug:

LGW,you're going to do great.You have everything planed out.Your determination and focus is strong.You see that you can lose weight and have been doing great.So say.."come on temptation devil,show me what you got"grrr.."I'm stronger,my mind is rock solid and you will not still my joy any more":mad: You will have the victory at the end of those 4 weeks :sumo: Thank you :)

Vixsin :hug:

Roxy,thanks for the shoe info and your suggestions to LGW was really helpful to me too,you know your stuff :) great job on the .6 :cp: Thank you :)

:wave:Aimee,nice you and Coon met.Did you guys take a picture together? now you guys have got to meet up w/KuKKie and Angie some kinda way :) plan like a Weight loss group trip or something :D I met some friends IRL from the tennis site I'm on and it was really nice.

I was a little hurt a while back.A lady that i had befriended here,Her Mother lives in my City and she said that when she came, she would look me up.Well, she was here for several weeks and never called.She PM me when she was leaving and said she was leaving. :?: If she didn't have the time,she could have at least just called to say hello :dunno: I couldn't believe it.I really liked and supported/ encouraged her.

Diana,great job holding steady w/TTOM showing up.Thank you :)


07-24-2011, 06:15 PM
Thanks for all of the support....to temptation: "Show me what you got!?" -- thanks Ona :)

Love: I cut the turnips in french fry form, seasoned with garlic, pepper and parmesian in a bag and baked on a cooking sheet...allrecipes has the recipe in case I forgot something...I am not the greatest cook

07-24-2011, 06:22 PM
Eclipse Happy Anniversary

Our anniversary is on 7/27 thirteen years married

07-24-2011, 06:22 PM
Turnip friesLGW,that don't even sounded good :o :lol:

07-24-2011, 06:25 PM
Ona: the turnip fries were actually not that bad...lol...:)...don't worry I'm making butternut squash with cinnamon and nutmeg today....mmmmm

07-24-2011, 06:25 PM
:wave:Rennie,you're going to knock that weight off next week :sumo: Thanks :)

07-24-2011, 06:28 PM
Really LCW,I guess I'm thinking about the bitterness of turnips Or i just want some french fries :D now i have a recipe for kale Chips but are yet to make them.

07-24-2011, 07:06 PM
Just got done helping a friend cater a party. Resisted the cakes and pies, but not the pasta! We'll see how the scale says I did tomorrow!

Rennie - you asked a couple days ago what I'm doing to lose - nothing special, really. That is, I'm not following a set plan like WW or SB. Trying to stay under 1700 calories, not too much rice, pasta, potatoes, or bread. Not too much sugar or fat. Lots of water. I also go to the gym just about every day. It seems to be a plan I can live with. At least it's worked so far.

OnaMi - I can hardly believe it - just one more pound! Way to go!


07-24-2011, 07:16 PM
eclipse DH works through everything except for the birth of our children. He has not once taken vacation. Sorry your hubby had to work though, Hope he comes home soon :hug: ... me I'm use to it :)

:cheer: Aimee :cheer: :welcome: to your new decade :high: about having a bun with dinner ... I have been craving bread here lately and not thrilled at all about whole grains so I buy them. I think if I eat a slice of white bread I will eat like 6 slices. :drool: it's like cake to me. :)

Coondocks I am sorry I am so focused on my boo boo's I missed Jack's growing pains, and your and his lack of sleep, is he ok ?

Thanks Aimee :hug: you will be able to run a portion of a triathlon some day, I'm sure of it and I can hear it in your voice that you want to. :)

thanks Ona, I thought you forgot about me (. I love the bitterness of turnips :drool: so I think they'll be tasty, now kale chips. How do you do that?

