Weight Loss Support - 3-week plateau and going away for July 4th

06-29-2011, 11:06 AM
So I'm down 38.4 in 22 weeks, but the last three weeks have been sloooowww going. Down .2, down .6, then this morning up .2. My calories average 1400-1500/day and I exercise an average of 75 minutes a day (fast walk with a bit of jogging). I'm 160 lbs right now.

I am going away this weekend to visit family/friends over the 4th. I have handled these trips before, I can usually come home with a loss, but at the same time I have these irrational fears of gaining 5 lbs at my weigh-in next week; the fact that I gained this week is really a blow, considering that I spend a good deal of time hungry and despite my lagging motivation after those 2 miniscule losses, I never skimp on my exercise.

My instinct is to cut calories, although I know rationally I probably shouldn't do this. I will still exercise while I am away (prob 45-60 mins/day). I think the problem with a plateau is I feel so powerless, even though I am doing the right things. I am about 10 or so away from my goal, and it's so close...yet so far away.

06-29-2011, 05:39 PM
you're not in a plateau if the scale is moving, no matter how small the amount. being up .2 is not a gain, it's a fluctuation. as your body adjusts to being at a new weight, you burn less calories and weight loss slows. you're not carrying around those almost 40 lbs with you anymore, but you're eating similarly and have the same exercise habits; of course your losses won't continue at the same rate.

continue doing what you are. you don't need to cut calories. i would recommend some weight training in order to boost the amount of calories you're burning, though, if you want the scale to move faster. you'll still lose weight doing what you're doing now, just don't expect the same results.