Chicks up for a Challenge - Autumn Beauties July Daily Check In - Everyone is Welcome to Join

06-30-2011, 10:46 AM
July is here. Where did the first 6 months of the year go?

Everyone is welcome to jump right in with your goals for the month of July. Let's set our goals and work really hard to reach them.

July's Challenge:

1. Set a simple weight loss goal for the month of July ~ if you don't feel comfortable setting a weight loss goal, feel free to set a different weight-loss/eating goal (i.e. I will stay at or below 1800 calories every day, etc.)
2. Set a goal of how many days you’d like to work-out in July.
3. Set a goal of how many days you’re going to VISIT THIS THREAD and check in with us. This is important and a great way to stay on track.
4. Anything else you’d like to track here for the month, please do so!

Bonuses (Should You Choose To Accept Them…)
On the days that you don't exercise:
•Pick 2 or 3 songs and just dance around to them. Your heart rate will be up and jumping for 10 minutes and you'll feel great (who doesn't like to burn off some energy/steam through dancing?!), or

•Park a little farther away from anywhere you go on that day (work, store, etc), or

•While you're watching TV why not pick up your hand weights and work those arm muscles.


06-30-2011, 10:51 AM
My Goals for June are:

1. Stick to eating right and watch the sodium
2. Do The FIRM DVDs and Walk at least 5 times per week
3. Post here daily
4. Try more recipes
5. Limit sugar and refined Carbs. Stick to whole grains
5. Stay on track every single weekend in the month

06-30-2011, 10:58 AM
Yay!! Thanks for starting this thread!! July means summer, heat, sweat, sunshine, shorts and tank tops. Let’s do our best to get fit and drop some poundage, people!! :) (oh, and I like the bonus challenge of using hand weights while watching TV...good one!)

My July goals:

1) Get to the elusive GW is 165, so I am going to try my best to hit it by July 31st.
2) Work out at least 4 times a week (cardio for at least 30-45 minutes)
3) I will stop by to say hello daily!

Good luck to everyone!! We can do this!! :carrot:

06-30-2011, 11:00 AM
Morning all!

1. stick to my new eating plan
2. Focus on cardio
3. visit and post foods daily

There may be more later, LOL. I keep a food/exercise journal and Tomorrow I get to start a new one for the next 6 months! The old one wasn't made well and the pages stuck together and were hard to turn so I"m happy to be done with it.

Gettin, thanks for starting the new thread.

06-30-2011, 11:08 AM
Thanks for starting the new thread GettinFit!

I want to make July a really strong month so my goals are going to be a little more ambitious than usual.

July Goals:
Lose 15lbs.
Eat on plan the whole month, no cheat days.
Do 30 Day Shred 6 days a week.
Bike 100 miles per week.
Do a different workout DVD 5 days a week.
Zumba on Saturdays.

I'm also giving myself a challenge. Chocolate is my biggest craving and when eating healthy I really do well with limiting the amount I have. The only chocolate I even allow myself on plan is my protein powder, cocoa almonds, vitatops and the occasional sugar free mini chocolate bar. For the month of July I'm challenging myself to no chocolate whatsoever. If I can do that, it will be a big accomplishment for me.

I hope everyone has a great month!

07-01-2011, 08:01 AM
Well after working myself up a bit over my weighin this morning, talk about unexciting. I'm still exactly at 226.4, or more likely I'm back down to it. =) Oh well, I'm just glad I didn't show a gain after everthing going on in June. That means I have a long way to go to try to meet my goal for when my husband gets home, but if I work really hard I think it's possible. I really want July to be a big month for me so it's time to get moving more!

I hope everyone has a wonderful first day of the month!

07-01-2011, 10:50 AM
Good morning ladies ;)

Happy Friday!

Everyone's goals for the month of July are awesome.

Kim - I'm sorry your W/I wasn't what you'd hoped for but I think you did an awesome job of not gaining with all you had going on last month. Your total loss since March is great!!! I hope you and me both show a nice drop by 8/1. I'm hoping to be at 209 (or below)

I hope everyone has a great day and let's challenge ourselves to stay OP over the weekend :D We can do it!!!

07-01-2011, 10:58 AM
Friday 7/1
B: 100 Cal whole grain english muffin, 1 sl canadian bacon, 1 sl 2% cheese, 1/2 C skim milk, coffee
L: Salad w/beans & shredded cheese & reg sal dressing, 4 whole grain crackers
S: 100 Cal yogurt, peanuts, plum, 1 tsp cashew butter
D: Shrimp, 4 pcs choc, glass of red wine
Exercise: Mall walk

07-01-2011, 10:59 AM
Morning all. Just starting us off! I have to clean house today.

I keep track of my workouts each day; DVD title, length/time and then at the end of the year add it all up to see what I've done, what I'm not using, and if I need to purge/buy something, LOL. Jan- June I did 112 workouts, which breaks down to 60 cardio {walking, kbox, TM workouts}, 44 strength {mostly weights, some yoga and pilates}, and 16 weights/cardio circuits.

I managed to lose 1.4lbs overnight. I shouldn't get excited, with my track record it will be back tomorrow and have invited a few friends along. I can't even change my weight because I gained and never reset it.Hopefully all the cardio and the new eating plan are working. I plan on taking my measurements today also.

Kim, I'm sorry you maintained but at least you didn't gain.

Tricia Fierce
07-01-2011, 11:01 AM
My goals for July!
1. Get into the 210's
2. State affirmations daily
3. Check in to thread daily (though I might not always post, I do read regularly!)
4. Work the Weight Watchers program to the fullest (weekly meeting, daily tracking, counting activity points)
5. Work out 6x a week with Insanity, 30 Day Shred, and other workouts
6. Be patient with this process, forgiving myself when I slip up

So I've been following this Autumn Beauties thread for two months now...and I've maintained. Last night I took a good hard look at what I've been going through and I saw two things: 1. I have lost patience with myself when I slip up, start to beat up on myself, which doesn't help get me back on track 2. I got bored with the Insanity workouts!

So for July, I'm committed to mixing it up and keeping it interesting in terms of my workouts and also being kinder to myself when I slip up, in addition to everything else I've been doing.

I am getting married in a couple of months, and while I can fit into my wedding dress, I've always envisioned having to take it in by the time I get married. I want to make my vision a reality!

Also - I just want to say thank you to the lovely ladies in this group. You guys are my inspiration!!


07-01-2011, 11:05 AM
Tricia, How wonderful! :carrot: Best wishes for your wedding and married life!

PS: I changed my weight so its current!

Tricia Fierce
07-01-2011, 11:11 AM
Thanks Penguin! :)

07-01-2011, 11:15 AM
Kim ~ You didn't gain, though, so that's awesome!! :carrot: I have a feeling that July is going to be a great month for you.

GettinFit ~ I'll going you with an OP challenge for this weekend. I am determined to make July my most OP month yet.

Penguin ~ It's great that you are taking your measurements. I'm so glad I did that when I started my WL journey. Hey, a 1.4 pound overnight drop is a drop! Even if it goes back up, at least you will have seen that number...that's how I look at it.

Tricia ~ I know what it's like to beat myself up, so I hear ya. It's great that you are going to focus on being kinder to's important, for sure! :) And congrats on getting married in a few months!

I WI this morning "officially" and I finally saw the 160s...granted, it was 169.8, but I'll take it! I am 4 pounds away from goal, so I am really determined to do the best that I can this month. 30 days is nothing, right?! I hope you all have a great Friday! :)

Tricia Fierce
07-01-2011, 11:43 AM
Thanks Emme! Congrats to making it to the 160's!! 104.2 lbs lost - you have SO much to be proud of girl!! You will get those 4lbs!!

07-01-2011, 11:58 AM
AWHHH Tricia - You're so sweet! These ladies motivate me too! Your goals look great and don't be too hard on yourself, just try harder this month. Congrats on your upcoming wedding too :)

Emme - :congrat: on making the 160s. Looks like you're gonna make your July 31 goal of 165!!! I'm so excited for you.

Penguin - Great job on the loss!! Hopefully it will stick.

I am going to give it my all this month to stay 100% on track everyday and to complete my Firm rotation. I really would love to make 209 by Aug.

07-01-2011, 12:09 PM
I would like to join your thread as it will allow me to be more accountable. I just started Weight Watchers today, along with my mom as my diet buddy. My goals for July are:

1. Stay within my daily points range (calories).
2. Leslie Sansone Walking DVD 3 to 4 times a week.
3. Drink more water!
4. Post here daily. (It is so motivating to see others succeed with their weight loss goals.)



07-01-2011, 12:50 PM
Welcome, Jo! Your goals sound awesome! I look forward to getting to know you better in this thread! :)

07-01-2011, 01:12 PM
Jo, welcome, glad to have you join us. Which Leslie DVDs do you have? I just bought 3 to add to the collection, LOL, I'm trying to add more cardio so I've been on a Leslie kick this week.

Emme, congrats on the 160's.

I've been watching cooking shows again. Always a dangerous habit:o. So today I'm moving a few things around on my new eating plan {already?!} so I can make a peach/biscuit skillet {easy peach cobbler} for this evening. Hmmm, I'm also supposed to be cleaning house but here I am on the computer again.

07-01-2011, 01:14 PM
1. I'm aiming for 6 pounds loss in july
2. I can't really work out how I want due to a big plastic boot on my foot for this month, but i will keep my calories below 1700 to achieve my goal!
3. I will try to check in at least every other day, and do much better than last month when i stopped checking in because i was embarrassed that i couldn't exercise :(
4. 80+oz of water per day!

i know i didn't check in much in june, but aside from the lack of exercise due to a torn ligament in my right ankle, i stayed on plan and still lost 10 pounds. i got my water in, i think 27 days out of 30, and stayed under on my calories 25 days out of 30 (birthday celebration, fathers day celebrations, etc.) this month i am hoping for 31/31 on the water, and (planned off days included) 28/31 on my calories.

happy july everyone!

07-01-2011, 02:35 PM
Thanks everyone!

GettinFit ~ I hope you reach your goal for the month! I'm shooting for a big lose and would love to make it to 211 by August 1st.

Penguin ~ That is awesome! You should be really proud of all that hard work.

Tricia ~ Good for you! I'm going to try to mix things up a bit more myself this month. Not a great deal, but I tend to do the same thing everyday so this month I'm going to do a different dvd every day during the week. I sure have plenty of them, so there is no excuse not to use them. :)

Emme ~ :congrat: You have so much to be proud of and you're so close to goal! I can't wait to be in your shoes, hopefully in the not too distant future. ;)

Jo ~ Welcome! Best of luck to you for a great beginning! :yay:

Mandy ~ 10lbs lost last month is awesome! Congrats. I hope July is a good month too considering the boot. :smug:

I finished all my workouts for the day and I'm feeling good! I'm really motivated to do well this month, hope that sticks with me. Have a great rest of the day everyone! :cheer3:

07-01-2011, 02:47 PM
Jo - Welcome aboard! It's nice to have you join in the challenge. I look forward to reading about your successes this month.

Mandy - We've missed you. Congrats on an awesome loss! Sorry about your torn ligament.

Penguin - I love watching cooking shows too but I have to avoid them right now! (unless it's Hungry Girl)

Kim - We just have to make our motivation stick this month. Whenever I feel like slacking, I'll have to remind myself of what the slip up last month did to me. I know it set me back 3-4 pounds. I could have been that much closer to onederland :mad:

07-01-2011, 04:10 PM
Mandy, good to hear from you! Keep checking in no matter what! Everyone counts in support groups! Great job on the 10lbs!

Gettin, I've watched a few HG shows. I really like her Volume approach to eating but I haven't been very impressed with the recipes I've tried. EXCEPT for her Egg Mugs. I've been making these for breakfast all week. I add salsa instead of the peppers and just a little cheese.

07-01-2011, 11:19 PM
Friday 1
B= 2 c milk, 1/2 c egg beaters, salsa, cheese
L= tuna on a salad
S= protein shake
D= homemade ratatouille
S= biscuit Peach cobbler, vanilla ice cream
E= 60min of various cardio see below

I was getting a little tired of Leslie so I decided to see what was on On Demand. I'm not very co ordinated so I can't do complex or dancy stuff. I picked Cardio Challenge which sounded promising but after a nice warm up Jen G picked up weights and started doing the equivilent of one legged squart. My heartrate plummeted; this is not my idea of cardio.

Next I tried a Leslie called Cardio Slimdown. No brainer; just what I like.

Then came "Less is More" cardio. The idea is we don't have to kill ourselves, just keep moving, and I've tried the instructor Cindy W before and she's nice {I have one of her other DVD's}. So we begin, good warm up, then we stretch {never understood that, get the heartrate up then stop to stretch...}, but then she went into planks and burpees. This is not my idea of cardio either, also if I get my heartrate up then drop to the floor, when I get up again, I will black out. Not fun. But I stuck with it, modifying as I went, but I might as well have done another Leslie.

07-02-2011, 02:26 AM
1) i weighed in at 260.1 to start the month.
2) calories today, i cut close, at 1690. (not intentional but i forgot about a fiber bar i'd had earlier in the day that added 130 cals)
3) i'm here today! :D
4) i got 85oz of water today

weight goal: 6 pounds to go
calorie goal: 1/28 days
water goal: 1/31 days

07-02-2011, 08:59 AM
Oh I like your little reporting thing Mandy, I'm going to borrow it. =)

On plan Goal: 1/31
Water Goal: 1/31
Exercise Goal: 1/26
Checking in Goal: 2/31

It's been so long since I did the 30 Day Shred that I forgot I'd be sore the next day. Today is the Shred again and then Zumba! I haven't done Zumba in a while either, sweat will pour. Hope everyone has a great on plan day!

07-02-2011, 10:39 AM
Good morning Mandy & Kim and all who follow,

Sounds like you ladies are off to a great start for the month of July and I'm right there with you.

Kim - I'm glad you had a great workout. I keep saying that I'm going to try 30 Day Shred but I've been so into doing the Firm workouts. I have had 30 Day Shred for over 2 years and have not removed it from the wrapping. After I finish my Firm rotation, I will do 30 Day.

I 'm planning on having a great day and I hope everyone else does.

07-02-2011, 10:44 AM
Saturday July 2

B: Cheerios, skim milk, blueberries, coffee
L & D: 6" Publix Turkey Sub & diet tea, 3 pcs dove dark choc
S: Nectarine
Exercise: Firm C1 Cardio - DONE

07-02-2011, 10:56 AM
Good morning, ladies! I am looking forward to an OP weekend. We are off until Tuesday so we are going to see one movie a day (and two movies on one day). Today we are going to see Bridesmaids, then Bad Teacher, then Super 8, then Larry Crowne, and finally Transformers 3 (my husband is halfway dragging me to see this one). Luckily, we act very, very elderly when it comes to movies so we always go to the earliest 10:10 I don't have to worry about getting popcorn or snacks or anything. I always stuff some waters in my big purse and some snack bars to tie us over. I hope everyone has a great day!

07-02-2011, 11:47 AM
Hello Ladies,

Thanks for the warm welcome! I had a great day yesterday with my points (calories) but didn't get to do one of my Leslie Sansone DVDs. I hope to get my exercise in today.

patchworkpenguin - I have 3 of Leslie's DVDs.

1. Walk Slim Fast and Firm 4 Really "BIG" Miles (I enjoy this one.)
2. Walk Away the Pounds Express (I haven't tried this one yet.)
3. Leslie Sansone Walk at Home 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk (I like the 1st mile of this but during the 2nd mile Leslie has MaryKay lead it.)

I usually only do one mile but hope to eventually work up to 4 miles.

Thanks again ladies!


07-02-2011, 12:55 PM
Good job Jo on having a great day yesterday! I hope today is another good one for youl.