Lin that's what I'm trying to do but here lately it seems that I have reverted from my mid 40's to a child not much discipline at all :?: Lin have you lost 74lbs since January? Oh my goodness, I need to come to PA for a week and hang with you, maybe I'll drop 10lbs. ;)

Ok gonna go add up my dinner before I eat it :D makes sense right since I've been screwing up so royally ;)

07-24-2011, 07:58 PM
Ona - no pictures, I was working and it was near the end of my day, so I was looking a little exhausted! I was having a bad hair day too, but a GREAT eyelash day! :lol: I think Angie & Kukkie are about 18 hours away by car, but if I ever get to Toronto I'll be looking 'em up! Sorry to hear about your friend, that's pretty disappointing :( Some people aren't really comfortable meeting people online, maybe she got cold feet? Either way, it was pretty rude not to call.

Lin - I had some pasta today too, yikes!

Rennie - Safeway here makes a 100 calorie bun with some whole grains in it, it's perfect! they also make a bread thats 140 calories for 2 slices, and it keeps me full forever! Wish I had measured my dinner before I ate it, omg, so I'm going on the bigger side but it was still quite horrifying, I'll definitely be up tomorrow. :(

Off to watch a movie with the bf! :)


07-24-2011, 08:11 PM
Ladies, I just made a raspberry pie that is only 166 calories per slice (1/8th of pie). It's simply heaven and I don't even feel bad about eating a piece. :)

Vixsin -- I know, the skin thing is kind of bittersweet. I hear that with time and exercise it will improve though...I'm holding on to that.

Rennie -- Don't worry I'll keep Johnny busy on our double date. I had a wedge of lemon squeezed in my water bottle last night, when I finished the bottle I just refilled, but did not replace the lemon, it was still lemony. My wedge was about 1/6 of a lemon, kind of big. I also took a water pill though, I had missed mine the night before, so I think that had a lot to do with it as well. I'm all puffy again today, so more lemony goodness happening now. What state are you in again? I can see a trip to Virginia Beach at some point in our future as Cameron's half sister lives there, and we also might visit NY to see other of his dad's family, and for sure we will be in Orlando next April :)

Jeri -- Happy anniversary!! I know DH is working, but do you have plans to celebrate another day?

Aimee -- Hurray for the 250's!!! Good job on that whoosh you! I'm sure there is a Cheesecake Factory in Vegas...I think they are everywhere. I'm eating lighter again now...I'll be under 1400 when the day is over.

Ona -- Thank you :hug: I'm still trying to manage. Next week is crazy too, but not so much eating out so it will be easier to plan ahead and to avoid sodium. I feel the same way about my face, I think it's weathering the losses better than my arms and thighs and breasts. By the end of this I'll likely have to scoop up my breasts and ladle them into a bra. :lol2: Reading what you wrote to Aimee, I'm thinking that lady probably was trying to work up the nerve to meet you and then chickened out or it got too late, but she could have handled it better. That's too bad. I've met a few online friends before and it went well...one I met 10 or so years ago and we are still great friends. It's so amazing to me that we can build relationships with people from all over the world today.

LGW -- I tried turnip fries too...I think it was the allrecipes one and I was surprised at how not-bad they were!

07-24-2011, 08:17 PM
Swimgirl and Coondocks - you were wondering if you were the first to meet IRL. I was in a different thread a week or so ago when 2 members realized they were from the same town in Alaska and contacted each other privately. I jokingly asked if it turned out they had taken Algebra together in HS - and the answer was that they had known each other in school but had never been close. They were hanging out and starting a new friendship.

I think this is great! Closest I've found anyone to me is about 100 miles.


PS - Rennie - You're welcome in PA anytime! I'm not sure we'll manage 10 pounds in a week, but we can give it a shot!

07-24-2011, 08:36 PM
For anyone visiting the Toronto area I'm up for meeting for coffee. Kukkie, that goes for you too, anytime you like. :)

07-24-2011, 09:54 PM
hey ya'll... thought i posted earlier... but either the internet ate it, or i'm just a dummy and didn't post.

weigh in: 252.9 today, down another .2 and after last night's cook out, i'm surprised it's not a gain! i tried to keep it light and still try everything. i ate chicken instead of steak or brats. i had a small spoon of pasta salad. and a couple deviled eggs, but i looked for the ones with the least filling. i had a couple rolls with butter, some green beans with red peppers. and some fruit salad. and one of the guests went to a bakery and brought super yummy desserts. so 3 of us took 4 pieces and cut them in 3rds, so i only ended up having 1 and 1/3 pieces, and tasted all the yumminess without going too far overboard! :)

07-24-2011, 10:11 PM
Aww!!! Now I totally wish one of us lived near me!!! :( I would LOVE it if we all met IRL!!! How great would that be? All of us at a restaurant, high maintenance to the MAX with all of our ordering anything to eat. It would be so amazing to be in such a large group of healthy eaters!!!!

Just to throw it out there. I am in Western Mass. Always up for a coffee or lemon water. ;)

Got my run in this afternoon. :) :yay: The plan is in motion for me to get a full 8 hours of sleep tonight too. :crossed:

Have a great night gang! Let's hope some of this water is gone tomorrow!!!!! :crossed:

07-24-2011, 10:27 PM
Angie The pie sounds delish! :drool:

Stargetsfit Try to enjoy the party. ;)

Vixsin I have that inner thigh wrinkle thing going on, too.

This must be the cream that Stargetsfit mentioned: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp/ItemId=9684/Visibly-Firm-Body-Lotion-with-Active-Copper/Neutrogena/Lotions/-Creams

LGW Lobster tails and butternut squash sounds delish! :drool:

Rennie I'm about 1-1 1/2 hours from Myrtle Beach.

Eclipse Happy Anniversary! Sorry about your DH having to work. :hug:

Aimee Sorry that you woke up with the migraine. Congrats on the 1.3 pounds.

Ona Sorry about what happened with the lady coming to town. She may not have realized how much you thought of her. :hug:

Mandy Congrats on the .2.

07-24-2011, 11:01 PM
So I've lost 18lbs so far and it's funny because all of a sudden, for some reason when I looked at myself today I couldn't tell. Then I said to myself "you were 238 POUNDS and now you are 220, you better stick to this plan" LOL

This was my downfall the last time I lost weight. I went from 226 to 170, a very gradual decline by changing my eating habits. I still thought I was big at 170 because I was so focused on that military goal weight of 135 that I NEVER realized how much I lost....60lbs....and thus I gained it all back. I think I was 169 for about a day...and the next thing I know I was 238....

I think we get comfortable with a certain weight, and a gradual 5lbs isnt that bad, then we gain another 5lb, and that isn't too bad, then another 5lbs and you know the rest....

So now, as I reach 5lb milestones....I vow to never see those numbers again. As of now....I will NEVER see 225 again!

Diana: it was delicious :)


07-24-2011, 11:31 PM
Oh . . . .My . . .. .Lord .. . . . . I will def be seeing a huge jump tomorrow, that was more food than I have seen in a long time and Im not even going to pretend i did an ok job at keeping to plan.


07-24-2011, 11:48 PM
So if I'm a good girl, I'll get 7 hours of sleep. LOL

Diana: I attribute mine to the fact that I have been doing primarily cardio. Not much strength work, let alone Pilates and Yoga. I've heard numerous times how both of those are so good for you to lean out muscles and tighten things up overall which includes the skin, to a point of course, but still... I am hoping that over this fall and winter, once I start school, I'll have my focus on Yoga in place since it will help with stress too. And I'm hoping that will help with the skin thing that I've got going on. I've got it in a few places. LOL Oh, the things we can talk about on here..... gotta love it! :grouphug:

07-24-2011, 11:52 PM
Ona I didn't think about the fact that some people don't want to meet people they talk to online. But it could be a number of things. You have been honest with her about yourself and maybe she hasn't been honest with you about something. You never know what's in a persons head. Just look at it as a blessing in disguise and don't think about it anymore :hug: But know that if I get a chance to come to Florida and I am in your town I'll call you. You'll say I wish I have kept her in the cyber world :) I'm just a chatty person as you well know, but you'll have to stay up past 9pm :D

