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07-14-2011, 06:08 AM
Good morning all. Another early morning for me. I hate it when Fortune rousts me out of bed so early, but I guess if you have to go, you have to go. Then of course it isn't long and he wants to eat, then back outside to go again, sheesh.

Did you all read the article about the little Hasidic Jewish boy who was murdered in New York? He was in his neighborhood, which is very tight knit community and walking from camp I think they said. He is partially autistic and stopped a man and asked directions as he got confused. I guess the guy was caught on a camera talking to him, having him wait outside a dentist's office then back on camera with him walking off. The cops went to this guy's door yesterday and ask where he was and he pointed to the kitchen. The refrigerator had blood all over it and inside were carving knives, cutting board all bloody and the boy's feet. I guess he told them where the rest of the body parts were. This reprehensible piece of garbage used to live in Memphis I guess. The guy is also an Orthodox Jew but not a Hasidic Jew. Vile, just vile.

Well, the good news is I have started the sweater for myself. The bad news is when I got the bag that had the yarn, pattern and partially done sweater, it was missing page 2 and 3, which is the body of the sweater. I hunted up the pattern again, but when I clicked on the free link it went to the website and said it was no longer available, but would be available soon for purchase. I raised the roof and emailed them about it as I am not paying for a pattern that was initially free. I have never heard back so I ripped what I had done already and found a different pattern and started it last night.

Jean: I have never found anything with regards to kids' toys I have wanted at Walmart's, but then when we went to Toys R Us to get Jackson's scooter they didn't have it either and I had to get it online so I give up shopping for toys anywhere but online anymore. My bras are getting too big, but I am not buying new ones for quite awhile. I am not going to waste money that I will eventually have to get rid of as I get smaller so will just "slop" around in the ones I have for now. :lol: I hope when you do make the cookies you like them. They are not the recipe of my grandma's but I went through tons of cookbooks and cookie cookbooks to find that one and it was a "hermit" recipe without the coffee so I added coffee. I have only made them once as Jack doesn't like them and neither do the kids so I would be left eating them all myself, which is ok, but no so much with WW! :lol:

Maggie: I haven't made homemade bread in a long time. I have a brand new bread machine, but the one time I made it, the dough was like soup. I miss my old panasonic bread machine. It always worked great. I just need to fool with this one, but never feel like messing with it.

Susan and Gail: Hope you gals are doing well.

We had shrimp scampi and rice last night, but I can't decide what to pull out of the freezer. Maybe some gr sirloin and have some plain ole hamburgers tonight. We rarely have them now. Maybe Jack would put them out on the grill, but then it is so very hot here and he always seems dragging when he gets home that I imagine I will just put them in the broiler. Have a good day today everyone. Faye

07-14-2011, 08:52 AM
Good morning Magnolias! I feel better now about things so I'm going to jump in here as it is the start of a new thread. :)

Donna, my Mom gave me a Panasonic Bread Baker about 15 years ago and its still making wonderful loaves of bread! I love it but I usually don't make bread (its not like I'm doing any of the work right?!) in the summer for some reason. That is a shame about your sweater pattern. I agree with you, why on earth would you pay for something that was offered as free?! As slow as I knit it would be at least 3 or 4 years before I would finish knitting a sweater! You are like another fellow knitter I know--she can just churn out those knitted items in no time flat! I'm still knitting on that lacy scarf/shawl I began after I attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival back in May! I have two pairs of socks I need to finish. And I think there is a scarf on needles still. Last night I did start knitting a dish cloth....which is always a good sign for me because that means I'm getting back to knitting. I tend to take a hiatus from knitting from time to time. I had heard about the little boy in New York...which is so sad. There are no words to express the awfulness of the whole thing. Shrimp scampi and rice sounds wonderful. I love shrimp. I love rice. I love food! :o

Today the weather is going to be nice. In the low 80's. I have a few errands to run but I'm thinking I'll take my walk in the park in the evening.

So far it looks like my FIL is returning to Virginia on Saturday. He is much better and is getting stronger everyday...thankfully. It's his attitude that has made it a difficult experience....well, along with a few other things that I won't speak of.... Wayne and I have really tried to make his experience convelescing in our home a good one for him. We even dragged the recliner from our office to our bedroom so he would have a comfortable space to sit/snooze in while watching tv because he cannot go down the steep stairs into the renovated basement that is now our family room. Last Sunday, he made it clear to Wayne how much he hates Delaware (we have taken him out often and especially on the weekends when Wayne is not working), hates our home, hates living in our home, and he's bored. I was not home for that conversation....thankfully. I know it has not been easy for him and he still has a long road back to recovery. I just hope (and pray) that when he returns home he doesn't rebreak the leg or some other bone in his body.

...and I need to see my Dad. I've only been able to spend a few hours of time with him when we visited my FIL while he was in the hospital. I'm thankful for my brother and all he does for him.

Well, everyone have a nice day...and drink a glass of water!

07-14-2011, 10:08 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's cloudy and we have a few rain sprinkles here 'n there. I don't think it is supposed to be too hot but very humid today. I need to make a grocery list, also a WM list, and pick up my old glasses, with new lenses, on my way home. Otherwise not much is happening in my neighborhood today.

"Gma" -- I did see the tv broadcast about the Jewish boy being murdered. That is just sick, :( but I hope the guy doesn't get off by pleading insanity or in competent to stand trial. That is too bad about your sweater! I hope you can find a pattern you like as well. :yes: I also have a bread machine but my bread never turns out as good as what my sister makes in hers. I'm not even sure what brand I have but the loaves even look different. :(

Gail -- How nice to see you this morning! :cheer: Is your FIL the type of person that would "shut up" if you (not Wayne) would give him a piece of your mind about his poor attitude? You have gone above and beyond to make him comfortable while he's been with you. I will send :goodvibes that he gets to go home and stay there! I hope you find your dad holding his own this weekend. :hug:

I'm off to get dressed and get started on my lists. Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-14-2011, 12:25 PM
Good morning, ladies! It has cooled off finally and 76 degrees right now and into the 80s this afternoon. There was another storm last night. We have had nearly 8 inches of rain already this month as of 5 pm yesterday and the normal is less than 2 ... at least the grass is green for a change.

Today is a work day but I'm having my coffee break right now so this will be short. My left leg is getting tired of compensating for the right and that knee is now protesting. I'll be going to PT in 3 weeks so decided to stop by yesterday and talk to them. I've been there before. Their office (Mary Immaculate Hospital PT) is attached to the Y so it is very convenient. They have their own space and machines, etc. but use the Y pool. I wanted to be sure we'd do some water therapy so I know that I'm okay with that again. Jackie worked with me before and I hope I get her again.

Faye, quilt teachers will pass patterns out free when they first come out to see if people are interested and then charge for them later. It's a common practice. I used to test patterns for Marge Eddie and she still gives me free ones that eventually get charged for. It's their living. I've never had a bread machine because I enjoy the kneading process. I haven't made any in a long while though. Fortune has you trained that's for sure! I heard about the murder, too. What a tragedy! It just shores up the fact you can't leave your children unattended even in their own neighborhood. I'll bet they try the insanity plea. I can't wait to see the new sweater. It's about time you make something for yourself!

