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07-01-2011, 07:34 AM
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07-01-2011, 07:36 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan included a can of tuna with salad for lunch; CREDIT moi. Since Martha Stewart wasn't looking, I served it right out of the can.

Perfect day for a walk, CREDIT moi - just the right temperature with no threat of rain. As I walked near Whole Foods my mind starting thinking of reasons to go in, where, of course, I'd then have samples. I ate not a single sample by the simple technique of not going in. CREDIT moi, I guess, but it seems a bit simplistic; if I don't go in there, I don't eat them.

onebyone - I recommend a long back rub for a birthday gift for your DH; that's what I'd like. Kudos for two weeks on plan. You're winning.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Marvelous recovery on your exercise goal for June after a slow start.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for a sabbatical to refresh the mind. When do you get to take one?

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for keeping the path - including a skinny frappe - with "stuff" going on.

sliverbirch – Kudos for eating sitting down. I like to think that I do this all the time, but inevitably, like last night, I find a serving spoon being licked as if I weren't responsible for that happening. Your William has already wowed the Canadians by speaking a bit of French - as did Kate. Smart folks to do their homework.

pamatga - Making that bunad sounds like a worthy challenge. That's a lot of food you're putting together; glad you have a plan so you'll be able to just eat small samples.

SuperChick - Love the mantra, "I am not a dustbin!" - especially the visual of an overflowing bin. Yep, if you're full, it's wasted in your gut or the bin either way. Kudos for thoughtfully planning for your mountain bike weekend.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1
Motivate yourself daily
Emily's Advantages List
Start thinking about all of the reasons you want to lose weight. Most dieters can easily come up with 15 to 20 reasons. Here are the reasons one dieter, Emily, put on her initial list:
. . .. . .
I won't have to worry about diabetes.
My blood pressure will come down.
My back and knees won't hurt.
I'll be happy when I get on the scale.
I won't feel self conscious all the time.. . .. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 54.

07-01-2011, 11:08 AM
GM and GD fellow Beckies!

My DH wanted to know if you all still call it Dominian Day? I said I would ask. So, Happy Canada Day until I hear differently.

I have already gathered together some of the items needed for the bunad. In keeping with the colors of the Norwegian flag, my dirndl skirt will be navy, the vest in a deep red and the top underneath white (or ivory). I got some red/white/bue ribbons, pewter buttons et al along with some fabric rosebuds to fashion to a headband with streamers. This weekend I will be on the hunt for a special looking long apron, preferably with a lot of detailed embroidery or lace.

BBE The food is to be served (and shared) for en masse. I find that I have a tendency to undereat in large social gatherings like this since there is so many other things to distract me: coversations, traditional dance lessons from other "represented" countries, music, people I know, etc. that overeating will be the last thing on my mind. Thanks for the concern.

My DH received some bad health news (again) last night. Word to everyone: if you are waiting for test results of any kind unless you know that they are good, don't read the results right before going to bed! Please! My sweet Paul has abnormally high trigylcerides. I was very surprised. This bumped his cholesterol up into the high range. I assured him that we could "fix it" with diet and exercise and to "forget about it" until today when we can discuss a plan. He is the opposite of me. I thrive on plans and more plans.

Well, the problem is he has never had a weight problem until the past couple of years.His BMI is 28%. His doctor told him he needs to lose 30 lbs. To me, I would love to be that close to my ideal weight. I consider him to eat a very healthy diet. Enviable by "American standards." I mean, he eats 4 servings of vegetables at our evening meals together. Always. He just loves vegetables. At home I have always made for him what I eat so he is not getting this from my cooking! No frying, I rarely bake and the only "junk food" is his stash of Kit Kat bars which he only eats on occasion. We are both very light drinkers of alcohol.

Quite honestly, his "diet" doesn't have much to work with. I'm actually stumped. I would like to say that these results are "suspicious" but it also might mean that he is inheriting his father's heart disease and he might need medication to help bring this down. We often assume everything can be fixed with diet and exercise but there are some people that even with doing all the right things they still need medication. I was so hoping he wouldn't have to because he doesn't even remember where his reading glasses are half the time. (That is why he has three pair---one I insist he keep in our china cabinet in the dining room)

This is not going to be easy. He was already complaining (and whining a little). He said, "Well, I suppose this means I will HAVE to exercise now!" Before, it was a novelty. He walked a 13.1K this winter for cancer research but for him it was a fluke to do that. In fact, everything was and now, at age 53, he is joining the rest of us who actually have to work at being and staying healthy. Now, how to motivate him to take care of himself without nagging/scaring/threatening or babying him? That is the $1M question.

Well, I am insisting that he takes the test results to the doctor when he finally gets to see one about his skin cancer (he waited 5 hours in their waiting room this past week just to get into their computer system) and get a professional opinion. I'm the fixer in the family but even I realize I am not the "Wizard".

Credit for myself: Doing my exercises first thing in the morning. In fact, ticking off any important tasks first thing in the morning. That way they are done!
Taking another 1 hour walk yesterday (certainly not speed walking though), coming home, taking two strong anti-inflammatory pills and icing my knees.
"Detachment" works for me when presented with some challenges--which I have a new one--living with someone who is not going to like to make changes, even good ones for himself. I have a significantly more amount of weight to lose than DH and my needs are equally important. No apologies.

I made good choices when eating out:baked fish, corn on the cob, coleslaw and lots of unsweetened iced tea[Sidenote: down here you have to specifically ask for unsweetened iced tea or you will get something that is so sweet even a diehard sugar addict would curl their eyelashes drinking].

However, when I got home I had a healthy snack (SF NS peanut butter on a cut up apple) that put me over my calories for the day. :devil: I know what I "forgot": to log my food so I knew where I was calorie-wise because then I wouldn't have had what I had since I wasn't really very hungry--just very fatigued. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Overall, a very good start to my renewed determination to see 199 lbs by Christmas Day. It will happen if I work my tail off. Today, my jaw is set.

Have a great day and a safe weekend!:hug:

07-01-2011, 11:38 AM
The first of the month is when I change my ticker -- so this is the first time it shows me at goal. Yay! I was lower at times during June, so I'm hoping that July with all its wonderful veggies will help me get to normal weight according to the CDC's BMI recommendation.

And, yay! again, I pulled out a win with my exercise goals for June.

WI: +0.35 in kgs, Exercise: +60 1300/1300 minutes for June, Food: 75%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

07-01-2011, 01:06 PM

Hello to everyone.

BillBlueEyes- credit for passing by the store with free samples. Good way to keep your walk pure. LOL.

pamatga- you are doing fantastic. Good choices when you were eating out and so great that you are walking for an hour. Huge progress!!

gardenerjoy- must have felt wonderful to move that ticker to goal. So good to have you here to show the rest of us how to get it done. Hugs.

For me- happy to report that I was on plan on Wednesday and Thursday despite being out of town at a hotel.

Yesterday morning after I checked out of the hotel I went to get salad and 6 inch whole wheat roast beef sub at Subway to eat for lunch. Got to work and everyone was organizing a pizza lunch. I did not for a second waiver and it was nice not to have an internal debate. They ate greasy pizza, I ate what I planned. Small thing but it felt good. Then after work I was "starving" and still facing the 2 hour drive home. I started having thoughts about A&W or MacDonald's and had the sabotoging thought that since I resisted pizza at lunch I could do it. Thought NO CHOICE and instead went back to Subway for another healthy sub to eat on the way home. So glad I did not do it!!!

I went from 297 to 291 this week. I know most is water weight but still I will be so happy to get the heck out of the horrible 290's again.

Take care everyone and have a good day


07-01-2011, 03:06 PM
Hi Coaches

I'm watching the Canada Day coverage on the CBC today. I wish I was there but having lived in Ottawa for over 20 years I can easily imagine the atmosphere and the location of all the shots I see on tv. My friend in Ottawa says he's avoiding the whole thing, which I fully understand. He did say he's going to launch his canoe in the canal and load his two boys, 8 and 10, onboard this evening and they'll watch what will most likely be an over-the-top firework display to wow the Young Royals. Some years the government skimps on the fireworks but my hunch is they won't this year. I'm looking forward to seeing what my new hometown presents to its citizens for Canada Day. we are heading to the Richond Green for the festivities in a short while and will go back to see the fireworks at 10pm. I love fireworks.

*credit* for weighing in: -1.1lbs = 279.8! :carrot: The 270's are back again!

*credit* for being OP for two official weeks.

I have abstained from sugar, flours, and all other starches for two weeks now. I've focused on protein and veggies. I am now going to do it for two more weeks with the possible addition of berries once a day and some wii fit activities everyday. That's about all I want to change.

pamatga Tell your DH that it was called Dominion Day until Prime Minister Trudeau repatriated the constitution in 1982 from Britain. Although, I don't ever remember calling it Dominion Day myself and I'm 47... depends where you are from maybe or how much of a monarchist you are, or were, I suppose!
Have a great day everyone :dancer:

UPDATE: spent 1hr and 17min walking on The Green checking out the Canada Day offerings. We stood in line for Hawaiian kebabs but they were soooo slllloooooow we left. My new town must employee a boatload of gardeners. That whole Green was exquistely manicured and very orderly.

ALSO gardenerjoy!! You're at goal!! :congrat:Amazing. :congrat: So great.

Alana in Canada
07-01-2011, 03:18 PM
Happy Canada Day!

I'm new here.
I'm working through The Beck Diet Solution (the pink book--I love that you identify the books by jacket colour!)

You all will have to be my coach. I don't have anyone "local" except maybe my husband, but I've reservations about that. Not that he's too pushy--he's not really pushy enough! It would be hard for him to talk me out of doing something I "wanted" to do that isn't good for me. Example: he follows my directions when we're driving even as he is saying to me, "I don't think we should go this way." Sweet guy-- but maybe not exactly diet coach material?

Last night I read, "Prepare the house" and I confess to having my first real set of rebellious thoughts. It's that I don't want to have a mind set about food that claims some are bad and some are good (thus some are "allowed" in the house and some are not.

However, it is true that if ice cream is in the house I will have a bowl every night for dessert. I did last week--though the bowls got smaller as the week went by and I became more "conscious."

Eating ice cream every single night, no matter how small the portion will not help me become slimmer--right? (Except I could cut something else out of my diet to make "room" for it, couldn't I?)

See--I need a diet coach already. I need something irrefutable to tell myself not to bring it home--even when it is on sale!

As well--I have kids and even though one of them is over-weight--I feel like it isn't "fair" to deprive them of it. (Though the overweight child eats far, far too much of it when it is on hand. We had to restrict him to one bowl a day.)

Ice cream and chocolate are the biggies, really. We don't keep chips or non-diet pop or anything else in the house.

07-01-2011, 05:42 PM
What do you do at work when you are BORED? I sooo want to snack! I am confined to a desk unless I have a customer to help, so I can't go walk around or anything. It's not like I don't have work to do, but when it's slow or when it's Friday, I have no urge to do it. I just want to check out what's in the candy jar.

07-01-2011, 05:49 PM
pamatga, when I was at "normal" weight, my triglycerides were high. They went down when I stopped eating artificial sweetener, cut out most processed foods (even low cal frozen meals and the like), and cut way back on bread/pasta/cereal/sugar. So sad, but even whole wheat bread and pasta raise my levels.

07-01-2011, 06:56 PM
Hi Coaches/Buddies!

Happy Canada Day :D

I'm afraid I slept through the noon ceremonies ... I felt exhausted and a bit dizzy from the very non-eco-friendly bathroom cleaner I used yesterday and all the scrubbing and vacuuming. But it looks like we may go down to Hamilton harbour and watch the fireworks this evening.

Did well at my parents' last night and I have a plan for tomorrow night's wine tasting at our house. Yay for Weight Watchers gazpacho!! Also did 40 min of qi gong today, credit.

onebyone - you are doing amazingly well. Welcome to the 270s!! I want to come over and try your eggplant lasagna!! mmm... eggplant ...

gardenerjoy - WTG on reaching your June exercise goals!! Great to see that ticker at goal.

pamatga - Loved hearing about your German and Norwegian heritage. Would love to see a pic of your traditional Norwegian costume (with you in it!) onebyone is right - we haven't called it Dominion Day for quite a while, though I remember seeing it on calendars as a kid. At the time there used to be a national chain of grocery stores called Dominion, so I imagine there were quite a few kids who thought Dominion Day was the day you went shopping ;) Best wishes for Paul's health journey ... he's fortunate to have a health-conscious partner by his side.

silverbirch - kudos for your Beck-friendly day!!

SuperChick - WTG making healthy choices at the restaurant! Your weekend plan looks good.

BillBE - I know where my cat would have been if she were at your house yesterday at lunchtime, LOL. Kudos for avoiding the Whole Foods minefield! Good question about the sabbatical. Alas, I don't see one in my self-employed future, but I do get to go on meditation retreat for a week starting July 10. Yay!

CeeJay - WTG staying OP at the hotel!! Yay for NO CHOICE!

Alana - Welcome! We are a great big happy coach family around here. Whereabouts are you out West? I have a brother in the Vancouver area and another who lived in St. Albert, AB until fairly recently.

wife2abadge - can so relate to feeling bored and snacky at work. Kudos for posting instead!

Wishing everyone a great day,

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: no
Qi Gong: yes (40 min)

07-01-2011, 08:09 PM
Hi All,

Thought I'd post and wish everyone a Happy Canada Day, and help start off the July thread. I'm the resident lurker who pops in once in awhile to post.

I've had a good string of days and the scale is starting to move down again. Getting more aerobic exercise in has helped. What I love about exercise is that not only is it good for burning fat/toning/stretching muscles, it also takes away my hunger for a bit after. That helps me accept that my food portions are enough.

Keep moving forward all ! Thanks for being here.

07-02-2011, 06:43 AM
:welcome: Alana in Canada :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these some two and a half years ago, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find the Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

07-02-2011, 06:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Some tension in the renovation - happily resolved - but I took down a brownie; Ouch. Brownie's don't cure tension.

Walked, CREDIT moi, to dinner with DW to a Ramen noodle place; very hot, very salty, and so very, very good. Sometimes a hit of hot salt is just what the body needs. The sodium held water will go away in a few days, so I'll get to celebrate as if I'd lost some weight, LOL.

onebyone - Welcome back 170's. Now stick around if you don't mind. Canada has traditionally put up one of the best displays at the Boston Flower Show; maybe you do have a "boatload of gardeners."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats for recording your scale goal and your exercise goal. Do you change anything now that you're officially a maintainer?

Erika (eusebius) - Thanks for the reminder that it's time for some gazpacho around here. Yay, indeed, for a meditation week in July. Maybe you need to write an application for a Sabbatical year and submit it to yourself. Who knows, maybe you'll grant it; it's worth trying.

CeeJay - Kudos for sane Subway instead of McD's or worse, with a special Kudos for whipping out the old NO CHOICE to get there.

Woodland - LOL at the thought of "resident lurker" - perhaps your post can be used an excuse by our other lurkers to jump in and wave. Kudos for your string of good days. Neat that aerobic exercise helps keep hunger down; some articles suggest that exercising can increase weight because it's used as an excuse to eat more, but I don't buy that.

pamatga - Ouch for your DH's numbers from the blood tests. And Ouch for the age-appropriate reality that exercise is required for a healthy life. Good that you're there to encourage him.

wife2abadge - Ouch, "BORED" is such an opening for Sabotaging Thoughts to wiggle in suggesting that candy and other snacks are the proper antidote. They aren't. Then you'll be BORED and ANNOYED that you've taken on extra calories without real benefit. Are you allowed to read or go online at your desk between bouts of doing the don't-really-want-to-do-it chores? Good luck thinking up things you can do that don't involve food.

Alana in Canada - Yep, we'll be your on-line Diet Coach, and ask you to be one of ours. Spouses don't seem to be often chosen as Diet Coaches; there's already enough going on in that relationship without adding this.

Yep, chocolate is good stuff to include in a food plan - a specific small piece. When I last did chocolate, the size of my serving kept growing. I finally stopped having it as a regular home item; I have it when the opportunity arises for a small serving without additional being easily available. I had to just flat drop ice cream; even when I kept the serving to a planned size, it tweaked my head to want more, more, more. For me, it worked to just ignore it for my losing period, and to only take small servings on special occasions now. I agree with you, I don't need the concept of "bad" foods; there are, however, foods I seriously avoid: french fries, daily sweet desserts, candy, and white bread to name a few.

Glad you've joined us.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1
Motivate yourself daily
Emily's Advantages List
Start thinking about alll of the reasons you want to lose weight. Most dieters can easily come up with 15 to 20 reasons. Here are the reasons one dieter, Emily, put on her initial list:
. . .. . .
It will be easier to go up steps.
I'll be able to climb the bleachers at my son's games.
I'll wear more fashionable clothes.
I'll have a stable wardrobe.
I won't be embarrassed when I check out at the supermarket.. . .. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 54.

07-02-2011, 09:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies Alana in Canada - Yep, we'll be your on-line Diet Coach, and ask you to be one of ours. Spouses don't seem to be often chosen as Diet Coaches; there's already enough going on in that relationship without adding this.

Well put, BBE, and :welcome2: Alana in Canada! I love my husband but shudder at the thought of asking him to be my diet coach. :lol: I think that as you progress with Beck, you will learn alot about yourself and alot about what foods work and don't work for you. Dr. Beck feels that no food has to be off limits, but as an individual I certainly have trigger foods which seem to be jump off points for further unplanned eating. I am able to have 1/2 cup of NSA ice cream and leave it at that. If I move to sugar added, I find I'm less interested in stopping. I love nuts on my daily lunch salad and I can portion them properly...but put in a bowl on the table or as a designated snack I find them more difficult to stick to the appropriate portion. Best wishes as you embark on this journey and I look forward to getting to know you better.

Hi Coaches!

We traveled yesterday and I actually got all caught up with personals using my One Note. I had some glitches due to internet connection and wasn't able to post before continued to Denver for a hospital visit. Now, I think it's a little bit outdated so I think I'll just start anew tomorrow. I'll use a Beckism here and just breathe and say, "Oh, Well" :shrug:

Anyway, I'm settling in here and am going to "try" and I'll accentuate "try" to do a 2 week Phase 1 SouthBeach/Phase 1 Fat Flush. I haven't decided how it's going to work out but the major changes will be letting loose of caffeine (except for 1 morning cup), adding in lots of cleansing beverages AND staying out of DH's snack cabinet. Fat Flush suggests it might not be the greatest plan for Vegans, but since I eat eggs and tofu is allowed, it might work for me. I am most interested in adding the "cleansing regimen". It is always "one day at a time" for me and I'm great at not beating myself up anymore. *credit* I know how to eat to lose weight and I am capable of tweaking things make a fit with my personal beliefs. Fitting things into my "roller coaster life" is sometimes a bit harder. *credit* for the desire to keep trying.

Right off, it's breakfast out with mom. (pulls hair) Lots of resistance involved. I do have a plan, though....I think. lol

:wave: to everyone, and Happy Belated Canada Day to all of our Northern neighbors.

07-02-2011, 10:05 AM
We managed to choose the hottest day of the year to take my brother, his girlfriend, and her daughter to the Missouri Botanical Garden. I imagine we'll have fun anyway. We're going early which should help.

Welcome Alana in Canada! I use this thread and these wonderful people as my diet coaches. My husband is great but we are careful to be sideline cheerleaders for each other rather than coaches.
I gave up a lot of things at the beginning and gradually brought a bit back in to my plan as things fit and let go of things that didn't.
It turns out that I'm able to eat ice cream like a thin person -- a small serving during an outing or my homemade healthy versions (usually involving ingredients like local canteloupe and nonfat yogurt and made in the Cuisinart ice cream maker I bought a couple of years ago).
But other things don't work at all well for me. When I gave up junk food, I got over the cravings for most things in a couple of weeks, but donut cravings plagued me for months so I may never eat another donut. Who wants to live through that twice?
Potato chips, it turns out, were all about quantity for me. I don't even like them in small servings, but given the chance (say a magical day where I could eat anything I wanted with no ill effects, including cravings), I would still eat a very large amount. So, I'm not eating potato chips, either. They are too disappointing in the amounts that fit into my plan.
I guess my point is, the thing I didn't realize when I started, that it takes a lot of experimentation and the end result may be a lot more nuanced than you think. It's not all or nothing. It's much more complicated than that -- but also more delightful and fun to figure out what really works.

BillBlueEyes: I think I will make no changes for maintenance. I'm reasonably happy with the way I'm eating right now and I wouldn't mind losing a few more pounds over the next few months. So, I think I'll let my maintenance weight find itself. That's the method you used, wasn't it? I think it will be helpful to me to just accept this as the way I live now, rather than make some big deal out of being in maintenance and risk bringing back food habits that won't work for me.

07-02-2011, 12:33 PM
Hi. Just a quick check in this morning.

Credit yesterday for:

- weighing in
- riding exercise bike 30 minutes
- doing resistance band exercises for shoulders and arms
- eating healthy and on plan
- checking in with my coaches
- reading response and advantage cards

I am doing it coaches!!!

Wishing you all a happy day.


07-02-2011, 02:47 PM
Good Morning!
I successfully left Goddard with handsful of books, assignments and good will. It was very successful and I think I can be successful this semester. We return in January for the next stage. Although the net loss for the week I was there was only mayb .5lbs, I feel extremely successful to not have obsessed with food, exercised, eaten healthy and kept wheat free! I am now in DC visiting an old college friend. We will head to Bethany Beach, Delaware. as soon as the traffic clears. OP last nite and today. Feels good. Exercise 210 mins already whcih is my week's goal. Credit.
Alana in Canada: Welcome.
gardenerjoy: Big. Big! credits for goal. I hope one day to follow in your footsteps. If you can do it, so can I.
Pamatga/Wife2abadge: I am absolutely in agreement about less grains and triglecyrides. This no wheat has really helped me.
Lexxiss: I like the idea of a flush but not too drastic.
BBE: How is Boston on the Fourth?

07-02-2011, 08:24 PM
Hi Coaches

I've been super-emotional this weekend. I know it's because I've been missing Ottawa as it was all over the news with Canada Day and the royals and all that. I was thinking of how everyone I know would have dealt with the hubbub and of what I would have wanted to do (be in the middle of it!). The fireworks here were pretty good though. can't fault this town. They lasted 25min and there have been years in Ottawa where they were 15min so I was happy with them. But coaches, we sat in the parking lot of a Costco, in the back end of a GIANT big box complex to view the fireworks which burst overtop of the Home Depot store. Can I find myself deeper that that in suburbia I wonder?? I don't think so. Cars, parking lots, big box stores. It wears me out this stuff.

I think I am also just feeling things more right now as I am simply not eating my feelings down anymore. It's just the way it is. I need to come to some kind of acceptance of my new life here. I am fighting it every inch of the way.

Today's food has been rough. Even the wiif fit weigh-in was wonky. I got on and it said -6.4lbs. I thought NO WAY so I re-weighed and it said +6.4lbs from the last weigh in (huh.). So I did it one more time and it said -0.4lbs. So I am taking that and giving myself the 0.4lb loss (279.4lbs). Tomorrow's weigh-in will give me more information.

I did get DH a book with a store credit I had. I am trying to get inspired to make a card but I'm really low in creative energy. I am almost empty-void of it. We're going to DH's mom's for his birthday tomorrow afternoon (she's checked in twice about what I can and can't eat) and I found out DH's sister and BIL will be there too so... so what? Hopefully it'll be a nice event. I'll deal with the food issues or food conversations/questions if they come up but I won't worry about that in advance. I want this to be a nice day for DH.

Have a good evening coaches.

07-02-2011, 11:53 PM
Hi Coaches!

I'm back to sporadic internet in direct relation to traffic headed to and from the beautiful Colorado Rockie Mtns for the holidays. I'll just post when I can. Update: I have decided to do brunch with mom tomorrow despite my desire to really simplify my food plan for a few days. She has some legitimate medical stress right now (something showed up on her CT scan which could be a tumor). She cried today and it's just not worth it for her to sit at home tomorrow just because I don't want to go. I'll plan and be careful. *credit* for flexibility today and for a successful breakfast out and a bike ride to get there.

BillBlueEyes, thx for the reminder that brownies do not cure tension...remembering that applies to choc covered almonds, too. Remembering, too, that I'm coming to your neighborhood when I visit Boston.

gardenerjoy, belated congrats! on your official ticker goal weight and for making your June exercise minutes.

CeeJay, kudos for "doing it"!

maryann, congrats on a successful week at Goddard, both with your writing program and with your food and exercise. BTW-Fat Flush is just "another plan" which emphasizes healthy foods and watching carb intake. Her protocol includes specific beverages (cleansing) throughout the day.

onebyone, sending supportive thoughts this weekend as you feel your feelings without food. It is a step forward.

Pam(pamatga), sending supportive thoughts as your DH digests medical news.

Have a happy 4th everyone! I love fireworks but my pup hates them so tomorrow will be a mixed bag.

07-03-2011, 07:36 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Pasta Prima Vera on the patio for diner after an on-plan day; CREDIT moi. Especially pleased to ignore the brownies that still remain. I gotta get back to thinking of stuff like that as Not About Me. We're still having cool nights even as I read about 118 degrees Fahrenheit in Phoenix.

Gym was good after missing a session this week when I stayed home while a contractor was working. Picked up a FREE granola sample; think I'll have it for breakfast - like a trophey, LOL. Not many folks at gym on a good weather Fourth of July weekend.

Anne (WonderAnne) - Waving. Hope you missed that 118 over in Phoenix - or at least weren't in the midst of one of your marathon bicycle rides.

onebyone - Ouch for Canada Day dredging up the emotions of your move. Perhaps there's a certain amount of that you have to go through - like grieving - so it's well to get some more of it done to free youself to keep making your new life. Congrats for working out that book idea for your DH's birthday.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for the heat on your day out. Looks like there were record heat days in a few places. [Yay for continuing just what you're doing. Yep, that's what I did, so I'm prejudiced, LOL.]

CeeJay - Oh Yes you certainly are, "I am doing it coaches!!!" Hoping you have the long weekend without hotels.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Sending supportive thoughts to you and your mom as you work with the new CT information. Love the thought of Fourth of July in the Rocky Mountains. [Yep, chocolate covered almonds don't cure tension either, LOL. I know - I've tried.]

maryann - Monster Congrats for your Goddard successes - both your creative writing and creatively staying your path.

Readers - [B]chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1
Motivate yourself daily
Emily's Advantages List
Start thinking about all of the reasons you want to lose weight. Most dieters can easily come up with 15 to 20 reasons. Here are the reasons one dieter, Emily, put on her initial list:
. . .. . .
I'll be a good role model for my kids.
I won't feel inhibited when I'm intimate with my husband.
I'll feel in control of myself and my eating.
I'll be proud of myself.. . .. . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 54.

07-03-2011, 11:30 AM
Here on the Delaware Shore. Beach towns are scaled down from my experience on the west coast beaches where everything is much more Hollywood-ized. Still it is nice and packed with people for the holidays. Lots of chances for spontaneous walking and I stuck to three moderate meals only with a snack so the scale went slight down slightly from the 3lbs up of a sushi dinner and a few rees' pieces three nites before. All told - 2 pounds from ticker. I know the scale is just information and I know I say this a million times a month but it is unbelievable often how little I can eat and how much exercise I must do to just maintain. But facts are facts. I can't turn back the clock and live old patterns. Acceptance is the key. If I maintain through this trip I can look at the plan when I get back into a routine.
Good to be with an old friend. We talk for hours.
onebyone: I can hear your loneliness for your old place. It sounds like a difficult time right now.
Lexxiss: I can completely understand you desire to make it easy with food and yet being drawn into a food heavier situation with your mom. There is no easy answer. Good Luck.
BBE: Right on about telling the brownies "You ain't my business, brother."

07-03-2011, 11:32 AM
Our hot outing went fine yesterday, with lots of breaks in the shade and a few in cool buildings. Hope the Canadians and USians are all having terrific holiday weekends! Ours is going to be quiet and uneventful and I'm quite pleased with that.

WI: NA kgs, Exercise: +40 90/1300 minutes for June, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

CeeJay: yay for all the credits and this: "I am doing it coaches!!!"

maryann: so glad that the Goddard experience was rewarding and set you on a path to success

onebyone: sympathies for the pain of transition, and good job letting yourself feel it. Hope you find your way to some form of acceptance without surrender, soon. Perhaps you can channel the resistance into art?

Lexxiss: Yes, credit for flexibility and being there for your mom when that's what you need for yourself, too. Hope all goes well with that.

BillBlueEyes: Yay for "Pasta Prima Vera on the patio" and gym on the holiday weekend!

07-03-2011, 04:27 PM
Hi everyone. Hope you all are well.

Credit yesterday for:

- weighing in
- riding exercise bike 30 minutes
- checking in with my coaches
- reading response and advantage cards

No credit for:

- eating on plan all day and then caving at Tim Horton's on the way home from the concert last night (The Black Keys- excellent- rock and roll lives!!!) and instead of eating the planned yogurt and berries and decaf coffee it was decaf coffee and Tim Bits. Darn those stupid things and darn me for not practising resistance. No damage on the scale but still not great. I really don't want to eat that junk anymore. Next time I go through the drive-thru where there are no visuals.

Oh well, moving on with a good plan for today.

Take Care

07-03-2011, 04:33 PM
Hi Coaches!

I thought I'd check in while I have a connection. Brunch went remarkably well. I planned ahead of time;
~no sugar
~no dairy
~no caffeine
~no grains
I stuck with my plan by reminding myself "I'd rather be thinner" and I put my blinders on as we walked out the door which took us right through the desserts with stray cookies just waiting to tag along with us. *credit* for willingness to put my Beck behaviors to good use. Exercise, so far, is 5 minutes on the rebounder, 1/2 hr. weeding in the yard and I will say NO CHOICE and get on my bike later.

BillBlueEyes, kudos for an on-plan day! Yay for untouched brownies. I didn't touch one today, either. How was that trophy granola?

maryann, yay for spontaneous walking and 3 moderate meals. You said, "I can't turn back the clock and live old patterns." Wow! I hear ya there. Acceptance is the key. thx

gardenerjoy, thanks for checking in even though your day was "quiet and uneventful".

I picked up a new load of books at the library and I'm determined to read "eating mindfully" by susan albers today. I'd like to keep my head in the right place today.

07-03-2011, 09:40 PM
Hi Coaches

Okay. I weighed in *credit* and it was up 1.3lbs to bring me to 280.7. Since I want to continue the steady march downward I ahve to get back to some portion control. I was really focused on the type of food I was eating not so much the quantity. I need to work both ends of this.

We went to MIL's place for lunch. I am nto eating bread, and she was told this by DH but she's garbled he message to be I am not eating white bread. So she made super delicious multigrain baguette bruschettas just for me. I'm not kidding. They were just for me. I ate them. 5 slices/half a baguette. I don't think they trigger me to overeat or to crave off plan food and I don't think it's worth the fuss to "straighten her out" as I would have felt in my younger more feistier days. She's trying. She doesn't have to do that so I appreciate the effort.

I need to focus on my artwork now. I think it's three weeks to the first art show I've been in in a year. My environment here is really a disaster still and I sure don't feel ready to get working. I need to set aside an appointed time each day to tackle the house. It's getting ridiculous that I can't manage this place. I just have to deal with it. Maybe I can enlist the help of my new friend. I should ask. Maybe she's a whiz at all that?

Anyway, I'm trying to move forward. Thanks for supporting me coaches.

UPDATE: AAARRRGH! I fell into a mason jar 2/3 full of marinated mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and onions. There may have been sugar in the oily mix too. I didn't stop eating them until they were done and now the jar is empty. MIL sent us home with this food and a bunch of other food but I thought I was "safe" from it as it was all veggies. I remember thinking :devil: I can have a few of the mushrooms...and I can't wait to taste them... and I ate a long time ago it's ok if I have a few. Ha! Guess I was wrong. It's not the food- it's my thinking. I think I also felt frustrated all day with my weight and feeling so f-a-t still and self conscious again as I met new people once more.

How can it be that at the same time I think


a demain.

07-03-2011, 10:02 PM
Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I have been sitting down propping my left leg up on a footstool icing my knee then the rest of my leg (from mid thigh down to mid calf my left leg has been noticeably swollen). It has taken me 36+ hours to get where I can put weight back on it. I am not sure what happened but I am self-treating that and scrapping all former plans this weekend. "Oh well", right?

:welcome2: Alana from Canada We have several others representing your country here so now you are adding more flavor to the pot!

gardenerjoy :congrat: big time for your ticker moving to goal weight. You do a great job of working your program and sharing that with all of us.

wife2abadge Now you've got me worried. My DH (his triglycerides are 774) does not eat processed foods, nor artificial sweetners (he has PKU and they contain phenlyketonurics--a type of protein toxic to his blood) and the only carb he eats too much of is white potatoes, although he has been eating normal portions in the past month. He loves vegetables and eats them by the bucket load. He does not have much of a sweet tooth. I am having him pick up some fish oil capsules tonight and I want him to start with that. He will take his lab test results with him when he finally sees a doctor about his skin cancer. Being I am the one who is the "lifetime" dieter and he is at the high range of overweight, I am not sure how much tweaking we can do of his diet. He eats very healthy. His blood sugar is normal. So, what do you mean "no grains"? How does grains affect your triglycerides? Please tell me more. He eats what I eat when we eat at home and he is the one who misses lunch when he is working. Should he continue to eat whole wheat toast and Raisin Bran?

************************************************** ******

Well, by the sound of it all of you Canadians are really enjoying this weekend and all the media attention. I hope it brings in lots of much needed $$$ for everyone! I heard that Will n Katherine's wedding brought in $6B to London and England overall.

onebyone I went through a grieving when I moved and then I watched (feeling somewhat helpless as my DH did as well). He had to decline going to a family reunion back in MN this weekend and all day today he has been looking at the clock and saying what he thinks is happening right now. My heart is with you.

Lexxiss Prayers to your mom and hope the results are "nothing" or if "something", something that can be fixed quickly. I am very worried about my Dad right now. I am praying that he is placed into assisted living. My sister and I don't see it equally but he is nearly blind and I am fearful if he falls, it could be deadly. They (our parents) worried about us when we were little and now it is our turn.

************************************************** *****

Yes, I will make sure that I have someone take a picture of me in the Norwegian bunad. The making of the costume is coming along quite well. I am quite pleased with it thus far.

I heard this on the NPR the other day (and it is so true) "Atlanta is the city where you drive someplace to go for a walk!" That was one of the first things my DH and I noticed when we moved here 7 1/2 years ago. We used to routinely take a walk after our evening meal. I know that is one reason why my regular exercise outdoors back in MN became infrequent moving here. Now, we have to make a concerted effort to get that activity in.

As for me, I can barely put any weight on my left leg so I am going no farther than the loveseat to watch oodles of pre-recorded programs from the past month.

Credit: At my insistence I began learning to read the "Liturgy of the Hours" which is the daily prayer book used by priests, the religious (nuns, brothers, monks and deacons) and, yes, the lay Carmelites. I would like to have my DH be my "formation director" but if they won't allow that then I will go with someone else. This is prayed 3x a day and includes antiphons, psalms, singing a hymn, scriptural reading and intercessions. It has such a calming affect on me already. It is like a "let's stop now and be quiet" type of spoken out loud meditation. Always good for the soul. Maryann and eusebius know what I mean. Feeding our spirits.

Hello woodland, silverbirch, ceejay and annewonder....if I missed anyone else, hello to you as well. :grouphug:

Peace and love this holiday weekend, Pam

07-04-2011, 06:46 AM
Good Morning Coaches, and happy Independence Day to all the Americans among us. Quite the holiday weekend in North America!

I am a bit pushed for time this morning so will just post a quick update then try to get back for personals tonight – I’ve scanned through the weekends posts and there’s too much to condense!

So, credit 1 – I weighed in this morning at the end of my second week and I’m 2lb down! This takes me to my first 5lb goal! :cb: super happy about this, as I was a little worried following a slightly off-plan weekend. Credit 2 – despite a busy weekend I managed to plan my meals for today and prep them last night. Following all my planning, I managed to forget the scales so was on the back foot before I’d even started! Luckily I had museli in snack sized boxes so I could estimate a ‘normal’ portion for my plan. I followed most of the rules I tried to put in place – I made on plan meal choices, only had bananas as energy food on my mountain bike rides and just about managed to record what I was eating. Credit 3. I didn’t, however, remember to read my ARC from my blackberry, or stick to one glass of wine on Saturday night… I did a lot of exercise (~4hrs each day) which caused me to eat more than my plan allows (although it does say if you’re active to add a couple of extra carb / protein servs) – I still think I could have done slightly better with some things. I’m sure when we go on holiday next week I will be able to get into a slightly better routine.

Have a good Monday all and I’ll check back later. :goodvibes

P.S. One quick personal – well done Gardener joy!!!!! :woohoo: Target weight deserves a massive celebration and a non-food treat :D

07-04-2011, 07:03 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ahhh, success breeds success. After stiffing that brownie the other day - that homemade brownie brought over by a friend - I decided to stick firmly to my plan and ignore the treats available at a coffee hour yesterday. That turned out to be two of the outrageous delicious, as well as outrageously expensive, chocolate cakes from the local top shelf dessert establishment. Folks who wouldn't usually have any were going back for seconds. My DW offered me a bite from her plate - my normal way of having just a taste. But I refused both cakes as well as my wife's kind offering; CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi. My resistance muscle needed a little strengthening; I had been drifting a bit. During my loosing period, having absolutely no dessert was just the way I lived. I turned down EVERYTHING. So, it was good to get a taste of that former focus.

Took a walk, CREDIT moi, to the supermarket. I was expecting mobs on the day before the Fourth, but found it nearly empty. I suppose everyone was already at the beach.

onebyone - Kudos for threading your way through the situation with your MIL to keep your DH's birthday party a joyful event. Big Ouch for the marinated veggies; I agree, probably not a lot of calories, but the old neurons need to remember that Sabotaging Thoughts are just Sabotaging Thoughts.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for "quiet and uneventful" - a little restoration is a good thing.

CeeJay - Yep, Tim Bits are evil little things (donut holes for those in the U.S. who don't get to Tim Horton's). They look like one would be OK to eat. But that one drags along a friend, who has friends also. Many can disappear quickly.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Just love the word sequence, "went remarkably well. I planned ahead" - planning just seems to work. [Trophy granola was tasty - certainly worth the price, LOL.]

sliverbirch – Waving. You could be celebrating today that King George arranged that you're not responsible for any mess the U.S. finds itself in these days, LOL.

maryann - I need to be reminded, "Acceptance is the key." My brain still carries fantasies of how I could live if I were a teenager: eat whatever, stay up all night anytime, and stay in shape with minimal exercise. Those days, if they ever existed, are gone.

pamatga - Ouch for those leg and knee issues; glad to hear that you're back to being able to put weight on it. LOL at "drive someplace to go for a walk!" That does seem like an oxymoron.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1
Motivate yourself daily
Emily's Advantages List
Start thinking about all of the reasons you want to lose weight. Most dieters can easily come up with 15 to 20 reasons. Here are the reasons one dieter, Emily, put on her initial list:
. . .. . .
I'll enjoy going shopping.
I'll feel more comfortable socially.
My mother will stop nagging me.
I'll be able to go hiking with my family.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 54.

07-04-2011, 12:25 PM
Happy Independence Day to the USians among us! We have nowhere to go, which is good. I keep telling myself. Normally, we would have a family gathering that would involve too much of the wrong kinds of food and too many dangerous interactions with fire and explosives. It's not happening this year and I thought I was glad about that. If it were on the schedule, I would be complaining about it. Since it's not on the schedule, I find myself inclined to complain about the lack of it. Apparently, I have a skill in the area of complaining. Oh well. I'm going to enjoy my quiet day. I'm going to write and do qi gong and eat healthy foods. So yay!

07-04-2011, 10:25 PM
Hi Coaches

I spent the day at home today. I woke up with indigestion and felt crummy in general. *credit for weighing in: +2.6 = 283.3 =the results of eating salty food after 11pm.

*credit: Today I was extra careful. I made a slow cooker meal and really wanted seconds, but I pictured how bloated I would feel so I didn't do it. I stuck to my one bowl. Portion control is emotionally tough for me right now. Conversely, I feel open and vulnerable and I have a hunch that I have a golden opportunity right now to actually heal my relationship with food and I am going to pursue it. This new place where I live has TONS of resources for therapy and groups and extra support. I think, for me, I am going to need these extra things to truly heal from my eating compulsions and behaviours. I am so totally serious about getting past these issues I can hardly stand it. I don't think I can do it on my own. I think I am at a place where it would do me a world of good. I am also fortunate through DH's job to have excellent health coverage. It's never been like this before so I need to use it as someday we may not have that--but it's there now.

So that's how I am today.

To those in the US of A, I hope you had a good holiday today!

Bye for now.:grouphug:

07-04-2011, 11:57 PM
Hello coaches:

Feeling OK about my eating. The last 2 days have been pretty good, but not perfect because I have been eating food that was not on plan. Nothing too sugary or salty but I need to refocus this week and only eat on plan. It's going to be a busy week but I have food planned til Friday. I am finding eating pretty much the same thing for breakfast, lunch and morning and afternoon snacks is working very well. I will sometimes vary but only if I plan to eat about the same number of calories.

Other than that I was slicing up some red pepper today and sliced through my nail on left index finger. OUCH. Typing really hurts. All in the name of eating my veggies. :lol::lol::lol:

Take care and watch out for sharp knives!!!!


