100 lb. Club - Accountability, Menus, Plans, Exercise, Stuff.......June 2011

06-02-2011, 08:07 AM
Here is a place where you can put down your daily plans and intentions, menu, exercises, have accountability and more!

Come on in, we are a friendly bunch! (Seriously, feel free to join in!)

06-02-2011, 08:15 AM
I didn't see that anyone had started a new thread for June, so here it is. :D

Darkblue~ I hope your first day went well, I know it can be a stresser!!

Melinda~ Experience has taught me not to help the chicks out, one wrong pull and they bleed to death. In the end got 4 chicks, not a great hatch but good enough for me. I will try to attach a pic.

lottie~ hope you are doing well

mj~ how is vacation ???

The weather here has been typical Michigan. Cold, wet, hot, humid, cold again...lol.

Food choices are good. Went out to eat unexpectedly over the weekend and went to a place I had never been which made me fret over what will I eat. In the end I chose a veggie quesadilla which was AWESOME !!! It was full of mushrooms, peppers, onions, avocado and it did have cheese in it and came with a spicey hot sauce. I am going to have to make my own version of it here at home.

Still working my protein shakes for breakfast and mainly cheerios for lunch...I have gotten so lazy about packing a lunch for work. Scale is stalled but it won't be long before it moves.

Big wave to everyone, hope you find the thread...lol. :carrot:

06-02-2011, 08:18 AM
forgot to try to add the new chicks pic...

06-02-2011, 04:37 PM
I'm baaaaaack! We had such a great time!!!!! I didn't have a chance to check in because to be honest, by the time we went back to the hotel each night, I was SO tired!!! I did pretty well with food choices, it was so much harder thatn I thought it was going to be (and I thought it was going to be hard!!!). I ended up emailing my trainer at one point because even though I was really trying to make decent choices, I was not eating anywhere near as healthy as I am used to and I was feeling it let me tell you! Ugh....Tuesday I felt icky most of the day...tired, no energy, just yuck. Hard to believe that I probably felt like that a lot (if not worse) and just didn't realize how bad I felt. Anyway, he was awesome, as always!

I will catch up with everyone later, just wanted to pop in quick before we go get groceries....ahhhh, the joys of coming home from vacation! LOL!

06-02-2011, 05:19 PM
mj I am jealous, you had a trip AND are getting groceries! haha. We need them so bad, prolly won't get them until sunday though and that's only if I don't work, if not, monday. man we have no food!

So, I just wanted to say I'm very proud of myself because last night at 1130 p.m when my bf got home from work I surprised him with the idea that we should try our first c25k run! It was glorious. we ran at the park and other than aggrivating an hip issue I didn't know was as bad as it is (I saw a doc today cuz last night when we got home I couldn't even stand.) It felt amazing.

Doc said it seems muscular, take 600 mgs ibuprofen 3 times a day for 2 weeks and come back if it still hurts and we'll set up pt.

MORE pt. augh. haha

My not tracking is going well, I'm eating very healthy and once we get groceries it will be even easier. ha.

06-03-2011, 08:52 AM
Hi friends.. sorry to be MIA.

I got on the scale today.I have not been able/willing to face the scale for about ten days. I am up to 222 - ugh. I need to keep on trying. I will get up and make a plan. I need to stay away from sugar. Feeling sad about the gain... hopefully, it will motivate me.

I pulled a muscle in my back. (last Sunday) It's slowly healing. The medicine can sometimes make me retain water.

I've been wearing my foot/ankle braces - up to over an hour a day. I've been able to walk on the grass for patches of time.

My laptop is broken. It is uncomfortable sitting at my desk top computer because of the angle of sitting. But - I am grateful to have this back-up.
Less computer time, I guess.

Now you are caught up in my world. Hugs to you all for your continued support.

DixC Chix
06-03-2011, 10:09 AM
I have been struggling since the holiday weekend. Can't seem to get an on plan day. I'm gonna sit down with myself and have a good talking to.

06-03-2011, 09:20 PM
mj5~ Glad you are back, and had fun. Coming home is sooo much work isn't it.. It's very hard to stay OP away from home but overall it sounds like you did pretty well.

Beverlyjoy~ I'm sorry you seem to be a bit overwhelmed right now. Keep the faith and don't get down on yourself, it will only defeat you. :hug: Feel better!!

DixC Chix ~ I find it I go off plan it's a struggle to get back to towing the line. My calories have been good, some of my choices are still in question though. Twice this week I have come home from work late, over hungry and inhaled my food....luckily I was in my calorie range.

I have to work tomorrow, I hate being there on a Saturday. :p But I have tons to get done so maybe I will get more accomplished away from the hustle bustle of a weekday. :dizzy:

Hope everyone has a GREAT night!!!

06-04-2011, 12:09 AM
Hi everyone! I am still in the process of getting caught up. Today was busy, nothing new there LOL! Gym workout this am, errands, did my niece's makeup for her Sr Ball, then went to a 2 hour zumba class/fundraiser. It was for diabetes awareness. Tomorrow, more zumba THEN a mani/pedi ..... ahhhh, time to relax!

jab--That veggie ques. sounded awesome! It is a lot of work to come home...laundry, grocery shopping, picking up the "sweet beagle sisters" from the kennel.....I am SO glad to have them home!!!! They are clean and exhausted--in fact one is sleeping on each side of me right now. Sorry to hear you have to work tomorrow.

lottie--LOL! Yes, groceries were a must! AWESOME job on the c25k run! Hope your hip feels better!

Beverlyjoy--BIG hugs to you!!! You CAN do this, I know you can.

DixC Chix--How was that talking to? Ugh, it is SO easy to go off plan and SO hard to get back on track. Not fair!!!!

Hi to everyone else!!!

06-04-2011, 08:44 AM
Got groceries last night. Also went shopping. My band size has gone down so my cup size went up, I'm a 40F, welcome back to 'it's impossible to find a bra in the store' alicia!


I bought about 10 bags of canned stuff (beans, corn, etc), pasta, fruits and veggies, need to go back for rice and tofu cuz I forgot, it was about 100$ for what will end up being about 11 bags of groceries. Not too shabby.

I also got a nitey and a new swim top along with my dumb boring but comfy beige bra. ha.

Also, I'm way too paranoid to not track, Going back. I really prefer the certainty. Anyhow, did c25k run 2 last night!

06-05-2011, 08:59 AM
Good Morning! Can't believe it is Sunday already! Back to work tomorrow....but I am NOT thinking about that yet!

lottie--yea for getting groceries! Awesome bargain shopper!!!! That stinks about bra sizes...I have a really good friend who has always had a hard time finding her size, very frustrating.

Melinda--How are you doing?

Mani/pedi yesterday was wonderful! Then I stopped by the outlet mall for a bit. I found some amazing deals! I bought a lightweight jacket that is waterproof (but doesn't look like a rain jacket...if that makes any sense, LOL!). It was $20 at the Columbia outlet! I also found an awesome UnderArmour zip up hooded sweatshirt for $15! It was hard to restrain myself....I want to look good (and feel good about all of my hard work), BUT I also don't want to buy a ton of stuff because I am not wearing it very long.

I bought 2 pairs of Clark's sandals--also SUPER bargains there--that will be good for my feet AND they are cute....not easy to find, especially in sandals!

So what is everyone up to today? Zumba for me. Then just lounding w/ the "sweet beagle sisters". They are still SO tired from being at the kennel, LOL! Lots of running/sniffing....they played with other beagles, so I know they had a great time. They actually love going to the kennel....there is an acre fenced in and they get to run and sniff to their hearts content! Whenever we pick them up, they are happy and tired. Gotta love that!

Have a great day everyone!

06-05-2011, 10:23 AM
dixc- how was your sit down with yourself? Hope you were able to get on track

jab- Yesterday was awful at work! Wished I wasn't there too. Hope today is better, but it's TOM and so I'm super annoyed at life. ha.

mj-- furry friends are the best. :D

So today will be week 1 run 3 of c25k for me and bf. I am liking it but fear for next week. ha.

Probably going to stop in today at the gym today to see about a trial week to make sure it's something sustainable for us and to see how much everything will be, etc.

Next month is a 3 paycheck month so bf and I are planning a weekend trip top philly and nyc. :D EXCITEMENT.

06-05-2011, 10:49 AM
Morning all .....

:cheer: :cheer3: I am in ONEDERLAND :cheer2: :cheer3: , I got on the scale, not really expecting to make it. Looked, got off the scale, got back on the scale, got off the scale, then repeat again...lol.

I have today off work and am trying not to think about having to go back tomorrow. I am keeping a light schedule today, my pain level is too much today which bums me out. I have been using my arms too much gardening and it's caught up with me.

I weeded heavily last night and watered then did some feeding this morning early.... I was too beat to get it done last night. The biting bugs are absolutely horrid this year. I look like a leper I have so many bites. I grabbed more Cutter wipes to help keep them off me, it's just I have to stop to use them normally by the time I think of it it's too late in the process.

Lottie~ I was super annoyed at work yesterday and it's becoming too much a regular thing for me. The market is bad and I remind myself to be thankful but some days it's super difficult..lol. Since I am in menopause it's always my TOM :p

mj5~ I know a floater supervisor at work , he lives downstate, and he takes his dogs to a daycare once or twice a week and they absolutely love it. They swim and play and have doggie birthday parties, sometimes he shows me little video clips, it's very cute.

Hope everyone has a Super Fantastic day !!!

06-05-2011, 07:10 PM
Jab--congratulations!!!! Way to go!

06-05-2011, 11:19 PM
great job--jab. haha, congrats!


06-06-2011, 06:30 AM
Good Morning!

jab--I didn't want you to be lonely in onederland, so I thought I would join you!!!!! OMG! I can't believe it!!! I was away for 5 days, did the best I could with food choices, worked my booty off when I came home and lost 3lbs last week!!!! I am THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day everyone. I need to get ready for work....

06-06-2011, 09:20 AM
Wow, congrats mj, look at you guys goooooo!

DixC Chix
06-06-2011, 10:27 AM
That little sit down has been effective. I'm ready and willing...again. Thanks for all the good thoughts - it really helped put it back in perspective.

B1: 2 hb eggs, pumpkin, coffee
B2: greek yogurt
L: 3 turkey & bean soft tacos, 3 apricots
D: salmon, broccoli, carrots, cherries, yogurt, pecans
E: stretch yoga, water aerobics

Yesterday, I went to our local farmer's market and bought lettuce, grass-fed organic ground beef, organic pecans and a fig tree sapling!! And earlier, my neighbor gave me an heirloom tomato plant. Guess I'm not done in the garden yet. But this is IT.

BBL for personals.

DixC Chix
06-06-2011, 04:30 PM
jab & mj5 - Congrats on Onederland!! You guys ROCK! Woohoo!! You worked hard to get to there.

Beverlyjoy - I hope the brace is working out for you. As with all things physical, you just need to ease into it. Hope your back is feeling better.

jab - can I just say Awwwwww. Those 3 fat chicks are so cute! ;) I'm a native born Michigander so I can commiserate with you on the 'skeetos and the crazy weather. Like Sonny Elliot used to say, if you don't like the weather, wait an hour... it'll change.

mj5 - glad you're back safe and sound. Sounds like you had a blast. You are a bargain shopper extraordinaire! When we were both OOT at the same time, my sis and I had a suite for our dogs (2 ea) at the Canine Country Club. They had 2 couches and a TV set to the Animal Planet channel and got 'ice cream' treats every day. I do love my animals

lottie - you too! 11 bags for $100 is fantastic. How exciting to be planning a vaca to Philly and the Big Apple. Hope the gym works out for you...er... or rather that the gym works you out!!:D

06-07-2011, 09:41 AM
Good Morning! Thanks for the congrats! The really cool thing is, the last time I was at 199 was right around the time my dad died. Yesterday on my weigh in day when I got back down to 199, it would have been my dad's 67th bday. :)

DixC Chix--Glad to hear the sit down was effective. The farmers market sounds wonderful! I just noticed that the little one by my work started today....guess I better check it out! Awww, the Country Club sounds awesome! We love our Sweet Beagle Sisters too. Yes, I LOVE to bargain shop...its a good thing too...I am going through sizes like crazy right now (and that's a GREAT thing!)

lottie--your trip sounds awesome!!!! My mom, sis, niece, and I are planning a trip to NYC later this summer. I can't wait!!!

Have a great day everyone!

DixC Chix
06-07-2011, 01:39 PM
Good Morning!!

B1: 2 hb eggs, pumpkin, coffee
B2: greek yogurt
L: 3 turkey & bean soft tacos, 3 apricots
D: organic beef burger, broccoli, carrots, cherries, yogurt, pecans
E: 1.5 hours in garden

I got my fig sapling and the new tomato planted. I emptied the wine barrel of its contents and removed the plastic liner. I think the liner was conducting heat to the roots of the plants I would put in it, killing first the herbs and then the strawberries. I also moved the barrel off the concrete patio to a spot where the drainage won't stain it.

I will make a trip back to Lowe's to get more strawberries today as well as a stop at Penney's for summer tops and/or light gym shoes. I have a $10 coupon and a 15% discount.

I got a small part time job doing odd jobs (gardening, patio cleaning, ironing, etc) for an older woman (she's got bad arthritis). Its once a week for 4-6 hours. I start tomorrow morning. This will take the place of my Wednesday a.m. water aerobics and I'm okay with that cuz its paid exercise!

06-07-2011, 05:46 PM
Spend about 80 mins at the gym. Had to leave earlier than I wanted to get lunch with a friend she had to go to work. (She went with me to the gym).

She's joining too! wooo! A month free for me! :D

I absolutely loved it. :D did a bike with a video screen and terrain, (you steer, go up and down hill, resistance changes, etc.) did a cross training elliptical type thing and swam laps. :D

06-07-2011, 10:01 PM
mj5~ ConGraTs and welcome to Onederland!!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

Lottie~ a Vacation sounds GREAT!!! Really something fun to look forward to. Workout sounds awesome!!