Jean, I find I always have to try bras on, even the same model number from the same manufacturer. I have a hard time because I wear a 34D. I used to get a 36C and then I had a real professional bra fitting and found 34D was the ticket.

Gail, I know you will be glad to have your FIL go home. It's hard on him because he can't do what he wants, his friends can't visit, and he was in pain and its hard on you trying to have to take care of him. A lose-lose situation. I would be cranky if I had to stay for an extended time with someone in town, let alone another state. I like living alone and doing what I want when I want. At any rate, it will be better in a few days and you'll get to spend some time with your father.

Hi, Maggie!

07-14-2011, 01:07 PM

It is another :flame: day here in the Heartland. Every day in the coming weeks forecast has us in the tripple digets. And today the humidity is very operssing. That's a fact and I am sticking to it. That is what happens to me when I go out side ~ get sticky :o. Not much on my agenda this day but I will certainly find something to get into. I don't want to do any glasswork today but I am thinking of making some cookies and getting most of them into the freezer quickly. Seems I am in a baking mood this day. I am not much of a cookie eater but Will is. OH BTW that cinnimon mixed with butter to spread on toasted raisin bread worked out great. I am going to have a piece of that and an egg when I finish my post. My new egg poacher thingies work great. I sprinkle a few bacon bits on the egg after breaking it into one of the cups before cooking it and they are so yummy that way. :D Will has one of the display cases built for the museum and now gets to make a second one. It will go much easier since the second one of anything seems to go that way. My soup that I made yesterday turned out so good. I've got two quarts of it now in the freezer in serving sized bags. I used the last of our spiral cut ham in it so it looks like it is time to order another. I still have some of the spiral cut turkey breast yet. I think I will take a packet of that out of the freezer and have a turkey dinner this day. Sounds like a plan.

DONNA FAYE Thanks for starting us out with a new thread. OH yes I read about that child that was murdered. Terrible, terrible how some folks treat others. Senseless acts of horror. Just when you think your neighborhood is safe it all comes crashing down. Those poor parents to lose a child that way. The price of everything is going up and what was formerally free now costs. It is a shame that this is all happening to our wonderful country. I shudder to think what it will be like in a couple years. I just take it a day at a time. I had one of the first Panasonic bread makers that they ever made years ago that cost @ $400 and now there are many companies making them and the price has come down. The one I have right now is a Zojirushi mini breadmaker. Compact, slim-desigh kneads dough for a stadard (3 cup-four) loar, or kneads and bakes a 1-pound (2 1/4-cup-flour) loaf. It is 8" x 11" x 12" tall. It has a loop handle which makes it easy to move from one area to another. It makes a small lovely loaf and currently sells for $189.95. It's big brother makes up to a 2-pound loaf and costs $239.95. It is an excellent brand I would recommend it to anyone. I can even bake cakes and make jam in it. :cool:

JEAN No need to buy new frames if you really like the ones you have. I have done that before. I prefer the smaller metal frames to the huge plastic type that is very popular today.

GAIL Good to see you here this day girlfriend. Ah ~ the light is there at the end of tunnel and getting brighter. Hopefully you can get that ingrate settled in his own home this weekend. I know you are so thankful that your dear Wayne didn't turn out to be like his father. I use that lovely dish-cloth you sent me as a place mat on my TV tray. Good to see you here ~ did I already say that ~ I am getting addled.:dizzy:

SUSAN Howdy to you this lovely day.

I am off to make some cookies. :wave: Type at y'all later. Be safe my friends.

07-14-2011, 04:47 PM
Good afternoon! It is such a nice day here in Delaware! The humidity is not high at all and there is a nice breeze outside. Just a very nice afternoon! The kind of day that calls your name to be outside!

Maggie, are those egg things you're talking about called "Eggies"? I saw this advertisement on tv the other night about these amazing little plastic egg-like things that you pour an egg into and cook it in water on the you do to make boiled eggs but w/o the shell and I looked at Wayne and said...which he said BEFORE I could get the words out of my mouth, "You want that don't you?" I just laughed. And guess what?! When I was in Boscov's on Monday afternoon they have a whole department filled with "As Seen On TV" stuff and guess what they had and guess what I bought? EGGIES! I haven't used it yet but I will! Anyway, is that what you have? Well...I wouldn't exactly call my FIL an ingrate (although I can see your point). It's just he's old (86), set in his ways way beyond stubborn, extremely tight with his money, hard of hearing, doesn't understand some things or thinks he does and ends up saying the most assinine of things, and thoughtless....and did I mention bored? WHICH I'm taking it as a good sign of him getting well.

Magnolias, I know I've complained, whined, and ranted about my FIL...and with good reason...but he is family. One can't choose family like one can choose friends. Part of my b*tching is because I am worried about him. And to top it all off, I'm worried to pieces that once he goes home he will fall down the three steps into his garage and knock himself out at the very least and the worst....well.... MY problem is that I'm used to having the house to myself and I'm not used to constantly picking up after someone (I have Wayne trained very well thank you very much), cleaning the most awful of messes in the bathroom you really don't want me to describe (as Donna knows) and having to constantly repeat myself and yell to be heard. And there's so much more to this (as Donna well knows) that I'm just worn out mentally. So inspite (or is that despite?) of all that Wayne and I feel right now we worry about the old man...and are we doing the right thing in taking him home on Saturday? IF something happens to him will Wayne be able to carry the guilt feelings that I'm sure my sensitive husband will surely have?

I do thank y'all for reading my posts.

AND the awful truth of it all is my FIL is losing weight while I am gaining! :yikes:

Susan, I love the physical therapy place where my FIL goes and IF I ever need PT I know where I will be going. I hope you're feeling better soon. And yes, you are right in all that you say about my FIL...but he has made this complication of living 4-5 hours away. You see, after my MIL passed away some 15-16 years ago, we begged him to move to Delaware. There is no one there for him. No one. These dances he goes to...or rather he has gone to because Lord love him, he will not be able to dance again, the people he sees there are acquaintances. Not friends. At least not the kind of friends one can call on for help. They are old like him! IF he had moved to Delaware back then he could have been in his own place, independent, and as much involved in the three senior centers that I know of, parents w/o partners, 60+ group, up here like he is down there. As he has aged he has gotten sick, had heart surgery, pancreas surgery, accidents, and not to mention the fool-thing he got involved in that he was taken to court two years ago...which required Wayne to take off work and not get paid for. I won't go into all the times he passed a kidney stone and ended up in the hospital down in Va. Beach and Wayne and I have rushed down there at his request...and never got a thank you. We have begged, pleaded, argued with him until all three of us are blue in the face, to move up here WHERE HIS FAMILY LIVES. And so he is going home on Saturday and I will be counting the days until we receive a phone call from some nurse at one of the area hospitals down there.

