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01-14-2003, 12:12 AM
I wasn't around to see if it was discussed (and just tried to poke around and find out) but, did you guys see the OTHER Oprah show about weight-loss - it was a NEW show and aired on New Year's Day.

Anyway, she said a lot of great stuff (Bob Green was with her) including the fact that she doesn't eat after 7:30 p.m. (I've heard her say this before - but I think she changed it from 7:00).

There's apparently also an eating behavior contract (or some such thing) on her website that my sister's very excited about. . .if you want to check that out.

But, my question is: is anyone else doing this 7:30 p.m. cut-off? It's a nice little boost to my new diet. For two reasons: 1) Your metabolism is slowing down - especially with late night eating - so a calorie from the morning does NOT equal a calorie late at night and 2) I tend to get the late-night munchies. A planned snack can turn into a refridgerator raid.

So, here I am, sipping my Diet 7-up at 10 p.m. . .

Anyone else tried it?

01-14-2003, 12:15 AM
Meeee! Ever since I've seen that Oprah, I've been cutting off my eating at 7:30, quarter to eight. (Or later on the weekends maybe, because I stay up waaay later.) I'll be curious to see if it works, LOL, I just need to start eating healthily now.... (the last week has been kinda shaky!) Peace. -Apryl

01-14-2003, 12:34 AM
I don't necessarily agree with Oprah's stand on this. Of course, I wouldn't eat a full-blown meal, but I think that if you are truly hungry (as in not bored, tired, etc. etc.), then you should eat something. (Part of our problem is that we ignore our bodies' signals.)

I often get hungry late (around 10:00) because of my weird schedule. If I have the tummy growls, I will fix a small snack (usually a half-cup of cottage cheese and an orange).

01-14-2003, 10:33 AM
I did see the show and tried this. It drove me crazy - sent me off plan more than once because i'd eat all my calories before 7 - knowing that I wasn't eating after 7:00. Then at 8:30..9:00 when the urge hit. I'd have no calories left and eat anyway. And since I was off plan anyway, I'd go WAY off plan.

Great idea, but doesn't work for me. I need a planned evening snack.

Right now my goal is to stick to my calorie limit and not worry about anything else.

01-14-2003, 10:39 AM
I save anywhere from 5-10 ww points for after supper. I understand the theory but there is no way I can do it - not at this point anyhow.

01-14-2003, 12:35 PM
i do follow this, as best i can. i've heard that eating late is bad, from many sources. however, some days (like last night) i have classes till 6, i bike home, then i needed to get groceries in order to fix dinner... then it cooks, so we ate at around 7:45. but in general, i eat dinner at 6:30ish, and that is IT.

01-14-2003, 12:40 PM
Well, since I rarely get in supper before 7:30, this plan doesn't work for me. But, I have to have a planned light snack for the night time muchies anyway. I usually try to make it something high in protein, like a scoop of tuna or chicken salad on lettuce. It's filling & doesn't start me craving for more sugar or carbs. I usually only spend 2-3 WW points on my evening snack & I don't do it every day. It's only maybe 2 or 3 times a week, but on those days, I am really thankful that I've got the points to use.

Goddess Jessica
01-14-2003, 01:03 PM
Hey ANGI- I can't find this eating behavior contract. Can you post a link?

01-14-2003, 01:15 PM
this might be it:


01-14-2003, 01:22 PM
Here's the contract.



01-14-2003, 03:40 PM
I agree great concept but not always practical. Our evening meal is often not until 7.30 or later because of the time hubby gets home from work. I can't eat earlier with the kids because I don't enjoy my meal and the littlies need help.

Since reading about this on Oprah's site I have tried to have my larger meal at lunchtime and eat a smaller one in the evening. If peckish later I try to have snacks of fruit or low cal jelly,crackers. I have found lately tho that I'm not so peckish in the evening...something to do with being on line more I think!


01-14-2003, 04:36 PM
I try my best to not eat in the evenings - because I go to bed around 9-9:30, I try not to eat after 6 or 6:30. It's hard though, cause I always feel like snacking after my daughter goes to bed lol.

01-14-2003, 06:39 PM

I didn't see the show but I've heard this before. I say try it. If you don't get hungry or have late-night munchies, the it can't hurt, it might help.

I used to be a late night snacker until I have kids. Now I usually SLEEP in front of the TV rather than EAT in front of the TV so the only time it's an issue is if dh and I decide to 'feed the kids and eat later' ...

I wish you the best.

01-15-2003, 01:02 PM
I can't do it. I do try to have my largest meals of the day at breakfast and lunch, but I have to eat at bedtime because of taking insulin. I need it to <imagine singing here> "help me make it thru the night". :)