Featherweights - High Protein breakfast recipes/ideas?

07-13-2011, 08:46 AM
Since the recipe thread was so successful, I wondered if anyone has an high protein breakfast recipes that they love?

It seems I get bored of breakfast and cannot eat the same things for any more than a week. I just kind of want some inspiration, since breakfast has gotten a little boring. I'm trying to stick to about 400 cals per meal but I'm flexible.

I'm an omnivore but vegetarian/vegan recipes are welcome too.

07-28-2011, 10:55 AM
I know this is a few weeks old, and don't know if you are looking for low carb, but here's my almost every day breakfast:

1/2 c dry measure old fashioned oats
1/4 c wheat bran
dash of salt
Cook in microwave w/ 3/4 c water for a few minutes.
Add 2 eggs and stir very well.
Cook 30 seconds and stir, cook another 30 seconds if needed to desired consistency-I like it when the eggs are cooked through, but not stiff.
I also add cinnamon and natural peanut butter.

Depending on how much PB you add, it would be less than 400 cals.