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06-08-2011, 06:24 PM
Ok I promise to read all the getting started guides and stickies for the sbd but I have a few questions in the meantime.

I have an old copy of the diet book. Is it worth getting the new supercharged book? What's the difference? I'm wondering if the new book incorporates beans and legumes in meal plans? I don't mind buying the new book if it will make following the sbd easier and the meal plans are more flexible then the old book.

What about low sugar whey protein powder? Is this allowed in all the phases?

And with respect to yogurt like regular and greek, does it have to be plain? I don't know if I could eat it plain without fruit and that is banned in phase 1.

My main concern about sbd is the amount of sugar free products it seems to advertise. I don't think those products are healthy and do not wish to consume them. Is it ok to substitute products that are just low in sugar instead?

Thanks for all your help and feedback :)

06-08-2011, 09:02 PM
I'm sure you will get lots more advice from people on this longer than me (2.5 months) but here goes:

nope, no sugar. Trust me as a former sugar addict it's a huge trigger for eating more sugar. IT's only two weeks, and it's tough at times for sure, but it's two weeks.

After that you can have some fruit which will help with the yogurt. You can also use agave syrup in phase 2 which is a natural product and low glycemic, so long as in moderation.

I started with the first book, than bought the second when I found it in paperback for little money but returned it. It's very closely the same but includes exercise also I believe allows carrots in phase two.

I use Designer Whey protein powder which uses stevia instead of sugar. Stevia is a natural product. Like you I don't want to use a lot of artificial sweetners and I don't. After you get off the sugar you will be amazed at how you don't crave it all the time.

I had beans every day on phase one and did fine. I am not that much of a meat eater and I had beans for lunch every day with cheese melted on it.

I wish you great success on SBD. To me it's the healthest way of eating, and only use stevia now in the protein shakes and in coffee.