Aimee I just found some white buns that were multi grain at Bloom. I didn't buy them I bought the whole wheat ones instead. I know me and that taste of white bread add some butter spread and :drool: toast is and what a treat :lol3: I'm cracking myself up here slobbering :) My dinner was quite filling with 2 grilled chicken thighs, cup of green beans, and a cup of my cole slaw 410 calories but the sodium was 1990 the chicken thighs with out any season before cooking said 450 in sodium each so that was a bad start in itself. But I enjoyed it. Let's see what the scale says in the morning. I usually get on at night before I go to sleep so I'll know what my weigh in is in the a.m. but I don't want to know tonight. :)

Angie if I'm not being noisy is your water pill prescribed or do you take the diurex? I from take the diurex when my hands are all puffy. I'm in Virginia 4-4.5 hours from Virginia Beach. Let me know when you're coming I have a friend that I went to school with that lives there so hopefully she'll be home and I can stay at her place. We can meet Mandy while we are there :). I'm excited. :carrot: Did you see my bra story :lol3:

Lin I saw that thread you were on. I thought that was really neat, small world. I have a friend that was on a thread I started that I haven't seen in a while but she has posted pictures on FB and is doing quite well on her journey. I just use the thread for me now since she doesn't post anymore. But it is nice to talk online and then see each other face to face. There's another lady that signed on that lives right here in my city but when I PM'd her she never responded. Oh well I tried :) Trust me if I get a chance to come to PA I will let you know and maybe I can lose 7lbs, one a day :D

Mandy good job on the .2 sounds like a really nice cook out. Pasta is the one thing that I avoid. I don't know why but I guess it's a good thing. I wish I could say the same thing about white rice. I still like my cup of white rice every now and then :)

Vixsin Glad you got your run in :yay: hope the 8 hours of sleep is happening :) I think all of us in one place that poor waiter/waitress would be ready to pull their hair out :lol3: Depending on the day and our moods and the number on the scale it would take us forever to order. We'd be better off buying a grill ;) But we should try to make this happen in like 2 years. Give us all time to figure out a place and get there. That would be wonderful. :)

Diana I can surely make that drive by myself or with a few children :D. 1.5 hours is doable :) DH was talking about Myrtle Beach but like I said he is not a vacation taker. I drove to Winston-Salem once for a church conference alone. I will never do that again. I got lost in the mountains no cell phone/gps coverage up there and had a panic attack. So no more several hours of driving for me alone :D Hey how far are you from Fort Jackson, SC?

LGW congratulations on the 18lbs GONE :high:

Coondocks like Mandy's blog said we have to indulge sometime. I had my time last weekend and today was your day. Back to plan for us tomorrow, it's a new week we can get it right and chase 169 down like it owes up $169 :hug: (that's all I could think of) :lol: Good Night Partner :hug:

Oh the kids made cookies and I didn't have any and they had better not have any left over ... or they're gonna get it :lol3: Good Night ALL :grouphug:

07-25-2011, 12:24 AM
Wow this was one active thread this weekend... I'm going to have to catch up in the morning, but I just wanted to come on and be accountable. Horrible eating weekend, the cake that I resisted eating on Friday I somehow ended up eating the piece that we brought home for hubby (he doesn't even know it yet *cringe*). It was really yummy, except that it was sooo rich and I know it was a bajillion calories. Not to mention the fact that I took my SIL out yday b/c she and her bf of 4.5 years broke up and she needed some girl time. We went and got our nails done, and ended up eating out at East Side Mario's. Her idea to go there, but I totally caved and got the pasta, but didn't finish it because the portion size was just ridiculous, had lots of salad while waiting, which was a plus but then the bread was so hot and fresh and yummy I ate an entire little loaf. Oh boy! Today I don't think I got very many calories in, and the ones I did were not great. Just not a great eating weekend. I feel bloated and fat and TOM did not arrive on time yesterday or today for that matter. I'll face the scale in the morning. Until then, good night!

07-25-2011, 12:38 AM
So I have a question about sodium - are most of you seeing a gain from eating processed foods or adding salt to food? The other night (just before a whoosh too) I had some soup and literally added more salt than I'd like to admit. Let's just say I kept the salt shaker at the table because I kept going to the kitchen for more. Am I a weirdo?

