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07-12-2011, 07:23 PM
Okay, so long story short, my journey to wellness started four years ago. I was haphazard with my diet and exercise, never really merging the two together. I resisted any type of cardio b/c I hated the idea of breaking a sweat. And not to mention, that I was addicted to white bread and wondering why after exercising (some) that my belly was still covered with a layer of soft fat, lol.

About six weeks ago, I just woke up, quite literally. A light bulb went on and I was like, "cardio+strength training+proper diet=fitness." Ah ha!!

I'm proud to say that have not cheated once. Not once. No sugars, refined white flour, alcohol (although in all fairness, I'm not much of a drinker esp. at my weight, lol), tons of water, veggies, fruits, lean protein and no red meat (again not much of a meat-eater).

I haven't fallen off the wagon with exercise either. I've been going full-throttle six days a week from the get-go. I've seen some pretty significant changes in my body so that has fueled my commitment to me.

Is it weird to toot my own horn and say I'm darn proud of myself?