Jean, it's really kind of funny about my FIL. IF my husband speaks his mind, my FIL explodes with expletives! IF I speak my mind, my FIL is afraid I will have an anxiety attack and shuts right up. IF I speak my mind...and you know I have...he will back down and shut his mouth. From what I understand, my FIL and Wayne really got into it. Dad. His Parkinson's Disease meds have been tripled in the past two weeks. So far, he's not having side hallucinations. I know that would scare my Dad as it has happened to him before. My Dad is a very gentle man although he can be stubborn also. (Are all men stubborn?) I can usually gauge the seriousness of his health issues by the breakouts of psoriases on his hands and neck. My brother (bless his heart) promises everytime I leave from visiting Dad, that he will phone me if something goes wrong. My brother tries to reassure me that "it is what it is" and "everything's cool, Gail". I love my brother.

Well, this afternoon's post is extremely long. And I promised myself that when I posted I wouldn't go into these long diatribes. And here I have done it. I am okay now. Truly. I just need to get a handle on this weight thing before it gets out of hand. And I will. Because I gave all my fat clothes away! I would have to buy larger clothes and I refuse to do that!

I need to use those Eggies....boil me some eggs....

07-14-2011, 05:01 PM
Listen Gail, sometimes we just need to vent. It can be hard to be in your situation. When I think about getting stuck with my mother or my mil living with us it makes me shudder. They have both passed but either one would have been a handful, more my mil than my mother as she adored Jack and his mother didn't like me! :lol: What's not to like, I am loud, mouthy and opinionated, but truthfully, when she was alive I never ever insulted her and kept my opinions to myself trying to get along with her. You have had a hard road trying to take care of him and worrying about your dad and not being able to go see him. It can make you cranky and frankly even resentful and that is natural. You haven't done anything any of the rest of us have done. We are friends and friends should be around to listen. Hugs to you and glad you FIL is going to get to go home. Just don't worry so much about him. You might be surprised how much better he gets in his own home.

07-14-2011, 05:15 PM
Thank you, Donna. :hug:

07-14-2011, 05:30 PM

GAIL No, my egg things are not like the ones advertized on TV which I thought about getting but then I saw a demonstration on things "not to buy" and that changed my mind. Now if you like them when you use them then there is another opinion. :D What I ordered from Bakers Catalogue are individual silicone cups for making poached eggs that have little nonskid "feet" on the bottom so they stand when you get them out of the water. They are colored aqua and yellow. I have two of each. They work great. If you go to and type in silicone egg poachers you can see what I am talking about.;) Or if you have the July catalogue they are pictured on page 46. Good to see you here my friend.

The men are here installing the new fiber optic TV-phone stuff. I am staying out of their way. :p It is supposed to up our internet speed to 10 which is what all the businesses use around here. :cool:

Type at y'all later. :wave:

07-15-2011, 09:42 AM
Good morning to you all. I really thought it couldn't get much more sticky outside, but whooee. We had a rain storm move through yesterday evening and it is actually wet feeling now. It smells like a rain forest outside at the moment but the sun is out and the sky is blue. Last workday week though and that's nice.

I have to get in gear and get some work done today. I have been planning on getting upstairs and cleaning bathrooms but haven't done it yet. I think when I get done here I will get up there and get it done. It doesn't take long but the heat can get to you fast. The upstairs doesn't cool down with the one unit like the downstairs as the downstairs is all open and everything upstairs is individual rooms. The hall gets cooler but that's about all. Of course, I thought he put the unit in the wrong window, but there was no arguing with him. Unfortunately, where he has it makes it hard to get into my side of the bed! I am going to look and see if I have some envelopes that I can get you girls those slippers while I am up there. I keep forgetting as I had them drying in the dining room. The non skid bottoms are now completely dry so they are ready to go. I am just nervous about them not fitting, but they do stretch some and I think when you put them on they will be ok, :crossed:

I have 3 1/2 panels vertically done of my sweater and it looks like it will work fine. Here is what it looks like so far. The pattern isn't hard, but can be tricky. You can't be watching tv, listening to music or day dreaming or you will miss a step then the numbers will be out of whack. If I make a mistake, it is usually I forget to psso a stitch so end the row with too many or forget to yo so I don't have enough. I am in my stride now and paying better attention and not having issues at the moment, but I do make sure the count is accurate. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I haven't made myself something in a long, long time and this is smaller so I have something to work towards too. I didn't make it goal size, but did make it cruise size. :lol: I am working the socks too and have the first one now to the heel flap so moving right along with it. It is some color combo though.

I think our scales have got to fat heaven. It started acting weird yesterday and though I would love to have lost 20 lbs in a week, it isn't likely. :lol: So, I ordered a new set and should be here sometime next week. I have another set, but the wt doesn't go high enough for me to weigh on them yet. Frankly, I never did like this homemedics set we have now. The new ones lay flatter so will be easier to use I think.

Tonight is good ole hamburger night. I think I will have Jack put them on the grill if it isn't raining and he isn't too tired. I only use ground sirloin so the points aren't bad at all. I am not a cheeseburger kind of gal so I don't have added pts with that either. Ketchup, mustard, dill pickle and onion and not much ketchup so all in all my condiments don't shoot me down either. I like the Sara Lee wheat buns as they are the only ones I have found that feel fresh, but Jack just won't eat wheat so I just use a white bun. We will have 1 pt potato chips to go with and maybe some nice strawberries for dessert.

Maggie: Hope your cookies turned out ok. I plain don't make baked goods so then I don't have to worry about us eating too much of them. I don't like artificial sugar in stuff so would prefer to just have a treat of the real thing now and again. I have Splenda in a bag, but don't care for the taste of the artificial sugars in baked goods.

Gail: Hope Delaware is having some nice weather. I know you like to go out and take walks. You have to be getting excited about your visitor returning to his home and having your home to yourself again. He will be alright. Old folks can be quite resiliant. We can't always watch over them all the time. Hope this allows you to go for a visit with your own father too. I know you are so worried about him.

Susan: The thing with this pattern is it is from 2008 and was given out free for several years so I don't think in this case it was to titillate people to her patterns. She has a lot of buy patterns. I don't mind paying for a pattern I really want, but don't want to have to pay for one that I had free before. I haven't heard a word from their pattern support either so maybe they don't plan on answering me, I don't know. Doesn't matter at this point as I am using someone elses. Jack had a really good pt person with his knee and I imagine he hopes he gets him again. In fact, when Jack was having the problem several years ago with foot pain, this guy was his pt person at the other facility. Jack only has about 6 1/2 weeks until his knee surgery and then the long process of pt and such begins. I think he is looking forward to the time off actually. :lol: He really only has pain in the knee the first couple days or so then it does pretty well after that or at least the other one did. I hope they are able to get Tricare to ok the same system they used on him before because it kept the swelling right down and I think that made all the difference in the pain.

Jean: I only make the dough in my machine than I knead it and make up the rolls and such myself. I like it better that way. I also used to use it to make my noodle dough and it would come out perfect that way. I guess I just need to fool with this one. It truly is brand new and been sitting on a shelf for probably two years now.

