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07-07-2011, 12:08 AM
Welcome to Thursday Chatters for July!

Come on in! The holiday is over!:D

07-07-2011, 12:21 AM
I confess that I totally fell out of the saddle for the weekend and was up .8 at WI on Tuesday night.

Oh well, crawled back in the saddle! It was worth it had tons of fun with family I don't get to see very often.

The garden, (knock on wood) is actually recovering from all the hail, and I actually have lettuce I can pick this weekend!:carrot: Plus things are growing and seeds I'd given up on are actually sprouting!:carrot: Gonna be a long fall covering all that stuff.

Do have a work issue. We have the sweetest ever border collie who was attacked by another dog, ended up having to amputate a leg that was badly broken. Poor thing is chewed up like crazy. The dog that attacked has also attacked a child. This is all a family thing. Sis owns Border Collie, brother owns, you guessed it "Pit". I do not have anything against Pits, just stupid Pit owners. Pit owner refuses to do anything about his dog. Bad deal.

Neither owner can provide proof of a Rabies Vaccination. Way against our state laws.

I may take the long way around this, get all the info and turn it over to my son a state trooper. I hate to do this, I don't like to use his position, seems a bit like a power trip. But, We do have some issues with dog fighting and gambling in the area. I hate to do this, but the boss is not pushing the issue and the family isn't either. It's just to dangerous. If this dog would have done to a 35 pound child what he did to the border collie, the child would not be alive.

07-07-2011, 10:34 PM
Hi all,
Janelle, thanks for starting us off again. :)
And, I think you are right to get your son involved. Someone will get hurt from that dog!

I need to begin jouraling again. I'm drinking my water. Yeah for that. :lol:


maureen kempster
07-08-2011, 06:57 PM
Hi everyone

I haven't been here for a while-today was my last day at my job-I leave Ottawa next saturday-and I sold my condo!! it took only 3 weeks and the new owner takes possession the day I leave-I think I have horseshoes you know where. I haven't been following program but I'm sitting here with boxes ready to go-my brother will be over tomorrow early and take pretty much everything out-I'll be here with my computer and an airmattress-next friday I'll stay with my brother and his family and then we leave early saturday morning. the drive out is about 2230 miles - I've never driven out I've always flown-should be fun-expect lots of pictures on fb
well I hope we all have a great weekend

will be back later

07-08-2011, 07:24 PM

It is sooooooo hot here!!!

Maureen, send us your new address. Do you have a place there yet?
That's great that you sold your condo so quickly.
I'd say that all that packing is enough exercise to keep you going.

How is everyone else doing?

We are slowly recovering from our whirlwind trip to see my bil and then his funeral. Most days, it was 110 degrees there!
I have not been OP but have been drinking loads of water.


07-10-2011, 11:42 AM
It's Sunday

It's a beautiful day here---although, HOT.
For breakfast, I fixed some small biscuits out of low fat Bisquick, and scrambled eggs, using mainly egg whites.
Now, that's a good way to start the day.

We are thinking about Double Dave's Pizza Buffet for after church. I have my flex points fot that. :lol:


07-11-2011, 12:15 PM
Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Let's all have a great day!!!


07-12-2011, 09:36 AM
Good morning everyone! Have a great day!:carrot:

maureen kempster
07-12-2011, 10:24 AM
good morning all

Friday was my last day at work this week is being spent finishing everything here in Ottawa. My brother & I leave early saturday morning-it's approximately 2300 mile drive-I've always flown here so it'll be an eye opener as to how big the country really is. I'm looking forward to it. I thought the closing of my condo would be before I left but it doesn't look like it so I have to give my sister power of attorney to sign off on it. Will be before august 1. Everything's been sold or given away so now I'm sitting in my place with a small tv sitting on a two drawer filing cabinet, a lazy boy chair my lap top and my pc an air mattress. Have I mentioned before that I'm nuts?!!
Let's all have a great day on this fantastic voyage called life(I told you I've completely gone around the bend!!)

talk to you all later

07-13-2011, 01:16 AM
:hug: Maureen! Enjoy the drive and the scenery. I know Canada is a huge country. America is too. So many things to see and so much to enjoy.

