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06-07-2011, 06:51 AM
Good morning! I left the door onto the deck open last night and the house has a real swarm of mosquitoes. I'm lucky it doesn't have a swarm of skunks!

Had a busy day yesterday but did get that darned quilt ready for machine sewing, thanks to my quilting biddies. I'll do it for an hour every evening and get the darn thing done! I am so sick of obsessing over it.

Bank run again today after a darned successful weekend at the Mill with lots of bread and flour sales plus donations. My "lad" has finished painting the new Village planters plant so I'm hoping to work in some planting and watering. Jazz and I do pet therapy this afternoon at the nursing home with the dementia residents. It's hard work getting a response from some of the folks so he will deserve something special for supper - I'm thinking asparagus which he loves.

How does your Tuesday look this glorious June day?

06-07-2011, 07:25 AM
Hey Ruth,
A dog who loves asparagus! My old cat used to love cantelope. In fact if my mom served it for breakfast she'd have to create a little plate for my cat, or else she'd try to steal it off our plates.

Yesterday after getting home from lunch with my friend after commencement, I "flew." I started at the right side of my front door, which leads into a foyer which we also use as a home office. The room itself is approximately 5' x 11' and in this room there are two closets, a hall coat rack, my husbands computer armoire, and a basket filled with off season shoes (boots now) and a chair that is really purely decorative and usually has bags on it. I put away all the coats in the coat closet and hung on the coat rack a pretty bag filled with reusable grocery bags and chico bags (you know the type), a nice bag filled with my husband's baseball caps (to get them off the armoire) and the umbrellas. I got rid of an old raincoat of my son's and a pair of crocks that don't fit me and are uncomfortable, plus a pair of winter boots of my son's (lesson: don't ever buy lace up winter boots for a kid. Only slip on). Then I totally ditched a bag that was sort of a catch all for things I thought were essential and I threw almost everything out (papers, old party favors I thought I could reuse, etc.) Onto the coat closet where I went through all our coats/hats/gloves and discarded those without mates and isolated my husband's work hats. All in all I had three bags of garbage and a big bag to give away to my babysitter. It felt so good, I've got the fever now!! In that room I just need to go through the actual coats in the closet, I'm sure there are a couple I can donate.

Now that commencement is over, I can begin a big clean up and prep for next semester. It may be a little hard to focus on this right now, but as soon as I get to work I'm going to make a list and begin. Yesterday I was off plan for half the day and I really need to refocus. I'll come home for lunch and "walk away the pounds" using arm weights. Hope everyone has a great day!

06-07-2011, 07:41 AM
Good Morning! Day off today, have lots of chores around the house to get it, guess it's going to heat up around here in the next few days so better get them done now.

Ruth - thanks for the reminder yesterday, I totally forgot to give out heartworm medicine to the dogs! I would love to do therapy visits with one of my dogs, though I don't think any of my dogs have the right temperament. We have a standard poodle come to the library I work at as a therapy dog and the kids read to him.

Matilda, doesn't it feel good to clean out? I love it when I'm in a purge mood, the house is so much easier to keep up without all the stuff of life. I got the chia seeds and hemp milk. Thanks for the tip that it comes in unsweetened, I finally found it. I love the hemp milk, not sure I like the texture of the chia pudding but will definitely sprinkle them on my yogurt.

06-07-2011, 07:43 AM
:coffee: Good morning!

Ruth, I know you'll be breathing a big sigh of relief once that quilt is finally finished. Devoting an hour a day to it sounds reasonable. Ick, mosquitoes! I hope they all find their way back outside soon!

Matilda, doesn't it feel great to have that room all cleaned up? I've been procrastinating going through our coat closet but you've given me the incentive I need to get that task done.

It's cool and breezy here right now, but we're told the worse heat wave of the season is on it's way. Thank goodness Jake and Dustin put the air conditioners in last weekend! I want to get some gardening done in the girls' garden this morning before it gets too hot, and I have some paperwork of Cindy's to deal with this afternoon before I get the girls and take them to gymnastics. The girls are eagerly counting down the days til the last day of school next Thursday. It orginally would have been this Friday, but they had a lot of snow days to make up for.

I need another cup of coffee. Anyone else care for a refill? :cofdate:

06-07-2011, 08:21 AM
Good morning :coffee2: A nice cool start to our day too but the heat is heading here soon. I'm planning some salads and grill food for the rest of the week.

I'm already off schedule today so just a quick fly by hello :wave:

06-07-2011, 08:30 AM
Good morning all! I love summer fruits but think I need to really cut back:( Too easy to eat too many when I'm not really hungry. Sigh. Today my teen has his annual eye doctor appointment so either DH or I will go with him one more time. Other than that, not much happening. Need to get back to my long cardio routine after last week's craziness.

06-07-2011, 08:37 AM
Waisting time, I hear you on the fruit problem. I try to count out the grapes and cherries but sometimes lose track. Apples and oranges are pre-measured at least. I used to be allergic to cherries (puffy lips, swollen tongue) but seem to have outgrown it.

06-07-2011, 10:09 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I did get up early, but between coffee and a project I'm just now coming to visit. It IS only 630am...I must say!

It is beautiful here….probably the nicest week of the entire year. We live in a high mountain valley and all the lilacs, honeysuckle, mtn ash and chokecherries all bloom at the same time. The air is thick with scent. After painting yesterday I just rode my bike up and down the tiny streets because it smelled so good! Today I'll do that again then accompany my mom to Denver for a medical appt.

Ruth, I count my blessings everyday Bing doesn't meet up with a skunk here! I'm approaching some of my dreaded projects by devoting a little time each day. It's working! Enjoy pet therapy!

Matilda, I read your post and caught your fever! I went directly to the dining room and went through a big catch-all bureau...pitching and sorting. I have a large "can" that came from Alaska with misc. linens, embroidery, etc, etc, It is next. Thanks for the inspiration! Sending supportive thoughts for your refocus!

nanjmc, you might be surprised at one of your dogs having a possibility for pet therapy with a little direction. Mine have always enjoyed it and were never stars at obedience.

Linda, I missed that refill of coffee but enjoy your day!

Cyndi, :wave:

Karen, I hope you get that cardio back into your schedule! I'm trying, too!

Gotta run! I got interrupted...had to put some stuff in the trash barrel. Have a great day everyone!

06-07-2011, 12:57 PM
Good morning everyone! :)

My Monday was not nearly as productive as it normally is in terms of meal planning, cleaning, and random chores/errands, so I definitely need to catch some of Maltida and Debbie's cleaning fever and get that all done today.

Today was my weigh in after 1 week of Phase 2 (1.5, really), and at first I was disappointed with dropping only 1.2 lbs, especially since my second week of Phase 1 didn't amount to *any* weight loss. But luckily those thoughts passed by fairly quickly - I'm proud to have lost any. As long as I'm making progress and sticking with it, it will come eventually. SBD is teaching me patience.

06-07-2011, 01:10 PM
Hi FOE! Sending you supportive energy for "flying", as Matilda called it. Have you ever checked out the Flylady website?

06-07-2011, 01:48 PM
Hi Debbie, thanks for the supportive energy! I've checked it out once, but I shall visit it again. =]