Hello Ladies,

Thanks for the warm welcome! I had a great day yesterday with my points (calories) but didn't get to do one of my Leslie Sansone DVDs. I hope to get my exercise in today.

patchworkpenguin - I have 3 of Leslie's DVDs.

1. Walk Slim Fast and Firm 4 Really "BIG" Miles (I enjoy this one.)
2. Walk Away the Pounds Express (I haven't tried this one yet.)
3. Leslie Sansone Walk at Home 3 Mile Weight Loss Walk (I like the 1st mile of this but during the 2nd mile Leslie has MaryKay lead it.)

I usually only do one mile but hope to eventually work up to 4 miles.

Thanks again ladies!


07-02-2011, 01:12 PM
Jo, I have those workouts, too. {I'm a workout DVD junkie} I've been exercising since 2006. Marykay really wears us out in that second mile. The Express is a slower workout than the other two, since its from an older set, give it a try! Be consistant and you'll make that 4th mile in no time.

Emme, Let me know that you think of Transformers 3. Hubby wants to see it but I heard a reviewer say its too long {2.5hrs} and the last hour is nothing but battle/violence, which doesn't sound fun to me.

Gettin, what is a TBD that you had for dinner???

07-02-2011, 06:50 PM
Evening ladies,

Penguin - TBD=to be determined. I wasn't sure what I was going to have but I ended up only having a nectarine at lunchtime and I had a 6" turkey sub about 5PM. I'm stuffed so that's going to be it for me today.

Well ladies I am more determined now to stick to my plan. I went shopping today and you know the mirrors in the fitting rooms right? Well I couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror!!!! OMG I've got to stick to working out and eating right and get my old body back.

07-02-2011, 08:05 PM
GettinFit ~ The Shred is good. I've only ever done level 1 and it's only 20 minutes, but it's a lot packed into a short time and it really gets my heart going and the sweat pouring. Good luck if you finally try it! =)

Emme ~ Enjoy your movie weekend, sounds fun!

Jo ~ Sounds like you started off great.

I had a really good day. I'm super sore from the 30DS, but I know after a couple more days doing it that will subside. Thank goodness tomorrow is my rest day though, it's going to get worse before it gets better.

On plan Goal: 2/31
Water Goal: 2/31
Exercise Goal: 2/26
Checking in Goal: 2/31

This afternoon I decided to go through my closet. We have a big old walk in. My husband's stuff is on the right, mine is on the left, and the back wall is my hope to "wear soon" collection I've built up over the years. I filled up a bag with things that don't fit anymore, and I moved every single thing I had hanging on the "wear soon" wall over to my side! Most of it fit or almost fit when I tried it on! And a lot of the stuff I left on my side is going to be too big soon! I was super excited. Then I had a box of not even close to fitting into yet stuff that is now hanging on the "wear soon" wall. haha! =) Most of it is really cute stuff that I got from a store I worked in 5 years ago. It's all really small, but everything went on clearance for $1 per item so I grabbed a bunch hoping to fit into it one day. It's going to take a lot longer to get into all the new stuff on the "wear soon" wall, but I decided to hang them up so I can look at them every now and then for extra motivation. =)

Well I hope everyone had a great day! I'm thinking bed early tonight for me.

07-02-2011, 11:54 PM
kim - i'm perfectly willing to share :)

1) i weighed in at 259.0 (down 1.1)
2) calories today, i had 1600.
3) i'm here today!
4) i got 132oz of water today (that's over a gallon!) i hope the excess water takes the excess sodium with it (i kinda had chips and queso for dinner lol)

weight goal: 5 pounds to go
calorie goal: 2/28 days
water goal: 2/31 days

07-02-2011, 11:55 PM
Its Hot! plus our car's AC is acting up, not cooling well. Good news is Hubby can fix it, bad news is it needs to be fixed.

I'm so tired but the neighbors are shooting off fireworks; I did manage a little nap on the couch but keep getting woken up.

Sat 2
B= 2 c milk, vits, 1/2 c egg sub, salsa, cheese
L= Beef/veggie stew, broc salad, cheese toast
S= peach
D= homemade veggie pizza
S= peach cobbler, ice cream
S= cereal {this was a mistake as late-night snacks often are!!!}
E = rest day

Kim, wow, I bet you feel wonderful with all those new clothes to wear!

07-03-2011, 01:13 AM
Okay I'm new but I'm up for a challenge!

1) Work my WW to it's fullest, counting my points, eating my Power Foods
2)Drinking at least 80oz of water/fluid a day.
3)Lose 10 lbs.
4)Working out during commercials
5)Spending time in the pool stretching and walking/swimming more (okay so this one is easy lol)

07-03-2011, 01:48 AM
Looking, welcome, glad to have you join us.

Yes, we are still up!! They stopped with the fireworks though, so maybe we can get some sleep.

07-03-2011, 09:52 AM
Kim ~ How fun to have gone through all of those clothes to see what fits and what is way too big! Good for you!! :)

Mandy ~ I hope all that water gets rid of the sodium for you!

Looking ~ Welcome to the thread! Your goals look awesome! :carrot:

I hope everyone else has a great Sunday! :)

07-03-2011, 12:58 PM
Hubby's back is worse today, so he's napping with an icepack. He played with the AC last night and assures me its working fine. Hmmm. Didn't feel 'fine' yesterday when we were out. High today is 100*, humidity is giving us a 5* heat index so it will feel like 105* or so. Its been worse, but its supposed to rain this week! Yay, the plants will be happy but highs will still be in the 95* area. yuck.

07-03-2011, 04:19 PM
Hello ladies,

Just a quick check in today.

Welcome Looking. Your goals for the month are great! I look forward to hearing about your successes.

Penguin - I agree with you on the heat. It is awful here. I was out in it for a little while and couldn'w wait to get home. I am so ready for fall.

Mandy - Great job on your loss!

Kim - Enjoy your new wardrobe :carrot: It feels so good when you're able to fit those things you've been trying to get into for so long. I have an evening gown and a pair of white 7 jeans that I'd like to fit by the time I go on my cruise at the end of November. If we keep on doing what we're doing, we'll make it and before we know it, these things will be too big :D

So far, I've had a good weekend and haven't had a proble staying OP. I hope everyone else is doing good.

I'll check back later.

07-03-2011, 06:11 PM
Todays Journal

B: McD oatmeal, coffee
L: Turkey on Wheat sandwich round w/mustard, 100 Cal YoCrunch yogurt, wheat stix, 2 dark chocs
D: 6" Publix turkey sub, small salad
S: plum
Rest day from exercise

07-03-2011, 08:43 PM
My goals for July:

1. Exercise 5x weekly for 20 minutes each, for a total of 22 days and 440 minutes exercised.
2. Track calories using Livestrong's Daily Plate, and stay under my calorie goals every week (except the day of the 4th)!
3. Eat 2 or more fruits and veggies daily. (I will up this number in the coming months.)
4. Weigh-in on Friday mornings, and measure hips, chest, waist and neck to compare to last month on the first of August.

So far, so good:
1 July: 30 minutes of Olympic race walking; calorie goal met.
2 July: 20 minutes of Olympic race walking; calorie goal met.
3 July: 20 minutes of Olympic race walking; calorie goal met.

07-03-2011, 08:52 PM
Evening everyone. I had another good day on plan. Thankful for the rest day from exercise, going to workout hard this week. Hope you all had a great day!

On plan Goal: 3/31
Water Goal: 3/31
Exercise Goal: 2/26
Checking in Goal: 3/31

07-03-2011, 11:50 PM
Sun 3
B= 2 c milk, vits, 1/2 c egg sub, salsa, Moz cheese
S=protein shake
L= 'deconstructed' meatball sandwich {yes, I've been watching Food Network again, basically, this was meatball pizzas made on 2 slices of bread}
S= peach biscuit skillet, ice cream {thankfully that's gone}
S= straw greek yogurt, walnuts on top
E= 44min circuit premix~ alternating intervals of cardio, boxing, sculpting {KCM's Circuit Burn}

Checked the weather its 86* but the humidity/heat index makes it feel like 93*. Gettin, where's that Fall, again???

Bopbot, welcome nice to have you join us.

07-04-2011, 02:13 AM
1) i weighed in at 259.3 (down up .3) (guess *all* the sodium didn't leave)
2) calories today, i had 1590.
3) i'm here today!
4) i got 101.1oz of water today... sodium be gone!

weight goal: 5.3 pounds to go
calorie goal: 3/28 days
water goal: 3/31 days

07-04-2011, 09:55 AM
Good morning everyone,

:welcome: Bop. Nice to have you join in with your goals.

Great job everyone on staying OP over the weekend. I did okay except last night I wanted a snack and I had a few too many nuts and a glass of red wine. The scale was up 2 pounds this morning but I'm sure it's water from the sodium in the nuts because my fingers are so tight. Today I am drinking loads of water.

Have a great OP day everyone!

07-04-2011, 10:07 AM
B: 1 serv RF bacon baked, sliced tomotoes, coffee, skim milk
L: Steamed shrimp, roasted asparagas, coffee w/creamer & 1/2 C milk
D: Turkey on wheat sandwich round & baby greens, 1 sl 2% cheese, mustard, 100 cal YoCrunch yogurt
S: 2 pks 100 Cal popcorn, peach, SF Fudgesicle, Extra gum
Exercise: Firm Express C2 Sculpt (DONE)

Total Calories 1354

07-04-2011, 11:13 AM
Good morning, everyone! I did pretty good on the OP challenge this weekend. Yesterday I had a few more calories because I really honestly was hungry and the bowl of cereal made me feel satisfied and full...and then I must have had food poisoning because I was sick for 3 hours in and out of the bathroom (sorry for TMI) and then had the chills all night. I am dehydrated and woozy today with a headache, so I'm going to be taking it easy.

Penguin ~ We're seeing Transformers 3 this afternoon...I'll let you know what I think of it.

And welcome, Bop!

07-04-2011, 11:50 AM
Emme - I hope you feel better today. Enjoy the movie.

07-04-2011, 12:44 PM
today is one of my scheduled off-plan days. so hard to stay on plan when headed to my FIL's house. he grills. and MIL cooks with so much butter she could be paula deen. and there's always pie (i'm bringing one, that will hopefully be a lighter option). i'm not counting calories but i will do my best to keep things in moderation, and not have like, pie and cookies and tons of potato salad and 3 hotdogs or something. i've told myself one plate of food, NOT piled high for dinner and ONE dessert item. and if they happen to have a fire in the fire pit, ONE s'more. trying to keep the rest of today light and drink a lot of water in the mean time. celery is my friend :D

have a good day ya'll! happy 4th to the american folks :D

07-04-2011, 01:15 PM
GettinFit ~ yep, sounds like sodium to me...don't let the scale worry you.

Mandy ~ good luck at the get-together! It's great that you are keeping yourself in check without going overboard!

07-04-2011, 02:59 PM
Mandy - Your plan sounds like a very realistic one. I hope you enjoy the day at your ILs.

Emme - Thanks for the CC info. Now that I've gotten back on track, I will give CC another try. I just need to stay committed to tracking each day on My Plate. Instead of using the calorie intake they suggested, I manually set mine at 1500 calories for now.

Kim - I am going to take a page from your book and only weigh myself twice a month. I put the scale away and am going to try and not take it out until 7/15.

I hope everyone else is having a great day!

07-04-2011, 10:11 PM
Evening ladies! I had another good day. On plan all the way. Had a good workout. I found a new workout dvd on netflix instant that I really like. The plan is to do a different dvd everyday during the week, so I'm glad to have a new one to add to my collection.

On plan Goal: 4/31
Water Goal: 4/31
Exercise Goal: 3/26
Checking in Goal: 4/31

GettinFit~ Good luck with staying off the scale. It really has been big for me, I hope it helps you too!

Emme~ I hope you're feeling better!

Mandy~ I hope your scheduled off plan day went as well as possible.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

07-04-2011, 11:35 PM
today was fantastic, minus the fact that it started raining around 8pm and has not let up! i had grilled chicken and potato salad. fresh fruit and veggies. corn on the cob. sweet potatoes. a roll with butter. a small piece of pound cake and a small piece of the pie i made. i sampled while making the pie. and i had some lemon cookies on the drive home. there is a *small* chance i stayed within my calories today, cause i only had 300 calories worth of food before i went out... but i'm not gonna count on it.

the good news is, today's weigh in was way down. 258.2 this morning so a bump on the scale shouldn't put me too far backwards for long. especially since i made sure to get all my water in! i didn't count specifics beyond the 2.5 liters i drank from bottles, but i did have a couple other glasses of ice water, which likely put me upwards of 100oz.

back on plan tomorrow. MRI scheduled for 10:15 am. wish me luck!

weight goal: 4.2 pounds to go
calorie goal: 3/28 days
water goal: 4/31 days

07-05-2011, 12:27 AM
Mon 4th
B= 2c milk, vits
S= peach
L= salad
S= protein shake
D= grilled cheese, apple
S= cereal
E= 60min/4 miles WATP Ex Super Challenge

Mandy, sounds like you had a wonderful day! Good job on the weighin.

Kim, which DVD did you find?

Gettin, I used to weigh only once a week but then curiosity gets the best of me, and I find myself weighing more often.

07-05-2011, 12:36 AM
This is such a great thread! Ok, so my goals:
1. Drink 8 cups of water a day. This makes me feel bloated which isn't exactly sexy but it also prevents me from eating too much
2. Vitamins every day
3. Mix up my workout routine like go hiking or do yoga
4. Have a salad before every meal. This fills me up and leaves less room for the unhealthy stuff

07-05-2011, 09:17 AM
Mandy~ Glad to hear your off plan day went well.

Penguin~ It's Self: Bikini Ready Fast! Not that I'm trying to get bikini ready. =) It was easy to follow and had lots of good and challenging moves. I'm going to try Crunch: Super Slimdown today. It's a mix of pilates and yoga, it's rated really well. I went through the instant exercise section last week and added about 10 workouts to try to my queue.

ADL ~ Welcome, good luck with your goals!

Hope everyone has a great day!

07-05-2011, 10:09 AM
Good morning everyone ;)

:welcome: ADL. This is a great bunch here on this thread. I look forward to seeing you reach your goals too. Post as often as you can.

Mandy - Great job on staying in control and on your awesome loss. You are working your way down! I hope your MRI goes well.

Kim - Glad you had another good day too. You are going to be a knock out when your DH gets back! I made it through this morning without weighing myself. When I first woke up of course I thought about it but I realize it's a habit and I'll have to work on not thinking about it when I wake up. I did use the tape measure to measure my waist though. I'm working really hard to get that back down to a healthy range.

Penguin & Emme - I hope you two are doing good.

07-05-2011, 10:27 AM
July 5 Journal

B: Cheerios (100) skim milk (90) coffee, creamer (40) milk (45)
L: Turkey on Sandwich Round w/2% cheese & baby greens (220) Bryer's YoCrunch yogurt (100) 1 3Musketeer Fun size (63)
S: grapes (60) Light string cheese (50) 2nd cup of coffee w/creamer (40) peanuts (160) 2 tbsp cashew butter on 2 saltines, small plum
D: 1/2 grilled chicken breast with a tbsp bbq sauce, collards,
Exercise: Turbo Jam (DONE)

1428 Calories

07-05-2011, 11:21 AM
It sounds like everyone is doing great! Mandy, nice work on your WL and good luck with your MRI! ADL ~ Welcome! Penguin ~ The last hour of T3 is nothing but a fight scene...loooooong movie. Hello :wave: to everyone else!

I have decided to stop weighing daily. I started weighing at night so I could "guess-timate" how much I'd weigh in the morning and that is too obsessive for me. So, I am going to step away from the scale cold turkey. My goal date is July 31st and my usual weigh in days are Fridays, so I am going to WI on Friday, July 29th. I am even going to move the scale out of the bathroom and into another room's closet so I don't see it every morning. I feel like I am just becoming a little too obsessed with the number. It wasn't obsessive when I started calorie counting and weighing every day because it allowed me to find patterns in my body and discover how it works. Well, after 6 months of tracking daily, I know my patterns, so there is really no need to track daily anymore.

