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06-10-2011, 07:06 AM
Good morning and TGIF for most of us. It's a coolish 54F here, a nice change from the hot and muggy mornings. Unfortunately showers are predicted fro tomorrow's wedding but there is a roof on the Church and one on the reception venue so ... ;)

I did a run into town yesterday to pick up my garden toys but have not had a chance to use them. I may get to play with the power washer this afternoon. My front porch is very grubby and the floor needs painting but I've yet to book a painter.

Another trip to town this morning for a haircut and to track down a half-slip. I actually bought some panti-hose yesterday. I hope I can remember how to put them on. All I can remember is feeling like a sumo wrestler when struggled with them. :shrug: Gosh! A slip, a dress showing legs and panti-hose. So very, very retro! :lol:

I hope your Friday is a good one and eases you into a fun weekend.

06-10-2011, 07:25 AM
Hey Ruth,
Ugh, I've got the worst white carb hangover today. Yesterday was an incredible indulgence in probably every kind of white carb you can imagine and now I feel gross. Back on track today!

Son is back at school today but they're doing very little actual work these days it seems. Should be a slow day at work for me too. Tonight there's a little greek festival in the neighborhood we'll be going to. That's about it for today-hope everyone has a great one!

06-10-2011, 07:43 AM
Ruth, I hope you don't have too much trouble wrestling into the pantyhose! I detest the darned things and can't remember the last time I had to wear them. I go for the thigh-highs when I have to dress.

Matilda, I bet you gave your son a day to remember and hope you're feeling better soon!

It's much less humid and a tad cooler today, thank goodness! My cold seems a mite better, too. Good thing, as I'm watching my grandson, Tyler, all day, and he's a real bundle of energy. We're going to go over to Audrey & Maggie's school for a while this morning to watch the Field Day activities and have lunch with Audrey's class party, then come home and hopefully :crossed: get him down for a nap before wrapping up the day with some pool fun. I'll be more than ready to put my feet up and relax with a glass or two of wine this evening. :)

06-10-2011, 07:45 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Ruth, thanks for starting us up. I read, TGIF :fr: I'm glad I have you all to keep me straight on the day of the week. You will be stunning in your dress! Kudos for fitting into it. I have one I'm working

Matilda, :barf: ouch for the white carb hangover, but I'm sure you had an enjoyable day! Getting right back on track will make you feel better!

Linda, glad you're feeling better! Have fun with the kiddos today!

Cyndi, did you have carrot cake?

Me, been up since the wee hours working on my May rescue paperwork. Hopefully, I'll have reports done before the sun shines. Then we're upstairs for painting. Spaghetti squash is on the menu for dinner. :cp: I love it when I have my menu planned and all the ingredients I need. I had a spectacular bike ride yesterday...4x around a lake in Denver. About 5 miles saw 2 snakes, 1 turtle sunning on a rock, lots of birds, dogs, walkers and 2 cute guys who smiled and counted my laps for me. ;)

Ok, back to paperwork. I'll be back.

06-10-2011, 07:49 AM
Good morning chicks!

Ruth - thank goodness panty hose aren't the norm now! Good luck wranglin' those things on!

MMCK - good luck recovering from your hangover ;). Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Cottage - how old is Tyler? Maybe you'll get a nap too!

Welp, first day off from school. I work 2-7 today (works great...daddy works til noon), and the kids are still in bed! I have lots of things to do (clean fridge, put in paycheck, go to sam's, etc.), but we'll have to see how personalities know those redheads! And I think I'll make some chicken salad for lunch....

Can't wait to hear about Cyndi's indulgence!

06-10-2011, 07:54 AM
Good morning :coffee2: It's my weekend and I've got the To Do list to prove it :dizzy:

Ruth - Wow, panty hose, I remember that. Rain or shine I bet it's going to be a wonderful and fun wedding.

Matilda - A Greek festival sounds like fun. Greek food is almost impossible to find around here.

Cottage - Happy to hear you are feeling a bit better. I'll join you in a glass or two tonight :)

Debbie - Ah, you remembered my weakness :) I didn't get a piece but still plan to. I learned a couple of years ago that it's better to hold out for the really good stuff and it was pouring yesterday so a bakery stop wasn't in my plans. Good thing I have a birthday weekend!
Happy bike riding

I'm off to walk with a friend then an appt, some shopping and back home to finally get that garden in! What a crazy year. I was going to mow but we had so much rain yesterday that it's too wet out there again. We were so tired and hot last night that dinner was just Co-op takeout so I had gazpacho, good cheddar cheese and local strawberries for dinner. Tonight I'm grilling a feast and making homemade ice cream with cultured coconut milk. I believe in extended celebrations so tomorrow we will actually go out to our favorite restaurant for lunch. Looks like rain all weekend so may not get to kayak :(

Today I'm making the blender decision. We are far too intrigued by gadgets and choosing between the VitaMix and the BlendTec has been my ongoing project for the last two weeks. It's my birthday present to me with pooled resources from all my birthday gifts :) I know I will love either one and just need to push the button and order it!