07-05-2011, 12:04 AM
onebyone I applaud your desire both to make these changes and make these permanent. Much of my personal insights I carry with me come from a few years in both individual and group psychotherapy and the 12 Step program, Overeaters Anonymous. I so hear you loud and clear about wanting to be done with all of this! I told my DH this morning I have hit a place where I am tired of going up and down in the 260s. For **** sakes, that used to be my highest weight 10 years ago, and I am pushing past it and beyond it. We can do this!!:carrot:

Gardenerjoy I am green with envy:p but proud as punch :D that you hit goal weight. I've said :congrat: before but heck, let's run the flag up the pole. I do watch and listen. I want you to know that come H** or high water, we (see above) will be joining the rest of you under the 200 mark and then :woohoo: for us all. Party time!!!:carrot: :broc: Veggie Time!!

BBE Bill, I am going through a real flip flop right now when it comes to what is OP and what isn't. If I may be so bold as to say I recognize a lot of EE in this bunch, I honestly believe that it really depends on where we are emotionally at any given time in how well (or not so well) we handle food in general. My b-day is the 19th and we have a way of celebrating that is part of choosing how we want to spend our b-day. I did not know what Tim Bits were but I suspected they were something "forbidden". Now, I know.

Four years ago I bought myself a dozen glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts for my birthday, in lieu of a cake. I ate all but one (DH) in a matter of 10-15 minutes. It the first time I had ever eaten them! Last year, since I had begun BLC I made myself a sugar free lemon cake (one of my favorites) with sugar free frosting and lemon zest on top. It was beautiful. I had lemon sorbet with it. I am not sure what I want to do this year. I doubt whether it will be sugar free though but it will undoubtly be in a controlled environment like one piece of cake in a restaurant (and not the Great Chocolate Wall of China from PFChang--1700 cal!) and that will be it. We'll see. The jury is out on that. GJ on identifying how you wanted to handle your chocolate tryst. I am learning that yes I can limit my portions of some former irrestibiles. I said some.

Heavy electrical and t-storms today right up to the fireworks. Nix the cook out. Nix being on the computer until just now. I had left overs. Opened the potato chips I was saving for the cook out. I counted out normal portions, put in a bowl and ate one at a time very slowly. It was conscious. It was logged on my food log and no I didn't go over my daily calorie amount. Still celebrating holidays with food. Just getting more sane about it. One step at a time.

Able to walk on left leg today although the quad muscles smarts still. I do not know what I did unless it happened in my sleep. My knee locked up on me a dozen times two days ago and my leg was noticeably swollen. Lots better and tomorrow I pick up where I left off with my TYOK exercises and the rest of my workouts.

Pushing through some tough talks about our future here at Atlanta and a possible move (we talk about this every so often, put it down, then return to it). Who knows? It is hard emotional work but it's got to be done. I might be returning to school in a couple months. I hate turning one year older and having to re-invent myself again. Blah!!

HAGN all!:hug:

07-05-2011, 01:10 AM
Hi Coaches!

It was a good Beck day. I had a plan and I used my resistance skills to eat OP, with a minor deviation, which was adding a TBSP of almond butter to my afternoon apple. Exercise was my 5 min. on the rebounder and 4 hours of painting and scraping. *credit* for all. DH has another marionberry pie. I really want to be thinner and it's just not worth it.

BillBlueEyes, *credit* *credit* *credit* for avoiding even one bite of the outrageously expensive, chocolate cakes. I agree, it wouldn't have hurt but sometimes it STILL has to be about the principle if we're going to stay trim.

CeeJay, great analysis of how you can be better prepared next time you go to Tim Horton's. It is so difficult, yet necessary, to resist and watch our spouses indulge IF we want to be thinner. I'm watching him eat pie this holiday. Ouch! I hope you're not too badly injured. I will take your advice and watch out for sharp knives.

onebyone, I'm happy to hear you are feeling a hunch that you have a golden opportunity to heal your relationship with food. *credit* From my perspective, as a recovering alcoholic who switched addictions, it just doesn't get magically better. At some point, we either "have enough" or pursue to total destruction. :hug: There are certainly days I still want to drink, I just can't/don't. I am working towards that understanding with food. If you have the resources available that is just great.

Pam(pamatga), credit for taking care of yourself and your spiritual life during a trying time as you have lots of emotional stuff on the front line. Sending supportive thoughts your way.

SuperChick, congrats on making your first goal! Your detailed planning/tracking is most certainly contributing to your success...not to mention lots of exercise.

gardenerjoy, I , too, have a skill of complaining. Seriously, though, it is very calming to enjoy a holiday at home without all the food/alcohol/explosive distractions. Yay for qi gong and healthy foods!

07-05-2011, 05:27 AM
Morning coaches, hope you’re all ok. A good day on plan yesterday, pretty busy in preparation for our holiday – I didn’t sit down from the moment I got up until the moment I went to bed! Credit though for being busy and still planning my meals and preparing my lunch and snacks for work, when I could quite easily have sat on the sofa! Credit today for reading my ARC, and getting up early to go swimming before work, even though I wanted to stay in bed…

Onebyone – you are very strong. You are facing your food issues head on; this takes a lot of strength. I have also thought of going to therapy in the past for my food issues, but just never seemed to get there. You seem to have the motivation right now – go for it!
BBE - Brownies are a killer. A good home made one… my mouth is watering! Another very strong Beckie – turning down the cakes is a big CREDIT
Ceejay – Ouch!
Pamatga – Well done on the mindful eating, especially with a trigger food like crisps.
Debbie – Good work on being OP, and using what you’ve learnt through Beck to refuse pie temptation… credit!

07-05-2011, 07:14 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - I like this business of letting success spawn more. I found it possible to stand down all the sweet desserts at our big food event yesterday, CREDIT moi: homemade pies, cakes, cheeses, and a strawberry shortcake - an old favorite. I had the mixed fruit, as I had planned. So planning worked, as did having some recent prior resistance muscle strengthening.

Got a good position along the Charles River to see the Boston fireworks accompanied by the Boston Pops. A good show. I remain in awe that a firework can explode into a cube. Lots of good walking; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Ouch for feeling crummy with Kudos for portion control. It's exciting that you are so motivated to make some changes.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for a quiet Fourth.

CeeJay - Kudos for sacrificing some fingernail to stick with the veggies. Red peppers fight back.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for four hours of painting and scraping - that's difficult work.

pamatga - Good grief, "the Great Chocolate Wall of China from PFChang--1700 cal!" - that should be illegal. Kudos for going through the difficult discussions about your future.

SuperChick - Congrats on that 5 pound goal - may there be more. Kudos for on plan during such a busy day.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1
Motivate yourself daily

When to Read Your Advantages Deck
Along with your Response Cards, read your deck each morning before breakfast to create a helpful reminder for the day. As you read each card (either silently or aloud), be careful not to let the words just pass in front of your eyes. Think about how important each advantage is to you. Also think about whether you want to go through the rest of your life not achieving each advantage. It's important to actually read the deck and not just mentally recall what the advantages are. I've found that reading and reflecting on each reason seems to penetrate the mind much more deeply.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 54.

07-05-2011, 09:35 AM
Hi coaches - quick checkin for me this morning. Things have gone well Sunday and Monday and I feel back on track after the party Saturday evening. Qi Gong continues to help me. I just need to stay out of my head and the ego's crazy thinking binges.

Will get back to personals shortly - hope all the Americans here had a great 4th.
(((onebyone))) I've moved a lot in my life and I understand what it's like to miss a place terribly.
Have a great day, everyone!

07-05-2011, 12:02 PM
Hi Coaches

It's Tuesday today. I'm starting to make a bit of progress in getting ready for my first art show in a year. In two weeks I am off to Ottawa to sell my most commercial of my works. I'm excited about going back and seeing people.

*credit for weighing in (-2.9lbs -- salt is gone again) = 280.4

I'm just dancing with 280/279. I need to step it up.

*credit for checking in with my coaches and for recording my food

Off to paint some larger paintings...

07-05-2011, 12:09 PM
Happy Fifth. This is my last full day on the east coast. It has been a life changing journey. Great to see my friend and her ds and I got along very well. But boy do I miss DS and DH. I ache to see my little boy. It must have been in the back of my mind and I didn't let it out until this morning. Correspondingly, I am HUNGRY this morning. I want to eat the world. I will read my ARC. I have walked an hour on the shore. There is is no food I can eat that will allow me to see my loved ones sooner so I must let it go.

Lexxiss: I am using your mantra today "I'd rather be thinner."
gardenerjoy: Boy do I get what you mean by HOT. I am here on the Delaware Shore. We in California just don't get it.
onebyone: I think extra help is a great idea. I have certainly used both groups and individual therapy to support me through positive change
BBE: Here is a LOL. I read the first line of your post "Success Bread" I had to re read three times to get "Breed" HMMM... Some are sicker than others.
pamatga: Sorry about your knee. That is a bummer.
superchick: Congrats. 5 lbs is a big deal.

07-05-2011, 12:32 PM
My quiet 4th was good, especially eating out of my own kitchen exactly what I planned. Yay!

onebyone: terrific idea to take advantage of the resources in your new area.

CeeJay: I cut myself yesterday, too -- on zucchini. Eating vegetables is living dangerously! Who knew?

07-05-2011, 02:48 PM
I awoke feeling very afraid and nervous. I have been through so much change in the past three-four years that the thought of even more just makes me want to go back to bed and pull the comforter (aptly named) over my head, which is exactly what I am going to do today.

I made two decisions last night. I think I must have been a town crier in a past life because I feel like the need to "announce" things in a public way sometimes. First of all, onebyone, I am with you on wanting to moving down into the next 10 lbs so I have decided that I am going to work my butt off this coming month and break 260. Secondly, I have also decided that in the interest of avoiding having to pull seasonal clothes out of our large walk-in closet, which still is stuffed to the gills, then put them into storage only to keep doing that the next season, that I am going to edit my existing wardrobe enough where all seasons can fit into my closet. Now, some of you may wonder so what's the big deal? Again, it's all about raising the bar.

BBE I will never forget when you said that you finally got a new pair of sweats!! You are definitely not a clothes horse like myself. I have already bought some new workout clothes (twice) this season alone! And, I make sure my DH fills the gaps in his wardrobe as well not to mention clothe my pregnant niece and her two childen (one in utero). Yes, Lexxiss, I also have multiple addictions: spending/shopping and eating. I used to find that when one was being a purring kitten the other one was a wild snarly beast but lately things seem to be simmering which I think is a good sign that I am not doing the wide pendulum swings (typical of an addict) but more in the middle.

So, sometime this coming week, I am going to put all of those beautiful (and some not worn) "dressier" clothes in a large Hefty bag and off to Goodwill they go. No more of those sizes. I was hanging on to them, "just in case" but as I "announced" to my DH last night, if you see a (still) fat [although not as fat] naked woman running around Atlanta(assuming the authorities didn't lock her up) you know that at least she refused to even "entertain" the thought of wearing those larger sizes any more. My wagons are circling and I don't want to even go up more than 2 lbs (and it only better be water weight) from here on out. There is no way to go but down----and definitely not out!!
Also, Less is More. Like someone said around here on 3FC, either here or on one of the other threads, when you have a thinnner and toned body, you need less clothes. I say Amen to that!!

P.S. I saw a fun looking infomercial on Hip Hop ABs last night that I am going to order. It looked fun and I carefully watched the lower leg movements so I wouldn't be doing any "compromising" knee movements. I'm getting it!

onebyone Good Luck on the sale of your art work.

07-05-2011, 10:07 PM
Hello everyone:

pamatga- good for you for your determination to work your butt off to break 260. I really admire that. I also love that you are thinking ahead to Christmas and are believing in yourself.

gardenerjoy- yay for an on plan 4th of July.

maryann- wishing you a good trip back and lovely reunion with your DS and DH.

onebyone- glad you are working on your art and have a trip to Ottawa coming up soon.

eusebius- waving hello and wishing you strength fighting the thinking binges.

BillBlueEyes- good for you for standing strong in the face of a large amount of sugar-fat.

SuperChick-lots of credits for you yesterday.

Lexxiss- yay for eating OP for the day and painting is definetely good exercise.

For me- some good stuff and some slipping up. I just have to keep on going. One thing is I am still posting when I am slipping up when usually messing up means I read but don't post.

Credit today for:
-weighing in
-reading advantage and response cards
-riding exercise bike 30 mins
-doing resistance bands
-planning tomorrow and packing lunch
-checking in with my coaches

No credit for:
-eating 2 Off Plan bagels


07-05-2011, 10:10 PM
Hi Coaches!

OP today. *credit* Practiced the hunger experiment inadvertently, as an appointment took longer than expected. Hit Whole Foods and enjoyed a make your own salad which put a large smile on my face for $5.91. Resistance muscle was strong...nothing jumped out that was worth going off plan for-even though I was pretty hungry. Exercise was painting and scraping...again.
I'm tired tonight and know from experience that it's a jumping off point for unplanned eating. I think I'll go to bed early and enjoy some reading.

BillBlueEyes, I'm finding planning and a strengthened resistance muscle to be a key right now, too. *credit* for your willingness to turn down sweet treats offered in multiples.

SuperChick, lots of credits! Super kudos for getting out of bed to exercise even when you could have slept in.

Erika(eusebius),yay for getting right back on plan after the big bash.

onebyone, I hope your painting went well. Great job logging your food.

maryann, I was so fascinated to read that your hunger popped up with your aching for your family. I usually identify the hunger with negative emotions. *credit* for standing down and recognizing that food wouldn't fix it.

gardenerjoy, ouch for another veggie cut!

Pam(pamatga), *credit* for making decisions for steps forward while you were feeling afraid and nervous. I have purged my closet numerous times now. I do have some special pieces I have yet to fit back into but it felt very good to get rid of things that no longer fit.

07-06-2011, 06:09 AM
Morning Coaches, another quick one as I seem to be busy at home getting ready for the holiday and at work trying to get everything finished before we go on holiday! Pretty much OP yesterday, was aiming to get some of the packing done last night but that didn’t really happen so that leaves everything to do tonight… eek! At least tea is last night’s leftovers; one less thing to think about… credit for another early morning swim, planning my meals, and cycling to work even though I know it’s going to pour down later and I’ll get soaked on the way home! (scratch that, it’s already started raining). I’ve been thinking about the holiday, and don’t want to put too much pressure on myself so I am just going to aim to maintain my current weight loss and not put any on. I’m going to go get weighed in the morning, and go from there. I think it may be more difficult to stick to my plan whilst I’m away so I’m going to measure portions where I can (remembering the scales this time!) and just try to make good meal choices (focusing on the veggies and clean protein) and attempt to keep the portions down. It should be a pretty active break so that should help… I have my ARC on my blackberry, but need to make more of an effort to read it in the morning – something I didn’t do at all when we were away last weekend. Oh, and I can’t forget my trusty pink notebook to write (not plan though) my food intake. At least that way I can stay accountable to myself. Fingers crossed…

Maryann – well done for recognising you food / emotion link, even more so for ‘letting it go’
Onebyone – good luck with your show. What is it that you paint?
Ceejay – keep crediting yourself for the good stuff; the more positive you stay the stronger you are (and more power you have to strengthen your resistance muscle) :strong:
Lexiss – Well done for an OP day and for recognising your off-plan eating triggers

Hope everyone has a good day!

07-06-2011, 07:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Fairly straight forward day, CREDIT moi. Had mint (from our yard, of course) on mixed fruit for dessert - a dynamite taste combo.

onebyone - Good news that you're getting a visit back to Ottawa.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Perhaps we can get kids to eat more veggies when they realize that "Eating vegetables is living dangerously."

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for recovery from your party. LOL at "need to stay out of my head."

CeeJay - Kudos for posting when you'd rather not.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for exercise; Ouch for painting and scraping. And Kudos for doing Whole Foods without grabbing the FREE samples.

maryann - Ouch for missing the DH and DS, with Kudos for standing down the hunger that brought up. ["Success Bread" sounds good, LOL. By the by, the July 11th issue of Time magazine says that farming is the new way to get rich; hope that means favorable markets for you guys.]

pamatga - Yay for making the commitment by giving away the larger clothes.

SuperChick - Don't recall if you've told us where you're going on holiday. Hope it's a private cruise among the Greek islands, with snorkel gear.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1
Motivate yourself daily
When to Read Your Advantages Deck
Until it's a firm habit, many dieters need a reminder system to cue them to read their decks. The dieters I work with keep their decks in various places: on the bedside table, in the bathroom, on the kitchen counter next to the coffeemaker. Some dieters put them away in drawers but create a visual reminder for themselves. For example, a dieter may put a sticker or sticky note on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, or on a kitchen cabinet. Some dieters like to write "30 seconds" on the note to remind themselves that it doesn't take long to read their decks. Isn't it worth this quick investment every morning if it means you get to lose weight and keep it off?

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 54-55.

07-06-2011, 09:32 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Things are going well. It is nice to have a few days where everything just clicks into place. Part of it is that I feel I am advancing on my spiritual journey. I know my eating and weight are usually reflective of where I am spiritually, so I'm paying a lot of attention to that.

Today we might actually get to see a grownup movie! Not that I mind stuff like Rio and Judy Moody but it's nice to see something aimed at my age range for a change. I think we will go to see Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" (though I'm indignant that Stravinsky is not in it, LOL)

onebyone - how exciting to be looking forward to an art show! Keep us posted ...

maryann - love your constructive attitude to feeling really, really hungry ... I know how much I miss my little one when I'm away from her ... you'll see him soon!!

gardenerjoy - yay for eating your own garden veggies!!

pamatga - (((Hugs))) - big changes can be so stressful. It is important to take care of yourself!! Good on you for planning your next moves. Editing your closet is a great thing to do.

CeeJay - kudos for posting consistently even when your eating isn't what you would like!

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Well done with the impromptu hunger experiment! Smart to go to bed early ...

SuperChick - congrats on 5 lbs :woohoo: and credit for sensible vacation planning.

BillBE - Mint on mixed fruit sounds yummo. Must try it.

Wishing everyone an OP Wednesday,

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: spontaneous
Qi Gong: yes (15 min)

07-06-2011, 11:37 AM
Hi Coaches

I proved to myself that I am indeed the "advertiser's dream" that DH says I am.

I had my food planned. I shared it with my coach. DH came home and said "Can you make me a couple of those sausages for dinner? I just want them on a piece of bread." OK, I can do that for my hardworking DH. So I go to the fridge, take out the food, make it and say to myself you want sausages too. It was all in a second. Actually, to be completely truthful, as soon as he asked for the food I said I want that too. I had planned a large green salad with cheese as I had a large heavy bunch of meat stuff for lunch. I am trying to keep my dinner meal light. Sausage = not light. But, I switched it and ate the sausages and forced myself to be finished with eating for the day. *credit I didn't eat more. But I was very unsatisfied with my dinner choice. I missed not having the salad and these thoughts lead directly to... feeling deprived... which leads to... poor me--I deserve.... but it didn't lead me to the food. It did lead me to marvel at how easily I am influenced to change my mind about food. The sausages were still within my food plan but this switching for no good reason can't continue. The behaviour reinforces the belief that I a) don't really have to follow a plan and b) I can think on the fly in regards to food -- ah no. I can't. I don't have "common sense" when it comes to food--I am ruled by emotion and subconscious drives. I am sure there is more to it than that but even those two are enough reason to stay on plan.


staying within my foodplan parameters
eating three meals and no snacks
being social yesterday
weighing in this morning: -0.4 = 280.0lbs
being in touch with my coaches
planning my food
recording my food
no seconds
setting goals
staying positive
being honest about my food
facing my stuff instead of stuffing my face


07-06-2011, 12:22 PM
pamatga -- sorry, I didn't mean to worry you! I'd say your husband's triglycerides are really high for someone who eats the way you said he does, so I'm guessing that changing his diet isn't going to help a whole lot (though I am not a doctor or a nutritionist!). I just meant that for ME, when I cut out artificial sweetener, processed foods like frozen diet meals and fat free hot dogs, and most bread/pasta/rice, my triglycerides went down.

07-06-2011, 08:48 PM
Hi Coaches!

A stressy day….took a detour and got right back on track. I will adjust my calories for dinner after deducting the tree nuts and sugar free chocolate which were not on my plan. I did add a small green smoothie in this afternoon as my mom needed some nutrition and wouldn't drink alone. She'll have day surgery tomorrow so can't eat after 6 tonight. That healthy addition is washed down the unplanned food and actually helped me recommit. Credit for getting back on track and for ignoring free samples at Costco.

BillBlueEyes, thumbs up for minty fruit. I'll be one trying that, too.

CeeJay, we've been crossposting these past few days. Kudos for posting on a less than perfect day. I'm here tonight because I had a less than stellar one.

SuperChick, wow! Great use of your Beck skills during a very busy time! Have fun!

Erika(eusebius), glad to hear you've had a few days of everything just falling in place. It feels so good!

onebyone, great job negotiating around your unplanned food. It was a done deal and you moved on. I feel the same, it's important to stick to my plan. It's not always such a benign experience for me. Sometimes I'm more rational and other times not so much.

Susan(wife2abadge), :wave:

I need to do some planning tonight for tomorrow's hospital session. I guess I'm not supposed to leave the building. I didn't sleep much last night and will hope for a better night of rest, too.
ETA-I had a light dinner and made it upstairs with just my cup of peppermint tea. success!

07-06-2011, 11:16 PM
Hello Friends

Just a short note tonight as we have overnight guests and they will be returning with DH any minute from a little boat ride up the river.

Credit today for:

- weighing in
- reading response and advantage cards
- riding exercise bike 30 minutes
- eating healthy food only
- planning tomorrow and packing lunch
- checking in with my coaches
- stopping after eating 1 piece of unplanned zucchini nut bread by asking myself what I wanted more- to polish off the loaf or to get some of this weight off. (Thank you Dr. Beck for that one).

Back to the hotel tomorrow night but I have a plan. Check back in on Friday.

Take care

07-07-2011, 06:03 AM
Morning coaches :D feel insanely happy today as we are going on holiday! (and I have a new surf board to take with me :carrot:!!!) despite a late night and an early start, and getting soaked on the cycle to work, nothing can dint my enthusiasm! Cannot wait to go on holiday and spend some time with the boyf.

So, I weighed in this morning (credit) and have lost a further pound since Monday. This is going to be my baseline for my holiday; obviously I’d love to lose some weight whilst I’m away but in reality I’ll be happy if I can keep to this weight and not put any on. I have my Beck tools (and plenty of spare time to read my pink Beck book) and my hypnosis mp3 (which I must admit, I have been slacking with) and my scales. I am just going to try to be mindful with my food, and not listen to that sneaky sabotaging little gremlin in my head that tries to fool me into thinking it doesn’t matter because I’m on holiday. It does. I don’t want to undo all of the past few of week’s good work in a week and a half.

BBE - we’re off to Ireland in the campervan :) to surf my socks off and go biking if we fancy. I do not think it will be that sunny… unfortunately! I’ll have to try to stay away from the Guinness to stick within my plan!
Ceejay – good work with the planning / lunch packing. I think it definitely pays off.
Debbie – credit for getting back on track in stressful times… definitely strengthening your resistance muscle :)
Onebyone – good work on staying within the plan, even if it wasn’t in your planned manner. Well done for having the honesty to face up to it and tell us all.
Erika – I hear you with the link to spirituality and food. For me, if I am depressed / unhappy / stressed / not feeling good in my body then I find it had to stay on track. It seems so much easier to say what the **** and indulge my secret saboteur. And strangely, vice versa – if i am staying on track, I tend to feel much better within myself. Good luck with your spiritual path.

I probably won’t have access to the internet (I might be able to sneak a couple of peeks from the boyf’s iphone!) so I will say goodbye for now, but I’ll be back in a week or so! I’ll be thinking of you all and sending happy, positive, holiday thoughts your way! Stay strong :strong:

07-07-2011, 07:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan; CREDIT moi. The air conditioned gym, CREDIT moi, was a welcome relief from a hot afternoon that didn't break until a brief thunderstorm passed around 9 pm. It seems odd to go to the gym to cool down.

onebyone - Stop with this teasing bit, "= 280.0lbs." Kudos for "facing my stuff instead of stuffing my face". Welcome to being human, "ruled by emotion and subconscious drives."

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for remembering what adult activities are like, all too soon to be replaced with that feeling of how quickly they grew up.

CeeJay - Kudos for stopping with the zucchini nut bread. My take is that learning to stop is one powerful strategy.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Wishing both you and your mother well with her procedure today. Shaking my head at, " tree nuts ... which were not on my plan" - I know something about those, LOL.

Susan (wife2abadge) - Interesting that your triglycerides responded to cutting out the artificial stuff.

SuperChick - Waving toward Ireland, although you might not be able to hear me over the pounding surf. Yay for a new surf board - that seems like an appropriate reward for your six pounds gone.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1
Motivate yourself daily
When to Read Your Advantages Deck
As you face the challenge of learning more Stage 1 Success Skills and begin changing what you eat in Stage 2, you will find that reading your Response Cards and Advantages Deck once in the morning is probably not enough. You will need to pull them out during the day and in the evenings to motivate yourself to do tasks you may not feel like doing. Carry duplicate sets of your Response Cards and Advantages Deck around with you - in your pocket or purse - so you always have these key motivational tools at hand.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 55.

07-07-2011, 08:09 AM
onebyone - GJ on recognizing how easily we can be swayed by sudden change of plans and how easily we can abort the best laid plans.

Erika (eusebius) - My child was born age 35. I don't remember anything that didn't involve something way beyond his age and just right for me. Now, I get a kick out of my great niece, Sadie, and chewing the tips off of her crayons.:D

CeeJay - I agree with Bill, the more we resist the urge to over indulge the less hold anything has on us--food et al.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Hope all goes well with mom. And you.

Susan (wife2abadge) - I got him started on fish oil capsules until he sees a doctor regarding this. He just may have to give up his occasional fudge, Kit Kat bars and microwave popcorn. Until we see how he responds to this, we really don't know how strict he will have to go. I told him take the capsules, continue with the Omega-3 eggs we eat and we'll see what the doctor says.

SuperChick - So, you are also a surfer chick too, huh? My DH talks fondly of his trip to Ireland. He owes me one.


Facing the tough stuff then going to bed. Literally. Naps are my way of checking out when I can sleep. Only had 1 hour tonight but I won't go there.
Getting back with my free weight routine after last week's pulled muscle. Now, I did the shoulder ones too quickly and strained the bottom part of my shoulder blade. When will I learn?
When having a restaurant-sized meal, automatically putting half of it into a container before even eating the other half. New strategy. No questions asked. No arguments with self. Just do it.
Enjoying summer programming including some favorites on the History International Channel. Great distraction which I really need right now. We've been going from the frying pan to the fire for the past nine months and we are battle weary. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.
No excuses on anything. Facing what I can head on but will sure be glad when it is all over.

Take care all, Pam:hug:

07-07-2011, 09:33 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Didn't end up going to the movies after all. I got nervous that I wouldn't get enough practice time in. I am taking all of next week off from playing to go to a meditation retreat, so I feel like my time this week is at a premium.

Yesterday was OP and I did an extended qi gong session - credit.

Bit of a headache this morning - ouch. New glasses are on order ...

onebyone - well done getting back on track after the sausages! Interesting insights about thoughts, emotions and food. I can relate.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - kudos for adjusting and staying OP! Best wishes for your mom's surgery today.

CeeJay - you're doing amazingly well on vacation! Kudos!

SuperChick - have a wonderful holiday!! Kudos for consistent weight loss and Beck behaviours leading up to it.

BillBE - yay for OP eating and air conditioned gyms!

pamatga - interesting, my daughter was born when I was 34 ... Kudos for all that credit-worthy behaviour and I hope your shoulder feels better quickly.

Wishing everyone a great day,


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: no
Qi Gong: yes (40 min)

07-07-2011, 12:53 PM
Hi Coaches

The plan today is to keep doing what I'm doing. I have my source material for my next painting all ready. All I need now is to carry my equipment to the backyard and get the watch and give myself 2 hours to do it. Seems good! At the jazz festival where I will show my stuff at the end of July I have agreed to create a painting each day, from start to finish in two hours. the resulting Art will be sold in that evening's silent art auction. I paint from 5-7 on Saturday and 3-5 on Sunday. I figured that since I agreed to do this I'd better practice so I challenged myself to start yesterday and the results made me happy. I worked from 1-3 and finished a large 24 x 30 canvas. It was a lot larger than what I thought I could make in that time frame. I even *credit* worked up a sweat. I'm off to do the same today but hope to have two paintings completed by this evening. I am also doing this to built stock for all those shows! yikes. So many of them coming up... with a few ceramic guild duties sprinkled in too.

*credit for weighing in today = no change = 280lbs
* credit for staying on plan yesteday though I did, once more, change my planned food but kept to within my plan.
*credit for checking in with coaches

Lexxiss Thinking of you and your mom today. I am hoping really really hard that all goes well. Sending you a big :hug:

eusebius I am considering going to a retreat in September. I've never done that feels scary to me! Good job taking care of yourself btw -- credit.

pamatga Here's hoping the sandman visits you tonight. I admire your persistence to keep on trying to move your body in ways that don't hurt it. Often if I feel pain I will just give it all up. All or nothing thinking is a frequent mental menace of mine. Kudos for just moving forward. Also, you are my inspiration to keep working on getting out of these darn 270/280 brackets. Well, right now I'd love to see 278! The 279-283's have got me in their sticky clutches. Time to break free. By the end of the summer my plan is to be around 268. I am keeping that in my mind's eye.

BillBlueEyes *insert exasperated smiley face here--280 again.* I laughed when you reminded me how very :sklol:human I am. Shocking. *credit for cooling off at the gym while working up a sweat vs. eating something cold to cool off. Excellent.

Gotta go. Enjoy Thursday!

07-07-2011, 08:24 PM
Hi Coaches!

My mom's appointment went well. It's amazing these days...they removed a gallstone from her bile duct in a 40 minute procedure with a scope. Hopefully she'll start feeling better now.

My initial thought today was to eat at the hospital cafeteria...but I took time and thought it through. I decided instead to to bring my own salad with my favorite Thai Trail Mix (tree nuts) portioned out along with my favorite salad dressing, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Once she was settled, I found a lounge and set up for lunch. I made a point to eat very slowly and was happy for my choice. *credit* I did, however, check out the vending machines. :shrug: Don't know why..perhaps just to verify what I already know..there's not much there that will contribute to my being thinner.

Whole Foods was out of spaghetti squash the other day and I panicked. :fr: I was pleased to find them(organic) at another store today and bought 5. I don't want to run out of my favorite healthy food. I may get back for personals...right now I need to wind down and prepare for dinner. It's planned, prepared and just needs to be heated. *credit*.

Thanks for all your supportive thoughts for my mom.:)

BillBlueEyes, we have had some incredible cloudbursts in Denver...not enough to water the lawn 18 miles West. *credit* for OP food and exercise.

CeeJay, your river trip sure sounded enjoyable. Yay for a travel plan and see you Friday.

SuperChick, well planned have fun! I hope you sneak in on BF's phone.

Pam(pamatga), great idea prepacking half of your dinner out! I'm sure it's been said before, but it's the first time it registered in my brain. What a great strategy. *credit* for Beck behaviors in multiples and sending you sleepy thoughts.

Erika(eusebius), your mentioning practice time brought memories of piano lessons and childhood…*credit* for OP and qi gong!

onebyone, your paintings sound spectacular! I wish I were closer so I could buy one...perhaps with a personal touch… big sunflowers?? *credit* for OP eating, even if it included a change. It's good to practice OP switches, too.

07-08-2011, 03:37 AM
Lexxiss Glad to hear that the procedure went well for your Mom. I had my gallbladder removed in 1992.
Onebyone I have never heard of any kind of art exhibit (other than performance art) that "demanded" you create within a given time frame. How creative can that be? I wish you all the best in getting your work in the hands of paying customers! Bah humbug on being a "starving artist".;)
Eusesibus I hope to attend a women's retreat in October (the one I missed in April). I am sure you will enjoy it. I have always been one seeking deeper meaning in life. I have found it. It was worth the search.
CeeJay and BBE-GJ on OP eating in spite of the heat and other "distractions"--especially the ones good for us like "downtime" and "getting fit time".

My Biggest Credit:

Injured my lower shoulder blade muscle(there's an anatomical name for it but it escapes me right now) doing upper body work out too fast. Mea culpa. I do know better. So, I spent the majority of yesterday in bed with my DH applying Icy Hot liberally all over my back whenever I got up to take more pain meds.
"The spirit is (more than) willing but the flesh (my flesh) is (definitely) weak."
I know what I used to be capable of in the past and my enthusiasm pushes me too far too fast. Progress is zig zag at best but I love how I feel as my body responds so I am continuing today---albeit very slowly.

I definitely feel stronger and more sure-footed since this new recommitment in June. I missed no days in the month of June! However, both knees remain permanently swollen every day upon waking. It just is. I'm taking mental note but I am not allowing that to sway me.

Now, as I am moving towards my fourth month of "Beck Plus" Diet I have seen a real change in how I relate to food. It is much more calm and sane because I am much more calm and sane. These are all my emotional strengths.* Log everything I eat every day no matter what.
* Eat everything mindfully as part of a planned meal sitting down (even if it is often at my computer).
* I do not eat over my problems. No I do not. I may do other things but eating is not one of them. What do I do? Take a hot shower. Take a nap. Play online card games. Watch both humorous (I recommend!) and "educational" tv programming. Plan my schedule to minimize stress. Gets too stressful, cancel. No choice!
*Detach from the process so I can see what I am doing well and how I can do things even better.

What I would like to improve on in the future:
*Eating less calories so my weight lose would be more substantial.
*Stepping up the aerobic part of my work outs.

07-08-2011, 07:14 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - While out for a walk (CREDIT moi) I dropped by a Panera Bread to get their menu. Nice place, but I had an AWFUL experience. I was mesmerized by their automatic electric bread slicing machine; watched the clerk put two loaves through it. For each one she threw away the two end slices!!! They were for their deli to use for sandwiches, so ends weren't useful. But I love bread ends for my peanut butter sandwiches. I'm wondering if I can ask them to sell me a loaf made entirely of ends.

Also had one of those experiences that remind me that I'm not qualified to be a shopper. A store had some large plastic containers on sale. Caught my attention since I have some more stuff to clear out of here for the painters. The sign said, "18 gallon size - 2/$10, 72 quart size - 2/$12" - sending my brain into gridlock as I desperately tried to calculate the difference.

onebyone - Yes, "280" - we've met before. Kudos for staying on your plan. I think that 2 hour painting deadline presents an interesting challenge. Good luck.

Erika (eusebius) - Yep, movies will be there another week. Fun to think you're getting a whole week off for a retreat. Kapalua center?

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for a 40 minute procedure and then done. Kudos for keeping sane while waiting in a hospital. LOL at checking out the vending machines. I'll explain why you did that as soon as I figure out why was I in Panera Bread yesterday.

pamatga - Ouch for feeling "battle weary" with Kudos for charging forth nevertheless. And Double Ouch for any muscle injury near the rotator cuff; only worth getting that injured if you're a major league baseball pitcher making $10M a year. I like your clarity, "Gets too stressful, cancel. No choice!"

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1
Motivate yourself daily

tip: Some dieters find
it helpful to list advantages on
their computer wallpaper or
screen saver; to keep a paper
list in their wallet, on their
refrigerator, or in their desk
drawer; or to note them in their
appointment book or PDA.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 55.

07-08-2011, 09:25 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Might get to go to the movies today. I need to plan carefully so I don't give in to cravings for popcorn, etc. We'll see.

Yesterday was very productive - council meeting for our Shambhala group, a rehearsal with a baritone for Die schöne Müllerin in the fall, and I finished sewing a knit top for my daughter. Also got in an unexpected 25-minute walk when I couldn't get a ride home from the meeting. It was a beautiful day, so I didn't mind at all and the exercise never hurts.

onebyone - very cool that you can create something so big & interesting in such a short amount of time! Would love to see pics ...

Debbie (Lexxiss) - glad to hear your mom got some answers and hopefully improvement in her condition. Well done bringing salad to the hospital and eating mindfully!

pamatga - you really have developed some strong Beck behaviours ... yay for being more calm and sane - what could be better? :banana:

BillBE - I think I'll start mailing you all the ends from our loaves of bread, LOL. Our retreat is at the Shambhala centre in Mississauga (suburb of Toronto) - not an exotic location by any means, but it will be a very pleasant place to meditate.

Wishing everyone a great day,


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: yes
Qi Gong: yes (short session)

07-08-2011, 11:02 AM
Hi Coaches!

Tooting my own horn this morning! :whoo:
*credit for weighing in (-2.4) = 278!! *phew* the 270's DO exist for me.
I really watched my food yesterday and did not eat after 6pm. I painted outside for about 6hrs and came in completely exhausted. I am leaving my every emotion on that canvas. I'm feeling much more grounded and more myself than I have in months and months. Feels great. I completed another painting yesterday and am 2/3 through another. I need to keep going and start another one. I am aiming for 10-15 large paintings for my shows. If I can have that my booth will be spectacular. I can already see that. So great! I no longer want to hold back. I want to give it my all.

Not coincidentally, I attended my 3rd Overeaters Anonymous meeting last night. The freeing up of my energy and the calming down of my food and the re-commitment to the meetings are all connected. I need as much support as I can get to get this weight off. Such an old rock. This weight has been my burden since I was 8 yrs old. I'm ready to remove the rock.

Ok I just attached jpg's of my two new paintings. The Trio (of birds) was done in two hours. And Obey The Crown was painted yesterday. I didn't time it. I think it was around three hours, could have been four. A good friend when I previewed them to him said "I'd pay to have the cat but pay to keep those birds away from me! That painting makes me feel like a worm." Funny. Made me laugh... means there's some good emotional energy in them! Yay!:carrot:

Time to go Coaches. Thanks, as always for being here.

eusebius Credit for unexpected exercise and an unplanned enjoyment of a nice day!

BillBlueEyes hmmmm. 2 cups = 1 pint. 2 pints = 1 gallon. So. 72 pints / 2 = 36 gallons? I just found a conversion website and it's asking for liquid vs dry gallons/pints. Yikes. No wonder the signage is confusing. The basice units of measurment are whacked out. did you see that number? it's NOT 280...shhhhh... don't want to scare it

pamatga You have such a solid plan of action. Big Credit for working it!
I am also committed to not eating over problems. This week I took a book to bed just to get away from the fridge. You do what you need to do to protect your OP day.I do wish your body a speedy recovery. It has NO CHOICE but to get stronger ;)

LexxissVery happy to hear the good news re: your mom's surgery and your coping. *credit for taking the time to plan and enjoy your food. There was a hospital in Ottawa that had the single best scones in the whole city. My friend and I used to sell our goods in the hospital lobby sometimes and we were crazy for the hospital food. Go figure. BTW I don't usually paint flowers--mostly do crazy animals--but I may take your sunflower suggestion as a challenge! If I paint it I'll post a jpg.

Have a great FRIDAY!

07-08-2011, 11:57 AM
I'm not weighing myself daily, not posting here daily, and my eating's getting sloppier by the day. If I start doing the first two, I know that the last one will get better, too! Moving in the right direction...

onebyone: love the pictures! They both made me smile.

07-08-2011, 01:44 PM
onebyone: Congrats on getting back to OA meetings. There is a certain peace to be found there.
gardenerjoy: credit for re commitment to posting and weigh ins. My mind was starting to balk at the daily weigh ins. Why don't you give yourself a break and start doing it every week. Hmmmm. Suspicious because I am struggling at the discipline of dieting, struggling at the daily nature of watching my food. I want a vacation and if I took it, I could come back to a 10 pound gain. That I do not want. I say, Oh Well and continue daily weigh in.
BBE:Lol with end slices. My best friend loves the ends as well. Of course she is also a recovering compulsive overeater. I don't know if you are "fixed" yet. An aside - I would love a bread slicing machine. I make my own bread for the boys. I have to content myself with using the carving knife. It works great, though.
Eusebius: I was just very close to Ontario ( Vermont) and your weather is beautiful right now.
Pamatga: I hear what you are saying about making better food choices but now have to focus on smaller portions. I am in the same situation.
Lexxiss: credit for bringing you own salad to the hospital. Whenever I do that I become very proud of myself. So few people around us are that aware of what they are eating.

As for me: I had a twenty hour trip back to the west coast and have had a terrible time adjusting. My food was so great during the trip but the traveling and yesterday I just went a little crazy. The popcorn at a movie yesterday with DS ( I was just so happy to be with him) set me up another 2 pounds and now I am 5 pounds above ticker. All this in four days time. Time to marshall the forces. I have begun by telling you all my weight. I will read my arc cards, ignore the hunger pains I am currently feeling (because my body says, "This is lunch time.") and hold off another hour before I eat lunch. I will exercise and then take a nap. Hopefully when I check in tomorrow, things will look a little less gloomy.

07-08-2011, 04:43 PM
Hey, onebyone! Or 1x1! 8 pints = 1 gallon. Does that help? Fantastic work on the paintings.

:wave: to all. I'm away from home for a wedding and then elsewhere for work. Have to fish a boy out of the bath and then have an early night.

07-08-2011, 09:12 PM
8 pints = 1 gallon. Does that help?

Ok, so "The sign said, "18 gallon size - 2/$10, 72 quart size - 2/$12" - sending my brain into gridlock as I desperately tried to calculate the difference." said BBE.

4 quarts=1 gallon, 72/4=18 gallons so they are the same size but different prices?? Perhaps they were creatively rewarding people with good math skills.

Hi Coaches!

Crappy day here...I ate over it, but did stop and get back on track. Painting nixed due to last night's rain and I managed to fall down the basement stairs although I was fortunate not to have been hurt worse. Family dynamics are getting quite interesting as we plan on getting together for moms 90th on Aug.1. Oh, well. I did make a superior choice at lunch, however, and dinner is was just the "in between".

I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow and recognize that the proverbial "cards" are in my hand.

Take care everyone!