07-05-2011, 11:38 AM
Emme, alright, if you guys are going on a weighing strike I will join you. I need to think up a date. Trans 3 sounds a tad boring!

Kim, Aren't those both by Ellen Barrett? She's very good and has such a nice, encouraging personality. I hope you enjoy them.

ADL, welcome glad to have you join us.

07-05-2011, 11:48 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

I did not stay within my points on Sunday, but managed to get back on track yesterday. Yay! I know that it is my first week and I am struggling a little bit but am determined to not give up! Posting here really helps to see how great everyone is doing.

Kim - Congrats on your new wardrobe! That has to be an incredible feeling to know that your hard work has paid off! Yay!

ADL - Welcome to the group :-)

07-05-2011, 11:51 AM
Penguin - What an idea! Let's do a challenge to stay off the scale 'til the end of the month:carrot: Do you think we can do it :?: Already today I feel so different (in a good way) not knowing the exact number on the scale. I feel smaller for some reason :dizzy: Maybe when I step on at the end of July I'll be 209 :dance:

07-05-2011, 12:12 PM
I have a OBGYN appointment on July 28th. My Dr was instrumental in getting me started on my heathly lifestyle so she's always very conscience of my weight. Gulp. So I won't weigh again until the morning of my appointment. I'm going to have to get Hubby to hide my scale, or take the batteries out and hide them.

Jo, the beginning is always the hardest. Once we break away from our old habits, replacing them with new healthier habits it gets much easier! Our perception of 'normal' shifts to our new lifestyle.

07-05-2011, 12:21 PM
Speaking of Mr Penguin. Last night he told me he has decided to try to exercise again! He ackknowlaged that he's had a lot of false starts before and hopes this isn't another one. I think his new more sedentary job has a lot to do with this, along with his back problems. So I decided to start him off slow and easy with a Leslie mile a night; some of her workouts use weights/stretchie bands for the upper body as well as the cardio. After he gets used to that we can go on to other workouts. He is they type of person who would rather mow the lawn than lift weights for exercise.

07-05-2011, 12:24 PM
Jo - Sorry I missed your post. Nice job on getting back on track. You're right, it is so hard when you first start out but it gets easier as the days go by. Hang in there and you'll be in your groove before you know it.

Penguin - It's going to be so exciting to see where we all are at the end of the month. I have a drs appt on Thursday but when I get weighed, I won't ask what the number is. I moved my scale to another room yesterday but I think I'll move it to a downstairs closet just to be sure I'm not tempted to hop on it.

07-05-2011, 01:47 PM
Ok, you guys are awesome! I hope you all are able to stay off the scale the whole month. I'm still going to weighin on the 15th cause that's the plan and I know with all my hard work I'll be dying to know where I stand, but I'll definitely be cheering you all on with your strike! =)

Penguin ~ I really like Ellen. She just does the workout, she doesn't "blah blah blah" like a lot of instructors do and I really appreciate that. The dvd today was good. There were only a few moves I couldn't do and it was definitely a good workout. It's another keeper. =)

07-05-2011, 01:52 PM
GettinFit ~ Yes, let's challenge each other to stay off of the scale until a date of our choosing at the end of the month. My date will be July 29th since it's the last Friday of the month and my original WI dates were Fridays. For anyone else doing it, what will your date be?

07-05-2011, 09:30 PM
Another day down. I've had a headache since this afternoon that does not want to go away. Hopefully a good nights sleep will cure it. Hope you all had a great day.

On plan Goal: 5/31
Water Goal: 5/31
Exercise Goal: 4/26
Checking in Goal: 5/31

07-05-2011, 11:30 PM
Hello All,

This is my very first post on 3FC although I've been lurking for quite some time. TRYING to lose weight (again) after a huge blow up (literally).
My July goals are as follows:

1. get into the 200's from the 2teens. I know I'll have to do this by eating right. I like to work out, I have a job that keeps me on my feet and moving all day long, I chase two children around....none of this really is going to help me if I don't change what I put into my mouth. Having a 20K bike ride does nothing for me if I come home and eat 6 chocolate chip cookies....right? So I guess my goal REALLY is to get on track with the eating. This means, having to tell my husband that I can't eat what he's making (he's pretty much incapable of cooking healthy) and having to nix the buying my lunch at work.

2. My plan is to work out at least 5 days a week. Probably a combination of playing tennis with my hubby and riding my bike around the neighborhood. I would LOVE to start jogging...but honestly, I'm WAY to self conscious about my body right now to do that. I'll stick with my bike...

3. I'd like to visit the thread daily..but I probably won't post that often. At least weekly posts from me with my progress. Keep myself accountable.

I guess I don't have a number four. July is my START...or re-start. I'll keep it simple.

Thanks everyone.

07-06-2011, 01:11 AM
Tues 5
B= 2 c milk, vits,
L= PBJ, broc salad
S= protein shake
D= homemade Tuscan Ravioli soup, bread
S= slice Mrs Edwards Straw pie {FIL Bday 'cake'}
E= Firm: Cardio Burn ~ 50min, Leslie Walk and Kick ~ 30 min

Envy, welcome, glad to have you join us. Please post just to say 'hi' even if you don't have anything to report.

Kim, hope your head is better by now. I think 'Slimdown' is one of her workouts with all the 'plie squats with butterfly arms'; they kill me! She put some workouts out on her own called 'The Studio' workouts. I tried a few, they are very nice but those plie's!

Emme, good thing I checked back in, I forgot to ask Hubby to hide the scale, LOL, your post reminded me. I did this one time and made him hide the battery and the scale in two different places. I can be sneaky. I was sure I could find the scale, its not that big of a house!

07-06-2011, 11:26 AM
Welcome, envy!

Penguin ~ That is funny about having your husband hide the battery and the scale in two separate places! :lol: Quite clever!! It was so nice not to weigh myself this was like a breath of fresh air!

Kim ~ I hope your headache is better today!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

07-06-2011, 11:29 AM
Good morning all,

:welcome: curcusenvy. Congrats on getting back on track. For me that is the hardest thing to do once I've fallen off the wagon. Your goals for July are awesome and I hope you're able to reach all of them. Post as often as you can. That really helps me.

Kim - I hope you got rid of your headache. You are doing an awesome job girl.

Penguin - How'd the scale challenge go this morning? That was the first thing I thought about when I woke up this morning. Hoping on that metal monster. It is a crazy habit that I want to get rid of. I realize now that the scale determined how I was going to feel in the morning. If it was down I'd be happy and motivated to keep going but if it was up or didn't move, I'd be frustrated and would want to splurge. I know this way will be better for now. At least until I get out of the 200s.

Emme - How's your day going? You have be make us a promise that when you reach your goal, you'll keep posting with us. Having had the success you've had is so encouraging.

Have a great day everyone.

07-06-2011, 11:34 AM
Wed July 6 Journal

Day 2 ~ No Scale

B: Cheerios, skim milk, coffee w/creamer
S: blueberries, YoCrunch 100 Cal, 1 Special K protein snack bar
L: Low Sodium Turkey on sandwich round w/RF Provolone & mustard, small salad w/1/8 C feta & RF bacon bits, FF dressing, 2 pcs Dove dark choc.
D: Subway Veggie Sub, 1 single serv tub of Pringles
Exercise: Firm C2 Cardio & Sculpt

07-06-2011, 12:02 PM
I realize now that the scale determined how I was going to feel in the morning. If it was down I'd be happy and motivated to keep going but if it was up or didn't move, I'd be frustrated and would want to splurge.

YES! The scale was also too much of a determinant in how my day was going to go. I'd weigh in and get really frustrated if it wasn't where I thought it should be, and then I'd think about it the entire morning...for hours! What a waste of time!!

Emme - How's your day going? You have be make us a promise that when you reach your goal, you'll keep posting with us. Having had the success you've had is so encouraging.

Don't worry, I still plan to post after hitting goal! I might even try to get a smidge lower than 165 once I reach goal. My original goal was 170, but I saw 170 ten years ago and wanted to see if I could actually see a 160-something! My drivers license weight actually says 165, so it's a good goal to have, I guess. I might try 160, but it is definitely not something I am going to push for like crazy like I have been doing with 165. :)

07-06-2011, 01:58 PM
Dad had another test today for his heart. This one confirmed the earlier diagnosis; his left ventricle isn't doing its job correctly, so he's still facing surgery.

Gettin, second thing I did upon waking up was drink a big glass of water. I didn't have any desire to weigh after that. I forgot to get Hubby to hide the scale so it was right there, too!

Emme, good to kinow you aren't going to abandon us! I don't remember that TN driver's licence has the weight on it. I think they figured everyone would lie anyway. I know they keep it recorded because I got called on it once, but I had no idea what I weighed at the time.

07-06-2011, 02:49 PM
Emme - When I read your last post, I went and took a look at my driver's license and it say's I weigh 155:D Oh if only....

07-06-2011, 03:22 PM
Emme - When I read your last post, I went and took a look at my driver's license and it say's I weigh 155:D Oh if only....

Never say never!!! :)

Tricia Fierce
07-06-2011, 03:49 PM
Hi everyone,

So I haven't posted in awhile but I have been reading everyone's posts daily. I love this thread and your contributions, for real, and I need to give as much as I've been receiving.

The past few days were hectic for me with the holiday and now getting my apartment ready for my [anal] future in laws who are visiting Sunday - I suppose things are still hectic (my fiance is not totally confident that the apartment is ready... I don't think it could be ready enough!) but I need to take care of me. Haven't been working out due to all this stuff but I am changing it tonight. I don't care if its just 10 minutes, but working out is a priority!!! I really want to get back into the swing of things workout wise though... I actually miss the challenge!

I have been weighing in daily and the scale is steadily creeping downward. For me, a daily weigh in has been an anchor - keeps me grounded. Even if it doesn't move or if I go up, I have always been good about not getting defeated or bogged down by the number - but instead using it as an indication of doing something right or wrong. I've been better about staying OP since weighing in daily... but I totally understand that this doesn't work for everyone!

I titled this post "One foot in front of the other" because I was just thinking about how progress with weight loss, or anything else, involves consistent taking of steps daily, but only one step at a time. I'm glad that I can take these steps with you.

Hope everyone is having a great OP day! And Penguin I am so sorry to hear about your Dad! I hope the surgery goes smoothly...

07-06-2011, 08:24 PM
Haha! My driver's license says 185 and it's only two years old. I'm such a fibber. Hopefully by the time I get my new one in Alaska I'll be happy to put down the truth. =)

Penguin~ That's too bad about your dad. I hope all goes well.

Tricia~ Good to see you back! Sounds like you've been super busy. Good luck going forward!

As for me, it's been another good day. I'm a little sore in the thighs but I'll live. I know all the exercise will pay off. =)

I forgot about my no chocolate goal for the month, adding it to my list!

On plan Goal: 6/31
Water Goal: 6/31
Exercise Goal: 5/26
Checking in Goal: 6/31
No Chocolate Goal: 6/31

07-06-2011, 08:35 PM
Penguin ~ I'm sorry to hear about the surgery, but I'm sure it's for the best and will clear up the problems with the ventricle!

Tricia ~ It's awesome that you are going to take care of you...that's what's most important!

Kim ~ Chocolate is a true love of would be so hard for me to give up! Good luck to you! One day at a time! :)

07-06-2011, 11:57 PM
Thanks for the well wishes and support for my Dad!:hug:

Wed 6
B= 2 c milk, vits, Egg Mug
S= peach
L= salad, PBJ
D= Tuscan Beef Ravioli soup, grilled cheese
S= homemade Apple crumble, ice cream

E= rest day. Hip and opposite "weird" knee are bothing me. so I broke out the ice pack! Since I upped my cardio over the past week I think I overdid it??

Tricia, My mother weighs in every day, She says it keeps her motivated and on track!

07-07-2011, 01:22 AM
weight goal: 4.4 pounds to go
calorie goal: 5/28 days
water goal: 6/31 days

today was good... calories at 1630, water at 108.2 oz, and a slightly up weigh in of 258.4 today (due to TOM i'm sure)...

also, i posted more wedding photos here:

photographer FINALLY sent me the disk! miscommunication at it's finest. she was waiting for me to give her a list of the ones i wanted her to send, and i was waiting for her to send the whole thing....

07-07-2011, 09:44 AM
Mandy, great photos! Thanks for sharing. You are beautiful! I like the photo in the middle {5th from bottom} where you and your new Hubby are just staring adoringly at each other. Awww.

07-07-2011, 11:30 AM
Mandy ~ Awesome pictures!! They all look great!!

07-07-2011, 12:08 PM
Good morning ladies,

Mandy - Your wedding pics are beautiful. You two make such a cute couple and I believe I told you before that your dress is absolutely gorgeous.

Tricia - Nice to hear that you are going downward. Keep up the great work.

Penguin - I hope everything goes well with your dad. Sounds like a rest day will be good for you today. I hope your knee & hip feels better.

Kim & Emme - How's your day going?

I have decided to add another goal to my July list. It is not snacking/eating in the car.

I had a drs visit this morning and good news is my blood pressure was great (I'm on meds). He wants me to lose weight in order to be able to come off the meds. Bad news is the when I got weighed, the scale wasn't down from my last visit in March. Even though I've lost some weight, I'd gained back some from the end of March to the end of April. I am so sick and tired of this yoyoing back & forth. It is going to stop now. He also told me to eat 1000 :mad: calories a day!!! I am not going to go quite that low but will try 1200 for a few weeks allowing myself 1 day a week to have about 1800-2000.

Let's all have a great OP day everyone.

07-07-2011, 12:10 PM
Thursday 7/7 Daily Journal

B: McDs oatmeal (290) Coffee creamer (70)
L: Taco Salad w/ff sour cream (510) 1 dark choc nuggets (50)
D: None - still full from taco salad
S: None
Exercise: 15 min walk

Total Calories 920 I now this is way too low but the taco salad was very filling and I can't eat another bite

07-07-2011, 12:32 PM
I have decided to add another goal to my July list. It is not snacking/eating in the car.

I had a drs visit this morning and good news is my blood pressure was great (I'm on meds). He wants me to lose weight in order to be able to come off the meds. Bad news is the when I got weighed, the scale wasn't down from my last visit in March. Even though I've lost some weight, I'd gained back some from the end of March to the end of April. I am so sick and tired of this yoyoing back & forth. It is going to stop now. He also told me to eat 1000 :mad: calories a day!!! I am not going to go quite that low but will try 1200 for a few weeks allowing myself 1 day a week to have about 1800-2000.

That's a great goal to have as far as not snacking/eating in the car! Your doctor told you to eat 1,000 calories a day?!? What the heck is he trying to do to you?!?! Just keep on doing what you are doing and don't let him phase you. This isn't a race and it doesn't need to be done to impress him. Keep on keepin' on! You are doing great!

My day is going pretty well, thanks for asking. I'm PMSing today, but it's not so bad with food or anything. Just moody and pissy. :devil:

07-07-2011, 08:51 PM
Hey ladies. It's been a blah kind of day.

I was doing my workout this morning and just didn't feel right. When I got done with the 30 day shred I felt kind of dizy. I decided to cut it back some for the day and only did half my miles on the bike and didn't do my other dvd. The rest of the day I've still felt out of sorts so I don't know if maybe I'm getting sick or if it's overdoing exercise. I don't know, I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow. Everything else was fine though.

Hope everyone else had a good day.

