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06-01-2011, 07:10 AM
Welcome to the lovely month of June! Around here this means BBQ, salads, asparagus and local strawberries towards the end. Aside from food it also means roses, peonies, iris, lemon lilies and my grandmother's mock orange scenting the air at night.

May was somewhat disappointing - my BGL was all over the place and I gained some weight and didn't lose it all. I ended up with a two pound loss though. I guess I'll bite the bullet and change my ticker. The 170s will happen later this month, I'm sure. So will my next HA1C.

Life is pretty stressful these days but I am trying hard to make myself a priority with better eating and taking some "me" time every day. Falling asleep in front of the TV does not count but relaxing on the deck with the dogs counts!

What's your "me" time?

06-01-2011, 08:20 AM
Ruth: I too had the best afternoon/evening. I left work early for DD and I to go to the dentist, (just routine cleaning and checkups) and got fitted for a snoreguard. I am going away for my vacation and would like an alternative to the cpap for my sleep apnea. I get it in a week and will have a few days to "test drive" the thing before I go.
After that DD and I went to see baby Lilia (my not quite grandbaby) and took popsicles for us and mama, so we all had a nice but sticky visit. Good treat on a hot day.
So, just a few words about low carb. This has different meanings to most people, but in general, we diabetics have to count carbs. And most of us find that the carb recommendations from dietitians spike our sugars too much. We often go with low glycemic carbs, and reduce carbs. Me, I think if under 100g carbs a day, we are doing low carb. It doesn't mean atkins induction all the way. I only do induction a week or two at a time, I hover around about 40g/day most of the time. Some people can do much more and still lose weight or maintain.
I find I lose the ability to stick with plan if I start eating too many carbs, and starchy stuff really drives the cravings so I try to stay away.
South Beach is a relatively low carb way of eating, and sticks to low glycemic and really healthy carbs. I think its great for most diabetics.
Having said all that, I am going to have breakfast now!

06-01-2011, 08:40 AM
Totally agree, Mad. South Beach is a great plan. My problem is eating too many healthy carbs, bread and pasta in particular. I did stick with a really low carb supper last night - salsa chicken and asparagus and had a good reading this morning. I may start tracking my carbs on Fitday and aim to keep them under 100. I really want to be halfway to my temporary goal by the end of this month and have a good A1C then too.

06-01-2011, 09:25 AM
Good morning all. First day back on the beach went good. Tried some greek yogurt with walnuts for breakfast this morning and it was yummy! Still hot and huid here today. Expecting thunderstorms this evening and hopfully it will cool down. Stressed here as well. Looking for a job is not that easy when what you did is mostly outsourced and not done too much in America anymore, and the skills that you have don't really apply to any other field. Still looking and hopefully something will come along soon. Off to take my son to school. Have a great day everyone!

06-01-2011, 11:59 AM
Good morning all.

fbs is 81 this morning and was good last night, also. I really hope that it is not annoying for me to post bs readings - it is my own accountability. I will stop if it isn't ok with everyone. As a relatively "new" diabetic, I feel like I really have to stay on it.:^:

I like the chat about south beach and what is "low carb". I have told people that I eat relatively low carb and they freak out when I eat a 15 to 20 carb meal. I was also told by a kidney doc that I need to avoid the extreme low carb high protein diets. I guess the lesson is that we all need to do what is good for us and what works best for our bodies. I don't consider my plan to be south beach but I learned alot from that plan about how to fill my plate in a healthy way.

We had a young friend of my son over last night for a barbeque. Fresh veggies and meat cooked on the grill. Yum - and totally on plan!

Hi Lindy! I just ate my first greek yogurt for breakfast this am. Chobani greek yogurt with peach flavoring. 20 carbs. My Goodness! that was yummy and I am very full. I will have to get some more. We also bought some plain greek yogurt as my son likes to make sauces and I thought this would be a good base. This is all quite the adventure for a Montana farm girl who ate meat and potatoes with burgers as snacks:D.

