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01-10-2003, 07:01 PM
eep. i think i may have put a wedge in my "thin" day. here begins a short rant--

i guess i haven't figured out yet how to eat when i'm not cooking at home and the calories aren't right there on a package. cuz i had what i thought was a semi-ok lunch. (i'm on campus all day today so i decided to buy lunch). i was writing a journal entry about it and realized how many calories i ate. but it didn't SOUND that bad to me.

i wrote: "i had salad, but i put ranch on there. there was no low-fat ranch option. and i had a baked potato, with cheese. hmm. and a cookie. but as far as QUANTITY, i did good. hmm, i need to figure out how many calories i ate, approx."

when i figured it out, it was over 900! that's 3/4 of my 1200 goal. guess it's soup for dinner, huh?

but the sad part about it is, i felt like i was doing good. next time, i'll JUST have the potato. cuz it was that and the ranch that killed me.

i wish i could just lay down a rule for myself to never eat at school, but it's not really practical with hy heavy classload. plus, if this is a "lifestyle change" i need to figure out how to handle myself, you know.


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01-10-2003, 08:33 PM
Yeah...when I was in college, it was a total pain in the butt to try and eat right. I commuted 70 miles, so it wasn't like I could run home between classes and fix myself something "good." Plus, our dining hall SUCKED...fried EVERYTHING! The student union wasn't much better....sure, I could get salad and grilled chicken sandwiches, but this girl needs a little variety in her menu!