DixC Chix ~ I bought a fig too...lol. Although being in a northern climate it will have to be moved inside for the winter months. I did see how I could try to grow it like a shrub and cover it in the winter and hope it survives but I think this year we will stay in the pot and see how it works out. It was a whim purchase. The job sounds fun~~

I ended up staying late at work yesterday because we got slammed, but since we are on a NO overtime policy I left a little early today and have to leave early another day this week too. But then they called a mandatory teleconference and I had to go back into work this evening, so it didn't do me much good. But on the upside I was below my calories last night because I stayed over and didn't have extra food with me...lol

We had a good soaking rain last night, lots of lightening too. Today was hot and muggy...ugh. I wanted a cold Pepsi soooooo bad today but I resisted.

I hope everyone has a good evening!!!

06-08-2011, 06:38 AM
Good Morning everyone!

I was a little annoyed yesterday...we had this manager "retreat" thing planned at my supervisors house. It was really nice of her to do it. The plan was for us to have lunch at her house and hang out, walk around the cute little town she lives in, whatever. I talked to her ahead of time and told her that I was planning on bringing my own food (she knows what I am doing--nutrition-wise) and she was totally ok with it. So, we all get there and she announces that she was really busy with stuff w/ her kids (she had two sons moving out of her house on the same day...I totally get it), so she made reservations for us at a local restaurant instead--her treat. Grr. Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I didn't appreciate her taking us all out to lunch. It was super nice of her to do. BUT....I didn't get a chance to plan and just coming off vacation, I have been really sticking to my nutritionl plan. Luckily, they had an awesome mixed green salad w/ grilled chicken that was amazing. I was able to resist the ice cream AND the french pasteries that she had back at her house afterwards. I munched on an apple that I brought instead. Everyone was super supportive and asked what I had been doing. I shared my progress pics and they asked a lot of ?? One of the girls was even asking me for workout tips. LOL!!! In the end it was totally fine and actually a LOT of fun. Working in human services (any job really...we all have our stresses), we rarely have time to relax and enjoy each other's company. We are lucky enough to work with some really cool people and have a great management team.

DixC Chix--What a nice thing you are doing for that lady! I know she is paying you, but I am sure she appreciates it so much!!! I have a $10 coupon for Penny's too...I am going to stop at the mall after my pre-op stuff on Friday to see what I can spend it on :)

lottie--That's awesome!!!! So glad you loved the gym AND are getting a free month!

jab--Thanks! Ugh, hope work settles down! It is going to be super hot here today...I am going to hide in my office today, lol! I have TONS of work to catch up on, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Beverlyjoy--hope you are doing well. Thinking about you!

melinda--Hi! Pop in and let us know how you are!

Hi to everyone else who stops by!

I talked to my Wellness Coach last night. He told me that he has been contacted by someone on the marketing team and they want my "story". I actually laughed when he said that. He assured me he was serious. He said that everyone is really excited about my progress and attitude. Once it "sunk in" a bit I was actually speachless (something that doesn't happen often, LOL! He said he would give me the 'heads up' so I could be prepared when they call. I'm still kind of in shock....I mean, ME?! REALLY???

I am going to be doing update measurements and pics again next week (hard to believe it has been another month already!). Can't wait to see the difference!

Ok, I REALLY need to get ready for work!

Have a great day everyone!

06-08-2011, 09:19 AM
Hello everyone, thought I'd join in!

Main plan for June: finish. the. *%&Ģing. baby. quilt. for. my. cousin. Seriously, I've been dawdling for so long that it feels like much more work than it is. Sashing is quilted, finished quilting the blocks last night and have just marked up the borders, so I feel like I'm on the last lap now. Of course, I should also be careful not to overdo it and quilt myself into RSI again.

Exercise is doing well, I'm building it up very gradually (now on 5 min total, woo hoo) but I think this is the longest I've ever managed to sustain an exercise programme without ending up with a relapse.

Scales are being annoying, I've been on a plateau for the last ten days. I've only been dieting 7 weeks and only had the scales for 3 weeks, so I do at least know that I've lost some weight and I'm just glad this didn't happen when I'd only just bought the scales. I feel slimmer and the food plan is doing fine, so I will just wait it out.

And on the topic of the weather, because I'm British so how can I resist such a conversation, we've been getting extremes here too. Lovely hot sunny day on Friday, mixed weather since, quite a violent hailstorm yesterday.

06-08-2011, 09:38 AM
Esofia--Welcome! Good luck with the quilt! What are you doing for exercise? Ugh, scales can certainly be annoying! Keep at it, you certainly have the right attitude! Not loving the hot weather today...but I know some people do. It is going to be rough at the gym tonight, but it's all good!

DixC Chix
06-08-2011, 10:28 AM
lottie - Oooo, cool you got the free gym month and I'm so glad you picked the gym with the pool. Sounds like it is high end with the electronic stuff. Nice!

jab - I have been researching figs for months but unwilling to pay shipping charges. Then I found a local guy. I was a bit nervous about the winters here too but the Figman says to just make a surround with chicken wire and fill it with leaves. Leaves?...I got plenty of them!!! I have often thought that although the money is nice to have in this economy, time off (comp time or credit time or whatever) is better for mental health and family.

mj - you're gonna be a STAR!!! Its not so hard to believe - you've lost 100# so far. That is success by any definition. And you are very photogenic. PRE-OP??? What? I hope everything is okay. You did great with the ad hoc restaurant luncheon and resisting yummy desserts.

Esofia - Welcome!! Awww, a baby quilt?!!! Maybe you can post a pix when its finished. Not overdo it...RSI...relapse? Hope you are doing okay. Gradual increase is the way to go!

B1: 2 hb eggs, pumpkin, coffee
B2: greek yogurt
L: 3 turkey & bean soft tacos, grapes
D: organic beef burger, broccoli, carrots, cherries, yogurt
E: odd jobs

Weather - We have had smoke filled air from AZ fires for about 10 days now. *cough, hack* Still no rain and none in sight.
Shopping - I got 5 cotton tops, jean shorts and a rain (haha) jacket for $60. Two of the tops are sorta sleeveless - loose, lacy cap sleeves.
Garden - I got 6 more strawberries planted in the barrel. Now this is it. Really. For sure. Nothing else. :rolleyes: Yeah, right. :D

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

06-09-2011, 08:31 AM
I ate too much last night. :( It wasn't a binge but it was too much, it didn't help that it was super muggy and I had no plan on what I was going to eat after work. Which turned into nibbling... :( As we know nibbling adds up quickly...

I was stressed from work as usual but this week corporate has sent a LOT of changes down the pike. My supervisor is so upset she wants to quit and take me with her...lol. At this stage it is nothing more than a dream because the job market is so bad, there is no place to go she just hasn't realized it yet. Basically everyone in the dept is upset.

I've already made a tuna pasta salad for dinner tonight. I promised to cut the ex's hair after work so it will be another later evening getting home, having something made to eat will help.

mj~ you're going to be famous!!!! ;) :D That is very kewl

lottie~ good job on the gym and the pool sounds great !!

DixC Chix ~ I had never entertained the thought of a fig because of my region but ended up buying a Chicago hardy online when I was buying blueberries and cranberries from ediblelandscaping.

esofia~ Welcome!!!!

06-09-2011, 09:32 AM
Good Morning! Hope you are all having a great day! It's another hot one here. I had a fantastic workout last night, I was a sweaty disgusting mess when I was done, but I felt AMAZING! Also received some encouraging words from my trainer, which always helps too.

DixC Chix--Oh dear...hope you get some rain. AWESOME shopping trip!!! LOL! Thanks for pointing out that I have lost 100lbs...when I saw that, I was like what??? then I looked at my ticker! WOW. Oh yea, everything will be fine. During my un-ending week of drs appts last month, I found out I have some very large cysts on my left ovary. They can't be drained and won't go away on their own. I also have endometriosis and a fibroid. Fun stuff. I have had the procedure before (it's day surgery...they actually go through the base of the belly button). I'll be tired and sore Thurs and Fri, but by Sat I'll feel fine. Unfortunately, I will be on FORCED rest at least through Sunday. My hubby is taking time off from work obviously to take me for the surgery, but also to stay home and "entertain" me....he knows I am NOT content to sit around and do nothing.....at least not anymore. ;)

jab--I'm sorry work is so stressful. Great job planning for dinner tonight!

I still can't believe the whole wanting my "story" thing....I literally stopped talking when he told me that. I'll let you guys know if/when it happens. I am going to send him my next set of update pics..if they use pics, I want them to have the MOST recent ones!

06-09-2011, 10:30 AM
Short work day, 11-2, wooo! Then gym. yay!

06-09-2011, 11:51 AM
lottie--YEA, gotta love that! Whatcha going to do at the gym today?

DixC Chix
06-09-2011, 12:18 PM
Good Golly! Good Morning!
I had an enjoyable work day yesterday. My hammies and gluts are screaming but I can't wait to go back. I ended up working 6 hours. Luckily I packed a snack (1 soft taco and grapes) that turned into a light lunch. It was nothing like I expected. The older woman with arthritis??? She is not so old (60's), has some arthritis but is very active and wants to save her hands for golf. She is VERY particular about her gardens and house but she can afford to be. She is uber rich and uber nice (she provided sunscreen, etc, made sure I had enough ice water, generously paid me $15/hr!! :cb:)

With a surgeon's precision, I pulled weeds in flower beds, trimmed and deadheaded flowers, did some fertilizing. She lives on a huge beautiful compound in the ritzy part of town. The big house and gardens are too much for her to do on her own so she brings in help. She has a housekeeper, landscaper, pond guy, tree trimmer, etc. My BIL is a decorative painter and has done several of her room redo's. (She has a annual $25K budget for redecorating unless she is remodeling which she did last year.) Recently he noticed parts of her irrigation system were watering nothing. (Not a good thing :nono: in the desert.) She asked him to improve it so he has been there every Wednesday for about a month. In that month, he has saved her 15000 gals of water and they are still going through the system. He is also working on refinishing a spectator's bench at her private golf range. Yeah, I know!!! :yikes: I am so grateful. This is a good gig for me.

Today I have a Homeless Ministry meeting at church and I am undecided about walking there because of the smoke and ash in the air. I will also make a grocery run for fresh fruits and veggies.

B1: grits with cheese, cherries
B2: greek yogurt
L: still having soft tacos but I love them!!!
D: another beef patty with carrots and broc, skinny cow ice cream bar
E: ?

jab - I'm a former Michigander and my folks used to live 'up north' near Lewiston and Gaylord. Having a garden in that climate and soil is a big, big challenge. Hats off to you. Tuna pasta salad? Yum-mee! One of my fav summer dishes. I, too, usually do my worst diet damage when I don't have a plan. Shifting corporate plans and priorities are big time stressors but having a supervisor with whom you can commiserate can make it easier.

mj - large ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroid...BT,DT. Hope all goes well with the surgery. Maybe your story will get picked up by the online news sites (CNN) like some others on these boards. You're gonna be a star dah-ling!!!

lottie - Yay for going to the gym!!! And such a nice one, too!!

Beverlyjoy - How ya doin'??

06-09-2011, 02:45 PM
jab and mj5 - just noticed your ONEDERLAND status!!!

:cheer2::cheer3: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :cheer2::cheer3:

That's awesome!!!! I have added you both to the Official Onerland all stars list!!! :D

06-09-2011, 04:46 PM
DixC Chix--WOW. That is a good gig, well, for you. LOL! I'm not a weed pulling kind of a gal..which means, I don't know which is a weed and which is a plant, LOL!!! Yep, me too...at this point, it is more of an inconvenience than anything. Oh geez, I don't know about all that hoopla.....

Sandi--Thanks! It's still kind of surreal.....

Tonight is Zumba and I am really glad! It's going to be hot, hot, hot, but that's ok! I have been stuck in my office all day because it is so hot, I'm ready to MOVE!

06-09-2011, 05:01 PM
MJ5 and Jab, congratulations on Onederland!!!! How awesome is that? :dancer:

I'm only down a pound and a half, but it's a "real" pound and a half, not water. I might be down more, but last week ended up being two good/on plan meals a day, then a sudden "have to" eat out due to job.

I've been reading the Eat to Live book this week and wondering if I ought to try it. I can go without meat or sweets--not a problem--but eliminating dairy and bread/cereal stuff would be really difficult. :(

06-10-2011, 12:22 AM
I'm ba-a-ack!
Mj and Jab -wowsy wow wow for onederland!!

It's been so hot here, I'm not motivated to cook. Just kinda blah -
Really need to plan and do some exercise. Will work on that this weekend -- starting and a plan.
today's food:
b: scram eggs/ 1/2 potato & salsa
l: grilled chicken on WW thin, barley & roasted veg
s: frozen custard, whole fat, full sugar - dang I couldn't resist, but it was only 1/2 c.
d: carnitas burrito/black beans, lettuce, tomato, salsa. yum

cleaned out the "junk room" - which is really the guest room, wow we had alot of junk!

06-10-2011, 08:46 AM
Good Morning! It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I have my pre-op stuff, then I am going to run some errands, go to the gym, and get groceries.

Darkblue--Thanks! It is SO awesome!!!! CONGRATS on your loss!!! I'm not familiar with that, but it sounds pretty restrictive.

melinda--Hi! Thanks! your menu for yesterday looks yummy!!! LOL!!! Sounds like our "guest/junk room"

I have decided that next week during my "forced rest" after surgery, I am going to write down my weight loss journey so far. I will share it with you once I have it all written down. I have been sharing a lot on facebook, but I think it is time to "put it ALL out there" so to speak.

Have a fantastic day everyone!

