General Diet Plans and Questions - Anyone doing the Ultimate You program?

07-05-2011, 04:44 PM
Hello! I'm a newbie here and I've learned so much from reading posts here. What an amazing group of supportive people!

Is anyone here doing the Ultimate You program? It's a book by Joe Dowdell, CSCS and Brooke Kalanick, ND, MS. Joe Dowdell is a certified trainer and Brooke Kalanick is a naturopathic physician who specializes in metabolic nutrition.

I bought the book because I was searching online about how to get rid of saddlebags. Ugh. I HATE my saddlebags. I won't wear a swimsuit or shorts because of them. I've always had them, even when I was thin (in the 12th grade!) and I've never been able to figure out what kinds of exercises I can do to get rid of them, short of liposuction. I read a bit about this book and the research that the authors did in regard to how hormones make our bodies hold onto fat. It made sense so I ordered the book. I followed the program for the first phase but then found it difficult to follow with a cake decorating business, two small, food-picky children and a sweets-loving husband.
Oh the sabotage!

So, I'm doing the Ultimate You program AGAIN. I made it through the first phase the last time I tried it and lost 6 lbs. in four weeks. It was rather discouraging, even though the book said not to be surprised if you don't lose a lot of weight in the first phase. Plus, buying organic food is expensive, but if I joined MRC or any other program, I'd probably be paying about the same amount in supplements, pre-packaged foods, etc. I'm taking the supplements that they encourage you to take: metabolic multi-vitamin, omega 3, resveratrol and a "green" drink powder to boost my veggie intake. I started this week with a HIIT day and will alternate between that and strength training.

This time, I'm promising myself that I'm going to push through and not let my cake business, my kids or husband derail me!;)

If there's anyone else out there familiar with the program I'd love to know how you did on it or any helpful hints that you might have!


07-10-2011, 11:15 AM

I'm not doing that plan, but I had noticed your post and was checking to see what the Ultimate You program is.

I've heard that where someone gains weight is based on hormonal balance. I think I read that saddlebags and butt are caused by estrogen dominance. I know where I've gained weight has changed as I age. I used to always notice weight gain below my waist somewhat more than elsewhere, but at some point that changed so that more weight was deposited around my waist.

I think the WAIST gain was caused by cortisol (stress) and insulin (sugars and carbs entering my body too quickly and being deposited as fat).

When I started losing by watching my sugars and carbs and always buffering my carbs with protein, not only did my waist shrink but my butt and saddlebags (somewhat) did, too, even slightly more than elsewhere.

There are foods and supplements and plans that are suppose to address estrogen dominance. Unfortunately, I don't know what they are. Hopefully, there is another 3fc out there who can address this.