Angie - do you find a difference depending on when you eat those calories? I hadn't noticed a huge difference until the last couple weeks or so. I honestly can't wait to be DONE with the 250's already, looking forward to the 240's, when I started my job I weighed 245, wore a small size 16 and was feeling decent in my body.

Lin - I've seen a couple of people talking about meeting, with such a huge community it was just a matter of time :)

Diana - Thanks :)

Coondocks - gotta enjoy good food from time to time! Back on plan tomorrow!

Rennie - I have to say that using my wii is great for weighing in the sense that I can't just jump on it, definitely curbed my multiple weigh ins! Sounds like a great dinner! We had pasta and homemade meat sauce - evilly delish! Definitely not a great WI for me tomorrow either.

Bedtime for me. I have a tough decision to make tomorrow, either I work 13 days in a row, or I basically throw another employee into a situation she's not 100% comfortable with. Tough one. 13 days is pretty intense and might actually ruin the first part of my vacation. I'll talk to the store manager and hopefully get some insight and help.


07-25-2011, 02:04 AM
Coondocks: I'm right with you, I think I overextended myself just a little today...a few more baby back ribs than expected...inc salt intake as well

I better go to bed...busier than usual schedule starts tomorrow...I usually awake at 6 and go to bed at 12am...I know weird...but with the hours I work my long days allow me to have meaningful time to myself...I've been doing this for several months now and it works wonders for me!

At any rate I have to be to work ~5am so I'm going to go to bed early.

My overnights are going to be rough....28 hr shifts....7 times this month.....I can do it :-)


07-25-2011, 04:45 AM
Diana I did enjoy the party, but I still fell victim to carrot (1 small slice) and potato salad. My Mother-in-law always by cakes and leaves them at our house because "we'll eat them." She was a bit taken aback when I told her she couldn't leave it. She still insisted on leaving a couple pieces, but that's better than half of a big ol' Costco carrot cake!

SwinGirl I watch my sodium by avoiding processed foods. I will still use pink sea salt at the table though. I don't eat anything out of a can or box. The exceptions are canned tomatoes, broth, and some low sodium soups. Oh, and occasionally beans, but I'm slowly making the switch to dried beans.

It is definitely more time consuming when you first start eating this way, but it gets quicker.

Rennie I have tried the lotion, but have never lost enough weight to really tell about wrinkles. It did make the stretch marks on my tummy look lighter though.:)

07-25-2011, 08:20 AM
Good Morning, Everyone! :wave: Let's make it a great week!

Calories for yesterday: 1415 + :coffee:

Weigh In: 144.0 (TTOM)

Down: .4

07-25-2011, 08:44 AM
LGW - Do you might me asking what you do? I'm shocked that you are allowed to work 28 hours, lots of laws against that here!

StarGetsFit - I haven't seen a huge increase in my weigh-in's from sodium, and it just seems weird that I don't. But that may be temporary so I will stop trying to figure it out, not that I really could! :lol: Great job with the MIL and making her take the cake, you definitely don't need a huge Costco cake in your house!

Diana - I can't believe it's Monday! Down with TTOM, colour me jealous! ;)

I may not be back with my WI - I'm running late again, always..


07-25-2011, 09:10 AM
Good morning everyone. Groggy this AM - didn't sleep well for some unknown reason. That (fortunately) is unusual for me. I am down to 177.0, which is down .2 from yesterday and 9.8 for the month. This is 75 pounds for me! I only count my Wednesday WI, though, so I have to stay OP today and tomorrow for it to be official. Today should be easy, but tomorrow may prove to be harder.

Have a short day trip planned with 6 friends (one has a big van and we'll all fit, so one car) for Tuesday to go to Cleveland to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It should be a lot of fun, but you all know what happens (what can happen) when that many people get together. FOOD comes along on the trip! We are leaving after breakfast, so that meal is no problem. We are packing lunches and will come back to the car to "tailgate" for lunch. Again, no problem. Supper will be at a restaurant and I'm sure there will be no problem finding a healthy choice, even if it's just a big salad. But I'm sure everyone will bring snacks because that's what you do when you travel, right? LOL. Even if the trip is only 100 miles, there's always the possibility of starving to death on the way, so you better load up on food and drinks just in case! I guess I'll be cutting up carrots and celery to try to offset the chips and cookies that will inevitably find their way onto the van with us.