DixC Chix
06-10-2011, 01:43 PM
mj - I spent my life (school, career) inside at a desk and now I want to be outdoors. I would rather do something anything outside than inside. I am looking forward to reading about your journey.

Darkblue - 1.5 pounds is a very good loss especially when you have those unexpected challenges. For me, restrictive diets just don't work for the long haul. And with 130+ to lose, I knew it would be a loooong haul! Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

melinda - Glad to see you're back. I have one of those junk/guest rooms, too. I cleaned a garbage bagful out this spring. Yum - burritos. Anything in a tortilla with salsa is yum!!

B1: coffee, greek yogurt
B2: grapes
L: Jason's Deli chicken wrapini (lunch with the gym ladies)
D: maybe lunch leftovers
E: water aerobics

I still have to go to the grocers for fruit and veggies and then prep pickles for Saturday Homeless Ministry bag lunch this afternoon.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend, everybody!!!

06-10-2011, 11:14 PM
What a day! The pre-op stuff went fine. Then I decided to do a little bargain shopping. I found a pair of 9 West cropped jeans that fit perfect at Marshall's for $10!!! I went to the mall and as I was leaving, my car just died. Awesome. Luckily, no one hit me....It took forever for AAA to show up and tow it. We talked to the mechanic at our garage and it sounds like the fuel pump, but obviously he won't know until he looks at it. Grrr! It could have been much worse, well...let's see if I am still saying that when the repairs are done! LOL!

DixC Chix--I think its great that you love planting and working outside. I wish I at least liked it. We have a huge yard and it could be gorgeous...but I just don't have the desire (or know how) to do anything with it. I am looking forward to writing about my journey! I have shared bits and pieces w/ some friends and they are very encouraging and can't wait to read the whole thing either.

Tomorrow is Zumba AND the gym. I didn't get to the gym tonight because it took so long w/ my car. I am not going to skip a workout, so I'll get it in tomorrow. I'll visit my grandmother and mom. Then of course, there is the usual "Saturday" cleaning/errands/laundry/pay bills, etc. Hubby has to work, so I will be his chauffeur so I can have his car for the day. Sunday and Monday I will probably borrow my grandmother's "Petey" (that's what she has named her PT Cruiser). I hate to ask her, but she doesn't drive much anymore. I am hoping my car will be fixed by Monday.

06-10-2011, 11:59 PM
dixc, I need to get some stuff too. It seems like I'm always spending money. booooo! :(

mj, re: AAA, isn't that the way? :( Can't wait to ready our story!

darkblue, it's been over a month of a stall for me, I WISH I was down a lb and a half!!!! ;) Weigh in on sunday!

Well, Today was insanely busy, as a matter of fact, it's 11 p.m and it STILL is busy! I worked 11-3, then met up with bf and we got lunch, I got hummus wiht veggies and he signed up for the 3 free days at the gym. He was really nervous and scared but he came out of it okay, he actually didn't want to leave! It was great. :D

We were only there about an hour cuz they close early on the weekends, then we went and got a drink at a coffee shop, and then saw Super 8, which I liked but joey wasn't too impressed. :( Then again, he loved this past south park which I thought was stupid. Oh well.


Then we came home and now I'm doing laundry. Will this day ever end? Getting up early tomorrow and hitting the gym before work, and maybe for an hour after work.

woooo! :)

06-11-2011, 11:05 AM
bf and I are going to the gym before work!

wooooo! :D I"m so excited he's actually doing this! (Don't want him to waste his 3 free days.)

He wakes up really late, so this is a big deal. ha. Also, I posted a blog about your significant other and if they are on this journey with you if you'd like to read. link below!

DixC Chix
06-11-2011, 12:43 PM
mj - isn't that just like a car??? They always, always breakdown when it is so inconvenient and puts everything out of whack. You're right - it could have been much worse...in the middle of nowhere with no cell coverage. BTW, nice buy on the jeans. Do you Zumba somewhere other than your gym?? Hope you have a good visit with Mom and G'mom.

lottie - its nice to hear your bf is enjoying the gym experience so far. I'm sure it helps that you are an enthusiastic partner. I certainly don't get male humor, I don't get the Three Stooges!

06-11-2011, 05:14 PM
Hi everyone! Phew, I survived my back to back workout day, LOL! Actually, I feel great! I will probably crash, hard later, but it's all good! Our zumba class was AWESOME! We did 2 new dances--one is a cross step salsa, I LOVE it! The other one is to a new PitBull song called "Pause", that one is fun too. Then I went the gym and did my strength training. Now, I would NOT normally do both workouts the same day. BUT, the sheer fact that I was physically able to do so was pretty darn awesome.

lottie--YEA for the bf going to the gym!!! That is awesome! My hubby was a member at my gym for a year and I loved it when he went with me (or without me), but he decided not to renew :(

DixC Chix--Yes, I go to a dance studio for Zumba. They just recently added Zumba at my gym, but you still have to pay extra for the classes AND the instructor is terrible. If I have to pay for it, I want the BEST :) I had a great visit w/ my mom and G'ma, thanks!

Melinda and Beverlyjoy--Hope you are doing well and having a great weekend!

So, my car is still at the garage. I didn't get a message and I didn't catch the mechanic ... he doesn't technically have hours on Saturday, but he often works on Saturdays. (who is also someone I went to high school with) by phone. I don't feel comfortable calling him at home, so I just left a message on his answering machine at the garage. I'll stop down there on my way to work on Monday. I can take either my gma's car OR my brother's truck (duh!! Totally forgot, his truck has been sitting since jan when he was deployed!)

06-11-2011, 07:57 PM
I BROKE MY PLATEAU! I lost 2 lbs! 228!

DixC Chix
06-11-2011, 08:22 PM
Yay!! :carrot::carrot:


06-11-2011, 10:38 PM
YEA lottie!!!!! That's awesome!!!!

06-11-2011, 10:39 PM
I have new pictures!!!! My trainer sent me a comparison pic the left is 12 weeks ago, the right is this morning :)


I can't believe that was me!!!!

DixC Chix
06-12-2011, 10:55 AM
Wow! Everywhere is smaller but the areas that stand out to me are face (you have cheekbones and you look so much younger), neck (bye-bye double chin), chest (collar bones and below), waist (probably even more narrow than shows in that shirt), arm and hands (your hands are not puffy anymore, you can see vains popping!) hips & legs (thinner and pants are baggy).

So tell me about your tats??

06-12-2011, 03:10 PM
Thanks DixC Chix! Yes, my waist is much smaller, but you can't tell because of my shirt. LOL! My hubby mentioned that I was very "veiny" the other day, of course he quickly followed it up with "and that's a good thing". On my left foot, I have some stars--which actually start around my ankle. There is also a yellow rubber ducky (that one represents my "girls days" w/ my nieces...our theme is ducks, LOL! On my right foot I have some forget-me-nots (favorite flower) and some vines. I have some others (on my shoulder blades which go up over my shoulder onto my chest area....maybe future progress pics will actually show some of those....if I am REALLY brave ;)

I forgot to add that I lost 6 3/4" in the past 4 weeks, which makes a total of 23" in 12 weeks!

06-12-2011, 03:27 PM
Wow, you look great! It's insane how different we look when we lose weight. Even 10 lbs makes a huge difference!

You look so much younger.

06-12-2011, 03:42 PM
Taking a break from weeding and thought I would check in.

mj5~ Wow, you look like a younger chickie for sure!! Great going !!

DixC Chix~ I like the sound of your job :D I'm not far from Grayling. In the last week we have had hot, humid mid 90's all the way to 43 degrees. My garden is in shell shock. I replaced a couple plants today that just were slowly dieing. My eggplant looks like it may never spring back, think I am going to re-plant it too... frustrating.

Lottie ~ big time congrats on the breakthrough!!!!!!! It's all downhill from here ;)

melinda~ it's amazing how much we accumulate isn't it , sounds like you've had your hands full. I don't do well in hot and muggy, it makes me swelter to a slugs pace....

Big hi to Sandi, kurisitaru, Beverlyjoy, Blue and anyone else I maybe am overlooking. Gotta get back too it, I see dark clouds on the horizon.

Went out for pizza with a gf Fri after work, I've had a heck of a time coming back on plan from that. I think seeing Mj's great pic today may be the inspiration I need to remember what I am trying to accomplish here :D

Have a GREAT day!!!

06-12-2011, 07:21 PM

jab--I know this weather is out of control! Awww, you make me blush. You are doing awesome! Keep going!

Beverlyjoy--How are you?

Thanks everyone. I keep looking at the pics (he sent me side and back comparisons too). I STILL can't believe it. It makes me a little sad for the "old" me, that I was content at that weight for so long.

It is surreal hearing that I am inspiring other people. I put the pics up on my FB this morning and instantly had tons of comments. An old boyfriend sent me a message to let me know I have shown him that it isn't too late. He has gained some weight over the years (not a lot, but more than he would like) and wants to make some changes. He is starting to eat healthier and wants to incorporate exercise. He thanked me for posting my progress. He asked me to please keep putting it all out there because it is helping him every day. WOW. I had NO idea!!!! I am so thankful for the outpouring of support that I am receiving. My Zumba instructor emailed me to tell me how great I am doing. AND my trainer emailed me last night to tell me he was proud of me and all of my hard work. Incredible.

I am looking forward to writing about my journey now! I will share as soon as it is finished. :)

06-13-2011, 08:24 PM
Went to the gym after work today. first time I've had a flare in weeks. my legs hate me. I haven't been keeping up on my PT the last few days though so I'm paying for it. Will get on that tonight for sure.

I'm off tomorrow, I was asked if I could go in to work but I said no. I have a bit of a cold, but mainly I just want a day to myself, to be ALONE. Haven't had one of those in weeks. Gonna spend a good chunk of the day at the gym. :)

DixC Chix
06-13-2011, 08:59 PM
Ahh, Monday. Trying to think of something cheery to say, but I got nothin'.

mj - I totally meant the veiny hands as a good thing. I think it makes women look strong.

kurisitaru - welcome!!

jab - don't overdo in that muggy michigan heat. Ugh, I don't miss that! I thought my grape vine had bit the big one a month or so ago but BIL suggested I keep watering it and its going great guns now.

lottie - yay for a day to yourself! Enjoy!

B: coffee, egg, pumpkin
S: greek yogurt
L: soft tacos, grapes
D: steak, carrots, beans, peas, blueberries, yogurt, walnuts
E: yoga, water aerobics

06-13-2011, 10:27 PM
lottie--Good for you for taking a day to yourself. We all need those once in a while!

DixC Chix--Oh I know you did. I agree. It was just funny that hubby had just mentioned it. He just blurted it out and I think he was afraid I would be mad. LOL! I wasn't. Tonight at the gym, I noticed how different I looked in the mirror. Also, guys were moving around me, rather than me moving for them. THAT was a nice change.

Today I had the pre-op phone call with the surgery center. I was totally surprised because the nurse that called was actually one that used to work at my orthopedists office. She is SO nice. She should be there on thursday when I go for my surgery, so that will be cool.

I am going to Zumba tomorrow. It is my normal "rest" day, but I will have plenty of those later in the week. I am also planning on Zumba on Wednesday too, which would be in addition to my strength training. It is hard to do both, but I know I can do it. Plus, after that, it's all rest.........

06-14-2011, 10:29 AM
Good Morning! Hope you are all doing well.

Lots to do today, imagine that?! Going to try to sneak in some errands on my lunch break, so that will help.

I am going to Zumba tonight, CAN'T wait! The Tuesday class is a lot of fun.

I also have a call with my Wellness Coach and I am really looking forward to that as well.

06-14-2011, 11:19 AM
Good morning friends!
mj- pictures speak louder than words -- wow wow wow --girl, you are Rockin' this wellness gig!:bravo:

lottie - enjoy your YOU day. :hat:I had one of those yesterday, I napped twice, got alot of work done around the house - and yes, even exercised - and got out to see Forks over Knives followed by dinner at Whole Foods. It felt like a week long vacation...all in one day!

Jab - here's a hand - time to get back on this wagon! :hug:

The movie was very thought provoking. Seriously considering trying a Vegan diet for a while to see if it's a "fit" for me. I think I can switch to no meat....it's the no cheese, no yogurt, no eggs that will be tough for me. There's so much fresh local produce available this time of year - I think this is the time to try it, if I'm going to. For a few years in my 20's I was vegetarian -- but that was a long, long....LONG time ago. The hard part is making the meals appealing so my kids will jump on board with me. And making sure I have a balanced nutrient week. Checked a couple books out of the library -- gonna be working on some planning. :comp:

today's plan:
B: WW english muffin, scram egg, coffee
B2: cottage cheese, orange
L: salad with tuna
D: WG pasta w/ fresh tomato/basil, salad, berries

weighing tomorrow -- Have a great day!

06-14-2011, 12:13 PM
melinda, what did you think of the docu?

06-14-2011, 04:57 PM
Melinda--Sounds like you had a fantastic day yesterday! Thanks. I keep looking at the pics and just shaking my head....still can't believe it is really me....

06-14-2011, 07:15 PM

wow I somehow missed what you said about the docu at the end of your msg. derp.

Anyhow, have you had daiya? Not something you want to eat a lot of it's still processed, but it's a great cheese alternative (it's NOT soy) soy cheese is kind of gross, so is rice cheese. But daiya is amazing, even my omni friends love it. (catch: You need to use it in recipes where you melt it, it tastes awful cold/sprinkled on a salad.) but melted makes it magical and delicious. haha. it melts and stretches. it's fab. :)

and there are non dairy yogurts too. I used to eat eggs pretty often, but it was fairly easy to let those go. I've found alternatives even for my baking bread, etc. I've developed a real love affair with mexican scrambled tofu/tofu tacos for breakfast. ;)

There are lots of awesome cookbooks out there that will help get your fam on board. I suggest appetite for reduction. It's a healthy vegan cookbook, most recipes are under 400 cals.