I just passed through most of my stressful work time with a successful audit. Now for budget hearings in two weeks and I will be smooth sailing for the summer. My knee is healing and I have two days of light aerobic workouts done. That is a relief. I am woried that my June weigh in will be bad because of the vacation and the minimal excercise. Oh, well, if I have one month that isn't great, I will just hit it hard the next month.:carrot:

Fatmad, I appreciate the clarification about carb levels. All those "almost" gk are great fun, aren't they?

Ruth, here in my yard there is the scent of lilacs. A lovely flower that only lasts a short time. The iris are almost ready to pop. I have been taking 30 minutes by myself to sit on the back steps and read the last couple of days. It is nice that it is not raining here!

I hope that you all have a lovely day. I am off to pool league after work tonight. Talk to you tomorrow!

06-01-2011, 12:46 PM
Now Reimontana, where else would we talk about our BGL than here? :lol: Most folks would think we were speaking another language. You are lucky to still have lilacs - mine were pretty much ruined by the rain. I am about to spend some "me" time on the shady side of the back deck. I need to get the front porch in order - mainly cleaned up - so I can sit out there if it rains.

06-01-2011, 07:54 PM
Well, I have had a great OP day. Got up this morning and the 7 lbs I gained on the trip was gone plus another pound was gone. My BGL is still up, but that will come back down too in a few days.

I guess I too am doing low carb, but not as low as atkins. I eat a lot of fruits and eat a lot of veggie soups and salads more like Montana. However, I'm not counting carbs, calories or points. Just eating healthy foods and watching portions. This is how my doc suggested that I eat and I must say that I'm enjoying it.

06-01-2011, 11:37 PM
Ok, one more time, atkins low carb can be as much and 100g/day for maintenance, and ongoing weight loss is often 40-80g/day, depending on the individual. Only in induction is it about 20-30/day! Surprised?
So I stayed on plan today, and made a cheesecake for tomorrow's potluck. I was trying to use up some stuff in the fridge that was getting close to stale dated. I have found a great way to make the crust.....
melt chocolate, add splenda and ground almonds, a little extra butter to keep it soft, and press into the pan. yum. Its the easiest "cake" to make sugar free, since the sugar isn't used for bulk, just sweetness.
Sugars are stable, and I have no problem with hearing about exact levels for people, I like everything we chat about. Whatever keeps us going is just right!
Realized today, that yesterdays enchanted evening on the deck was the first time in ages I felt contentment. That special combination of peace and happiness was just..... present. Left me feeling good all day.

06-02-2011, 01:28 AM
Mad I meant not Atkins Induction. I saw where someone asked how we diabetics eat. I read Volumetrics while on my trip and I've been reading through the threads here on 3fc and found that this way of eating is not anything new. In fact, many actually call it Whole Foods or Clean Eating on here. It can be used to in many different ways... some do it with low carb, some counting calories and it also is very much similar to the new Weight Watcher Points Plus Program. I'm actually using it with Intuitive Eating and just need to tweak it. Dropping 8 lbs in 2 days (7 that I gained on my trip plus 1 more) shows me that this way of eating will work for me.

06-02-2011, 07:04 AM
Good morning. I indulged in a beer with a friend yesterday afternoon, the first since last summer when I think I drank three in the four months. I thought my BGL might be up this morning but a lower carb supper kept things down. I also dropped a pound overnight and was thrilled to change my ticker. Silly things but...

Mad, that elusive feeling of contentment is just wonderful. ( "soft winds and roses" Gord Lightfoot always gets me.) Sitting on my deck with the dogs for a dawn coffee or for some pre-bedtime tea does it for me. These evenings there are fireflies as well as the lights of the jets flying the Toronto/Ottawa run which remind me of the bad old working days when I sometimes felt I lived on a plane!

Today will be another active day with more Village planting to do but I have healthy meals planned and prepped. You can't eat meals that are just on paper!