It's kind of funny, I live in western Nebraska. 357 miles away from Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE. We are die hard Cornhusker football fans. We have gotten up at 4 am and made the drive to see a game and then drove home. Arriving around midnight.

Distance seems to be relative to what you are used to and what you are willing to do to get there and back. Sort of like weight loss.

I know people who have moved into our community from big urban areas, they are used to making the 1-2 hour traffic commute, but the 357 commute just knocks them on their butts.

On another note, a funny story. Many years ago, the hub had to haul a gas compressor for the oilfield down in the middle of nowhere in Texas. I went along. When we got there, the boss of the op, wanted to know where we were from, at the time we were living in a little town in northeastern Colorado.

So while the hub and the other guys help were unloading the stuff, the boss, who had a big Souix Indian guy standing next to him, (we were in the middle of sagebrush and soapweed) asked me if I'd seen any Indians and was I worried about my scalp? I looked at him and said the only Indian I see is the one standing next to you! The guy was confused because I said we were from Colorado, so his instant thought was Denver. Big city. Dumb a@@.

Anyway, down 1,2 tonight, a good thing since I was up .8 last week. 3.6 to go.:carrot:

The work issue has been resolved, the pit bull owners gave it up and euthanized the dog. I feel bad, I do like pits, they are great dogs, but the owners need to be doubly vigilant, given the nature and bad rep of the breed.

The dog that was attacked we sent home, with instructions and meds and to see their vet for follow up care.

Barring any more hail, my garden is finally getting going. I can actually go out and pick a salad!:carrot: 3 kinds of lettuce, spinach, green onions, radishes. Now just need the beans, tomatoes, peppers, beets, carrots, broc, caul, cukes, zuk, sqaush, melons to get with it!

07-16-2011, 12:37 AM
Picked my salad last night, have enough to pick and take to see the kids for supper tomorrow night!

07-16-2011, 09:59 AM
Hi all,

I wrote a very long post yesterday - and - it's not here!!!!!!!

Anyway, janelle, that is so great about your garden. :carrot: I want a salad. :dance:
Jeanne, how's the new house coming?
Marion, I miss hearing from you
Tammy, tell us about your trip.

farmgirl, how is your family? I hope they are healing nicely.

Susan, did you recover from your great trip?

Maureen has begun her long trip across country.

I'm still struggling with this weight. Back to journaling, I guess.

Have a great weekend.

07-16-2011, 02:47 PM
Hi All,

I finally recovered from Disney World. It was a good time, but hot and HUMID. The best part, I didn't gain an ounce on the other hand Pat gained 6! I really watched what I ate.

It's hot here too! This is the 14 or 15th day in a row of over 100 degrees and the next 5 days aren't looking like it's going down. Thank goodness for AC.

I got home and have been beat! I've also do really nothing all week. I did go out to lunch with my girlfriend twice. Went to check on getting a new window put in above our tub, the ottoman reupholostered, and my anklet fixed. So I have gotten some stuff done that I've put off for about 2 years. That life keeps getting in the way.

I think I'll be going to SA next weekend to see Momma. I plan on staying a week or 10 days. Then when I get back it will almost be time for school. YUCK! I'm not ready not even a smidgen!!!

Hugs to all!!!! Stay cool and drink your water!!!

07-16-2011, 04:01 PM
Susan, wish I could come see you in SA. It's just way too hot to be traveling, much less walking around in SA. At least we're having some rain today. It's not as hot but it is HUMID.

07-16-2011, 09:29 PM
Yea for the rain!!! We need it here too! But it doesn't look like rain, there is a slight chance Monday but I don't think it will.

I finished my curriculum. Well all that I'm doing. They told me before vacation that there was no more money for it and not to do anymore. I finished the one book that I was working on and I finished it today. I'm relieved that's it!!!! Now I can enjoy the summer and not have it over my head!

I have another headache today. I'm not sure why but I do. I had one yesterday too. I think it's part because of the heat.

I think I'll go to SA on Saturday. Momma is ready for me to come!!!! She is so funny.