07-09-2011, 06:10 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Took walk (CREDIT moi) back to the store with the two containers for sale. I'd come to accept that 18 gallons and 72 quarts were the same size - thanks for the supporting help with the math - but finally noticed that the more expensive one was transparent and the other opaque. Happily bought two transparent ones so I can see what I've put in them. DW reminded me that that's not always a good thing, LOL.

Eating on plan (CREDIT moi) without much fanfare - just as I like it. Did gym (CREDIT moi) with nothing special to report.

onebyone - Congrats on "not 280 ... = 278!! *phew*" Won't be long before whispering isn't necessary. The Crown is scary and The Trio is needy. I suspect both will sell quickly. Kudos for being "ready to remove the rock."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I find it easy to drop back into sloppy eating. Posting here seems to be key to fighting that.

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for spontaneous walks, handled with your customary aplomb. [Looking forward to those bread ends, LOL. Love the name Mississauga - reminds me of the Mississippi river.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ouch for eating over it, Kudos for getting back on path. Family dynamics seem to exist the world around.

sliverbirch – Thank you for not prefixing 'Imperial' to pints or gallons. LOL at the thought of fishing a boy out of the bath.

maryann - Ouch for the looooong trip home. Love the thought of your joy at seeing your DS again. Kudos for making yourself ready to "marshall the forces." [One of my favorite things about homemade bread is the inconsistency of its width, LOL - no bread slicer for me.]

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1 Motivate yourself daily

How to Get Yourself to Read the Advantages Deck
Even though it takes so little time, some dieters resist reading their Response Cards and Advantages Deck. For example, John had sabotaging thoughts: It's not worth the trouble to read them ... I'm motivated to diet now ... I'll start reading them later if my motivation goes down. I asked John if he thought it was a good idea for people to wait to learn to drive on the highway until the first time they needed to travel or if it was worth practicing merging and changing lanes beforehand. He understood the point: It's important to prepare yourself in advance for difficult times.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 55.

07-09-2011, 10:08 AM
Wow, we have all come to rally around you, Bill, as you choose what to store your stuff in! Like minds think alike, eh? So glad we got that taken care of. :carrot: I was just going to add that if I go with the opaque then I write on top what is in it or, if I don't, then I end up having to open up a lot of storage bins to see what is in them. It is good system worth adopting though. I have used it for around 8 years and it is so nice to just go to a closet or shelf, read or see what is in something and get what you need instead of hours later frustrated that you "know" where something is but you "just don't know where it is". ;)

I just want to say, or should I say echo, what everyone else here has discovered on their own. Everything works when we work it. I swear by counting calories, reading labels, measuring out portion sizes and then logging all of that. Take a lot of time? Yes, probably more than absentmindedly popping food in my mouth as I search for the "perfect" nosh but then that is what steers the ship---otherwise I am hopelessly lost at sea.

Now, that I have "discovered" the elements of successfully losing weight, I am still amazed at people who act like it is a mystery (recall my earlier comments four months ago?) or are surprised that it takes so much effort, so much deliberate decision making or just plain "work". It also removes the denial that many of us used to carry around with us (glandular problem, thyroid, metabolism issues, etc). Who wants to admit that they eat too much and move too little? Nothing mysterious about that, right?

I just want to say that I am really grateful that I have a bunch of people who are so committed to their health in a "healthy" way, acknowledge that they are fallible, show tremendous amount of courage, stick-to-it-iveness and such humor and love.

So my big credit today is that I feel sharp as a tack ;) for choosing the right group to remain with and I pray that I can be as mindful about how I choose my diet/life partners as I am about my eating OP. Amen anyone? Amen!

Love Pam :grouphug:

07-09-2011, 11:53 AM
I would say OP yesterday but with spontaneous changes. HMMMM. Today's goal is OP no changes - plan and then gut it out no matter what my mind says. It is only a day of eating. If I eat too little or too late after exercise "It is not an emergency." Send good thought waves to me for a completely OP, Food Plan, no reading between the lines, day.Credit yesterday scale -.8 lbs, Credit- Kickboxing class
This afternoon we are off to Tahoe and then Tom. off to historic Virginia City, Nevada - a ghost town from the 49'r days. DS is excited about seeing the Washoe Club with three resident ghosts. A friend is playing in a music festival.
Pamatga: nice thoughts about the blog. I agree with your sentiments.
Lexxiss: sorry about the crummy "in betweens." Boy do I know that feeling.
Eusebius: One of my favorite things is fishing little boys out of bathtubs. They smell so terrific I hug and hug until he squirms away.
BBE: Credit for a no drama food day. I was rereading the "no choice" day on Beck. I underlined "The decision to eats releases tension before we even overeat." I realize I am a wimp against tension. I want to give in every time.

07-09-2011, 05:55 PM
Hello everyone

Didn't do so well yesterday- resistance muscle sprained or something. :D

Credit today for:

- weighing in
- eating healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks
- rest of the day's food is planned
- exercise bike 30 mins
- resistance bands for shoulders and arms done
- checking in with my coaches
- reading response and advantage cards.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday afternoon!!


07-10-2011, 05:05 AM
Yesterday was a good Beck day.
~Breakfast out-OP
~amusement park-no food
~Lunch out-OP
~resisted any treats at Whole Foods
~evening...just a snack(measured a portion of tortilla chips and 3 strawberries)
I've been limiting caffeine and this morning when searching for a cup I picked a pretty one which held less coffee. My brain said, "you can enjoy less coffee-it's OK". I think it's a great sign that I'm thinking like a thin person, even though it was just coffee. Exercise *sigh* was painting and scraping.

BillBlueEyes, kudos for an OP day, "without much fanfare", and exercise "with nothing special to report". Bravo :cp: Encore:cp:

Pam(pamatga), big credit for feeling sharp as a tack about mindful choices. Your words regarding weight loss; taking the time, removing denial and remaining grateful were very inspirational to me. Amen!

maryann, kudos for making a plan for "only a day of eating" and committing to no reading between the lines.

CeeJay, big kudos for posting after a not so stellar day and backing it up with great credits. Love the description "resistance muscle sprained or something." I hope it's healing

silverbirch, :wave: safe travels!

gardenerjoy, will see you again soon as you are "moving in the right direction".

onebyone, I'm just amazed at your paintings! I'm looking at them again….the kitty looks so real! Kudos for taking the positive step of getting back to OA. You are so right, "such an old rock. " I'm happy for you being ready to remove that rock!

Erika(eusebius), yay for beautiful days which lend themselves to spontaneous walks! You are right, exercise never hurts.

Today is an "at home" day, 100%. We do have to paint and do yardwork but I look forward to a day without major food decisions.
B-Green smoothie
L-Super duper salad with tree nuts (portioned Thai Trail Mix)
D-Tofu/snow pea stir fry and Asian raw salad.
S-fresh strawberries
Posting for accountability.

07-10-2011, 06:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Selected a Thai restaurant for dinner which is usually a smart choice for good veggies and low cal meats with super spices. Alas, I ordered Tamarind Duck - to die for with its crispy fat - but, I suspect, rather high in calories. I suppose I can say, otherwise on plan CREDIT moi, since I didn't snack outside of my plan and had my peanut butter sandwich at lunch on those neat Arnold thins which are only 100 calories for both halves.

Exercise was errands and walking to dinner, CREDIT moi, even if a bit light.

CeeJay - Ouch for strained muscles - resistance or regular. With Kudos for those 30 minutes on the exercise bike and other credits.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Love, love, love the notion that you can "enjoy less coffee." Yep, you're sounding like a thin person to me.

maryann - OK, beaming good thoughts westward "for a completely OP, Food Plan, no reading between the lines, day." Sounds like a plan. decision[/U] to not eat also releases tension just as the decision to eat. Not sure; gotta go test that. Maybe Beck already states that - perhaps I'll go reread that chapter first.]

pamatga - Such a good reminder, "Everything works when we work it." That's what I like about some of Beck's simple strategies: You plan, then you do; repeat. Simple, "when we work it."

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1 Motivate yourself daily

How to Get Yourself to Read the Advantages Deck
What John also didn't realize is that reading his Response Cards and Advantages Deck - especially when he didn't feel like it - would build his self-discipline. By practicing doing what he [I]needed to do to reach his goal, he would eventually be able to more easily do other things he might not feel like doing, such as sticking to his eating plan.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 55.

07-10-2011, 12:42 PM
Hi Coaches

We went to a giant farmers' market yesterday. Talk about large volumes of food. And since we got there at the end of the market day, they were selling lots of stuff cheap to get rid of it.

I now have A LOT of cherries.
Local cherries. I've got a recipe for something I can eat too and I'm looking forward to making it today.

I've slacked on planning out my meals and it's bugging me. This is what happens when I re-focus on my artwork--I drop everything else so I need to work on balance.

oh...gotta run

have a good Sunday.

07-10-2011, 07:48 PM
I need to work on balance.

Me too. ++++++++

Today not so great but I am posting anyway. Need to learn to stop the all or nothing thinking, i.e. if I don't eat on plan I stop doing other things that are healthy and helping- like posting.

Plan for the rest of the day:

-eat healthy- eat chicken and wild rice and veggies for dinner and nothing more after than
-pack up lunch for tomorrow or I am going to end up in a restaurant eating fat and salt
-plan meals for the week
-go to bed by 10:00 no matter what!!!

Take care everyone

07-11-2011, 06:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A stellar day! I knew I'd face Fig Newtons and then Raspberry Newtons on separate occasions and decided to plan not to have them, using the old NO CHOICE. Then it got worse; not two like last week, but THREE uber quality cakes appeared in my life. Folks were atwitter with "best in my entire life" kind of stuff. It wasn't that hard, because I had a plan, to wield NO CHOICE and continue a happy man. CREDIT moi. Yay for planning.

Exercise was out observing that the birds are a bit quite as they're pretty busy with the nests. Saw an immature American Red Start looking like it wanted a parent to show up with a nice grub. (For those struggling with English, some nice grub is what a teenager wants, a nice grub satisfies a bird.)

onebyone - Yay for having a LOT of cherries to begin your work on "balance" - and let me know how to do that since I find it much easier to hyper focus on today's topic of interest.

CeeJay - Drooling over "chicken and wild rice and veggies" - we forget to have wild rice on occasion and it's so good. Yep, we need a club of folks who need help with their "all or nothing thinking."

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1 Motivate yourself daily

How to Get Yourself to Read the Advantages Deck
After our discussion, John wrote the following in his Diet Notebook:I need to start reading my Response Cards and
Advantages Deck now to develop new pathways in my
mind so I'll know exactly how to respond to my sabotaging
thoughts when they pop up.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 55.

07-11-2011, 06:59 AM
Hi folks- It's 5:50 AM and I'm leaving to go back to the retreat in half an hour (it's non-residential, so I sleep at home). But I just wanted to say that I'm still reading my response cards and your posts, and was rewarded with a 3.2 lb loss this week :woohoo:

The food at the retreat is great and we help prepare it. Salad bar every night for dinner! I actually went up 0.2 this morning from yesterday, which I think is because we had pizza for lunch ... not an everyday occurrence. Did manage to keep myself to 2 pieces.

We meditate about 6 hours a day and do work rotations at other times to keep the centre running smoothly - food shopping, prep and cleanup, centre cleanup, timekeeping for meditation sessions, etc. It's a very effective system because everyone who is there actually wants to participate. My mind already feels a lot calmer and clearer after 1 day of this. My husband says by the end of the week I'll be levitating, LOL.

Anyway, we have no internet access at the centre so I won't be posting much this week, but I'll be thinking of you all!

Have a great week,

07-11-2011, 09:18 AM
Sorry I didn't contribute yesterday. I was treating my back and that means "flat on it".

Did you know..... that wild rice is a grain and not rice? That the Native Americans have all rights to harvest it (in MN for sure and possibly the rest of the U.S.) and that one of my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes is wild rice, mushroom with a little bacon and onion dressing.

I e-mailed Bartle & James last week regarding the breakdown of calories, carbs, sodium, etc in some of their products and they e-mailed me back with all the information I requested plus some! I thought this was interesting so I thought I would share it all with you. Did you know that one bottle of the typical wine coolers/malted beverages/mixed drinks on the market (the 11.2 oz ones) have the same amount of calories as a 12 oz can of regular soda but almost half the amount of carbs? My guess is that high fructose corn syrup is readily added to sodas which contributes to the higher carb count.

We are going through a holding pattern of mid-upper 90s weather with little or no rain in sight. Although I am fortunate that I don't have to sweat it out since we have central air, we are getting cabin fever because we think about getting outside and then say "Nah!" I just hate this!


In spite of feeling like I could climb the walls being so confined indoors, I am having good OP days with both food plan and exercising. Keeping busy enough so I don't think about eating much, practicing "hunger not an emergency" so I can push those numbers down, down, down.

Bill, you are a stronger soul than I am when it comes to Fig Newtons. Just plain love them! Always have. I can eat one sleeve at a sitting. So, how is the universe sending you cakes and I am not getting anything but dark thoughts about something sweet and sugary?? I can arrange to have you send them my way. ;)

Onebyone You didn't learn to ride a bike in a day, so be kind and gentle to yourself.

CeeJay GJ on the delicious meals. Who said eating healthier couldn't also mean eating well??

07-11-2011, 09:35 AM
Hi Coaches

It's a sizzler today! Already at 75F and it's going up with humidity to feel like 40C/104F with full sun. I need to get painting today but I feel stopped. Guess I'll just have to do it anyway. Actually I should do it now as it's the coolest it's going to be right now. Maybe I will.

I slept really lousy last night; very restless. I think it's my impending schedule. I'm worried too that I'll start to eat over it. I can't afford to do that. Plan plan plan is what comes to mind. make a plan and follow it and don't trust myself to make any changes to it!

I will have a challenge tomorrow as I am attending a raku firing at the ceramic guild and there's a lunch pot luck involved. I could bring a cucumber salad and some cherries. That would work.

*credit for weighing in this morning +1.5 = 279.5lbs

My weight is getting me down. I feel like it's going so slow and I feel like giving up and I feel like it's hopeless. Of course my feelings are a little skewed when it comes to this topic. I'll stick to knowing the scale remains in the 270's when it has been in the 280's for so long. I do need to add something to my plan to move me along. Exercise comes to mind.

Okay off to have breakfast.
Have a great morning and a great day Becksters.

07-11-2011, 04:30 PM
I haven't disappeared. Just struggling, like CeeJay, with the notion of posting when things aren't perfect (which, of course, is the absolute best time to post!) and, like onebyone, with how to balance healthy eating with healthy creative work (and taking to heart her observation that it's about balance).

07-11-2011, 08:26 PM
Hello All,
Like Ceejay and Gardenerjoy, it is a challenge to post today. I had a terrific OP day Sat but by middle of Sunday I was messing around. I thought I salvaged the day with no weight gain but I popped right back up two pounds. I am very discouraged today. I know it is what it is but I am blue and feel like throwing in the towel. This could be the backlash from my big three weeks of stuff. I have restarted the day twice. So, I would look for credit this moment.
Credit: son was healthy and happy all day
Credit: I stopped at one bowl of cocoa puffs.
Credit: I reminded myself this too shall pass.
Credit: Body combat at 6:30.
Personals tomorrow.

07-11-2011, 10:42 PM
Hi Coaches!

I'm wondering where we are in the moon cycle...all the energies here are bouncing off one another. I had 3 spills in 2 days; down the basement stairs, down the front porch, then down the back stairs (stair broke not my fault). After the 3rd, as I was inverted trying to get back up (and did) my first thought was thank goodness I am in such great shape now. It is the only reason I did not get hurt.*credit*
* Last night DH flipped at Home Depot (tired) because they acted like jerks over something they didn't carry (and should)....took it out on me
*This morning prompted by a phone call I rushed over to mom's to find her sobbing, "I can't do anything anymore!" (she turns 90 in 2 weeks and couldn't thread a needle to sew a button on)
* We've been having terrific storms and the pup has been going into full blown anxiety attacks daily.
*yesterday a spruce tree fell at Grandma's(where we're painting) but had missed both her house and the neighbor's.(and us)

I still have a sticky note on the front of my Pink book which says "finding normal amidst abnormal". Apparently, not much has changed.

So food today did not follow plan. I needed to make some spontaneous decisions as my original plan for the entire day changed in moments.
~had my green smoothie before rushing over to mom's
~took her to a hair appointment and took myself to lunch at my favorite pizza buffet and acted with restraint. Had 3 thin slices (=1 large piece) and salad with a Tbsp of cottage cheese for dressing...reminding myself I could feel the feelings AND enjoy a peaceful lunch :flow1: BY MYSELF:flow1: without binging
~resisted all thoughts of donuts and fried pastries
~had a reasonable portion of NSA FF frozen yogurt when mom and I went for "ice cream"
~passed on dinner because I wasn't hungry.

It was the best I could do today and I realize there's a tomorrow in my future.

BillBlueEyes(fearless leader), yay for a stellar day! You've been working very hard for them. It's always so great to be reminded, "It wasn't that hard, because I had a plan…"

CeeJay, thanks for the reminder about stopping the all or nothing thinking. It helped me as I had to make some spontaneous decisions today. I'm putting wild rice on my menu sounded so good.
Erika(eusebius), yay for 3 # down and a plan for your retreat.

onebyone, yay for cucumber and cherries at your potluck….wish I could tag along. Keep on planning!

Pam(pamatga), *credit* for your persisting for OP days with both food and exercise while trying to mend your back.

gardenerjoy, *credit* for posting despite a less than perfect day.

maryann, yay for persistence as you restarted your day more than once. Yes, this too shall pass.

I think I should make a plan for tomorrow. :lol:

07-12-2011, 06:19 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - DW joined me on the patio while she was having her snack of nuts. Felt good that the urge to grab a handful was low - that's an improvement over WANTING THEM NOW! No idea if it's a permanent fix or just a transient good place. CREDIT moi for my eating for the day whether the urges are permanent or transient.

Did gym; CREDIT moi. None of the folks carrying weight who appeared recently are still coming. It was exciting to think that doing gym had become OK with the overweight crowd. Alas, that was transient.

onebyone - Glad you're still here, 270's per, "279.5lbs." Good luck with being productive in the heat.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Perhaps you can write a novel about a hero who balances all the major forces in his life - let your creative mind write down the solution then we (including you) can read it and figure out how.

Erika (eusebius) - Waving across the ether since you have no Internet at your retreat. LOL, indeed, at "by the end of the week I'll be levitating."

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Sometimes the moon gets stuck in its cycle, LOL. Kudos for demonstrating that it's possible to move on and leave the moon behind.

maryann - Neat list of credits. Yep, the scale pops up and down leaving us with the job of ignoring the short term stuff. When do you have to get back to writing?

pamatga - Ouch for flat on your back; hope that treatment works and you get back to your active life. [Yep, one sleeve is a serving of cookies - particularly Girl Scout Thin Mints.]

Readers - chapter 4 Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1 Motivate yourself daily

How to Get Yourself to Read the Advantages Deck
Make sure to contact your Diet Buddy to report that you made your Advantages Deck; reviewed your Response Cards from pages 21, 43, 44, and 46; and marked your progress on your Stage 1 Success Skills Sheet (pages 266-267).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 56.

07-12-2011, 02:33 PM
Good Morning Coaches:
Yesterday was salvaged by my commitment to Body Combat class. It is proven over and over, you don't have to want to do something. You just have to do it. Because I was going to class I stopped snacking. After class I didn't want to snack. Scale showed no gain. Credit: I have written my plan for today. Credit: I just came back from Pilates/Yoga. Credit: DS is still happy and healthy and practicing piano and violin for lessons today. I am re-framing my thinking again this morning. Maintenance and near maintenance is as much work as losing weight! That is why so few people maintain weight loss.

Free Giant Zucchini at the club. Yum. That will be dinner.
BBE: My writing schedule begins today. I have to put in about 4 hours a day to keep up. Today's project is to annotate 3 of the books I just read.
Lexxiss: I agree , the moons must be in alignment. I nearly hit a bike pulling out of my driveway. He was on the sidewalk on the wrong side of the street and I never saw him. Yikes. Maybe it is a week of near misses :) I'll force myself to take the positive side.

07-12-2011, 07:07 PM
Hi Coaches

*credit for weighing in: +1.1lbs = 280.6lbs.

So. I was ontrack yesterday then DH called to say that a co-worker and his GF are going to the pub to play poker and do I want to join them?
Pub = pub food = beer = I won't care what plan I am on. So I decided no food for me. Have water. I thought "There's no way I can stick to that." There was also no way I could say no to the outing as I turned this particular configuration of folks down once before. The poker night was a bust so since none of us had eaten and it was after 7pm we went to a Big Servings of Meat place. My foodplan asks me to shun excess carbohydrates: bread, breading, potatoes, starchy veg, sweet things. So the special is "all you can eat fajitas". We all get the special. I get a diet (blech) cola and the fajitas come with rice (not OP) and beans and then a thing of soft tortillas (not OP) and all te fixin's which are ok. I KNOW I have the choice to just eat some stuff sans the tortillas but I choose not to. They are so soft and white and fluffy and warm. I have four. Then after the co-worker wants frozen yogurt across the street. I see FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE!IWANTIWANTIWANT!!! I say NO. NO CHOICE. So I get the iced coffee and it comes with milk. Which I find odd. Then we are out walking to the car and I sip my coffee and... it's sweet! Argh. Sugar! I didn't even think to ask. I know I can choose not to drink it but... I decide to drink it. I drink it all. We came home and later I ate lots of cherries.

Got up, saw a weight gain back to the 280's.

So today I decide I am not going to raku fire anything but I'll go to the firing to watch the process until 1:30 then come home to paint. I got there and the person in charge of the firing says to me "I can't believe you roped me into this. I told you if there weren't three people firing (there were two) I wasn't going to do this." Um ok. Boy she was crabby. It's totally not my responsibility at all and I'm not taking it on, mostly, but gee it's been a long time since I dealt with crabby people who have no problem sharing their pain with others. She treated the people firing worse! Like they were small children. I really got a poor impression of her. Anyway the kiln wasn't up to temperature at 1:10 when I left after 2 hours of firing. It should have reached temperature way before then. I opted to leave and come home to paint.
That Guild is a real psychological challenge.
Anyway, all that to say, since I thought I wasn't staying very long I didn't contribute to the potluck. Then I was encouraged to partake and since I got snapped at and since everything was taking so long and since I was worrying about my schedule (I was feeling mega-frustrated) I ate instead of blowing up: cookies (4) hummus, crackers, bread sticks, tree nuts, banana bread, carrots. Then after I left I came home and ate lots of cherries. and then lots of strawberries. and a leftover steak.

I'm just a mess.

I have to say that seeing 280 again also opened the "omg why bother. you'll never do this," door.
Which makes me want to do something radical like slash the calories! eat only veggies! eat once a day! (RE: EMERGENCY! :devil: EMERGENCY! :devil:*except that it's not...:no:)
I won't do it cause I simply can't do that anymore. I can't sustain a really extreme foodplan anymore. It only makes me feel better inasmuch as it's sort of a self-reflexive punishment for being "bad". And I guess that's what I've done. Instead of having good foods and bad foods, which I don't believe anymore, I do believe that *I* am either good or bad.

And that's about where I am going to stop this post. I think we can all relate.
Time to just get planning again.
So boring. So predictable. So NOT an emergency.
I still want to be less than 275. 5lbs is all I have to focus on. Oh well to all the rest. My inner drama queen is pouting. :queen: Oh well to that too.

Until tomorrow coaches...

07-12-2011, 10:59 PM
Hi Beck Friends

Credit today for ?????????????

OK- I do get credit for checking in here. I just struggle so much with posting when I am stress/emotional eating and am off plan. I sort of have the thought: who wants to read on a weight loss forum about someone like me who is not succeeding? I know that is lame because reading other people's posts when they are struggling always brings new ideas and insight to me and makes me feel not so alone in this wretched battle. It is also lame because some of the time I am doing very well. It is figuring out how to stay on plan when it is not easy, not convenient and when I am not feeling 100%.

How is it that I can do pretty much everything I set my mind to, do a big crazy job in a very stressful field, deal with not one but two dysfunctional families, and so on... but cannot seem to get a handle on this?

Appreciate you all more than I can say...

Take care everyone


07-13-2011, 07:11 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Exercise was juggling stuff from one part of our house to another as we execute our plan to live in parts not being plastered or painted. The good news: I put a monster TV on the curb and it disappeared within an hour. Although working and wonderful, it was VERY old and had to go. I hope it's found a new life. CREDIT moi for doing what I had to do.

Eating was on-plan, CREDIT moi. I didn't weigh myself this morning because DW moved the scale and she's not awake yet to tell me where. There are a finite number of places it could have been put, and it's not in any of them. Now I'm kinda curious to learn where is the 'obvious' place she put it, LOL.

onebyone - Come back, Shane. Ouch for rough edged people invading your serenity. Yep, Sabotaging Thoughts are part of the journey, per, "omg why bother. you'll never do this," as are the Responses like, I am moving along; I won't be distracted that the scale fluctuates just as emotions do. I continue moving along.

CeeJay - Absolutely you deserve credit for "big crazy job in a very stressful field." Just because you do it every week - week after week - doesn't diminish the credit due. Yep, you're not alone.

maryann - Yay for Body Combat - whatever that entails. It's a neat name. Thanks for, "Maintenance and near maintenance is as much work as losing weight!" Lest we forget.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1 Motivate yourself daily

reality check

If you are thinking: I don't feel like doing this task.

Face reality: If you want to lose weight permanently, you will have to do things you don't necessarily feel like doing at the moment. But the payoff is so great!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 56.

07-13-2011, 09:15 AM
For all of you who are going through a "rough patch", you are never alone. We all struggle. Yes, we have good days but we also have "rough patches". And, no, this space is not about being "perfect" but being human and sharing that with each other in a "safe place".

Credit: I always read everything going back to when I last posted so I feel like I am in the loop here.
Turned off the computer lately so I could spend Q-time with DH. With my crazy sleep schedule and request I get the whole bed to myself, I feel we need to connect everyday at some time even if it is watching the news with each other. We also do our LOTH together daily.
Back is still touchy but kept moving through my workouts very carefully. I love being able to put an X on the date when I am done. It is such a feeling of satisfaction.
Excessive heat does not make me want to get outdoors but today that is what I need to do for awhile. I am baking in the wee hours of the morning when it is the coolest. I am really loving the M.O.M.(Month of Meals) cookbooks compiled by ADA. I am substituting agave nectar for artificial sweetners and having great success! [Sidenote: agave nectar does not raise your blood glucose like regular sugar does] With my kitchen reorganized, I could spend hours in there (and I do!). "Master of my domain".

If it's any consolation, I am getting more nervous about some of the favorite restaurants I like to eat at: dodging land mines almost. Think. Plan. Execute.Like others here, I have put myself on a "schedule" to lose a specific amount of weight in a specific amount of time. Increasing exercise, particularly building muscle, is key.

Stay cool all. Pam :grouphug:

07-13-2011, 11:24 AM
Hi Coaches!

An A+ OP day yesterday until after dinner. I munched for comfort and it helped, but it won't help me in my goal to get thinner. I was unwilling to use my resistance muscle but finally did. Stopped and went to bed.

BillBlueEyes, I am so envious at your monster TV disappearing. I have one sitting right behind me on the 2nd floor. I don't know why it died it was only 6 yrs old. It's probably repairable if I can get it to Denver which is why it still sits. :lol: at not being able to find the scale...maybe behind the mini fridge?? Yay for OP eating.

onebyone, I read something the other day which said that there is a lesson in every food experience we have. Ouch for the psychological aspect of the pottery Guild. I don't do well in those situations. I hope you're feeling better. :hug: It's big progress when you recognize you can't sustain a really extreme food plan. *credit*

CeeJay, glad you posted. You are among like minded friends here, who struggle just as you do. Thanks for kind are appreciated here, too.

maryann, BDS is so great for "maintenance minded thinking". It's a lifetime change.

Pam(pamatga), thanks for the powerful message to all of us as we acknowledge that we all have "rough patches". Yay for moving forward and trying new things. I bake with agave nectar, too.

07-13-2011, 12:26 PM
Hanging on by a thread. Working on figuring out how to make it a rope, that I can then climb back up to my healthy lifestyle. ...enjoying my metaphor :-)

07-13-2011, 12:44 PM

So I :goodscale: got on the scale this morning *credit* and I saw a paltry rise in weight of 0.2lbs bringing me to 280.8 today.

I felt like I was, oh, 295? 285 for sure... My sense of myself and my body are out of sync and have been out of sync for a good thirty years. I'm not kidding. I had dreams of returning to Ottawa for my art shows being visibly thinner. Alas it will have to do that I return with two pairs of fantastic linen pants bought in Key West that look very unlike what I normally would wear. I just need some nice top/blouse to set them off and a haircut. This is the best I can do since I won't magically be 20lb less. *credit for accepting reality and knowing I can still present myself well.

The landlord came and turned the air conditioner on yesterday. DH and I actually slept well last night. I almost turned the fan off too. I LOVE windows open though but keeping them closed to stay comfortable while I work is worth it, as is the sleeping part.

Back to the food. Today I feel that my food plan is obviously working as the weight isn't piling back on. I am maintaining an 11 lb loss from my most recent high weight.
I am poised at the brink of the 270's.
Nowhere for me to go but down.
It is a fact, not a feeling.

Thanks everyone for being here and for the words of comfort and encouragement. My feelings hijack me sometimes... and they are the MOST irrational when I am feeling my way around weight issues. Yikes. So hard... but don't we all know it? :grouphug: to us all - posters and lurkers alike.

Lexxiss I can't count the number of times taking to my bed has saved me from food. Taking on other people's feelings is a special talent I have so yeah, crabby people and powertrippers always throw me off emotionally. I never understand why people are mean - it always surprises and shocks me. (AND it surprises and shocks me that I am still so sensitive!) But, after many years, I can now sort out what is mine and what is theirs after the fact. I'm still smarting over that small jibe the Guild member took at me but really it just gives me the solid information to stay away from her. Too bad my food didn't treat me like that. It would be easier to stay away from it as well! :hug: to you too.

pamatga *credit for continuing to find the best way for you to work out and to steadily keep your eye on the prize ie. your weight loss goals. It is hard to post here when you keep feeling like a failure. But really, what else are we to do? No one here is giving up and everyone here has been in our shoes in one way or another. Thanks for reminding us it's ok to be and to say where we are at. I admire your unrelenting attitude of moving forward. Big Credits there!:hug:

BillBlueEyes:doh: RESPONSES?? OMG like I totally forgot about that part of the Beck Solution! Responses like, I am moving along; I won't be distracted that the scale fluctuates just as emotions do. I continue moving along.
Yes, that is a helpful response. I will try to work out a few more to the "I don't cares" and the "this will never works". Lassie always comes home... I await her arrival.

CeeJay:bravo: for posting when feeling yukky and feeling sidetracked and temporarily offplan. You know Ceejay, our New Normal is being onplan now. I suspect both you and I are more onplan than off. I think I will start to mark this down for myself, like Lexxiss mentioned in her last post being A+ OP in the day and then offplan at night. That A+ morning does mean something! I have had days, weeks, months when I was NEVER OP at all. That just doesn't happen anymore. I come back I post here I find the strength to work at it once again. You do too. CREDIT

maryann This statement by youIt is proven over and over, you don't have to want to do something. You just have to do it. reminded me of a saying I heard ages ago : FEELINGS ARE NOT FACTS.
Wow. Can't believe my brain dug that up for me. Also, feeling something does not make it so. I discovered that today with the scale as I felt "so fat" but was up so little 0.2lbs that there's no way I could feel that small shift. I don't notice 20lb-40lb gains when I am in the food! Anyway thanks for your post and you are right; it is always work and always worth it. *credit for going to class when you didn't feel like it. Awesome.

Off to paint.


This one is for Lexxiss. You asked for a sunflower a few days back and it ate away at me until I gave it a go. I really don't ever paint flowers. I do like this one though hope you do too :) I did it today. Thanks for the inspiration.

07-13-2011, 01:34 PM
onebyone: I read your post on the unplanned pub and the thinking that lead you to the flour tortillas and the sugared coffee and then to the demoralization you felt. I completely saw myself in the story - having lived it a thousand times before. Thank you for posting it. It reminds me I am not alone in the craziness of a food addiction. I remember how serious this journey is for me. It also helps me feel grateful that for today, I have a plan. It might not be perfect but it is a plan.
BBE: Your killing me with the missing scale. Don't these spouses KNOW how important the scale is? What are they - normal? My DH is always kidding me about bringing the scale wherever I travel. "For God's Sakes" buy six and leave them at the Tahoe place, the ranch, etc . . . Obviously he doesn't comprehend it must be THE SAME scale to accurately measure. But I am not compulsive NO, No, NO, No, indeed not. Nonetheless, the "scale" accountability is the only thing that keeps me real. My mind surely doesn't.
Gardenerjoy: I hear you. I know its tough. You have worked so hard to achieve goal and this patch seems like just a reaction to your tremendous achievements. This too shall pass. Stick with what has worked for you in the past.
Ceejay: There is an old saying The most painful place to be is hanging on to the wagon - not off or in. It seems to me your are committed to Beck but you are not taking comfort from that commitment because your program isn't perfect. Posting everyday, being willing to tell the truth is enough. You don't have to apologize for imperfections. The truth and the commitment has always helped me, even with my crazy-*** family.
Pamatga: I completely agree with loving the kitchen. I am no longer afraid of it because it is a dedicated "healthy" place now.
Lexxiss: Credit for mostly OP day. And your right eating DOES feel better - for the moment. Might as well not deny it. But it is the long term I look for.

As for my day: Put DS in a day camp for today. He is excited and I will get as much work done as possible. Scale didn't budge despite OP Day. But I ate my old meal that I had while I was losing. I felt full but it might be too much for this new weight. The scale is info. Credit for re-measuring myself to determine my new calorie needs. (The Zone has a formula)

07-13-2011, 08:44 PM
Hi Everyone! My name is Jennie (new to the forums)and I'm on day 9 of my new lifestyle and day 23 of the Beck Diet solution book. Do you mind if I join you all?

07-13-2011, 10:10 PM
Welcome to JennieT !! This is a great group and will bring you lots of support for your journey.

07-14-2011, 06:24 AM
:welcome: Jennie (JennieT) :welcome:

In addition, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find 3FC and this forum?

07-14-2011, 06:37 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Crisis solved! DW had put the scale under the claw foot bathtub. Where else! Just in time for today's reading were Beck suggests daily weighing.

Eating was op plan (CREDIT moi) until I had a piece of cake at a celebration at the office (Ouch - but I called it my afternoon snack to ease the violation). Closest thing to exercise was walking (CREDIT moi) to dinner at a Thai place we'd never been to. Service was as rapid as a fast food joint but the food was quite good. We each ordered the 'small' plate and got more than enough food - I left a pile of brown rice. We've found a winner.

onebyone - Given, "I feel that my food plan is obviously working..." so accept Kudos for maintaining those 11 pounds gone forever.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Grabbing on to your metaphor, tossing a silk rope in all the colors of a Chinese Emperor's robe.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - It's the final step that matters. Kudos for [I]"but finally did." [LOL at "maybe behind the mini fridge??" - I'd have found the d*rn scale quicker if I had taken your suggestion seriously.]

maryann - Kudos for carefully working out a current meal plan. [LOL at the thought of a scale in every port. Nope, just isn't the same.]

pamatga - Dodging land mines at restaurants is one of the great skills to work on. It's so easy to be seduced in the pleasant atmosphere and just order anything. Thanks for the terse, "Think. Plan. Execute."

Woodland - Waving back.

Jennie (JennieT) - You are most welcome to join us. We accept you as one of our on-line Diet Coach/Diet Buddy's and ask you to be the same for us. Neat that you've already worked your way to day 23.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
I want you to get in the habit of weighing yourself each morning for the rest of your life. You can do serious damage to your diet if you know you won't have to face the music the next morning. You can also become seriously demoralized if you have followed your diet faithfully, all week, but the one day you weigh yourself the number on the scale goes up, perhaps due to water retention. You might conclude the diet isn't working when, in reality, it's just a normal, temporary gain. Weighting yourself daily will help you avoid these pitfalls.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 56.

07-14-2011, 08:24 AM
Hi BillBlueEyes!

I actually heard about the beck diet solution through some dieters on a support forum for a complete different type of diet (ideal protein-ish). And I found this forum via a google search for a weight loss forum :) I'm a big fan of online communities for support because I can typically find people who are in similar situations with my weight loss.

For example, 2 years ago I had an auto immune disease and my thyroid had to be essentially killed with radiation treatment. Because of that, I have no real metabolism to work with and weight loss is more challenging than it once was. On this site I've found a handful of women who had the same type of challenge and I'm pretty darn excited about it!

To be honest I'm actually thinking about going back through from day 7 because I've been listening via audio-book (I also have the book) and I'm afraid I might have missed some things due to distractions. I do appreciate a lot of the theories and I don't want to skip over anything if I can avoid it.

Thanks for the warm welcome :)

07-14-2011, 09:59 AM
Hi Coaches

I can't stay long. DH is trying to hook up my hard drives from my old computer so I can print off a resume. I am going to the employment counsellor this morning. What's interesting is it doesn't even matter what they say. I am SO HAPPY with my painting lately that, well, I just feel hopeful in all areas. So, we'll see what kinds of options I have re: art and senior citizens.

* credit for weighing in: -1.1lbs it said and then it gave me a weight of 279.3lbs.
That's darn close to 279.0 and less.
I'm going to PLAN some movement into my day with wii resort.
I am committing to report back here when I have done enough to work up a sweat and/or 20 min.
* credit for checking in with my coaches today.
* credit for staying OP and immediately going back OP when I strayed.
* credit for staying hopeful about my prospects-all of them.
* credit for making a plan today.

Must go. If DH can't get the thing to work then I need to re-schedule my appt...

Have a great day Becksters!

:welcome3: JennieT! I look forward to your posts!

07-14-2011, 10:45 AM
Hi Coaches!

:welcome2: JennieT

onebyone, what a spectacular sunflower! I showed it to DH...I wish I had money and could afford to get it here. It's really cool that you don't see it's face as it is facing the sun. I've always thought the back of the flower was beautiful, too.

BBE, now if I knew you had a claw foot tub I'd have suggested you look there. BTW-I am a finder...once found my moms prescription sunglasses in her freezer.

gardenerjoy, throwing you a rope!

maryann, woodland, :wave:

Today is travel day, and I have much to do before we leave...including a luncheon where my mom will get an award. I have no idea what they will be serving. I will do my best and will try to check back in from the Western Slope of sunny Colorado.

07-14-2011, 12:02 PM
Thanks for this, onebyone:
You know Ceejay, our New Normal is being onplan now. I suspect both you and I are more onplan than off.
I suspect, like you, when I finally weigh myself, it won't be the 185 I fear but something quite a bit lower. I deserve CREDIT for my New Normal and how different it is from my old normal. I squelch that thought, sometimes, because there's a sabotaging thought that can follow, along the lines of "see, you really aren't doing that badly, let's just skip exercise again and go eat that thing you've been thinking about." But maybe if I focus on giving myself CREDIT for my New Normal, I can keep that sabotaging thought at bay.

Besides I have response to that sabotaging thought: I feel better when I stick to my plan. And this one, straight from the book I believe: Successful dieters and maintainers stay successful because they stick to their plans.

Welcome, JennieT!

Love your sunflower, onebyone! The composition and colors are wonderful!

07-14-2011, 02:19 PM
Good Morning Coaches:
OP Yesterday and Today - a few tastes of the whole wheat muffins mix but I wrote it into my plan. Lunch is sautéed zucchini with meatballs. I have gotten away from enough protein and feel so much fuller when I eat what I am suppose to eat. I am almost finish packing for the lake we are heading to for a family reunion- husband side. I have planned well. Credit that despite all the traveling this summer, I am still only 3 pounds above ticker and losing. I think that is something. My goal is to hit ticker weight and stay until fall when I go back to school and always seem to lose more easily.
BBE: The Thai sounds good. Who would think a small plate is enough? My buffet days are totally gone. Quality over quantity.
Onebyone: Good Luck on the job search
Happily traveling Lexxiss.
Hi to everyone else,

07-14-2011, 02:56 PM
Hi All,

I was reading through your posts a bit and I realized I haven’t been doing a good job at giving myself credit for my successes but I have had some pretty positive reactions to items I would consider triggers that I thought I would share with you all.

Credit #1: Last night we fixed fajitas (light version) and I actually found myself feeling a little guilty because they were so good I couldn’t understand how they were within my diet plan. However, I had the strongest urge to take a second helping because they were so good but instead I explained that I would feel overfull and I was already satisfied. I won!
Credit #2: I also had a strong urge to pick at the leftovers while I was putting them away but I reminded myself of my commitment to never eat while standing/moving and that I am already satisfied with my meal. Another win!
Credit #3: Yesterday morning stepped on the scale and lost a pound since my Monday weigh-in. Today I maintained at that weight but I’m not expecting magic on this diet – the slower the better!

Another thing worth sharing is that I’m a new mom with a 4 month old at home and finances are cramped so we opted for buying an elliptical rather than a gym membership. The goal this Saturday is to get that setup and running so I can start rocking it out in the mornings before I get my baby ready for the day!

07-14-2011, 08:00 PM
:wave: We're on the road..DH driving:cp:
~credit for good choices at the luncheon
~oops for the small but nevertheless handful of nuts as I made my last sweep through the house.
~credit for not ordering anything at Wendy's while DH had the full meal deal

I'm not hungry and have several awesome OP choices for dinner...I'm going to wait and see if there's anything edible in my garden.

JenneT, yay for positive reactions to items usually considered triggers and for posting your first credits! Congrats on the little one! Finances are cramped here, too. It always works out.

maryann, have fun at the lake! "I have planned well" says it all! You rock!

gardenerjoy, I, too, feel better when I stick to my plan.

onebyone, how true-feeling something does not make it true. I am sensitive, too, and my mom is one of those "crabby powertrippers". It is very painful and I ate (and drank) over it for years. It feels better when I don't, though. Still lovin' that sunflower!