06-02-2011, 11:42 AM
Good Morning.

fbs up a little at 97 this morning. I didn't sleep well.

Fatmad - you go girl! That is the best post (as far as how you are feeling) in a long time. Sounds wonderful. I like the crust idea for the cheesecake. I was overjoyed to find that cheesecake is the most adaptable desert for me. I can leave cake and pie, but I looooovvveee cheesecake. :D

Ruth - good job on the pound and on enjoying the beer! Sometimes a reasonable amount of alchohol actually lowers my sugars. I think it is because of how it reacts with metformin. Keep enjoying that deck!

Pattygirl - Wow, way to take the weight off! It sounds like you are really back on track. Good for you.

Today I have some contract negotiations and then my work week is over. Pool was fun last night despite the fact that I played terrible. TTL

06-02-2011, 02:34 PM
Ruthie - Congrats on the 1 lb loss. Your time on the deck sounds wonderful. I think I need to get back to sitting on my back porch; I always enjoy the quiet, calming, relaxed feelings. I loved the "You can't eat meals that are just on paper!" thought. So so true.

Montana - Yes, I am back on track and actually enjoying the way I'm eating. I forgot about how alcohol works with Metformin and seems to lower the BGL. I'm still working to get that back down and just may have a small amount with dinner. Eating in restaurants and eating so much fast food during my vacation did a number on the BS. Also I've been taking Metformin since I got home, which I didn't do on the trip and I don't think I need it as it is just making me groggy during the day. A real struggle to get moving which doesn't help FBGL. I was so busy during vacation that I crashed every night around 9 or 10 and slept like a baby.

Mad I too love the idea of how to make the cheesecake. Strange how I can give up a lot of sweets but I love cheesecake and it is so easy to make it lowfat/lowcarb and sugar free and it taste as divine as it did with all the bad stuff. I WILL be adding your crust to my recipes. What a "legal" treat that will be.

Lindy87 I came home from TX appreciating the weather here in SC. We are having record highs in the 90's, but at least it isn't humid like it was in TX. Glad you like the Greek yogurt; I haven't acquired a taste for it yet. I know I should as it is soooo healthy for me. Since I'm eating more fruit, I think it would be palatible with fruit and nuts and maybe even a little bit of Stevia.

After reading the Whole Foods section on beans last night made me hungry for beans so I've got a pot of red beans cooking as a soup to lower the engergy-density and will eat some of it later this evening. We are having tacos for our main meal today. Mine will be made with loads of veggies as a taco salad and then snacks will be fruit and veggies. I had a homemade lowfat version of a Bacon/egg McMuffin with loads of raw veggies to keep the engergy-density lower for breakfast. Actually did make me feel full. You know this is the way I ate when I lived with my aunt who insisted on 3 healthy meals a day and we ate a lot of fruit and veggies and beans. She was very much into eating healthy and bought a lot of things at the Health Food Store. She lived to be 91 yrs old. I was going to a diet doctor at the time and was very active and lost a lot of weight, but I always thought it was the diet doctor that contributed to the weight loss. Now I realize that the doc may have helped with the weight loss, but the healthy eating was the reason I felt so good and actually contributed to it being the time in my life that was the healthiest I have ever been in my life. I do wonder why we have to get so smart/or wise so late in life.

Y'all have a great day.

06-02-2011, 11:05 PM
I like the volumetrics approach too, and on atkins the veggies we eat help to provide the volume. Fat also helps that feeling of fullness.
Started my holiday today, and will be off for 4 weeks. I have a trip in there, and will leave on the 12th of June, I will likely be out of touch for that time.
I am going to South Africa for a conference, and then touring with a friend.
we just finalized the details today, and I am pretty excited about it.
thanks for the :hug: about my nice evening. two days later that memory persists and gives me a good feeling. ups and downs feel like..... ups and downs.
This is how I felt before depression hit me, I remember it well. DOn't know if it will last, but its nice to know it can happen again. :)

06-03-2011, 12:20 PM
Good morning everyone!

fbs at 92 this morning and I got in a 45 minute workout. Still not sleeping well. I have decided that it is because I am so stuffed up - the cotton from the cotton wood trees is really flying. Yesterday I drove down to the river and drove through a spot that was just like snow, I was immediately stuffed up. Lightbulb!:D I wake early everymorning with a dry and sore throat.

