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06-12-2011, 02:08 PM
So Ive lost 3 stone since last August, and have another stone to lose, however lately I just cannot do it!! I dont know why but the weekend comes and I eat anything in sight!! How do all of you cope with weekends? Because I seem fine all week and always think Ill do better at the weekends but never do :(

Any advice would be great!

Also my mood hasnt been great lately and im wondering if this could be contributing to it... so any advice if your feeling down and how you cope with diets when you are would also be great!

06-12-2011, 07:13 PM
So weekends are your downfall.

Have you thought about planning your meals out for Saturdays and Sundays? Having everything planned out sometimes helps stop the snacking. The schedule is a good reminder that "now is not time for food", especially when you aren't actually hungry.

If you're an emotional eater (and there are plenty of us out there), then eating while being moody is a big problem. You'll need to find a way to cope with emotions without food. Journal, talking to a friend, doing something creative, taking a walk, finding a new hobby to sink your hands into.

Most non-hunger cravings don't actually last that long when you're really just bored. So, what I've seen a lot of people do is say "If I'm still hungry in 20 minutes, I'll be allowed to make myself something". And for 20 minutes (at least) they choose to do something that occupies their mind and hands. I often hear people after the 20 minutes say "I wasn't really hungry, the craving is gone." So that too, could be something to try.

Another thing to look at would be... how are your calories during the week? Are you getting enough to eat? Eating the right things? If that's all in line, then it's a matter of dealing with boredom and moodiness on the weekends. They can be a problem, as they don't have the set schedule of a weekday.

In the meantime, keep at it. Eventually, you'll find what works for you.