07-15-2011, 05:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating would have been on plan except that I was kidnapped and force fed a dish of ice cream. Ouch, but it was top shelf ice cream. At the gym (CREDIT moi) I asked a friend how much I had to work out to compensate. He said, "None, it's dairy and that's good for you." That's what friends are for.

After dark I walked (CREDIT moi) to the supermarket to buy California Navel Oranges to try to flush that ice cream out of my system.

onebyone - Yeah for, "SO HAPPY with my painting." Thanks for the sunflower. You will, of course, submit to me the proper royalty, since I OWN sunflowers, LOL. And Kudos for making a plan today.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yep, Kudos for, "my New Normal and how different it is from my old normal." It is interesting that the old negative thoughts of how much you weigh can linger on.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Waving toward the road, but hoping you've arrived by now. Yep, I know about a small handful of nuts.

maryann - "Sautéed zucchini with meatballs" sounds good to me. My experience with family reunions is that they're food centric. Hope you can introduce another activity.

Jennie (JennieT) - Why Yes, I can imagine there are distractions while raising a 4 month old, LOL. Kudos for proceeding with the audio book anyway. And BIG Kudos for not picking at leftovers - that's easy to do without being aware.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
Research shows that daily weigh-ins are important. A University of Minnesota study of more than 3,000 dieters determined that only the dieters who weighed themselves daily were able to lose weight and keep it off over a year's time. Dieters who weighed less frequently or not at all tended to gain weight. And a Brown University study of 314 dieters determined that people who weighed daily were better able to follow their diets, felt less depressed, and were less likely to binge eat. A separate study of 209 maintainers found that those who weighed daily were 82 percent less likely to regain their weight compared with those who weighed only weekly.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 56.

07-15-2011, 08:01 AM
GM and GD fellow Becksters!

:welcome2: JennieT from the Dakotas. I moved from MN to GA 7 1/2 years ago. I'm the only person I know who hasn't been to Mt. Rushmore! And, it was in driving distance too! You are off to a great start! Give the baby a hug then one to Mama too.:hug:
BBE As one of your other friends. Top drawer ice cream, and I know which one you mean, has more of everything....if you know what I mean. I hear a little "treating myself because I deserve it" here. Take two "Oh wells" and post here daily.:hug:
onebyone Hope you can find a job to your liking. Your sunflower looks much like "Sunflowers". Don't beat yourself up about all of the challenges you have had to face recently. I gave up going to a social "food-centric" gathering on Saturday because I knew that being the newbie in a group of well acquainted compadres, I would begin to eat mindlessly, if not that there(I have a hard time eating in front of people I don't know), when I got home(where no one can see me). Call me anti-social or pro-Pam but right now I can't have it both ways. I want to make the 250s by the end of this month, if possible. Something has to give in order to seek that "hallowed" ground.
gardenerjoy I periodically go through that panic-stricken state when a "new normal" status quo takes over the "old abnormal". Sometimes, just acknowledging the feelings is all you need to do to allow it to pass. :hug: in the meantime.
Lexxiss hope all is well on your side of the mountain.
maryann see above for my solution. Neither a recommendation nor do I realize to everyone's liking but I canceled two events recently because I wanted to be in control of my food in my own space. I can party later. Now, I want to hunker down and "get this done".

Credit: My single-mindedness about this task. I liken this to training for a marathon. In fact, on the cover of the pink book, the subtitle is "train your brain to think like a thin person". BTW, dear friends, thin people have insecurities, self-doubts and irrational fears. When I was a size 6, I was no different than I am now, only smaller. Well, alright, I was more aloof and vain but that changed after gaining 68 lbs with pregnancy. That took me down a few notches.;) I fully expect to be insecure, anxious, blue, moody, irritable and "all that" when I hit my goal weight. Yes, I really do!! (gardenerjoy, listening?---your normal is well normal)

My single-mindedness regarding building muscle. For those of you who wonder if it is worth it. I only can say a loud YES! I am moving down in clothing sizes, able to move with more ease (instead of feeling like I am dragging around a ball n chain) and the joint pain has been reduced. Oh, did I mention that also muscle burns more calories so it has also allowed me to eat more calories so "coloring outside the lines" isn't so disastrous at the all telling bathroom scales.:cool: Yeaaahhh.:D

Enjoying how I look in the mirror, in my clothes and how my body feels when it moves. (sigh) With another birthday in a matter of days, gosh, that is a nice gift to me.:)

Take care all. We are exactly where we need to be [whether we like it or not:D]

07-15-2011, 11:51 AM
Still posting. We celebrated Bastille Day last night. It was fun. But too much wine and too much bread. Still, CREDIT for planning ratatouille (all veggies) as a main course!

07-15-2011, 12:20 PM
Hi Coaches

We ate store bought chicken wings last night. Result? +1.5lbs = 280.8lbs. *credit for weighing in.

Ok. I have been at or near the 280 mark for two weeks now. My current plan is great for maintenance of the weight 280 but it isn't allowing me to shed more. I think I need to move towards becoming more veggie centric, less everything else. I will look at my quantities of food, other than veggies, with a more critical eye.

And like pamatga I think I need to start to work on my muscles and to build muscle strength. I've been ignoring the exercise part, mostly cause I was out with a pulled back muscle for most of April and before that I twisted my ankle, so I was feeling fragile and prone to injury. I don't feel so fragile now. In fact I am challenging myself to hop up onto the front porch from the lawn instead of using the stairs--it's like a giant step from step aerobics days if you know what I mean. It's tough to haul myself up but I've been successful with it and it's small things like this that build up my self confidence that I can do more than I realize... actually carrying two full propoane tanks-bbq/20lb size, one in each hand this week with some ease, made me also think that I am doing not bad in spite of everything. Time to push ahead.

Guess that's it. DH took the car so I am FORCED to keep painting. I bought 2 more canvases yesterday so I am hoping to complete 3 - 16 x 20's today. If I manage that, I will have 8 new paintings. 2 more and I will have reached my minimum # for my first show. I think I have 4 shows now... must keep going...

BTW the employment counsellor had no help for me, unless I wanted to look into apprenticeship programs in something. But in terms of jobs to do with art and the elderly, nothing. I wrote the term Art Therapist on my form so she looked that up and showed me what I already knew and had found ages ago-the art therapy website. She printed off the first two pages of the website for me then encouraged me to "come back and tell her what I found out about this as it seems so interesting!" *sigh* Seems I am always forging my own path through life. Oh well. I'll take her "advice" and get an appt with the art therapy place and see if that's something Ii want to spend time doing. it may be more intensive, and expensive, than what I want... we'll see.

TGIF! Enjoy the day!

pamatga You totally inspired me today! Thanks! I read how you have adapted to your physical challenges and continue to progress toward your weight goals and your workout goals and I am not hampered physically by anything except my own mind. Had I not read what you wrote today, I probably would have felt *hopeless* at seeing 280 yet again. Instead I am *grateful* the higher numbers haven't returned and I feel *hopeful* that if I ratchet it up and put in some exercise it will make the difference for me as well. Thank you.

BillBlueEyes DH and I went to the grocery store last night before we had dinner. I stared wide-eyed at the plucots, wondering if these were ok on my foodplan. These are a plum/apricot cross. I decided to leave them in store until I investigated it more. Then we were in the frozen food section and I was eyeing the ice cream. I was looking for a low carb/no sugar version and imagining in my mind how the top shelf kinds would taste like. DH didn't see me there at first, staring at the ice cream through the glass doors as if they were puppies in a window. He came up beside me and said "If you can't have a plucot, you certainly can't have this stuff. Not on my watch." I smiled and felt protected and we walked away. Your anecdote reminded me of this successful battle against that formidable foe.

LexxissKudos for not ingesting fast food while your partner does. Excellent. Was anything ready in your garden?? And are you on the side of the mountain where the days are longer or shorter???

JennieT I commend you for all your successes! Awesome. Good job following your plan and great job planning for exercise given the challenge of a baby. That takes a lot of time and effort to get everything done. Kudos.

maryann Really really good job holding that weight at bay. 3lbs is a very very small gain for traveling around. You're doing great!

gardenerjoy I was wondering, how much time in your life have you spent at a lower weight and in active maintenance vs. over weight and in the process of losing weight? I know for me, for the two times in my life I was at a fairly low weight, it felt so weird as I just had little experience being there at that stage. Like all of our habits, I was so used to the gaining/losing/dieting cycle that maintaining/staying at or around goal felt odd. I simply had never been in that state long enough for it to feel "right" ie. my normal state. It takes sitting with the discomfort, as you are, and NOT REACTING to the feelings by placing yourself back in the same old same old losing/gaining/weightloss cycle.
I also remember being sad that that was all over. It's a self identity shift that's going on. See yourself as a maintainer as a person at goal cause that's what you are now... oh, and you're awesome too ;)

07-15-2011, 10:24 PM
Hi Coaches!

I'd classify today as one of my poorer ones as I continue this journey to improve my relationship with food. I had a plan and didn't follow through. I made good choices until after lunch and the bad choices would have been ok if I would have observed portion control. But I didn't. I did, however, enjoy great exercise both at the pool and on my bicycle. Sometimes exercise saves the day for me.

BillBlueEyes, I really got a good laugh this morning as your friend had such a straight and convenient answer for you. *credit* for walking to the store for your navel orange. I'm sure it helped.

Pam(pamatga), yay for singlemindedness in building muscle. It's something on my list that I never quite get to.

onebyone, my garden is full of fresh raspberries. My best crop yet. I'm on the West side which is lighter in the evening. It's 7pm and the sun is blazing in my W facing window. You said, "In fact I am challenging myself to hop up onto the front porch from the lawn instead of using the stairs--it's like a giant step from step aerobics days if you know what I mean. It's tough to haul myself up but I've been successful with it and it's small things like this that build up my self confidence that I can do more than I realize... actually carrying two full propoane tanks-bbq/20lb size, one in each hand this week with some ease, made me also think that I am doing not bad in spite of everything. Time to push ahead." CREDIT

gardenerjoy, *credit* for posting and making a good choice for dinner last night.

07-16-2011, 06:54 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, except that I've seemed to have adopted the Weight Watchers rule that fruit has zero points when I go for a second orange for my evening snack - Ouch. The gremlin inside me that needs more food apparently doesn't restrict himself to tree nuts.

Busy day ahead moving stuff from here to there to get out of the way of the painters.

onebyone - Oh Yes, "I am doing not bad in spite of everything. Time to push ahead." Art Therapy does sound like something you could do to help people - if you can find a place that is willing to pay well to have your services.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Bread on Bastille Day seems historically accurate - I think thin people in France at that time were eating two pounds of bread a day. Dark bread. And nothing else.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ya got me drooling for those fresh raspberries. Ouch for the "didn't follow through" - but accept Kudos for "I had a plan..."

pamatga - Yay for moving down in clothing size - the most reliable metric on this journey.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
tip: If you suspect that
a medication is causing you
to gain weight or that you suf-
fer from a thyroid abnormality
or other medical problem that
might block weight loss, dis-
cuss the situation with your
health-care provider. Although
many dieters I have worked
with initially suspected a medi-
cal problem was keeping them
from losing weight, invariably
they were eating hundreds and
hundreds more calories each
day than they realized.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 56.

07-16-2011, 10:43 AM
Hi Coaches

*credit for weighing in (-0.7lbs) = 280.1 this morning.

DH came home from work and it was Friday and apparently all I need is to know it's Friday to feel like it's a Time To Celebrate!:hat:

I had no conscious intention to eat offplan for dinner but we left the house while very hungry. I had even cooked for us but didn't feel like eating what I made and I needed to get to the craft store before their sale was over so we went right away and then while out DH wanted to get somethoing at the grocery store and on the way to the grocery store I saw a high-end burger shop we went to before I moved here and I mentioned I would really love one of those burgers and his eyes lit up and we went in. I eyed the menu and went for "the usual" ie. burger and fries and didn't feel like modifying for the salmon burger or the turkey or the chicken or the salad. I even had a reg. ice tea. DH was so happy eating there. I enjoyed it but it wasn't "all that".

I spent the time in the grocery store :rollpin: fighting off the urges to get anything super sweet: cake, cookies, candy, chocolate. *credit I didn't relent to that stuff. Apparently I did exercise my resistance muscle, albeit a little too late--but better late than never.

This behavior won't get me to 275 but it did prevent me from going to 285.

The battle continues.

We're going to check out a farmers' market that goes year round that's in the Big City and apparently pretty easy to drive to. It's supposed to be great for sales. After that we're off to a Sci-Fi convention!! DH just found out about it and it's super expensive to get into: $40/day - $70/weekend (per person) but it's free to get into the dealer's room so I am bringing the camera hoping to see some costume-clad fans. I am really on the lookout for Star Trek the Original series costumes. I was telling DH he could go as Harry Mudd. Not sure who I'd like to go as. Maybe this chick standing beside him in the attached jpg from Star trek. Mudd is seated, Capt. Kirk is standing for those who don't know...

While at the burger joint I was leafing through a local paper and saw a big ad for an "athletic club" that sounds fantastic. Salt water pool, indoor and out, aquabics classes, fitness classes, the whole thing. If I do end up making money over the next six weeks I will treat myself to this place. They've got a decent special going on. I'll see if I can drop by the place first and check it out.

Time to go get DH up and make breakfast.

Enjoy your Saturday Becksters.

07-16-2011, 06:26 PM
I learned a bit of something from our wine and cheese tasting this week. Wine and cheese are fine, occasionally for special treats. Bread? Not so much. The kind of bread you want to serve for a cheese tasting is a good bread, but white with no strong flavors. Just the kind of bread that's triggering for me. Plus, with my weird relationship with that sort of bread, I forget to taste the cheese! So, for me, cheese tasting in the future is cheese, no bread.

onebyone: yep! This is a new experience for me. I haven't weighed anywhere near this weight for 20 years. So I don't know what the heck I'm doing and it does feel weird -- mirrors are odd, photos are even stranger, and the lifestyle is like "who is this woman who enjoys salads? I don't know her! Give me some white bread!" So, yeah, I need to be taking some time to live with this and work through some of it. Thanks!

BillBlueEyes: I thought of you today when I saw this on Henry David Thoreau's blog (
July 16, 1857
I hear of the first early blueberries brought to market. What a variety of rich blues their berries present, i. e. the earliest kind! Some are quite black and without bloom. What innocent flavors!

07-16-2011, 09:20 PM
Hi All,

How is everyone doing today? I'm wondering if you all would be willing to share what prompted you to change your lifestyle? I love hearing about other people's journey and I find it so inspirational!

I personally committed to changing my lifestyle when my son was born. I want him to have a positive relationship with food and a respect for his body. But the best way to do that is to lead by example! We're on day 12 of our journey at this point and still doing really well!

Today was a little weird because I seem to have some sort of a bug. I slept from 12am-10am then went back to bed and slept from noon-5pm. Thank goodness my husband let me sleep and took care of RJ! I have a feeling mostly I'm just having run-off from yesterday's root canal and pain killers - who knows!

Anyway I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! <3

07-17-2011, 06:00 AM
Hi Coaches!

It was a good Beck day. I rode to the farmers market and back (8 miles) and enjoyed every bit of the ride....I reflected back to when it was a chore to get to the corner store. *credit* Food was sane and included a planned indulgence of fresh raspberries on vanilla ice cream(NSA RF). I had a reasonable serving of ice cream and a less than reasonable serving of raspberries. I called it lunch and was ok with it reminded by a friend of a friend that dairy is good for you. :lol:

Back for personals.... Happy Sunday!

07-17-2011, 07:48 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Remained on plan, CREDIT moi, despite spending the day moving stuff into the cramped space we'll live while the painting goes on. This is great therapy to make me hate owning so much STUFF. I had the opportunity to eat some cake and didn't; CREDIT moi for that since cake seems like permission to eat anything else I want without restraint.

Exercise was going up and down the stairs from the basement to the third floor, CREDIT moi. When I was headed out in the late afternoon, I wanted a clean shirt. Walked up and down and down and up failing to remember where my shirts had wandered. Didn't change shoes because every shoe I own in the world, except the sneakers on my feet, were in a box that was no longer in my bedroom where they have lived for years, and were not yet in the room that will be my temporary bedroom for three to eight weeks.

onebyone - Kudos for "I did exercise my resistance muscle" even if not 24/7. Around here, most gyms will give a free pass for a week to a month to entice membership.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Interesting that bread is a trigger food, not the rich cheeses. Yay for keeping cheese tasting in your future. [Love the Henry David Thoreau quote from exactly 154 years ago; I didn't know he was a blueberry fan.]

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Biking eight miles for raspberries seems like it would be worth it; Kudos for the exercise. Yep, dairy is "good for you" - you don't see any cows going to Weight Watchers, LOL.

Jennie (JennieT) - Ouch for feeling out of sorts whether a bug or root canal left overs. I started my journey because the time just felt right and because I was headed to a family reunion in six months which could serve as a motivation.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily

It is a biological impossibility for your weight to go down every day.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 57.

07-17-2011, 08:11 AM
GM and GD fellow Beckies (nod to your Trekkie convention onebyone):

Onebyone -I do not always do the grocery shopping. In the past few years I have worked out "an arrangement" with my DH where via cell phones and a written list on my part, my DH does the shopping. Part of it was based on convenience and frugality (I worked at home and he had the car with his job) but also I realized that "out of sight out of mind" really works for me time and time again. The times that I do go we end up spending more because I will see something that is "apparently" new on the market or shelves and I want to try it. However, there are some wonderful NS ice cream "novelties"(their words not mine) to be had. I keep my freezer stocked with those during the summer months. NS Original fudgsicles are 40 calories per "pop" and really taste like rich chocolate w/o the aftertaste. No artificial sweetner. You might also try frozen rice milk. My criteria for foods like this is they must satisfy my sweet tooth and not incite a craving for more.

Gardnerjoy I too haven't been a "normal" weight (which was very thin for me back in 1980) for that long. For a long time, my identity was always being heavy and all that can mean. Ironically, in the past year or so as I have worked more on my spiritual self, the rest of my self feels more integrated. In fact, confirmation of this is I had a "near stranger" who commented to me about five months that I am " a very thin person in a very large body". I think I have indoctrinated myself with the Beck thinking to the point where all I am waiting for is the body to catch up. My relationship with food has changed for one thing. Where I used to be more "artifically" controlled most of that which took effort in the past is now more automatic so it has become second nature. To me, that allows me obsess less and enjoy more the actual food that I do eat. Obsessive, compulsive eating is rarely enjoyed. We may think we enjoyed it more then but we didn't---now when we were shoverling it in so fast. The other thing that really has helped me is to reacquaint my body to what it is capable of doing. Then, there is the commitment I have to myself to just "get on with it" in terms of all the other things in my life that I used to "cover with" food.

One of the things that has helped me with the psychological part of being thin is to "observe" thin people "in action". I am fortunate that my DH is a naturally thin person. Lately, when he realized that he had this triglyceride problem and he read the list of foods he should avoid (some of which he loves--like organ meats-chicken/turkey liver/gizzard, etc) and have a couple of small pieces of fudge when we are at one of our favorite restaurants; I quickly stepped in and said you only eat those foods "on occasion" (which for him is twice a month for the fudge and once every 4-6 weeks for the organ meat) so I said that rather than become neurotic about food (which is what any reduced calorie diet does to most dieters) I told him to enjoy his favorite foods "on occasion" and focus more on getting back into his 4-5 miles walks he likes to take and practice portion control on a daily basis. In fact, he needs to lose 35 lbs and I advised him NOT to diet. I have lived with him 12 1/2 years and he eats remarkably healthy by American standards. His weight doesn't fluctuate by no more than 2-3 lbs at any given time. Why spoil that homeostatis? I believe that with exercise, a stronger focus on Omega-3 foods and taking his fish oil capsules, that within a couple months' time he will lower those triglycerides and his weight.

It gets back to the principle of the more you enforce one behavior (resistance muscle) the stronger it becomes. I mentally resist the temptation to mentally beat myself up when I stray from my plan. I have a structure in place that allows me some wiggle room and I know my boundaries. In the meantime, I am not making a distinction between a "fat" vs "thin" life. I have a life, the one I am living today. Planned eating should free us up to release the obsessive thoughts that accompany most reduced-calorie food plans. Recall Day 40 "Enrich Your Life"in the pink book. In other words, there is supposed to be "life during and after dieting".
Maybe, journaling may help. Please share with us your concerns, anxieties or fears. That is what we are here for. It is very well possible that you are experiencing a "post event" blue. There is a certain let down after anything that you have geared yourself up for so long. Much like after the winter holidays when all of the decorations, presents and special food is behind us. January is typically a dull month for that reason. Remember though you don't have to stay in or with these feelings. You can sit with them without resorting to eating, something we all have been practicing all along. While you are sitting with these "inbetween" feelings of disorientation, review all you have accomplished. Perhaps, look on your "To Do" list and start working on one of those things. That will also help refocus your mental energies. You have done one wonderful thing for yourself; now's the time to do another!

P.S. Full fat usually satisfys more and longer than any white bread simply because of the combination of protein and fat wherease white bread is #100 on the scale for high glycemix index. Any wonder once bitten, it bites back! It's just plain science.

*Deciding that renting some favorite (but missed in the theaters) movies is a better way to celebrate my birthday than lots of extra "forbidden" foods. A strong departure for me.
*Dealing with some very frustrating things first thing in the morning frees me up to "collapse" once it is over and keeps me from obsessing about it until it is done. "Oh well" helped a lot. A LOT!
*Sharing with DH some of his recent "victories" was way better than "it's all about me" because it's not and it never was. Compulsive overeating is a very selfish, self-centered behavior. I am taking ownership by being emotionally available for others without becoming enmeshed with their "stuff". Tricky, yes but "it is more blessed to give than receive".
*Setting boundaries with my SO and not flinching when I see that my way (at that time) might not be their way. Again, not expressing my personal power through eating (which is what I used to do) and instead expressing it with my words and actions stop the CO before it has a chance to take hold in my life.

BBE I have joined WW on three separate occasions in the past, and although I don't know what they are up to these days, it was really misleading to a lot of well intentioned people who were looking to them for leadership to say fruit has zero "points" (calories) It just plain doesn't! A medium orange (the size of a tennis ball) is 70 calories with 13 grams of carbohydrate. What Tom foolery! Granted, the whole fruit has some fiber which, if you do the nutritional math, reduces the points down to just around 50 calories but even so it still can and creates reactions with a person's blood glucose levels. [Not so with cantalope and berries] My only "guess" (and it is only a guess) is that they "assumed" one piece of fruit would satisfy a person. Not necessarily.

I bought my annual one watermelon for July 4th; which I am still "working on" and one serving is considered one cup at 45 calories. Try measuring watermelon in one cup (I have) and it is three well chosen bites. Well, one carefully cut 2" ring ended up being 6 cups (if you don't eat down to the rind which I don't). Do the math and you can see that is a lot of carbs and made it a rather substantial "snack". For anyone who has a blood glucose fruit is something that needs to be carefully considered within a daily food plan because although it is natural sugar, some fruits are higher on the glycemic index and can stall a weight lose plan.

I count every calorie that goes into my mouth. If there is no label then I literally find the calories for each component (flour, sugar, eggs, for example) and then add those up, divide by the suggested portion size and come up with a "ballpark" figure of what I have ingested. We measure medicine and would never think twice about not taking the prescribed dosage so why are we so willing to just toss food into my mouth without knowing how much and what possible impact it might have on our body? My answer to why I am religious about reading labels, weighing and measuring, then logging everything on my food log.

This is what has allowed me to eat a balanced food plan, tweak it when I don't and "maintain" the weight lose I have lost for the past year. Double dipped credit, please!

JennieT I didn't wake up one day and begin to change my life around. I have had sudden spurts where I wanted to acheive a short term goal but mine has simply been an overall desire to become whole again after being a broken person for the majority of my life. The extra weight is the tip of the iceberg. It's what is underneath that sink even the "unsinkable", much like the Titanic.

God bless all and have a great day!:hug:

07-17-2011, 11:58 AM
Hi Coaches

I'm on the edge of panic mode.
I am feeling anxiety over my trip to Ottawa this week and whether I will make any money at the art show. I sure hope I'm not just spending money on my trip without recouping any. HOWEVER... I do need to visit my mom so if I can hold that thought then I'll be ok, and the opportunity to show my work will be the bonus as well all the visiting with my friends.

I've attached the last 2 paintings I completed. I think I like to show them to you guys cause then I realize that I *have* made things for my show. It's one of the things I panic about!

The dog painting is called Smiley and the cat painting is called The Commute.

I now have 6 and am working on 7 & 8 today and will get to my goal of 10 new ones for sure by the time I elave on Wednesday. I am also trying to fit in the making of cards with these images on them so I can have a lower priced item to sell.

My food was off yesterday. Again. *credit for weighing in when I didn't want to to see a asurprising rise of only 0.2lbs = 280.3lbs for the day.

My official weighin's will be Wednesdays I think. I pretty much will be home on a wednesday but the Thursdays for the next 6 weeks could be iffy given my show schedule. I do plan on checking in. You guys keep reminding me that yes, I am doing this and yes I want to do this and yes I care about this stuff.

*credit yesterday for not buying sweet things. I am still battling that one. I had a few items off my foodplan: potatoes, white english muffin, sweet ice tea (always comes with lemon here pamatga! and always sweet!).

I'd better go. stuff to buy and then get working today on my lovebirds and my frog pile!

:hug: to y'all :wave:

BillBlueEyes I was watching CNN and the crawler across the bottom read: GQ magazine rates Boston as worst dressed city. I assume this means the men are dressed the worst according to GQ. Sweeping statements like that kill me... we seem to be in the era of this bigtime. BIG KUDOS btw for living in your place while renovating and now reacting with food. I haven't had the heart to open another box in over a month now. I just realized that we don't have the big cutting knife that DH needs to slice up his beef to make beef jerky. Solution? We're buying a new one.

Lexxiss Today when I read your post I postively ached for a big old time bicycle. There is a bookstore/coffee shop here called Covernotes. It's over there a decent ways away but not hopelessly far. I have thought it'd be great to ride over and take in their acoustic set on Monday nights. Maybe I can pick up a bike for myself if I make some dough. Thanks for the good example chum!

gardenerjoy I 100% relate to the feelings you described. I remember avoiding mirrors when I got down to 138. That happened only once, so far, in my adult life. It takes time but you have proven you can deal with uncertainty and change. It won't happen consciously but one day you'll be ok with it all. KUDOS for dealing with the feelings.

JennieT I started this particular aspect of my journey because I have no common sense with food and I need structure. I could no longer follow diet rules nor did I want to. I know I trip myself up behaviourly more than any other way. Cognitive behavioural therapy was also useful for me in other areas of my life so I know it works. I trust the methodology. And while my weight has risen and fallen and risen again, I don't feel discouraged. I only panic over my weight for very very short lengths of time and I have hope I will reach my goals. Beck has given me the self confidence to work on creating my own foodplan and it's given me some solid friendships here to work through everything. This group is golden. Without Beck I would surely weigh more than 300lbs. I have no doubt.

pamatga The best thing I saw at the convention yesterday were three "red shirts" (if you are a trekkie you'll know what that is) carrying a clipboard gathering signatures on a petition for better working conditions for red shirts! That was funny.

07-17-2011, 12:18 PM
Here's some logical thinking that weighing myself every day is the best thing for me:
A) Weighing myself frequently motivates healthier eating and more exercise
B) The only way that I will weigh myself frequently is if I am thinking of it as data, not some judgment on my worth or even my behavior
C) The only way I've ever found to treat my weight as data is to weigh myself daily and record it in a spreadsheet
Given A,B, and C, I want to weigh myself every day, recording the number as a data point in my spreadsheet. QED

WI: +1.1 kgs, Exercise: +55 570/1300 minutes for June and 18/33 miles on treadmill, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

JennieT: I started on this journey after losing 40 pounds over a two year period, then gaining it all back in one year. The book The End of Overeating by David Kessler helped me get a handle on why that happened and proposed the use of CBT to control it--which led me to Beck.

Lexxiss: yay for long bike rides and fresh raspberries!

BillBlueEyes: good job avoiding the cake. LOL that finding a shirt can truly count as exercise.

pamatga: way to go getting the frustrating things done in the morning and using the 'oh well' tactic (I love that one)

onebyone: sounds like the trip to Ottawa is a logical decision, whether or not you make money on it (hope you do!). The cat made me laugh out loud -- love the expression on its face!

07-17-2011, 04:40 PM
Hello Becksters! I just thought i'd check in and say hi, there's a lot to read through so i'll just make it a quick one and check in again tomorrow or later when i've caught up! My holiday was really good, really felt like i got away from it all... however i think i may also have got away from my eating plan and beck behaivours a little bit too much too... I was pretty active but definitely could have eaten better, i didn't consciously eat badly but i didn't stop myself a couple of times from having dessert or one of DB's biscuits now and then... It wasn't all bad, i did make some healthy choices, and even managed to order a smaller pizza at a restaurant and leave half of it... which i then gave to DB to eat the next day for lunch whilst I made myself a salad instead... Anyway, I'm not going to beat myself up about it, i'm just going to weigh in tomorrow morning and then work on some damage control.

Credit - OP day today, planning for tomorrow

Gardenerjoy, i was reading that book on holiday! I am not quite finish but it has such similarities to Beck that i was going to see if anyone else here had read it...

right, i'd better get unpacking, back to work tomorrow!

Alana in Canada
07-17-2011, 06:44 PM
Hello again!

Sorry to have disappeared like that! We went off to Jasper for our annual trip to the mountains--and I meant to post and tell you all--but somehow it got away from me what with getting the family ready and all!

Thank you so much for your wonderful words of welcome.

About the whole good/bad food thing--you're comments and replies helped enormously. I was able to calm down and think about it more.

It occured to me that what's at bottom is my feeling of entitlement.. The real (irrational) thought behind the resistance to classifying foods as "good or bad" is this: "I should be allowed to eat whatever I want, as much as I want, whenever I want without consequences."

Just a spoiled two year-old at heart! :)

It's absurd, though, isn't it. Now that I've discovered what I'm really thinking, I'm able to make a choice--and so I have. I choose to be a grown up and recognize that there are consequences to what, when and how much I eat and I will make my choices accordingly. I am looking forward to making my "Reasons to lose weight" come true!

During our vacation I focused on eating my food with all my attention--and focused on eating when I was hungry and stopping when I was full. Credit: we stopped for ice cream, I wasn't hungry, so I didn't have any. That was really major for me.

I weighed myself today. I've lost 5 pounds since July 1st. :carrot:

I didn't read much of Beck though while we were traveling. So, I'm going to do Day 13 and 14 today, I think, though I've yet to finalize my "diet plan."

Bill--to answer your questions:

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?
I don't remember! However, I did read a book by Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis called Rational Emotive Therapy in my late teens in High School. I found it very helpful. I didn't make the connection between the Beck's until a few months ago, however!

And how did you find 3FC and this forum? I believe I did a google search for fat loss forums many, many years ago. In fact, I just may have found Beck's books because of this forum!

07-18-2011, 05:41 AM
Hi Coaches!

A good Beck day yesterday. I have an incredibly crazy week ahead as we migrate East again(tomorrow I think), this time with DH's buddy from the TBI group. He will stay for a week and sleep on our living room floor. He is unable to sleep in a bed due to his neck injury. I remain committed to my food plan and exercise will be a major yard project. ouch. Should be interesting, and I'll surely keep you all posted.

BillBlueEyes, great job eating OP as you step into a new phase of your project. I will remember your good example as I move forward this week. Taking the opportunity to evaluate owing so much stuff is great therapy! I relate.

JennieT, I started my ori ginal weightloss because I was sick and tired (literally) of being fat. I needed help getting up off the floor and was getting to the point of not wanting to leave the house. After two years of family reunions spent avoiding the camera I was ready to do anything to lose weight. That has happened, and Beck Diet Solution is giving me the tools to keep maintaining my losses while I learn to have a sane relationship with food. My life seems to get more stressful as my mom is aging rapidly and I have to learn to manage my emotional eating. I have good days and bad, but I keep striving to "think like a thin person."

Pam(pamatga), finding a better way to celebrate your birthday is a major life step! Credit. I, too, observe thin people "in action". Your comment about indoctrinating yourself with the Beck thinking "to a poing where all I am waiting for is for the body to catch up" is very thought provoking for me. Thanks for sharing it. Although I am living the life of a thin person now, I often still think of myself as the person I was at my high weight. hmm...

onebyone, I still remember when you started riding your bike last year before "the move". Riding to the bookstore would be a great starter trip. I love your new paintings. As to Ottawa, I think a realistic pre-trip assessment is helpful so as to not trigger unplanned/overeating. *credit*

gardenerjoy, great job applying logical thinking to your situation with your scale.

SuperChick, welcome back! Credit for your good behaviors during your vacation. Leaving half a pizza is no small feat...or having a salad while DB eats the leftovers.

Alana(inCanada), glad to have you back! It sounds like you really processed a lot of feelings relating to food during your vacation. Credit. It really does come down to that simple statement, "I can eat this or I can be thinner, but I can't have it both ways." Best wishes as you jump back into your Beck book.

07-18-2011, 07:03 AM
Hi All,

Thanks so much for sharing what started your journey! I too have gotten sick of being overweight. I've been overweight my entire adult life and honestly I don't think I've ever been slim. The prospect of being comfortable with who I am is very exciting! Credit for today I'm down 2.5 pounds for the week which is never a bad thing! I've also noticed that when I'm right around 1200 calories, I lose but if I don't eat enough calories (around 1000) I don't lose at all. Pretty interesting and I'm glad I figured that out so early in my journey!

Tuesday is my wedding anniversary and we're going to go out and have some sushi. Hopefully I'll be able to find something healthy to eat. I'm sure I will since sushi is just fish and rice but we'll see :). I do know that later today I'll be pretty exhausted! Typically RJ sleeps through the night but last night he didn't go to bed until 1:30am and then back up at 3am! Oh well, hopefully I'll get some good sleep tonight!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

07-18-2011, 07:13 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did good enough with food at two different events, CREDIT moi, as in I could have done worse. Methinks I need to find events where no food is served, LOL.

onebyone - Yep, you are generating the painting; Yep, you want to be doing it; and Yep, you care about that stuff. You're on your way to a good experience in Ontario.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – [I]"QED" indeed. You're as convincing as the good Dr. Beck that a daily weigh in - with number recorded - is the way to go.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Good luck with your crazy week - with a guest on the living room floor.

pamatga - Kudos for celebrating your birthday with movies rather than "forbidden" foods. Yep, "Double dipped credit, please!" gets Double dipped Kudos.

SuperChick - Yay for an active holiday - even with an occasional biscuit - to revive the soul. Hope Irish waves were suitable.

Alana in Canada - Jasper is one of the neatest places on planet earth; so jealous that you have a trip there. LOL at, "a spoiled two year-old at heart" with Kudos to that two year old who stopped for ice cream and didn't have any because she wasn't hungry.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
Are you convinced yet? Here is why weighing yourself daily is so important:
It is the only way to desensitize you to your weight and reduce feelings of shame. Remind yourself that the number on the scale is just a number, not a reflection of who you are.
. . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 57.

07-18-2011, 08:06 AM
Morning coaches, so following a combination of trying to get to work early, torrential rain and taking the car instead of riding my bike, I didn’t make it to get weighed in this morning :( so I’ll have to make tomorrow, come h**l or high water… or I’ll just get a bit wet on the way to work! I’m getting back to my Beck behaviours today (I think it’s all about routine, which is where weekends / holidays throw me off a bit) so I’ve read my ARC, filled in my little spreadsheet (I am that geeky!) and listened to my self-hypnosis track (whilst doing something else but I still like to think it’s filtering in there!)

There’s almost too much to keep up with whilst I’ve been away so here’s a summarised version:
Lexiss – I’m glad to hear your mum’s op went well. As for the vending machines, curiosity / boredom / anxiousness probably had a lot to do with it! Or maybe you were just testing your resistance muscle ;)

Onebyone – well done for seeing the 270’s :cp: and i know you'll be back there soon. The paintings are definitely are massive credit – especially completing them in a timed environment – well done! P.s. I really like the sunflower :)

Ceejay / gardenerjoy / maryann – well done for keeping posting when it’s not going that well – the second I go underground with food I end up being very secretive, pretending like I’m not eating it because no-one can see me eating it! Being honest about it here is definitely helping me break that habit.

Erika – 3.2lbs is awesome!

Pamatga – I hope the back is getting better.

Jennie T / Alana – welcome (and Jennie, if you’re off out for sushi, have a bowl of miso soup – it’s really good for you, low cal and fills you up so you won’t be tempted to eat so much sushi!)

BBE: you had me laughing with your plastic box exploits and hunt for the bathroom scales! Under the bath – why not!

Silverbirch / woodland and anyone else I missed – hello! :wave:

07-18-2011, 01:18 PM
Hi Coaches

Yesterday I bought fast food. I was grumpy and hot (it's very very hot here) and worried and had skipped breakfast and lunch and DH was cranky and so I brought home a bucket of fast food plus fries plus gravy at around 3pm and I ate my half with ABANDON. I then skipped dinner but did have 2 mangoes.

If I may add, I was fighting INTENSE cravings for cakey things and cookie things and ice creamy things all day long. Like every-other-second my mind was there. I was in the full blown grip of food obsession. *credit* I did not give in even when DH bought a chocolate bar right in front of me at the cash at the grocery store and when I said 'can I have one?' he said NO! I felt like a 2 yr old I was so mad. I stayed mad too until a few hours later. Then I was glad. AND my back was so tense! Every stop sign we stopped at I went ow! What's that about I wondered... oh yeah.
Going to Ottawa.
Going to juggle family obligations.
Trying to make money.
Sorting out a gallery show with my drawing group.
Doing an art show with all new art that may or may not sell.
Leaving DH.
The car needs its maintence done now too.

Oh yeah... lots of reasons why I am tense and focusing on food to relieve me of things I have no control over... but food...I CONTROL THE FOOD:lifter: uh yeah, until it controls me...:devil: So I have to take care physically as I am ripe to injure something. And I have to take care mentally and emotionally as I can surely undue the weight I have lost in the last 6 weeks in just a few days.

I've attached my latest painting in my never-ending show and tell...

Frogs Five High it's called. I was also thinking of calling it Frog High Five but I like saying the first title better...

Back to begin another one.

Happy Monday everyone.

07-18-2011, 03:00 PM
GD fellow Beck followers!

BBE Food is everywhere. It just doesn't have to be always in us. ;)

onebyone -Did you know (I didn't until this year) that most fast food including burgers and fries have added HFCS so that it will incite a stronger appetite response? Remove the HFCS and other food additives and you have a "normal" (read: sane) appetite. This is why I only recall ONE chubby kid when I was growing up! Cross my heart and lick my fingers! (My DH doesn't remember one either). I ate food that was not processed, some of which was either caught in a lake or grown in my mom's garden, we had sweets only on special occasions (birthdays, Easter, Halloween and Christmas) and we went outside everyday, no matter how cold or hot, and we played---riding bikes, skipping rope, swimming, walking and running. I truly feel sorry for the current generation of kids. They have no idea how fun being a kid can really be. GL on your art show. Hope you bring loads of dough home to get more supplies to do it all over again.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ditto on the daily a.m. weigh in. Already, I am using this information to keep myself within a 2 lb spread. It will serve me well when I arrive at my final destination.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Both my Dad and (younger) sister who have bad backs swear by sleeping on the hard floor. My Dad is 82 years old and has been sleeping on the floor for nearly twenty years even when Mom was alive and sleeping in their bed. Go figure??

SuperChick - Hey Surferchick, how did it go?

Alana in Canada - Glad to have you back! I have fond memories of that same region. Nothing like the mountains to remind oneself of the majesty of Mother Earth.

JennieT I am a veteran dieter. I have tried every diet that is out there. I have spent thousands of dollars on some programs only to regain the weight once I ceased following their specific program. I've been in therapy for my eating disorder when it was just being recognized by the psychiatric profession that it is/can be an addiction. It was at that point, about 15 years ago that I ceased dieting as you might know it, joined OA ( calling it a cunning and baffling disease) then began unraveling the "How in the heck did I get here?" OA helped me identify my insane relationship with food, my compulsive overeating and my erratic and irrational binges. How low did I go? I once remember picking up a half eaten chocolate candy bar off the city street near a run down factory and eating it without even wondering if it had been peed on, someone else might see me or whether it was a "normal" thing to do. The thinnest I have been at this height (5'7" if I don't slouch) is 104 lbs (age 14) and the heaviest that I have been is 301.8 lbs. about 13 months ago.

I could write volumes about my journey but I won't here. Unless you want to know. I will answer any question as truthfully as I can (at that moment of self-awareness). Suffice to say, what I have learned in the past several years is that I have to treat this on many levels: physically; I was malnourished (yes, even with all the extra weight) so I began feeding my body the most nutrient dense foods I could afford, mentally; working this CTB; and spiritually; OA and my Catholicism. My end goal is to become whole again. We are all come into this world whole. It is only through life's experiences that either subtract or add to who we are. I had a lot of subtractions so now I am busy making additions. When I reach my goal weight: the weight I was created to be then I can say "I'm physically whole once more."