On plan Goal: 7/31
Water Goal: 7/31
Exercise Goal: 6/26
Checking in Goal: 7/31
No Chocolate Goal: 7/31

07-07-2011, 11:15 PM
weigh in today: 257.5
calories today: 1590
water today: 87.6oz

weight goal: 3.5 pounds to go
calorie goal: 6/28 days
water goal: 7/31 days

TOM showed up and water disappeared. i love how that works :D still got cravings like whoa though, so thank the grocers for having fat free triple chocolate froyo in the freezer section! topped with some lite coolwhip and chocolate sauce i got to have a sundae for dessert for less than 200 calories! :D

also, thanks ladies for the kind words on my wedding photos... i'm very happy with them and can't wait to get prints for frames!

07-08-2011, 10:22 AM
Good morning ladies and Happy Friday :D

Kim - I hope you're feeling better today.

Mandy - I'm sure it feels good to get rid of the extra water weight. Your dessert sounds so yummy!

I hope everyone had a great day yesterday.

I ate a heavy lunch around 1 yesterday and wasn't hungry at dinner so I didn't eat anything after 1 yesterday. I wasn't really hungry this morning but I ate my breakfast. The scale did cross my mind again this morning since I'm feeling so light but I did not do it. I didn't weigh. I am determined that I will not weigh before 7/29! I pulled out the tape measure and measured my waist instead. It's gone down 1.25" already :cb:

07-08-2011, 10:24 AM
Hey ladies. It's been a blah kind of day.

I was doing my workout this morning and just didn't feel right. When I got done with the 30 day shred I felt kind of dizy. I decided to cut it back some for the day and only did half my miles on the bike and didn't do my other dvd. The rest of the day I've still felt out of sorts so I don't know if maybe I'm getting sick or if it's overdoing exercise. I don't know, I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow. Everything else was fine though.

Kim ~ Be sure to take care of yourself! It's great that you are listening to your body and that you cut back on what you were going to do. Take a break if you need to!

TOM showed up and water disappeared. i love how that works :D

Mandy ~ Nice!! I get stuck with water around ovulation...mine takes 7-9 days to go away which is such a pain in the arse! ;)

Happy Friday, peeps! :carrot: I hope everyone has a great day and a fantabulous weekend. I'm going to a birthday party tonight and I am going to have a piece of cake because cake is my favorite thing in the world, I haven't had it in forever, and I'm not eating the whole thing, so I don't feel bad about it!! :)

07-08-2011, 10:28 AM
Friday July 8

B: 2/3 C grits, 1/8 C 2% cheese, 2 sl Canadian bacon, coffee w/flav creamer (255)
L: Subway 6" Veggie Sub (300) 1 indiv serv pringles (110) 2 pcs Dark Choc (90)
D: boiled shrimp (100), roasted asparagasm(50), 3 pcs dark choc (150)
S: Triscuits (180) peach (70)
Exercise: Mall Walk

Total Calories 1320

07-08-2011, 11:46 AM
I ate a heavy lunch around 1 yesterday and wasn't hungry at dinner so I didn't eat anything after 1 yesterday. I wasn't really hungry this morning but I ate my breakfast. The scale did cross my mind again this morning since I'm feeling so light but I did not do it. I didn't weigh. I am determined that I will not weigh before 7/29! I pulled out the tape measure and measured my waist instead. It's gone down 1.25" already :cb:

GettinFit ~ I was tempted to get out the scale last night so I could weigh myself this morning since this is my official weekly WI day, but I didn't do it either!! Good for you for sticking with it, girl! :) And, wow, with the 1.25" gone from your waist!! :carrot:

07-08-2011, 11:47 PM
Evening ladies.

It's great to see you're all still staying off the scale.

As for me today was a little off again. I started with my kickboxing workout and about halfway through I got super fatigued again. I still don't know what's up exactly, but I figure the best thing to do is pull back a little. I'm going to only do one thing tomorrow and then Sunday is my rest day. I'll see how I'm feeling on Monday before I decide if I want to pick things back up again.

I've been feeling a little depressed so I suppose there is a change that I'm just feeling run down because of my emotional state. My husband has only been gone for two weeks, but it feels like so much longer. =P I just wish this time would go by faster. I'm not letting it get to me food wise, which is HUGE for me. I've always been an emotional eater, but I'm sticking to my plan foods like glue and I'm really proud of that.

Anywho.. I hope everyone had a great day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

On plan Goal: 8/31
Water Goal: 8/31
Exercise Goal: 7/26
Checking in Goal: 8/31
No Chocolate Goal: 8/31

07-09-2011, 12:39 PM
Waddle by post. Our electrcity went out early Thurs afternoon. We took the dog, what groceries would fit in the cooler and outselves and fled to my parents house in the next county to spend the night. We don't know what time the power came back on, so I had to go through and throw a bunch of food out, clean the fridge etc. Then when I tried to check in here, the computer was acting weird, so I had to wait for Hubby to fix it. Grr. Our power went out because someone down the street was trying to trim a tree and a branch fell on the line; so at least the blackout was just a few streets around us.

07-09-2011, 03:05 PM
i know i missed yesterday, but i'll update with both days info :)

weigh in yesterday: 257.5
calories yesterday: 1690
water yesterday: 100+ oz (i didn't count after i got over 100oz)

weigh in today: 257.7
calories today: not counting!
water today: 100+ oz (i've got my two 1.5L bottles full and ready to go)

weight goal: 3.7 pounds to go
calorie goal: 7/28 days
water goal: 9/31 days

i'm a little up on the weight today. fully expected since i snacked on super salty pistachios last night before bed, and TOM's still here. LEAVING SOON THOUGH. today is a free day for me. not counting calories today because we're going to red lobster for dinner, and TIM MCGRAW concert tonight! yay! so since it's date night with the hubby it's a no-counting day for me. i'm not gonna let my weight loss journey dictate the fun i can have with my husband. i'll take my gain tomorrow and realize it was worth it for the fun we're having today :)

07-09-2011, 03:23 PM
Hello everyone,

Kim - I hope you're feeling better today.

Penguin - Sorry you had a loss of power on Thursday. That's no fun.

Mandy - I'm sure you'll drop those extra ounces real quick. I hope you have a great day.

I've stayed on track today and NO SCALE. It's getting easier now to not think about it when I get up first thing in the mornig. I am doing good with eating and exercise but I believe I will up my exercise next week.

I hope everyone else is having a great Saturday.

07-09-2011, 03:27 PM
Saturday 7/9

B: McD Oatmeal (290) coffee w/caramel (50)
S: blueberries (84)Pringles (220) 100 Cal popcorn (100) small banana (60) 2 dark chocs (80)
L: Chicken breast, 1 wing, salad w/ feta, bacon bits & Kraft Reduced fat 3 cheese dressing
D: Sandwich round w/turkey breast, cheese & mustard (230) YoCrunch 100 Cal Yogurt (100) 3 Musketeer snack bar (67)
Exercise: Firm total body time crunch and walked 2.5 miles at Stone Mtn.

Total Calories 1640

07-09-2011, 04:57 PM
Kim ~ That stinks that you still got really fatigued! I'm glad you are taking care of yourself, though. And good for you for not emotionally eating! :)

Penguin ~ Yuck, it's no fun cleaning out the fridge of food-gone-bad...I went through that a few weeks ago.

Mandy ~ Have a fun date night! :carrot:

GettinFit ~ Yay for not weighing!! :) I have been very, very tempted to just pull out the scale at random times during the day, but I haven't. I was becoming too obsessed and that is why I stopped weighing in the first place. But, I will admit that I have little freak-outs like "what the heck do I weigh?!?!?!!?" and it's so hard because I knew every single day for almost 6 months...letting that go has been (oddly) difficult! Guess that's my Type A "have to know, have to be in control" personality coming out.

07-09-2011, 05:34 PM
Yep Emme, it has been so tempting for me too. Had I not committed to the challenge here, I know I would have weighed before now. I can't wait to see how we do when we all weigh in.

Another goal that I set here saved me from snacking in the car today. It was about 12:30 today and I hadn't had lunch and was starving. I had bought some individual serving tubs of Pringles at Sam's Club and while on my way home, I wanted to eat a tub so bad since I was so hungry. I held back because I remembered my goal of not snacking while driving. I am so thankful for 3FC and all my fitness buddies :hug:

07-09-2011, 06:58 PM
GettinFit ~ AWESOME! Way to stick to your goal!! :)

07-09-2011, 10:14 PM
Evening everyone.

So I took it easy today like I decided yesterday. I've felt better over all. I was thinking about it trying to figure out what might be wrong. I've always exercised early in the day before I eat, and I've always been fine. BUT this past week I really upped the exercise and maybe the lack of energy was because I was using too much energy with not enough fuel. So next week I'm going to try splitting up my workout. Doing some in the morning and the rest in the afternoon after I've had lunch. See if that makes any difference. Either way I'm going to enjoy my day off tomorrow.

Not much else going on. I've been spot on with food, water and no chocolate! 9 days straight with absolutely no chocolate could be a new record for me. =)

I hope you're all having a great weekend.

On plan Goal: 9/31
Water Goal: 9/31
Exercise Goal: 8/26
Checking in Goal: 9/31
No Chocolate Goal: 9/31

07-10-2011, 01:15 AM
kim - you are a much stronger woman than i am. i keep hershey kisses in the house, and have one or two a day, they always work into my calories though. :)

07-10-2011, 11:46 AM
Its been a month since my last post here. I hope that Im really ready to get back on track!

SO I have a new job, cant say I love it..... but its a job and Im very gratful. So I have partially went grocery shopping for the month. I do need some additional dinner recipes that are still good the next day because I have to eat lot of left overs alot due to my schedule(time) and budget, Its hard to buy and cook for one. Any suggestions?

I plan to get back to using myfit*essplan becuase it truly helped me stick to my calorie intake. I will start using 30 day shred on the days I dont walk,but first I must locate my earplugs and arm ban.:?:

How is everyone???

Tricia Fierce
07-10-2011, 11:49 AM
Hey all. I challenged myself to a OP weekend, and apart from the mac and cheese I had at this really yummy restaurant here in Brooklyn, I'm doing well! (I had grilled asparagus and blackened catfish with that mac and cheese...and sangria with a lot of fruit in it).

Also, I've finally gotten back into the swing of things with my exercise regimen - incorporating 30 Day Shred with Insanity. If you're familiar with 30DS but not so much with Insanity, I'd say that Level 3 of 30DS is on par with the exercises done in the first month of's crazy that I'm about to start doing workouts HARDER than this in a couple of weeks!

So far all I've had today is a bowl of raisin bran, I have tons of errands to run and I'm gonna take some engagement photos later on today! I hope everyone has a great OP day! :goodvibes

07-10-2011, 04:48 PM
The power is still on, LOL. Not much is going on. We are trying to have a lazy weekend after the excitement of last week. and trying to stay inside. Its 97* with a heat index of 107* yuck!

07-10-2011, 06:13 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

Lisa - It's good to hear from you. I wondered what happened to you. I hope you like the new job more as time goes by. Just take it one meal at a time and you'll be back in your groove before you know it.

Tricia - Great job staying OP over the weekend and on getting your workouts done.

I've had a great weekend so far. I was at a pot luck lunch today and all I had was a plate full of salad, a Coke Zero and water. I've managed to stay off the scale too.

I hope everyone else is having a great day.

07-10-2011, 08:10 PM
Sunday 7/10

B: Cheerios, milk, coffee w/flavored creamer
L: Salad w/reg dressing, Coke Zero
S: Banana, Peanuts, Wheat Stix, 100 Cal popcorn
D: Rotiss Ckn, brocolli, dark choc
Exercise: Firm Boot Camp 101

Total Calories: 1278

07-10-2011, 08:26 PM
July's Challenge:

1. No "number" goal but goal to stay within my WW goals and measure myself. Would be happy with 6 lbs, thrilled with 8!

2. I would like to work out a minimum of 3 times a week, ideally 4 - a mix of cardio and weights.

3. Would like to visit the thread DAILY.

I love the dance Bonus idea!!! Thank you! (but not in lieu of exercising, in addition to it! : )

Thank you!!!

07-10-2011, 08:43 PM
Welcome calmeida5018. Your goals for the month are great! I hope you have great success this month. I look forward to reading about your successes.

07-10-2011, 08:48 PM
I look forward to sharing and partaking of everyone's goals and successes and being and receiving support when needed!!!!

07-10-2011, 10:01 PM
Evening all. Nothing fancy to report. I hope everyone had a great weekend and Monday is good to everyone as well!

On plan Goal: 10/31
Water Goal: 10/31
Exercise Goal: 8/26
Checking in Goal: 10/31
No Chocolate Goal: 10/31

07-10-2011, 10:12 PM
I know I'm a bit late but I'd like to join in on the July Challenge

1) My weight loss goal is to get as far into the 130s as possible
2) Continue swimming 3xs a week and do yoga on the other days
3)Visit this thread as often as possible

Additional goals:
Remain binge free for the entire of July
Keep to the IF plan
Save up for a set of dumbells

07-10-2011, 11:21 PM
That's a good one too - Remain binge free.

So adding to my goal:

Eating mindfully, sitting down, aware of each bite.

Tomorrow the challenge begins!!

07-11-2011, 10:10 AM
Good morning everyone:

:welcome: TheManekiNeko. I wish you much success in reaching your July goals. I agree and will join you on staying binge free. So far this month I haven't had a binge and I hope to go through the entire month without one. I look forward to reading your posts.

I hope everyone else is having a good day so far.

Still no weighin :carrot: Today made a full week since I've been on the scale. I am oh so curious to know where I am but I WILL wait 'til Friday, 7/29 before I step on the scale.

07-11-2011, 10:15 AM
Monday 7/11

B: Bagel thin (110) RF Cream cheese (35) milk (90) creamer (70)
L: Salad greens, chicken breast, YoCrunch Yogurt
D: Shrimp, roasted asparagus, dark choc
S: blueberries, peach
Exercise: Firm or Hip Hop Abs

07-11-2011, 10:22 AM
Coming in a little late, but I'm here.

July Goals - as of 7/11/11

1. Weight loss goal, 6 lbs.
2. Since I'm already behind, there are 21 more days left this month and I plan to exercise on all 21.
3. I'd love to check in everyday, but that may not be possible, so my goal will be checking in 3 times a week.

07-11-2011, 10:32 AM
Good morning everyone!

@ Getting fit - how do you like Hip Hop abs? I just ordered it! Figured it'd be funner than PX90 : ) Maybe if I get brave I'll order Shaun T's 60 Day Insanity at some point.

Wanted to check in before I start my day.

First the disappointing news: Weighed myself and was 183.4 - hoping it's water weight considering a few days ago I was 179, but wanted to stay "honest" about it.

Off to a good start, food wise. I post my food on weight watchers, not sure if there's a way to share. I figure I can at least post my points at the end of the day. I can have 29 daily and 49 for the week extra.

Going to try and do something physical, but have a sprained ligament on my left foot. I think I have a weight DVD I can do.

Talk to you again later! Everyone have a great day!

Thank you!


07-11-2011, 11:17 AM
Welcome, calmeida and TheManekiNeko and Timoba! Good luck to you all and I'm glad you joined our thread!! :)

Lisa ~ Good to hear from you! I'm sorry you don't love your new job, but it's awesome that you are grateful that you have it. Today's economy stinks really bad for a lot of people. If you like salsa you can always bake chicken tenderloins with salsa on them. They are still tasty the next day after being nuked. I even nuke them and wrap 'em in a piece of whole wheat bread.

Tricia ~ I'm glad you had an OP weekend! I don't do Level 3 of 30DS because it kills my knees...which is too bad because I remember that it was tough!

GettinFit ~ Awesome job at the potluck and with the non-weighing! It sounds like you are doing great.

The non-daily-weighing thing is getting a bit easier because I know that I'll start my patterned water-weight-gain due to ovulation by the end of the week, so that is encouraging me to stay off of the scale anyway. 18 days until the July 29th WI...that's right around the corner!! Yowsa!!

