Mini-Goals - 22 Pounds Down : )

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07-14-2011, 07:36 PM
Since my start of weightloss in May till Today! I'm 22 pounds down, I cant personally tell a different physically yet (I went up and down on the scale today about twenty times just to make sure it wasn't trying to trick me). I'm going to be getting my nails done professionally for my mini goal of 20 pounds, I think it'll get the extra sparklies on my toes for the 2+ effort!

...22 Down, more to go

07-14-2011, 07:40 PM
WTG girl!!!! Good job.....Keep at it. We can do it together :hug:

07-14-2011, 07:51 PM
Congrats Princess!! I feel the same about the 20 lb loss - still feel sort of the same. My clothes feel looser though. And people remark that they notice a difference. I take comfort in that but I know that once I get to 200ish I should notice a difference. Anyhoo, big Congratulations to you!!

07-14-2011, 08:37 PM
:bravo: Great job!!

07-14-2011, 08:41 PM
Congratulations CupHolder! I am down exactly 22lbs today as well from since i started on June 1st. Don't you feel accomplished?! I know I do. Let's keep on losing!