To all the lurkers and drop ins: Heeeyyyyy! How ya doin'??:cool:


In the past year(life review at my b-day and January 1 each year):
*I have lost and kept off 36 lbs.
*Brought my fasting a.m. blood glucose from 174 mg/dl (146 is considered diabetic) down to 94 mg/dl. Through food choices(primarily) and some exercise (have some limitations to overcome that I am working on)---Health implications meant that my once blurry vision (diabetes is the #1 cause of premature blindness) is now noted by my eye dr. as the vision of someone 20 years younger. You are what you eat!!
*Read the Old Testament in its entirety and half way through the New Testament with my DH. ( a long ago personal goal that I am now seeing it happen).
*Big on working with my body and its own intuition to heal itself. Knees are better. Sleep could be. Menopause is passing by. No prescription medicine and 58 tomorrow. All my "numbers" are normal.
*In spite of terrible personal trials this past year (three years actually), I am happier, calmer, full of more joy and enthusiasm than when I wasn't (caught ya there, see if you were still reading:D). In other words; these are the best of times/these are the worst of times but these are definitely the times.

BBE P.S. I hear that Philadelphia is the unhealthiest city in the U.S. and Denver and San Diego are tied for the healthiest people. I thought you Bostonians would get it for being the preppiest. I guess, school uniforms don't count, huh? Here in Atlanta: I would say this is the most musical city in the U.S. I'll end with a true ancedote: one of the well known rappers, who was also in the county jail at the time, got permission to video record a new single of his while in jail. In order to let the film crew in, etc. they "relaxed" the security. While he was shooting his music video, the real in mates walked out the back door. I love Hot-lanta!! :D

Have a blessed one, y'all!

07-18-2011, 04:40 PM
Late posting, but I wanted to take CREDIT for weighing myself for the second day in a row. I've been working in my garden before the heat of the day -- made pesto to freeze and washed greens for supper. So, CREDIT for very local, healthy food preparation.

WI: -0.3 kgs, Exercise: +50 620/1300 minutes for June and 18/33 miles on treadmill, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: great frogs! love the colors.

Alana in Canada
07-18-2011, 11:11 PM
Hi all,

It's going to take me a while to keep everyone straight: I am reading through everything though since my last post.

I read Beck chapter 14 today--(write down everything) and start the Diet, proper.

I compared Bob Greene and the Mayo Clinic diet and decided to go with the Mayo Clinic though the differences are fairly minor. There's more fat in the Bob Greene plan (90+ calories which I will miss--I lurve my butter) and more protein, too, I believe.

There are a lot more fruits and veggies on the Mayo Clinic plan--so many that I don't know how I am going to possibly eat them all. In fact, when I was writing out my plan last night, I was stumped for about a half an hour--and I'm still stumped. I have yet to figure out two more friut portions (60 cal each) and two veggie portions (25 calories each).

Nonetheless, the Mayo Clinic plan directs my eating in the way I want to go--I heard someone call it the Micheal Pollen Plan for Eating, and that's OK with me--(Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.)

I'm starting with the mayo clinic program at 1400 calories--it seems low to me but that it what the book recommended. Does that amount of calories send up red flags for anyone? I lost about 40 lbs a few years ago on 1600 calories (I was about this weight at the start, then, too). I'm wondering if I really should start at 1600 in spite of what the book recommends? I'm doing Leslie Sansone walking videos at the moment--just the mile (about 20 minutes) for now.

I forget who mentioned they are a geek--but I am too. I love making up charts and spreadsheets--so I'm excited about creating my own food and activity diary later tonight.

*Credit--walked down three flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator.

*Credit--refrained from stuffing face with dried dates while I made granola bars for the hubby.

*credit--I made a spinach salad for supper even though, at that point, it was the last thing on Earth I wanted to be bothered with.

07-19-2011, 06:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Again, got my exercise by going up and down stairs, CREDIT moi. Kinda got seduced to eat a piece of cake - Ouch. Not that I'm not a grownup who can say "no" or anything. Just got caught in one of those situations where it was easier to say "yes."

Happiness was seeing someone take away the old couch from our curb. Boy, was it ugly, LOL.

onebyone - Sending calming thoughts to counter the tensions about your trip to Ottawa. Love the joy in Frogs Five High.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Love the image of that pesto going in the freezer. Yep, your own garden is certainly optimum local.

pamatga - Kudos for finding your calm in "these are the best of times/these are the worst of times." [LMAO at the inmates walking out of jail.]

SuperChick - Ouch for torrential rain - particularly since we've got parts of the U.S. that are desperate for some rain right now. Yay for geeks - somebody gotta keep the world running.

Alana in Canada - Kudos for the neat credits; taking the stairs is such a good idea because it's easy to become a habit.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
Are you convinced yet? Here is why weighing yourself daily is so important:
. . .
You need to prove to yourself that daily fluctuations are normal. Even if you've been perfect on your diet, the number on the scale will go up on some days. Maybe you had hormonal changes, ate late the previous evening, consumed a lot of high-sodium food, retained water, or experienced some physiological change. If you didn't know that fluctuations are normal, you might become discouraged. Weighing yourself daily lets you see - time after time - that your weight occasionally goes up or stays the same, but that it comes down again as long as you follow the Think Thin Eating Plan.
. . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 57.

07-19-2011, 06:11 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was a good Beck day. I packed my lunch since I'd be away from home resisting the temptation to "take myself out", by reminding myself "I'd rather be thinner". I worked later than expected...when I called DH to say I was headed home he suggested he pick me up. I said I was fine riding my bike home (3 miles) despite an impending storm. *credit* for striving to become a bike commuter. I'm grateful when I'm in the zone where I'm totally cognizant of the relationship between healthy food, daily exercise and weightloss. It's a simple equation and there just isn't another way around it.

BillBlueEyes, you've got me thinking what kind of events one could attend where they don't serve food. *credit* for an old couch having an easy departure. Ouch for the cake....sometimes it IS hard to say no and the continual practice of resisting when "we can" really does make up for isolated moments when "we can't".

JennieT, congrats on your weekly weight loss and Happy Anniversary! Yep, finding out your zone where you lose is a great tool and worth tracking.

SuperChick, *credit* for jumping right back with your Beck skills after a pleasant and active holiday.

onebyone, *credit* for acknowledging to yourself that you can undo 6 weeks of weight loss very quickly. Perhaps a card to remind you as you read it every day would help. It's my observation that starting the craving cycle with certain foods certainly perpetuates more craving.

Pam(pamatga), Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate; acknowledging that your "end goal is to become whole again". I like that. *credit* for practicing behaviors that will eventuate that in your physical, mental and spiritual life.

gardenerjoy, yay for very local, healthy food preparation AND for getting back into your every day weighing routine.

Alana(inCanada), it's great that you've hopped right back into your Beck/diet plan since you returned from vacation. *credit* for walking those stairs, not eating those sugary dates and making your salad for dinner, even when you didn't feel like it.

07-19-2011, 06:22 AM
Morning coaches, hope I find you all well. Raining here again (so much for summer!) but luckily I managed to bike to work before it really started. I took the plunge and got weighed this morning – I’ve lost 3lbs since my last weigh-in!! I cannot believe it, especially with the holiday. My little individual Beck behaviours are starting to add up :) So this leaves me with 1lb left before I hit my 5lb goal, and exactly on the cusp of the 100’s! So here I sit at 200 spot on, feeling pretty pleased with myself – the funny thing was, this morning at home I was thinking what if I’ve put some on, and whilst I was slightly bothered I actually was ok with it because I’m feeling good about myself – it’s amazing how having a plan and support (cheers you guys!:cheers2:) and knowing that I have the tools to back it all up if I go off the rails slightly makes me feel so much better, even if I’m still overweight – it’s going in the right direction and I have good intentions. Eating on my plan in a more clean manner is making my feel a lot better than when I eat a lot of stodgy white carbs, cakes and biscuits – I just need to bottle this feeling and pull it out at those tough tempting moments ;)

Credits: weighing in, checking in, planning food, biking to work, spending time preparing todays lunch last night when I could have been on the sofa!

Pamatga – :bday2you: It went well thanks, not much surf for the first half of the week but that did mean we got to bask in glorious sunshine… can’t have it all :D

Alana – I love the fruit! I wish my plan permitted more :D I find having a portion with my breakfast (cereal / museli / oats / banana on toast) or as a sweet treat after my tea to help stop chocolate craving (berries are good for this and super low cal) or even in salads (apples / pears / oranges all go well in salads). Good luck starting your plan.

Debbie - :wave: hello to a fellow bike commuter!

Ooh, I forgot to say – for all the gardeners amongst us, I got my first proper veggies from the garden last night :woohoo: a courgette, 2 beetroot and a (very!) small carrot! :carrot: I’ve had salad for a while but these are the first ‘real’ veggies… beetroot and courgette went into the oven for a roast veg salad for lunch… yummer!

07-19-2011, 06:25 AM
BBE: it's always good to get rid of some clutter, makes you feel a bit lighter i find!

07-19-2011, 01:46 PM
Good Morning Diet Coaches:
I am back from a family reunion in lake county. I can summarize the plot easily enough - five days of beautiful weather, five pounds of candy in a shared condo, five extra pounds at the weigh in this morning at home. I am resolved to circumvent morbid self-reflection. Credits: I weighed in everyday. I exercised everday. I was spontaneously active everyday. I enjoyed my family.
Now to the business at hand:
I am recommitting to the Beck check off chart for one week in which I will focus on all positive eating behaviors.
I am going back to the Zone basic eating plan. eating five times a day ( I had modified) with sufficient protein.
I am writing here.
I am going food shopping.
I am officially letting go of resentment to a universe that doesn't allow me to eat healthy, large portions with treats without adding pounds. I continually say to the Universe "You should have seen what I USE to eat. (when I was over 200 pounds.) The universe does not give partial credit for improvement, healthier choices, or increased self knowledge. The universe demands I eat less calories. PERIOD. So unless I want to trade in all my new size 8 clothes for bigger, I MUST ACCEPT LIFE ON LIFE'S TERMS.
I'll check in tomorrow to let you know how the day went.
Gardenerjoy: I agree with your resolution about weighing in everyday. I have to believe things would have been worse had I not done that.
Onebyone: Good thoughts to selling some work to get to that gym. It sounds great.
Lexxiss: what is TBI?
BBE; I am amazed at the progress you are making on your house. It is thrilling.
Superchick: Congrats on the weightloss.
Alana/ JennieT:I have had a lifetime of food addiction. I have not weighed what I weigh now since I was a freshman in high school. As Pamatga said, I am happy in this last year with myself and have had more peace with food than I have ever had following the BEck program. Today, it is maintaining this gift of peace that I struggle with. I am not CURED. This is a life long journey and a I have a daily reprieve from overeating today based on my willingness to do what I need to do spiritually, physically, psychologically to maintain my sanity. Simple as that. It is all up to me and my willingness.

07-19-2011, 04:36 PM
Late again, but I wanted to give myself CREDIT for weighing in today even though I knew the number would go up from yesterday.

And I did some thinking about a sabotaging thought related to that. I know that my weight is going to go up the day after eating the greens dish because there's more soy sauce in it than other dishes we eat. But, hey, it gets me to eat a mountain of greens so that's not really a bad thing. My sabotaging thought goes along the lines "You know the number is going to go up tomorrow, so it won't matter if you have some extra peanuts while fixing supper."

There are a number of ways I could deal with that, but it looks the most effective and fun response is "What if I'm wrong? What if it's not inevitable that my weight goes up the morning after the greens dish?" I don't have enough data to conclusively say that's so. So, "What if I'm wrong?" is both an experiment and a challenge to not overeat on the day we have the greens dish and see if I can make the number go down the next day.

WI: +0.15 kgs, Exercise: +45 665/1300 minutes for June and 18/33 miles on treadmill, Food: 75%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: I struggle with wanting the scale to give me credit for the things I DON'T eat that I used to eat years ago. But it stubbornly insists on only measuring what is in me right now. I think you're right that acceptance seems to be a key.

Alana in Canada
07-19-2011, 11:55 PM
IDay two of following the written diet plan. Still struggling to find enough fruits and veggies to eat. So, I went shopping tonight--and other than a few odds and ends, I bought sixty dollars worth of fruit and vegetables, essentially. This is truly the BEST time of the year for produce!

Didn't get my planned excercise in, though, and I'm dissappointed. Burned the egg plant under the broiler tonight, too. (I've never cooked eggplant before!)

credit--:carrot:for trying something new.
credit--:carrot:for sticking to the food plan with minor modifications (ie a cup of green beans instead of eggplant!)
credit--:carrot:for being mindful while I ate, today. I'm surprising myself. More often than not, if I sit down with a book and my food--or I sit at the computer to read while I eat, I find myself turning away from the screen/book and just eating my food. I actually prefer to just do that one thing.

gardenerjoy--You know the Scottish philosopher David Hume said that it is not a certainty that the sun will come up tomorrow. Just because it always has doesn't mean it will tomorrow.

maryann--nice to meet you! I, too, wish the Universe ran my way instead of it's own from time to time!

superchick--congrats on the weight loss--and the great attitude.

BBE--it is always the best day when stuff that needs to go just goes. Congrats on getting rid of some ugly furniture.

Lexxiss--good for you and the bike! I feel too heavy to ride a bike safely right now. I am really looking forward to that changing, believe me! (We have only one car so I often feel house-bound until hubby gets home from work.)

07-20-2011, 05:09 AM
Hi Coaches!

Posting early; we're traveling East within the hour.

I chalked up another OP day! Exercise was water aerobics and lifting my bike on then back off the bike rack. I intended to ride home from work but took DH up on his suggestion for a ride home since it was raining and I lacked a raincoat. I did cruise through the farmers market and bought 2 perfect tomatoes and fresh basil...cut our first cucumber off the vine and made the most wonderful salad (Panzanella). Dessert was another planned raspberry/vanilla IC treat. Sadly we are traveling today and are leaving those fantastic berries behind.


SuperChick, fantastic that you are sitting on the fence. I agree, it is amazing to have a plan and support. It is a very good feeling.

Maryann, what a great attitude and plan you have after returning from Tahoe. TBI is traumatic brain injury.

gardenerjoy, I know, too, that the scale will go up after a salty dish. I wonder why I haven't thought of peanuts before? I have overeaten and justified everything else. I love the thought, though "What if I'm wrong?" It's a new thought. Thanks for sharing it.

Alana(in Canada), great credits, including being flexible when the eggplant burned! Regarding safe bicycling; one of the best pieces of wisdom I received in my heavier times was to pick an activity I enjoyed when I was younger and pursue it. I loved my bike as a kid so I got one. I started out very slowly-only riding a couple of blocks from home. As I lost some weight I ventured a bit further. Pretty soon it was definitely aiding my weight loss and I found a2.5 mile ride where I was pretty much on my own. It was a struggle at I could ride it 3 or 4 times a day.

07-20-2011, 05:33 AM
I'm either very late or very early depending on what day you are counting!

Big thanks from all of you regarding my b-day. I had a major revelation when I was telling onebyone about growing up as a skinny kid and only have "sweets" on holidays. Gee, guess what major habit I need to break?? Having "treats" on holidays; which also includes b-days, mine and others. BBE, there will always be food in this world, again, it just doesn't have to find its way into us. I am always humbled by the thought that even 4 years later your demons still lurk around the corner. I remind myself, don't get too sure of yourself, Missy, "pride goeth before the fall". :high: for sharing.

Credit: :goodluck: :goodscale: :yay: :cheers: :celebrate:

*I had "three meals with life in between"(old OA saying) on my b-day. I opted for a vegetable pizza with light sauce and cheese and thin crust for my evening meal. I had 1 serving of Godiva 72% dark chocolate in lieu of a "usual" white everything b-day cake. This is just the start of breaking that ingrained attitude mentioned above. Sometimes, talking out loud helps boing me into action. Thanks, Universe!
*Did my strength exercises yesterday as usual. Got some good back advice from some other family members who are dealing with the same.
*Got enough b-day $$ that I am going later today to pick out a block with really good (and sharp) knives!! I am also going to treat myself to some new free weights as well. More shoes can NOT do for me what these two will do. Sharper knives help with meal preparation. I have graduated to the next level of heaviest weight. :woohoo:
*Invited to a barbeque on Thursday night from a friend of colleague of DH's who recently had a heart attack at age 53. [He is skinny, doesn't smoke or drink and I am sure this came as a real shock to him! My guess, is that since he is a self-employed jazz musician and piano reseller the economy and subsequent worry and stress was major factor besides high triglycerides--a little higher than my DHs] He proudly said he is having a "heart healthy" meal. I plan on bringing some of my recent [diabetic revised recipes] side dishes to also show him he doesn't have to sacrifice taste as well. Should be good!
*I got to talk to my sister, Dad and my adult son yesterday. I especially enjoyed talking to my son since we had a major falling out when he was 18 and we barely spoke (not because of me 'cuz I tried multiple times) for nearly a decade. Now, we are getting closer and closer each time we talk. That was my favorite b-day present! (the knives will be the second when I get them).
*Weigh daily. Log every morsel that goes in me. Exercise and putting big X on the date when I finish doing so. Posting here as often as I can. Recommit again to be at or near goal weight on next b-day. 364 days to go! :carrot: I can do this. (P.S. Put as screensaver "I can do better!" because I can).

The way that I get more vegetables and fruits in is: having low sodium V-8 with breakfast along with a half grapefruit or sliced peaches/blueberries/etc on whole grain cereal (in lieu of the old white sugar sprinkled on). For snacks, a cup of raw baby carrots/celery/sliced raw green peppers with low fat ranch dressing drizzled on. Along with a handful of raisins or red grapes. Evening meals are the easiest but I rotate broccoli, spinach (prefer that in a salad but will eat it with sea salt and some buttery sprayed on top) and now corn on the cob. I love beans so I have them as a side dish as well. Pinto beans are a new favorite. Tomatoes from the garden are always a winner as well.

I have a very good black bean vegetarian chili recipe I make as well as a cold broccoli/raisin/grape/almond slices salad I like to have. I plan on bringing fresh asparagus spears on skewers for the grill for Thursday night as well as sliced fresh ripe tomatoes. Sea Salt and spray with the 0 -calorie everything buttery spray. I might bring a fresh fruit compote for dessert: sliced berries layered in a non fat plain yogurt mixed with just a wee bit of agave nectar. All of this is quick and easy. The longest part is cleaning everything. With the new knives, chopping/slicing should go well.

Have a great day, all! Pam

07-20-2011, 06:44 AM
Morning Coaches, nothing major to report – stayed OP yesterday, managed to fit in a sneaky surf after work even though it was very small and I usually wouldn’t have got in when it was that small but a friend was having a lesson so it felt good to get in and give her some morale support (and give me some extra exercise!). It felt good to get in the water :swim: So credit for extra exercise and as someone said to me earlier on this journey – I’m appreciating the non-eventful days!

Maryann – good job on your recommitment after the holiday; I’m getting back into my basic beck behaviours too, and it feels good :)

Gardenerjoy – I love the response ‘what if I’m wrong?’ testing our own preconceptions is often one of the hardest things to do, I’m going to file that one away for later!

Alana – lots of credits! Good work.

Debbie – good job being OP, I’m jealous of your raspberry supply! I think they are my favourite berry :D

Pamatga – I admire your drive! Glad to hear you’re having a good birthday.

07-20-2011, 06:49 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Lunch was particularly pleasant; savored my peanut butter on an Arnolds whole wheat thin with banana and pecans - CREDIT moi. And did gym, squeezed in between two other things, CREDIT moi. I feel so noble when I have to jump through some hoops to get to the gym.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Gotta love the creativity of the Sabotaging Thought, "You know the number is going to go up tomorrow, so it won't matter if you have some extra peanuts while fixing supper." Kudos for weighing.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for riding your bike into an impending storm. OK, now I've got to try Panzanella salad - sounds yummy.

maryann - Kudos for giving yourself credit for all the positive events of your vacation. Why can't we all get to this without fighting it so hard, "I MUST ACCEPT LIFE ON LIFE'S TERMS."

pamatga - Kudos for a honking list of credits, including a single serving of Godiva chocolate. So many people keep reminding me to allow myself an occasional treat in order to savor life as well as to avoid a binge later. Wonderful news about your conversation with your adult son.

SuperChick - Neat insight that eating on plan gives you a better feeling than do carbs. LOL at, "bottle this feeling and pull it out at those tough tempting moments" - what a business you could build when you mastered that.

Alana in Canada - Yay for green beans coming to the rescue of burned eggplant. And Kudos for turning away from your computer to eat - this computer thing sneaks into our life way too much.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
Are you convinced yet? Here is why weighing yourself daily is so important:
. . .
You will need an extra incentive at times to stick to the plan. When you are tempted to eat extra food, you will be able to say to yourself, No, it's not worth it ... I don't want it to show up on the scale tomorrow.
. . .
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 57.

07-20-2011, 11:59 AM
Morning Coaches/Buddies!

I got back from the meditation retreat on Sunday and promptly started eating. Sigh. I think meditating for so long and getting up at 5:30 every day wore me down, but it was also being away from you folks and from my OA friends. I need that contact and those daily reminders of what healthy behaviour is for me. I need to work my program as a first priority in my life.

Nonetheless, I'm really glad I did the meditation retreat. My eating while I was there was extremely healthy and balanced, and most importantly I learned what being present for a whole week (except at night when I got home) was like. This is how I need to live. Otherwise ego takes over and wants what it wants, now! So I have made a list of healthy, recovery-supportive behaviours that I'm going to follow, including posting here, reading the Beck book, writing OA stuff, listening to OA speakers and to 12-step Buddhist podcasts, and continuing to meditate and read spiritual literature. Also, of course, planning my food and tracking it, and doing qi gong. I'll be introducing walking again, too, soon.

So thanks for being here for me, all of you! :grouphug:
Wishing everyone a great day,


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: spontaneous
Qi Gong: yes (short session)

07-20-2011, 12:55 PM
I've been away for a while now. Life was just getting hectic and posting here fell by the wayside. I had a healthy baby girl almost 3 weeks ago now. My mom has been here helping out, but she left yesterday. So we're on our own now and everyone's a bit nervous.

I'm proud to report that I finished the pregnancy with a very healthy weight gain and continued to exercise right up until delivery. I was still running up until about a week and a half before delivery, then swithed to walking. I'm convinced that it helped enormously during the delivery itself and I've bounced back pretty well from all of it.

My mom and I have been walking and doing lots of yoga since the baby was born. I've been carrying my DD in a sling and she loves it. I went for a run for the first time this AM. I left DH with a sleeping baby, but she was crying when I returned. DH said she started crying almost as soon as I left the house, so we've still got some things to work out if I'm going to start running again. (Incidently, she's sleeping peacefully now.)

I'm still carrying about 12 extra lbs of baby weight right now, but I'm not focusing on losing weight right away. My goal right now is to just make healthy choices while breastfeeding and reintroduce some self-discipline.

I'm looking forward to getting back into this discussion, reconnecting with old friends and getting to know new ones.

07-20-2011, 01:41 PM
*inward drawing of breath*
*breathing out*

Hi Coaches:

I'm in the final hours of prep before I hit the road. Mostly I have to huint and gather the things I need specifically to do a show: credit card machine + slips, bags, receipts, paint and brushes, wire, cordless drill etc etc. I have it all written down which I hope helps me find it faster:rofl: hope springs eternal!

I managed to paint two more paintings since I last posted, finishing one very early this morning. I'm so-so with it. The colours are muted to me but the composition is good and parts of it I like enough. I've learned over the years that my tastes are not everyone's tastes and so it's ok if some of the things don't totally please me--they'll please someone eventually.

I got the car tuned up this morning. Our car is in perfect condition! Yay car! also *credit* officially weighed in today. I won't be able to weigh in until I am back on Sunday now. But today it said 280.4 (-1.1lbs). I will strive to break that 280 juggernaut once and for all this week. I will be active the next 4 days so I can get over the hump if I STAY THE COURSE!
It will be the toughest at my mom's -- but I can do it. *credit* for positive thinking.

I also *credit* DID NOT BUY the very very tempting type of muffin that used to "get me" when I was going toa rt school--the ones that were at the base of the escalator as I passed through the mall on the way to class... the same restaurant chain was at the new-to-me mall where I passed the time while the car was being serviced. I opted for real food instead/real breakfast plus a coffee. I watched as person after person bought the muffins but I am glad I didn't. It is setting me up for a healthy food drive to Ottawa in a few hours.

Anyway better go. I'm attaching the last two paintings I finished for this show. I made 9 new ones in about 2 weeks/ 9 in 14 days. Not bad.

These last two are The Quiet (daisy) yes another flower painting... so moody though! and not sure about the name for the birds... The Rendezvous? Secret Rendezvous? Private Space? Privacy? Lovebirds is the obvious title... Any suggestions??

Gotta run. Yikes! I'll check in tomorrow.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

PS I just looked at the bird painting again. I think I am going to call it "My Love". Thanks Becksters!

Alana in Canada
07-20-2011, 01:49 PM
Morning coaches!

I got on the scale again (this daily thing you have all been discussing has been on my mind! I'm not actually at that point in the Beck book). According to it, I've broken the 250 "barrier." --It read 249. I couldn't believe it. I'm posting about it here today because last night I was reading a chapter from "The Happiness Makeover" by M.J. Ryan where she talks about how we do not celebrate really good things because we are afraid that if we do, they may be taken away from us. Doing that, she writes, robs our lives of much joy.

So, even though I have a little voice in the back of my head that says, "don't be silly. Don't get excited. It may be gone tomorrow." There's that other part of me that's so happy I want to jump up and down. So, this morning, I choose happy--and I won't worry about tomorrow.


07-20-2011, 02:45 PM
Shepherdess! Congratulations! :welcome3: to your darling little girl.

07-20-2011, 02:49 PM
Shepherdess -

And ... when my daughter was very young I used a jogging stroller to train for a 10K and a half-marathon. It was a fantastic investment. My daughter is 8 now and I've passed it on to a friend with younger kids, but she loved it at the time and often napped in it while I ran. Another bonus - the actual race without the stroller was so much easier than the training!

It may take a few months for your baby to be old enough to hold her head up in the stroller, but when she's ready I bet she will love it.


Alana in Canada
07-20-2011, 06:31 PM
Shepardess--congratulations! How wonderful for you!
One by One --all the best with your show and family.
eusebius--good for you for making your list. That's a great idea. Good for you on follow-through.
BBE--Arnold is making bread these days? What a thought. Good for you for getting that work out in! Feeling noble is a fine feeling.

I just finished my lunch--OP.

Right after, I had this incredible urge to EAT. I'm not hungry--not at all. It's anxiety, I believe. I am looking after my 3 1/2 year old nephew tomorrow morning (he arrives at 7:30am--I normally get up at around 9:30)--AND I have to get my son and daughter ready for their respective camps. Ugh. They both leave Friday. I'm going to miss them! (My daughter is a few weeks shy of 11, my son is 13)

07-20-2011, 11:10 PM
Okay really late today, but I did weigh myself again (CREDIT). Eating was really strange yesterday, but I seem to have things back under control today.

WI: -0.15 kgs, Exercise: +80 745/1300 minutes for June and 21/33 miles on treadmill, Food: 50%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

eusebius: great to see you back! sounds like a wonderful experience at your retreat!

Shepherdess: yay for the little shepherdess! great to see you back here, too!

onebyone: Great pictures! I really like the simplicity of the daisy one.

Hi to everyone else!

07-21-2011, 05:50 AM
Morning coaches, another quiet, OP, no drama day yesterday. :D

Credits: up early this morning to get to the gym (had a really good strength / weights work out), planned my meals for the day, checked in with you guys, did some spontaneous exercise and starting packing for my trip at the weekend. In other words, just got on with life and didn’t let food cloud my thoughts!

So, I’m off away at the weekend (again) on a course, where I will have no control over the food and I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a lot of processed / white carb / sugar heavy foods, especially lunch. I can take some snack stuff with me, but as I am going to be active all weekend (it’s a mountain bike skills course), I’ll need to eat and I’ll need energy! I’m just hoping that the exercise will counteract the sugar…

Onebyone – I like the flower too, :goodluck:
Gardenerjoy – credit for pulling back the control
Alana – good work at recognising that you weren’t hungry when you wanted to eat, and congrats for not eating your emotions!
Shepardess - :wave: and congrats on the new arrival
BBE – mmm, pecans…and banana… and nut butter!!! Taste sensation :yes:
Erika - :wave: hello!

07-21-2011, 06:50 AM
:welcome: Shepardling :welcome:

Standard advice around here is many small meals a day - like small snacks every hour, without fail, 24/7.

Binging and purging isn't usually recommended, but it works wonders to get attention. Projectile purging gets the most attention. Especially from visitors.

Dark is the neatest time to be awake. Both mommy and daddy are home and you get them both.

[Hope this helps.]

07-21-2011, 06:57 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Food was OK, CREDIT moi, not perfect since there was a touch of ice cream with DW after dinner. But it's a special pint - a gift - so it will be gone in about three times serving us both a small amount. Exercise was a bike ride, CREDIT moi, to get more peanut butter and coffee - two of the major food groups.

onebyone - Congrats for continuing to produce the paintings that you need for your show this weekend. I'd name the birds, Blue nut eaters with eye rings - but then I'm a birder not an artist, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for back under control.

Shepardess - Welcome to the Shepardling!!! Such exciting news. Kudos for your exercise regime right up until birth. Wish you well finding a way to include one more mammal into the clan.

Erika (eusebius) - Just blows my mind to think of being present for a whole week. Wish you well finding your way to be that in your home life.

SuperChick - Yay for being able to use "moral support" as an excuse to get in the surf and to exercise. Your mountain bike skills course sounds like super exercise - have fun. Are you a Nutella fan? My prejudice is that most Europeans prefer Nutella over peanut butter.

Alana in Canada - Kudos for taking the risk and celebrating the neat milestone of crossing the 250 barrier. Interesting thought that failure to celebrate can relate to fear of losing the gain. Yay for kids going away for a week; Ouch for kids going away for a week. [LOL at The Arnold making bread (instead of making out).]

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
Are you convinced yet? Here is why weighing yourself daily is so important:
. . .
You need to learn to use the number on the scale as information, making sure your weight is generally going in a downhill direction, even though it won't go down every day. The scale will also indicate if you have plateaued for a period of time, letting you make an informed decision whether it's time to alter your eating or exercise program.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 57.

07-21-2011, 08:43 AM
Hi Coaches!

I had my sanest travel day yet, as I continue to pursue my healthy relationship with food. *credit* I had an hour between getting here and heading to Denver and used it to plan and prepare food to take with me. I enjoyed a wonderful Asian salad at lunch while "observing" the incredibly large pasta dishes being consumed at the tables nearby. I was happy to be "thinking like a thin person" instead of drooling over calories not consumed. I resisted mom's offer of frozen yogurt at Costco remembering it was already in my plan to have a fresh raspberry treat after dinner and happily passed by the samples, too. Exercise was...packing, hauling, driving, unpacking, driving, hauling 55# of our most favorite discontinued coffee out of Costco ($$ouch) and making an extra effort to clean the kitchen after dinner so I could start fresh in the morning.

Shepherdess, congratulations on your DD AND for a successful completion of your healthful pregnancy. What a fortunate daughter that she will have a mom who has a passion for health. :hug: :wave: over the hill looking East.

:wave: to all! I'll hope to return later for personals but need to get my work day started not to mention relocating the coffee from my living room floor. My relationship with food is so much better when I resist procrastination.

Alana in Canada
07-21-2011, 10:59 AM
Quick Question--How do you handle it when people bring you food as a present?
My mom brought me "sugar-free" chocolate hedgehogs the firstr day of my plan. I refused them and she gave them to my kids, instead.

But then yesterday, hubby came home with some yogurt covered raisins--and way more than the two tablespoons (plain) that would count as one serving of fruit on my plan.

I didn't know what to say except Thanks, and I just left them on the kitchen table, I'm afraid. No one else in the family likes raisins.

credit--weighed in again this morning.
credit--made plan last night. It's not taking quite as long, but I have to figure out how to get more efficient at it. I'm beginning to resent the time it's taking. (1/2 hour plus.)

07-21-2011, 12:35 PM
Thanks for all the warm wishes and kind thoughts on the newest addition to the ranch. It’s great to be back here with all the good support.

I’m feeling good today. I was able to sleep in a bit this AM. My DD went back to sleep after her early AM feeding, so I’m grateful for that. I’ve also discovered that my DH is good at calming a fussy baby when I’m around. I suspect he just needs to know he’s got backup available.

My goals for today are to post here (done), get some exercise, and make a plan and stick with it. The last one is the biggest challenge, since I’m still trying to figure out how to eat while nursing. It just requires some trial and error and some research.

Onebyone, yay for passing up demon muffins and getting real food instead! What a great way to set yourself up to “break that 280 juggernaut once and for all this week!” Sounds like you have a good plan in place to do it. The bird painting is beautiful.

Alana in Canada, congrats on breaking the 250 barrier and kudos for giving yourself permission to celebrate. Great job identifying that urge to eat as anxiety. It always helps to give that emotion a name. RE food gifts: First, don’t be afraid to throw them out when the gifter is not looking. Alternatively, you could divide them up into servings that will fit your plan.

Eusebius, thanks for the tip about the jogging stroller. I’ve been thinking of getting one, but was wondering if she would like it. It’s good to hear that your daughter liked it.

Gardenerjoy, I just saw that you hit your goal. Congratulations! Kudos for weighing in and great job getting your eating back under control.

SuperChick, yay for a no-drama day! Great job getting a good workout. Have a great weekend and best of luck. It’s always tough when you have no control over your food.

BillBE, great job enjoying a special treat in small servings. Thanks for the Shepardling advice. She has definitely taken the “Dark is the neatest time to be awake” to heart!

Lexiss, yay for “sanest travel day yet” and for thinking like a thin person! I love the coffee workout, but ouch that your favorite coffee is discontinued. Hope you find a good substitute.

07-21-2011, 01:19 PM
Good Morning Coaches: Day three of my week's check off sheet. It reminds me of the basics - sit while eating, resistance technique, fullness sets in 20 mins. after eating. Etc... I have lost 2.6 of the 5 pounds gained at the reunion. I am focusing on staying OP one day at a time with the goal of returning to school in three weeks at the exact weight I started summer. This is a major triumph because it will mean I have successfully continued my weightloss journey for ONE YEAR. I have never maintained such a low weight for that long of time. I have one last weekend away to do. I am not looking forward to it because I just want to be home where food planning is easier. I am reminding myself that I have kept OP traveling before and I can do it again. This is important.

Eusebius: Congrats on your retreat. That must have taken quite a bit of discipline. Do you have a website for you 12-step Buddha podcast? Do I download to my MP# player?
Pamatga: Your blackbean chili reminded me of my blackbean soup I recently discovered. Yum and a perfect ratio of protein to carbs.
Lexxiss: I always wonder why I don't grow basil myself. It tastes terrific with everything.
BBE: Credit for making it to the gym. I am always very proud of myself when I plan gym before anything else. And still I don't make it as often as I wish. It is so true that we must plan our dream and then do it on purpose!
Shepardess: Welcome back and congrats on a baby girl. You sound tremendously healthy. Credit.
Alana: Congrats on the weight loss. You haven't gotten to the part in the book which reaffirms that our weightloss is not an accident. It happens because we now know how to do it.
Superchick: I am jealous of your mountain bike technique course. Sounds terrific. I am not envious of you having to be away for the weekend. I have had too much of that. It is difficult, I know. Credit for thinking it through now.

07-21-2011, 06:18 PM
GD everyone!

First of all, major :congrat: on the new baby girl, Shepherdess! I didn't even know you were expecting a child.
onebyone GJ on wrangling in the muffins. I have found that once having one bite of those bakery muffins I can not stop. Homemade ones have less of everything in them so they are easier to handle. Again, high fat/high sugar is a deadly combination and has our personal planets out of orbit in no time. Avoidance is the best course! :congrat: on this major choice to not choose.
alana I too went through a period where I thought that losing weight was somehow magical and that only certain people who had certain unknown "powers" could do it. After reading BDS, pink book, I realized that it was like riding a bike, surfing a wave, painting a picture or anything else that can be mastered. You just have to learn how to do and then practice, practice, practice. I still run into people who believe like I used to and they look me up and down like somehow I cracked a very important case. Nah! I just logged my food, exercised, drank my water, read my cards and so on, until the results began to show on the scales. So simple yet so "mysterious" (NOT)
Eusebius: :welcome2: back. Being in the moment is really all we have.
The Eternal Now. Going with the Flow of the River of Life. It means letting go, trusting and having tons of patience. An exercise worth doing.
Lexxiss: What other herbs do you grow?
BBE: Credit well deserved for making it to the gym. I used to do that for over a decade. Then one day I stopped and began walking. Did that for eight years, hurt my foot then stopped. Then, I started to go from one size to another. Don't stop. It is sooooo hard to get back to where you once were. I know!
Superchick: It sounds like your best line of defense is a good offense. I think I heard that regarding American football. Correct me someone if it is from somewhere else. I miss being so active. You have half the battle won already.

Credit: I had yet another revelation about my behavior and how it used to impact how I related to food (negatively of course). A problem that I thought was taken care of a week ago resurfaced. In fact, the person whom I dealt with assured me they were taking care of it. NOT! So, I am faced with it again and it has the potential of serious short term repercussions with my finances. I credit myself with remaining calm (thanks to a somewhat better night's sleep) but here it is 4 minutes before the end of their business day and I have not received the afore-mentioned promised return phone call to further discuss this. I have waited for this since 9 a.m.

I did not eat over this BUT I did sulk by myself, told my DH to attend a dinner invitation without me (I do this way too much to him too) because between self-treating this nagging mid-back pain I also had this matter to "address". Now, the revelation part was "C'mon, I am allowing this issue to rule my entire day". Granted, I did not eat over it. Kudos for that but I stopped everything else so I could just wait by the phone. Who's in control here? Certainly, not me!

I thought about what Dr. Beck might say to me in this case. This is what I think she would say: you can't let the bumps in life derail your otherwise possibly enjoyable plans. I am robbing the potential joy from my own life. It's sulking and being somewhat of a martyr too. There are other lessons to be learned in this and I'm thinking it through to what those might be.

It ties into how I would have comforted or soothed my emotions with favorite foods or spending money I didn't have. There is a victory here but I feel I have moved beyond that point and now I need to address how to keep on going through my day without allowing things like this to stop me dead in my tracks. I did do some correspondence. I also did some "time filling" type of activities too. I ate two planned meals and stopped. I felt anxious and I would have liked to eat "just because" but I didn't.

When does protecting oneself from overeating end up pushing other people away?? I am beginning to see remnants of that in my life and it concerns me. I sincerely do want a healthy relationship with food while enjoying a healthy relationship with people at the same time. I will discuss these revelations with my DH when he comes home. I want him to know that I understand how my behavior does rob him of a social companion a lot. I am not proud of that either.

In the meantime, I see that I have a lot of work ahead of me to do. :(

07-22-2011, 06:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - It was too hot to have dinner on the patio! Ouch! The "heat dome" is upon us. But the cold pasta salad and deviled eggs hit the spot. Exercise was removing and washing the metal parts of the baseboard hot water heating system - CREDIT moi even though I'd have rather been at the gym.

Shepardess - Yay for chunks of sleep whenever you can grab them. Eating while nursing is a challenge. Maybe the 3FC Pregnant - Nursing Forum ( has some insights, or at least empathy.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Big Kudos for avoiding samples at Costco, as well as the frozen yogurt. LOL at 55#'s of coffee - that's something I'd do.

maryann - I do like being reminded of the basics, "sit while eating, resistance technique, fullness sets in 20 mins. after eating. Etc... "

pamatga - Ouch for the bad news, but Kudos for not eating over it - I know about doing that. Wishing you a positive resolution to the problem.

Alana in Canada - Gifts of food are such an annoyance!!! I usually accept them and find an alternative home for them later. People have food gifts tightly bound to hospitality and have little awareness that many people make choices around food. Kudos for making your plan. Yep, it takes a chunk of time, and Yep, it does go faster after awhile.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
Getting on the Scale.
Are you afraid to weigh yourself? Has it been awhile since you stepped on a scale? I want you to start seeing the number on the scale as a measurement to guide your eating behavior. It's certainly not representative of who you are. It's not an indication of your worth as a person. Here's an analogy that may help: If you woke up one day and weren't feeling well, you might take your temperature and use the information to decide what to do. If the thermometer read 98.6 degrees, you'd probably go to work. If it read 102, you'd probably stay home and call your health-care professional. You wouldn't think, Oh this is terrible! I can't believe I let the number get so high! I'm such a failure! No, of course not. You would just use the number on the thermometer as a guide in deciding what to do.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 57.

07-22-2011, 06:50 AM
Hey guys, another morning is upon us and it’s Friday! Woop woop!

Credits – mid-week weigh-in: down 1lb :D, got up prior to work for an early morning swim, planned my meals for the day, stayed OP yesterday, cycled to work, checked in… I’ve managed to meet / exceed my weeks exercise goals but I’m starting to feel that niggly little gremlin on my shoulder telling me that if I just did a bit more and ate a bit less I’d see more weight loss… I know that in theory this is true but I have been down this road before and definitely don’t want to go down it again. I’m attending in a wedding in September and I’m starting to think ‘oh, if I try hard I could be X weight for the wedding’ – I really need to just bat these thoughts away and concentrate on my 5lbs goal, eating healthy, nurturing my body and seeing where that leads me. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to set yourself goals, but on a personal level I know where it can lead me and all of the negative emotions / disappointment associated if the goal is not met (even if weight is lost), or the obsessive / addicted euphoria if it is met is too much of an emotional rollercoaster for me right now, and I fear it may knock me off track.

And right now I feel good eating on plan and checking in (and living my life – having fun, not obsessing over whether I’ve done more than an hour’s exercise today and whether I’ve eaten only veggies for lunch) , so I definitely don’t want to derail myself (lots of train / rollercoaster analogies for some reason :lol:). Phew. Feels good to have that off my chest. Thanks for listening guys :thanks:

BBE - nutella – it’s spreadable chocolate combined with nuts – what’s not to love? ;) I am a recent PB convert though… I lurve the jam (or jelly as you guys call it!) and PB on toast. Yummer! Although I am recently getting into the whole almond butter thing, it’s a bit more expensive but really nice. I need to purchase a food processore then I’ll be able to make it myself for a fraction of the price :) As for one or the other, that’s a tough choice I don’t think I can make!