07-11-2011, 11:56 AM
Having the power off really messed with my schedule/plan. Mostly my fault for letting other things get in the way, and not always sticking to my eating like I should. So I"m starting fresh this morning.

Calmeida, Welcome, glad to have you join us. Ouch on your sprined ligament, I hope its feeling better

TheManekiNeko , "Welcome, glad to have you join us, Would you share a little info about the IF plan?

Timoba, Welcome, glad to have you join us.

Gettin, I just got out of TOM, so I wasn't really thrilled about weighing anyway.

Tricia, I watched clips of Insanity when it first came out. Not my idea of fun, LOL. Are you getting Asylum??

07-11-2011, 12:03 PM
Thanks you guys. I have a question. Maybe I overlooked it, but is there a cut cut off date for this challenge?

07-11-2011, 02:35 PM
Welcome Timoba. Nice to have you join in the challenge. No there is no cut off date. This challenge is on-going and anyone is welcome to jump in at any time. Our overall goal is to stick with our plans and reach our ultimate weigh loss goal. We're just doing it one day at a time.

Claudia - I like Hip Hop Abs because I find that it works my middle area (my problem area). I hope you like it.

Emme - I'm just hoping I'll be over that 215 mark. That's where I plateaued before. I'm sure you'll be at 165 by then and we'll be celebrating.

Penguin - You've got the right attitude, today IS a new day. I hope it's going good for you so far.

I'm having a good day. I'm tracking my calories on My Plate and I'm downing the water. I can't wait to get my workout done later this evening when I get home. I'm thinking seriously about getting a treadmill since I really need to include walking in my daily routine and it's been too hot to get out and walk after work. I'd also be able to walk during the wintertime after dark when I get home. I love doing my DVDs but as I lose some more weight, I'd like to start running.

Have a great "rest of the day" everyone.

07-11-2011, 04:57 PM
I also ordered "new weight lifting for women" so I can work on my beautifully tattooed arms and not be embarrassed by the bat wings that hang with it!!!

Can't wait to get it and buy heavier weights!!!

07-11-2011, 05:09 PM
I also ordered "new weight lifting for women" so I can work on my beautifully tattooed arms and not be embarrassed by the bat wings that hang with it!!!

Can't wait to get it and buy heavier weights!!!

I've heard about that book and I've been tempted to buy it, but I just don't want to go into a weight room just yet. Once you read through it and see what needs to be done, let me know if the exercises can be done outside a weight room.

07-11-2011, 05:42 PM
From what I've been reading you can adapt some of it to work out at home if you have heavier weights. I used to be a gym rat 15 years ago and don't really have any issues hitting the weight room. I go during the day when the "meat heads" aren't all over the place.

07-11-2011, 08:18 PM
We took April to the vet today, it was time for her Heartworm meds, but because we walked her around so much over the weekend she developed a limp in her healing leg, and we found a raised red spot on her belly. The vet thinks all is well, but to keep her rested and an eye on the spot to see if it changes.

Other than that nothing exciting to report. Its just hot! The AC in the car finally died, so Hubby is out buying freon/r-whatever to fix it. No workout for me.

07-11-2011, 10:28 PM
Evening everyone. Hi to all the new ladies! Good luck with all your goals.

Another day down, not much more to say. Pretty dull day here. =)

On plan Goal: 11/31
Water Goal: 11/31
Exercise Goal: 9/26
Checking in Goal: 11/31
No Chocolate Goal: 11/31

07-12-2011, 12:03 AM
Mon 11
B= 2 c milk, vits,
L= salad, taco leftovers {meat, cheese, black beans, veggies}
D= homemade cheeseburger, peas + carrots
S= pb ice cream

Hubby and I agreed not to buy any more ice cream for a while. I'm going to try making more fruit based desserts.

07-12-2011, 12:23 AM
weigh in today: 259.5 (yikes!)
calories today: 1560
water today: 94.4oz

weight goal: 5.5 pounds to go
calorie goal: 9/28 days
water goal: 11/31 days

alright. so i'm still suffering my gain from the super yummy dinner at red lobster... but i've been OP for the last two days, and chuggin my water like i've been in the desert for a month. hopefully sticking to my plan will see it drop off quickly!

07-12-2011, 10:41 AM
Mandy, I like your new avatar!

Aprils leg us much better today!

07-12-2011, 10:43 AM
Good morning ladies,

Mandy - I'm sure those extra 2 pounds will be gone soon. Just keep on sticking to your plan.

Penguin - I hope your DH can get your car AC fixed. It has been soooo hot this summer. I can't imagine being in the car without it.

All is going good with me. Still no W/I. I am so curious but I'm not going to give in. I can see small changes in the mirror so hopefully I'm shrinking.

Have a great OP day everyone.

07-12-2011, 10:53 AM
Tuesday 7/12

B: 100 Cal english muffin, Queso Laughing Cow, 1 sl canadian bacon (155) Coffee w/creamer (60)
L: Ckn breast on Sandwich round w/lettuce & mustard (170) Pringles (110) YoCrunch yogurt (100) dark choc (100)
S: grapes (60) banana (60)
D: Subway sub (290) Pringles (110)
Exercise: Rest day

1215 calories

07-12-2011, 10:55 AM
All is going good with me. Still no W/I. I am so curious but I'm not going to give in. I can see small changes in the mirror so hopefully I'm shrinking.

GettinFit ~ Don't give in!!! I had my husband hide my scale this morning and told him he can't get it out for me until Thursday night (the 28th) before my WI that Friday. You should take the batteries out of your scale and put them in a completely separate room (or throw them away and buy new ones the day before the WI) that way it can't be used. Or if it is a non-digital scale you should just move the little thingy so it's way off anyway and you won't want to step on it. It's soooo hard not knowing, but if I keep eating right and exercising, then I am moving in the right direction and I need to trust my body more.

Tricia Fierce
07-12-2011, 11:08 AM
Good morning everyone, and a big HI to the new girls!!!

I just have to say - I've been OP for three days in a row (long time since I could actually say that) and I feel great! One foot in front of the other... one day at a time...

So Mr. Fierce & I have decided to push back our wedding date to next year, to allow time to plan a really great wedding ceremony. I'm excited...and it is giving me a great goal for 2012: drop 3 dress sizes by my 30th bday in May! More inspiration to stick to Insanity and 30DS and whatever other workout DVD I fancy! I'm looking to incorporate a good kickboxing dvd into my regimen... if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it!

Emme- Level 3 of 30DS, Insanity and anything else involving plyos are HARD on the knees. Definitely not for everyone. I pace myself with some of the moves because I have had knee issues since I was a little girl and I injured my knee a few years ago (e.g. if they want a double jump I might just stick to a single jump). I feel like my knees are getting stronger for doing the moves though!

Penguin - I don't know about the Asylum! It looks more insane than Insanity! However, this is coming from someone who used to struggle to do Level 1 of 30DS and now can get through Level 3 (thanks to Insanity)! When I get through the Insanity workout calendar I will definitely consider it...

07-12-2011, 09:56 PM
Another day down...

On plan Goal: 12/31
Water Goal: 12/31
Exercise Goal: 10/26
Checking in Goal: 12/31
No Chocolate Goal: 12/31

Tricia ~ I have a 10 minute solutions kickboxing dvd. I really like the instructor a lot and it's one of my favorite workouts. I don't know if it would interest you though since you do Insanity. Might be too easy. =) It's KnockOut Body with Jessica Smith. I got it at Walmart and it came with weighted gloves. The whole thing is 50 minutes but I've only worked up to doing 30 so far.

07-13-2011, 12:44 AM
Tues 12
B= 2 c milk, vits
S= Peach
L= salad, PBJ sand
D= 1/2 leftover porkchop 'patty melt' {PLT with cheese?:D}
S= straw greek yogurt, walnuts

Since I feel like I haven't done very well eating on plan for the past week, I have no desire to weigh and find out the bad news, LOL.

07-13-2011, 10:33 AM
Our power went off again. This time only for an hour or so around 6am; I'm wondering if this isn't the permanent fix to the temporary fix of last week??? I hope??

Since I was up, LOL, I did Leslie's Big Burn {30min/2miles}. Mom and Dad are taking me out to lunch today at a local BBQ place. My niece is having her first baby in Nov and she's supposed to find out 'boy vs girl' this week. So maybe we can swing by a yarn store and pick up the appropriate color for a sweater, hat, and bootie set.

07-13-2011, 10:38 AM
Good morning ladies,

Penguin - Looks like you're doing better with you eating. I hope you have a nice surprise when you do weigh.

Kim - You're rockin it too!

I've been plugging along. Still tempted to weigh but I haven't and I won't 'til the 29th. It has been soooo HOT here that I haven't been able to do any walking. I am so ready for the crisp cool fall mornings.

I hope everyone else is having a good day so far.

07-13-2011, 10:41 AM
Wed 7/13 - Total Calories today 1323

B: 2 pcs reduced fat bacon, sliced tomatoes, coffee w/creamer
L: Salad w/1oz chicken breast, feta cheese, RF dressing, 3 pcs dk choc
S: grapes, Yocrunch 100 Cal yogurt, peanuts, 1/2 tub pringles
D: Progresso reduced sodium gumbo topped w/2% shredded cheese, 2 pcs dark choc
Exercise: Firm Cardio Party

07-13-2011, 11:12 AM
Tricia ~ Woo-hoo for having a goal to drop 3 dress sizes by May! Awesome goal. :)

Penguin ~ How fun about making all that stuff for your niece!

Kim ~ I might have to check out that kickboxing DVD you mentioned...I'm always up for something different, and the heat has been keeping me inside lately...and the treadmill and the 30DS are boring sometimes.

GettinFit ~ It's been really hot here, too. Today is the first break we've had from the heat and humidity, but it is supposed to be back on Friday. Blech. Stay strong, girl! You are doing great with not weighing.

Monday and Tuesday were good days for me. Today I am feeling especially hungry and the left side of my stomach hurts. Maybe my calories are too low?! That's the downside about not weighing daily. I have no idea how my body is reacting to the calorie level I am at now. But, I'm just going to listen to my body and if I am hungry then I am going to feed it!

07-13-2011, 02:52 PM
Emme - I agree that we need to listen to our bodies. I find that some days I want more to eat than other days. It seems that I want more on the days that I have intense workouts. As far as weighing goes, I just hope I'm not stuck at the dreaded 215 when I do get on the scale! That would be awful to step on the scale and see 215 at the end of the month!!!!

Tricia Fierce
07-13-2011, 05:10 PM
Hi everyone,

So far, my day is pretty much OP. I'm going to an event later on today, after work, and I'm going to do my best to squeeze in an Insanity workout when I get home.

Kim - thanks for the recommendation! I've heard about that one, and I was thinking to check it out (maybe I can rent it?). It could be a bit below my level but definitely worth a try. I've come across a couple other titles that I'm going to explore. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Emme - thank you! And I hear you, it's important to stay in tuned with our bodies' needs, which may not be on whatever plan we're following. Ignoring real hunger signals is definitely not good!

Gettin - Just wondering - would it really be so awful if you stepped on the scale at the end of the month and you were at 215? I believe you'll probably lose - and I know it's your goal - but what would happen if you don't? Just looking at your tracker and it looks like you've made great progress (20lbs is a lot to lose!), and I'm sure you have made all kinds of progress this month that has nothing to do with your actual weight number. The number on the scale does not have the power decide how well you're doing... you do. That's just my perspective on weigh-ins though.

I hope everyone is having a great OP day! :goodvibes

07-13-2011, 05:50 PM
As far as weighing goes, I just hope I'm not stuck at the dreaded 215 when I do get on the scale! That would be awful to step on the scale and see 215 at the end of the month!!!!

I agree with what Tricia said...would it really be so bad if you were at 215? I know, I's like you asking me, "would it really be so bad if you WI and weren't at goal?" Um, yes. But you know you've been doing what you need to do, so even if you did WI at 215 you shouldn't let it bother you too much. Your body may be adjusting in different areas. I know 215 was your "bad" number the last time around, but don't let it be! If you step on the scale and weigh 215, just embrace it and know that you haven't gone up, and that you have nowhere to go but down!! :)

07-13-2011, 08:59 PM
Thanks Tricia & Emme for the reality check. You are so right that I need to prepare myself just in case I'm still at 215. I've already lost 1.25" off my waist and that is what matters.

07-13-2011, 09:09 PM
Evening ladies. Another day over.

On plan Goal: 13/31
Water Goal: 13/31
Exercise Goal: 11/26
Checking in Goal: 13/31
No Chocolate Goal: 13/31

GettinFit ~ I think you're doing great and no matter the number at the end of the month you should be super proud of yourself. =)

I hope everyone had a great day!

07-14-2011, 09:58 AM
Good morning ladies,

awh - Thanks Kim. I am proud that I've stuck to my plan and that I've stayed off the scale. You're doing a great job too! When your DH comes home you are going to be a knock out!!!

Today I am feeling small :D I had a new pair size 16 pants in my closet that didn't fit about 6 weeks ago and I have them on today and they're too big!!! They'll probably have to go in my donation box. When I look in the mirror, I can see a difference even in my neck & face so my hard work is paying off :cb:

I hope everyone has a great OP day.

07-14-2011, 10:01 AM
Thursday July 14

B: 1 tsp cashew butter, skim milk, coffee (I'm eating light since I'll have my weekly taco salad treat today)
L: Taco salad (approx 600 cals)
S: popcorn (100), YoCrunch 100 cal yogurt (100)
Exercise: Hip Hop Abs or Firm

07-14-2011, 10:43 AM
Today I am feeling small :D I had a new pair size 16 pants in my closet that didn't fit about 6 weeks ago and I have them on today and they're too big!!! They'll probably have to go in my donation box. When I look in the mirror, I can see a difference even in my neck & face so my hard work is paying off :cb:

Woo-hoo!! See, now even if you do see 215 it shouldn't matter because you are fitting into your skinny size 16s and feeling small (I love that feeling, BTW)! :) Even if the scale doesn't budge, your body is melting and that's even better because that's what everyone can see and notice!! Keep it up!! :carrot:

07-14-2011, 04:25 PM
Good afternoon all. I'm still working hard and getting it in. I stepped on the scale yesterday at a dr's appointment. If it hold true, I'm expecting a nice loss for my official weigh in.

07-14-2011, 04:47 PM
Have been having a bad week - sticking with my points but no exercise. I'm very depressed about my foot pain and not being able to go to work, which means I'm not making any money which stresses me out which, you guessed it, makes me eat...

I have several work out DVDs I could do that are low impact or weights and am even procrastinating on that.

Sorry to be such a bummer, thought of not posting, but maybe some support and inspiration will help me get out of this mental and physical rut...


07-14-2011, 08:56 PM
Calmeida ~ Sorry to hear you're in a rut. Hopefully your foot gets better soon so you can get back on track.

Another good day for me. Tomorrow is my mid month weighin. I have to say I feel good, and when I look in the mirror I definitely see a difference. Who knows what the scale will say tomorrow, but I know I've been doing the best I can so I'm going to be happy no matter the number.

Hope everyone had a great day!

On plan Goal: 14/31
Water Goal: 14/31
Exercise Goal: 12/26
Checking in Goal: 14/31
No Chocolate Goal: 14/31

07-14-2011, 09:26 PM
Evening everyone,

Emme - Thanks for the motivation. You are so right.

Calm - I hope your foot gets better soon so you can return to work. You're right, it's no fun when the money isn't coming in. Stay strong.

Timboa - I hope you have a pleasant surprise at your official W/I. Keep up the great work.

Great job Kim - You are rockin it girl.

I had a good day. I enjoyed my taco salad at lunch and was still full at dinner so I didn't eat anything else. I was planning for today to be a high calorie day but it ended up being less than 1000 cals:(

Have a great evening everyone.

