Weight Loss Support - starting again after having a baby

06-06-2011, 04:31 AM
Hi All.. its been a lil while since i was last on 3fc but im back now and like 50lbs heavier than when i was first here :( I have had 2 kids since then.. back to back. my first born was my son, he passed away when he was 6 months old due to a heart condition and 3 months after his death i was pregnant with my daughter who is a happy healthy lil angel. she is 7 months now :) through out the 6 monhts of my sons short life he was in the hospital and i put on some lbs then.. just so very stressed and all i cared about was him not what i ate. so i never lost his pregnancy weight then gained while he was in the hospital.. then got prego after his death and gained and gained and gained. now im ready to try and lose it.. not just for me but for my daughter.. so she can have a happy healthy mommy. its hard to try and diet sometimes because i grieve his loss so much.. but im going to try.. i hope to have some support and help back at good ole 3fc and if there is anyone who needs as daily buddy please say hi.. i could sure use one :) well hope this isnt to long and thank yall :D

06-06-2011, 05:41 AM
I'm sorry about the loss of your son, I can't even imagine how heartbreaking that must be. :hug:

I'm back here, losing baby weight again (though the baby turns 1 in just a couple more weeks) and could use a buddy. It was so easy to get motivated last time around, but this time around it's harder to find the motivation. For some reason, it's like knowing that I can lose the weight has made it easier for me to put it off and think "oh, I'll start tomorrow". I got about halfway there and stalled out, I need to get going again.

06-06-2011, 11:17 AM
I'm so sorry about your son. :( I can't even imagine. Congrats on your daughter, she sounds like a sweetie! Welcome and looking forward to seeing you around, I know you'll do great! Losing weight for me this time was in large part due to the motivation I have for my kids...like you I want to be a healthy mommy who is a good role model, and can keep up with my kids (or at least try!). :)

06-06-2011, 02:05 PM
Thanks Kestrel and Sept. :)
I think my biggest problem is staying motivated.. i get all excited about starting the whole weightloss thing and then after a week if i dont see any results.. or i dont see the ones i want.. i just give up. now its even worse because you get so tired with the baby and when she is asleep u just want to sleep too lol.. one thing for sure.. i wish i had decided to start my diet before i went grocery shopping.. now i got a fridge full of no no's lol. im going to start taebo again today and see if i can get my self moving again.. thank you for the support and look forward to being buddies :)