Debbie - yea! for sane and ‘thinking like a thin person’

Alana – tough one. Not sure what others think but do your family know you’re trying to make changes? Are they being supportive? I think your hubby probably thought he was doing something nice and you did what was best – thanked him! I’d probably have said something like ‘thanks honey (or other pet name!), that was really thoughtful of you but I’ve already eaten my allowance of (that/fruit/whatevs) for today, they look really good though – I’ll put them in the cupboard to have as part of my allowance tomorrow’ then it depends how you want to proceed – if you really want to eat them (i.e. you think it’s worth it as your snack) spread them out – you don’t need to eat them all at once. Otherwise (close your ears BBE!) they could go into the cupboard and then magically disappear (kids/bin/dog)! In my experience men cannot find anything in cupboards even when they’re looking for it, so he isn’t going to notice you not eating them ;) If they are something not on your plan but he thinks they’re ‘healthy’ then just say thanks and you appreciate it but they’re not your plan, however ‘x food’ is – or leave a list of foods you can eat on the fridge – chances are he won’t read it but you never know, he might! And if he’s being thoughtful he might grab something of the list for you next time as a treat. If you’re at work and someone offers you something – don’t even think about it – whip out the old ‘no choice’ and say NO – I find it helps not to look at the food – just get the words ‘no thank you’ out of your mouth! If you give yourself any time to deliberate then it’s much harder to say no, I find. Once you’ve done it once, you surprise yourself, ‘yes, you can say no’ and then the resistance muscle is strengthened. Yee-hah! :strong:

Maryann – commiting to the new way of living your life and knowing you’ve been doing it for a year – that deserves a big CREDIT and a :woohoo:

Pam – a toughie. You want to stay away from places / events where you may end up overeating but you do not want to ruin your relationships. Maybe you need to give yourself more credit – perhaps you could have tried attending the dinner with DH and setting yourself some rules. Yes, you feel to h**l with it, but maybe this could be offset by planning an indulgence at the meal – allow yourself a dessert but no wine / bread. Or say one glass on wine only and try to pull out ‘no choice’ for the second round. When you’re tempted to say yes, imagine how it would feel if you were sat there alone? The effects of having one dessert on your body will be minor compared to the stress you will feel by eating everything in sight, or by sitting at home worrying about how you are making your DH feel. As someone who has been much thinner and struggled with their relationship due to their own diet obsession, I can honestly say that being thin if your heads not in the right place isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I’d much rather by a stone heavier and be in a happy healthy relationship than be a size zero but alone. Not that I was ever a size zero mind! I hope this wasn’t overly intrusive / interfering, but keep loving yourself (and trusting yourself!) and it will all come together. You’re strong enough to see your problems and where they lay – that is the first half of the battle.

happy weekend, see you guys Monday :)

07-22-2011, 07:58 AM
Hi Coaches!

Both lunch and dinner were substitutions (mom had a special request and a late appt didn't facilitate my original meal). I made really careful decisions remembering that I had a plan for our remaining raspberries. I have never portioned ribs before. *credit* for willingness. Exercise was painting and scraping and a spontaneous walk up a very steep hill.

I was looking at another day of food sanity until I took a leap for an unplanned snack AFTER a well thought through dinner. I DID stop. *credit*

I have read through all of your thoughtful posts. I'd like to respond but am having my usual connection issues here. I wanted to sit down last night and 3FC was doing maintenance leaving the site unavailable. Now I've just got to get to work. Perhaps today I'll be able to get back here later. :crossed:

07-22-2011, 09:57 AM
Hello everyone:

Shepherdess- congratulations on the arrival of your sweet little baby!!!

For me- struggling with weight issues. Struggling to find a way to deal with life without constant eating. What more can I say that I have not already said?

The upside is that I am away today to swim, boat, fish and relax and will be gone for most of the next 2 weeks. A much needed change of pace and I am so excited not to be getting ready to go to work this morning.

That's it for now, won't be on the internet for most of the 2 weeks. Wish you all a happy day with sane eating.


Alana in Canada
07-22-2011, 11:57 AM
Checked in late last night but I see the post didn't go through. errgh.

My daughter is all packed and off to her Girl Guide camp in BC. It will take about a day and a half to get there--and then she has to walk a kilometre to the tent site. I hope she can manage!

We met someone who volunteered to drive her to the bus for us (about a two hour drive)--and realised she had forgotten her lunch, snacks and water bottle in our car. She should be all right--of all things to forget, this was the best thing, I guess! Still, of course, I'm anxious. My baby doesn't have her food! But, really, she can get a sandwhich at a truck stop and a bottle of something to drink. She WILL be fine!

My son is off to Newfoundland tonight with his scout trip. Overnight flight. It'll be another day of rolling clothes and squishing a sleeping bag into a compression sack--I really hope we can get him packed into one bag (and one carry on) as they are "camping" on a Scout shop floor in St. Johns for 10 days.

I have no plan for today, but I hope I can get one together in the next little bit. First I have to put "Truck Adventures" in the VCR for my 3 1/2 year old nephew. :)

Nonetheless, *credit* For weighing in this morning. Still under 250. Yay.

Ceejay--May you have many sane eating days on your vacation. Sounds like you need it. All the best to you.

Lexxiss--Good for you for stopping! :bravo: I had a mad moment with some mac'n'cheese yesterday, too. *credit* us for coming to our senses.

Superchick--thanks for your thoughtful response. I can now think about them--I was just paralysed by the whole "what is he doing" issue. (Something nice. It's always been highly appreciated in the past!) He knows I'm changing what I eat--but I haven't bothered him with the details.

I've discovered that my food plan allows 75 calories a day for "sweets." I'm trying to avoid them for a couple of weeks --to avoid any possible triggers-- while I stay OP. So, I'll put the raisins away for a while and see whether I want them in a couple of weeks.

MaryAnne--:carrot: Congrats on a whole year! That is fantastic! I'm just thrilled for you.

Pamatga--Sounds like you are on the cusp of an important insight. Interested in how your thoughts unfold for you. :hug: for your situation.

BBE--Sounds like you're doing a lot of work over there! Are you keeping a blog? (I love reno/decorating blogs.) Thanks for your understanding!

Shepherdess--congrats on the sleep! May you have as much as you can get--and I hope that's lots. My first born was colicky and could not be soothed for about three months straight. Hubby and I were very bleary eyed parents--so I'm a HUGE advocate of sleep! Glad your husband can soothe her while you are there for back-up. Confidence just takes practice--like any new skill, right?

Right--off to make the plan.

07-22-2011, 12:29 PM
Superchick: I totally recognize the counter-sabotage of a brain saying "see you've been successful, now I demand more. The weight could be gone by next month. " The expectations have always been deadly in my experience. This time down, I lost an average of .5 pounds a week but everytime I hit a new size I got rid of (donated) the last size. I am never going back.
Lexxiss: The insanity of having a well planned dinner and then still snacking. My latest little trick is to po a sugar free mint in my mouth. I am hoping that I will come to associate the taste with the end of eating. I never like the end even if I am totally full and have enjoyed every mouthful.
BBE: We're hot here too although not as hot as you guys ( Having just come back from your neck of the woods.)
Ceejay: Enjoy your trip.
Alana: Hope the plan is written, committed. Always a good idea to think ahead. Yesterday, I was a little emotional, started thinking about lunch and was confused until I remembered I didn't HAVE to think about it. Quite a relief.

OP for three days and have lost 3 pounds - crap weight from last week. I am dreading going to Santa Cruz BEach because I don't want to lose momentum. Well, for today I have a plan, it might not be a perfect plan buit it is a plan. Yesterday, finally got an air conditioner. Last one was DOA June1. It took all day. I finished a school book ( pretty good - Birds of America by Lorrie Moore ) and didn't eat. Can't ask for more than that.

07-22-2011, 01:38 PM
Reading all you guys post and seeing your weight tickers inspire me. I have been on the diet yo-yo as long as I can remember, I am even 7 1/2 years post gastric bypass and am still trying to lose weight. I have regained 100 of the 130 I lost due to the surgery. The good part is, I still can not eat as much as I could prior to the surgery, but the bad thing is that I can wait a little while and eat again. I don't regret having the surgery, but it is not a magic answer. You still have to change your thinking. I am hoping to do this with Beck. I went 2 years without sugar or soda of anykind, that was because the Dr's told me I "couldn't" have any. Of course I decided to try it and see, and low and behold I could tolerate it. bummer! So I am hopefully I can change my thinking and get this weight off for good. Stress and depression are 2 of my biggest obstacles, but I will overcome.


07-22-2011, 02:30 PM
:welcome2: anotherchick. Well, Becky, we are a sharing bunch here but warm, loving and lots of good talk about all kinds of stuff. :welcome: again and hop on board.:hug:

[Sidenote:] I was just going to say to our resident man-Bill do you ever feel like you are the rooster in the hen house? I always tease my Dad about that since that was him in our family household and then here the first great grandchild is a girl. Now, a boy is on the way. :woohoo:

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Afterwards, I wondered if I should have said all I said and then I thought, "aw, what the Hooie!!" I think I am realizing just how all of this is so intermeshed in my life. When food was my buffer I just did things almost not even aware of it (half comatose really) but now that excess food is (usually) out of the picture, I am left with all kinds of thoughts and feelings; some which overwhelm me at times.

Right now I am having one really great OP day and then one real Off Plan; like, "one half bag of potato chips and diet rootbeer for breakfast" day. Flip flopping like a fish out of water. I am blaming this !@#*&^* weather. It has messed with my appetite for all that is good and sane. Even though I haven't had to be out in this heat longer than to go from a/c to a/c, I just am really hating it. I have lost my appetite for anything but ice cream(and I am not even drawn to ice cream usually either??:?:) and LOTS of ice to chew on. I have chewed so much ice in the past month, there are times when I have to put socks and long sweat pants on---I'm freezing.:dizzy:

I think I know why my mid-back is hurting. Last November I fell in the shower and banged myself up pretty good (or bad). Bill I had no propriception back then. It is hurting where I hit my back on the bottom of the tub and where I had a bruise for a week or so there. I think some of my deeper ab work is irritating that. "Oh well". I'm not going to stop just cuz.....

No sympathy or empathy from the "other party" regarding the financial issues. I was calm, pursued it again early this morning and then called the third party and told them to expect something in the mail because I was opening a claim dispute with my bank. The wheels are set in motion. I've done all I can do now. It wasn't the action I wanted to take but I tried to negotiate and they were stonewalling me. Three times. I'm moving on.

Have a great Friday! Pam

07-22-2011, 04:27 PM
Credit to me! We had birthday's today so I planned for food at work for breakfast. Used the small plate and didn't fill it up. and then we took our boss out for lunch. I stopped when full and didn't clean my plate.

07-23-2011, 12:56 AM
Hi Coaches,

I had some traveling to do this summer, so I got to explore the dynamics of dealing with new food situations. Even though I ate more than I would at home, I did make some good choices, such as asking for no mayo or cheese on sandwiches, taking small portions, and not eating everything on my plate.

And what has also been nice is that even though I gained a few pounds (that I recently worked really hard to lose), I don't feel like beating myself up over it. I was able to accept it as part of living my life. I know I can lose it now that I'm back to my routines. It feels calming.

Hi to everyone. I enjoy reading all your posts. Welcome back Shepardess and welcome to your sweet DD. Thanks to all of you for building this community.


Alana in Canada
07-23-2011, 01:46 AM
:welcome2: another chick!

I'm new here, too. I'm feeling quite emotional and a bit bereft now that the kids are off on their adventures!

Every other thought has to do with food. I understand it totally, I know what's happening. Good thing today is day, 19: Stop fooling yourself.

My "it's not OK" response card: It's not OK to eat off-plan. You don't need that food to celebrate. You don't need it to console yourself. You can think of better things to do than eat! Remember--you cant give in to the two year old within--she doesn't know how to think long-term and you do. No excuse will do. You know the truth. If you resist the urge right now, it will be easier to do it again. You'll win--and be trim.

07-23-2011, 07:12 AM
:welcome: Becky (anotherchick) :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these last year, :wel3fc:

How did you find out about the work of Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck Forum on 3FC?

07-23-2011, 07:30 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Boston tied it's heat record at 103 degrees F - 'salota hot out there. DW announced that dinner would not include using the stove and, preferably, not include using the kitchen. So off we went to Whole Foods and ate from their deli and salad bar in their air-conditioned store. CREDIT moi for choosing an appropriate sized bowl of mostly veggies, including: some shredded beets, cold steamed kale, kale with avocado and onions, cold roasted zucchini and red peppers, and a 2 ounce chunk of spiced up chicken breast.

CeeJay - Yay for two weeks of playing and fun exercising. Enjoy.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Painting and scraping for exercise is noble, if unsatisfying - I know about that. Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated. One of the workmen here chastised me for not drinking enough water while I was working in the high heat.

Woodland – Yay for traveling and "new food situations" - just love being reminded how much variety there is to explore in the world. Kudos for not beating yourself up; Mush on!

maryann - Congrats on 3 pounds in 3 days - sounds like a tabloid come on, LOL. Went off to Amazon to check out Birds of America by Lorrie Moore only to discover that it wasn’t a new bird guide that I'd missed, LOL. Good luck with your plan for Santa Cruz Beach - with a plan you'll do well.

pamatga - Ouch for the most notorious Sabotaging Thought of them all, "aw, what the Hooie!!" - at least that one can be recognized as sheer bunk, of course you care and have the skills to stay the path despite awful events thrown your way. I am unable to comprehend sweat pants at this moment, LOL.

SuperChick - Kudos for recognizing that an artificial goal for the September wedding might derail you and sticking to your current 5 pound goal. [Neat idea to get a food processor to make your own nut butters. Around here, I can grind peanut butter at Whole Foods for about the same price as the roasted peanuts, so I wouldn't win. On the other hand, Pecan Butter, and Brazil nut Butter are off the wall expensive.]

Alana in Canada - Good grief - you just dispatched your two kids to the opposite coasts of Canada. Congrats for making one of life's transitions. [No blog - I'd hate to read how inefficient my own work is, LOL.]

Becky (anotherchick) - Kudos for recognizing that you need "to change your thinking" - that's one big head start in getting the Beck strategies to work for you. And Kudos for handling the lunch with your boss using stellar Beck strategies.

It might be true that your digestive system can tolerate sugar and soda, but maybe your neurons can't. Some of us find that sugar stuff introduces cravings that weren't there before. Glad you're here.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
Are you convinced yet? Here is why weighing yourself daily is so important:
Getting on the Scale.
By weighing every day, successful dieters learn how to avoid feeling disappointed, frustrated, or even overly excited when they see what the scale says. They don't view their weight as an indication that they are weak, inadequate, or out of control. They don't see weight losses as reasons to loosen up or celebrate with food. And they don't use weight gains or smaller-than-expected weight losses as reasons to fall off their diets altogether because they are confident that they know what to do to get the number on the scale moving back down again.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 58.

07-23-2011, 08:28 AM
Hi Coaches!

:welcome2: Becky(anotherchick) I really feel that immersion into Beck Diet Solution is a constructive methodology for addressing our individual roadblocks which we have concerning food. Best wishes as you start your journey.

My lack of internet has been adding to my "real life" frustrations...Our project makes progress but it's very slow and has been complicated by the urgency of removing some trees.We're not going to make our Aug 1 deadline for completion. Last eve I got a call from a sibling in crisis which is my ultimate trigger...reminding me of my own dysfunction...reminding me of a less than perfect childhood and many unfinished family projects.
Yesterday's credits
~I'm handling the "unfinished family projects" with a pretty high level of food sanity.
~it felt absolutely great to be cruising up and down a 20ft ladder to paint!(a task physically impossible 5 years ago)
~asking DH if I had time to ride my bike to the lumber yard for a part rather than jumping in the car
~saying NO CHOICE to Oreos in the cupboard
~forcing myself to fix an OP dinner despite desire to go out (definite setup for overeating)
~NO CHOICE to purchases of goodies for DH (which I knew I'd get into)

Not a perfect OP day, but good enough...lots of mindfulness.

Thanks, everyone, for thoughtful posts...yes, we are doing this together. I hope to return to personals as soon as my WiFi improves.

07-23-2011, 11:02 AM
GM :coffee2: and GD :flow1: Dear Beck Friends!

Lexxiss: If it is any consolation, I feel that dysfunction is the new function. There is a 12 Step saying that goes (paraphrasing here): "Your [issues, addiction, problems, dysfunction] is the open door inviting growth". I used to hate hearing things like that because I always felt being obese, sexually abused, recovering compulsive spender and eater, twice divorced, fractured relationships with nuclear family, 10 years to earn a 4 year college degree that I have never used; (you get the idea), and any other "failing" I felt anchored with was a curse and definitely not a blessing BUT, you know, every day I overcome I triumph and, gosh darn it, that feels mighty good! I feel closer to who I was meant to be before all the SH** happened. Yes, we can do this. You are doing this. Credit going your way sweetheart :hug: while you march up and down that proverbial ladder (both literally and figuratively).

BBE: My man, this god awful heat is really giving all of these a/c restaurants and grocery stores lots of $$$$ as we all march there! I haven't used the oven in almost two weeks. I remember many years ago going to the freezer section of the grocery store, opening the large door and just standing there until someone showed up in the aisle. Now, with security cameras everywhere, I would still do it. :D Food sounds delic!!

hey Woodland glad to hear that you are working the Beck way. Thanks for checking in and sharing. We think of you while you are out and about.

maryann :woo: for the lose. We know what to do and when we do it we are rewarded. Great Job!! Enjoy the beach. :beach:

Superchick GL on the wedding goal but if that doesn't work there is something called Spanx. I hope it's not as hot in September as it is now but it's a back up. PS, if the thought of wearing constricting undergarments suck ( I think it does), then get drunk and you won't care what any one thinks (ps --I am joking of course)

Alana in Canada: It is hard to let the babies go their way but use this time to decompress and maybe do something "wild and crazy" :hyper: :cool: (private or otherwise), out of their wondering eyes!

Anotherchick (Becky): Simply said: It works if we work it. Great Job in a Great Start. Thanks for sharing!:hug:

In spite of less than stellar food plans this past week, I finally broke the 265.6 "barrier" and weighed in less: 264.6 lbs.

What do I attribute that to? Well hydrated! All that ice chewing is still water; just in solid crunchy form. I was quite active yesterday; doing lots of housework around 11 pm and only having a cup of cheerios in the middle of night. Also, keeping up with the weight/strengthening exercises. It bears repeating here: Muscles do burn more calories!

Last week, my DH "interviewed" for our local Steinway Gallery by tuning one of their concert grands and he's in with them. The local music industry here still keeps going although it has taken some hits like many other industries nation wide. He is a free agent but GB he has been doing a lot of work all over town, including visiting performers in the different venues, during this god awful recession and this is just another one to add to his roster. Today, he tunes some floor pianos. He has been blessed with perfect pitch and still tunes aurally so I don't raise my voice with him at home. (seriously) His ears is our $$ ticket. How could I anyway? He is my dear heart and blind to my many faults. Can you tell I like him a little? :o :dizzy:

Later, we will do our weekend running, in spite of the lingering heat.

So, :woohoo: for 1 lb closer to my goal weight. Onward!!:carrot:

07-23-2011, 11:32 AM
I'm having an old problem recently of wanting to "take advantage" of times I'm alone to overeat. I'm not sure why that is revisiting right now. Definitely one of the behaviors that kept me so overweight for so long. CREDIT for weighing myself every day, anyway.

WI: +0.25 kgs, Exercise: +40 845/1300 minutes for June and 25/33 miles on treadmill, Food: 60%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, anotherchick!

Alana in Canada
07-23-2011, 12:11 PM
Good morning and happy weekend, everyone!

Just to clarify--the kids will be back! They are still young, 13 (son) and almost 11 (daughter). They are just at camp.

My nephew is with me again today--we're off to the library soon for story-time. Haven't done that in a long time.

*credit* weighed in this morning. Still under 250.:D
*credit* made my plan last night. It is getting easier. Still, eating so many veggies takes time.--and a clean cutting board! My kitchen counter space is nearly non-existent--especially when the dishes pile up as our "dishwasher" is fully manual. ;)

BUT, my skin looks amazing.

gardenerjoy--exactly of whom are you taking advantage? Remember, you are still watching you!

pamatga--I admire you for never raising your voice. For me, that would be exceedingly difficult! Congrats on the loss!

Lexxiss--congrats on your credits. I especially love picturing you clambering up and down the ladder.

BBE--great food choices! Good for you.

woodland--I'm happy to hear you aren't beating yourself up! Routines are calming, aren't they. Nice to "meet" you.

07-23-2011, 11:51 PM
Hi Coaches,

Thanks, Alana, nice to meet you too. I spent some time reading your blog last night. Well written and thought provoking. Enjoyed it.

Organizing is very important to keeping me calm. (yeah, I have some OCD tendencies). Tonight I realized that how I had my food listed in my calorie spreadsheet was annoying. Isn't it amazing how one little thing can seem to make dieting harder? So I put it back in a more logical order and feel much better. My relationship with my spreadsheet might be verging on dysfunctional :dizzy:

Did everything on my list to do. Credit. Heard "no choice" a few times, since I thought about eating more than I had planned. That helped.

Thanks for welcoming my back when my usually lurking self feels like popping in and speaking.


Alana in Canada
07-24-2011, 01:22 AM
Woodland--that's kind of you to say. Thanks for reading.

I miss my excercise. Odd. I haven't been able to work it in for the last few days--I hope I can tomorrow. I picked up a book on Joesph Pilates and his "Contrology" method at the library today. Looking forward to reading that. When I'm done, I feel better informed about how to pick out a video to work along with.

I can't remember what I came here to say! I must be more tired than I thought. G'night, all.

07-24-2011, 02:38 AM
Hi Coaches!

As suspected, I haven't been able to get a connection until just now...and it's still's taken 20 minutes to get loaded up. Our problem is that our little town swells with tourists, especially on the weekend. The cell towers can't handle the load. Today we had 3000 bicylists in town for a ride to the top of Mt. Evans. You couldn't find a parking place anywhere!(Our town is 3 blocks wide and 3 miles long)

It was a crazy busy day. I painted, went to a pancake breakfast, painted, did yardwork, did housework ...then found out DH's friend is coming on the bus tomorrow. We had a whole new list which included moving furniture so he could sleep on the floor and making a trip to the next town for a week's worth of groceries. Whew!
~making a plan for the pancake breakfast and sticking with it
~planning a menu for the week which keeps me OP while accomodating a guest
Could do better:
~I ended up being so busy that I didn't take care of my nutritional needs and actually underate :shrug:

I'll keep trying, coaches...I've read all your posts...

07-24-2011, 06:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Still hot around here. I've never paid much attention to the warning on cans of paint that say "use between 70 and 90 degrees F." Now I understand them - Ouch. Above 90 degrees, some paint behaves poorly. I gotta wait for cool weather to do some painting. Cold watermelon for evening snack, CREDIT moi. DW won't buy one of those cut melons - just doesn't seem right, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for Sabotaging Thoughts tempting you to "take advantage" of being alone. Kudos for continuing to weigh yourself.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for handling unfinished family business with food sanity - families are a rich source of Sabotaging Thoughts. Ouch for that many tourists; but then you do get to have Colorado in return.

Woodland - Kudos for "no choice" a few times. Just love that that works.

pamatga - Congrats on breaking "265.6 barrier" - despite the heat!!! I agree, "Muscles do burn more calories!" on their own, but even more so because they yearn to be used and we tend to exercise them more. Yay for muscles.

Alana in Canada - LOL at "the kids will be back!" - Yup, even after you send them to college. Veggies do take time; I found that easier once I accepted it.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
Are you convinced yet? Here is why weighing yourself daily is so important:
Getting on the Scale.
what to do . . .
Weigh yourself on a digital scale tomorrow morning. Today, create this Response Card:My weight isn't who I am. It isn't a measure of my
worth. It's just a number that tells me important
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 58.

07-24-2011, 11:29 AM
BillBlueEyes, regarding painting above 90 degrees I find that I behave poorly! Fortunately we have those cool Colorado mornings to paint away and have a shift finished by 10. Oops...reminding me I forgot the watermelon!

Alana(in Canada), I knew the kiddos were coming back! lol Yes, veggies do take time but I can assure you from experience that it gets easier. Sometimes when I'm up early food prepping I remember my 2 two favorite grandmothers who did exactly the same thing. They were up every morning working on healthy foods for their loving families.

Woodland, organizing is very important to me, and yeah, I have OCD tendencies, too. I 'm sure it's why my eating turns very poor when my environment gets scattered. :cp: for doing everything on your to do list. How is your garden BTW?

gardenerjoy, I do think the "fat person" will remain with us for a very long time and what better time for her to work at our thinness then when we are alone. Keep telling her you're not going back!

Pam(atga), :lol:, too, at not raising your voice to DW. I think mine may enroll in a piano tuning school. Yay for a moving ticker! Each one pound makes a difference! Did we decide it was at least 5# of pressure off your joints?? Thanks for a great perspective on dysfunction. I REALLY appreciated the visual of "marching up and down that proverbial ladder (both literally and figuratively). It is such an incredible thought for me. Thx! :hug: (reminding me of my favorite,Daily Affermation With Stuart Smalley. I would laugh so hard because I could SO relate! Yes dear, WE are doing this!

Becky(anotherchick) great credit planning for your food events at work!

:wave: to everyone else...Shepherdess, CeeJay, onebyone, SuperChick....

If I don't post NOW I'll certainly lose that connection as I see the bicyclists arriving out my front window.Speaking of!! I'm going to jump on my bike and ride for ice . *credit* for spontaneous exercise!

Alana in Canada
07-24-2011, 11:33 AM
Today is my official weigh-in and the scale obliged me by showing a two pound loss--from yesterday!

I'm not sure it is "real." kwim? It's just so strange to see the number-- 10 pounds lower than when I first posted here (the end of last month). I'm two rewards behind, already, lol!

But, I'll take it. 247.4 is now the "new normal." :carrot:

BBE--good to hear from you. My kids didn't go to college--heavens, no. They're only 13 and (almost) 11! Just camp.

Lexxiss--how frustrating for you! You've been putting your off-line time to good use, though!

Today is Day 22 (I compressed a few days to get back on track). Repeat after me:
"Oh, well."

07-24-2011, 12:00 PM
Ate better yesterday. Focusing on veggies always helps me and it's so easy this time of year. Lunch was a tomato sandwich with green pepper strips and tomato dip and a cucumber tomato salad (seeing a theme here?).

WI: NC in kgs, Exercise: +40 885/1300 minutes for June and 27/33 miles on treadmill, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Alana and Lexxiss: I also feel a connection to my grandmothers and aunts when I'm doing vegetable preparation. It's very helpful to making me feel good about it. And, it does get easier. My cucumber tomato salad is refrigerator sweet pickles that I made over a week ago on top of cubed heirloom tomato--salad in two minutes!

07-24-2011, 10:56 PM
Hi Coaches,

Lexxiss - Garden is good. We had our first cucumbers today. I'll have watermelon and cantaloupe soon. Daily salads are the habit now that carrots, peas, spinach and lettuce call out to be harvested. I love this time of year - groceries from the garden !

I had a good day. Sunday is house cleaning day, so I stretch and bend a lot. Today I attacked the spider webs on the ceiling, so I did a lot of stretching.

Hope you all had a good Beck weekend.


07-25-2011, 01:18 AM
Hello coaches and comrades, especially the new folks --

I've been relatively on track, despite some definite stress eating / vacation splurges. I'll let you know, tomorrow, what the scale says. I'm currently on a layover in Phoenix, on my way home after a three-week trip with the Kentucky family. I am very ready to get home! (That's been about 2 months total I've been away from home this year!)

Alas, I've mixed up my dates and will need to leave AGAIN for an 8-day conference on Thursday. Grrrrr. Trying to just make plans and remain in the moment.

Credits (a recap of my extended absence from the forum):

* working out at least four times a week (and after 10-12 hour driving days, too!)
* mostly maintaining healthy snacks and moderate portions, even when faced with "splurge" foods
* reflecting on my eating issues when around my family, but not clinging to these issues. Clinging, in fact, to the new me, despite old pressures.

Goals for this in-between week:

* keep up with my workouts
* plan for food and exercise during the intensely stressful conference
* spend at least 1/2 of one day laying in bed with the kitties and some crappy TV

Thanks for always being here! xoxo

07-25-2011, 02:42 AM
Early GM and GD to everyone!

I have made a new pact with myself that I am going to have a vegetable at every meal, including breakfast. Now, you would think that would be a challenge for breakfast but there is chopped spinach to add to an omelet, fresh sliced tomatoes with a wee bit of salt to go with a plain egg and I was even thinking about making some of those bean muffins that I heard about. Then, there is also carrot raisins muffin as well. I have been craving corn on the cob so I think I am going to have some of that for breakfast in the next day or so. I will get back to you about how creative I am going to get with breakfast vegetables; my new "obsession". It is doable and tasty too!! :carrot: :broc: :cb: ( hey, how did that last little guy in the line up?? ;) :D)


Stayed up during the early part of the day since that is when DH seems to "shine". We even had an early Sunday dinner out. After we did our "usual" Sunday "activities" I took a 5 hour nap, awoke around 8 p.m. and with a terrible stomach ache. I still have it. Had a few stale saltines and a small glass of skim milk.

Speaking of which; new studies out have revealed that 600 mg calcium per day can significantly reduce the onset of colon cancer; second leading killer of all of us. Regular screenings are also in order. I have also heard that Vitamin D prevents a certain type of aggressive breast cancer. 1 8 oz glass of milk has 100 mg calcium; just to give you an idea of how much we are talking about.

I started taking Caltrate (has both the Vitamin D and calcium ratio you need-not a plug for the brand in itself--that is recommended) about 18 months ago becaue of concern of bone loss. I am so glad that I did. Now, to get DH to take it as well. I also drink a lot of milk, eat more low fat cheese (than I used to) and try to fit in yogurt and cottage cheese as I can. This is one are a lot of us who are counting calories neglect. Just a friendly FYI. :)

Super honest talks with DH today about my fears, concerns and residual "guilt" about him caring the entire load for us financially (onebyone, I totally relate). Ironically, since we've met, it was always me who had the steady job and actually went from job to job quite easily. I have certainly lost my drive in this area and I just feel both content to be at home and also afraid to admit that. I too am wondering where "I am woman, hear me roar" went?? It reminds me of how my cats were after being neutered: all they wanted to do was eat, sleep and lick themselves, in that order. Gosh, I totally relate!! I think this is what menopause has done to me. Turned me into a neutered kitty ---cat. (meow >..<) So, things are good on this end but fretting about lack of desire to do anything remotely related to rejoining the proverbial "rat race".

gardnerjoy Wow, I was kind of surprised by your admission that you are feeling the need to overeat. I guess, like so many of us who seem to be "life-rs" when it comes to our weight issues, we all assume (erroneously I am finding out) that once the monkey on our backs has been house-broken, it will go over in the corner and "behave". NOT! Well, you know what they say about the word "assume". We are all rooting for you here. :carrot: :broc: In the meantime, you would be doing all of us a great service (if you don't mind and/or not too tired of all the "diet talk") if you shared with us the transition that you are obviously making. I know I have a lot to learn about when that time comes and I too am finally through with losing. ( I am a better maintainer than reducer) Thank you so much for sharing. You have no idea how helpful it is for us who too want the "prize" at the end of this long and winding road.

Love sent to all else. Wow! Lexxiss I'd want to get out of Dodge with all of those people lighting onto the roads, restaurants, etc. Courage medal goes to you for standing your ground with the "tourists in town".:hug:

Catch all later today. Now, time for bed for "Bonzo".;)

07-25-2011, 06:34 AM
Morning coaches, the start of another week is upon us… this one is tinged with sadness for me – I work mainly with our sister office in Norway, and I am in shock at all of the things that happened there on Friday. I read in the news that the one single person that caused all of that horrific terror killed the largest number of Norwegian citizens in one event since World War 2. It doesn’t even bear thinking about.

That aside, I weighed in earlier than usual this week and am the same as last week, so still sitting on the 200lb fence, peering at the 100lb’s… I’m pretty sure this is due to higher calorie foods over the weekend, and a lot of muscle building exercise. Whatever the reason, I’m saying ‘oh well’, trying not to let it bother me – there are much bigger things going on in the world.

Credits: weighing in, checking in, NSV – fitting into a shirt I haven’t yet managed to wear (bought to ‘slim into’ earlier in the year pre-beck – a pointless behaviour – from now on I will only buy clothes that fit me), planning meals, biking to work. Yesterday I started eating a chocolate brownie post biking as I thought ‘I deserved it’ for working so hard over the weekend. A few bites in I realised what I already knew when I picked it up – I didn’t actually want it, I wanted something ‘clean’ i.e. fruit, so I put it down. DB promptly wolfed it without a second thought! I’m sure there is a 300lb man hiding inside him waiting to burst out... either that or he has hollow legs… he weighs around 150lb wet! So not fair, but hey life isn’t – as Dr. Beck says, ‘oh well’.

I’ll try to pop back for personals later.

07-25-2011, 07:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - So nice to be cool this morning! Got some work done yesterday, CREDIT moi, and stayed on plan, CREDIT moi. Felt the call when I saw my DW having her afternoon trail mix and remembered that I don't do that. Feels good not to be controlled by food.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I can dig a tomato centric eating day. Ours are just arriving, and they're soooooooo good.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - That so makes sense, "and ride for ice" - an ideal motivator.

Woodland – Wish we had a garden large enough for melons. Do your melons and cukes interact in a way that affects the taste of both?

Mary (MaryContrary) - Love to hear, "Clinging, in fact, to the new me" - so encouraging that you can do that around the old family and the old homestead. Hope you get some good current family time before your conference.

pamatga - My favorite breakfast in grilled tomatoes - just love, love those. Thanks for the reminder to keep up with my calcium and Vitamin D.

SuperChick - Sending supportive thoughts as you deal with sadness of the tragedy in Norway with personal contacts. It's boggling from way over here. Kudos for stopping mid-brownie - that's always hard for me. Can't wait for you to move solidly into onederland.

Alana in Canada - Congrats on the loss, and Kudos for continuing to confront the feelings that it isn't real. Hope your DD found food and water on her journey to camp.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
Getting on the Scale.
what to do . . .
Each morning when you first wake up, read this Response Card. Keep it in the bathroom or put a sticker on the scale to remind yourself. Weigh in your pajamas or undressed - just follow the same routine each morning. Look at the number and then hop off the scale. That's it - you're done! Don't weight again until the next morning. Some dieters get on the scale two or three times (wither immediately or throughout the day), hoping the number will go down, which is a sure sign they are giving the scale too much power. Step on the scale once a day - no more.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 58.

07-25-2011, 08:34 AM
Woodland – I hear you on the calming-ness of routines. I used to think it would be way more fun to be spontaneous but I can’t help it – I take some sort of solace in routine!
BBE - I want to go to this magical place they call Wholefoods! I read quite a few of the American food / exercise blogs and they are always talking about it too. One day, I will go there :D thanks for your thoughts and I am hoping to through myself head on into the onederland this week! However ’ll just see what the scales say next week ;)
Pam – I already have some spanx, so I’ll be well prepared! Well done on the loss. PS there is also a lot of calcium in broccoli and prawns, if anyone is not living the dairy so much.
Alana – I have also had a look at your blog, it is very good! I’m quite into the foodie / exercise blogs at the minute, and yours looks very stylish. Loving ‘247.4 is now the new normal’!
Debbie - :wave: enjoy the bike ride! after a weekend of riding i was dubious of getting back on again this morning, my legs knew about it!

07-25-2011, 10:29 AM
GM and GD fellow Becksters!

Today is supposed to rain (of course because I watered my garden yesterday :D) so I have decided with it being cloudy and overcast that I would pull out my cookbooks and bake this morning. I am presently making bean muffins followed by carrot raisin muffins (sans frosting). The bean muffins have molasses in them. I am intrigued by the fact that there are beans in them although in another one of my cookbooks there is also a black bean muffin recipe so obviously this is "good" (as well as good for you).

FYI: Not to rain on any one's parade but my son informed me (ex-Whole Food employee, worked there while in college now has a "real job" counseling high risk teens) that Whole Foods has relaxed their "standards" and carries GMO products from Monsato (Morning Star brand is one). My son, who has been a vegan for 18 years and is very passionate about this whole debate, is very angry and has personally joined others in demanding a resindining of this recent policy change for what he calls their "cowardice" and "caving in". Although my son continues to shop there for other products.

I, for one, am so new to all of this, having only "cleaned up my own act" in the past 3 1/2 years that I just looked at my food labels and like someone said here earlier (maryann?), finished up my last processed soy products, which (on the record) I just wanted to try and see if I liked them (I didn't really). Whomever said that none of them taste like a real burger was right. Plus, processed just doesn't taste fresh. It just doesn't! I love cooking and baking so no big deal for me. Guess the turtle in me has to poke its head out of its shell every so often and see what all the fuss is. So, back to "business as usual". Like Bob on [I]Biggest Loser always says; if you can't pick it from a tree, catch it out of water (although a lot of fish is polluted) or dig it out of the earth; just don't eat it!! Faux food is faux food.

Have a good day all; whether bike riding, surfing the www, and superchick we're pulling for you and onederland. You can do this!

07-25-2011, 11:31 AM
Thanks Pam :D

07-25-2011, 02:08 PM
Got my run in this AM. Happy to have a DH who will take on baby duty. Had a family celebration out at the lake yesterday and ate sanely. I’ll take credit for that, even though the rest of the weekend was not so perfect. Realized that if planned food is not ready to go it probably won’t happen—duh! Now I just need to set aside some food prep time so healthy food is always on hand. I’m getting a better idea on a food plan while nursing. Thanks BillBE for the link to the nursing forum. It’s a great resource.

Typing with one hand, so no personals today. Waving to all!

Alana in Canada
07-25-2011, 02:57 PM
Morning, all! (Though it is probably past morning for all of you by now, lol!)
I got 12 hours of sleep last night! It was great--although I have trouble moving after being prone that long!

Pamatga--Veggies for breakfast are easy when I have a frittatta--basically an egg, mixed with water and poured into the frying pan over gently frying vegs--this morning I had onion, red pepper and mushrooms. Oh, so good. I also chopped up 2x what I needed so I could do it more easily again this week.

I've heard of folks eating savoury oatmeal in the morning for breakfast--I'm sure you could pop in some chunks of squash (butternut) or pumpkin puree into it for more veggies. That reminds me--do you know of Mark Bittman? He's a veggie-centric cook--and has published several recipe books. I've looked at quite a few from the library--he has lots of ideas for how to include more veggies into every meal. Try the "Food matters" cookbook. (In fact, I think I'll request it from my library right now.)--done.

BBE--so glad you to hear you resisted the trail mix. Superchick, my husband is a "naturally" thin guy too--and he frequently eats food I (now) choose not to. It can be very frustrating, can't it?! OH well. Every Monday, though, I make him his weekly "work" food--he gets up very early and would rather sleep than eat, so I have finally found something nourishing to make him for breakfast he can eat in the car--Ima Garten's granola bars! I'll be preparing a couple of pans of those today, as well as muffins (for his breaks) and a BIG bean salad (for his lunches). I DID include one of the muffins on my plan for today--I'll make them using fresh raspberries from the garden. (yum).

Shepherdess--congrats on getting in the run! Here's a secret for one handed typing--give up caps! No one will mind. :)

Superchick--thanks for peaking at the blog. I appreciate your kind words more than I can say, really.

MaryContrary--Congrats on getting that exercise in--even after long days of travelling. I've done 10 hour driving days in the past and I know how exhausting they can be--so kudos to you!

Gardenerjoy--My grandmother was someone who was mostly a "meat and potatoes" cook. My mother-in-law was from the "if it's from a can it must be better than fresh" generation--and fed her family accodingly. I think it's great you feel a connection to her, though. Perhaps I'll change our family's culture with food--I'll be the pioneer. That's a nice thought.

Woodland--congrats on the garden! We were late getting ours in this year--though the green onions could be harvested.

Apologies to anyone I've missed. I've got to get my day going, now.

Credits so far--
weighed in. Up slightly from yesterday. No biggie.

Working on today's food plan--as well as what we'll have for dinner this week. Enjoying the challenge of cooking for two. Goal is to have two vegetables at every evening meal.

Read Beck, Day 23--"Counter the unfairness syndrome." I have to say I'm feeling fantastic and a bit euphoric about the whole diet, exercise and weight loss thing these days--you know--the honey moon phase--and these current chapters on dealing with disappointment and resentment and such seem irrelevant. You guys remind me though that the phase I'm in is just a phase and that it is probably best to still take these chapters seriously. So, thanks!

I have an exercise plan in place for the week (hooray!) and looking forward to it.


07-25-2011, 05:24 PM
Hello Beloved Coaches

I'm back home and feeling up to posting finally. I managed to read a bit of this board while away in Ottawa but was otherwise so exhausted and pre-occupied that I didn't post.

But first:

Shepherdess congrats on the little bundle of joy!!! I can't wait to hear about the baby's interaction with the sheeps. So glad both of you are happy and healthy :)

Okay now my update:

- I met with my drawing group and our gallery show is planned. The two other members are fanatics for details which is good as I am way more a big picture person and get OCD with details.