My blog has healthy recipes too, be sure to try my alfredo, I have gotten great reviews. hehe. :)

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or anything! Glad to help.

06-14-2011, 09:30 PM
my goal for the next few days is to NOT eat about 6 pounds of perfectly cold watermelon in the fridge in one sitting !!!

06-14-2011, 09:42 PM
Mmmmmm, watermellon!


I just had some fresh pineapple! :D

06-15-2011, 12:16 AM
MJ5, congrats! Those are inspiring before/after pix!

Lottie--yay for breaking the plateau!

My goal for the rest of the week is just to maintain--I've got to go out of town on a trip and that always wrecks my plans. :(

06-15-2011, 10:06 AM
Good Morning everyone! Phew, today is going to be a busy day!!! Work, haircut, gym, Zumba, groceries, then FINALLY back home. Tomorrow is surgery, so I'll have plenty of rest for the next few days, LOL!

Trazey--Mmm, watermelon sounds delish!

Darkblue--Traveling is SO hard. Good for you, maintaining is a great goal. Do your best, that's all you can do. Thanks!

Hi to lottie, jab, DixC Chix, Beverlyjoy, melinda, and everyone else!

06-15-2011, 11:09 AM
thanks everyone!

dark, trips are difficult. I am planning one for august. we shall see how it goes.

mj can't remember if I mentioned, but looki' good lady!

DixC Chix
06-15-2011, 05:45 PM
Totally done, done, done for today as I worked 6 hours for NB in her garden. She switches out her flowers a lot so today was planting cuphea (bat face - really cool looking), ice plants, ornamental grasses, fertilizing impatiens, and trimming dogwood bushes. Think I'll jump in the shower and chill on the patio swing (nap?) til dinner.

B: coffee, egg, pumpkin, yogurt
L: tortillas, lc cheese, spinach, bell pepper, white nectarines (so sweet)
D: chicken breast, carrots, beans, peas, blueberries, yogurt, walnuts
E: garden work

melinda - gotta love those vacation 'day' naps - so rejuvenating! Not sure I could ever go vegan but I do like some of the recipes occasionally.

lottie - you are always coming up with products I have never heard of/tried. I hope to find some daiya when I go to the market tomorrow

Trazey - perfectly chilled watermelon is as good as a perfectly chilled beer on a hot day!

Darkblue - hang in there for your trip eating. You can do it!!

mj - just in case I don't get to post again, I hope your surgery goes well and your surgeon has a skilled hand. Praying for a good outcome.

06-16-2011, 06:46 AM
Good Morning! Just popping in before I get ready to go this morning.

lottie--you did, but you can say it again, LOL!

DixC Chix--Thanks!

I will let you know how it goes as soon as I can. I'm sure it will be fine.

06-16-2011, 11:21 AM
My goal -- next week (Wed) when I way myself, I would like to be down another 2lbs (to 232)

06-16-2011, 11:50 AM
:wave: Hello everyone. You are all so inspiring I thought I would post here too.

So I just finished day 1 of Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred and man it was tough but I finished it :carrot: ok so my goal is to complete the 30 day shred in 30 days ;)

Also I am going to stick to no more then 1800 cals a day except on my splurge days (every 5th day on plan I have one meal where I eat whatever I want and don't worry about it being balanced) for the 30 days as well just to see what happens. I usually work on having a deficit and so far it's being pretty good and losing about 1.5 lbs a week but thought I would try this to just shake things up.

I will be posting her daily with my report on the 30 day shred and my cal intake for the day.

Ok that's all thanks for reading and for sharing and inspiring me.

06-16-2011, 12:01 PM
well, the siren song of the chilled watermelon was resisted LOL not entirely, but a normal (ok 2 normal) sized portions were consumed, not the whole thing hahahah

today, I'm having an oooey gooey slice (that's ONE) of the most perfect pizza ever, along with a big salad for lunch.

Dinner: BBQ tonight, so some grilled chicken & veg (and PURPLE Peruvian potatoes, how exotic!)

annnnnd maybe some watermelon ;)

06-16-2011, 04:07 PM
Hi everyone! I'm home. Surgery went well. More involved that he thought (took 2 hours, instead of 1), BUT he did not have to remove my ovary, so that was good. I do have to go in and talk to him in 2 weeks to talk to him about a future plan. I was still pretty groggy, so I'm not exactly sure what that means, but whatever. I'll get the details then. He did have to make a 2nd incision, which I'm not thrilled about, but it's small so it will be ok. (I never cared before about a scar on my tummy, but now that my tummy is getting smaller....yea, I care! LOL!!!! I highly doubt I will ever wear a bikini, but I still don't want it all scars!)

Now I MUST rest. I have promised EVERYONE. My hubby, my dr, my trainer, my zumba instructor, my friends.....it is going to be HARD!!! Well, today it won't be, but ALL weekend will be, LOL! I'm sure I'll be here a LOT!

butterflymama--Welcome! this is a great spot! Sounds like you have a great plan!!!

Trazey--watermelon sounds soooo good!

DixC Chix
06-16-2011, 08:09 PM
mj - thanks for the update, glad things went well -- now you rest easy!!

Hello and welcome to GingerT and butterflymama

Trazey - should we plan a watermelon intervention or do you think you can get a handle on it??!!!! ;) BTW, I had the most amazing white nectarines recently.

B: coffee, egg, pumpkin
S: greek yogurt
L: tomato, avocado, spinach, bacon tortillas, nectarines
D: chicken breast, green beans, blueberries, yogurt, walnuts
E: none

06-17-2011, 12:05 AM
MJ5, I'm glad you're doing ok--rest up!

Trazey, watermelon can't be that bad in terms of calories...and it IS summer!

06-17-2011, 04:01 AM
Thanks DixC Chix and Darkblue! I am resting, as promised! My sleep is messed up right now because of the pain meds, but I have been napping.

I've heard from my trainer. He is very pleased that everything went well. I will have my new workout soon, even though I can't start it until Monday.

I have worked on the summary of my journey so far. I think I have it where I want it, but it is FIVE pages! Wow. I am going to have my hubby read it tomorrow and then I'll start sharing. :)

06-17-2011, 08:21 AM
mj5~ So glad to hear the surgery went well, now comes the hard part ...trying not to over-do. Rest heals best :D

Trazey~ yum on the watermelon. I have a small one in the fridge that may become dinner tonight. Its suppose to be muggy today.

butterflymama~ Welcome!!

DixC Chix ~ I planted 2 small snowball bushes yesterday, my grandparents always had one and I know everytime I see them I will think of looking out their kitchen window. :) :) :) I wish all the garden grew as well as weeds do..lol. How is the job going ?

GingerT ~ good luck on your goal !!!

Hi to everyone else, wish I was better at keeping updated on the site. Most days I just don't seem to have enough hours.

I have to go to the other side of the state next month for certification exams that is work related. I cannot even begin to say how much this is adding to my stress level already...lol. First I could get lost in a paper sack I am that directionally disabled. I bought a GPS for the car a few days ago and am trying to make friends with it.
But I am already stressing about the drive. On the upside of that I figure I will be sooooo stressed from the drive that it will overshadow any test anxiety I will have...lol. :?:

While I know my stuff front to back there is something about a timed exam that freaks me out. Its the ticking clock visible at all times... :yikes:

The scale moved 2 lbs :flow2: so that is very good !!!! Must be the dirt therapy...lol.

I work the weekend so I probably won't be in , hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!

06-17-2011, 11:17 AM
Hi everyone! I feel better already, but I am lounging w/ the beagles. I may do some online shopping today. We are going to watch a movie or two. And nap :)


jab--You aren't kidding...BUT, hubby is home and making sure I am resting. He is wonderful...making me food (even measuring, etc as long as I talk him through it), doing dishes, basically everything. I am resting. I recommend going to yahoo or google maps and having a printout of your directions as a backup. Our gps will "lose the satellite" occasionally, which is ulcer provoking if you are in an area you aren't used to driving. You will do great on the exam!!!

Have a great day!

06-17-2011, 03:10 PM
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

mj- I am glad your surgery went well and you are resting. Great that your hubby is preparing your food and measuring it , what a great guy :)

jab- I hate taking tests to I find it so stressful but just relax and you will be fine. I second google maps also when in doubt just take a deep breath stop and get your bearings.

Also I so get wanting to eat a tonne of watermelon, especially when it is hot and the melon is cold. I love watermelon but it really does spike my blood sugar if I eat too much (like 2 cups worth :( )

Anyway for me yesterday my calories came in at 1829 and I just finished Day 2 of the 30 day shred. So far so good!

06-17-2011, 04:29 PM
I'm starting to wonder if my hubby was a drill sargeant in a former life, LOL!!! Every time I get up, he is RIGHT THERE making sure I don't do anything I'm not supposed to, LOL! Earlier I wandered out to the kitchen while he was doing dishes and he asked what I was doing. I told him I got up to go to the bathroom...he "reminded" me that it was in the other direction.

He is being amazing, though. He is making sure I am eating and drinking. Making my food and measuring everything. Yep, he's awesome!

butterflymama--thanks. Yes, he is wonderful. Great job sticking to your plan!

Boredom has started to set in, already! I did get some magazines in the mail today, so that will help...once the Yankee game is over, we'll watch a movie (gotta give hubby time to watch the game as wonderful as he is being!).

Tomorrow could be a loooooonnnnnnng day, but I promise I will still rest!

06-18-2011, 08:54 AM
Good Morning! Ok, I finished it! Here is

My journey, so far....

I have been thinking about sharing this for a quite a while now. I have shared a lot, but not everything that has brought me to this point. I wasn’t sure I wanted to “put it ALL out there” so to speak, but I am incredibly proud of my accomplishments so far. I haven’t done it alone and THAT is why I will be successful.

Just over 6 years ago I stepped on the scale and was shocked. I knew I had gained weight, but I had NO idea how much. I was officially at my highest weight ever. I weighed 299lbs. YIKES. I was angry at myself for letting it get to that point. Sure, I could blame my knee surgeries or other things, but the truth was I let it happen. I decided at that very moment that I was making changes. I started exercising regularly. I started eating healthier (although looking back, I really have to say that I *thought* I started eating healthier, LOL! I will say, I was eating better than before I decided to make these changes. Compared to now, however, I was still eating a lot of junk.)

It took a year, but I lost 100lbs. That lasted for about 2 seconds. Then my dad died. At first, my workouts were what helped keep me sane. It was something I could control when I felt like other parts of my life were out of control. Then, gradually, I started slacking on my workouts. At the same time, I stopped paying as much attention to my food choices. Of course, I started to re-gain the weight I had just worked hard to lose. Believe it or not, I was actually surprised by that, LOL! Luckily, I stopped myself before I re-gained it all. I did, however, re-gain just over half of what I had lost. I hovered at that point for a few years. I still had my gym membership and went sometimes. I can’t say that I worked very hard while I was there; I had a “bad knee” after all. Yep, that was an excuse I used a lot. In reality, the extra weight was making my knee worse, but it was easier to use the excuse.

Just over a year ago I was having a horrible time with my knee. I finally went to see my orthopedist and heard what I had dreaded for a long time….it was time for the “big” knee surgery…either Partial or Total Knee Replacement. I was 39 years old, in horrible shape, and facing major knee surgery. Awesome. In the first couple of days after that appointment, I realized that I was not ready. The surgery was the easy part…I would show up and the surgeon would do all the work, but the recovery, well, THAT is the hard part! There had to be another option. If I was being truly honest with myself, I knew that I REALLY had not done everything I could to make it better. Sure, I did all the PT after my surgeries. I strength trained occasionally to keep the muscles surrounding my knee strong, but I was expecting my surgeon to just make it better with no effort on my part. I knew better than that. After a couple of days I made another appointment. I have to say, my orthopedist was more than a little surprised to see me again so soon. I had a meltdown in his office that day. Not one of my most proud moments. Once I calmed down a bit, he assured me that we did not have to proceed with the surgery. We came up with a plan B. Thank goodness, plan B continues to work. Of course, eventually I will need to have knee surgery. The damage is still there. BUT, I will be in a much better position when I finally have to make that decision. (and yes, my orthopedist loves to remind me of my meltdown from time to time, but at the same time he is absolutely thrilled with my progress—weight loss and muscle strength.) The fantastic news is, my knee is doing great. Sure, I still have minor issues from time to time, but nothing I can’t handle.