Well I better get out of here and get my benefiber and breakfast too then upstairs to clean and get some work done today. Have a wonderful weekend all. Faye

07-15-2011, 10:46 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's going to be a week of HOT 90+ days according to the weatherman. My air conditioner is humming away. I need to make a WM run so think I will do that this morning before the heat warning begins this afternoon. Bob's hometown is having an all school reunion tomorrow with a street dance in the evening after the catered meal. I'm hoping they will that inside! I picked up my glasses yesterday and "someone" ordered the wrong prescription -- the one I wear with my contacts and I wanted the one I wear without. Make sense? Evidently it didn't to someone there!

Bob just left for the cabin. He got a call last night that the lake level is coming up and the creek behind us is out of its banks. He is mainly concerned about the boat being high enough so when it is windy the waves don't hit the whole back end. The relative next door has water, from the crick, surrounding what used to be their garage and they remodeled into an extra bedroom and bath. :yikes: When we were flooded out in '93, it was from the lake coming up, not the creek. Our boat trailer behind the cabin is standing in water. :(

Susan -- You've had a lot of rain for your part of the country! :yes: Are you still using crutches or just wearing the brace on your knee? You mentioned the other knee being sore. Can you have therapy on the "good" knee while you wait for the hurt knee to heal more? :dunno:

Maggie -- What kind of cookies did you bake yesterday? :T I did get new frames and lenses a few weeks ago; I picked out plastic and a dull red color for the frames. :cb: What I picked up yesterday was new lenses for my old wire frame glasses, that I only wear w/o contacts and rarely. I know you will enjoy having a faster internet connection. Are all 3 eagles still together?

Gail -- It's hard to share living space, with anyone, after being alone! You have been a wonderful caregiver for your FIL; you will be doing the happy dance soon! :cheer: You are so lucky your brother lives next door to your dad. It's hard to be two places at once! :hug:

"Gma" -- You are a brave one to clean in the heat! :cp: I need to do some major corner cleaning upstairs but will wait until I can have windows open I didn't see any picture of your sweater, or were we just reading your description of what it will look like? ;) I finally put my scale away and just weigh in at WW. It seemed like when I thought I had lost, I gained, and vice versa, plus it was never even close to the WW scale. I hope you like your new one . . . or did you get two, his 'n hers?

I need to add a few things to my WM list and get going. Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-15-2011, 11:59 AM
Jean: I guess it does help if I actually post a picture of the pattern if I said "here is what it looks like" rather than you guessing! :lol: DUH!:o I tried to get the true color of the yarn as close as possible. It is just a shade darker than this, it is called light clover, but reminds me of the color celery. It is actually fun to go back to knitting patterns once in awhile even though you do have to keep your mind on it. No, we just bought one new scale. Jack came downstairs after work yesterday like a teenager all excited because his "skinny jeans" 36's now fit. On May 1, he was wearing 42's! They are almost brand new too. He said that before not only wouldn't they button but the thighs were snug and they were pretty loose yesterday. Jack can use the other one if he wants or the new one. He cracked me up this morning. He always has just cereal for breakfast and he texted me to please write down 8 pts for his Lean Cuisine pizza for lunch. He called me just a little while ago and asked me to look up on dlwz a chick filet bagel sandwich as a guy at work brought a bunch in to share and he had eaten one. I told him it was 11 pts did that mean he was going without supper and he said he still had his 35 bonus (we do old pts system not new) and that he had weeks of them as he had never used any. I told him he could not accumulate them and he said he knew but too bad you couldn't and carry over pts day to day. I told him it was logical but not sound thinking and he just laughed. Well, back to work. Just came over to the computer to write down his pts and my breakfast pts then I guess it is time to face the upstairs work. I have a basket of clothes to put away, bed to make and those darn bathrooms to clean. :lol:

07-15-2011, 02:10 PM
I just got back from WM and taking my glasses back to the eye joint. :dizzy: Come to find out it was the optometrist who put through the order. He and I discussed what I wanted so don't know how he goofed that up.

Bob just called and we have no beach left, but the creek level is going down; boat and cabin are both ok. Hopefully there won't be any rain up there for awhile. :crossed: He leaves for Canada next Friday.

Donna -- Your sweater is so pretty! You will look so nice in it. I really don't feel like I am ahead of the WW "game" with the points plus as we get more points but we can eat more. :dunno: I come out about the same as the old program when I'm really dedicated to keeping track. I need to get back to doing that 100% rather than the "hit 'n miss" that I've been doing. :o

07-15-2011, 05:25 PM

It is 110. Now is anyone jealous? Didn't think so.;) No one has ever seen temps like this in this area that we know. I stay inside when it is like this. No need for me to go outside. Will is keeping the garden moist so that is a good thing for the plants are loving the heat since they get enough water. I received my new Cooking Light magazine this day and will have fun going through it. AH, but I got my new dresser scarf this day delevered by the UPs man. It is absolutely wonderful. They enclosed a very pretty pink cloth handkerchief that has darker pink design running about an ench above the scalloped edge. I remember in my youth seeing such as this. I think I will use it as a doiley. I placed the dresser scarf over the one I had on there that is handkerchief print with fringe and it looks really pretty. It mutes the red and ties it all into the rest of the room. The cookies are Sugar Blend Snickerdoodles that use Splenda Sugar Blend for Baking. It is a recipe out of my big Splenda cook book by Marlene Koch which are 2 P+ each. They freeze well. :p

DONNA FAYE That sweater is absolutely gorgeous. Have someone take a picture of you wearing it later and post it please. I have a set of the Health o Meter professional scales which are the tall kind with the weights you slide on a scale to determine what you weigh. They even have that measuring thingie to see how tall you are. I have them standing under a high shelf in my office where they are easy to get to and use. I only weigh once a week. They are right on with what WW uses so I know I am getting a proper reading.:p I have had several of the electronic ones and never did like how they worked. So I ordered this set up and have been very happy with it. Since it is metal I was able to put some magnets on it ~ like my set of lips biting a bullet picture. I think the important things is just to have a set of weights that are consistant and don't hop around with your numbers.

JEAN You sure have had trouble with your glasses. :hug: Graceous sakes I hope they get it right this time. I don't even know where my clear glass are at the moment. I only ever wear my shades and can see perfectly in the house. I do wear cheep-o reading glasses though. Have a pair in every room. My clear glasses are blended lenses and the area to read through is too small. My shades are better glasses and are pale pink wire frames. It is good your cabin and boat are not affected by the creek water rising. Will you get your beach back or did it claim that land?

HOWDY :wave: GAIL & SUSAN Hope your day is going well with you.

07-15-2011, 05:25 PM
Good afternoon, ladies! A balmy 79 degrees today. I love it!