- I visited with my mom and took her out to the casino and she, thankfully, forgot about her losses, however she also forgot we had gone out at all but when DH called looking for me, and I wasn't there, she was worried that she had missed my visit as "she was out all day" (out with me!) so she did remember she was out, but not where or with who, BUT she was happy so...? I find my mother's new alzheimer's mind is many things: funny, perplexing, frustrating and endearing. So many emotions. She remains herself, just exaggerated and things come and go FAST. Writing about her makes me sad and makes me feel far from her and makes me want to take care of her all the time. Being there it is challenging for me, not her, except when she focuses on when I am leaving/how long I am staying. It is GREAT progress that I can say today I love and forgive my mother for the past 100%. THIS was the unexpected gift of her alzheimer's to me. She finally dropped all the facades, all the careful juggling of all her children and was just simply herself with me. I am lucky to have this time with her.

- I did the art in the park event I organized the last two years. I was happy the new organizer followed my advice and added more of her own touch. I was told that the turnout was greater last year, and it was, I felt the "art buyers" did not show up, but I managed to wrangle an interview on the local CBC the morning of the show so that drew lots of their demographic = older, affluent, educated arts supporters to the show. I did sell 2 items which was 1 more than I expected. None of them were any of the new paintings I showed you guys. The heat and the humidity took its toll on me. I was completely spent after it was over causing me to nix an overnight at my best friend's place. Next time, which is only a week from this Thursday. More as that approaches.

This week I am in prep for my first local art event. It's a Jazz festival. The organizer is a newbie I think. Lots of unadressed issues appearing in almost daily emails. I just sent him an email asking pointed questions. Taking action is an effective strategy to prevent overeating. This is the exactly the kind of thing I wouldn't do in the past, preferring to worry and "not bother anyone" or maybe "upset someone" while I feel anxious and then eat to feel calm or to forget I am feeling nervous. I am risking his opinion of me by a pointed email but so what? Oh well. I am only asking he do his job as an art show admistrator...

and now for MY GOOD NEWS

:carrot: I will be an Artist-In-Residence at The Studios of Key West for four weeks starting the month of February 2012! I got my acceptance email while I was away! I am awarded my own cottage to live in which has an attached working studio and a communal covered outdoor gathering space shared with the other artists in residence working there at the same time. There were 25 people chosen for the residencies from 75 applicants. We represent 20 different cities and 5 countries. :carrot:


*credit for weighing in this morning: 282.2 (+1.8lbs) I am happy with this given everything....


07-25-2011, 09:41 PM
Hi Coaches,

BBE: no mingling that I know of. The cukes are pretty far from the melons though. The garden has 15 rows, each about 70 feet long. I get lots of exercise keeping up with it and the resulting kitchen work.

Good day on plan for me today. Enjoy hearing everyone's news.


07-25-2011, 09:50 PM
Hi Everyone,
Sorry I have been gone awhile and hope it is okay for me to post here again. Just keeping too busy, not following my program and decided today that it is time to get back on track. It certainly wasn't making me any healthier.

Made a nice dinner tonight and not too many calories. I think one of my problems is repetiveness and lack of color to my meals. I have a ton of cookbooks plus computer access so I need to just get busy and change the things I can and accept the things that just need to be adjusted.

Hope everyone is doing well.


07-26-2011, 06:48 AM
Morning coaches, another pitiful summer day here – it’s so grey and autumnal, it’s freezing! So much for summer…

Credits: checking in, up early for a strength workout, biked to work, planned and made my days food, read my ARC, OP day yesterday

Been pretty busy the past few weeks so tonight I’m going to have a potter in the garden and bring things down a notch or two, and attempt to have a quiet week. I really need to get back to reading Beck, I have been following the book but haven’t looked at it in a while, so I want to get back to that.

Alana – it can be frustrating for sure! Luckily my boyf gets lunch at his work; not sure I could stomach making him sweet treats that I couldn’t eat! He has to eat what I want mainly in the evening, as I am the main cook, but usually he has a larger serving size or some add ons. Seems to work but it would be nice to have a break from the cooking sometimes!

Onebyone – Congratulations! The artist in residence news is massive!

Gardening Deb – welcome back :wave:

07-26-2011, 06:53 AM
Hi Coaches!

Checking in. Yesterday was crazy/frustrating/exhausting. My food choices reflected the insanity. Fortunately, the insanity can be temporary and I'll take some quiet time this morning to plan for one sane day.
Today I will:
~freeze the cookies that no one is eating except me
~I'll stick with my traditional lunch
~I'll make every effort to steer dinner to my home cooked meal instead of going out.

It's a challenge-our houseguest doesn't eat any breakfast or lunch then wants to take us out every night. Last night was Mexican and I had no resistance muscle for chips. *credit* for sticking to my habit of requesting NO cheese. It did save lots of calories and reminded me that these are life habits.

No/slow computer has been frustrating. Oh, well. Back later, perhaps, but recognizing it just may not happen.

Thanks for being here, everyone.

onebyone, congratulations on your artist residency!! Yay!

07-26-2011, 07:16 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A good eating day, CREDIT moi, including dinner with friends. It's rather nice to spend an evening with a group of friends where no one is over consuming anything - even among friends that's not always the case.

onebyone - Congrats for pulling off a super trip to Ontario. I am touched how you have adjusted to your mother's Alzheimer’s.

Just amazing that you'll be Artist-In-Residence at The Studios of Key West. You do mean Key West, Florida, right?

Shepardess - Yay for a DH who tends your Shepardling so you can run. LOL at typing with one hand.

Woodland – That's a BIG garden - especially compared to our urban 10 foot by 10 foot. Do you can a lot of stuff?

pamatga - Yay for bean muffins - I haven't had those.

SuperChick - Yep, Whole Foods is indeed a "magical place." And it's a place that encourages moderation - by the technique of HIGH prices, LOL. Do you have Trader Joe's in Scotland? Kudos for keeping your cool about onederland - your body will go there when it's ready.

Alana in Canada - Twelve hours of sleep is just amazing - your teen inside was bursting out, LOL. Kudos for shifting to cooking for two instead of just eating your kid’s share.

GardeningDeb - Welcome back. You're welcome to rejoin at any time. There's probably a forum somewhere for those on flawless paths, but I've not gone looking for it since I'm not qualified. It does take some effort to add new veggies, but it's super fun. It works for us to head to a new place - like an Asian market - and just try something new. I'm big on Kale at the moment. Good luck.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 2 Weigh yourself daily
Getting on the Scale.
what to do . . .
It's important to start weighing yourself now, even before changing your eating, because it will help keep you in check. Each morning write your weight on your Success Skill Sheet (pages 266-267), along with any change from the previous day. (You will start to graph your weight loss at the end of Stage 2).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 58.

07-26-2011, 08:30 AM
GM :coffee: and GD :flow1: my dear friends!

onebyone I loved reading your new news. You sound so centered and focused in a very positive way. :cheers: and :goodluck: on your new A-I-R appointment next year. Can anyone come and visit to see all of your new work "in action"?
Alana in Canada Thanks for the tip on cookbook! I will definitely check it out (literally). I have rediscovered that sometimes the best way to eat better is to take the reins in the food preparation instead of allowing the food manufacturers dictate how/what is in the food stuff I put in me. I too have been going through a period of very long naps (5 hours in the middle of the day/night). I'm not really sure why I am so tired lately.
Superchick I do think that the "higher prices" associated with Whole Foods (whose flagship store is in Austin, TX) is a fallacy. My son always said that as well. He was always working on reeducating the customers while he was employed there. Healthy food does have a "tendency" to be a tad more but if you shop smart, you won't see your grocery bill go up significantly. I have another favorite other "employee-owned" Southern store (out of Lakeland FL) that I also frequent for its "Greenwise" food line. It is more competitively priced for its organic food line especially local producers, which I like to support as well. Travel time is less when the producers is within "spittin distance" plus it is nice to put a human face with my :broc: and :carrot: I sense the love and pride coming through. :hug: I just do!
Woodland Believe it or not but I am starting my seedlings for my fall/winter garden now. Winter garden will include asparagus, arugala, swiss chard, chives, snow peas, tomatos (again--I think it will hot enough for the next 2-3 months to do another go round), pumpkins and some herbs. It is still 70 degrees around Thanksgiving here so I hope to have some fresh produce for our Thanksgiving meal. This is my first attempt at Southern gardening and I am still tweaking my efforts.
gardeningdeb :welcome2: Thanks for thinking of us as you recommit yourself to yourself. This is a very supportive group and you will only find love growing here. (well, also a few radishes, Kale (nod to Bill), cukes, and of course tomatoes....:D)
Bill While it was storming outside, I was busy making wonderful aromatic muffins inside yesterday. I still have the mountain of dishes to load this morning. This is what was in the bean muffins: pinto beans mashed with a potato masher, whole wheat flour, butter (or equivalent), black strap molasses, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, eggs, and orange rind. It both taste and smelled like pumpkin bread. Moist and dense. I always tweak my recipes so I substituted allspice for the cloves and ginger and used pure orange extract instead of the orange rind (stronger flavor for both). Then, I made carrot-raisin muffins. Same base (ww flour, etc) but since I was out of raisins (I use them up so frequently) I substituted chopped prunes, which cook out like fresh dates (which I really love). Not as flavorful or aromatic but I coarsely chopped the carrots so you could see bits of carrots in them as well. Alana another yummy way to get both my vegetables and fiber in!! A local favorite restaurant we frequent has "from scratch" Jalapeno corn muffins. You can see bits of sweet corn, red and jalapeno peppers sticking out of the muffin. Colorful too. They would go good with your frittata you mentioned.

Again, I am really loving the challenge of getting vegetables in every meal. I was wondering if breakfast would be hard but it is actually falling into place quite nicely.

Credit for the sense of wonder I have when it comes to trying new things.

Take care of your wee one Shepherdess I am :p with envy. Gosh, it was 36 years ago for me. No g-kids either nor will there be any. I just love my g-niece, Miss Sadie, from 986 miles afar, so sending lots of love your way as you get to know this wonderful new life.


07-26-2011, 12:10 PM
Good Morning Coaches,

Still in Santa Cruz this morning. Coming home this pm. Food has been ok. I weighed today and it was not unreasonable. I have been careful but not OP and with treats. I am looking forward to being home for two weeks so I can write and focus on OP behavior. I read today's posting but will catch up tomorrow.

07-26-2011, 12:50 PM
DH and I made a nice anniversary dinner last night. It was a challenge since we had to keep passing our DD back and forth. Dinner was late and we had to cut it short so I could feed DD. Oh well, we get credit for the effort. The hot weather arrived yesterday, which made for a late night with a cranky baby who was too hot to sleep. I shouldn’t complain, since it has been a pleasant summer so far.

Food yesterday was pretty good; dinner was special, but still healthy. I need to better plan for my afternoons. I need some good healthy snack options so I don’t just grab whatever when I’m tired and trying to calm a fussy baby.

Alana in Canada, thanks for the permission to drop the caps when typing with one hand. Yay for a good night’s sleep. It’s so much easier to make healthy decisions when well-rested. Great attitude on your weigh-in and good job making your plan.

Onebyone, Congrats on your acceptance for Artist-in-Residence! It sounds like such a great opportunity and what a wonderful place to find inspiration! Sending supportive thoughts while you deal with your mother’s illness, but you have such a wonderful attitude and it’s great that it has brought you closer together.

Woodland, kudos for an OP day. Your garden sounds amazing. I’m experiencing some envy since I didn’t do any gardening this year.

GardeningDeb, getting back to posting is a great way to get back on track. Kudos for re-committing to your program. I read recently that most people only cook about 2 or 3 recipes out of their cookbooks, yet we just keep buying them. Great job recognizing the need to change things up.

SuperChick, yay for planning a quiet week after a hectic one. Great job getting your exercise and doing all the prep for an OP food day.

Lexiss, great job moving on from a hectic day and making a plan to get back on track. Good idea to freeze the offending cookies!

BillBE, it’s great to have a nice dinner with reasonable proportions. It’s so rare since social eating usually means over-eating.

Pamatga, kudos for taking the opportunity presented by a storm and baking! I’m loving your descriptions. I’m also imagining what it’s like to live in a climate that allows for a winter garden. Thanks for your kind wishes for the new baby.

maryann, have a great trip. Great job keeping food reasonable. I like to allow myself an extra treat while on vacation. Kudos for posting to re-focus.

Alana in Canada
07-26-2011, 02:34 PM
Weigh in was 249 this morning. Seems high after Sunday's wonderful weigh-in--but it is probably quite normal for me, maybe? I'm trying not to think about it lest I panic and do something stupid.

Pamatga--I came across this article about milk and calcium and other ways to get it into your diet. I thought you may be interested:

I'm overwhelmed by trying to respond to everyone today--but let me say CONGRATULATIONS to One by One for you incredible attitude to your Mom, (such a difficult disease to cope with) and your appointment as artist-in-residence. So exciting!

07-26-2011, 03:31 PM
Hi Coaches

I thought I'd be working on paintings for the weekend but I'm not.
I've found myself in the food today. I've eaten more than I planned to every meal so far and for my snack. I know it's an emotional reaction to the trip I was on, and the news I had, and that I am simply worn out. Usually the second day back from a trip I feel worse than the first day. And so it still is that way.

*credit for posting
*credit for weighing in=(-0.7) 281.5lbs

I have 6 months before I go to the artist residency. I want to take these 6 months and focus on weightloss and fitness. I have the P90 workout series and I think this may be a good time to commit to the program. Maybe if I have something highly structured I can give myself over to it. The P90 is the prgram that obese individuals and those really out of shape can do before they attempt the more intense P90X. At least that's how I understand it. There is a foodplan with the workout program and today I am willing to try it. A 90 day committment would bring me to October 24th, 2011 as Day 90. You know, this is a week before our 20th anniversary and about a week and a half before my 48th birthday. This is starting to feel like I could motivate myself with this deadline and committment. I know you guys will be here with me so why not try it?

Better go do something.

Bye for now & thanks for all the goodwishes Becksters :hug:

update: just finished day 1 of the p90 workout series. It was "sculpt 1-2" which was weights, push-ups, squats, and lunges. I kept up with the video and I broke into a serious sweat so... 89 to go:wl: *credit

07-26-2011, 04:32 PM
Pretty good day, have stayed OP and even let hunger pass by till I could get back to work for my prepared lunch instead of stopping for fast food. Getting ready to leave for the lake on Thursday going to try my hardest to stay OP, I have NO CHOICE right? :-)

Alana in Canada
07-26-2011, 08:55 PM
onebyone--congrats on completeing Day!! I googled P90 and found out it is a kind of sub machine gun, lol!

I'm going to persevere and see if I can find it--who know, maybe I'll join you!

anotherchick--congrats on staying OP and waiting out the hunger pangs.

07-26-2011, 11:41 PM
Hi Everyone,
Been a pretty good day for me. Did well sticking to my plan and even got in some exercise, a short walk with my pup. About to go do my Power90 Cardio workout even though it is getting later.
Well, be back in the morning to read posts. Hope everyone is doing well.


07-27-2011, 12:34 AM
Hello all,
I'm on day 7 of the Beck Diet solution and am enjoying this mental approach very much. I'm posting here because I figured this is the best place to have a consistent "diet coach" like she recommends. Well, I'm crediting myself because I threw away cereal instead of eating the box. I planned in one bowl for the calories for the day, and had a second one because I had a couple hundred extra cals for the week. Well, I couldn't stop thinking about eating more of the cereal (I LOVE CEREAL!!) so I threw the box away. Clearly it is a trigger if I'm not satisfied with one bowl. In the future I will keep Cheerios and regular Fiber One around if I want cereal. Any other kind is too much of a temptation. :) I'm proud of myself! I also got done flying for 10 hours and stayed within my planned eating. That is one of the hardest missions for me, so I consider it a big success. Yah!!! Here's to another great day!

07-27-2011, 06:04 AM
Hi Coaches!

Fortunately, the insanity WAS temporary, reminding me, "This, too, shall pass." We had a super physical day with our new $$chipper/shredder and got alot accomplished. OP until dinner, then despite my desire to eat at home we went to Denver and ate out. It doesn't hurt to keep trying so that will be my goal again for today, to have an OP dinner at home. (I do have a feeling that mom is wanting to take us (and our houseguest) to dinner tonight). I'm remembering this is a very unusual and physical week as we wrestle this large yard project. What an accomplishment when we finish. Once again, I'm reminded I couldn't have done this 5 years ago. *credit* for being a workhorse and keeping up with the guys.

BillBlueEyes, glad to hear you resisted the call from the tree nuts!

:welcome2: Oriana (ovwgirl), big credit throwing out the cereal after recognizing it as a trigger food. ….and for staying with your planned eating while flying for 10 hours.

SuperChick, I hope you had a relaxing evening. How far do you ride to work? Nice credit getting a strength workout before biking.

GardeningDeb, *credit* for OP eating, exercise and for getting back into the routine of checking in with your coaches.

Becky(anotherchick), I really find that the whole thought process of planning ahead for events helps in my success. *credit* for committing to trying your hardest to stay OP at the lake.

onebyone, I'm so excited for you as you set a very reasonable goal! 6 months is so doable. As I was making my commitment I reflected on how long I'd been overweight and that 6 months was such a short period of time. I could go without all of those foods for that short period of time and it just got easier as I resisted and resisted. *credit*, too, for your P90 exercise. I wish I would have known about it at the point I was looking for ways to try and start exercising while carrying extra weight.

Alana(inCanada), as I chart my weight every day, I find I'm up and down quite frequently but what is important is the general trend which is down.

Shepherdess, yay for a special dinner which was healthy! It's the "New Normal" around here. Great that you're identifying the need to plan some healthy snack options.

maryann, great that you've been careful while vacationing. Hope you are back home by now.

Pam(atga) your muffins sounded healthy and great...reminding me to start doing some bean baking again. I'm going to make a batch of the bean brownies this morning. Great that you're finding the addition of vegetables so easy. *credit * for persisting in all of your positive steps forward.

Woodland, wow! what a big garden! I'm sure you're getting an every day workout right now. Great that you're having such good days OP and I'm really glad you've joined back in with us. I really enjoy hearing what's happening down South just a bit.

MaryContrary, it's great that you've been keeping up with your WL plan while you've been continuing on with your busy schedule. I hope you fit your personal 1/2 day in..I believe we really need that rejuvenation once in a while.

gardenerjoy, I'm loving your tomato/cucumber theme. It's nice to know we share the connection with the strong women in our lives who would have had no idea that we (as a society) would get so detached from our food sources.

It's been a busy few days here. credit us all.

07-27-2011, 07:22 AM
Morning coaches, a quiet night in last night on my own (bliss, it doesn’t happen often!) so I watched a rubbishy chick flick and had a lovely salad for tea  I had plans to do some gardening / tidy the flat but once I got home, I realised what I really wanted was some downtime; so I listened to my body and did… nothing! It wasn’t hard… :lol:

Credits: OP yesterday, dragged myself out of bed for a swim this morning, biked to work, planned my meals, took some time last night to cook some fresh veggies from my garden for later in the week, re-read some of my pink Beck book, checked in.

Not so good: I’ve been having some sabotaging thoughts about my weight – I think it’s because I didn’t lose any weight this week. I am trying to stuff down the sabotaging thoughts as I know I am making positive changes, following Beck and my plan, and trying to hit some of my food issues head on… but I even had the thought this morning ‘what if I never lose any more weight?’ which now, seems ridiculous when I think about it! I really want to weigh in mid-week just to check if I’ve lost any weight, as if I need to validate myself with the scale, which is silly because I know I’m doing what’s right for my body now through healthy eating and moving my body, which should be validation enough. I feel better, and can see I look better too. So, I do not know whether to just forget about the scale till Monday or go mid-week again. Do not want to allow previous anxieties to resurface… or maybe I should, and then try to face them head on instead of burying them. There’s some work to be done here, for sure.

Damn that little box! :mad:

Pam – have you tried a breakfast salad yet? Sounds totally alien to me but I’ve heard it bandied around! I’m sure if you added some fruit to it, it would be tasty, but I like to have some carbs in a morning!

Shepherdess – happy anniversary, and credit on trying to make motherhood work for you – I laughed at the image of you and the husband swapping DD back and forth so you could eat! You seem to be taking it in your stride :)

Onebyone – credit for your renewed motivation and goal setting – we’ll all be here to help you when you need it :cheer:

Deb and anotherchick – GJ on staying OP

Oriania – good work on sensing a trigger food – good strengthening of your resistance muscle :strong:

Debbie – I love ‘keeping up with the guys!’ keep up the positive attitude and you’re right – not all weeks will be this busy. I bike 5 miles to work and back, so 10 miles a day. It’s often quicker than taking the car as I live in a city so it kills two birds with one stone. And I don’t turn up to work with road rage, :lol3:

Woodland – jealous of your garden size ;) I had another beetroot and a courgette from mine last night :woohoo:

07-27-2011, 07:23 AM
:welcome: Oriana (ovwgirl) :welcome:

And, in case you didn't get one of these six years ago, :wel3fc:

How did you hear about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find the Beck Forum on 3 Fat Chicks?

07-27-2011, 07:34 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan (CREDTI moi) until I was handed a bag of peanuts at the baseball game (Ouch). I didn't have a plan, which is almost the same as having a plan to overeat. But got some good walking with DW, CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Neat to have a clear plan for a specific time frame with an end goal. Florida in February is special when you ponder what you've left behind.

Shepardess - LOL at passing DD during your romantic anniversary dinner. Kudos for making a special occasion on plan.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Sound deadly to eat dinner with someone who hasn't eaten all day. Thanks for, This, too, shall pass."

SuperChick – Super Kudos for recognizing that down time is critical for moving forward. Those Sabotaging Thoughts of Exaggerated Thinking slip in so easily. Good work recognizing them. I thought of you last night when we walked past a guy on the street playing his bagpipe - bagpipes always give me the chills.

maryann - Home is a much easier place to focus for me, too.

pamatga - Yep, "sense of wonder" is worthy of Kudos.

GardeningDeb - Walking a pup is especially nice since each day the pup gets stronger and wants a longer walk.

Alana in Canada - Yep, under 250 is your normal.

Becky (anotherchick) - Absolutely, "NO CHOICE" it is.

Welcome Oriana (ovwgirl) - Yep, Kudos for recognizing that that cereal wasn't doing you any good. And Kudos for flying 10 hours and remaining on plan - that's a lot of time in the air.

We're all ready to be your on line Diet Coaches, and hope you'll step to the plate and be a Diet Coach for us. Glad you're here.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
Many dieters I've counseled were astounded by the impact of instituting these three eating habits. Some said it was the first time they had really tasted all of their food. Many lost some weight, without even trying, even though they had not officially started dieting. Although this skill is difficult for some dieters in the beginning, it's so important to remember that the more you practice it, the easier it gets!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 61.

07-27-2011, 12:11 PM
GM :coffee: and GD :flow1: Beck diet "buddies" and "coaches":

Thanks Alana for the link. I will check it out. I eat broccoli 4-5x a week as one of my rotating vegetables. I also eat salmon once a week which I hear also has calcium (in fact, any fish that you are willing to eat their soft bones, you are getting calcium from-just don't eat the sharp pokey ones).
OVWgirl probably the reason why some cereals are trigger foods for you is that the carb content, the degree to which it's been processed(meaning how refined it is) and/or the amount of added sugar all add up to "blood sugar spikes". I love shredded wheat but once I got the frosted and OH BOY I was like a cat with cat nip! So, when I eat cereal I stick with plain shredded wheat, long cooking oatmeal (no instant) and anything by Kashi or Cascadia Farms. GJ in identifying a trigger foods. We all have 'em, yup, we do!!;)
onebyone great goals for preparing for your Florida residency. I too have had to do a "work around" when starting out but you will be at the full fledged sweatin' in no time at all.
shepherdess :celebrate: :bb: :celebrate: --something like that, right? How sweet of an anecdote. Also, Happy Belated Anniversary :cheer2: :bubbles: :cheer3:

Hello to Superchick,gardeningdeb, lexxiss,maryann, anotherchick!!

Well, the kitchen "experimentation" continues. I just had to share this since I think someone here(was that you maryann?) mentioned that if you are expecting a veggie burger to taste like a beef burger---well, it ain't. Even if you load on the condiments to help it out. You were right. However, I stumbled onto something that I just had to share with all of you.

When I went shopping this past weekend, I decided that I was going to try some of those pre-pattied turkey burgers (Jennie O). Well, these said on the package from "freezer to grill". I am going to have to contact them though since they vacuum seal them two patties to a package with a thin piece of paper between them. So, am I supposed to grill them together with the piece of paper? I don't think so. Well, anyway, I honestly have never had nor made a turkey burger before so I sprayed the cooking surface let it heat up and then thawed the patties so I could remove the piece of paper. I lightly
salted and peppered the burgers. Then, I got to thinking what else could I add to that to make it taste "good"? I sprinkled some rubbed sage and poultry seasoning on it then finished cooking it. Here's the "ta da" part of the story.

I will digress a minute. I absolutely love pork sausage; links, patties, etc. Jimmy Dean's comes to mind but there are many excellent ones on the market. However, when I began "cleaning up my act" 3 1/2 years ago I discovered that this was one food item that I had to "give up". Most commerically made sausages is 75-80% fat and not the good kind either; maybe, even more. On occasion; like 2x a year I break down and get one of those breakfast sandwiches with pork sausage in them. So, when I finished cooking these turkey burgers and cutting into them, I really was expecting them to, well, duh, taste like turkey, right? No Way! They tasted like pork sausages only less greasy since there was less fat. They weren't dried out either (I absolutely hate dry meat!) This is something that could grace an egg and muffin sandwich and you would be in "hog heaven" (alright then--- poultry heaven).

P.S. I had made a huge (why I don't know:?:) batch of organic couscous. It was so bland and boring. So, I returned to the rest of the huge pan full (sigh); added some chopped onions and mushrooms but that still wasn't enough to bring it to life. So, when I have it again as a leftover, I am going to get in there, maybe add some curry or cumin to it. I'll let you know what I do to make it more palatable. Any one else have any good "seasonings" ideas for bland couscous??

That's it. Having fun in the kitchen. Got my metal fluted "taco shell" forms yesterday in the mail. Supposedly, you just put your tortilla in them and bake them. Instead of frying them like all the restaurants do. I still am going to spray them lightly with some cooking spray "just cuz" it will add a teeny bit of oil without all the negative effects.

P.S. I am not the norm when it comes to cookbooks. I leaf through the book, mark the pages I'd like to try and then "go to town". I also add comments in the margins for things that I "tweaked". I have some that have stains from using them too. In fact, I have a Paula Deen one that I want her to autograph where her "Lady" from scratch fudge brownies are. It is so stained, crinkly from being moistened (by accident) from making that so many times. Now, to make that with some black beans. Yes, It can be done!

Over and out.:D


07-27-2011, 12:49 PM
pamatga asked several days ago:
In the meantime, you would be doing all of us a great service (if you don't mind and/or not too tired of all the "diet talk") if you shared with us the transition that you are obviously making.
Yeah. I lost the weight slowly, making only enough changes to keep the weight loss going. I've known for months now that there really would be no transition. The eating plan will have to be the same. The exercise will have to be the same. But some part of me is saying "Yay! We're done! Time to party!" So, clever me, I've gained some weight back and now I get to go back into losing mode and put this transition stuff off for awhile. Obviously, it's going to take a few tries to get this right. But it's taken a few tries every step of this journey, so why should this be any different?

WI: +0.65 kgs, Exercise: +0 940/1300 minutes for June and 27/33 miles on treadmill, Food: 50%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: congratulations on the Artist in Residence application! That sounds like a terrific opportunity! Not to mention an inspiring motivation for all kinds of healthy activities.

Welcome, ovwgirl!

pamatga: I haven't managed couscous, but with most bland grains, I find a nice fresh salsa on top helps! And it's the perfect time of year. Another possibility, given the season, would be ratatouille or caponata.

07-27-2011, 02:12 PM
Hi coaches

*credit for weighing in (+1.1lbs) = 282.6 sigh.
*credit for posting
*credit for doing day 2 of the p90 workout. Today's was called Sweat (level)1-2. It lived up to its name.

I was achey yesterday after my 1st workout, rolled out of bed this morning feeling not as achey and worried in advance how this would affect today's workout. Well, on day 2 I cannot stretch as wide as I did on day one. I felt I needed to go slower than yesterday, but it was a different kind of workout so not sure if you can really compare the two. Right after the stretching at the beginning there is this Power Yoga section. yikes. Each move transitions into the next move without a break and there is no way my body can flow like that yet. I am too heavy in areas, not strong enough in others (shoulders) and worried about injuring two spots: the upper right shoulder and the right ankle. So I *gulp* modified. Can you believe it? I don't even feel like a "failure"! Basically, I marched on the spot. I did what I could in bits and pieces and marched when it was all I thought I could do. When my strength builds, and/or when my body gets lighter so it's easier to lift up, it will show in the Power Yoga section for sure. There was also an Ab Ripper (I hate the image that gives me) section at the end, basically 100 crunches, 10 in all different manner of leg configurations. I did about 85/100 so that's pretty good. We'll see how that feels later today.

I'm still not sure what to do about the food part. He recommends 1200-1500 calories a day. It looks like such a small amount of food. That always triggers me to binge eat and to feel deprived. I don't even want to try it. But on the other hand, if I accept he know what he's doing re: exercise, why wouldn't I accept the other parts? Ideas anyone on how I can approach the "dieting" aspect? Right now I just feel confused. Should I make this a complete 90 day commitment to this program like an experiment? I could maybe deal with it like that. "If I do X and X then I will get -unknown quantity-?"

Ok I'll be back later for personals. Right now I need to get working on my funny artwork for the upcoming art in the park. I set up on Friday afternoon. Happy Wednesday to y'all!

07-27-2011, 02:26 PM
After complaining about the heat, yesterday was a very nice, cool day. It barely hit 80. DH came back home mid-AM and had some work to do at the house. So I left him with a sleeping baby and got in a run. DD was much happier with the cool weather and even gave me a break to get a nap. My food plan took some twists and turns, but all my changes were acceptable swaps. It’s so much easier to make healthy choices when I’ve had some sleep!

Alana in Canada, great job not panicking over a disappointing weigh-in. There are so many factors that affect weight. It’s best to take note what happens day to day, but the long term is what matters.

Onebyone, ouch for emotions and exhaustion driving you to eat, but it sounds like you have a good plan and great motivation. We’re here cheering you on! 1200 to 1500 calories does sound too low, especially if you are ramping up your exercise. There are some weight loss sites that estimate your calorie needs. I would check with one of those (I can provide some links if you don’t know of any.)

Anotherchick, kudos for riding out the hunger and waiting to eat your planned lunch. It’s so hard to remember that hunger is not an emergency.

GardeningDeb, yay for pups that get us out and moving! Great job staying OP.

Welcome OVWgirl! Great job throwing the box of cereal away. It’s so hard to throw away food, but when it’s a trigger, it really is better in the trash.

Lexiss, yay for being in good enough shape to handle a big, physical yard project. Ouch for all the changes to plans, but great job being flexible enough to handle the sudden changes.

SuperChick, it’s good to have a night to yourself! Glad you fully enjoyed it—sometimes there’s nothing better than a trashy chick flick! Great job recognizing your sabotaging thoughts. The scale can be such a tricky thing. When I was losing weight (pre-baby) the scale would get stuck for a week or two, then drop suddenly and unexpectedly. So you’re right that you just need to have faith that your plan is working and the scale will follow eventually.

BillBE, ouch for the unexpected bag of peanuts at the baseball game, but I suppose, given the ballpark options, peanuts are better than the other stuff. Yay for lots of walking.

Pamatga, kudos for all the kitchen experiments. It’s a great reward to discover healthy food that tastes good!

Gardenerjoy, thanks for the reminder that there’s no difference between dieting and maintaining. There is no dieting, only healthy habits. What a great attitude that it will take a few more tries to get it right.

07-27-2011, 02:48 PM
Had an unexpected trip to birminham and back (3 - 4 hour drive one way) last night. Didn't get to eat what I had planned, but did stay OP and under calories. Got in at 2AM and up at 6AM for work. Good news is I leave for long weekend at lake with family in the morning. I feel a few naps coming on.
Lost 2lbs - yipee

07-27-2011, 08:44 PM
Good Afternoon Coaches:
Finally back at home. Scale rests at 4 pounds above ticker but that is not irreversible. Today has been OP. Spent all day working at school to get a heads up on things. I don't really have to be back for 2 weeks. I was analyzing results from state tests. I can say I really helped lots of kids in English. I lost a few (those who fell behind) but more went up than down. It is not perfect but it ain't bad - especially in 8th grade when everything seems tough. I put away my perfectionism. Take what I can and leave the rest. In between statistics and data is a year I spent with each kid that cannot be measured. Credit for remembering.

07-27-2011, 11:48 PM
Good Evening Everyone,
I had shut down the computer already then remembered I hadn't checked in yet. I had a great day today. Not perfect but stayed well within my range, was peaceful actually. I made a decision yesterday on a change of food plan. It is uncomplicated. Just have to hear back from the nutritionist I am writing to before I institute the change. Want to be sure it is a sound plan before I get moving.

OnebyOne, Are you doing the Power90 workouts, the Beachbody workouts? I started them last August with my son and just love them. I don't do the Yoga though. I alter that area and walk in place. My back just won't do the pretzel moves but a great workout.

Anotherchick, congrats on the 2 lbs. lost.

Pamatga, Amazing work in the kitchen. I am with you about making my foods taste better. Healthy food can taste good too. Not sure what you could use on couscous. Will get back to you with any ideas.

Welcome OVW girl.

BillBlueEyes, Glad you posted the chapter on sitting at the table and eating slowly. One of my worst problems. I tend to eat my meals walking around cooking, doing housework, talking on the phone. One area I need to get back and work at.

Shepherdess, Wondering if your picture is of Wyoming. It is beautiful. I love how the sky touches the ground. We had a cooler day yesterday mostly near 60. Storms later in the afternoon but we needed the rain.

Well, nice to be back. Time to go read my book before bed.


07-28-2011, 01:04 AM
Hi Coaches,

SuperChick - I learned a new word from you 'courgette'. We call them zucchini. How do you prepare them?

Yup, the garden is large. I space things out really well, plus there are some flowers mixed in. I think there are 15 tomato plants, maybe 8 pepper plants, etc. Salsa canning season will be here soon..... We try to eat most of the rest as it ripens, although I think I'll be canning beets this year as they are growing nicely.

I had to go to a meeting today, so I challenged myself to climb stairs to it. I did 5 flights up and felt like I recovered pretty quickly. Credit ! Hopefully that helps with the two slices of pizza I had for dinner ;/

All your activities make me think and build on my plans. Thanks for sharing!


Alana in Canada
07-28-2011, 01:51 AM
Hello my fellow coaches and Beck buddies.

I've really come to look forward to checking in with you all every day.

*credit* for a positive attitude today at the dentist's office. Being there is one of life's horrors to me. Found out--no surprise--that my periodontal disease is a lot worse and that I'll need four rounds of root planing. Pricey!

The last time this happened (8 years ago) I was totally demoralised by the whole thing. I was deeply ashamed of myself. I let myself fall into a "what's the use" attitude and basically stopped seeing the dentist entirely. (oops.) This time, the dr. says we can get it under control (I want an implant for a new tooth)--so I'm (finally) ready to step up to the plate and take care of this situation.

The current thinking, apparently, is that periodontal disease is an auto-immune thing--and a chronic condition for some people. In the past the attitude was "It's all the patient's fault." Obviously, I didn't do well with the latter message.

*credit* for spontaneous stair taking (still down and not up. Still, noticed it is getting easier to walk long distances, hooray.--I have horrible problems with my ankle joint and I really need to see someone about it)

*credit* for doing my planned exercise today. I was about to skip it but onebyone totally inspired me--so I sent the husband on an errand and delayed dinner a bit by putting the chicken on slow simmer and did a 20 minute One Mile walk with a Leslie Sansone video.

*credit* for daily weigh-in, making my plan (went off a bit, though I got right back on) and reading the Beck book today.

Woodland--wow, five flights! That's wonderful.

Gardening Deb--glad you booted back up! Glad your day was peaceful, food wise. That's great!

maryann--good for you for putting away your perfectionism!

anotherchick--hooray for naps! Hope you can get lots.

Shepherdess--glad things are cooler and the little one is calmer. I've been wondering is swaps are still 'on plan." __I think they are--it would just be too much on the side of perfectionism to say that because I had a nectarine instead of canteloupe that somehow, now, I was "off plan." I don't think Beck expects perfection either. (Though, I must say, my "no choice" card seems rather stern!)

onebyone--you are amazing! Those all sound like eminently sensible modifications--you should be proud of yourself! I am.

gadenerjoy--I'm glad you are right where you are in this journey. I hadn't thought that maintenance would be the same--yet that makes so much sense. Yet, I too think there ought to be a party! That at the end one should have unlimited cake and ice cream. But it cannot be that way. So, instead of cake and ice-cream can you take a trip? Buy something you've always wanted? Go to a concert? Something to celebrate that doesn't involve food? I'm thinking of what I might do once I reach goal.

Pamatga--hooray for the Turkey burgers! Maybe I can convince my family to give them a try. My husband loves pork sausage.

Billblueeyes--glad you went on that walk.

Superchick--you inspired me to watch 7pounds (with Will Smith) today. It was a good movie in spite of the ultra-romantic and idealistic premise. It was well done.

Lexxiss--credit indeed for being a workhorse!


07-28-2011, 06:07 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Cold poached salmon on the patio for dinner as part of an on plan eating day, CREDIT moi. Watermelon for evening snack - I just love watermelon.

onebyone - Yay for "achy" from a workout.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for, "Yay! We're done! Time to party!" I think that a part of me feels that so finds it easier to justify diversions.

Shepardess - Sleep does wonders for the brain. Perhaps DH found an excuse to come back to the house because he missed his DD.

Woodland - Feeling good about yourself from climbing five flights of stairs should help to make a meeting easier.

GardeningDeb – Kudos for tweaking your food plan in small steps. Yep, this sitting down to eat takes some effort to incorporate.

maryann - Kudos for putting your school year in perspective - and for reveling in the changes you make in young lives.

pamatga - I did better when I gave up the notion of finding foods that "tasted the same" but were healthy, and accepted the idea of liking healthy foods for themselves. We add mango and jalapeño pepper to our couscous - so yummy.

Alana in Canada - Ouch for periodontal disease, and Double Ouch for the feeling that it must be from bad flossing! Glad you mentioned that.

Becky (anotherchick) - Congrats on two pounds lost in eight hours of driving. Vacations are a good time to take naps.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
Study after study bears out the importance of these habits:
Research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania determined that diners consumed more overall food and calories when they sped up their eating pace and consumed fewer calories when they slowed down.. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 61.

07-28-2011, 11:25 AM
I'm having a crazy busy day today, ate my lunch 2 hours late, spent all morning in meetings and have an inbox full of emails to answer! I will try to check in later properly but so far so OP, having a rest day from the exercise today, managed to read some more beck last night, and shock horror, i bought some new scales! I'll write more about that later, when i have the time... hope all of you are well and feeling positive :goodvibes

07-28-2011, 12:26 PM
Food was OP yesterday, except for a snack that was larger than it needed to be. I’m saying “Oh well” to that. I just need to be more careful in the afternoons. Exercise didn’t happen yesterday. Missing one day is not a big deal, but I need to make sure I exercise today so it doesn’t become a pattern. Not sure how that’s going to happen. I already didn’t get my run in this AM. We had a long night last night and everyone slept through the alarm this AM. I need to remind myself that just because I can’t do my planned workout doesn’t mean I get to skip exercise.

Anotherchick, great job staying OP when you had an unexpected change in plans. Ouch for a late night/early morning. Hope you get a nap and enjoy your much needed R&R.

Maryann, yay for a manageable number on the scale after a vacation. Kudos for getting a jump on work and big congrats for being such a great teacher!

GardeningDeb, great job staying within your plan, even with a few imperfections. A simplified plan sounds good; hope you get the go-ahead from your nutritionist. Yes the picture is from WY. It’s one of my favorite places on our ranch in early June. I love WY in June!

Woodland, great job getting in some extra exercise. What a great reward that you recovered quickly. Love the idea of salsa canning season!

Alana in Canada, great job on a positive attitude at the dentist. It’s great to have a dr that makes a plan rather than blame the patient. Kudos for spontaneous stairs, planned exercise and weigh-in.

BillBE, cold poached salmon and watermelon sound like perfect summer foods. Yay for enjoying an OP day!

SuperChick, ouch for super busy day, but it sounds like you did an amazing job handling it. New scales sounds interesting.

07-28-2011, 03:15 PM
Hi Coaches

*credit for posting
*credit for weighing in (-0.9) = 281.5lbs
*credit for day 3 workout done
*credit for deciding on a foodplan for now

I just finished the 2nd round of doing the sculpt/weight workout. Same workout as day 1 but it felt harder today. I had a :devil: thought as I was starting to do the workout "OMG This is SO BORING! I'll never make it 90 days just doing this. OMG. SO BORING."

Well whatever. I did it anyway. I talked back to it :mad: with "Just do the thing and it'll be over and you can move on with your day. You're not getting out of it." And now that it's done I am sweaty :cp: I pushed myself :cp: and I just did it :cp:and am one day closer to accomplishing this workout program. :cp:

Today I am completing some funny paintings for the show tomorrow/this weekend. It's supposed to be raining as I set the booth up. That's a Big Drag let me tell you. I'll keep you posted as to the weekend's events.

BillBlueEyes Achey. I have very little experience with achey due to physical extertion. It alwasy feel wrong. How do you talk to yourself about it? BTW you did ask if it was Key West, Florida. The answer is a Happy YES!!

pamatga I haven't talked to the residence director yet but for sure there will be a public exhibition of my work and I am sure you could stop by and visit were you so inclined....

GardeningDeb So you are doing the P90 as well? Have you done the 90 days in a row? Did you follow his foodplan?

Better go. Much to still do. Sorry for not doing personals to everyone... forgive me! :wave:

Keep on truckin' Becksters...

