General chatter - Unprofessionalism at work - how do I get myself away from this?

06-02-2011, 01:25 AM
Im 41. My "boss" is 26. Her boss is 57. I'm gonna try to keep this short and simple, but there's so much to this story.

My boss has a history of being unprofessional. For instance, she asks my bf (who works at the same gym) what I said, if I can work, what my opinion on stuff is. Yet, she doesn't ask me when I see her. She was the cause of another married, male coworker to get transeferred because it was undetermined but likely that she was having an affair with him. She texts/calls my bf every day, yet I hardly hear from her and I've been there before she came and before my bf was hired. She talks to employees about other employees in unflattering ways. She tells official business to employees telling us that she was not supposed to say anything. She criticises her boss to her employees and we all work in the same room, basically. I could say more, but I think that's enough.

So yesterday, my day off, I'm going about my errands with my bf and he says that the boss's boss was forced to work the late shift that night. She already put in her 8 hours. Why? Because another girl quit and my boss wanted to teach her boss a lesson on not relying on employees like moi (and my bf and 2 other trainers) and forced her to have to "suck it up" and work double shifts like the rest of us have.

The boss's boss does need to suck it up. In fact, she's not a very effective CFO. But I am not about to be part of someone else's political agenda! The boss's boss was under the impression that not a single trainer was available to work that night. The fact is, not a single trainer was ASKED to work that night. I totally would have! But now, I look like I'm not a team player.

So I told my boss today that I could have worked. She told me her whole what I wrote above was true. I told her to never put me in her personal agenda again and that if asked, I would tell her boss that I could have worked.

And guess what...her boss asked. What I told her was, "All I know is that it came to my attention that a trainer was needed last night and I was never asked to work and I could have worked."


Was this enough to put myself away from the boss's agenda? Or did I put myself right smack in the middle of it?

I should mention that my boss is leaving and I'm the next one up for her job, so I'll be under the poor woman that was forced to do a double shift.

06-02-2011, 01:50 AM
You were asked by your boss's boss. You gave the honest answer. You didn't go running to the b's b to tattle. You simple told the truth when asked.

People who scheme instead of talking about problems... ugh... gives me a headache. Unprofessional people at work are just the worst thing.

Hopefully your boss will be leaving quite shortly. If/when you do find yourself working under the b's b, you can deal with the problems professionally as they arise then. Cross that bridge when you come to it sort of thing.

Best of luck!

06-02-2011, 01:59 AM
You were honest -- that's all you could do. Your boss is on the way out, so hopefully your working relationship with her boss will be better.


06-02-2011, 10:24 AM
Sounds like a woman with social problems, your boss that is :(

06-02-2011, 10:45 AM
Her 'game' came back to bite her - not your problem.
You were asked a question by your superior and you answered it truthfully.

06-02-2011, 10:46 AM
Thanks, guys. I haven't been into the gym yet to see if this thing has been dropped and forgotten. I really hope the boss's boss decides to let it go since the other one is leaving. I hope she didn't say anything to her, but then again, I think I can stand on my honesty and openness. I didn't open the can of worms, afterall.

06-02-2011, 10:50 AM
Thanks, guys. I haven't been into the gym yet to see if this thing has been dropped and forgotten. I really hope the boss's boss decides to let it go since the other one is leaving. I hope she didn't say anything to her, but then again, I think I can stand on my honesty and openness. I didn't open the can of worms, afterall.

Absolutely right, you didn't.
Your boss put you in a very bad position to begin with and ended up screwing herself. It doesn't look well on her at all that she asked no one, it seems lazy and vindictive. I can't imagine she would believe your boss boss wouldnt have asked anyone if they were available.

You were honest, and what's more, you told your boss you wouldn't lie for her - too bad for her, she will have to deal with the backlash of lying to HER boss.

06-02-2011, 10:59 AM
Coon, yeah, I agree.

It's really weird when your gut feeling is confirmed. I always had a bad feeling from the moment my boss became my boss. My bf disagrees. In fact, the only 2 disagreements my bf and I have had in 15 months was over our differing opinions on our boss.

She kisses up to him so he doesn't see her the same as I do. In fact, he defended her actions because of the poor performance of the CFO.

It'll be best for everyone when she leaves. And where she's going, this personality of hers is only going to get her grief. Not my problem (any more)!

06-02-2011, 03:43 PM
I dropped in the gym today. Saw the boss, the boss's boss and a board member. Everything seemed normal and cool between everybody.

I also did some strategizing...

There is a new gym in our tiny town. Goodness only knows why they thought we needed another gym. We have 30% of the population registered as members. This is an elderly, retirement and vacation only population, with a small number of year-round people employed to keep things running year round. Our population increases by more than 100% only in summer. And summer is super short. The 30% includes vacationers.

I told them I called the new gym to get the low down on the competition. My boss's boss said, "Good gosh, tell me you're not leaving us!". I'm not planning on it, but I did tell her that while they charge more for membership, they charge less for classes and they pay more per hour/class to their professionals. What I'd really love is for my gym to get their arses in gear and figure out where all the money should go and what to charge.

Let her contimplate THAT as she navigates hiring for my boss's position. The way the open position is posted is SO false. It's a full time job that they post for 20 hours. The pay is $2 less an hour than what the new gym will pay.

But my gym has loyalty. It's a YMCA. There's all that community service and non profit stuff that our clients love. I wouldn't leave the Y. My hearts too much in it.

But at least now, she may be wondering...

HA! ...and probably she'll hire someone else.

I would almost bet on it.