Will you all say an extra prayer for my Godmother. She has cancer again in her leg and will be undergoing surgery again next week. The cancer she has is rare and it keeps coming back. Momma is worried sick about it too, it's her youngest sister. This is the 3rd time it's come back.

I know I'm rambling..... :)

07-18-2011, 10:35 AM
Good morning everyone!!!!

Susan - Yay I'm so glad you had a great trip and a double Yay on not gaining! So glad you are going to SA to see your mom! Pryers being said for your Godmother too!:hug:

Tina - I heard that you guys were under a "heat advisory" and not to be out and about unless neccessary! It is hot here too. It is suppose to be in the 90's all week with chances of severe storms a couple of those evenings. The humidity is the killer. urgh!

Janelle - I miss my garden. With the move we had decided not to put one in! Sooo glad you are enjoying yours.

Maureen - wooooohoooooo on that road trip. Glad it is going good!

Marion & Tammy - hi! miss you guys!

Well for me......I started my new job yesterday. It was good. I didn't sit down once so my back is KILLING me today! urgh! I have been off (from retail) for 6 mmonths so my back & leg muscles are weak!

The house........hmmmm.......where to start. lol! It is moving along. Looks like we will be in around the middle of august. I think it is going to be beautiful. I am a little nervous about the paint color choices that I made. I have always had white or creamy colors with a blue kitchen for the most pop of color. WELL......this house is C-O-L-O-R!!! My kitchen is pumpkin spice (love) followed by a gourd color in the dining room (which is the room I'm not sure I like) and two tone in the living room with a dark cream and brown....(the verdict is still out on that too) and the bathroom is terra cotta. (love) It's hard to get a mental pic without the white trim and cabinets and furniture in it. eh, it can always be changed if need be! lol!:dizzy: The kitchen cabinets arrived last week and are in the garage! THEY ARE BEAUTIUFL! The bathroom stuff we have had, and is suppose to be going in soon. The girls got bob a gift card for fathers day, so he bought a hammer (masonary) drill. Yesterday he put up the new mailbox, house #s, flag pole and porch blinds. Yay! Looks great! The window guys are coming weds. We may replace the front windows if not too expensive.
Ill get pictures this afternoon. Look for them on fb!

As far as my diet. Oh, am I on a diet!?!? lol. just kidding. I have been working hard at getting my water in and staying op. Went to ww last week and I am going tonight or tom. I got on the scale yesterday and it said I gained a smidgin'.. Urgh!:(:(:(

Well have a great day. Stay cool!

07-20-2011, 10:58 AM
Good morning!

I hope everyone will have a great day!!!

07-20-2011, 11:45 PM
Had lunch with a friend I haven't seen in 5 Years! She use to be one of my best friends! Lunched ended up being 3 1/2 hours! Great!

Then a trip to the dermatologist who proceed to find lots of spits to zap! Pat says I go way to often to him! That is what happens when you have fair rosy skin, dark hair, and lot and lots of freckles!!!

07-21-2011, 12:37 PM
It's hot!!! And, it's still early and in the 80's.

Susan, that's so great you meeting up with an old friend.

Dermatologists----I have fair skin but don't have as much trouble as my sister. She's older and her group would stay out in the sun all the time, getting suntans. She's paying for it now with many places being frozen or cut off. :o
I had a place on my forhead sliced off about 2 weeks ago. It's about healed up and will not leave a scar. Yea! (Got a place on the side of my knee that was frozen last year and there's a yucky scar.)

Maureen, are you alive! I'll bet you slept for days after that marathon trip. Let us know how you are.

janelle, how's the garden? How is that new grandbaby?

jeanne, stay calm. Your house will look great.

Tammy, we miss you here.
Dori and Mimi, you are missed.

farmgilr, I hope your family is healing.