07-15-2011, 09:10 AM
Ooooooooook. So I said last night that I would be happy no matter the number. And I meant it, I did. BUT. To be honest I am disappointed. 3.4lbs down for the last two weeks. A loss, yes. The loss I wanted? No. I was pretty much hoping for double that. I've been completely on plan and that was not the result I was expecting.

I'm so not ready for my losses to slow down at this point, but I obviously have no choice in the matter. If my losses stay at this level or drop any more than my goal for the end of October is really out of reach. I picked 185 because I thought 10lbs a month was reasonable because that's what I've always averaged when I've stayed on plan and also because I'm pretty sure that's less than I weighed when I met my husband when I was 15.

Ok, so it's not over yet. I still have time and even if I only make it halfway to that goal I'll still be lighter then I've been in a good 10 years. I'm not going to go binge or anything, but I am going to have a mini pity party it seems. I'm just a little bummed right now.. =P I'm sure you all know how it is to feel like you haven't been rewarded for your hard work.


07-15-2011, 11:15 AM
Good morning ladies,

Happy Friday!!!

Kim - :cb: 3.4 pounds in 2 weeks is great!!! I'll be happy with that for the month girl. Remember what you told me the other day... "no matter the number is you should be super proud of yourself. =)"
Be proud of that 3.4 because we're proud of you. You're almost in the 2 teens.

Last night I upped my daily calories by having some pringles & red wine. I ended up with about 1400 calories.

I hope everyone else is having a great day.

07-15-2011, 11:17 AM
Fri July 15

B: Cheerios, skim milk, coffee w/skim milk
L: Salad w/cheese & 1/2 grilled chicken breast, reg dressing, dark choc
S: Mixed nuts, 1 gl red wine
D: Wasn't hungry after the nuts
Exercise: Walked 3 miles

07-15-2011, 11:25 AM
Timoba ~ I will keep my fingers crossed that you have a good WI :)

calmeida ~ I'm sorry you are having a bad week. :hug: It's great that you posted, though. It helps to vent! I hope today is a better day for you.

Kim ~ 3.6 pounds is an awesome loss, and I know you know that, but I also know what it's like to not lose what you thought you'd lose. Like you said, even if you only make it halfway, at least that is less than you've been in a long time!! Hang in there and keep going, girl! :)

GettinFit ~ sounds so good...glad you were able to up your calories to get to your range!

I hope everyone else is doing great...happy Friday! :) My nephew's birthday is Sunday, but we are meeting for a small family lunch at a restaurant. I usually get their grilled chicken sandwich because it is so yummy, and I love their fries...I think I am going to get them and have that be a higher calorie meal for the day/weekend. We shall see.

I have a confession. I found the scale. By accident. I weighed myself this morning. I really thought I wouldn't weigh myself if I happened to find it, but I did find it. And I did weigh myself. I feel more relieved now that I have weighed myself because I wanted to make sure I was still on pace, but I feel bad that I couldn't hold out another two weeks. I'm not going to weigh myself daily anymore, and I'm going to try to hold out until the 29th (at least I made it 9 days without weighing!), but I might check in with myself next Friday. GettinFit ~ I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the 29th. I feel really bad that I started this "challenge" with you and couldn't do it. :(

07-15-2011, 11:43 AM
Emme - You're right, it is unbelievably hard to not know whether you're on pace or not. I'm glad it was down for you and that you're on pace to reach your goal by the 31st. I was soooo tempted this morning to take a peek but I'll try and hold out a couple more weeks.

I just know you will be celebrating 165 very soon :cb:

Don't beat yourself up over weighing early. I may go for it next Friday instead of the 29th. I so want to know if I'm on pace too.

Tricia Fierce
07-15-2011, 12:28 PM
Good morning everyone, and happy Friday!

I'm happy dancing :carrot: for everyone who is doing fabulously (there are so many of you)!

I am feeling great and my eating has been OP. I also just discovered the joys of almond butter as a peanut butter replacement - I love peanut butter but I think almond butter is agrees with me - I think it might be the lower sugar level in the AB i'm using (I'm pre-diabetic, so this is a concern for me).

I am sad to report that I haven't actually started my Insanity workouts again...the past two days I have been ridiculously exhausted after work and so I paid attention to my body and just slept as much as I could...and it's paid off! I wasn't getting my regular 6 to 8 hours a night for weeks now and it caught up with me! Feeling better today so I'm thinking today will be the day I get back to it!

Today is feeling like a great day to get completely back on track! :carrot:

07-15-2011, 04:31 PM
Remember what you told me the other day... "no matter the number is you should be super proud of yourself. =)"
Be proud of that 3.4 because we're proud of you. You're almost in the 2 teens.

I know, I know, I know! I feel a lot better then I did this morning.. Thanks ladies. =)

I went shopping today. I wore a shirt that I've been able to wear for a while, but it fits a lot better now. I was walking through Kohl's and everytime I walked past one of their full length mirrors I could really tell a difference. Even with my 5 year old in tow I saw a couple guys check me out a few times and in one store the cashier flirted with me. It's really nice to feel like I'm getting attractive again. =)

07-15-2011, 06:15 PM
Hi all. I'm new here and hope to get to know you all very soon. I was referred to this thread by gettinfit who gave it a raving review. I have soooo been looking for a good support group and from what she says, that's what I'll find here. So, here I am!

July goals:
1) OP rest of the days in this month
2) take a picture of everything I eat with my phone :) then journal it!
3) be very intentional about getting veggies and fruits into my body
4) I bike a lot but my goal is to exercise the other days too so I want to exercise all but one day each week. I need to exercise for at least 30 min.

That's all I can think of for now. I'll be back next week to get my feet more wet with your site! THANKS for letting me come here!

07-15-2011, 09:50 PM
Hey Workinmom - I'm so glad you found us! This is an awesome group of ladies and everyone is doing so good. You'll love posting here. Your goals for the rest of the month are great goals and I know you can stick to 'em. Just post as often as you can and let us know how it's going.

Kim - Way to go on having the guys check you out ;) That's always such an ego booster for me :D I'm glad you're feeling better about your loss too. You'll probably make up for it when you do your next W/I.

Tricia - Great job on staying OP! You did good to listen to your body and give it some rest. I bet you'll rock those Insanity Workouts next week.

Emme - We didn't mention a challenge to stay OP over the weekend. Don't know if you're up to it but I'm gonna go for it again this weekend. I just don't want to let my guard down and start the crazy snacking again.

I hope everyone else had a great day.

I did a 3 mile walk this evening. It finally cooled of a bit here so I was able to get out and walk. I did okay with eating today except I had a few too many nuts this eveniing and wasn't hungry at dinner so I didn't eat anything.

Have a great evening everyone

07-16-2011, 04:49 PM
GettinFit- thanks. I lost 1lb. I wanted more, but I'll accept it. :-)

Emme- thank you.

Are we supposed to only weigh on the 31st for this challenge? I already stepped on the scale but can hold off until then if thats what everyone else is doing.

07-16-2011, 07:46 PM
GettinFit ~ Yes, I'm trying my hardest to have an OP weekend...glad you mentioned it! :) Hope your weekend is going great and I'm glad you were able to get outside and get some walking in with the cooler weather!

Timoba ~ You can weigh yourself whenever you'd like! I used to weigh daily and thought I could hold out until the 29th, but that didn't happen.

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend! :)

07-16-2011, 11:00 PM
Evening ladies. Having a pretty dull weekend. But on plan. Hope everyone is enjoying theirs.

On plan Goal: 16/31
Water Goal: 16/31
Exercise Goal: 14/26
Checking in Goal: 16/31
No Chocolate Goal: 16/31

07-16-2011, 11:26 PM
On Hubbys iphone Computer wifi thingy broken. Hopefully fixed monday.

07-17-2011, 10:08 AM
Good morning everyone,

Congrats Timboa on your loss :cb: Great job! I was also weighing daily but was getting a little too obsessed with it so I also decided to try holding off 'til the end of the month. I will probably start back weighing weekly afther this Friday just to be sure I'm on pace or if I need to adjust anything.

Emme -I did pretty good until last night. I had the munchies and spent way too many calories snacking. I did get in a 3 mile walk on Friday and yesterday. The weather was gorgeous on both days. It will start heating back up today though.

Hi Kim & Penguin - Hope you're having a great day.

Workinmom - How's your weekend going?

Today I am planning to eat very light and low sodium.

07-17-2011, 10:09 AM
Sun July 17

B: banana, Coffee w/creamer, 1/4 c milk
S: orange

07-17-2011, 03:56 PM
GettinFit ~ Same with me...I did fine until we went out to my S-I-L's house and stopped by my favorite ice cream joint. Oh well. Today is a new day! I had a burrito for lunch from this great Mexican restaurant, but I got it without cheese, sour cream, and guac, so it was just chicken, lettuce, onion and tomato. I'm hoping it isn't too bad.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend...they go by so fast!

07-17-2011, 06:19 PM
Hey everyone.. Not having a good day. My husband called me this morning upset. He has a retinal detachment. They are going to do surgery tomorrow morning. I'm worried and upset that I can't be with him right now.

I also found out my brother and SIL are separated. I talked to her on the phone for about an hour. Things aren't looking good for them.

My step father's dad passed away on Friday and everyone is in TN for the memorial today. I'm just stressed out and feeling extra alone.

I haven't done much all day but eat. Yeah, it hasn't been a good day.

07-17-2011, 08:49 PM
Hey everyone.. Not having a good day. My husband called me this morning upset. He has a retinal detachment. They are going to do surgery tomorrow morning. I'm worried and upset that I can't be with him right now.

I also found out my brother and SIL are separated. I talked to her on the phone for about an hour. Things aren't looking good for them.

My step father's dad passed away on Friday and everyone is in TN for the memorial today. I'm just stressed out and feeling extra alone.

I haven't done much all day but eat. Yeah, it hasn't been a good day.

:hug: I'm really sorry to hear about everything going on! Sending some positive thoughts your way.

07-18-2011, 08:53 AM
TooManyDimples- sorry for your loss.

I'm also a daily weigher and every little increase stresses me out. I think I may try to cut back too. I have to make a correction from the weekend. I listed my loss as 1lb, but actually lost 2.2lbs. I think I may just join you all and hold off until the end of the month too.

07-18-2011, 10:06 AM
Timoba ~ Awesome on the 2.2!

This weekend totally went to crap for me. Friday I had a high calorie day that I could count. Saturday I was fine until we went out for ice cream at 9:00 at night and I couldn't pass it up (well, I could have, but I didn't). And yesterday I had a burrito that I have no idea what the calorie count was, and then I topped off the night (at 8:30) with graham crackers and peanut butter which were an extra 500 calories that I didn't need. Grrrr...I need to buckle down since there are only 10 more days until I'm hoping to hit goal. If I don't make it, I don't make it, but man would I like to be close!

07-18-2011, 10:14 AM
Good morning everyone,

Kim - :hug: I'm so sorry that you're going through all this right now. I hope you can find the strength to get through it.

Timboa - :congrat: on your 2.2 loss! I hear you on the daily weighing. It really messes with my mind too. I am going to try real hard to stay off 'til the 29th. After that, it may be weekly.

Emme - Looks like most of us had a crappy weekend foodwise. I am so mad at myself that I gave in to the snacking/binging. I probably had about 2500 calories both days and yesterday they all mostly came from Pringles & Nuts!! I did get in a 3 mile walk on Saturday morning but nothing yesterday. Today is a new day for me and it's going to be a good one!

07-18-2011, 10:19 AM
Mon July 18

B: orange, coffee w/skim milk & flavored creamer
S: banana, 100 cal popcorn
L: salad w/FF raspberry vinaigrette dressing
D: Progresso Reduced Sodium Gumbo
Exercise: TBD

07-18-2011, 10:53 AM
Today is a new day for me and it's going to be a good one!

^^^^^^Yes!! That is the right attitude! Maybe we just all needed a weekend of "ah, screw it". :) Sometimes I think the focus is so strong and heavy on eating "right" and being within what we think is "good" that there are times our brains just need a mental break from everything. I don't feel bad for eating so much, but I feel kinda gross it's just all sitting in my stomach...yuck! Onto a better day, though!!

07-18-2011, 11:03 AM
Emme- thanks, and honey I think we all day days like that! My last one, I went overboard on Papa John!!

GettinFit- thanks. Wishing you a good day today!

07-18-2011, 12:33 PM
Wow! There have been a lot of posts since my last one Friday. This is an active group. You guys have got me really thinking about waiting until the end of the month to weigh myself. That probably does keep the focus on listening to your body more, I bet! I didn't stick to my goals over the weekend 100% but did OK. I hate to say it but I sort of forgot and fell into auto mode. So, I will post every day this week to stay with the program. I'm still working on reading back to get to know you guys better.

TooManyDimples - It sounds like you've got an extra load right now. Do you have any close friends you can call on so you're not so lonely? It sounds like you have some support here too! I hope it all gets better soon.

More personals later as I get to know ya'll.

B~2 eggs in pam, coffee w/sf creamer
L~chicken breast, broccli and cauliflower
Sn~cream of wheat

Exercise this week:
Mon~bike ride
Tues~upper body lifting
Wed~bike ride
Thurs~upper body lifting
Fri~bike ride
Sat & Sun~ rest days

FYI - Next week I head out on a 300 mile bike tour here in MN so I will not be online then. It will be a lot of exercise but there's a lot of food offered on the route too so I'll have to be careful with the balance.

07-18-2011, 12:37 PM
workinmom ~ Welcome!! I must have missed your post on Friday, so I apologize for not saying hi to you sooner! :wave: Wow, a 300 mile bike tour?! That's impressive...good for you! I'm sure they'll have lots of "good" food on the tour like granola bars and stuff like, with all of that biking I think you'll be just fine. ;)

07-18-2011, 05:23 PM
Good afternoon everyone,

Just a quick check in as I've been super busy today. I've done great with my eating so far and I'm feeling really good about that.

Workinmom - I'm still amazed over your 300 mile bike tour. That is going to be awesome and I know you're going to do great. Just remember that if you eat right, you'll have lots more energy.

07-19-2011, 10:05 AM
Good morning everyone,

I hope all are doing okay. I had a much better day yesterday but because I wasn't feeling good, I didn't workout. I'm feeling really bloated today and I'm sure it's from all the salty stuff I ate over the weekend. I plan on having a good day today and will be drinking lots of water. Yesterday I didn't track my calories but today I plan to do so.

Have a great OP day everyone.

07-19-2011, 11:05 AM
Good morning, everyone! :wave:

GettinFit ~ I hope you feel better today!

I don't know if I am going to be able to track my calories today. My mom and I are spending the day at an outdoor shopping mall and we'll be eating out there, so I am going to try my best to get something that "looks" like it would be in a "good" calorie range.

Hope everyone else is doing great! :)

Tricia Fierce
07-19-2011, 11:31 AM
So the past few days have been super busy and I have come to accept that this will be my life for the rest of this summer. I have a lot going on careerwise, at home and now with wedding planning, I just have to make sure these things do not turn into distractions from my journey towards a healthier body!

I have been OP more or less except for tracking my points plus values (for those unfamiliar, that's the method Weight Watchers uses to help members keep track of their intake) but I have been sticking to my daily weigh-in. The number on the scale is going down, generally (with a daily weigh in, seeing an increase on one day is inevitable, but really not a big deal unless its a signficant increase!) I should probably update my trackers to reflect what's really going on!

I also FINALLY got back into my Insanity workouts... happy to report that my fitness level has not decreased during my break!

Today, all I've had is a bagel with cream cheese (not the healthiest breakfast, but for me its OP as long as I balance it out for the rest of the day).

I hope everyone is having a great morning! I will have to catch up with everyone's posts now...

07-19-2011, 09:43 PM
Hi everyone. I hope you're all doing well.