I went to the Y this morning and sat on the bleachers while my friends did water aerobics. It was good to see and talk to them again. You know I can't wait to be back in the thick of it. Then I had to go to Walmart and pick up a birthday cake to take to lock-in tonight. The shop owner's birthday was July 6 but she was in London until yesterday so we couldn't do it sooner. Tomorrow they are having Christmas in July and a cookie exchange. I don't bake so Glory is making cookies for both of us and I'm getting the cake but it will be front both of us. Can you believe it - she's finally getting the computer hooked up on Tuesday. I have it all ready to go, it just needs internet and Cox will be coming for that. I won't have to do her email anymore! Not that I minded in the least.

Gail, you have been a good DIL and Will has been a good son and you have offered to get your FIL moved to your area. He wants to go home and if something happens you will have to comfort yourself knowing he was doing what he wanted the most. I'll be glad you'll have you days free and can take care of yourself - you deserve it! I can be pretty stubborn, too, so I don't think it's only men. I know you'll get the weight under control shortly. Maybe sometime when things get settled and you come to VA Beach we can get together. Its not far at all for me.

Faye, I knew you would be knitting away on your sweater. It's beautiful, expecially the color. Don't worry about the slippers, I'm sure they will be fine. If they are tight, we can wet them and put them on our feet to dry! LOL. I'm sure Jack can use the rest! And I hope his surgery goes fine again. I'll put him on the prayer list when we get closer to the time.

Jean, we aren't eating more with points+ because foods cost more points. I'm eating exactly the same. Carbs are really pointy because the body converts them to fat fastest so carb lovers are having to make some changes. You can do this! Do you weigh and measure your portions? I still do that unless I am eating out. My left knee will be fine once I get my right back in motion. I'm still on crutches but I get around real good. I finally get to use the electric carts at the store! Wow, some flooding still! Optometrists can drive you crazy. I've been given the wrong prescription before. I think you had a good idea using your old frames. I have some Gloria Vanderbilt that I love and I'm going to do that when I go next month.

Maggie, did you get the Hungry Girl email about Splenda Brown Sugar? It's half regular brown sugar and half white Splenda so you can mix your own for half the cost. I like it in cooked cereal. I don't like the texture you get in baked goods with artifical sweeteners but then I don't bake so it gets to be a moot point.

Have a lovely evening. It's only 4:30 but I have to get my supper because I'm meeting Glory at 5:15 to go to lock in.

07-15-2011, 05:44 PM
Hi everyone! It's been a fun-filled packed day! Grocery store, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Physical Therapy (FIL) and other assorted places of business!

Jean, no beach?! Do y'all get a lot of rain this time of the year? We're going into our dry spell...or have been. We get thunderstorms but they come quickly and leave just as fast. Hopefully, y'all will regain the beach. I have got to get my eyes examined. It's time. I know I need new glasses. Bless your heart for saying that I'm a good caregiver. At times I just don't measure up but I have tried. I worry about the old man even though he drives me crazy. He's packed and ready to go home! He's doing it himself and he's very neat. I guess that means he's eager to go home as well. I feel like a parent right now--anxious to see him in his own home but worried he's going to do something foolish.........and be right back in Delaware! At physical therapy today they were really concerned to hear that he's leaving to go back to Virginia and I was starting to feel badly about the whole thing and then I got to thinking--they will be losing money when he goes. Then I felt a little better. Inside of me I'm dancing now. I don't want to show too much enthusiasm if you know what I mean!?!

Donna, that pattern is so lovely! Loooove it! I need to figure out how to post photos so I can prove I can knit more than dishcloths! :D Tell Jack I said, "good job" on his weight loss and getting into those smaller jeans! Y'all doing such a great job working as a team on weight loss. A few winters back, Wayne joined me doing WW and it is so much fun doing it with your spouse. I can hear y'all now discussing points! That's funny--scales gone to fat heaven! My FIL stepped on my scales yesterday morning and he weighs 142 lbs. He is a short man....but who wants to hear that he weighs that amount?! He's losing; I'm gaining which has stopped this morning--me gaining that is! Wayne says I'm an emotional eater and he told me he's removing the cause of that tomorrow morning. This morning I cleaned out the pantry and refrigerator and got rid of all foods that are too tempting for me.

Maggie, the Eggies work! Now the boiled eggs do not look like regular boiled eggs. Well, they do but with flat tops! So for $9.95 I have a nifty little gadget. My momma would be proud as she was a gadget queen! You can keep the 110 degrees! I'll pass on that offer! I love Cooking Light magazine.

Susan, hope all is well in your part of Virginia!

Okay...gotta go shuck some corn for dinner. We're having steamed shrimp. Caesar salad made in a light way that I got the recipe from one of my WW Leaders. Yum.

Y'all take care!

07-15-2011, 05:59 PM

SUSAN I learned that quite awhile back about Splenda brown and have been mixing my own. Don't know exactly where I read it ~ maybe in one of the 3 cookbooks I have of Hungry Girls :p Anyway thanks for telling me for I may not have known that. When I use the Splenda for baking the texture really doesn't change enough to notice. On the Snickerdoodle recipe the balls are rolled in real sugar and cinnamon so the sugar taste is on the outside. And in the recipe itself it uses Splenda Blend for Baking which is more like sugar and different in texture than the regular Splenda. Anyway I don't eat many cookies and lightened them mainly for my main squeeze and he sure likes them that way. :)

GAIL I am so glad your eggies worked for you. I think the flat top is what turned off the person that tried them and reported on them. Wouldn't bother me a bit but I still just boil them in my electric egg cooker that you can program to any degree of doneness. But I love those silicone egg poachers. ;) Tomorrow is just a day away. AH just think of the quiet. Listen and you can hear the quiet.

All y'all have a wonderful afternoon. :wave:

07-15-2011, 10:24 PM
Maggie -- I agree with Gail . . . keep your heat to yourself, but thanks for offering to share! I'm glad you like your dresser scarf in spite of it being made in China. :yes: The "wrong" glasses are the ones I read in bed with; my old ones didn't have the trifocals so if I tried to play on the computer, or wore them for very long, I would get a headache. They were really old so I knew my prescription had changed several times since I got them. The return of the beach will depend on the level of the lake, and how fast "they" let it drain out south of us. :dunno:

Susan -- Christmas in July sounds funny! :lol: I hope you enjoyed yourself; cake and cookies, can't get any better than that! I have to admit that carbs are my downfall. :o I do weigh more things since the leader said the amount of pieces do not always equal the weight on the package. I wanted to be sure and get my fair share.

Gail -- We are a little over an hour south of the cabin and they have had more rain than we have had this summer. We didn't have much beach to start with and now we have no place for dead fish burials! :rolleyes: Last summer our 4 grandchildren had a funeral for a fish. We had hysterics watching them from inside the cabin, as they were very serious. Ian was the preacher, Maddy and Zowie said the final prayer with hands properly folded, and Kolby manned the shovel. Beth got a picture of them which she put on the calendar she makes every year. I will think of you doing the happy :dance: come Monday!

07-16-2011, 09:46 AM
Good morning everyone. Yes, I was still up early even today, but I am trying to break Fortune of wanting to eat so early as Kelly and Tom won't get up at that time and I don't want him sitting at their bedside barking at 4 am. So I am working on retraining him to around 7. It is going to take time and probably a lot less sleep at this point.

