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07-14-2011, 02:03 PM
So ive gone against SlimFast due to some of you telling me about the massive sugar and carb content, so Ive just got some 'Labrada Lean Body for her' which is a protein shake. Im going to do it for breakfast and also lunch with some snacks through the day and then a healthy dinner! I know this is technically crash dieting but I have such an issue with overeating it takes weeks for me to actually 'shrink my stomach' as some may say, so i'm going to try this apporach for the next 3 weeks and see how I get on.

My question is have any of you tried a similar diet, or know anybody that has? How much weight could I expect to lose how quickly?? I need to see the scale drop to get back my motivation!

(I know most will say I will gain it all back straight away...but I wont, I KNOW how to healthily eat, I KNOW what I should be putting in my mouth, but I just have an overeating problem that is a vicious cycle and hard to get out of!)

07-16-2011, 12:12 AM
Hi Blondi,
I don't know much about shakes, but it sounds like you don't mind eating the same thing over and over again. If that's the case could you maybe eat oatmeal w/ cinnamon & sweetner or berries in the morning. Then for lunch a salad (buy easy premade stuff) and add some grilled chicken to it. I did that all last year and it helped bring me down to 30 lbs.
I have a problem where if it's easy I'll eat it. That's usually cereal, cookies, crackers, bread. But now I get it all together for the week so I can just grab and go. A lot of it is psychological and drinking all your meals (minus dinner) might make you long just to chew.
I don't know which is the best shake but if you're going to do them I suppose proteins are the best. Slim fast is just sugar and once you burn that off you only want more food. Protein stick with you a bit longer.
I hope you find the right way for you. I"m doing low carb, all planned out for the week and I'm losing a pound a day and I am eating. I love to eat just to move my mouth and hear crunch crunch crunch.
good luck

07-16-2011, 04:26 AM
Are these shakes low-cal? If you're going to drink your meals, I hope they at least meet reasonable calorie expectations. If they don't, you might gain weight after, not because you'll eat bad, but because your body will have been used to starving, and will hold on to the "extra" calories it's now gettin.