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06-19-2011, 12:13 AM
Success? failures? worth it?
Help me out!

06-23-2011, 07:42 AM
It's a decent supplement to your normal fitness regime, but I don't think it could ever replace it. Just wouldn't burn enough calories.

I'd recommend Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii before the Wii Fit. GREAT cardio workout, and lots of fun, too.

I have both and use them frequently (well, the Wii Fit is my roommate's, but I use it). If you have the money, I'd say go ahead and get it, but it's only decent, not wonderful, IMO.

06-23-2011, 07:53 AM
I have it. It's more exercise than watching TV, and it's fun. Like anything else, you need to do it regularly to make it work.

We also have Just Dance, and that can work up a sweat.

06-23-2011, 12:55 PM
If you have an Xbox, the workout programs associated with the Kinect are more helpful IMO. I own both the Wii (including Wii Fit) and the Xbox (with Kinect). You cannot cheat using the Kinect because it tracks your entire body. I have Dance Central for Kinect (which has a workout mode) and the the Kinect Adventures (which comes with the Kinect) and both make me work up a sweat in no time. For some of the games, you have to jump, and you can NOT trick it. It looks to see if your feet are leaving the ground. In Dance Central, you have to get every part of the move right, not just where your feet are.

I know that EA Fitness is also available for the Kinect and is really hard and a good workout from the home. And once again, it tracks your whole body and corrects you if you are doing an exercise incorrectly. There are also many, many different workouts you can download to go with it. I downloaded a Bollywood dance routine that kicks my butt all around my living room.

That being said, I still go to the gym and lift weights 4 days a week.

06-24-2011, 12:47 AM
I would love to have a Kinect so much! Used my friends once and Loved it!! but a Wii is what I have to work with right now! I have a just dance and I'm going to get the wii fit! but I won't stop my regular routine for sure! I'm loving being more active sooo much!!
Thank you for your input!!:)

06-24-2011, 01:58 AM
I love the "walk it out" game for the wii. Also the strength routines that you can cusomize are actually pretty good.

06-24-2011, 03:47 AM
Well, it really depends on what you're doing with it. I can get a pretty good workout with the yoga, strength exercises, Kung Fu dance, Marching Band, Hula Hoop and Free Step. The other things might help you with balance (and are just plain fun to do, like Snowball Fight) but they aren't going to help you as much. There's also things that I do more than once. For example, Kung Fu is 2 minutes, so I'll do that 5 times in a row (resulting in 10 minutes for that activity) before I move on to something else like Marching Band (which is 3 minutes) that I will do 3x in a row, and so on and so on. When you unlock Free Step you can set it for 10, 20, or 30 minutes so that's not a problem. Until then, you can do Advanced Step which has you follow the Mii's movements on the board (5 minutes) twice.

Hope that helps.

06-24-2011, 06:17 AM
i have been using the wii fit+ now for around 5 months and to be quite honest i have found it hard losing weight with it. i have now just bought the zumba fitness which i find to be a great workout and find it alot better than the wii fit+
hope this helps

06-24-2011, 05:58 PM
I think it's great! I just got it, but I've been using my mom's copy for a while now. I found that it doesn't really help you lose a lot of weight (though I never really committed to doing the heavy-duty aerobics workouts regularly, only doing one or two a week). However, the yoga has really helped me! I've noticed that my posture is much better, I feel more flexible, and I don't get tired so quickly when I do other workouts. If you have the money, then I recommend it as a way to introduce yourself to fitness. Besides, it beats having to pay for and go to a yoga class! Because I got so familiar with the yoga, I can now do it wherever and whenever. The kung-fu game, even though I don't do it as often as I should, is really fun!

06-27-2011, 12:53 PM
Meh...not worth it IMO. It's been sitting in our closet unused for months. It just doesn't provide a hard enough workout.

My co-workers swear by Dance Dance Revolution, though. They say it really works up a sweat!

06-27-2011, 01:40 PM
I don't think it compares to regular workouts but I like to do the weighing and bodytests. Keeps track of you weight loss and BMI etc and it is kind of fun.