My husband hasn't had surgery yet. On Monday he went to two specialists. They said it might not be a retinal detachment, there is a lot of blood in his eye and it might just be that causing the vision problems. He's going back on Friday and hopefully they'll know more then.

I spent a few days stressed out and making some bad food choices. I got completely back on track today and it felt better being on plan.

07-20-2011, 12:44 AM
The part to fix the computer's router {or whatever} arrived today {two days late I might add!}, so I can get back online. I missed you guys!

I haven't worked out much because of my sore hip, but its almost better; I think I made the tendon mad.:( My eating could have been better also, but I've gotten a grip, I think!

I've been spending some quality time knitting. I'm on my third baby outfit. I made one to test the pattern, thought it was okay but could be better, so I did another one in a varigated red {for that Baby Diva look, LOL!}, and thought it was better but now I'm trying another pattern which I don't like as much. I still don't know the original gender so I'm going to make a few and have them around to give as presents. And making baby stuff is so fun!:D

Still haven't weighed! Catch up more tomorrow!

Workin, welcome, glad to have you join us.

Kim, Hope Hubby's eye is okay. I've had several detachments, are they going to laser around it??

07-20-2011, 08:45 AM
hey everyone!

i've been awful about getting here to post. i've pretty much been logging on to post my daily weigh in on that thread, and heading to work, working late, then coming home and going to bed. working 2-11 and having a hubby that works 8-5 makes it difficult to spend time together, so that's been my focus.

good news is, i've been on plan with water every day, and on plan with food every day except the 2 i'd intentionally left free. i still have 1 free day left this month, and it will probably happen saturday... cookout with hubby's coworkers.

also good news: yesterday's weigh in had me at 254.6... meaning i'm just .6 pounds away from my july goal, and i'm thinking of revising it to 252! :)

(as of yesterday)
weight goal: 0.6 pounds to go
calorie goal: 17/28 days
water goal: 19/31 days

07-20-2011, 10:33 AM
Tricia ~ It's awesome that you got back into your insanity workouts! Good for you!![/QUOTE]

Kim ~ Don't worry about the few days of bad food choices. You're back on track and ready to go! :)

Penguin ~ Welcome back! Glad you are having fun knitting!

Mandy ~ Wow, yes, it sounds like you are super busy! And YAY for being so close to your July goal! :cheer:

I was so nervous about going out to eat with my mom yesterday because I didn't know where we'd be going to at the outdoor mall. There are a lot of high-calorie places like Cheesecake Factory and Maggiano's and she said, "let's go to Subway." What an angel. :) So, I was able to track my calories yesterday, thank goodness! Wow, 11 more days of July!

07-20-2011, 10:44 AM
Whew. There's so much going on with this group that it is kind of overwhelming.

Emme - Don't ya love it when that happens? YAY for Subway. :)
Gettinfit - Remember to throw some lemon in your water. Hopefully, you feel back to normal soon. I hate that bloated feeling. I am realizing more and more that carbs does that to me too. :(
Tricia - Glad to see there's another points plus person here!
TooManyDimples - Way to get back on track. You really do have a lot going on but poor health habits won't help in anyway. I have to remember this too!
Patchworkpenquin - I wish I had your gift of craftiness. I like the thought of it but never seem to get around to the doing part.
k0nf... What a screenname! What does it mean? You, too, have a lot going on. Way to stick with your health goals.

It has been hot and humid here! Yesterday I felt like I hadn't slept at all the night before and I'm sure it had to do with the humidity. Ew! I have a bike ride today after work. It might be a slooowww one. :)

I'm rather excited. I have been having a bugger of a time lately. I leave work starving at the end of the day and tempted to get a not so good for me snack. Last eve, I was digging in the fridge and remembered I loaded up on some yummy veggies last weekend. So, I get to eat as much as I need to today as long as I'm digging in the free veggies I brought. I probably haven't yet told you guys, I'm doing the new points plus WW program and love it but am not going to meetings. So, anywho, fruits and veggies are FREE! I love that word.

07-20-2011, 10:52 AM
Good morning ladies,

You all are doing an awesome job!

Tricia - Great job on the Insanity workouts. I'm glad your fitness level didn't drop.

Mandy - Great job on sticking to your plan. You're doing great.

Kim - Hang in there. I hope everything turns out okay with your DH and great job getting back on track.

Penguin - I'm glad you got your router fixed and you're back online. WOW you've been knitting up a storm. If you can, post some pics of your projects.

Emme - I'm glad you had a nice day with your Mom and was able to track your calories.

Workinmom - How's it going?

I have been slipping:mad: this week. I've not tracked my calories and haven't worked out since Saturday!!! I have been guestimating my calories and I know that's not good. Today I promised myself that I would log on to My Plate and track. Do you all ever get to the point where you get tired of tracking everything you eat? I will definitely be doing a Firm workout today. I got a new Firm DVD and I'm looking forward to doing it.

Have a great day everyone.

07-20-2011, 10:56 AM
Workinmom - I just saw your post. I'm glad you are liking PointsPlus and that it's working for you. I have been contemplating giving it another go. We have an at work program that meets today. I'll see.

Great job on sticking with those fruits & veggies :carrot: :cb:

07-20-2011, 11:17 AM
Whew. There's so much going on with this group that it is kind of overwhelming.

workinmom ~ Don't feel pressured to comment on everyone every day...I do every once in a while when I have enough time, but sometimes I only comment on one person's thing for the day. And I agree about the veggies...yum!!

Do you all ever get to the point where you get tired of tracking everything you eat?

YES!!!! I know what you mean. It can be exhausting and tiring and frustrating at times. But don't give up!! It's ok that you have been slipping for a few's probably a much needed mental break. But don't take too much of a mental break! Only 11 days left of the can do this!

07-20-2011, 02:24 PM
k0nf... What a screenname! What does it mean? You, too, have a lot going on. Way to stick with your health goals.

k0nfyo0zed = konfyoozed = confused :)

something i came up with 10+ years ago in highschool and i use it for everything online now. heh. most folks i interact with on this forum have stopped trying to type it out and just go with 'mandy' :) i'm tempted to ask the mods to change my ID.

07-20-2011, 02:53 PM
Mandy - I never saw "confused" in your screen name :lol: That's cute!

Emme - I can't/won't give up now. I just got back from joining the Weight Watchers group here at work. Another co-worker from my department joined with me. Plus, I know 1/2 of the folks in the group and I've known the leader for years. It should be fun. I'll give PointsPlus one more try. I did have to weigh on their scale today. It wasn't what I wanted I'm okay with it. I am going to still not weigh but once a week.

I hope everyone else is having a great day.

07-20-2011, 03:00 PM
I had a nice lunch with Mom and Dad. Dad is having a heart cath Friday AM to see if there are any other issues.

Gettin, I'd be happy to post pics. I could use some opinions on the red Baby Diva outfit. I'll get Hubby to post some tonight; we use his phone for pics because its better than out actual camera! Which DVD did you get?

Mandy, I thought your name was 'comfy sized". Live and learn! I'm glad Workin thought to ask so we'd all know!

Workin, I tend to comment off and on. Peaches are wonderful right now!

07-20-2011, 04:33 PM
[B] I did have to weigh on their scale today. It wasn't what I wanted I'm okay with it. I am going to still not weigh but once a week.

GettinFit ~ Don't worry about what their scale says. Stick with yours and yours alone. That's like me going to the doctor's office and getting on their scale...the numbers will always be different from my scale if I would have weighed at home. Stick with what your scale says for a true's what you've been following all along.

07-20-2011, 11:15 PM
Wed 20th
B= 2 c milk, vits, cranberry juice
L= 1/2 Interium's Meatloaf, mashed pot and all green beans
S= peach, PBJ sand {starving after workout!]
D= Ravioli, steamed broc
S= 3 choc chip cookies, 2 c milk
S= apple 2 T PB
E= Firm Ult Fat Blasting~40min cardio/weights

Dad's heart cath is Friday! changed original post.

We changed antivirus companies so now everytime we do anything, it feels it needs to run a scan! Hopefully, this straightens out soon!

07-21-2011, 10:38 AM
Good morning ladies,

It's almost Friday :dizzy: I am so ready for the weekend.

Penguin - I hope all goes well for your dad on Friday.

Well today it's back to tracking points. I wasn't so pleased with the new PointsPlus program when I tried it at the beginning of the year but I am going to give it another try. I have had so much success in the past with WW that I promised myself I would give it another go and give it my all. Maybe once I get used to the new plan, it will be okay. I'm looking forward to meeting with the group next week.

I hope you all have a great day!

07-21-2011, 10:49 AM
GettinFit ~ Good luck with point tracking! Whatever works, right? I don't know if you saw my post from yesterday (it was the last one and then a new page started), but in case you didn't see it, don't focus on what the other scale says. Stick with yours because that is what you have been weighing with this whole time.

Calling all ladies on this thread! :) Who wants to join me in an OP (on-plan) challenge this weekend? Weekends are the worst for me and WI is next Friday, so I need to stay as committed as ever!

07-21-2011, 11:55 AM
Calling all ladies on this thread! :) Who wants to join me in an OP (on-plan) challenge this weekend? Weekends are the worst for me and WI is next Friday, so I need to stay as committed as ever!

I'm with you Emme - Weekends are the worst for me too. I think knowing that I have to W/I next week for the WW meeting will help me stay in control too.

07-21-2011, 02:48 PM
Doing well here. I have been chuckling reading all the interpretations of Mandy's screen name! I'm really gearing up for the ride now...packing, send-off luncheon at work tomorrow, took my last training ride last eve in the heat :dizzy:, can't stop thinking about what I will need and what I won't. We leave Sunday and won't be back until Friday probably late. I feel the fruits and veggies working already...less bloated! YAY!

I do get tired of counting. And, sometimes, I can tell I'm doing OK without counting but it's a fine line! That's one thing about points plus I do like. I can eat meals that I know the points of if I'm feeling lazy or obsessive and need to kick back about counting. (The frozen meals work good for this and I think they're better now with the PP plan. They have more, imagine this, fruits and veggies!) And, I can just snack on FREE stuff. As my 6 year old would say, "easy peasy!" :)

Gettinfit - It sounds like a great supportive group for you and I hope points plus works well for you!

07-22-2011, 09:55 AM
Good morning, ladies! I had a bit of a noshing day yesterday. I couldn't seem to fill my bottomless pitted stomach. But, it eventually was full around 8:30 p.m. I went over my calorie range by about 400 calories, but today I'm back on track. I'm looking forward to the weekend challenge. Let's make it a great weekend! :)

07-22-2011, 10:17 AM
Good morning ladies and Happy Friday!!!

Workinmon - I hope you have a great ride and I can't wait to hear about how it when you return.

Emme - I hope you have a better day today and we ARE going to have a great OP weekend.

I did pretty good yesterday but I did eat some of the extra bonus points last night. Still no workouts for me but today I'm going to do some mall walking and will get busy over the weekend.

Have a great day everyone.

07-22-2011, 12:43 PM
Hi everyone!

Been quiet with daughter's visit but will catch up soon! Started logging my food in sparkpeople on my iphone and trying to figure out if it's possible to sync it with the website. I would think it would but logged food on Iphone and it does not show on site. I don't want to have to do this twice.

I like having the ability to do it on the iPhone for when I'm not home, but it's easier to navigate on the lap top (which is a mac so should sync easily)

Please let me know.

I also started doing Jackie Warner's 2 week plan and am going to do her work out and eating plan routine. So far I love it and have not had any cravings!

Hope all is well!!! Talk soon!


07-22-2011, 02:01 PM
Dad's test turned out well. They didn't find any other problems with his heart other than the leaky valve. He should be able to go home tonight.

07-22-2011, 02:24 PM
Hey everyone. I've been off line for the last few days. I seriously think I might have to switch providers.

Things are going better. My husband had an appointment for his eye again today. The bleeding has stopped and they were able to see that there is no detachment. They told him the bleeding was probably caused by some scar tissue or something from his previous surgery. As of right now everything is fine so the stress from that magically melted away after we talked this morning.

I've been having issues with hunger. I know it's because TOM is coming. I'm just trying to grit my teeth and get past it.

Penguin ~ That's great news about your dad.

Workingmom ~ Enjoy your ride! That sounds like so much fun.

Emme, GettinFit, Calm & everyone else ~ I hope you all have a great day and weekend as well!

07-22-2011, 03:42 PM
1. I'm aiming for 6 pounds loss in july
2. I can't really work out how I want due to a big plastic boot on my foot for this month, but i will keep my calories below 1700 to achieve my goal!
3. I will try to check in at least every other day, and do much better than last month when i stopped checking in because i was embarrassed that i couldn't exercise :(
4. 80+oz of water per day!

i know i didn't check in much in june, but aside from the lack of exercise due to a torn ligament in my right ankle, i stayed on plan and still lost 10 pounds. i got my water in, i think 27 days out of 30, and stayed under on my calories 25 days out of 30 (birthday celebration, fathers day celebrations, etc.) this month i am hoping for 31/31 on the water, and (planned off days included) 28/31 on my calories.

happy july everyone!

i'm quoting my original post to grade myself on my strengths and weaknesses:

goal 1: lose 6 pounds - A+
- today's weigh in was 253.3, putting me at 6.8 lost so far for the month, gonna try to get as close to 250 as i can get before the end of the month.

goal 2: calories below 1700 - A-
- i lowered my calorie intake to around 1500 actually, because according to myfitnesspal, to maintain a steady 2lb per week loss being sedentary, i should eat around 1460 cals per day. so i've put my range at 1400-1500 and outside of my scheduled off plan days i think i only had one day where i went over, and it wasn't by much. Still below my original 1700 goal, but i don't give myself an A+ on this because i haven't quite gotten the hang of staying 'on plan' when going out to play. maybe i never will, and that's okay as long as i'm not going overboard every day!

goal 3: check in at least every other day - F!
- big fat F on this one ladies, because i've been remiss about dropping by for a few seconds to report on my progress and to give and get support. i really need to get better at this!

goal 4: 80+oz water per day - A+
- i give myself an A+ on this one because most days i not only got 80oz of water, i got upwards of 100oz every day. i drink at least 1 - 1.5L bottle of water per day (50.7oz) as well as several .5L bottles (16.9oz) so I'm doing well with this. i've found it's easier to get all my water when i have the big jug sitting in front of me. i drink from it without thinking about "ugh i have to drink 30 more oz of water today"

i wanted to do 31/31 for water, and i'm on track to hit that goal.
i wanted to do 28/31 for food, and i may be 1 day off. i will probably end at 27/31 for the month, especially with all the cook outs!

i hope you all have a great day :)

07-23-2011, 09:39 AM
Claudia ~ I'm not sure if anything syncs with this website as far as logging food. Maybe you can just use sparkpeople for your food log and use 3FC for your discussion boards if it is easier? And awesome on not having any cravings! Woo-hoo!

penguin ~ I'm glad to hear your dad's test went well. :)

Kim ~ It's great that your husband's retina isn't detached...whew! I'm glad your stress is going away. :hug:

Mandy ~ You have done a great, great job. You should be proud!

GettinFit and workinmom ~ I hope you are doing great, as well!

I'm pumped for an OP weekend. We have a graduation party for the neighbor girl next door later on today, but we are just going to stop by and say hi. I'm not going to eat anything. It's at 4:00, so I'm just going to tell them that we are going out for dinner, so we don't want to spoil our appetite. We have to run out tonight for errands anyway, so maybe we'll hit up Subway for dinner.

07-24-2011, 12:02 AM
One more quick post before I leave in the morning. I'm doing really well. I suppose it's one more reason to eat well knowing such a physical adventure is coming up so it has been pretty easy the last couple of days. I'll miss posting here when I'm gone. I will be back Friday but plan for some good solid rest days after that. You all take care until I get back!

