Mini-Goals - Reached a plateau, but it's all good!

07-04-2011, 04:01 PM
I only lost two pounds in June, according to my scale. I admit my eating habits could've been a lot better, but July is plenty of time to rectify that.

I still see progress, despite what my scale says. I put on an outfit today that's a size 18W. It's snug in the arms and shoulders, but losing a couple of pounds will fix that. I thought it would be a while before I'd be out of the 20s. My waist has gone from a 44 to a 38, formerly only 3 inches smaller than my hips and bust (which means that hourglass figure I had is slowly making an re-emergence.)

I've been working out with weights for the past six months or so, so chances are I've built some muscle, especially in my thighs and calves, the latter of which are naturally round anyway. I've been able to increase my poundage when doing my weight workouts, and I can push myself a little more in my cardio workouts.

My thighs look less "jello-ish" these days, though still far from tone. Areas that sag, sag a little less nowadays. I'm starting to see the difference in my mirror, though I still have days when I look "fat". You know how that goes. I know my face has changed, but I still don't see it.

I'm trying to decide whether I want to weigh myself weekly or monthly. Weekly weigh-ins do a number on your psyche when the scale stays stuck at a certain number. That said, I won't weigh myself again until around this time next month.

Happy July 4th!

07-05-2011, 12:15 AM
Awesome work! Keep up looking in the mirror and taking the time to notice the little differences. Good work!! :D

07-07-2011, 10:03 AM
It sounds to me like youre doing great. Keep it up and Im sure July will be a better month! Just remember any loss is better than no loss and no loss is definitely better than a gain! ;)