I'll check back tonight. Hope to change the ticker to show at least 75 pounds on Wednesday. I love hitting the "significant" numbers!

Vixsin - I was just in western MA! I have a cousin who lives in Pittsfield, and her mom and sister live in Westfield. I visited over the 4th. If only I had paid attention sooner to everyone's locations!

Have a great day, all. I'll be back tonight. Busy day ahead.


07-25-2011, 10:17 AM
I am down .4 to 170.6. I had an amazing dinner last night that I just had to share here (http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/entrees/239020-spicy-mango-pork.html#post3953912). I also had my first atkins shake yesterday. That was so much better than the slimfast stuff that I have had before. I got the dark chocolate one and it tasted like the dark chocolate almond milk that I get from Silk.

About the wrinkly skin - I am having some improvement using suave firming lotion.

Vixsin - I am sorry the scale was mean, but at least the brownies and cookies were yummy.

LGW - As long as you plan properly, you will do just fine. And as for the rhubarb, I stopped trying to acquire that one long ago, yuck!

Angie - Now I want pie! Recipe?

Rennie - Scares you, that man is beautiful and my DH knows I would cheat in a heartbeat. LOL

Jerri - I'm sorry DH had to work on your anniversary.

Aimee - sorry about the migraine, but yay 250s! I am sleeping ok, I think I know what the problem was last week. I made spaghetti sauce that was extremely low cal (74 per 100g), but I'm thinking that something in the ragu sauce that I used as part of it did not agree with me. I will experiment further in August. On your sodium question, I definitely see a problem from certain processed foods (like possibly Ragu), but unless I add tons I don't see a problem when I put salt on home cooked foods. I use sea salt if that makes a difference.

Ona - no problem, I love to see other people enjoying zumba, I'm a fanatic! You've probably told me before, but I'm an airhead, what part of Florida are you in?

Coondocks - Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do and just say that tomorrow will be better.

Lin - Your trip sounds fun. Good luck with the snack issue. People are nuts. My husband had to make sure he ate enough before we left this weekend to go to the book sale and farmer's market. We were only going 15 miles from home and they sell food there anyhow. Crazy boy!

07-25-2011, 10:24 AM
:stars::stars: I am such an idiot. I wrote this whole long post and then clicked to go to the next page to do more personals. :stars::stars:

Now, they're shorter but I still wanted to do them.

Lin: thanks for such a great post. I laughed my fool head off at the snack analogy and the idea of starving to death on the 100 mile trip so we have to pack as much food as possible. LOL I have been on far too many car trips and that's exactly how it happens. Thanks for that smile this morning! I'm bummed that I missed you in Westfield, that's only about 30 mins from me. But knowing that you were so close, makes me feel not so far away over here on the east coast. LOL

Rox: hey girl. No worries about my scale. It's TOM. he's sending in his water early again this month. Where did you get the cream?

Aimee: I definitely see a jump on the scale when I hang out with processed foods or have any extra sodium. Table salt and I are LONG time friends. I don't use nearly as much of it now, thankfully. But when I do, my scale sees it. Good luck with the work thing. Sounds like a tough call.

Star: thanks for the words about the lotion. I am going to take a peek at it and possibly treat myself.

Kukkie: No worries. Back on plan today!! :hug:
And as for me.....TOM and I are already at it.

Up another 1.4 this morning to 187.0 TOM isn't even here yet and he's already wreaking havoc! :tantrum:

I am super achy this morning too. The plan will be for Yoga tonight. My body needs it. I am not going to let the scale bother me. This month has been awful for my numbers because I battled sleep so much. I got my 7 hours last night and I'm taking it! I am eating clean and drinking my water.

As I've said before, my scale can bite me. :sumo: I WILL fight on!