We are going over to their house this afternoon for a swim and pick up their dog and bring him back here. They are gearing up getting ready to leave tomorrow morning for Seattle, which is where they catch their cruise ship on Monday I think. Thomas took his birthday money yesterday and bought himself an Ipad and is calling it "Marge." :lol: He is a funny kid.

Jack is in the kitchen fixing some breakfast and when I get done here, that is my plan too. I think I am going to splurge and have an english muffin with an egg and a slice of melted cheese on top. Tonight is spaghetti.

Jean: Oh, I am so sorry about the mess with the creek and the lake and all. I know with Bob going to Canada you are hoping you have no more problems while he is gone. I have worn glasses since I was 10 and I have never gotten the wrong prescription. I wear contacts exclusively now, though I need to go ahead and get a single vision pair to wear when I want to spell my eyes as my old ones are really old. Hope you can get them changed out quickly. Why do you wear both contacts and glasses at the same time? I know that with my vision, I am pretty much at the top of the reading glass level for my contacts, but I can wear reading glasses over the top to help out if I need to. The new prescription for this year is better, but when I am knitting tiny stitches sometimes I need the extra oomph of the reading glasses.

Maggie: My grandma used to make snickerdoodles and I never liked them. I think the cream of tartar taste is too prevalent in those cookies. Hope Will enjoys them. Jack really likes cookies but his favorite is cake, well really the frosting more than anything.

Gail: Whew, you had a busy, busy day. Hope all things go well for Fil to go back home today. I know getting life back to normal is going to be nice for you. Glad you liked the pattern. I think it is pretty and I love the color. The yarn is the bernat sport satin so it has that lovely sheen to it too. I would love to see some pics of your knitting. I always feel like such a showoff because rarely does anyone else post stuff except for Susan once in blue moon. :lol:

Susan: I know you have to be itching to get back in the pool. Jack is anxious to get the other knee fixed, but then he still contends with other things like his hand was hurting him a lot last night. Our weather has caused a lot of arthritic pain for us lately.

Well guys, not much news, but I need to get up and get going as it is later than usual. Have a good day all. Keep cool if it is hot at your house. Faye

07-16-2011, 11:06 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's going to be another hot and humid day in my corner of the world. Bob and I stuffed mailboxes with the block party flyers this morning, and ran out. He's at the office making more, so we can finish our half of the route. The "cathater" wanted to put them out early so we're doing it "her" way! It's Aug. 2nd and I think it's way too early but what do I know?! My Hallmark Christmas ornaments are in so plan to pick them up after I shower and put on my face.

"Gma" -- Good luck with changing Fortune to a different breakfast time. ;) I know you will enjoy your swim with Thomas this morning. I had to laugh at T naming his Ipad Marge. Cute! I have you beat; I've worn glasses since I was 2. Back then they called it a lazy eye as one eye turned slightly inward. I wore a patch and had exercises to do tracing objects using a mirror. I actually could see as well without glasses as with at the time. You've heard the description of glasses being as thick as the bottom of a Coke bottle . . . that would be mine. After I graduated from high school I got contacts which worked fine until I was around the age of 50+ and I needed bifocals. I wear gas permeable lenses because the soft lenses never could be made strong enough. I've tried the bifocal lenses and they "spin" so when I need them to play bells they aren't in the right spot. When I needed the glasses to read at school I was always putting them on and taking them off; that wasn't a good plan when I was in a different room every hour. :no: I got in the habit of just leaving them on all the time. I wear my "regular all prescription" glasses when I read in bed or sometimes in the evening if my contacts feel like they need to come out and give my eyes a rest. Your breakfast and supper sound good -- haven't had either one in quite awhile.

I need to put a load of sheets in the washer and get a move on. Bob should be home soon so we can finish that project before I shower and get ready for the day. We'll leave for the school reunion later this afternoon; I hope it's not a late night as we will head to the lake after church tomorrow.

I hope you all have a GREAT day and enjoy! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-16-2011, 06:06 PM

I gotta tell ya ~ It is 111 degrees outside as I sit here in my cool office. We did have a guller washer of rain last evening which keeps our garden happy. Will wanted to go out to lunch this day and I dragged my feet until 1 o'clock because I didn't what that furnace blast of heat to hit me in the face. It happened anyway.:( We ate at a place we hadn't been to before and will certainly go back. I just had a turkey sandwich without any mayo and it was real tasty with all those wonderful veggies in it. Their dinner menu looks like one we will go back there for. It isn't a chain and the chef is a good one. I finished canabalizeing my latest Cooking Light magazine for the recipes I wanted to keep and those pictures also. My wall still has a few spaces on it for "good for you" food pictures.

DONNA FAYE I had to laugh at your grandmothers Snickerdoodles. Mine just have such a tiny bit of cr of tarter I don't even know why I use it. :o Surely can't taste it in MY cookies. :p Was she one of those cooks that never had to measure anything? Some things I had at a child and didn't like I now do for I found out how to cook. But graceous girlfriend you surely don't have to like what I do anyway.

JEAN Hope it isn't too hot for the fish to bite when Bob is up north. Hope you enjoy that school reunion. I have never been to one. Not one. The lake should be nice when you get there this evening.

Have a great afternoon everyone. :wave: Type at y'all later.

07-17-2011, 12:34 AM
Maggie -- I think it is HOT all through the Midwest for a few days. As long as I don't have to be outside and sweat I won't complain. ;) The reunion was "ok" as I did get to visit with a few of the people I do know. They just had a reunion 3 years ago for a centennial of some sort so there wasn't a whole lot of people there this year. I've never been to my class reunion and have no desire to go. I am heading off to bed and read for a bit.

07-17-2011, 09:19 AM
Good morning all. We now have our little Marty and the kids leave this morning for their cruise. They decided to go ahead and drive one of their cars instead of us taking them and we have one of their cars for at least a day and here is why. We were on our way to their house around 1 PM yesterday on the interstate. I forgot about the section we were going to have to drive as being worked on. It had two sections of paving being done and we got on and it was a deadstand still and then bumper to bumper for miles. We were about 2 miles from being totally out of it and by that time had room between cars. They were down to 1 lane and that was driving on the right shoulder and wham, we were hit from behind, it spun us into the construction lanes and the car DROVE OFF!!!! I called 911 and was put on hold!!! At the same time we used Jack's phone to call Geico our insurer. I was shaking so bad that I couldn't hold my phone so Jack was kind of doing double duty. He got out to look at our car and try and get the other car's license plate but couldn't. We finally got a 911 operator and had them send the police and though I was extremely shaken up and it caused some female spotting I think from the trauma making all my muscles tense, I was ok so no ambulance. All in all we sat for about 2 hours. Kelly came and got us and we went to her house and relaxed for a bit while Jack tried to get us a rental car, but even though there are at least 6 Enterprise rental places where Geico does their business they were all closed at noon and not open today at all. The airport location will not take insurance customers so that was a no go. I am writing a nasty letter to Enterprise about it and to Geico as well. So we kept her car and after going for a swim, came home with dog in tow. I am extremely sore pretty much all over, but other than that a-okay.