At work we have some awesome wellness initiatives. One of these includes having some control over your health insurance costs. Without boring you with the details, basically, if you complete all the required criteria, then you qualify for a reduced health insurance rate, lower co pays, etc. Who wouldn’t do it???? (lots of people, unfortunately), but I am NOT one of them! One of the items on the list of criteria is based on your biometric testing. If your “numbers” are at a certain level, then you needed to make 2 calls to the Healthy Roads Program through our insurance. Basically a nurse or a Wellness Coach that you could talk to you about any health related issue. My numbers were certainly at “that” level, trust me. I figured I could deal with 2 phone calls to save some money. That was exactly what I thought was going to be, 2 short phone calls and done. Little did I know, this would be the catalyst to really get things going. I spoke to my Wellness Coach and really liked him, he is very easy to talk to—he had to be…this is someone I actually give a weight update to each week, LOL! His name is Allen and I still talk to him each week. It’s more of a “what’s your plan for the week, what has worked/not worked” kind of thing….well, it is now. But initially it was gathering a lot of information and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Part of that was tracking my food for 3 random days. Ummm, what? This was something I had never done, never planned on doing, never wanted to do, it was too hard, too time consuming…see where I’m going? But, I did it, LOL! Luckily, I found a website that basically does all the work for you. There went my theory of it being too hard and taking too much time, LOL! What an eye opening experience tracking for the first time was. I was “eating healthy” (or so I thought), ummm, not so much! I was eating around 1800-2000 calories in those random days. Yeeeaaa, and I was surprised that I wasn’t losing weight????? So, we talked about WHAT I was eating and were I could make some changes. Eventually, I was able to get it down to 1500-1600 calories/day. We talked about my “workouts”. I put it in quotes because, well, I knew my gym workout was weak. Again…my “bad knee” was often the excuse. Or it was too hot, or I got out of work late, or…well, you get the idea. That was the part I struggled with the most. I would go to the gym. I would ride the recumbent bike, sometimes lift some weights, but that was about it. Connie, you told me to find something that I love and throw myself into it, when I talked to you about struggling with exercise. I was trying, but hadn’t found anything, yet. I will never forget this conversation with Allen in particular. It was the week of Thanksgiving last year. I had mentioned that I was interested in checking out a Zumba class and had been doing some research about when and where classes were offered. Well, on this particular day, I mentioned that there was a Zumba class on Thanksgiving morning. I thought that was pretty cool. Allen asked if I could commit to going to that class. I paused for a second and said “Yes” (Of course in my head I was thinking “you and your big mouth!!!!”) (I recently told him about this and he thought it was hilarious!). As soon as our call ended, I immediately texted three of my nieces to see if they wanted to go with me. I knew it would be way too easy for me to stay in bed Thanksgiving morning, but if even one of them wanted to go, I would never, ever disappoint them on purpose. I was thrilled when all three said they wanted to go! So, I picked them all up and off we went! Luckily, we can laugh at ourselves because, well, we flailed around like flounders for that hour! We had NO idea what we were doing, but we had fun! I decided that even though I had no idea what I was doing, I liked it. I started going on Saturdays. It took many classes before I had a clue what I was doing and there are still days when I just flail around, but I’m still moving! LOL! As you already know, I have totally fallen in love with Zumba. I have the two best instructors ever. They make our classes challenging and fun. Laurie and Joelle thank you for everything you do. You continue to push me and I LOVE it!

On 12/14/2010, I decided enough was enough. FOR REAL this time. Why 12/14/10? What significance does that day have? Absolutely none. It is a totally random day. It is just the day that I decided I was REALLY making changes. I started really focusing on what we were eating (yep, Eric went along with this) and getting to the gym.

I was FINALLY paying more attention to what I was eating and I was getting REAL exercise regularly. I started losing weight consistently. 1-2lbs a week. Awesome. I felt great! I also knew that I needed to get my gym workout on track. Allen and I talked about this quite a bit, but I just really didn’t know what direction to go. My brother was going to help, but he was busy in Afghanistan.

Then, my friend Karen sent me a link to her friend Chris’s website. Chris is a trainer. In addition to in person training, he does online training. She suggested I check it out. I did. Several times. Online training. Really? I was skeptical, to say the least. Not in his abilities. After reading through his website and emailing him some questions I could see that he was committed to what he was doing and was obviously good at it, it was ME that I doubted. Even then, I really did not believe in myself enough to be able to follow through with it. BUT, he offers a four week program (nutritional advice and workout plan) as well as a 12 week program. Since I still really had my doubts, I decided to sign up for the four week program just to see if I could do it. When I received my workout, I laughed. Yep (I don’t think I ever told him that, LOL). I was like, seriously, there is NO way I can do all this. And I was right, for about the first week. The very first workout, I was BARELY able to do 4 bench dips and I doubt I was doing them even close to right (I was supposed to do 8 in each circuit (3 circuits total). The morning after the first workout, I could barely lift my arms. Ok, so *maybe* that was a little dramatic, but I was sore! But, I kept at it. By the beginning of the second week I was able to do all 8 and have increased from there (I am currently up to 18 in each of 3 circuits…far cry from barely 4 just 12 weeks ago). Now I look at that first workout and laugh, but for an entirely different reason….it just seems so easy now. I quickly decided to sign up for a 12 week program. I was following the nutritional advice, I was working out harder than I ever had in my entire life, still doing Zumba—by this point 3 times per week, and I feel AMAZING! I have more energy than I know what to do with sometimes. Chris, I have told you many, many times (and will continue to), thank you just does not seem adequate, but THANK YOU. Since I started working with you on 3/16/11 I have lost 40lbs and 23”! It took me 14 weeks to lose 22lbs prior to that.

There are SO many people I want to thank. Connie for inspiring me and so many others with your story and continued support. Laurie and Joelle for your amazing classes that kick my booty! I never thought working out could be SO much fun. Karen for getting me started w/ Chris in the first place AND for being my sounding board. YOU are a ROCKSTAR!!!! Amy for changing our FRYDAY lunch out to Friday lunch in and then just going out to do something fun, instead (I think Chris and Allen would cringe if they knew what our lunches used to be like, LOL!!!!)…although, they probably miss us at Parkers! Allen, for helping me get focused in the beginning and continuing to support me as I work my way through my journey. You continue to find ways to make me think about what I am doing and why, which is something I had not done in this process before. And all of you. Everyone I know has supported me in some way. The comments on Facebook are awesome. To hear from people that “I” have inspired them, is still surreal to me. I can’t imagine inspiring anyone. It wasn’t that long ago that I was struggling just to get myself to the gym, let alone DO anything once I was there. But, if anything I am doing, helps you in any way that is fantastic! I am inspired by that. Please continue to share what you are doing. I LOVE hearing about it.

I have saved the most important person to thank for last. Eric. I could not be doing ANY of this without you. You are the one who keeps me calm when I am going in a million directions at once. You balance me. You are supportive of everything I choose to do. For all of those things and a million more, thank you. I was lucky enough to marry my best friend and my soul mate. You were warned, you knew it was not going to be easy ;0) (even my mom gave you a last minute out, just before you walked down the aisle…gotta love my mom, LOL!), but I am eternally grateful that you chose me. Some of you will be surprised to know that we were engaged just barely three months after we started dating. That was 15 years ago. When you know, you just know. However, I would like to point out that while I was given a ring….I do not believe I was ever asked if I would marry him, but that is a whole other story ;0)

As of today I weigh: 194. I use the 12/14/10 weight of 257 as my “starting point”. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because that’s when I felt I “really” started taking all of this seriously. Maybe it’s because I never had any intention of sharing all of this and never wanted anyone to ever know REALLY how high my weight had ever been. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter at this point. I am working hard and loving every second of it, really. I have so many people in my life who are supportive of what I am doing. I also have many people in my life that are helping me and I am listening to what they have to say (after all, they know more about this than I do). I have discovered that I AM one of THOSE people that loves to workout. I NEED to workout (NEVER thought that would be me, that’s for sure). I have also discovered that I need to eat well. If I eat well, I have lots of energy and feel great, if I don’t…well, I feel horrible. These are some the reasons that I will be successful.

OH! I almost forgot! Getting back down to 199 was a BIG deal for me. I talked about it a lot with Allen. I had been dreading this particular point for some time now. Not because I didn’t want to get there, but 199 is where things started to fall apart last time. Quite honestly, I was hoping to skip right over it, but of course that didn’t happen! I officially hit 199 (again) on 6/6/11. This would have been my dad’s 67th birthday. Quite interesting since the last time I had reached 199 was when he died. BUT, the really amazing part is, I am wearing smaller sizes than I was five years ago when I reached 199. According to Chris, this is because I have more “lean muscle and less fat”. Awesome. I have moved right past 199 and haven’t even given it a second thought at this point. I just needed to break that “mental barrier” for myself, to prove to myself that I could do it again. I am different this time. I am doing things differently this time.

Now, please don’t think my journey so far has been all sunshine and roses. I don’t want to gloss over any of my struggles because they are all a part of my journey. Obviously, there was the epic fail five years ago when I re-gained the weight I had worked hard to lose. At times I catch myself wondering what if…what if I had kept going back then…but I stop myself. I didn’t. I can’t change that. There are times that I get busy at work and I will revert back to old bad habits and think about skipping my workout. Luckily, I have been able to re-focus and make the right decision. I get so incredibly frustrated with myself when I do this. I have good workout habits now. They are part of my lifestyle, BUT sometimes my first thought is STILL to skip a workout. I am hoping this will continue to get better with time. During our recent trip to Boston, I made some less than stellar food choices the first day (but overall not bad, really) and felt horrible for most of the day. It was a learning experience, that’s for sure. It clearly drove the point home that I need to eat well.

Everyone always wants to know the secret. Are you ready? Come here. Closer. Ok, the secret is…..THERE IS NO SECRET! Eat well. Exercise. That’s it.

“There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going. Remember that the road to success is never an easy one. Stay strong and focused on your journey.”


DixC Chix
06-18-2011, 03:09 PM
mj - You have a wonderful writing style. Thank you for sharing. Awesome, truly awesome. I know some of the workout stuff is proprietory but could you give examples of your menus? (I am really hungry on just 1500 cals but maybe your food selections or calorie distributions are better.)
- Enjoy hubby's TLC... even the strickest parts are for your own good. You may feel good but you are still mending from an invasive procedure. You have only one chance to heal well.

jab - I love snowball bushes and they are a four season shrub which makes them fun to watch all year.
- I have to say I love my little job. This lady has beautiful gardens and it is such a pleasure to be in them. She has a great eye for the layout and plant selection. She is always trying something new and different to make them better. She had me put brown paper bags around the few apples on her tree to keep the worms and birds away! She has a little veggie garden where she grows among other things - french heirloom Fairytale pumpkins (think Disney's Cinderella's Coach) and she gave me some seeds for my garden (which I planted and they should be ready right around Halloween!)
- YAY for the 2# gone.
- For the test anxiety, do some long, slow, deep breathing, like saying the alphabet on the inhale and again on the exhale
- Which GPS system did you go with? Is the voice male or female?

butterfly - congrats on sticking to your plan. Keep going!!! I must confess I have heard the term '30 day shred' but have no idea what all is involved - is it specific exercises?

06-18-2011, 05:02 PM
DixC Chix--Thanks! It felt really good to get it all down. Since I started working w/ my trainer, actually my calorie totals are even lower (1200 range..but I am never hungry, in fact sometimes I have a hard time finishing everything that he suggests. Breakfast is usually a protein shake that I make...there are a few different ones that I alternate or an egg sandwich, lately lunch is a turkey wrap and apple or a salad w/ lentils, carrot, celery, red pepper, and a pita w/ a clementine. Dinner is always lean protein (5 oz), lots of fresh veggies, snacks are usually fruit, and always a square of dark chocolate in the evening. I am very careful about the amount of dressing that I use.

I am letting hubby do everything. I do feel really good today, but still taking naps and just lounging. Tomorrow we may go out for a bit, just to get out of the house!

06-18-2011, 07:23 PM
Just a quick post to report that yesterday my calorie intake was 1736 and I completed day 3 of the 30 day shred!

06-19-2011, 12:15 AM
Thanks DixC. The 30 day shred is Jillian Micheals (trainer from the show Biggest Loser) exercise DVD. It is a 20 min workout that is circuits of 2 mins cardio, 3 mins strength, 1 min abs with no resting. It is pretty intense and a lot of old school moves. It also has three stages that increase in intensity so you do each stage for 10 days before going to the next one.

06-19-2011, 08:01 AM
Good Morning! I am getting out of the house today! YEA!!!! I will take it easy, I promise! Hubby and I are going to do a couple quick errands and visit my grandmother. My car STILL isn't fixed, grrrr, so I need to pick up her "Petey" PT Cruiser...thank goodness she doesn't drive much anymore.

butterflymama--I have done the 30 day shred, but I have heard it is pretty tough stuff. My workout is done in circuits too, which I really like.

Beverlyjoy--how are you doing?

I feel good this morning, but I know I have to be careful not to overdo it. My trainer checked on me yesterday and gave me some gentle stretches to do in case I was getting sore from lying around (which I had been!). He is such a sweetie! I felt a lot better after doing them. I am getting a massage next Saturday and I can't wait!!!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!

06-19-2011, 10:47 AM
great story mj5!

I'm around, haven't been on here much cuz I've been so busy with work and life. Haven't been to the gym cuz I'm kind of hurty, fibro flared a bit this week since I overdid it.

blah. learned my lesson!

Next week should be easier with work. I'm not off until tuesday though. blaaaaah.

it will be fab when I'm off though. lunch with a friend, going to the gym and then spending the rest of the day writing and relaxing.

06-19-2011, 01:54 PM
Mj- glad you are feeling good and able to get out of the house. It is a beautiful day were I am and hope you are also having nice weather. Your story was great to read, thanks.

Lottie- sounds like a nice relaxing week you have planned :)

Ok so just finished day 4 of the 30 day shred and yesterday my calories were 1474 and I was eating more intuitively as opposed to on my plan and that even included sharing sharing a small cup of gelato with my son, I picked pistachio and he chose lemon :D

It was nice to see that I could eat reasonably and actually less then my plan intuitively. I don't think I am ready to be off my plan full time but it is my goal to one day be able to eat that way.

Today is a splurge day so DH, DS and I are going to a nice cafe for a late lunch.

Enjoy the day everyone!

06-20-2011, 06:50 AM
Good Morning everyone! I get to go back to the gym today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT....I absolutely promise to take it easy. I already have a plan worked out with my trainer. It will just feel SO good to move and do something. Then I can rest all day. Back to work tomorrow.

lottie--Thanks! Sorry you have been sore! YEA for a day off on Tues! Sounds like you have a great day planned!

butterflymama--it was beautiful day here too, sooooo nice to get out for a bit! Thanks! Good for you for being able to eat intuitively yesterday!

I did a little online shopping yesterday. Found some awesome deals at the UnderArmour outlet....some workout shirts for $14.

This morning I received an email from my younger brother. He leaves Afghanistan on FRIDAY!!!! It will probably take him a couple days to get home, but then he'll be here for 2 weeks! We haven't seen him since January. His kids and my SIL are so incredibly excited, as are the rest of us. I have lost about 60lbs since he left. He has NO idea....well, he knows about the first 10 or 15, then I stopped updating him. Can't wait to see him!!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!