07-28-2011, 04:44 PM
Afternoon Coaches:
Blue today. Maybe the end of summer, maybe just a low bio time. Don't know. Don't feel like doing anything but Credit: OP Breakfast and Lunch. Credit Zumba workout. Credit Making dinner for exhausted hubby who is spending every nite this week tending the walnuts. Credit: I will now spend one hour writing.
BBE: Watermelon is great when other people buy it and cut it up. I cannot get myself to do it.
Onebyone: Good for you for P90. It has always been so tempting on the ads.
superchick: Good luck with the battle of the email.
Shepardess: I remember the hurricane of newborn. The sleep was the hardest. In the first month exercise, for me,was strolls and deep breaths of fresh air.
Alana: credit for the spontaneous exercise. And I agree - posting here is always and event.
Woodland: When you can do you use a pressure cooker?

07-28-2011, 06:16 PM
Hi Coaches! Wow! It's the end of July. My sister arrives Monday morning. This was one of those weeks that I had to turn on the auto pilot, work as hard as I could, trust (and be grateful) that some of my dieting (maintaining) skills come naturally and enjoy the breaks when they come.

We're in the car, I've driven my half, and I'm enjoying life from the back seat with the pup. We're headed to my swimming hole on the Western Slope for the weekend.
Credits today:
~cleaning my mom's house instead of my own
~packing my Vita Mix for fresh green smoothies
~realizing I needed rest thus leaving my bike behind
~anticipating!!! 3 days of casual, healthful OP eating

This week has not been "planned and OP". I have not had formal exercise. I ate cookies that I wished I hadn't. I worked physically 8-10 hours a day and when I could make that "better choice" I did. Every little bit of mindfulness helps.

BillBlueEyes, I'm considering salmon and watermelon for dinner! Thx! I think I'll grill my fish.

SuperChick,*credit* for checking in during a busy busy busy! day.

Shepherdess,*credit* for remembering your exercise goals even when being sidetracked by being a new mom. :hug:

onebyone, *credit* for persisting through your exercise even when feeling bored. (BTW-lighter at night)

maryann, remembering, "This, too, shall pass." Nice credits while feeling blue! :hug:

:wave: to everyone else. I've gotten behind and the only thing I can do today is jump back into today's personals. I have 3 miles of internet before we head into our beautiful canyon (15 miles from home)

Thanks, everyone, for being here!

07-28-2011, 09:02 PM
Hi Coaches,

Hot today. Did my exercise routine but mostly laid low.

Maryann: nope, I boil the jars. It is a long project because I have to harvest, chop, cook, jar, and boil. But it is nice to work at home instead of somewhere else.

Here's to keeping energy up during the hot part of the year !


07-28-2011, 11:48 PM
Hi Everyone,
Just got back from the store. Was getting low on fresh fruit/veggies. Nothing keeps long lately not even in the fridge.

Onebyone, I started doing the Power90 about the beginning of August last year. My son and I were trying to shape up for my daughter's wedding. Worked very well for me. People were asking me at the wedding what I was doing because I looked better than they had seen me in many, many years. I think I was short a couple days of the 90 days. I stopped doing the workout for a bit but am trying to get moving on it again. I do love them.

Woodland, Great job getting your workout in even in the heat. My garden is doing super this year. Want to try using the new canner I got.

Pamatga, I was driving by the Golden arches craving one of their vanilla soft serve cones. No one was in line too. So I forced myself to drive right by. Ouch. But Yeah.

BillBlueEyes, Another good day. Did have a moment of lack of self control. Wasn't too damaging though. Just 6 almonds. I'm happy with the progress again today. Mostly sat when I ate too. Yeah.

Well, be back tomorrow.


Alana in Canada
07-29-2011, 01:15 AM
Hello coaches--

My giving in muscle was strengthened today, unfortunately. I just suddenly got very uncomfortable with the thought of becoming a different person.

Is that weird?

I mean, I want to take care of my health, I want to be slimmer, I want to be calmer--yet it is still change--and I'm feeling very apprehensive about it all of a sudden. So, I had an ice cream bar that was in the freezer. I wanted more. I felt the urge to EAT all day--I just wanted to stuff myself.

*credit* I read my "It's not OK" card--and I read over my advantages list. The feeling didn't go away--but I didn't go too crazy, I guess. I took a walk with dh when he asked me too. :)

Hey, I just realised something--I forgot to eat breakfast this morning! Maybe that's why the urge to eat this afternoon was so strong. I don't know. I still feel like eating a ton of off plan food--but I am, actually, physically full.


Do you have a preferred way to handle a craving?

Alana in Canada
07-29-2011, 01:35 AM
BillBlueEyes--I love salmon! Poaching seems like such a sane way to eat it, too. I find it hard to get the skin, off, though. Any tips?

Superchick--mega credit for staying OP through such a hectic day. Hooray for you!

Shepherdess I can't tell--are you upset with yourself for missing the excercise--or are you just missing the exercise? Whichever it is, remember to be kind to yourself during these incredibly strange days of new parenthood. :hug:

OnebyOne--hooray for just doing the workout anyway! I hope it didn't rain while you set up your booth and that the painting went well.

Maryann--sorry you're feeling blue. Hope your writing was restorative. What does your husband have to do with the walnuts?

Lexxiss--the swimming hole sounds like it's come along at just the right time for you! Hope you enjoy yourselves tremendously!

Woodland--here's to working at home! What are you canning? Do you do a lot of it every year?

Gardeningdeb--good for you for driving right by those golden arches! That's the way it gets done.

07-29-2011, 06:17 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did some painting which had more frustration than exercise. I'm not a very patient painter. Once I've demonstrated to myself how a small patch should look, I'm ready to do the next thing. CREDIT moi for a sane eating day until just before bed, when I took out my frustration by finishing the remainder of the pint of ice cream in the freezer from two weeks ago - OUCH. Food doesn't cure frustration! (Nor does it remove brush marks from dried paint, LOL.)

onebyone - Big Kudos for just pushing yourself; Yep, one day closer to your goal.

Shepardess - Ouch for a long night - may you find a moment for a nap. Kudos for accepting your snack and moving on.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kinda nice that your eating skills come naturally. LOL at the notion of [I]"3 miles of internet" left.

GardeningDeb – From my perspective, when almonds are off-plan, stopping at only six is a big deal; Kudos.

maryann - Yep, Kudos for Zumba workout when you don't feel so up. My thanks to your DH for taking care of those walnuts so I can continue to have some for my breakfast.

Woodland - Exercise when hot is worthy of Kudos.

SuperChick - Yay for new scales - to counter any Sabotaging Thoughts that the scale readings are the reason for drifting from the plan.

Alana in Canada - A walk with DH is the best kind of walk there is; Kudos. [hmmmm ... our poached salmon easily slides off the skin; maybe yours is super fresh or something.]

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
Study after study bears out the importance of these habits:
. . . . .. . . Researchers from Georgia State University and other institutions found that most people ate more when they were distracted by watching TV, talking to dining companions, or listening to music.. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 61.

07-29-2011, 06:27 AM
I love salmon! Poaching seems like such a sane way to eat it, too. I find it hard to get the skin, off, though. Any tips?

Poach it first and then the skin comes off easily. :)

07-29-2011, 06:34 AM
Happy Friday coaches! Things are hopefully going to be a bit less busy here today. I really missed not being able to properly check in yesterday and catch up with everyone. So, yesterday my eating was a bit all over the shop as I was super distracted. I stayed OP but ate way later than usual, and ended up getting home at 9pm without having eaten any dinner… I thought about it, realised I wasn’t that hungry so had some fruit and a cup of tea! Felt very odd for my mind not to be screaming at me ‘missing a meal time!!! Are you mad!!’ but I wasn’t hungry and didn’t want a massive meal right before bed time (I typically go to bed around 10 / 10:30 :lol:) so I did what felt right for me. It felt good to be listening to my body and following my own rules. :woohoo:

Credits: OP eating, todays meals planned, got up earlier this morning to do a strength work out, biked to work, pushed my boundaries slightly last night…

So, yesterday I took an unusual step (forward? / backward?) in that I bought myself a set of scales. I know I’ve mentioned on here before that I struggle slightly with the scale and can become obsessive with it but I was sick of paying to use the scales in the chemists every time I wanted to weigh in, and I want to challenge myself slightly – I feel that now I have you guys backing me up I can tackle it! :hug: My plan is to keep the scales in the loft and just try to use them in a sensible manner. The fact I have to unlock a door to get to them gives me the time to think before I get on them – to use becks techniques to prepare my for the number on the scale or rather the emotions that come with it. I’ll keep you all updated.

I started to panic today slightly (again) that I may not lose weight this week again, and what I would do if this happened, how I would tweak my plan… but I then realised I’m happy with the way I’m eating – I’m eating whole foods, preparing stuff from scratch, eating a small amount of good fats but basically treating my body well. I’m exercising, so I know that I just need to keep on trucking and doing what I’m doing and it will sort itself out in the long term… I may start measuring myself as well to track my progress.

Pam – I love couscous! It’s all about the method – the best way to do it is to put the dry grain into a bowl, cover it with boiling water (just covering the grain) give it a stir with a fork and then cover the bowl with a tea towel. Leave it for 5 or so minutes to absorb the water. Viola! Fluff it with a fork before serving. You’ll soon get an idea for how much water, but I usually do it by eye. You can always check half way through – if the water’s gone add a little more but ideally you don’t want any left when it’s ready to serve. My go to add-ins for couscous are – vegetable stock cube or loose stock, sometimes a little soy sauce, cumin / cayenne pepper, coriander (dry or fresh). I mix the dry ingredients into the dry grain before I add the liquid.

Onebyone – good job on the new exercise regime – sounds hard but I love the achy feeling after a tough work out :) I also love the feeling of completing something (be it a run or class) that you didn’t think you’d be able to do – be proud of yourself!

Woodland – that made me laugh, I totally forget I probably use words / phrase that aren’t common in the US! Just give me a shout if I start talking gibberish :D I love roast courgette, but I also like them in ribbons (with a potato peeler) then dry fried and put in pasta or on a salad.

Alana – Ouch! Dentistry sounds painful. I have my fingers crossed it’s not too bad. It’s not surprising you’re uncomfortable with the changes going on. If you were not, do you not think you would have done this years ago? The fear of change is what will hold you were you are. You are a strong person – you are really challenging yourself with this, and as a fellow newbie, it’s inspiring to see. You’re challenging your sabotaging thoughts and not give giving to them – that is such a massive step. Have you got to the anti-craving techniques in the book yet? They are very helpful. Stay strong, you’re doing a really good job :strong:

Debbie – credit for having such a sane attitude on what sounds like a not very straight forward week.

Maryann – keep smiling – tomorrow is a new day.

Shepherdess – you are doing so well with a newborn – I would not worry too much if a couple of workouts fall by the wayside.

BBE – painting is a pain in the proverbial. I do not know how anyone can do it for living! I always start really excited by the change about to happen, and then 2 coats later when your arm’s about to drop off and you’ve managed to drip the wrong coloured paint onto the other coloured wall… argh! Good luck to you. I’m having salmon (hot) for my tea tonight, yummer! I only wish it was hot enough here to eat outside.

07-29-2011, 07:51 AM
Hello Silverbirch :wave:, i hope you are well?

07-29-2011, 09:22 AM
Super - I'm not bad, thank you. Very busy indeed with too many competing pressures (work, the economy, school holidays, families, building work, taking up running again, the garden, need for lots of sleep and so on). Food isn't bad and exercise is getting better now the physio has cleared me for running again. I'll be a regular at the gymn again when the schools go back here in September.

NB One thing you'll be sorry to hear we haven't done this year yet, but did last year is body-boarding. Time yet, though.

Must return to this report which I am keen to finish by the end of August. It's been around in my life too long and we just have to split up soon. :)

07-29-2011, 09:46 AM
Silverbirch - do you live near the beach? I'm sure you'll get body boarding yet - the great british summer is yet to start! or has it been? ;) I love Wales - my boyfriend is Welsh and i went to university in north wales for 4 years... i'd love to live there! Unfortunately not many jobs in my field :(

07-29-2011, 10:48 AM
Super - near enough. Benllech for quiet easy stuff though the DB is keen on Trearddur Bay for kayaking etc. The Llyn for bigger stuff. What's your field? I'm guessing oil or fish.

Thanks for your post. It made me eat my afternoon snack early (hard-boiled egg and apple) rather than looking in my partner's drawer for a Crunchie (which I do not even like - especially not the picking it out of my teeth bit).

07-29-2011, 11:17 AM
Aha, Ynys Mon? I went to university in Bangor! I absolutely loved it. I used to surf on the Llyn and also at Rhosneigr and broad beach / cable bay. Seems like a long time ago now!

Glad to hear i've distracted you from a crunchie - they're not my favourite either. not enough chocolate :lol: I'd better get back to work also, but it's Friday afternoon so my brain is slowly turning to mush anyway...

07-29-2011, 01:04 PM
Hi Coaches

It' almost noon and I have to be on my way by 12:30 so I have a bit of time to check in.

*credit for weighing in(+0.5)= 282.0 = official weigh-in weight for the week.

Well coaches, I can tell you I am eating offplan foods at dinner and I am eating past full and I am eating late. So, since I strated my exercsie program this is what I've done but I'm not worried. It's just a reaction to the New Exercise Thing. I have a self-given grace period of a week to get things under control. I'm just not going to over-react and beat myself up over the food since the addtion of the exercsie is so great. I NEED to move my body. Whatever my weight is, I need to strive for fitness for my heart, lungs and all bodily parts. This trumps that for this week.

It's VERY humid here and I am dreading setting up my booth in the park. I have no lightweight summery cothes to speak of whcih means I will be drenched in sweat just unloading the car and getting it to the site. DH is not there to help me; I am on my own. I am hoping some kind soul will give me a hand. And if not, I will just slowly persevere.

I tried to do the Sweat tape this morning but my legs would not cooperate. They just didn't want to move and they hurt. My whole body aches actually. So I've decided to put it off until I get home. Maybe I will be able to do it then after I've been out and about all day. I was surprised at how sore and worn out I am from it though. It really is a workout. I am trying to be okay with missing a day. I *don't* feel it's ok but then again I really don't want an injury or be so worn out I can't deal with my booth. Do you guys think a missed workout is a crisis? I have no perspective on this. Help!

Better go. It really is time to pack it up. Boy, I sure hope I $ something. the show is only $25 for me as I am a participating park artist. I sure hope I can make that $25 back... sometimes, you don't.

Bye for now :hug:

Alana in Canada
07-29-2011, 01:56 PM
Onebyone--it will be OK to miss one day. Honest. Just don't miss two. (That would be dangerous for me.) Alternatively, if you are still feeling shakey, do a Sansone walk when you get home instead of P90. It is still exercise, right? If you can, maybe do the workout 4 days a week instead of 6. You're still doing the program--it's just going to take a bit longer. Whatever works for you.

A grace week sounds very sensible. Tackle one thing--how about not eating past barely full--or whatever.

Hello Silverbirch! Poach it first and then the skin comes off easily.
Ahhh--there's the key! Should you always cook the fish before you remove the skin? Has that been my problem?

I visited Wales for a few days on my way to Ireland from England many years ago. (Took the ferry from Bangor.) What an absolutely beautiful part of the world you live in! I always meant to come back and go hiking in those hills. (Or should I call them mountains? ;))

Superchick--well done on listening to your body and not your head! :cp:
It sounds like you have a good plan for managing your difficulties with the scale. I'm crossing my fingers it works out for you.

BillBlueEyes--sorry to hear about your painting woes. Ouch for finishing off the pint. I hope there wasn't too much left. (Around here, I've been known to open the ice cream and find less than a spoonful left!)

07-29-2011, 04:14 PM
Good Afternoon Coaches,
Finished OP last nite and feel better today (exhale Whew!!!) OP today. I am starting a pantry challenge which means I will use up everything in the pantry and freezer before I restock. It is great for keeping on budget and advanced planning. You can get really creative. Two lunches in a row have been split pea soup with Canadian Bacon that I froze months ago. Tasty still. Last nite I served some frozen cooked pit beef. I added BBQ sauce and some frozen corn bread. A feast. The only thing I need to buy is fresh fruits and veggies and milk.
Gardening Deb: I just bought those "As Seen On TV" produce containers. Allegedly they will keep produce longer. We'll see.
BBE: I hate those do it yourself projects because I am such a perfectionist.
Alana: My best technique for cravings is to look at the clock and tell myself - I bet I don't want it in 30 mins and then check the clock again later. I usually don't want it then.
Woodland: I have preserved pear butter but now I need to revise my canning because my recipe has so much sugar in it.
Superchick and Silverbirch: Your killing me with the body surfing and surfing. I grew up in Malibu, Ca.My brothers have always been surfers and I used to body surf. Even though I still love the ocean I am too much of a scaredy cat to body surf anymore. I listen to you both wistfully.
Lexxiss: Glad that a little R and R is coming your way via swimming hole.
onebyone: good luck at the art show.

07-29-2011, 07:39 PM
Here I had thought that I had posted yesterday but I must have "forgotten". I went back and read to my last post so I am "caught up" with what all is going on with all of you.

Superchick, maryann and silverbirch I'm not a surfer and I am terrified of water over my head. I had a near death experience when I was 8 and when I go into water now, I make sure that I am no deeper than shoulders. However, I do plan on taking swimming lessons again to get over my fear of drowning since I did and was revived.
onebyone I do feel for you about being in clothes not weather appropriate. That was one of the first things I did about 12 years ago. After always wearing long thick denim jeans, I began wearing shorts and a long t-shirt thereafter and I have never returned to being uncomfortably dressed in hot weather. As for exercising, everyone's body reacts to it differently. I am one of the few whose appetite is suppressed by exercising but I realize that is not the case with everyone.

As for missing a day, well, you will soon learn to listen to your body and do what you can do. I have been moderately active the majority of my life and I have learned to listen to my body. I have also worked around injuries and know quite a bit about that as well. As for calories, because of my metabolism I can eat around 2300-2600 calories a day and lose 1 lb a week. I have a faster than average metabolism and I also have 2-3 BMs per day (not diarhea either). I eat a lot of fiber, averaging 45-50 grams per day.

Last summer for 8 weeks I followed a much stricter calorie limit of 1500 calories and I was losing 5 lbs a week. I lost 50 lbs during that time. However, I sat on the edge of my seat at night and I was so hungry my stomach had sharp pains(stemming from a two decade old ulcer from taking so many pain pills since then).

Today, I have made a decision to focus more on eating healthy foods, feeding my body for physical not emotional hunger and getting in as much activity as my body will allow me. Gardenerjoy--thank you very much for sharing that information. Your experience confirms for me that I believe I have finally found what works for me. I do not expect that my food plan will change at all from here on in, except learning new recipes to go with the ones I have already have/adapted. If I want cake and ice cream today, it will be what I have allowed into my home: no sugar, low fat and/or vegan. I have found the ones that pass my "taste test". As for cake, there are just so many wonderful ways to make a healthy cake, I now can say, "I have my cake and I eat it too."

On occasion, I do have McDonald's and let me tell you, their menu is changing so much I had to ask where some of their old items were located! I also have pizza but I make a whole wheat version and have lots of good delicious roasted vegetables on it. My "On Plan" is a hybrid. The reason being is I want to take the "wickedness" out of eating and enjoy it for what it is. Delicious treasures to nurture and sustain my body.

BBE I am a recovering perfectionist. I love to decorate and today I painted two items on my front porch. Did I stay in the lines? I got paint up my nose and all over my top but I enjoyed being outdoors looking at the birds in the trees so who cares?? Certainly not worth eating ice cream over it. Quit beating yourself up over things that won't matter in a year. Put a chair in front of it, if it really bothers me. Eat the ice cream simply because it was so good to taste not because it was going to fix any "problem" (real or imagined). Then, my friend, you've won the battle with your weight today and forever.:hug:


07-29-2011, 11:38 PM
Credit to me...I hosted a scrapbooking retreat at a bed and breakfast over the weekend and have no control over recipes or menus. I am on WW, so I used portion control, skipped dessert, took fruit and popcorn and lost 2.4 pounds yesterday

07-30-2011, 06:19 AM
Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was pretty sane, foodwise, although without a formal plan. Exercise was water aerobics at the pool and spontaneous exercise was parking once then walking to my scheduled stops at the mall instead of driving to each. *credit*

I'm trying to take advantage of some quieter days and am studying up for a water yoga class I'll teach (for the first time) in August. It's exciting because I credit this class for much of the mindset I have developed which has kept me on track with my WL for such a long time. We always state an "intention" at the beginning of class. My joyful moment after 6 years was the day my intention shifted from "I want to get healthy" to " I want to stay healthy". *credit* for persistence.

Again...I'll work through personals as I can.

BillBlueEyes, *credit* for OP eating until the evening. Every little bit helps. Ouch for the ice cream but thx for the reminder that food does not fix frustration. BTW-My painting has lots of exercise involved and you're welcome to join in any time. :lol:

onebyone, :goodluck: with your event. Re: exercise, perhaps you could do some simple stretching or WATP on a day when you're too sore. I agree with BBE, sore means progress and fresh movement will cure the old sore and bring some new sore. It's all about progress.

silverbirch, *credit* it sounds like you're managing food and exercise quite well as you negotiate all the competing pressures.

maryann, *credit* for OP eating and a plan for the pantry. I enjoy the pantry challenge, too, and have recently been digging a little deeper.

pamatga, you said, "Today, I have made a decision to focus more on eating healthy foods, feeding my body for physical not emotional hunger and getting in as much activity as my body will allow me." Now that is a recipe for success! *credit*

SuperChick, I have neglected to mention that it took me more than a week to break the 200/199 barrier. I don't know why...perhaps it is a time when we solidify our commitment regardless of the numerical information. *credit* for persistence and for listening to your body and following your own rules, especially when you weren't hungry.

Alana(inCanada), I appreciated your discussing your personal discomfort regarding your inner apprehensiveness regarding WL and the resulting urge to eat. I feel it, too, and am at a loss to understand. Regarding handling a craving, I really like the Beck statement, "I can eat this or I can be thinner but I can't have it both ways." I then acknowledge that I do "want to be thinner." It usually works if I am willing to try.

lukesmom, :wave: *credit* for using the perimeters of your food plan and making it work with menus and recipes you had no control over.

GardeningDeb, *credit* for stopping at 6 almonds!

Woodland, stay cool and *credit* for getting your exercise in.

07-30-2011, 07:56 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Best food day in a while, CREDIT moi, because dinner was gazpacho which, by the WW notion that veggies have no points, was zero calories, LOL. More painting to do today, Ugh.

onebyone - Ouch for not having lightweight summer clothes handy for your fair today. May the buying customers arrive in droves.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yes, Kudos for persistence. Such a happy thought, intention shifted from "I want to get healthy" to " I want to stay healthy". And Kudos for teaching a water yoga class - what a great way to stay motivated.

sliverbirch – Kudos for hard-boiled egg and apple rather than stealing a Crunchie, despite losing the joyful taste of a stolen one. (per Yevtushenko - Stolen Apples (

maryann - Neat idea that "pantry challenge" thing. DW did a similar purge recently and found unspeakable stuff behind everything else. Most of our challenge went straight to the compost bin worms.

pamatga - Sounds like a sustainable plan to me, "Delicious treasures to nurture and sustain my body."

SuperChick - Kudos for skipping a meal - just because you weren't hungry. I've rarely done that. Such a pleasure to read, "basically treating my body well." Should there happen to be any non-Welch readers here, Ynys Môn is the Welch name for The Isle of Anglesey in Wales.

Alana in Canada - LOL at the thought of only a spoonful of ice cream left in a pint - I wish they came that way.

lukesmom - Great demo on how to respond to eating situations where we can't control what's offered - but can control what we consume. Kudos.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
Study after study bears out the importance of these habits:
. . . . .. . . A university of Toronto study found that students consumed more pasta if they nibbled while standing rather than while sitting at a table.. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 61.

07-30-2011, 11:11 AM
Hi Coaches

I am so exhausted right now, and so worried, in advance, of how physically grueling it will be out there today in the heat and the humidity that I have a fear of exercising and "using up my energy". I know I am not going to do it today.

When I came home yesterday afternoon it was as if all my muscles were "seized". Everywhere I hurt so I just rested. My big body is just hard to move in this heat. It makes me want to hide.

And so, feeling like this, we ordered pizza and I ate an entire medium pizza. I considered stopping at slice three, then kept on eating.

*credit for weighing in this morning (+0.9lbs) = 282.9lbs

So off to the show today at around 12:30. I am there until 9pm. I'm not very hopeful saleswise for the show. We are in a separate fenced off area of the park. This is never good. We'll see. I paint on site from 5-7. I sure hope I am able to do it. I'll bring a choice of material to work from with me.

Better go. Enjoy your Saturday Becksters.

07-30-2011, 11:47 AM
DH is off to do Saturday a.m."errands" so I have some "me time" before he returns and I have him start painting the trim up near the ceiling. I used to do this two years ago but I can not climb ladders any more so it is his turn. Bill, no one and I do mean no one complains more about doing these kinds of things (things which I so happen to love and can no longer do)than my sweet Paul. He absolutely hates painting! I "get" the sacrifice on his part and I plan to "reward" him accordingly later tonight.;) (old country saying" you can kill more flies with sugar than you can with vinegar):D

Wow, everyone here, such awesome "personals" yesterday. I am just blown away at how everyone has met their own personal challenges so fantastically.

lukesmom - Are you new here or have I just missed you before? If so, :welcome2: :congrat: to the "perfect storm" in your situation. You had no control over the circumstances and yet you navigated through it beautifully. This is when all of the planets are aligned in perfect unison. I swear. Major big credit your way!:carrot::broc:

Alana in Canada - I so admire your courage in facing the dentist. I have such a fear of the dentist. It didn't help that my family dentist (when I was a child) slapped me once for fidgeting. Can you imagine that happening today without lawsuits, media coverage and a book deal, all rolled into one?? I need to have another crown and I just am dragging my heels on it. Besides, the expense, it just sucks to sit in a chair perfectly still for over an hour--maybe even, two hours. God bless you for facing the music on this one. My heart and prayers go your way!:hug:

SuperChick - Major credit for skipping meals. I eat for physical hunger these days and it works best for me. I am still trying to wrap my head though around the amount of calories I can consume at one sitting when I turn around and log it on my BLC food log but it is working for me. I realize the experts say 4-6 meals a day but it doesn't work for me either. Recently, I have eaten one meal and one snack and I have felt perfectly fine with that. A Big Ol' Yea for you in facing your hunger and turning the light on this Boogie Man. Hunger is only a big deal when we make it a big deal. Of course, you knew that all along. Thanks for sharing!!:carrot:

maryann - Major Credit for you!!I have a standing "ritual" in my household where I "declare"(yes, I really do make a verbal announcement!) that "today" (whatever day that might be) is the "fridge clean out day". What that means is that we pull all of the foods that get pushed to the back and we eat them. Yes, it makes for some interesting meals sometimes but I am passionate about both keeping leftovers to a minimum by making only 1-2 servings per person when I cook and being creative in using what ends up as leftovers. (P.S. this is where using leftover vegetables works for breakfast, see below)

I am especially proud of the fact that as a result of this being an ongoing "habit" we only end up throwing out $5 worth of food each month. I heard recently that the National Average is $600+ each year. Ours is 1/10th of that National Average. I just feel that as long as there is hunger in this world we should be especially thankful and be good stewards of what we have been blessed with. (my soapbox:^:)

silverbirch – Major Credit for the snack choice. My new favorite is baby carrots, low fat ranch dressing drizzled onto them, popcorn and red grapes. Lots of crunch factor going on and combo of sweet and salty. Yes, "stolen apples" are always the sweetest except when you snatch them before they are ripe. You "run" but not from someone, "to" something.;)
Lexxiss - Love, love your attitude, my friend! As I told my DH this a.m., there comes a time when our motivation changes from "vanity to sanity". OA saying "We came for the vanity and stayed for the sanity". Why eat so unhealthy when you have other and better choices? Healhty eating is no more about eating rice cakes and heads of lettuce!(remember those days, anyone? OY!) How far we have all come!! :carrot:

onebyone - I just wished I lived closer to you. I would have you "shop" in my closet so you would be "weather worthy" for your cash customers. Here is to cooler months ahead and lots of $$$ for your work. You so deserve this!!:hug: One word about the heat: HYDRATE! Crossing fingers on good turnout for your show.

Okay this is my next step:

I have completed the 8 week treat your own knee self-physical therapy program. I would say that it has been a success. No I am not able to tap dance as I once did but the pain has gone down to a quiet pout so I am ready to resume a more vigorous aerobic workout.

So, yesterday, I did some tweaking of my general work out space, got my dvds dusted off and in the order of "easiest to most challenging" and I am beginning on Monday.

This weekend I am going to do some furniture rearranging between my aforementioned "home office" and our bedroom so I will do a different kind of sweating; all so I can do the interval training without needing to stop to find the next weight, rope, mat or whatever.

Today's breakfast was: (thanks for the suggestion, Alana (?), for the frittata idea: had a whole egg with chopped spinach fritatta with garlic and herb feta cheese crumbles, two bean muffins (heavenly!), mandarin orange sections and my newly concocted "pork" (aka seasoned turkey burger) sausages. I am set for the rest of the day!! Fuel to move furniture.

P.S. thanks again for the couscous ideas. As I mentioned above, I think I am going to add some of those leftover beans in with that, add some fresh herbs and see what comes of it.

Have a great Saturday!:carrot:

07-30-2011, 01:37 PM
Pamatga: I heard the statistic, too, of all the waste. It really makes me feel "balanced" to know we waste so little. I also think I free myself from picking "the perfect dinner" because I know I am eating leftovers. And it is fine because it is "just another meal." This stops my obsessiveness.
BBE: Congrats on Gazpacho. Doesn't it feel good to eat something that in the past you would have considered only half a meal?
Lexxiss: Teaching the class is a big step. How exciting.
onebyone: I am keeping you in my thoughts today.
lukesmom: Welcome.

OP yesterday. I love puttering around the house with an easy plan for food. Yoga/pilates in an hour. Step class yesterday. Today's plan is to write four pages. I can't figure out exactly what my main character wants. He is a middle age teacher who opens the story drinking vodka ten mins before the bell. I am thinking he just wants comfort or escape. Hmmmm. Who does that sound like?

Alana in Canada
07-30-2011, 03:15 PM
My holiday without the kids is coming to a close. My daughter will be home tomorrow night. I really wish I could have more time alone--and I am ready for them to come home.

I homeschool my son, so I spent yesterday getting ready for next year. Have to do more of that today--essentially, I need to go through a two day video conference on teaching literature according to the Socratic method. Also reading Mortimer Adler on "How to Read a Book." So far, it is a delight.

Skipped exercise yesterday. That's two days. That means today I must, no excuses. Yesterday, I went "off plan" for a chocolate bar and, later, a skinny cow ice-cream bar (100 calories). Then, I had some raspberries. The raspberries did not taste as sweet as they had the day before. I actually felt as if I'd lost something, if that makes any sense. How quickly our tastebuds "adapt" to super sweet industrial food! I really would rather taste my raspberries.

Maryanne--good luck with your protagonist. May he take just enough pages to find his comfort--or not. ;)

I've found that having my food plan is overwhelmingly helpful for eating up the veggies and fruit before they go bad. We had a left-over night Thursday and it was fun, actually.

pamatga--hooray for interval training of the moving furniture kind. I'm building a collage of objects--painting, drawings, plates, etc. over my couch--not a lot of moving!

onebyone--oh, I hope you make some sales from your show--and if not sales, then contacts for later sales! I can picture you in that heat and humidity--:hug: Can you go for a swim?

BIllBlueEyes--gazpacho sounds good--especially on a hot day. Hope the painting went well. I need to persuade dh to get up on the tall ladder tomorrow and paint some window trim on the house. There's just one window left to do on the south facade.

Lexxiss-congrats on the mall waliing. I find the floors in a mall very unforgiving to my knees and back. It's excruciating to walk for any length of time in a mall--and the food is far too tempting! I avoid them as much as I can.

lukesmom--Hi! What Beck strategy do you find you rely upon the most?

I'll check in later if I can. Have a great day/evening all!

07-31-2011, 06:59 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Finished an onerous chore, CREDIT moi, that involved scrubbing with TSP - a vicious product that cleans anything. The parts of a house that aren't visible collect unspeakable grime over thirty years.

Exercise was walking (CREDIT moi) to dinner at a Thai place where I had a yummy pork and snow peas dish and left some brown rice on my plate. CREDIT moi for getting better at leaving food at a restaurant - a particularly challenging task for me.

onebyone - Hoping that sales happened. Ouch for the pizza business. The only way that makes stopping easy for me is to put the portion to be saved in the fridge before I start. Extra food sitting in front of me is always difficult.

maryann - Yay for an easy food plan - may all your days be such. My take is that your character does the vodka to support his delusion that he is a special noble person for resisting the advances of his students - confusing their giggles at his bumbling persona for affection. He keeps his job only because he maintains an extraordinary ability to bring out his students to writing fiction.

His life has drifted into delusions that become increasingly difficult to support without the assistance of vodka. His marriage hasn't recently improved due to his vodka-fueled charms, as he believes, based on the evidence that his wife no longer nags him. She no longer nags him because she's discovered that she loves being alone - wonders why she ever married or had kids. Nor does the dean have a crush on him but he bakes brownies for the faculty lounge with perfect walnut halves - never a broken piece. All the teachers know they are Alice B. Toklis brownies; that's never mentioned - all discussion is about the perfect walnut halves, how much they'd all miss that.

pamatga - Kudos for completing your eight week goal for physical therapy on your knee, as well as Kudos for rearranging your physical world so that workouts are more convenient. Yep, testosterone supports whining about chores, LOL.

Alana in Canada - I do know that conflict - ready for them to come home while still wishing for the private time. I absolutely loved Mortimer Adler, How to Read a Book. Wish I had read it before college.

Readers - chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite
Study after study bears out the importance of these habits:
. . . . .. . . Research on thousands of Japanese office workers showed that fast eaters ate more calories than slow eaters, tended to gain more weight, and were more likely to have insulin resistance (a precursor to diabetes).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 61.

07-31-2011, 10:09 AM
Hello Coaches

I'm on DH's machine as m,y little netbook has been OWNED by some stupid malware crud. It won't let me log into Firefox or even internet explorer. it just (foolish thing) wants me to run a clean up program. Hello? Soon you will be whisked out of my cpu innards by a giant hand you, you malevolent worm you.

But never mind that. I am here.

I painted my painting on site yesterday. I do another today. Really not sure what to paint today. I may try to find an astronaut for myself to do. It doesn't matter what I paint as nothing is selling anyway so I may as well please myself.

I am making connections by the boatload. My life-long luck with meeting the right people at the right time continues. I was invited to be a guest artist on a studio tour the weekend before my local studio tour. There are three other artists here and they are a solid team, very actively trying to promote art in the community. This is good. I was introduced to the farmer's market manager who never even answered my email. She now says she will make sure I am accepted at the market and I can start in September. SO I'll be there Sept/Oct and then, I am sure, they have a xmas market as well so that was lucky for me as well.

Food was erratic. I started with a good breakfast, oh yes, I had a real lunch but dinnertime just fell apart.

And yes it was very hot and humid out there. More than one person was worried about how red I was but I turn red at the drop of a hat. It's this Northern Climes heritage of mine. I don't tan, I burn, and I go red fast!

Anyway, one more day. And then it's over.

*credit for weigh-in today (-0.7) = 282.2lbs

Bye for now.

07-31-2011, 10:10 AM
Hi Coaches!

I'm running a tad late this morning, but wanted to check in. Emotions are heating up here as we prepare to travel tomorrow morning to p/u my sis. Once she shows, my mom ignores us, especially DH, and he's more than a bit agitated. I found myself running towards the diving board more than ready to take a big dive into the realm of unplanned and purposely uncontrolled eating....seeking big time comfort.
Credit for using my Beck skills to stop the destructive sabotaging thought process and return to sane thinking. Instead of heading out for some sort of private eating experience, I made a plan.
I could prepare something enjoyable, yet healthy.
I went to the store for:
~our favorite tortillas
~a can of organic pinto beans
~a nice blend of cheeses
~our NSA Vanilla ice cream
I stopped at our fav Mexican restaurant for the best homemade salsa.
Dinner was healthy quesadillas and I went very light on the cheese.
Dessert was NSA VIC with fresh raspberries.

Back later for personals. I'm very grateful today for averting a binge with a healthy option. My body thanks me, too.

Alana in Canada
07-31-2011, 02:05 PM
Good morning coaches!

I had a nice walk with my husband and the dog last night. We left it a bit late--so, when the hound allowed, we were brisk so we could outpace the skeeters.

The scale rewarded me with an overall 1/2 lb loss since last week. It's so weird. The scale had been above 247 all week--today it takes a dive to 246.2. I'll take it--but I don't deserve it. I had thought os jumping in the car and going in search of potato chips last night--it was awful.

I didn't feel like cooking, so we went to a lovely upscale deli/supermarket here and got greek salad, chicken breasts and a lovely lamb and vegetable pie for today. It was very, very expensive, though. Much more expensive than out stanby of store-brand frozen "gourmet" pizza. I need to come up with better "no cook" options.

We eat at home every single night of the week. Usually, once a week I'm fed up with cooking--so we pick up something from the grocery store and bring it home. There's always a hot rotisserie chicken--but I get pretty fed up with Chicken, too.

Lexxiss--I am so proud of you for handling the food separately from the issue with your Mom. Family can be so difficult, unfortunately. I'm so sorry.

Onebyone--hooray for connections! Let's hope today is a better day for selling things. Be good to yourself.

Billblueeyes--you eat the yummiest sounding food! I love TSP--even though it is horrid to the environment.

All the best, my fellow beckies. Have a great day!

07-31-2011, 07:50 PM
Hi Coaches!

Another sane food day! I used my Beck skills after church saying No CHOICE to any snack but watermelon..worked through a sane lunch then gave a big stare at the spatula after spooning my moms BD cake into the pan. After a long went in the sink with the pan. *credit* Exercise at the pool, included my friend evaluating my guided meditation....all in all good...just a couple of tweaks needed. *credit* for taking on this new challenge. Travel big time tomorrow...all the way to Denver Intl. Lunch will be at Whole Foods (easy) then a healthy BD dinner...even the cake is pretty decent.

BillBlueEyes, yay for finishing that TSP project...I've never encountered it...sounds nasty. Credit for getting better at leaving food at the restaurant, especially since you find that task particularly challenging.

onebyone, great that you made a bunch of new connections...sometimes better than an actual sale. I liked BBE's suggestion re:pizza, etc. I have put that in my to go box. It seems very you have any other ideas? I put take out pizza on my NO CHOICE list and stopped cold turkey. It forced me to come up with a healthier option. For me, it came down to a gut level knowledge that I would not lose weight as long as I continued to eat certain things. (I can eat this or be thinner but I can't have both)

Pam(atga), love that "vanity to sanity"! Thx! I add congrats to your completing your 8 wk program! Great that you're rearranging! We did that, too!

maryann, we waste very little, too. Yay for a weekend plan and the start of a plot…

Alana(inCanada), regarding your WL this week, contrary to your opinion of not deserving it...give yourself credit! You lost 1/2 a must have done something to facilitate that!

07-31-2011, 10:05 PM
Evening Diet Coaches,
Sauteeing zucchini and waiting for my baked ziti (pantry and freezer challenge) to come out of oven. I am really making a dent in things.
OP today and I feel terrific about my food. The one habit I will try and break this very moment is eating standing up. GRRRRRR. I still am doing it.

BBE: You are killing me with the main character- very creative, very Russian in his isolation illusion mixed in with a little 60's psychodelic mayhem. Hmmmm. You need to apply to Goddard. PSThe principal is actually Bush believer and in the end documents him out. I wanted this short to become a full fledged mystery but my advisor wants me to keeo to short for now.
Alana: Totally understand you desire for alone and your desire for kid.
Makes perfect sense.
Lexxiss: Love the diving board analogy. Boy do I know that feeling "Poised to dive in a vat of melted Rees's peanut butter cups. Credit for seeing the danger.
onebyone: Always a good idea to " art for your own fulfillment."

08-01-2011, 12:03 AM
Hi Coaches,

I was reading another book about dieting strategies, and came away with an idea I played with today. It suggested that since much of what we do is left brain (calculating things, planning things), that sometimes it is a good idea to focus on more right brain aspects of healthier living.

My favorite activity of this kind is trying on clothes, and reviewing pictures of my weight loss journey. I inserted a few pictures into my spreadsheet that holds my data, and planned a time to try on clothes. Sometimes I try on my own, and sometimes I go to a department store and just try stuff, not really planning to buy.

Has anyone else got ideas that exercise the creative/visual part of the brain in this journey of healthy living?


08-01-2011, 01:08 AM
That's interesting, Woodland. I have wondered if I'm the only one that spends a half hour trying on clothes every once in a while. I NEVER did that before losing. But now it's kinda fun. I guess part of it is just trying to retrain my brain to see how big I really am now.

Do you knit or sew? I do both, and if you don't do either but you'd like to experiment a bit, I'd suggest sewing just because you can see your results so much faster (creating a garment in, say, a day or two, as compared to a month or several months for knitting). So far I have done a little sewing to accommodate my weight loss, but I have done a ton of drooling over patterns, looking for inspiration online, and picking out fabrics. At this point in my journey, I actually like my fat clothes quite a lot. I tend to go for big drapey things no matter what my size. So, I'm actually contemplating making a whole 'nother round of clothing in the same size for my new smaller self -- but with smaller waist elastic, etc. At any rate, though, it is a really fun endeavor while losing weight! I used to just feel depressed about sewing for myself, but now I'm so excited about it!

08-01-2011, 06:18 AM
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