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06-06-2011, 07:05 PM
Well, I didn't actually pick this from my driveway, but it does happen to grow there!

I get my veggies from a CSA these days. We have a deal, I make their new website and they send me veggies and eggs for the whole season. I love this arrangement!

Have had the opportunity to try new things. Today it is purslane. It lookes a little funky, like a succulent sort of a weed, which is why I didn't know it was edible. But it has a nice, light, slightly lemony flavor. It was good in my salad at lunch, with arugula, parsley, tomatoes, red onions and tuna.

Sorrel is also nice. Very lemony flavor. Nice in a sandwich with grilled zucchini.

I am always trying to get people to eat dandelion greens. Martha Stewart picked them from the sidewalks during her time in prison.

Not from my driveway but new to me were radish tops. Cooked them with onions and then put them in a soup with potatoes and a little half and half and blended it all. Yum!

Suzanne 3FC
06-07-2011, 11:00 AM
That sounds like fun! I've heard that purslane was edible and actually grown on purpose, lol. I just know it as an annoying weed. I've not had the courage to try it. Now I'm curious! I've also never tried sorrel but it sounds lovely.

06-07-2011, 02:51 PM
I use no chemicals in my garden so the dandelions are always fair game. The green seed pods of nasturtium flowers are peppery - I recently pickled some and use them like capers. Of course the flowers themselves are lovely in a salad or in eggs. The zucchini flowers get fried or tucked into eggs or soups. My oregano exploded and is flowering - also fried the flower heads. When I say fried it is just dragged through a wet cornmeal and cornstarch mixture - not much clings (not a batter) and gets just a brief pass in hot oil - I measure the oil on occasion and if done correctly very little is absorbed (remember that Mazola corn oil commercial years ago where they fried chicken and showed the oil before and after?). In early spring I gather edible chrysanthemum greens- lovely in soup or stir fried with garlic. Oh and I plant radishes specifically for the tops :) - from seed to peppery greens in about 3 weeks!

06-08-2011, 07:35 PM
Tommy, you made me homesick for my grandmother's zucchini blossoms. I actually found some seeds for an Italian variety that produces mostly blossoms and I'm so looking forward to them!

Have never had the nastursium pods or chrysanthemum greens. Would love to try those as well.

I do remember the old commercial! I remember one where they fried a whole loaf of bread too with the same results. I wonder if its true. You'd have to have the temperature pretty high to achieve it, I think.