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06-27-2011, 07:49 PM
I just bought some yesterday & every single test I've used has only turned up Small amounts in my urine. I remember having this issue once before. I'm doing everything by the book, so I'm confused about why my test strips aren't darker. I've lost 2 lbs in 3 days, so I know things are working. I just feel like I wasted $6 on test strips. =/

Any ideas???

06-28-2011, 06:47 AM
I lost over 100 lbs on Atkins and they never changed color for me. I don't put a whole lot of faith in them. Go by how your clothes feel and a metallic taste in your mouth, those seem to be much better indicator's of ketosis.

06-30-2011, 09:04 PM
I have heard about people obsessing about the ketone strips - don't fall into that! When I use them, I do it once a day at a particular time... if you do it more often than that, then you might get discouraged. It took me at least a full week before my strips turned dark purple.. and I was in the "small amounts" stage for 3+ days alone. So... don't give up! But don't go crazying testing yourself every time you go to the bathroom. And definitely use your energy level as an indicator... after only 2 days I felt like I had all the energy in the world, but my strips weren't showing ketosis yet. Good luck!

06-30-2011, 11:18 PM
Energy is a bad indicator for me right now - I got AF back at 11 months postpartum. I cried a lot yesterday. =/ I started to feel the energy levels kicking back up & then she decided to show, so at this moment, I'm pooped. I was 157.0 yesterday & today, up .7 from the previous day so I'm really hoping that I get my whoosh soon. Bad timing to start Atkins & then AF hits days later. It could be worse - I could be back in the 160s. ;)

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07-09-2011, 04:15 PM
As long as they turn pink, your are producing enough to show up. Try different times of the day. I test darkest in the evening, lightest in the mornings.

I have read that how much water your drink can influence the colour (more water, lighter test colour). I have also read that if you eat more fat, they will darken.

I test once a week on my weigh in day just to be sure I didn't have "carb creep" in the week. I test negative when my carbs hit 40 and over. I am not overly concerned once I show pink on the strip, I then only test weekly or when I suspect I have bumped myself out of ketosis.

12-21-2011, 09:18 AM
from what i have read even if they show a small amount or nothing you can still be in ketosis, it's just that sometimes everything gets used up and there is nothing to pass.

12-24-2011, 11:38 AM
Those strips rarely worked for me but I did lose weight the last time I was on Atkins.

12-26-2011, 06:41 PM
generally checking late in the day after supper is better, and the books do say that any amount of ketones is fine, they don't have to be dark. I also think that if you are losing you shouldn't worry about it.