06-27-2011, 05:20 PM
I have both the Wii fit as well as Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance. I find the Wii fit to not be worthwhile. My favorite of the three is Just Dance. I really work up a sweat and I'm so focused it doesn't seem like exercise. I just want to get the moves right so I'll do it again and again. With the Wii Fit I didn't work up as much of a sweat and it seemed too much like traditional exercise (which I hate) so I gave up on it pretty quickly. The reason I like Just Dance and Country Dance better than Dance Dance Revolution is because I don't have to try and look at the TV and my feet on the mat at the same time. You just hold the Wii remote and try to follow the moves on screen. It's a lot less frustrating and a lot more fun. I would like to get a Kinect but already own a Wii so until it breaks I'll be sticking with it. I even take it with me when I travel and hook it up in my hotel room so I can keep my workout going on the road. It's working well for me so far. This and Kettlebells 3 times a week are my workout.

06-27-2011, 06:01 PM
I would definitely skip it! Unfortunately, it's really easy to "cheat" when you're using it, because it isn't tracking your whole body. Even when aren't really meaning to cheat, it encourages you and thinks you're doing the right thing. And am I the only one who was pissed off when my little person ballooned out when I entered my weight?! Talk about a blow to the positive body image thing! I'd take my money and invest in free weights, pilates mat, healthier foods... it's a waste on the Wii Fit.

06-27-2011, 11:22 PM
My brother lost weight using Dance Dance Revolution(DDR) but he was extreme about it. He also decided to start weight training after he lost weight from DDR so it's a starter I guess. I use my wii fit for just weighing myself now but occasionally I will do the strength training. The thing I feel the most is the squats exercise. If you are unsure, there are wii fit strength training things on youtube.

06-28-2011, 11:57 AM
When combining Wii Fit with gym workouts, I found that it did increase my strength and stamina. I love it!

06-28-2011, 12:04 PM
As far as an actual work out. Wii fit wasn't that effective for me.

As far as accountability, best thing I've ever tried. Wii measures you when you step on the board. If you don't weigh yourself one day, you can't go back. It got me to weigh myself everyday and make better food choices because I knew the very next day I would be weighing myself. The only problem I have with wii fit I've never been able to get it to work right on carpet. I have to use it on tile floor to any kind of accurate readings. There are adapters out there for if you have carpet but I've just never been able to get it to work correctly. But if that's not an issue. Simply for accountability (and balance, it has improved my balance as well) I recommend Wii Fit.

06-28-2011, 09:56 PM
Success? failures? worth it?
Help me out!

It is exercise so try it. I had friend who did the Wii tennis and lost 40 pounds in 3 months.
I don't know if it is on the Wii Fit but I would still do the Wii Fit if I already had it. Maybe supplement it with walking or weights.
Oh, heck, GO FOR IT!:carrot:

06-29-2011, 03:21 AM
My family has Wii fit. I once did all wii fit for two weeks, though fun and challenging, it doesn't beat a regular work out routine.

07-08-2011, 01:08 PM
I got the Wii Fit for Christmas this year and have only used it a few times. I did not like it that it blew me up to a bubble girl when I weighed. That was not very motivating at all. My husband only had a few pounds to lose and it shows him the same bubble size as me. I haven't tried any of the other games but my brother just gave me some to try so I will do that today. I think the dancing one was one of them.

07-08-2011, 01:21 PM
It's fun for a while, and motivating-ish.
When we got ours, we used it a lot - though I do agree with the above poster, that the scolding, crying avatars, and bubble sizes aren't exactly motivating. I really enjoy the Gold's Gym Cardio Boxing game, though. I probably got a better workout from that, than I did with Wii Fit/Fit Plus.

If you're a very beginner - go for it. It may be worth it just for the kick in the pants and novelty, potentially spurring you to do more in other areas. Who knows?
I'm of the belief that any novelty is worth it, even for short term benefits. Whatever motivates you in that moment.

Then again, if you can't think of another use for the Wii besides this, maybe not a good investment - since it IS expensive.
We play other games on it, too. So it has been worth it in the long run.