Happy Friday no matter what your plans.

ETA - Good morning Twynn!

06-10-2011, 08:38 AM
Good morning!

Ruth - I HATE hose. Except for the fact they suck me in:)

Matilda - I did something similar last weekend. Ugh is right.

Linda - Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you'll be busy!

Debbie - I'm laughing at the 2 cute guys and cringing about the snakes! I have a spaghetti squash; thanks for the reminder.

Twynn - What about us redheads?!

Cyndi - Homemade ice cream - yum. Are you a "juicer?"

Cyndi reminded me that I am supposed to be researching a new washer and dryer. Ours are on their last legs and any day now will leave us with a pile of undone laundry. I guess I should work on that today but hate researching appliances! I have a couple of errands to run including getting gas in the car, which DH usually does, so I'll make it to the airport to pick him up tomorrow. Will be ellipticalling. Nothing exciting. Still enjoying the peace and quite of being home alone:)

06-10-2011, 08:49 AM
Matilda - I am with you with that hangover! I am going to pretend the last two days never happened. Unfortunately, my SCALE tells me they did occur . . . in a BIG way.

I am grateful that my life is so excellent. My kids are awesome, my job is stable, I have a wonderful home, so the following drama is listed as a "first world problem" -
DH suddenly decided that he is going to be the pool guy. I have dealt with the chemicals for the last 10 years, and whamo this week he decides to 'take care' of the pool. Yeah. Well, we now need to drain 15,000 gallons of water. Refill said 15,000 gallons. Not kidding. And not happy. I am trying to see the silver lining, but all I see is the pool lining.

Ah, the joys of chemistry.

Be well -

06-10-2011, 12:29 PM
Forgive me, for I've resorted to turning on SpongeBob to keep Tyler entertained for a little while. (Cringe!) We went over to the school to watch the Field Day activities for a while, but it was so hot and it just made me feel so much worse that I couldn't take it any longer and had to come home and sit in the cool house. My eyes are burning like mad and my head is all stuffed up again. In a bit we'll go out and play in the pool and then have lunch. Hopefully by then Tyler will be tuckered out enough for a nap. I know I will!

Twynn, he is 3 1/2, and you know how boys are at that age, LOL!

Bea, it's the opposite in my house, and I like it that way. The one time I fiddled with the pool chemicals, it took almost a week for the green water to clear up again. I'm very happy to let Jake handle that chore now.

06-10-2011, 01:34 PM
Happy Friday beach bums :)

Cyndi - Hope you had a good birthday even with all the bad weather - let us know about your indulgence when you get a change to enjoy it!

Lexxiss - Your bike ride sounds awesome! Makes me want to hop on my bike and find a lake. :)

Well, its overcast and kinda dreary where I am. I had a humorously bamboozled morning: alarm didn't go off because phone charger connection wasn't quite right and it ran out of juice, my lunch tupperwares came undone in the car on the way to the chiropractor, I didn't have time to do hair or makeup so I look like a cavewoman today...but at least I can laugh at myself since it's a Friday (I'd probably be crying if it was a Monday!)

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

06-10-2011, 02:51 PM

Ruth - sounds you are looking forward to the wedding regardless of the pantyhose. Thumbs down here too on pantyhose.

Matilda - I'm sure your son enjoyed his celebration, back on track today, right.

Cottage - yes, they are full of energy but enjoy. My grandson is coming back in July for a while and I know I get very tired but am looking so forward to it.

Debbie - Two guys smiling and counting your laps, bet you went a few extra.

Cyndi - Happy Birthday, enjoy your birthday weekend.

Karen - not more appliance shopping, good luck.

Bea - Yea, for one less chore.

FOB - Hope your day gets better.

Yesterday was no tag day for garbage and since I decluttered a few years back I am resolved to keep it that way and a lot of stuff went to the curb. Today I had a drs. appointment and all my results were excellent and I have lost 8lbs since Dec. not much but the doctor thought it was wonderful. You can't image how much I hate seeing drs. last night I couldn't sleep just thinking about it. Anyways, all the good news will make for a good weekend.
take care

06-10-2011, 03:53 PM
Hello everyone. I am determine to achieve all my goals. I was in journal writing class at my program for those with mental health issues, and it was like a fire was being lit within me! Mary Lee, the lady who runs the class is a source of strength for me.

06-10-2011, 11:16 PM
Good evening, ladies. I'll be heading to bed soon since I've got a 5K bright and early in the morning, but just wanted to pop in and say hello. Hope all is well w/ you ladies. I saw your thread, Ruth, about the wedding dress...fantastic work!!! Congratulations!!! :)

Been a sad few days here w/ our officer dying...just gotta get through the funeral Tuesday and then I think we can all get some kind of closure at least.