Let's drink our water and stay as cool as possible.

maureen kempster
07-22-2011, 05:14 PM
Hi all
we made it here monday evening-I can't believe how much my brother drove-about 2200 miles give or take-he did the bulk of the driving for sure. I started working wednesday so just getting into the swing of things there. And my condo will be finalized on tuesday. Lawyer paper work etc-but ladies!!! I already bought a condo here. just the bank stuff, have to have lawyer look at condo reserve fund etc but hopefully possession will be aug 15. Have I mentioned before that I'm nuts??? I'm staying at my husband's place(next on the agenda is getting my divorce-it's been 5 yrs now) and he smokes and really doesn't keep a very clean place. I really can't stand it. So the faster I get out the better. Been not following program too much but will get back on track real fast.
I hope we all have a great weekend and will be here later

07-24-2011, 05:12 PM
Hi! It's been hot, hot, hot! I've been spending most of my free time in the garden. I do so enjoy that.

Hubby been helping his uncle with wheat harvest. They got done yesterday.:carrot:

I finally decided on a final goal of 140. Pfft. It's too hot to diet. Rather drink beer.

ANyway, been stuck at 143.2 for 2 weeks. Oh well. This too shall pass.

I was getting bored of eating the same ole safe things, so gonna shake it up this week. May be eating soup. Have a tooth that cracked and fell apart. Dentist appt. in the morning.

Disney world.:D New condo and moving!:D Trips to dermatologist,:dizzy:
New house and color:carrot: No gain vacation,:carrot:

07-25-2011, 05:47 PM
Happy Monday :carrot:
I hope everyone is having a great day. I know---first day of the week means back to work and/or housework, shopping, etc.

I've been sooooo OP today that it's disgusting. :lol: :lol: :lol:
This morning, I walked for 30 minutes. That was difficult becuase I was so tired!
It did give me some energy, though. I've done the grocery shopping and washed several loads of clothes.
I bought ingredients for a couple of crockpot meals. It's way too hot to cook.


07-26-2011, 09:14 AM
Hi everyone! I'm off today!:carrot: I have to get caught up with laundry, dusting and packing a little more too! I enjoy my new "old" job. I can't believe how much I remembered after 8 years since being there! It's weird not being a boss tho! This is my first hourly part time postion since I was 15 and worked at an ice cream stand. haha! Oh well. I'm going to try to enjoy it. I'm having a hard time with being at work when things are going on at the new house tho. I want to be there too! wahhhh!

Our realtor is having an open house for the house we are living in now on Aug. 14th. FINALLY!!!!! grrrr!

Have a great day everyone!!!!

07-26-2011, 10:14 AM
Jeanne, I LOVE your house website. Tell me, are your taxes really only $750.00 a year?

I'm getting ready to go exercise. Wow, 2 days in a row. :)

07-26-2011, 10:27 AM
Tina...........hahahahhahahah!!!!! YES!!! THAT IS SOOOOO TRUE......$750!!! How about that pepto bismol pink bedroom? hahah! I think that (kaits room) will should the place!

07-27-2011, 12:57 AM
:bravo::cp::cb::hat::dance::dancer::high::encore:: woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::wo ohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:

I have officially lost 30 pounds! 2 to go!

Pats self on back!

Anyone need some fresh spinach or lettuce, it's growing like a weed in my garden.

Meeting with insurance adjustor tomorrow. Hail damage on one insured auto and holes in siding, fascia, and other misc, yard, home and garden stuffs.

07-27-2011, 09:33 AM
:cp: :flow1: :dancer:

07-27-2011, 10:54 AM
Yay Yay Yay Janelle!!!!!!!!

maureen kempster
07-27-2011, 05:06 PM
way to go Janelle!!
Jeanne-how's the house & the job going?
Tina, are you staying cool?
Susan, how you doing?
I'm just waiting for the paperwork and then I'll meet with the lawyer and hopefully by next week I'll have a definite date on when I move into my place. For an old person I'm not doing too bad!!!
I've been in my job a week and starting to feel like I never left.
Things are going well.

Hope everyone's great-

07-27-2011, 06:53 PM
Maureen, that's great about your new place.
Am I staying cool---you jest. :lol:
We do have a tropical storm coming into the Gulf. Maybe by Friday night we'll have some rain. All the weathermen are gearing up and hoping the main part will come over us. :lol:
I just want some rain.

I went back to a WW meeting today. I think I'll try the one free week of WW Online and see if I like that more. Or, I might just do the eTools.


08-02-2011, 11:40 AM
Go to new month's thread!!!