07-24-2011, 11:34 AM
Hey everyone. Either my TOM coming has made my stomach into a black hole or something else is going on. Yesterday I felt like I was starving. My stomach was growling like crazy at about 10am so I decided to forget about my eating window for the day and went ahead and had part of one of my planned meals. It helped a lot at that point. Later on in the day I just felt more and more hungry. I had a really big dinner and still felt hungry afterwards. I decided if I felt this hungry than oh well, I'm just going to eat a little more then usual. Completely on plan foods, but I just could not stop feeling hungry. I probably ate at least 500 calories over what I usually do if not more and I still went to bed feeling like my stomach was empty. TOM is due, so I figure that's got to be what's going on, but I've never felt like this before. PMS usually means I crave sweet food, not an endless amount of food. Hopefully today is better and I start soon so it will completely go away.

Hope you all have a great day.

07-24-2011, 01:18 PM
Hi everyone! Wanted to check in and say hello!

Still on a bit of a holding pattern with daughter visiting, but focused on my eating.

Doing the 2 week clean eating from Jackie Warner and enjoying it. Still no cravings. : ) Calorie intake has been between 1450 and 1500 with lots of grilled foods and veggies. Daughter lives in NYC and loves being able to grill since it doesn't happen in her little apartment : )

Have my Jackie Warner weight DVD and Hip Hop work out plus my gym membership cued up for Wednesday when "kid" leaves. I'm just enjoying her now. She goes back to her life and college so don't know when I'll see her again.

Drinking 3 liters of water a day and peeing like crazy - : ) TMI I know, but wondering what you guys do about that!!!

Anyway, have a wonderful day, I'll be in touch daily to at least say hello and stay in touch!

Take care,


07-25-2011, 01:01 AM
Nothing exciting to report over the weekend; just trying to stay cool and inside.

Claudia, Hope you are enjoying your DD's visit.

Kim, Hope your hunger has leveled out! Glad your Hubby's eye is better. What surgery did he have before??

Workin, enjoy your time away! Good motivation to eat better

Emme, Hope you had a nice time at the party, short or not.

Mandy, Look at all those A's. good job!

07-25-2011, 06:03 AM
one week left of the month, and i'm still 100% every day with my water!

i had a 3rd day off plan with food, another cook out, and still managed to show a loss (okay, a loss of .2) the next day so i don't think i was *too far* off plan. and now i'm chipping away at 252.

i celebrate every pound lost! 251.9.... i'll dance like the carrot! :carrot:

07-25-2011, 10:55 AM
Good morning everyone ;)

Sorry I didn't get to post over the weekend but it was a crazy busy one for me. Had several functions with food to attend over the weekend but I tried to make good choices.

Claudia - Glad you're enjoying your visit with your daughter and that you are manage to stay in control with eating. When I'm tracking my calories on Live Strong's My Plate, I can log on my Blackberry and it syncs to the site so that I only have to do it in one place. I have a hard enough time tracking once and it would be impossible for me to do it twice.

Penguin - I'm glad there were no more problems for your dad. I hope all goes well for him. Hope you managed to stay cool over the weekend. It was unbelievably HOT here. We're supposed to have a break today and tomorrow. I am so ready for fall!

Kim - I'm glad your hubby is doing better and you aren't as stressed. I know you're probably counting the days before he returns home. It will be here before you know it.

Emme - I'm so proud of you for staying on track over the weekend. I didn't do as good as planned but it could have been a lot worse. I didn't track my points. I really need to focus this week on tracking because to succeed in WW you really need to track those points. I'm looking forward to a great week! I've got my mind in the right place now.

Mandy - I love your grading system! You have done an awesome job this month and I am so proud of you!!! Keep up the great work and you'll be in onederland before you know it.

Workinmom - I hope you're having a safe and fun trip.

Have a great week everyone!

07-25-2011, 10:57 AM
Kim ~ Good for you for readjusting your eating to fit how hungry you were! Kudos to you! I always think that it's better to eat a little more and feel satisfied instead of feeling like you are starving yourself.

Claudia ~ Grilled veggies sounds delicious! It's nice you are able to share your grilling time with your daughter.

penguin ~ No news is good news, right? Have a good day!

mandy ~ Yes, celebrate every little ounce and pound lost. Good for you!

GettinFit ~ It's awesome that you made good choices at all the places you went to! Sometimes, that is the hardest part!

I wanted to be at my goal weight of 165 (even if it is 165.8!) by Friday, but today I WI at 168.4 after WI at 167 a few weeks, hmm...don't think it's going to happen. I didn't drink a lot of water this weekend, so I am going to focus on drinking only water and flushing my body out. I'm going to track my weight daily this whole week and hope for the best, but I won't be crushed if I don't hit goal. Granted, I'll be disappointed, but I don't have control over what my body decides to do...I only have control of what I put into it and what exercise I do. Have a good one, everyone!

07-25-2011, 11:36 AM
I broke down and weighed today. I was supposed to wait until the 28th but I was afraid I was going to have gained a lot of weight. Instead I lost .2. Ha. I didn't stay on track, like I had hoped but I can say I'm relieved I didn't gain.

I talked to Dad, he's going to plan the surgery for early September. They are going to put a ring around the valve which seems the best alternative, interesting since its a valve in the back they can go in though the back ribs, which will cut down on recovery time.

Emme, good attitude on control. I hope you reach your goal.

Mandy, what happened to July! Is it really almost Aug???

07-25-2011, 02:02 PM
it really is almost august!

thankfully that means it's almost time to go for my re-evaluation and range of motion tests to see if i'm okay to be free of this dang boot. and maybe get back to my exercise DVDs that have been such a great help to me in the past.

@emme - i love my little celebrations, granted it's usually something like the hershey kiss i was gonna eat anyway, or dancing around my house to a song i love that my husband hates and singing into a brush like a crazy person... sometimes both! but it makes me happy and one more pound is always so much easier to do than 100 more!

@gettinfit - thanks! i should have waited another week to do my report card, but i'm always afraid i won't have time to come back. i think i'll make it a monthly thing to grade myself on my success with my goals. for some reason, i always find self evaluation to be helpful!

07-25-2011, 11:56 PM
Monday 25th
B= 2 c mik vits
L= Salad, 2 slices bread with port wine cheese
D= Brat, German Potato Salad, Mixed veggies.
S= 2 PB cookies, 2 c milk
E= 45min cardio weights {Firm Ult Calorie Blaster} + 2 mile walk

My Mom recently found my Gma's recipe to German potato salad; basically I haven't had this since Gma died over a decade ago. My Hubby had never had it before but since it contains two of his favorite food groups, potato and bacon, I knew he would love it. Last winter I bought a metal food steamer {think double boiler but with holes}, I didn't use it much but recently watched a cooking show where the chef steamed sweet potato wedges in 20 min! So I tried it on my red potatos for my salad and they were ready in 20 min, as opposed to the 30-40 I usually have to boil them, and after I removed the potatos I added the mix veggies while I cooked the brats. Two in one! I found a chart online that gives suggested times for steaming veggies.

I have a gyno and a eye appointment later this week. Friday we are taking April to the vet for her 12 week checkup. She's still favoring her leg but its much better.

07-26-2011, 12:57 PM
Hello everyone,

I hope you're all doing well. I had a great day yesterday and so far so good today. I'm trying to regain the momentum I had earlier in the month. I have exactly 4 months before my cruise and I am determined to drop at least 25 pounds by then.

Have a great OP day evryone.

07-26-2011, 01:33 PM
penguin ~ Congrats on the 0.2 lost! Any loss is awesome!

Mandy ~ I hope you can get rid of that boot soon!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

GettinFit ~ You can do it. You are strong! :)

Feeling really nauseous today, but I have the day off, so I am going to lay low and see how I feel tomorrow. It seems like every few weeks I get spells of nausea. Maybe it's the weather and humidity?! I have no clue, but it's getting kind of old. :)

07-26-2011, 07:48 PM
Hi everyone!

My family time is coming to an end, daughter goes back to NYC tomorrow. Sad to see her leave, but we both need to go back to our daily lives. She starts school and I go back to work and OP and exercise. Not looking forward to 12 hour ER shifts but my consolation is that I have clocked over 6 miles at work, which makes for about 18 a week : ) not only do I walk like crazy I'm moving people from stretcher to stretcher, pushing them catching them etc. But that alone is not consistent or good enough so I am also going back to the gym and working out at home. I plan on adding more weights than cardio to my routine and try to see if I can build some muscle to help me burn some of this fat off and shape my arms so I can show off my beautiful tattoos : )

Sorry if I seem to be too self absorbed not making comments on what you ladies say, but until tomorrow my goal is to at least say hello and stay in touch. Once things settle I'll be more involved. I do want to thank you for your support and for providing the space for shared support.

Hope you are all well!


07-26-2011, 11:57 PM
Tues 26th
B= 2 c milk, vits
L= salad, peach
S= PBJ sand
D= canned chili but I added peppers, onion, corn and cheese.
S= handful choc chips
E=30min various cardio from On Demand. I keep trying but I never like these workouts???

Lost another lb today. I'm trying not to get excited. I'm sure it will be back TOM is next week.

Claudia, glad you are checking in. Sorry your daughter is leaving.

Emme, sorry you are feeling badly. Hope it is just the weather.

07-27-2011, 01:48 AM
alright ladies!

another successful day in the books!

so stuffed after a really yummy dinner (spaghetti pie followed by tiramisu parfait), and only at 1340 calories for the day! i will thank the water and kale chips for keeping me 'satisfied' all day until dinner. good stuff! and 100+ oz of water today.

AND 251.8 as a weigh in today, so i'm POSSIBLY going to make it to my super ambitious goal of 250 by the end of july! yay!

07-27-2011, 10:11 AM
Good morning ladies,

Mandy - You are doing an awesome job! I hope you make 250 by the end of the month. At the rate you're going, I'm sure you will.

Emme - I hope you're feeling better today. This extreme heat is getting to me too. Hopefully we'll get a break soon.

Penguin - Great job on losing another pound.

Claudia - It's nice to have you checking in and sorry you had to say goodbye to your daughter.

I've done good this week with my eating. Not so good with working out though because I've not felt good this week. I'm dealing with sinus issues. I have my second WW meeting today and hopefully I'll show a loss. I'm looking forward to staying OP for the entire upcoming week. I've set a goal for myself to be at onederland before I cruise on 11/27. That is very doable if I just stick to the program.

Let's all have a great OP day everyone.

07-27-2011, 12:06 PM
claudia ~ Wow, those are long shifts, but it's awesome that you walk that much!!

penguin ~ Yay on losing a pound!! Even if it is back next week because of TOM it will just be water weight, so it's all good! ;)

mandy ~ You are doing great! Did you make the tiramisu parfait? I looooooooove tiramisu and I'm always looking for recipes with the word "tiramisu" in them. :)

GettinFit ~ I know you can reach onederland by the time of your cruise! Think of how smokin' hot you'll feel (and look)!!

Feeling much better today. Hope everyone has a great day! :)

07-27-2011, 12:42 PM
i did make the tiramisu parfait!

the instant coffee i used was a little strong, and paired with angel food cake instead of lady fingers kind of amplified the taste, so the coffee taste is very very strong, but because the dessert is mostly sugar free pudding + fat free cream cheese + fat free coolwhip, it works for me.

i don't think it tastes exactly like tiramisu, but it is very very good! :)

07-27-2011, 01:18 PM
i did make the tiramisu parfait!

the instant coffee i used was a little strong, and paired with angel food cake instead of lady fingers kind of amplified the taste, so the coffee taste is very very strong, but because the dessert is mostly sugar free pudding + fat free cream cheese + fat free coolwhip, it works for me.

i don't think it tastes exactly like tiramisu, but it is very very good! :)

OMG, thank you for posting this!! :dizzy:

07-27-2011, 02:01 PM
the recipe can be found here:

it has to chill for several hours, so either make it the night before or in the morning... warning though, it's killer opening the fridge and seeing all that chocolate chip/whipped topping/coffee scented goodness. :P

07-28-2011, 10:07 AM
'Morning, ladies! I hope everyone has a great day today. Big WI tomorrow, eh? I don't know if I am going to hit my goal weight, but that's ok because there is always Saturday, and then Sunday, and then Monday. Never give up!! Patience is something I have really had to learn to embrace while on this journey.

I hope you all have a great Thursday. :)

07-28-2011, 08:51 PM
today was a great day for me!

i have to drink another 2 bottles of water before bed (in the next 4 hours, easy peasy) but my calories? i'm only at 1030 for the day! that's after dessert.

dinner was delicious and filling but because it was mostly veggies and rice a full plate of it was only around 350 calories!

i guess that leaves me a little room for a snack before bed. :)

07-28-2011, 09:26 PM
I had my gyno apointment today. One thing she said was that taking BCP lower your risk of getting ovarian cancer by 75%, which I thought was very interesting, and the preventive sticks with you for about 10 more years after you quit taking them

Hubby was hogging the computer last night so I didn't get to post

07-29-2011, 10:16 AM
Good morning, ladies. I made my goal weight this morning. I even went past it by a pound. :) If you are interested in reading my story and seeing pictures, please visit this thread:

I'm still going to stay here. I love this thread and wouldn't mind dropping another 5 pounds, but I'm not going to push it. I'm going to focus on being fit and healthy. Big hugs to all of you. You have all helped me during this journey more than you know. :hug:

07-29-2011, 11:35 AM
Emme, congratulations! I am so proud of you! what an achievment! I'm glad to hear you are going to stick around and support us!

On the way to work, Hubby had to take April to the vet for her 12 week xrays. She'll be there for most of the day, so its eerily quiet around here. I have an eye doc appointment today. ETA: The dr just called, the surgery part is fine, but April may have a torn ligament in her knee, so she's back to crate rest for a few weeks.

Thurs, 28
B= slice bread with PB
L= Panera Fuji apple salad
S= Choc chip cookies
D= chili, potato salad
E= none

I lost another lb yesterday!

07-29-2011, 09:36 PM
The nice Dr did the surgery on my right {bad} eye. I can't tell you how much better I can see! I didn't realize how bad it had gotten. I go back next Friday to get the other eye done. I'm so excited! The procedure was painless and was over in less than 5 min.

We picked up April afterwards. The vet suggested a few more weeks of crate rest and gave us some pills for her to take.

07-31-2011, 03:36 PM
Hey ladies. Been a little while!

I have come to confess that things have not been going the best. The last week and a half or so I just have been down and out and I let it get to me. My husband has been gone for over a month now, time is dragging so bad and I just had a big old pity party. I think I've snapped back into focus and I'm regrouping and want to start August off right.

I hope you've all been doing well. Emme, Congratulations on making it to goal! I knew you would make it. =) I'm glad you're going to stick around. You've been a big inspiration and I know we need that around here.

Ok well, I'm not willing to get on the scale tomorrow even though it's my first of the month weighin. I know I'm probably holding onto some fluid plus with all my recent bad choices I know it wont be pretty. I'm going to give myself an extra week and hopefully things will look better then.

I hope you've all had a great weekend, and that August is a great month for all of us.

07-31-2011, 07:49 PM
Good afternoon ladies,

Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. I haven't been on any crazy binges but I've been very busy and haven't been 100 % on track with my WW plan. This is the week that I'm going to be 100% OP. I'd only lost .2 at my W/I last week. I took the day off on Friday and spent the entire day Friday and Saturday doing some extensive house cleaning. I cleaned out closets and got rid of lots of stuff. I hate clutter so if was time to do something. I could still use a couple more days for cleaning. I still have 2 closets to do and lots of papers to shred.

I will catch up on personals later but....

Emme - I have to say :congrat: :bravo: :cb: :carrot: YOU MADE IT!!!! I am so proud of you girl. When I grow up I wanna be like you. :lol:

I love this group and I'm glad you will stay with us. You can be our mentor :)

I am ready to have a great month of August.