Oops! Almost forgot...I am down 1lb. Not bad for just lying around most of the week! :)

06-20-2011, 10:44 AM
Good morning Friends! :goodvibes
wow - I got behind on posting and I had 3 pages to read! Y'all have been busy! Between sharing the computer with the kids, all the thunderstorms (we unplug during those) and figuring out a vegan menu each day -- I just couldn't seem to log in. Good news tho --
Ate mostly vegetarian since F over K, vegan when I could or had the choice. Only rarely am I hungry when I shouldn't be, and I can't tell you how good I feel!! I totally did not expect to feel good. I don't know how to explain it, but I feel better than I've felt in a long time. I guess something I was eating wasn't agreeing with me and I just assumed that's the way my status quo was. (I know this sounds weird, but my cousin has an allergy to those little asbsorby pads they put in the bottom of packaged meat) I'm beginning to wonder if I do too - - or something in the packaging process. I have no headaches, the achy knees that I used to wake up with are gone. It's really amazing to me. All I can say is that eating vegetarian/vegan is working for me. :hun:

I haven't tried Diya (spelling?), but I saw it in some recipes and need to learn more about nutritional yeast too. Made some awesome homemade blackbean burgers(but got a royal case of the toots, need to improve on that), and a zucchini lasagna (with real FF ricotta) & TVP meat and fresh veg from the farmer's market -- it was so fabulous!

And, and and..... 5 pounds down!! oh yeahhhhh :cheer3:

Today's plan
B 1/2 of a Perfect 10 bagel (anyone else tried these? 18g protein, net 10 carbs, almost vegan except for the egg wash on top and made on machinery that touches eggs/milk) made by Western Bagel, it's in the grocery healthmarket freezer section by the Ezekial bread. ok, so 1/2 a perfect 10 bagel w/cashew butter, bowl of fresh fruit, coffee.
L green salad w/ beans, 1/2 baked sweet potato, grapes
S: probably a slice of that leftover zucchini lasagna
D: grilled veg wrap (making grilled chicken for the kids), corn on the cob, watermelon (hee hee hee, read your posts about watermelon, it really IS hard to stop eating it!!)

It's Monday -- have a great start to your week friends! :hug:

06-20-2011, 11:12 AM
Hi friends - I have been in a bad place with food. The staph infection I had last summer has come back. It just got me and I medicated my stress, disappointment, anger with food. Of course, it didn't do anything except put a couple more pounds on. This time I went directly to the dermatologist and got some antibiotics. He says that I may be prone to this.

I got new shoes, so I had to start 'all over' with easing into my foot/ankle brace. Wearing them makes my back ache. I am hoping for the best. This has been the worst year of my life, healthwise....... but, I can't change the past, nor predict the future. I just can get through today.

One thing I can do today is have 'aware' eating. I will slow down, put my fork down, eat seated, write it all down.

Thanks for being here, always, for me - so supportive, helpful and more.

PS... I didn't totally run away. I still posted daily here at the gratitude thread at the 100 pound club. It's the anchor that always keeps me connected to 3fc.

Hi MJ - thanks for looking for me. Look at you!!!! I am so happy and proud of your accomplishments.

06-20-2011, 05:52 PM
melinda--That's awesome!!! So glad to hear you are feeling better. It's funny, when I was in Boston, the first day I didn't make the best food choices. I felt horrible. I said something very similiar to my trainer...hard to believe that I accepted feeling like that (or worse) for so long...kinda made me sad. My trainer actually said he was glad that happened....only because it validated what I was doing and now NEEDED to do for myself. I totally agree with him. AND...I made much better choices for the rest of the trip.

Beverlyoy--You poor sweetie!!!!! I am so sorry. I know you didn't run away. I actually popped over to the other thread a few times to make sure you were still there ;) So much to deal with. I am glad you went straight to the derm! I hope it starts clearing up for you. Big hugs!!!! I wish we lived closer so I could just come over and give you a real in person hug.

My workout today was awesome! I took it easy, but I was able to do the whole thing. I feel better already. Still can't believe me...who struggled for SO long just to get to the gym, now NEEDS to work out. It is a nice change indeed.

Have a great night everyone. I am going to try to get to bed early tonight. I am going to be pooped tomorrow I'm afraid...first day back to work!

06-20-2011, 06:02 PM
Hello, :)

Another month, another shot at tracking, this time exercise and weight again. I'd like to leave the 230s by July 10th and exercise on 5/7 days of the week. Let's go! :hug:

20: 234.1 lbs; zumba (60 mins) :)
21: 232.3 lbs;

06-21-2011, 09:02 AM
Just a quick report. On Sunday my calorie intake was 1727 and it was a splurge day! yesterday my calories were 1885 a bit high but it is TOM and I was really snacky last night while packing a picnic for today and the raspberries were calling to me. I did complete Day 5 of the 30 Day shred though!

Today I am going with my son, sister and niece to an amusement park and have already decided to share one of my fav crappy foods, funnel cake! Also do not think I can squeeze in my day 6 of 30 day shred but we'll see how I feel this evening!

06-21-2011, 09:47 AM
Good Morning everyone! Back to work for me today! Now that I am feeling good, I wish I COULD stay home, LOL!!! So much to do...oh well, lots to do at work too.

I should have my newest workout and nutritional plan from my trainer today. Can't wait!

Hope you all have a great day!

06-21-2011, 10:44 AM
melinda, they recommend going veg for joint pain, the woman who runs www.yummyplants.com went veg cuz of arthritis and it has helped her immensely. (She was an ice skater and had been injured, had arthritis and chronic pain and it went away after going vegan.) Meat isn't just meat anymore anyhow, its full of hormones and antibiotics, who knows how that effects us.

Daiya is good, I love it. :) Also, I make a zucchini lasagna (there is a recipe on my blog, link below) with tofu riccotta, it's very good! :) It has that same texture and you just season it with garlic and basil and salt, nom. :)

I'm glad to hear this is making you feel better, I wish more people would give it a shot, it's changed my life for the better. :)

beverly joy, my bf has a similar problem with cellulitis, and he's a cook, so he often gets nicks and scraps and tiny cuts that get infected with cellulitus and it's a pretty big problem. :( Hope you feel better soon and can get on track.

mj5, great to hear you had a good work out! I hope to have one today. I'm finally feeling a bit better.

Got a bunch of writing done last night. whew! :)

06-21-2011, 08:56 PM
Hi folks... I did it! I got through the healthfully on Monday... am grateful for that. I stayed on my food plan, drank lots of water, did my stretches, & wrote down what I ate. I am planning and hoping for today, too.

Thanks for always being here supporting and cheering me and others on to learning to live healthfully with food.

I want thank folks for thinking of me while I wasn't in a place to post - I appreciate the 'shout outs'.

MJ - I missed you getting to onederland. It's so, so awesome. I am thrilled and proud for you, friend. I missed your surgery, too. I must not stay away again! MJ - I do wish we lived closer - as I would love that hug.


DixC Chix
06-21-2011, 09:01 PM
I have a persnicketty computer nowadays. Can't always get on and if I get on I can't always post...frustrating. Also been pretty busy with household chores. Where does the day go?!!

B: coffee, hb eggs, pumpkin, greek yogurt
L: grapes
D: (early) 10 oz rib eye grilled to perfection, zucchini, LF/NSA ice cream
E: lots of swimming at sis's pool

B: coffee, loaded egg beater cheese omelet, blueberries
L: lc cheese WW wrap with bell pepper and spinach, nectarines
D: left over steak, green beans, peas, peaches and yogurt
E: yoga, water aerobics

B: coffee, hb eggs, pumpkin, greek yogurt
L: ham and swiss WW wrap with tomato, avocado, spinach, plum, nectarine
D: loaded hamburger, green beans, peas, strawberries
E: body pump

B: coffee, Kashi cereal with almond milk, blueberries
L: WW wrap with lc cheese, spinach, bell pepper, apricot, nectarine, raspberries, and/or mango
D: spaghetti squash with sauce and cheese, left over fruit from lunch
E: p/t job

mj - its good to read that you are doing so well post op. I gotta believe the awesome shape you've gotten yourself into has something to do with that.

butterfly - look at you go girl!! You are staying strong on your plan.

lottie - nice to hear you are feeling better and able to work out. How was lunch with your friend?

melinda - Congrats on the 5#. Looks like your plan is getting results and helping you feel better - yay!

Beverlyjoy - So glad you gave us an update. Hang in there. We're all pulling for you to make a successful adjustment to the brace and conquer the food issues.

Lizz - Hello!!

jab - hope all is good with you. Drop a line when you have a minute!

06-22-2011, 05:06 AM
Good Morning! I am awake waaay too early this am....gonna make for a super long day!

lottie--How was your "lottie day" yesterday? Did you get to the gym?

Beverlyjoy--AWESOME!!! We are always here for you and thinking of you, even when you aren't here. Thank you! I cannot believe I made it to onderland!

DixC Chix--Grr, silly computer! Your menu looks SO yummy!!! Lots of exercise, too. LOVE it! Thanks. Yea, being in much better shape HAS to be making a difference. That and eating well.

Jab--Yes, let us know how you are when you get a sec. Hope work isn't too hectic.

So last night I received my new workout from my trainer. Ummm, WOW. LOTS of arms and abs...which is exactly what I asked for at the beginning....he told me this workout would be more advanced than the last (and he read "my journey, so far.." hmmm, maybe THAT wasn't a good idea...letting him know how 'easy' some of my workouts are may come back to bite me, LOL!)

We are ordering Zumba tank tops next week from the studio that I go to. I had told my trainer that one of my goals (before I started) was to feel comfortble wearing a tank top this summer. I am going to order one. I am seriously hoping that I feel confident enough to wear it in public this summer. :)

Have a great day everyone!!!!

06-22-2011, 06:53 PM
Hi folks… I am making and taking ‘baby steps’ back into my Beck techniques - I have been writing down my food, keeping my exchanges, & drinking lots of water. My next step is start journaling. Yesterday and the day before I did some meditation. So, I have a few credits going… I am grateful. I am having struggles with after dinner eating. - I need to work on my strategy.

Thanks, everyone.

06-22-2011, 09:15 PM
I didn't get to the gym yet, today I had to do laundry, and I knew that laundry and the gym wasn't going to happen. sigh. but I don't work until 530 tomorrow and I AM ALL CAUGHT UP on ALL my chores. So I will DEF be going to the gym for an hour before work. I can't do more than that, I did 95mins that one day and it was too much for my fibro to handle. it's been kicking me in the @$$ ever since.

I plan to do a bunch of stretches and pt tonight, and hopefully tomorrow the gym won't be so bad.

my me day was great, got lots of writing done. :) Almost finished with the rough draft of my book.:) Wrote some today and still have more to go.

beverley, glad to hear you had a good day!

06-22-2011, 10:07 PM
Beverlyjoy--I LOVE a girl with a plan! You are doing great!

lottie--silly chores...yea, they certainly get in the way sometimes. BUT...gotta have clean clothes ;)

So, tonight I did my newest workout for the first time. I'm not going to lie, I was more than a little intimidated by this one (my lesson for today....if you have a trainer and the trainer is a FB friend....do NOT share a post/note/anything remotely hinting that you now consider your very first workout easy......you may live to regret those words ;) Yep, my trainer read "my journey, so far.." He really liked it. AND decided I was ready to increase my workout. Actually...one didn't have anything to do with the other he was already working on my workout...

Anyway...lots of arms and abs. I LOVE it!!!!! I may not be able to dress myself tomorrow, LOL! But it was a great workout! I am icing my knee right now, just as a precaution.

Hope you all have a relaxing evening.

06-23-2011, 10:02 AM
Good Morning! The good news is, my arms feel great! Well, I can certainly tell that I worked out hard yesterday, but that was the point, right? We are ordering Zumba tank tops at the studio I go to next week. I am seriously considering ordering one in the size I am wearing now AND one down a size. Something to aspire to... :)

I get to go back to Zumba tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a little excited. :)

Have a great day everyone!

DixC Chix
06-23-2011, 05:09 PM
B: coffee, hb eggs, pumpkin
L: big bowl salad with bell pepper, tomatoes, avocado, lean ham, rf cheese, SF bacon dressing, peach
D: spaghetti squash with turkey breast, garlic, onion, italian dressing, peas, cantelope
E: none -

I am definitely feeling the body pump in my quads - been IB'ing it for 2 days now. There's a Saturday bodypump class that I will take since today is a recovery day. Hair of the dog so to speak. And I think I will feeling better after water aerobics tomorrow.

I had the Homeless Ministry meeting today and we decided to have a BBQ for the volunteers after the next distribution. One woman graciously offered her house and backyard for the event. And of course the men offered to grill... I'm down with that - its a hot job!! I think I'll take a strawberry spinach salad. Ooo, I wish my garden was producing something I could take!

Sis found out she will have rotator cuff surgery (again) 7/14 to repair the damage when she fell out of her hubby's van (looong story). She has the worst luck. When she had the surgery 18 months ago, the anesthesiologist punctured her lung and she ended up in ICU for 2 days.

Beverlyjoy - congrats on the progress. I am interested in hearing about your after dinner eating strategies.

lottie - writing a book?? Care to reveal the storyline? Or is this your cookbook?

mj - be sure to post the 'pain and agony' of the new workout on FB!! FWIW, when I ordered my last swimsuits, I ordered current size and next one down and by the time the current was worn out, I was in the next one down...just my two cents.

melinda and butterflymama - How's it going?

06-23-2011, 11:35 PM
It was SO good to get back to Zumba tonight! I was able to stretch (and shake) out any soreness that I had leftover from yesterday. Just in time to hit the gym again tomorrow!