07-25-2011, 10:41 AM
Kukkie sorry about your SIL and her bf break-up. I'm sure the personal time with you helped and you got to help out a family member. Hoping today is OP and you have a great weigh in tomorrow :hug: We talked a lot last evening about meeting up since Aimee and Coondocks met IRL, how great is that? :)

Aimee mine is from processed foods for sure since I don't add salt to anything. Though I'm sure there is some form of sodium in most seasoning except for my salt free ones. What kind of soup was it. IMO most soups are salty already (at least for me) especially the ones with meat stock broth. I ended up getting on the scale around one-ish I think and it said 175.4 same weight as before I went to church so that made me happy. :) :crossed: for great decisions at work today :hug:

LGW hope you had a good nights rest :) Have a great day!

StarGetsFit I'll be glad when I get that concept. I actually rely on my cans and boxes. I do like hearing that is does get easier though. That makes me think at some point I'll give it a shot :) Wow changing the stretch marks is good enough for me, after having all of the children my stomach looks like (I can't even describe what it looks like) it's just ugly :) I don't like carrot cake and it's been a while since I'd had cake from Costco but a yellow cake from Safeway, Giant or Bloom/Food Lion oh my goodness I can eat the whole cake (they are the only stores that still have real icing, that butter creme stuff and whipped cream icing is gross to me YUK :D Glad your MIL didn't leave the entire cake but sorry if didn't sit well with her having to take some with her.

Diana I second that on making it a great week. Good job on the .4 down :)

Lin good job on the .2 down. You have a great goal to establish so I'm sure you'll do fine on the trip. THAT GRAND "75" is waiting for you so you can and will do this. :hug:

Coondocks where are you?

To my Canadian friends when you check in could your right the time in where you are, I want to note the time difference thanks. And starbrite you too when you get back, what time is it in Belgium? thanks (PS I know I can look it up for those that have an exact location but it's quicker if you tell me ;))

Ona I ate a nice size flaxseed pancake and one turkey sausage this morning. I made a bunch yesterday. Need to make my egg beaters, cottage cheese and turkey bacon things (can't remember what they were called but it's a SB recipe) and I get to eat two :)

Future where are you? My Zumba DVD's are coming tomorrow :yay:

Roxy good job on the .4 down :) ... Johnny Depp???? No No No now Matthew google that man and look at the pictures. Now in Lincoln Lawyer he had a few periods of roughness I didn't like that Matthew :D I like the clean look :D

Vixsin LOL I have done the same thing so many times with the computer. Sorry about the pre TOM gain :hug: but like you said FIGHT ON. Have a great day!

ok I got up today to the scale being down 1.8 to 173.6 note my calories were lower yesterday than they have been in quite a few days so that could have something to do with it but I did think that since the calories were low the sodium overage would get me anyway. I also did what Angie said she did I drank one cup of lemon water and took two diurex tabs so maybe that helped also. But I'm happy ... it's treadmill time, back to the grind.

07-25-2011, 11:04 AM
Hi All! :wave:

Just a quick check-in. I have a lot of posts to catch up on! Iw as away with family for the weekend. It was wonderful and except for Sunday night dinner on the way home with DH (Friendly's $9.99meal deal, with ice cream :drool: ) I am proud of myself. There were definitely treats and snacks, but all in all I did well.

WI: 209.6 (up 2.2 i think? i have to check...)

I know most of that is actually from teh Friendly's splurge for dinner last night. It will come back off :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a fabulous week :carrot:

07-25-2011, 12:06 PM
Down to 145.8! That's 140 (.2!) lbs down, total!

07-25-2011, 12:08 PM
Hi Future I like the Friendly Restaurant deal also, comes in handy with the kids. Glad you had a great weekend. Have a great day :)

Ok got my walk (treadmill) time in:

~ 46:31 minutes (put in MFP @ 47 min)
~ 2.5 miles
~ 3.2-3.4 speed
~ 3.5 incline
~ 328 calories burned

I feel good. I don't know why I don't do that everyday (shaking my head)