I now have 30 rows to go one the first sock then the toe. Moving right along on it and have 6 patterns out of 12 to go on the back side of the sweater so it is coming right along as well.

Maggie: I have never had snickerdoodles that I couldn't taste the cream of tartar. I imagine I have had at least 5 different people's cookies and always taste it in the cookies. My grandmother probably was the absolute best cook I know. When it came to baking she used her tried and true recipes. I imagine I am just sensitive to the taste and probably would be to yours too. It is intolerably hot here too and we just stay indoors as much as we can. It was lovely to swim in the pool yesterday. Jack and I are going to take advantage of it as much as we can I think.

Jean: I have gone to every class reunion we have had except two and we have ours every 5 years. The high school alumni association has an all school one every year besides. Since my high school class was so small, it is a fun thing to go to especially when you get older because all that teenage snootyness pretty much goes away with most people.

Hey Gail, Hey Susan!! :)

Well I need to take my meds, and get some breakfast in me. I think turkey roast and mashed taters with a veggie in on the menu for tonight. Have a wonderful day. Faye

07-17-2011, 12:43 PM
Good morning, ladies! This will be our last day in the high 80s and then it's bad to HOT for us, too. Darn!

After I worked at WW yesterday, I went to the quilt shop to work on a raffle quilt for Clara's Calling to raffle off. This is the project we started at Bella Fabrics to get donations of sewing materials, clothing, shoes, and things like that to send to Afghanistan. Clara is a master sargent in the Army and that is the Army's project that we were contributing to. I know some will say we shouldn't do it, but nowhere in the Bible does it say to only help those you know or who live in your area. These people aren't the Taliban. These women were educated and wore normal clothes before the Taliban moved in and put them in bondage, so to speak. Clara says when they have been out in the villages they are often given tips of activity or roads to avoid. The Army considers it as a way to save lives. Retired General John Bradley and his wife are shipping the things for us. This has grown into a national movement and we now have a website - ( Take a look at the pictures if you don't read anything. I'm going back to work on the quilt some more today.

Faye, what a horrible thing to have happen! I'm glad you are alright. How badly was the Mariner damaged? Swimming is a great exercise for the whole body. Water walking burns twice the calories as walking on dry land.

Jean, Maggie, and Gail - HI!

Have a great day. I have to get going!

07-17-2011, 05:49 PM

Needless to say it is :flame: HOT here and expected to be in the triple digets all week. So here I sit in my air-conditioned office/crafts room and typing away. We had pot-luck this day and I ate OP so am fine with that. I don't know why I didn't think of taking a couple pizzas before like we did last month but they sure go over well with the teens and other folks also so we did it again. Never have a bit to bring home.:p Will ordered them last night to be picked up at noon today and they were ready and hot and I didn't have to cook. I have already decided how to spend $30 of my next months "allowance." I got the new Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue and love looking through it for it presents the "best" of several of the products it sells. There is always something on the front cover that I just know costs whay up there and is fun to read about. This time it is a 20 foot Animatronic Triferatops and has motion-activated cameras installed into each eye that work in unison with software that enables it to recognize multiple subjects facial features. So once it has recognized you it can track your movements and stomp its foot and make growling sounds as it shakes its tri-horned head right, left, up and down. The cost is a mere $350,000. Well what I am going to order doesn't cost nearly that much folks for it is only $30. It is a remote controlled tarantula which is "lifesize" 1" high and 6" long and weighs 12 oz. It takes batteries and moves like a real tarantula. It can move forwards and backwards and spin 360 degrees on command. It has a hairy exterior similar to a real tarantula's and the eight legs move independently. The picture looks like the live one I used to have whose name was Mellanie. I will name this one Mellanie in her memory for she died of old age. At least I won't have to be buying live crickets to feed it.:p I kept Mellanie in a back room so if anyone visited that was afraid, she didn't come out. Only those who asked to see her were allowed the priviledge.:o Surprisingly most folks weren't afraid and wanted their picture take with her. They crawl so softly on your arm and tickle the hairs, if you have them, as they walk. Speaking of such we were watching a program on "how they make it" last evening and they were featuring candy. One of the candy companies specialty is putting different kinds of bugs in clear suckers. Worms, crickets, scorpions and such like. Surprisingly it was the little kids that loved to have them. Braging rights to tell their friends they ate a bug of some sort.

DONNA FAYE Sorry that you had such a scare. Was there much damage to your vehicle and shame on that hit and run person. He probably didn't have a lisence. Hope you didn't remain all stiffened up. :hug: Last time we had to call 911 they said "no one was coming." They do get busy. We the people have to be self reliant in some situations because there aren't enough of the force to be everywhere and there are more out of work folks and more crime going on. I am so glad for you that you do have a pool to go to and it is private which must be a plus for you.

SUSAN How nice to send "stuff" over there for I believe it is a worthy thing to do. They are folks that surely need help at this time. It is good you have a conduit to get it where you want it to go. Do you know when you get your brace off? I was thinking of you wanting to get in that pool.:p

GAIL & JEAN A HOWDY to you this day!

Stay cool everyone for the heat is here to stay for awhile. :wave:

07-17-2011, 09:15 PM
Maggie, almost 3 weeks until my crutches and brace go away. I can't wait.

I'm afraid of a tiny spider in the house so I don't think I'd have wanted to see or touch your trantula!

The "civilian" people in the Afghan villages live in unbelievable poverty - huts with no floors and no furniture. They have little safe drinking water. It's cold there and they don't always have shoes. The babies and little ones don't have diapers, sit in the dirt and get parasites. We have some groups who are making cloth diapers as their contribution. There is such poverty and you know when someone comes as promises to better their lives, they are easy prey. Clara says that the worst slum here would seem like a paradise to most of them. Isn't that sad? When I have extra cash, I go to the thrift store and buy shoes and children's clothes. We have the Bargain Box that only charges $1.00 for their most expensive items. Pizza seems to always go over good.

07-17-2011, 11:29 PM

SUSAN Bet you can hardly wait for the next 3 weeks to pass and get back into your water routine. That is so sad what condition those Afghan folks live in. We here in the states don't have a clue what poverty is really like. It is good that there are societies that are helping them with their day to day living which is so basic. Shame, shame on that countrys leaders. Such an old society and look at the conditions.

Type at y'all later. :wave:

07-18-2011, 12:06 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's been another hot, humid, breathless day in my corner of the world. We went to church and then headed for the lake. The water level is higher so Bob and Jason took the top off the boat hoist and put the boat on the trailer. I was glad since they will both be gone next weekend, and I won't have to worry about the boat if the weather gets bad. Most of the docks have garbage cans full of water holding them down as the water is way over some of them. There was a breeze so it was bearable outside. Tomorrow is the church office in the morning and a meeting in the afternoon. I'm still debating about taking Ernie to the vet for a checkup; his nose is dry and he's not his usual self.