DixC Chix--Exactly! That was the great thing about Zumba tonight. I was able to work out all of my soreness. yeeaa...I think I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut on facebook, LOL!!! Actually, the REALLY nice thing is, I did get a lot of encouragement from my trainer--even when I was whining about my new workout. He just has a way putting things into perspective.

Just relaxing w the sweet beagle sisters while hubby catches up on sports news. I should really go to bed, but I am quite comfy where I am, LOL!

DixC Chix
06-24-2011, 10:37 AM

B: coffee, protein shake
S: peach
L: Big bowl salad (one stalk romaine, tomato, avocado, bell pepper, rf cheese, hb egg, SF balsamic vinaigrette), cantelope
D: turkey breast, squash, sweet onions, raspberries, walnuts, yogurt
E: water aerobics

Today, I am going through all my loose recipes - you know the kind that are torn from a magazines and newspapers, or come in the mail for free, stuff my mom sends me, booklets from appliances long gone!! Whittling it down!!!

Happy beginning of the weekend!!! TGIF everybody!

06-24-2011, 11:52 AM
Good Morning! It is still morning, right???

DixC Chix--That is a great idea! I actually "organized" all of my loose recipes into a giant ziplock bag, bought a binder, and plastic "sleeves" with the intention of finishing that project...yep..still haven't. I need to get on that soon myself.

Busy night for me. Gym, then groceries, then home to get some stuff done around the house. Lucky for me (and him), hubby has today off. He will get started on some cleaning, etc. Love going home and finding the house clean already!

I am going to go to Kohl's during my lunch break today. I have a coupon and I really need some new workout capris for the gym....I was noticing on Wed that if I don't get some soon, well....I may be showing more than I planned to! LOL!!!

06-24-2011, 02:22 PM
I'd like to join you. I'm stuck in a plateau or in my case more of a 'gain-teau'. I feel like I'm trying hard, and doing everything right but no results. I'm not really following a specific eating plan, but do try to watch portions, get enough fruits and veggies, and watch the sweets intake. I exercise about an hour a day, at home to workout DVDs. I have an elaborate rotation which boils down to cardio one day with weights the next, LOL; I prefer weights but have decided this week to try more cardio.

06-24-2011, 04:52 PM
patchworkpenguin--Welcome!!! LOVE the profile pic, by the way!!! I have two beagles that we call the "sweet beagle sisters" LOL! Sounds like a good plan! I alternate cardio (zumba) and strength training. I love both. I watch what I eat. I am actually working w/ a trainer--online. He gives me nutritional advice and puts together my workouts.

06-24-2011, 07:03 PM
MJ, thanks for the welcome and the compliment! Hubby took that picture in our backyard this past spring. I decided to grow my hair out and its in the difficult between stage, so I have been wearing it in clips at the side. April <---- is my Sweet Puppy. She's a 9? yr old lab/shepherd mix, who is currently in recovery from an ACL surgery. We can only take her on short walks for her PT, and have to talk her outside in the back on a leash so she doesn't chase squirrels. I've heard a lot of good things about Zumba but haven't tried it.

06-24-2011, 11:47 PM
Fri 24
B= 2 c milk, vits
S= Banana choc protein shake
L= homemade chicken soup, slice homemade bread
S= peach
D= 4 slices homemade Mexican pizza {salsa, cheese, peppers/onion, black beans}
S= 2 Brownies, baked Ruffles.
E= 60min cardio {Firm: Super Cardio Mix}

06-25-2011, 11:25 AM
Hello everyone,

Havn't posted in a few days, nneed to catch up on where everyone is at. Hope all is well with everyone.

ok so here is were I am

Tues calories 2036 - 236 over my goal of 1800 but not too bad considering we went to an amusement park and I burnt over 800 calories from walking around so much. Had a fantastic time and was able to fit into all of the rides :carrot: Which is one of my big fears about rides, not fitting and being embarrassed. Some I just fit so I don't think i would have 2 mons ago which was good feedback.

Wed Cal 1632 and also did day 6 of my 30 day shred. Also at my meeting that evening sat beside a box of timbits (doughnut holes) for 2 hours without even glancing in the box!

Thurs Cal 1806 (which included going to breakfast with my visiting mom and grandma. I haven't been out for breakfast in mons but managed it by asking for no potatoes they gave me veg instead and only eating 1 slice of toast) however missed my day 7 due to the visit and running out of time in the am and energy in the pm. Although I did carry my 40 lb 3.5 year old in my ring sling around the grocery store so that has to count as something ;)

Fri Got my day 7 of the 30 day shred done first thing in the morn :carrot: Now today was a splurge meal day and my son's pic nik at school. I usually try to still be reasonable on splurge meals but yesterday I went a bit crazy and ate a cupcake, cake pop and a chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie at the pic nik. this set me up for binges and later on at home while my son and husband napped I ate for 2 hours (after eating a healthy late lunch) :( it was mostly healthy stuff but higher carb stuff. Then we went to the movies and I continued to eat a big hot dog, kids popcorn and kids sprite. Not too bad but all together my calories were 2907!!!! Plus really high in sodium.

This morning when I woke my fingers were puffy and I feel yucky and the scale is registering 2.6 lbs more then it did yesterday morning. I know it is not fat gained but most likely the food still in my system and a lot of fluid retention. I am trying to not feel too down but I hate the feeling of being out of body and control regarding my eating :( it scares me.

Ok so far this morning I am on track with my protein shake and a plum. waiting for my food to digest a bit and then going to do day 8 of the 30 day shred! My sister is already done day 10 and we text each other every day when we have completed our workouts. She is a huge support for me and a role model for healthy living :D

Thanks for reading this. I really needed it write down what I was feeling and to be accountable for yesterday.

06-25-2011, 07:37 PM
Hi everyone!

I had a fantastic Saturday!!!! Booty kicking Zumba class this am, then I did a little bargain shopping. I took a pair of size 14 capris into the fitting room with me, just to see how close I was getting to them fitting.....AND THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked! They looked really cute too. I bought them and a couple other pair. I need to go through my shirts before I buy any new shirts, though.

patchworkpenguin--LOL! Awww, she looks very sweet! Hope she is recovering well from her surgery.

butterflymama--that's awesome that you and your sister can support each other! Good for you for writing down how you are feeling. It does help a lot.

Have a great evening!

06-26-2011, 10:49 AM
Finally got back to the gym yesterday. yay! :) Going again today.

Starting to feel better.

06-26-2011, 11:31 AM
Yesterday morning we took April for her PT walk, then last night I did Leslies's Family Walk off On Demand

06-26-2011, 04:38 PM
Hi everyone! I had an awesome Zumba class this morning! I also went through some clothes and have another stack to donate :) Now I am FINALLY lounging a bit with the "sweet beagle sisters".

lottie--so glad you are feeling better and able to get back to the gym!


06-27-2011, 12:39 AM
Sat 25
B= 2 c milk, vits, peach
L= Turkey sand, corn off cob, chips, 2 brownies
D= Bob Evan's Pot roast haah + 2 eggs
S= choc chip cookies
E= 20min dog walk, 35min Leslie's Family Walk DVD

Sun 26
B= 2 c milk, vits,
L= Jason's Deli Nutty Mixed up Salad
S= grapes, 2 cookies
D= Veggie soup, cheese toast
S= 1/2 protein bar {mint choc!}
E= rest day

We have a 3 day weekend, Hubby took tomorrow off so we could go to the dentist. Exciting, huh? We like to schedule our appointments at the same time.

MJ, good job on those 14's!

06-27-2011, 06:35 AM
Good Morning!

patchworkpenguin--Thanks! Well...at least you will have the rest of the day w/ dh after the dentist!

I lost 4lbs last week!!!! I am SO excited! (and yes....I had to check the scale multiple times, lol!) I just sent my update to my trainer. I can't wait to see what he has to say.

Have a great day!

DixC Chix
06-27-2011, 09:59 PM
Good Morning!


B: Protein shake
L: lc ww wraps, cantelope
D: lean cuisine chicken, beans, strawberries
E: yoga, water aerobics

I had an stressful weekend due to my dog having an extended anxiety attack (dementia based). Started Sat afternoon, I let her do her pace and pant and gave her a melatonin pill at bed time. That usually works. Nuh-uh. She stayed riled up all night long. She got all tangled up in my shoe rack and peed herself. I was up most of the night with her as she comes to me for reassurance and then goes back to pacing plus her panting gets really loud. There just no consoling her. Sunday morning, I took her for a walk to wear her out but that didn't work. I decided to give her a 1/4 clonazepam. She finally laid down about 3:00 pm. Last night she had a bout of diarrhea in my family room. That took a couple of hours to clean up plus I had to make a run for more carpet cleaner. Ugh. Today, she barely made 1/2 block walking before she wanted to go back home. She is refusing to eat and that concerns me. I've been down this road before so I'll see how she is tomorrow.

Hello Patchwork!

Butterfly - glad you're back on track. Shredding Sisters - hehehe.

mj - Yay for size 14's and a 4 lb loss!!! You are rocking it.

06-28-2011, 12:25 AM
Had a good report at the dentist, then spent the rest of the day with Hubby, running errands and just hanging out.

I went a little nuts and bought 3 new Leslie Sansone workouts. Her 'Ultimate complilation', 'Walk it Off and Tone it Up', and '3 Fast Miles'. Like I need more workouts! But I know I'll use them.

Mon 27
B=2 c milk, vits
L=McAlister's Savannah Chicken chopped salad
S= 1/2 Snickers
S= dry cereal
D= Chickfila Grilled wrap, sweet potato fries, small straw shake
S= apple slices with pumpkin butter

Chix, I'm sorry to hear your girl is having such a hard time. I hope she's doing better.

MJ, good job on the 4 lbs.

06-28-2011, 05:57 AM
Hello friends -

mj - just "yesterday" you hit onederland -- wowzy wow wow - will you look at your ticker??? So happy for you! And thank you for posting - your self-discipline and positive attitude are inspiring

Dix - so sorry about your canine friend. Don't know if it applies - but sometimes all that panting can be a dog's way of showing pain, especially in an older pet. My thoughts are with both of you.

Lottie - so glad you are feeling better!

Penguin - welcome!!

I've been eating vegetarian meals and vegan when possible. Still totally amazed that my knees no longer ache. Amazed is the word -- I just can't believe it. I am fighting exercise. Not sure why it is such a big deal. But I plan to continue to focus on good eating and hopefully one day inspiration will strike and the planned exercise will become part of daily life.

B: oatmeal & walnuts, diet coke (that diet coke hit the spot)
L: steamed broccoli w/ Mrs. Dash, dilled carrots, scalloped potatoes
S: wg crackers & hummus
D: Morning Star bean burger on ww bun with the garden, baked potato fries, spinach salad w/sesame drsg.

Weighing daily, but the official weigh in is Wednesday. Hoping for 214.....we'll see.

06-28-2011, 06:26 AM
Good Morning everyone! I am up bright an early this am....just so excited!!! I really hope my brother makes it home today!!!!

DixC Chix--Oh no!!!! Your poor dog and poor you!!!!! How scary. Big hugs!!!!

patchworkpenguin--Sounds like a great day yesterday! Hey, if you'll use them, then they are well worth it!

melinda--Thanks! I have to give lots of credit to my trainer for the awesome workouts he puts to gether and my Zumba instructor--she works us as hard in her classes as my trainer does in his workouts. Yes, I do the work, but not w/ out help. Thanks!!!! I can't believe it myself. After struggling forever, gaining, well...it feels SO good!!! I hope I am not getting too annoying. That is awesome about your eating veg/vegan and that your knees no longer ache. I am having a lot of fun learning how food effects our bodies in different ways. Keep focusing on your food. The exercise will come. A very good friend told me (when I was struggling with exercise), to find something you love and throw yourself into it. At the time, I couldn't imagine loving anything exercise related. Eventually I found Zumba and well....we know what happened! LOL!!! I am confident it will happen for you too. Fingers crossed for a great weigh in Wednesday!!!!

Jab--How are you doing?

Hi to everyone else who stops by.

Today is my chat w/ my wellness coach. I sent him "my journey" so we'll talk about that. It is also my "rest" day so I actually get to come straight home from work today.

Have a great day everyone!

06-28-2011, 11:16 AM
I've decided to focus more on cardio workouts this week. I'm also going to figure out a plan for my eating TODAY! I don't feel that what I"m doing right now is really working; there's too much margin for error.

Melinda, glad your knees are better!

06-28-2011, 01:19 PM
Well, I've been doing blah lately. I'm able to make the gym, but yesterday didn't cuz on the ride there I got real nauseous.

I feel better today, am going to go this evening so the pool will be open and I can do cardio and then swim.

I've decided for now to do free weights at home for my arm workout.

sounds like most everyone is doing well this week for the most part. Good job everyone! :)

I havent been tracking BEFORE I eat, been tracking after, and going over a bit, so back to trying before. Today is my day off. I plan to go to whole foods get some snack foods so I amnot eating three giant meals and starving in between. I also plan to go to the gym after that, and then to come home and cook bulk for the rest of the week. We FINALLY went grocery shopping and after today we will be totally stocked up and ready for the week so that will help.

bf and I are planning a trip to vegas for our 17 year anniv in March. This new job is really helping with the 'being less broke' thing.haha. I plan to apply to become a shift manager at one of my jobs in august when the positionj opens up. That's a 15% raise and twice the hours I get now. Should make saving for vegas way easier. :D

I'm working on my book a lot this week, I plan to do that while I cook this evening. Should probably take the laptop into the kitchen so I don't forget I'm cooking. haha.

I'm also daydreaming a lot lately about improving my credit so we can open a restaurant someday.

In first grade my teacher told my mom I was a dreamer.

Not much has changed.


