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06-12-2011, 09:55 PM
i am very angry with myself. i got down to 201 then all **** broke loose. i had a BAAAADDDD moment where i didnt care, stopped exercising, then the eating started again. in one day i had a egg sausage and cheese croissont sandwhich (not mcdonalds btw) i had a large glass of 2% milk then for lunch had a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich then wingstop with fries, a coke, and a king size herseys bar. i then proceeded to eat my husbands leftovers while he was at work and said our son ate it (i am a FIEND for wingstop ranch) >.< idk what happened but in one day i went from 201-208 just from eating. now im (TMI ALERT) constipated, i feel sick and i want to throw up. the last two days ive been trying to get back on track. (this morning it said 203 on the scale.) i ate cereal for breakfast then cottage cheese with peaches as a snack and for dinner had spaghetti with green tea. oh i was sooooo close to getting out of the 200s but its seems i screwed myself and i cant seem to get down past 200. my weight seems to have stalled...........

06-12-2011, 10:00 PM
Aw you can do it!!!!

Are you drinking enough water? Make sure you drink at least 6-8 glasses and if you eat some high fiber (or add it), I bet you can drop back down. Have faith in yourself. You have come so far. Don't let it get you down.

06-12-2011, 10:03 PM
:hug: The same thing happened to me over Memorial weekend gained 4 lbs in 3 days and it took 2 weeks to get it off, but the good news is that once I got over the hump the progress has been phenomenal.
So increase your water, get your exercise in and stay away from the scale for a few days. You'll get back on track.

06-12-2011, 10:32 PM
lately water has been blah to me at home but when we go out somewhere )mall, park, etc) ive been CRAVING water. ( i only drink room temp water cause of sensitive teeth) then when we get home it goes away. its strange and i have no idea why its happeneing.

06-12-2011, 10:46 PM
OMG that totally happened to me I was doing GREAT and now I gained 4 lbs over the past 2 days because I overate everything

06-12-2011, 10:46 PM
Are you drinking tap water at home? We had a brita picture to make formula for the baby. She's 2 now and off the bottle so I just use it to refill my poland spring bottles. If it's the taste of your tap water that you don't like maybe you can try a filter.
There is also a new product called Mio (flavored water enhancer) IDK if they are available in Texas yet. But they come in a bunch of flavors. I squirt a little in my water when I just need a little flavor. (hubby swears there are calories and is waiting for the big expose on the news lol) It's really good give it a try if they are sold in your area.

06-12-2011, 10:50 PM
We've all fallen off one time or another! At least you've caught yourself early on. You can get it off, no worries!

06-12-2011, 10:53 PM
Maybe at home you can put something into your water that would make it taste better? You could try fresh squeezed lemon juice or I've heard people like Crystal Light and Mio. Just a thought. Either way, just do your best and you CAN get there! I always sabotage myself right before I get to goal. Do you think that getting into onderland is something that you are somehow trying to sabotage? I'm trying so hard lately and here's what I'm doing. When I wake up in the morning, I commit to doing everything on plan. I plan out every morsel of food and I just stick to it. I only think about that one day and nothing else. If I see something I want, I tell myself that I can have it tomorrow (which is a lie, but it works). Maybe you could try something like that? I dunno....just a thought. Everyone's different. Either way, good for you for getting back on track so quickly!

06-12-2011, 11:43 PM
I just did pretty much the exact same thing, only with pizza and chocolate cake...

I have no idea if this is unhealthy, but sometimes when I binge for a couple of days, the next couple of days after that I subtract a proportional amount of calories from my normal daily allowance. It usually helps me get back to my lower weight, and at that point I can start eating and losing normally again. Like a big, unhealthy and depressing "reset" button.

06-13-2011, 12:13 PM
I just wanted to send out a :hug:

You can do this. Deep breath. You. Can. Do. This. Remember what it was like to start? Healthier choices. One meal at a time. Don't let yourself feel deprived.

Keep at it. You'll find it will click back into place if you just keep at it.

06-13-2011, 01:44 PM
It sounds like you just needed a break! You have had it and now you just need to keep up what you have been working so hard on. I think that the goal is sooooo close and it might just feel like watching the clock in the film of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

You'll get there soon!

06-13-2011, 02:02 PM
I have no idea if this is unhealthy, but sometimes when I binge for a couple of days, the next couple of days after that I subtract a proportional amount of calories from my normal daily allowance. It usually helps me get back to my lower weight, and at that point I can start eating and losing normally again. Like a big, unhealthy and depressing "reset" button.

I do the same. Even if I can't subtract all the calories from my overeating day, at least I can lessen the damage. I ate probably 2000 calories on Friday (deluded myself into thinking I could buy a pint of Ben and Jerry's and have just one serving---hah!). The next day, I ate 1000 calories. I've been trying to stay between 1200 - 1400 per day, so I figure that I just went over by about 400 net calories, and I can live with that. I'm trying to remember this time that I'm in this for the long haul and that there will be times I overeat.

06-14-2011, 12:25 AM
thank you sooooo very much for your great words and encouragement ^^ i generally like the tap water. it doesnt really have a taste at all. i think maybe i just get tired of it. im starting to realize what i do when i overeat. its when i panic about money. and this may sound weird but it comes from my childhood when we lived off of ssi checks from my aunt and uncle. money at the beginning of the month then near mid month no money so i would eat all i could so as not to starve. (not trying to get sympathy i promise) so now when money is low i panic and start eating alot. (my husband is the only one that works.) my husband brought home brownie hot fudge sundaes with cookies and cream ice cream. ( i was like damn it to ****) and then today i panicked and ate half a bag of marshmallows, plate of spaghetti, cottage cheese and strawberries, eggs and bacon, 2 green teas, celery and carrots with ranch. idk half of it seems healthy enough. but i dont calorie count and i think that may be part of my problem plus im getting bored with ddr (same songs over and over.)

06-14-2011, 02:53 PM
Maybe time to find a new plan, or some kind of motivation. I don't think there is anyone going through the weight loss journey that doesn't take a few steps forward then one back. That is life! Try not to waste time slapping yourself around mentally, maybe there were stressors or triggers that you can identify (anxiety over getting below a certain number maybe?) and read lots of the postings here to learn that all this is just part of it for just about everyone.

06-15-2011, 04:33 PM
FINALLY!!! Got back down to 201!!! YAY!!! :carrot: