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07-12-2011, 12:16 AM
I am a pizza junkie! Cant get enough of it. Has anyone tried the Kashi pizza. Im sitting here with a fresh out of the oven roasted veggie pizza packed with protein and fiber. Can I justify this binge, lol. I promise I wont eat the whole thing, just a good bit. how do you guys feel about binging on nutritious food?

07-12-2011, 12:24 AM
Honestly, a binge is a binge is a binge in my opinion. To me, a binge is any point in time where I feel incapable of controlling my food intake. This can apply to cookies or it can apply to carrots. Of course, I'd prefer the carrots but binging is never a comfortable situation. The loss of control often leads to more spur of the moment decisions that I later regret: carrots lead to cookies and so on.

Kashi pizza is delicious, but it is still high in calories. My honest suggestion is that you partition it right now, cutting off a serving size and putting the rest away. If you don't mind destroying it (putting it down the garbage disposal, covering it with salt, pouring orange juice on it etc), that's what I'd do. However, what you eat is your decision. Are you actually physically hungry? Do you think that you will regret eating more of the pizza than you would on a normal day? In my case at least, binging is a slippery slope. I am not trying to make your decisions or you, I just hope that you think things through!

Whatever the case, enjoy however much pizza you eat!

07-12-2011, 12:29 AM
A binge is a binge. It's different to plan a high calorie food meal (even if it's healthier), but a binge is losing control and eating anything to stuff down emotions or whatever else has come our way.

So, is this a controlled meal? One you're planning thoughtfully?

Or is this a situation where you're about to dive head first in and eat the whole pizza simply because it's there?

We can binge on healthier foods, for sure. I mean a binge on celery doesn't do as much weight-damage, but it's still mental damage, if that makes sense.

07-12-2011, 12:33 AM
Agreed, a binge is a binge = if it's on apples or pizza or oreos - it's over eating - period.

I have pretty good self restraint, so I would figure out how much I can have, slice it up and store the rest for another meal on another day. (Can't refreeze previously frozen food, btw - not safe).

And while I love Kashi Pizza too, it's not a low calorie food. You cannot eat the whole pizza and considerate it a moderate day.

07-12-2011, 01:57 AM
I don't consider going slightly over the usual calories for a meal a binge. If you compensate reasonably in the other meals/snacks and pay attention to your daily calorie budget, you can eat a pretty good portion of a kashi pizza. Depending on your size, you might be able to eat 2/3 or the whole thing and not really have to feel guilty or out of control about it, so long as you are planning ahead and being responsible.

Is it ideal to eat one meal larger than all of the others? Probably not, but mostly for digestive reasons, so if that isn't a major issue you can get away with this within reason. :)

Now, going into a situation where you have lots of healthy food and you start wildly eating unmeasured quantities of all of them in an out of control manner, I don't think the nutritional value matters all too much because calories are still the foundation of weight loss, and binging almost always involves large amounts of unnecessary calories and guilt afterward.

07-12-2011, 09:00 AM
Well it wasnt one of my planned meals, I did prepare it simply because I wanted to eat, I was craving it, not really hungry, but I ate half of it, which was 350 cals. . .I have had my binging under control since the beginning of the year, I have more of a night time snacking problem now, probably because my hubby's been working late frequently and even though I tell myself I will not eat when he does (since I've already had dinner with our kids), I cant seem to help myself. But, you guys are right, a binge is a binge. . .

I was doing really well all year until about 6 weeks ago when I decided that the Wellbutrin Id been on for a year a half was the reason I was not losing weight even though I had changed my eating habits and was getting plenty of exercise, and my hair has been falling out and I know that that's a side effect. So I weaned myself off and now I can def tell a decrease in motivation and I have been soo fatigued since I went off of it, Im starting to second guess my decision to stop.

Thanks for the reinforcements guys, although I dont feel too guilty about the pizza, I feel bad about the chips and ice crean I ate earlier in the evening (although I didnt binge on them, I had a serving of each, I still could have went with out them since they were not in my calorie budget)

Ahh, here's to a new day, I think I will make my way over to the depression board and see if they have any pointers reguarding this whole med thing. Thanks again :)

07-12-2011, 10:00 AM
Wellbutrin has actually been found to make people lose weight more often than gain it (I don't think there's any scientific evidence behind people gaining weight on it other than good feelings = increased appetite. Whereas the speed-like effects of wellbutrin and the extra energy curbs hunger and makes some people (including myself when I took it) lose a little bit of weight).

I can see why you'd be tired off of it, though. It really is a huge energy boost...and weaning yourself off of an anti depressant can be a really draining experience :(