I do think about playing the games occasionally still, but only for entertainment. I don't count it as exercise unless I'm doing one of the more involved games(not the Fit/Fit Plus).

It depends on your fitness level and what you're looking for it to do long term.

I look to the Wii itself as a good investment. The Wii Fit/Fit Plus is a good game, but not a huge exercise benefit.
OTHER Wii fitness games have been great, however.

07-08-2011, 08:52 PM
The Fit/Fit Plus is OK, with yoga and the balance games being the best use of the board. Cardio is not great... just step and walking/running workouts. Strength is a joke, IMO. And, as others have mentioned, the system nags you constantly. You can't miss a day without getting a lecture... you even get a scolding if you work out at a different time of day. Annoying.

If you're looking for a good sweat try the two Gold's Gym Cardio/Dance workouts. I also really enjoy Just Dance and Michael Jackson Experience.

08-15-2011, 04:08 PM
Love it and it works!

I use the wii as my daily exercise with the wii fit board, as I have hardly no exercise while at work.
30 min every morning either my wii routine or a jog and have lost some weight so far.

Although I have combined this also with healthy eating.

08-15-2011, 04:48 PM
I got the Wii Fit for Christmas this year and have only used it a few times. I did not like it that it blew me up to a bubble girl when I weighed. That was not very motivating at all. My husband only had a few pounds to lose and it shows him the same bubble size as me. I haven't tried any of the other games but my brother just gave me some to try so I will do that today. I think the dancing one was one of them.

They really need to fix this. It is a big problem for kids. It doesn't bother me too much but my young girls are upset by that feature.

April Snow
08-15-2011, 04:51 PM
I think Wii Fit is a good intro if you haven't been working out at all. But as you get more fit, you'll probably want to progress to other programs that are a little more intense. I'm just starting up again after not doing anything more than walking for a while, and I can get in a good work out with the Wii Fit (really work up a sweat and get my heart rate going) but I know in 3-4 months, it will be more for fun than for hard exercise. However, I do think it's fun to play the games and it's still better than just sitting around. My 7 year old loves to play the games too, so we will use it a lot over the winter when we can't get outside as much.

I love the Golds Gym Cardio (boxing) that wurdnerd mentioned. I just got the Golds Gym Dance one but haven't had a chance to try it yet, so glad to hear it gets a good recommendation.

09-29-2011, 12:00 PM
I actually really like using this for while I do other things. The aerobics workouts I find I can do while listening to books on audio, so I can do my textbook reading while burning off a few calories. You can also do it when your favorite show comes on, so you can watch TV while stepping instead of snacking. It's kind of useless for just normal working out though. Don't replace a gym with it.

Adam Larsson
10-02-2011, 06:56 AM
During my weight loss i played alot of Wii tenis, boxing and stuff with friends. It should not replace any sort of traning but it helps you move around in a fun way. For me it never feelt like traning, feelt like playing videogame and have fun. The movement and energy burning was just a bonus.

10-04-2011, 01:34 PM
LOVE the wii fit and love the wii sports games, tennis is my favorite and it gets me and the whole family moving we are no longer fat couch potatoes after dinner now we play tennis for up to 2hrs after we eat then get ready for bed for the night. EVERYONE has dropped weight since we got a wii- not the ones you sit on your rump with that feeds laziness but the ones that you physically have to stand and move.

10-14-2011, 02:25 AM
Have it, worth it but for fun. I do a lot of walking and dvd's and the Wii is just for fun...the Dance ones are awesome, burn a lot of calories, sweat and have fun! Just something to get us off the couch.

10-14-2011, 02:40 PM
I have Wii fit +, golds gym cardio, just dance 1&2, and My fitness coach

On Wii fit + I like to do the free run, I use my bosu like a step and watch tv while the Wii keeps track of the time. I can get a good work out then. Most of the time I just play some of the silly games and I like the yoga and general exercises. It does keep good records of your weight for the last year and you can see your progess.

10-16-2011, 03:10 AM
Biggest loser on the xbox kinect! You get sore!!