"Gma" -- I am so sorry about your car accident but glad neither of you were seriously injured. I'm betting the other person probably didn't have a license nor insurance. It's nice of Kelly to let you use her car.

Susan -- I think the Clara's Calling quilt raffle sounds like a wonderful idea. We have a couple of missionaries from our church and they always give interesting talks about where they have served. When I'm feeling deprived, I try to remind myself of those living in such horrible conditions as the Afghgan people.

Maggie -- Now be honest, are you going to show the tarantula to the dogs? I must admit that wouldn't be my first choice for a pet -- dead or alive. Have fun with your new toy!

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday tomorrow. I'm heading for bed! :D

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-18-2011, 12:34 AM

JEAN Nope I am not going to show that trantula to the dogs for they would probably pounce on it and destroy it thinking it was real or play it to death thinking it was a new toy for them. :o I will keep it in my office on one of the high shelves I have in here and it can crawl along the edge when I want to activate it. I think I'll put it on the shelf above my desk where Woody and my Bear it all Bear live. I used to have one that was stuffed and ran on a battery but it was a big plush one ~ a foot and a half in length ~ and Turn loved to chase it and pounce on it when he was with us. No the dogs don't get to play with this one. It is good that Bob moved the boat to higher ground so he won't worry about you having to deal with it if the water got higher and you wouldn't have to deal with it.

Will had to make a run to Wal*Mart and brought me a spiral bound Crock Pot cookbook that incorporated the recipes from three other slow cooker books. Slow Cooker Favorites, Winning Slow Cooker Recipes and Slow Cooker Recipes for All Occasions. UGH ~ the recipes don't have any nutritional information in them so when I want to use a recipe I will have to run it through my program. It is chock full of good sounding recipes with yummy looking photos. I have a slow cooker WW cookbook that I got way back in 1905 that has some good recipes in it.

Type at y'all tomorrow. :wave:

07-18-2011, 08:47 AM
Good morning ladies. I am under the weather this morning nauseous as all get out and my lower back hurts. I think I probably bruised the inner area of my abdomen from the seatbelt because yesterday and today bending over makes it hurt, but once I stand up it is ok. Don't know what caused the nauseous feeling. Will get up from her and eat some soda crackers, which usually does the trick if it isn't some virus or something, which I don't need to deal with at the moment with everything going on.

My faith in human nature has been restored that's for sure. On Saturday there was a message on Jack's phone from some place in MS. Jack listened to the message and it was the guy that hit Jack. I guess he got the number from the police. He said in the message he wanted Jack to call him back as he wanted to apologize. Well, thank heaven's the kid has good insurance so we are waiting for the adjuster from Liberty Mutual to call us today so we can get the repairs moving along and get a rental car and take Kelly's back to her house. Jack had to take two days off work. Come to find out, Jack said the kid sounded under 25 and was scared to death. He said he had never had an accident and panicked not thinking about pulling to the construction area so he kept driving until he could pull over. Jack was really nice to him as he said the kid was really scared. Stuff happens and I am just glad the kid is ok too but his car is a real mess. He hit us hard and caved in his whole front end. We have some expensive repairs, but mostly because of what got damaged not the extent of it. It shoved our muffler up against our back right tire, tore up the bumper, include buckling the rubber step up on the bumper. We have a trailer hitch and it peel back the metal on both side of that like a banana, and tore out two of our back up sensors onthe bumper. I will be glad when the soreness goes away. Part of the worst is the left shoulder I was having pain in a couple weeks ago. It seems to be back with a vengeance.

Jack is still asleep, Fortune has been fed and the two of them are snoozing arging. Marty is sleeping on Fortune's pillow even though he has the exact same thing of his own right next to it. :lol: He is a sweet little dog though he roams around a lot like he can't sit still. I had to put salve in his little eyes yesterday which was interesting. He wasn't as difficult as I thought he might be.

Today is a hurry up and wait day on the insurance company so nothing will get done I imagine with regards to the house. The upstairs is cleaned but it is time to clean the downstairs again and between being sore and not knowing when they are going to call so the car can be released to the repair shop and we can go get the rental car, it is a hurry up and wait. I just hope they call this morning so we can get this going.

Susan: Charity is never a bad thing. Christ told his disciples that if a man needs your coat, give him your shirt too. One of the things I am the most proud about with regards to Thomas is that he does so very many charitable things. One year he and his mom made felt blankets dozens of them for the dog shelter for the dogs. He has does numerous shopping trips to give to food banks and organizations, he gives money and his time over and over again and does it willingly. I thank his parents for that. They instilled the inportance of loving your fellow humans. Hope the weeks move along quickly so you can get back to normal. The closer you move to freedom, the closer Jack moves to where you are! :lol:

Maggie: UGH an arachnid for a pet? They don't bother me, only rodents. That current commercial for Orkin where the family comes home and these huge rats are playing in a band in their house totally creeps me out. Jack will always say, "Don't look!!!" He will then tell me when I can look again. Gives me the shivers just thinking about that commercial.

Jean: Glad your boat and cabin have not been damaged, but I am sure it is a mess there. I always tell people the best way to look at your life when it is in the toilet is just to think there is always someone worse off than I. Like this mess with the city and Jack's pay. We are just thankful he has a good job because a lot of people lost theirs a couple weeks ago. I gripe about our condo issues, but we have a home and aren't living out of our car. I may grouse when I don't feel good, but wouldn't want to be in Susan's boat at the moment so I am just thankful all the way around.

I am almost to the toe of the first sock and have 6 panels of the sweater complete so am moving right along on both of them. I am going to wait until payday but then I am going to get this beautiful yarn for something I am going to make for my dd for her birthday (I gave her the slippers so she could take them on the cruise and she liked them) and another solid skein to use up the stuff from you guys slippers. My niece made a comment about wanting a pair jokingly so I am going to make her a pair and ship them to her as a surprise. She is a sweet lady and has the most adorable boys.

Well gals, lots to do today so am going to get out of here and get going. Have a good start to the week all! Faye

07-18-2011, 12:21 PM
Good Morning! I've been to church which took less than an hour this morning. We are supposed to hit 100 today; I don't think the humidity is as high as it didn't feel too bad when I fed the birds, squirrels, and ducks early this morning. We are in a heat advisory for the week according to the tv. :(

Maggie -- Your new cookbook sounds interesting. I know you will have fun with it. :yes:

"Gma" -- I hope the soda crackers settled your stomach this morning, and you feel better now. It's good that the other driver contacted Jack; now to get the insurance company moving on the repairs. It's surprising how many parts of a vehicle fall apart after getting hit. It sounds like your knitting projects are coming right along. I hope your sore shoulder doesn't slow your progress. :no:

I'm hoping Ernie if feeling better as he did eat a couple bites and followed me upstairs. His nose is still dry and I don't like that.

Hope you all have a GREAT day and remember to :D !

Jean -- :wave: from :flame: Iowa!

07-18-2011, 01:52 PM

This thread is now officially closed. A new one has been started. :p See ya there. :wave: