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06-24-2011, 06:38 PM
Well my husband and I decided after a month and a half of dieting and sticking to our daily routine of 30 min on the treadmill it was time to do some free weights. I ordered an adjustable set of amazon and a couple weight lifting for dummies videos of netflix.

Well let me tell you my arms burned today! I started yesterday with 10 lbs each for my trial run and decided that that was a bit much. I will work my way up to that but for my first real run today I used 5lbs each.

Even though yesterday was just a trial run to see how to the exercises and how they felt I could really feel the muscles today. OUCH but in a good way.

Hopefully by building a little upper body muscle I will lose a little faster and have less flabby skin to contend with later.

So anyone with experience can you tell me is it really better to do this every other day or daily?

Well just thought I would post because I was really excited about adding these in.....:strong: