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06-13-2011, 06:23 PM
Hi all! I'm finishing up week 2 of phase 2. Going good so far, no major falls off the bandwagon. At this point I've only added back in 1 serving of fruit daily as part of main dish, or as dessert.

In 1.5 weeks I'm headed to my first registered eventing horse trials (rider and horse do dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping - scores based on all 3 components). I'll be living off of my cooler and the concession stand (think hot dogs & soda). Unfortunately the hotel doesn't have a fridge, so I'll be doing the best with what I can bring and what's available at the show. I'll be arriving on a Thursday and leaving Sunday.

Here's where I'd like your advice:
1. Should I do phase 1 for a few days beforehand, since it is quite possible (if not likely) that I'll be going off plan? Or will that just be setting myself up for worse blood-sugar-level reaction if I do go off plan?
2. Are there on plan foods that last well without refrigeration? I feel like ever since starting SBD my pantry is pathetically empty except for canned beans!

Thanks all!

06-13-2011, 06:59 PM
I don't know about your first question. For question 2 - how about nuts, canned tuna or salmon or chicken, roasted chickpeas, dehydrated veggies, actually... lots of veggies are fine without the fridge considering they grow outside. But I'd probably not cut any ahead of time. Grape tomatoes are good.

I know many avoid them, but I often rely on protein bars when I travel, for "emergencies." I don't have them at home though - they are something of a trigger food for me. I look for high protein and fiber and low sugar.

While hot dogs and other "stand" food is not great, it is "less off plan" if you toss the bun.

IMO you should make your best plan for the weekend. If that means more fruit or grains (like pb sandwiches) than you've been eating, just resolve that the minute you get home you will be back on track, period.

06-13-2011, 07:21 PM
Does the hotel have an ice machine? You can bring some ziploc bags to fill with ice and create your own little fridge in your room... And do you have a microwave? You can bring a little container of egg beaters and a bowl and make scrambled eggs in the microwave... Not the fanciest way to eat breakfast but better than grabbing a bagel or a muffin!

06-13-2011, 08:18 PM
I'd just take my own cooler along, packed with my favorite OP foods and snacks. You can easily replenish the ice as it melts from the ice machine.

06-13-2011, 08:21 PM
^^^ what they said! I have lived on the road lots in the past and had all kinds of tricks, some of which are included above.

I never go on any driving trips without my cooler. I found that if you use gel ice packs and freeze them solid you can get up to 48 hours of cooling from that (depending on where your cooler is - in a cool-ish space vs. the blazing hot sun or hot car). Then, when you fill with cooler with ice later, the gel packs help retain the cold longer than ice alone.

In the cooler: I often make a huge cabbage salad (just shredded cabbage with or without carrots, olive oil, vinegar salt). It doesn't need to be super-cold. A bag of broccoli slaw would probably hold up well, just pack dressing/vinaigrette separately. Hard cheeses keep well, and Laughing Cow wedges. I usually bring a big container of plain yogurt and a ziplock bag full of cut up carrots, peppers, celery, broccoli etc and maybe I'll make a yogurt-based dip if I am ambitious. Bean salads and hard boiled eggs are great for the cooler, but they do go bad quickly if your cooler warms up.

Outside the cooler: 100% whole wheat pita travels well. If you will have access to hot water or could bring an immersion cup warmer, you could bring some on-plan dried soup cups (like black bean or split pea) and tea/coffee (make your own unsweetened iced tea/coffee at the concession stand, you just need a cup of ice). I bring small packets of Crystal Light to add to water or plain yogurt. Uncut apples, oranges, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, etc don't have to be kept cold, just cool. I have found natural peanut butter does NOT travel well, or at least the last time I brought it the oil leaked out (from the closed lid) everywhere. I'm not sure what to do about that - keep it in the cooler or just be careful and keep it upright and wrapped in a bag. My cooler has an outside "cool" pocket in which I keep as much of these things as possible, but an insulated bag would be fine too as long as it won't sit in a hot car all day.

To make life easier, I have a picnic backpack that I just keep loaded and ready to go, with utensils, can opener, small cutting board, sharp knife, cheese slicer, napkins, extra baggies, foil, and some plates and cups. Also I store condiments from fast food restaurants: mustard, mayo, salt, pepper... occasionally you will see at Subway olive oil and vinegar in packets. Score!

Here's an idea I just thought of that I might try next time I road trip and stay in hotels: bring an immersion blender w/ cup and make your own smoothies. If you can't fit the ingredients in your cooler, you would need to be near a (decent-sized) store, so this might not work for you.

I use bars, too when I travel. ThinkThin protein bars have no sugar and 20g of protein.

Love this topic. I camp a lot, so the list is similar, for car-camping at least.

06-13-2011, 08:28 PM
RE: the first question, I personally wouldn't go to Phase 1 before you leave. You might want to visit it again for a few days afterward, depending on how it went and how you feel. You might surprise yourself since you are planning ahead. Hope it goes well for you!

06-13-2011, 11:19 PM
I like the single servings of Chicken of the Sea salmon in the foil packs. No refrigeration needed. I would plan to do a few days of Phase I after you return if you need to, not before.

06-14-2011, 12:45 AM
Thank you so much everyone - these are awesome ideas! I don't go camping much, but now I'm feeling much better about getting prepared. I've been afraid to add back bread/pita/anything like that, but I guess I gotta do it sometime and sandwiches are certainly better than hot dogs. I'm gonna print this thread next week and take it grocery shopping - so many awesome ideas. =]

06-14-2011, 06:19 AM
I'm glad you're feeling better about planning ahead now! I think being especially new to SBD, doing whatever you can do to "stay on plan" will be so helpful to your efforts in the long run. This early on, it's sure easy to derail ones' efforts in a short number of days. After a trip or two it will become second nature.

Best wishes! You have a cheering section here.

06-15-2011, 06:58 AM
There are some really helpful tips in this thread. I'm going to move it up to the Frequently Asked Questions ( so people can find it later.

07-09-2012, 03:27 PM
I have a similar problem as I am a student--I know, at my age!!!--and spend long hours on campus with only fast food or what I can pack in a backpack.

I'm scared of school starting now bc I don't know how I will stay on SB once it does. In the past, I'd throw a sliced apple in a bag and have a granola bar with it. That's not going to cut it now.

Any thoughts? (Also know: I'm allergic to milk, so cheese is a no-no for me.)

And a question about protein bars: I first thought those would be a good solution, but they all have an UNREAL number of carbs in them! Are there some that will work?

Appreciate any help.

07-12-2012, 10:32 AM
Thoughts on PB - it could be put in serving sizes in those small snack size zip loc bags. If you had a small pair of scissors in your backpack, you could just snip a corner, and squeeze it out on your apple!!
Another thing I've been snacking on that holds up well: Raw Green bean and Snow pea pods. These don't have to be cut, so they last better without refrigeration.