06-28-2011, 02:18 PM
Lottie, I think having a dream is a postive thing. It gives us something to work forward to and keeps us from becoming stagnant, wandering aimlessly. What kind of restaurant? Congrats on 17 years together!

06-28-2011, 02:29 PM
patchwork, thanks! We want to open a vegan restaurant with a bar and gluten free options.


06-28-2011, 06:49 PM
I did two workouts from Leslie's Ultimate Collection~ 1 Mile Get Started, then a brief trip into Laundryland, then the 2 mile Brisk Walk, for a total of 40min. I'm hoping I can get Hubby to do another short walk with me tonight.

Dad had a routine phyiscal that resulted in finding a heart murmur, so he went to a cardiologist today, who told him that 'sometime' in the future he will have to have open heart surgery because of one damaged valve. He was also told that he shouldn't put it off but to have it while he's still healthy and not experiencing symptoms; the longer he waits the longer/harder his recovery will be. He has to go back to the regular Dr in a month after they have had time to review tests and consult {or something}.

06-28-2011, 11:23 PM
I took an eating plan from Kathy Smith's "Feed Muscle Shrink Fat" book and I'm tweaking it a very little to fit me. It basically contains B,L,D, plus 3 snacks. She breaks some of them down into generic '1 protein, 2 fruit/veggie, 1 grain" but some I'll have to guess at. She also has recipes. I've followed this plan before and lost some weight, but it found it hard to follow then, and switched to counting cals which I found even more annoying {kudos to anyone who has the willpower to CC!} So I did do 'The Plan" today fulfilling my edict for myself. We shall see how things go fomorrow. I have a routine appointment with an eye specialist which will take at least 3 hours, but is right in the middle of lunchtime.

Tues 28
B= 2 c milk, vits
L= salad {3 cups lettuce, 1 can tuna, carrots, tomatos, craisins, blue cheese, 2 T dressing}
S= protein shake {banana, instant coffee, fiber, and protein powders, milk}
D= homemade chicken soup, 1 slice bread with butter
S= greek yogurt with strawberries, 2 crushed walnuts
E= 5 miles with Leslie spread thoughout the day

DixC Chix
06-28-2011, 11:35 PM
I took my first Zumba class today! I have never felt so klutzy and uncoordinated but I liked it! There are some fantastic dancers in that class. Our instructor is over 60 y.o. but boy can she wiggle her butt. My gym offers only two classes a week - Tuesday and Friday.

B: coffee, hb eggs, pumpkin
S: strawberries
L: WW wrap with lc cheese, spinach, bell pepper
S: cantelope
D: lean cuisine, laughing cow
E: Zumba

melinda - dog has arthritis in back and rear legs and hips. If she was in bad pain, she wouldn't be continuously pacing, would she? Today she hasn't moved around much. But she is finally eating some boiled chicken and rice. I am so glad vegan is improving your health. I'm sure 214 is right around the corner.

mj - ZUMBA!

penguin - sounds like you have a case of Happy Feet!!!! (I love that movie) Sorry to hear of your father's heart issue. Maybe a second opinion??

lottie - Vegas sounds like a nice anniversary plan.

06-29-2011, 11:35 AM
Good Morning! Well, appt #1 was excellent (endocrinologist). Went over my thyroid biopsy in more detail. Absolutely nothing to be concerned about. They will still u/s it every 6 months to keep an eye on the nodules, but they are nothing. My bloodwork was fantastic. They did a whole metabolic panel, B12 and D..all are fantastic. My Dr. is thrilled w/ my weightloss, particularly HOW I am doing it. Even the girls in the office were asking me for tips (that was funny to me, LOL!). They said that by the time I come back in December they won't even recognize me.
lottie--Sounds like a great plan! I love being able to get stocked up on groceries and then cook in bulk...makes it SO much easier! I agree...nothing wrong w/ being a dreamer!

patchworkpenguin--Great workouts! ++ thoughts to your dad!

DixCChix--YEA!!! Oh my goodness...that's TOTALLY how I was my first several classes, TRUST ME! My instructor kept telling me, give it time...and I did. Even as uncoordinated as I felt (and am), I loved it and still love it more and more!!! My instructor has some of her dances on youtube if you want to check them out (NO, I am not in any of them!) search: lauriejwalker My hubby likes to watch her shake her booty (among other things), lol!

I saw my brother last night. THAT was awesome. His reaction was priceless! So, so good to have him home, if only for a short time.

Follow up appt from my surgery this afternoon. I don't expect any "big surprises" but...you never know...I'll get the pathology report and any details that I wasn't coherent enough to remember from two weeks ago, LOL!

06-29-2011, 04:28 PM
I spent most of the morning at the eye docs for a routine exam which went well {except for all the waiting...} However, the Dr wants me to go back and see my cataract surgeon, there's a membrane that holds the fluid away from the lens, so they can't take it out when they replaced my lens, but it has gotten cloudy and is affecting my vision so I will have to have it fixed. They apparently punch a hole in it with a laser, and its a routine procedure, happening more often than not. Planned on a different cardio than Leslie, but since everything is blurry. and probably will be for the rest of the day, I guess she is my safest bet. :p

MJ, glad your appointment went so well. Yay, on the weightloss. LOL, on the staff asking you for tips!

06-30-2011, 12:12 AM
Wed 29
B= 2 c milk, vits, Egg Mug {egg sub with peppers and onion}, slice bread with pumpkin butter
L= Old Venice Cobb salad
S= protein shake
D= homemade beef and veggie stew, slice bread
S= peach with honey/greek yogurt
E= 5 miles with Leslie

06-30-2011, 05:49 AM
Good Morning! My surgery follow up appt was excellent. I don't need to do anything unless I start having problems again, phew! Pathology report was clear, double phew!

patchworkpenguin--That stinks about the eye surgery. Hope it isn't too bad.

Tonight is Zumba!!!!! Cannot wait!!! I am going to a little bit later class, which is a bit more intense. We are also ordering tank tops. I am actually starting to like the way my arms look, so I might actually be willing to wear it out in public, LOL! (thank you trainer and my killer arm workouts....they are working!)

Have a great day everyone!

DixC Chix
06-30-2011, 12:10 PM
Its mani/pedi day!!! - Yay!!! And also a rest day so that means housework!Dog is doing much better and getting her tummy back on track with chicken, rice, plain greek yogurt.

My veggie garden is doing good so far with 3 peppers coming, 1 cherry tomato and lots of foliage on the zucchini, cukes, beans, grapes and pumpkins. Fig tree is getting third set of leaves.

Patio flower pots and front flower garden are getting stressed with the unrelenting sun and heat. When I went out this morning to fertize, there's no mistaking the smell and heavy haze of smoke that is back in town again. Please God, send us some rain!

The weekend is almost here. BIL and sis are planning a party for Monday and I am waiting for details on the food so I can make a plan.

Anybody else making plans for the holiday weekend??

mj - What a good health report card you have nowadays!!! Can't wait til you show us your 'guns'!!! Awww, nice to hear bro is back from overseas even if for a short visit. Please thank him for his service.

penguin - your menu sounds yummy - especially the pumpkin butter! Sorry to hear you're having eye issues. Hope it works out well for you.

07-01-2011, 12:06 AM
Thurs, 30
B= 2 c milk, 1 scrambled egg beater with salsa and cheese
L= Canned tuna on salad
S= protein shake
D= 4 cups homemade chinese with soba noodles
S= straw greek yogurt + 2 walnuts
E= 5 miles with Leslie

I do workout DVD's at home. I keep track of them each day; title, time and then at the end of the year add it all up to see what I've done, what I'm not using, and if I need to purge/buy something, LOL. Jan- June I did 112 workouts, which breaks down to 60 cardio {walking, kbox TM workouts}, 44 strength {mostly weights, some yoga and pilates}, and 16 weights/cardio circuits.

Chix, today is my dog's weekly Spa Day; I brush her, rub her down with a wet cloth, clip her claws, and give her a treat for being so good. You can tell who gets spoiled around here! No plans for the holiday.

MJ, glad all is well. What surgery did you have?

07-01-2011, 10:24 AM
Good Morning! It is a gorgeous day here again. Awesome Zumba class last night and I am feeling it this am...my abs are sore!!!

DixC Chix--Awesome! mani/pedi day is my favorite!!! Having one of those myself next Friday! AND your dog is doing better...SUPER awesome!!! Yes, SO good to have some good news from the Dr for a change! I will thank him!

patchworkpenguin--Go you!!! Awesome workouts! Lucky dog!!! I had some ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and a fibroid removed two weeks ago. It was all laproscopic (luckily!)

jab--How are you doing??? I hope work isn't keeping you too busy!!!

Beverlyjoy--Thinking of you!

Hubby found out that he has the WHOLE weekend off AND to make it even better...I am not on call for my work. WOW!!! Must be the stars and planets are all lined up this week, LOL!!!! So, we want to do some fun stuff this weekend. I will hit the outlet mall at some point...I want to find a cute outfit to wear to my niece's grad party next weekend...we will be seeing some friends and family we haven't seen in a looooong time, so yep, I wanna look GOOD :) We may go to a movie Saturday night, but who knows....Hubby has started taking some great nature pictures, so I just texted him to see if he would like to go to one of the state parks and go for a hike--there are some great trails w/ waterfalls and stuff. We could pack a picnic and make an afternoon of it.

I am taking next Friday off for an "MJ day". Can't wait! I'm getting a mani/pedi AND hair cut and color. That night there is a party for my brother, but some friends are throwing it, so we just have to show up. Hmmm...maybe need a new outfit for that too, LOL! Thank goodness for the outlet mall and bargains!!!

Have a great day everyone!

07-01-2011, 11:01 AM
Morning all. Just starting us off! I have to clean house today.

I managed to lose 1.4lbs overnight. I shouldn't get excited, with my track record it will be back tomorrow and have invited a few friends along. I can't even change my weight because I gained and never reset it.Hopefully all the cardio and the new eating plan are working. I plan on taking my measurements today also.

Whoops this is July...should we start a new thread???

07-01-2011, 12:51 PM
So last night sucked.

I'm feeling a tad hypomanic, they adjusted my meds earlier that day, I felt okay but they thought something might be coming. it came at 8 p.m

omw home at like 1215 a.m I get off the bus and I'm so out of it and distracted by my music I didn't realize my 200$ wallet full of my life (including i.d and car keys) was sitting on my lap and when I got off the bus I just stood and walked off.

I realized as soon as I got off, one min later had another bus radio the bus I was on, hoping he'd stop and grab it for me. apparently he didn't, unless he stole it, because I waited for himto come back around, he was only going downtown, once he got back into oakland I checked for it and it was gone.

Had to have a friend, the only awake one who drives, and lives pretty far away, go to walmart and get us a new doorknob/deadbolt since my addy and housekeys were in the wallet. Bf took forever installing them, I didn't get to sleep until around 5 cuz I was scared with us not having the doors locked yet.

I had to call off my morning shift job cuz of it, but he was understanding.

I also called and cancelled my cc/debt card, and today am calling the gym to get a 25$ replacement card and give them a new number to bill me until I get my replacement debit or else they will charge me a 35$ fee if it bounces back.

I also have to take a form up to the notary so that I can get a 13.50$ replacement i.d. I'm also being charged 25$ for a replacement cc and who knows how much for a replacement debt. AUGH. Also need to get new keys made, need copies for the landlord and the people downstairs.

JUST got off the phone with the gym and he said that he will waive my fee for a new card because I've had enough hassle to deal with already! woooo! so that's good.

oh well, need to get going to start this craptastic day.

07-01-2011, 01:14 PM
Lottie, I'm so sorry to hear that you have lost your wallet and all the aggrevation its causing you.

DixC Chix
07-01-2011, 07:41 PM
penguin - great job on the workouts - geez, that's almost two a day!!!! I like to see the overnight weight loss just because if you see that number once, you're likely to see it again!!! Soon!

lottie - I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. Don't you just hate when crappy stuff happens. I've had a stolen wallet returned C.O.D. by mail (sans cash). Maybe you will too although by then, like me, you will have gotten everything replaced. That was nice of the gym to waive the replacement fee.

Beverlyjoy, Butterflymama, jab - Wazzup????

B: coffee, protein shake
L: WW tortilla with beans, cheese, lettuce, bell pepper, mango
D: Big bowl salad with egg, cheese, bell pepper, carrots, SF bacon vinaigrette, raspberries, greek yogurt, walnuts
E: a.m.water aerboics, p.m. zumba - trying it again

I spent most of the afternoon on line with my insurance company's health, wellness and prevention assessment questionaires and results and suggestions with logs and trackers, etc. Interesting but nothing I didn't already know. There was no area to report the 75+# loss so far so they treated me like a new dieter. I did find it odd that they suggested 5-7 servings of grains which I thought was way over what I think of as healthy. And they were still using the food pyramid illustration which shows the healthy grains at the wide bottom base. And they suggested 1899 calories a day but didn't identify whether this was mainentance or to lose. I tend to think of this as maintenance allowance. One other area that they overlooked is vitamins and supplements. (And no comment area to discuss these inconsistencies.)

07-01-2011, 11:01 PM
lottie--oh no! What a pain!!! At least the gym waived the fee.

DixC Chix--How was ZUMBA????? Yea, some of those websites are, well....not terribly helpful. I know mine put my calories WAY high...there is no way I would ever lose at what they said (I don't remember now..). My wellness coach told me that to get an even close to acurate recommendation you have to set the activity level to sedentary, even if you aren't.

I was SO not feeling going to the gym tonight. That hasn't happened in a long time. What made me really happy was, I didn't even consider not going. Not even once. I went and actually had a great workout. Of course, I felt fantastic after. That is HUGE progress for me....14 weeks ago (pre-trainer), I would have skipped the gym in a heartbeat.

Zumba tomorrow morning! Can't wait!!!

07-01-2011, 11:06 PM
I'm going to start a new thread for July.