Fatmad. What a nice post. South Africa? wow, that sounds absolutely wonderful! I have never been out of the states (except to Canada - I don't think that counts) lol. I think it is one of our faults as Americans, we don't have enough appreciation for the rest of the world to travel. I can't wait to hear about your trip. I am also glad that you are having some ups with the downs.:hug:

Trish, beans sound good. I have never really cooked with them, except just adding some to soup or chili. What is energy-density?

I have a question for some of you more experienced folks. I was reading some of the original nutrition recommendations and looking at some of the diabetes sites for recipes. I don't understand why they say that 45 carbs per meal plus 15-25 for snacks is acceptable. I don't think that I could maintain bs control at that level, let alone lose weight. Any insight?

Have a lovely day.

06-03-2011, 01:31 PM
Montana A food that is of high energy density provides a large amount of calories in a small weight, while food of low energy density has fewer calories for the same weight. Foods with lower engery density can be eaten in larger portions for the same calories. One example given in the book was 1/4 c of raisins is 100 calories, but you could eat nearly 2 c grapes for the same 100 calories. By using low density food to make recipes, or as Mad stated eaten with protein a higher density food, you will feel fuller or more satisfied than when you don't eat them. Adding water and/or water veggies to cassaroles can make a difference in the amount of energy density thus determining the size of portion you can have. Also read in the book that what causes a potato to become a high density food rather than a low is what you put on it... most people smother it with butter. I found it very interesting that when eaten plain it is very low density; if you eat it with lowfat or ff sour cream it is low density.

This morning I got up and had a volumetrics low energy density breakfast... a 2 egg omlet with loads of veggies making it low energy density. Actual when you think about it, South Beach is an eneergy density. Helps me understand why you can eat some of the foods you are allowed. Turns out it is the combining of certain foods to make it volumetric and low energy density. I may end up just going by SBD as I make food plans now that I understand why it works.

Mad I've been to Mexico when a teenager with my family and DH took me to Canada a few years ago. Can't say I have any desire to go anywhere else out of the states at this time although that could change someday. You have a great trip and we will look forward to your return and news of your experiences.

Ruthie, Lindyloo, Lindy87 and Everyone else:wave:

Have a great Friday and weekend.

06-03-2011, 01:54 PM
Beautiful day again today. Stuck to my "beachy" plans so far and am feeling pretty good. Any tricks on getting my first reading in the morning to be normal? My FBS is always extremely high in the morning no matter what I try. My A1C is back down to 6.7 and will lower next time since I am relly watching what I have been eating.
Going to my son's baseball game tonight. Should be nice and cool tonight. Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-03-2011, 02:28 PM
Lindy, I find that a lower carb dinner always makes my FBGL lower in the a.m. - sometimes too low. You'll need to experiment.

Reimontana, it will take a long time for the thinking about carbs and diabetics changes. The Canadian Diabetic Association recomments too many IMHO but I no longer bother arguing it with my clinic's dietician. She sees my results!

Re travel, if any of you ever head up to south eastern Ontario, I do hope you'll let me know. I live in a simply beautiful area and can show you and yours around. I've had several visitors from this site including dear departed Meowee, CottagebytheSea, Jiffypop, Beachgal, Leenie and Ilene. I even had a visit from Shad who is a New Zealander.

06-03-2011, 04:04 PM
Lyndy87, good job on being on plan. Keep stringing those good days together and everything will take care of itself. I struggled with my morning fbs for a while. It was interesting because my doc is the one who helped me find a solution. For a while, I set an alarm and tested at 3am. His theory that I was getting fairly low at night was correct. In his words, essentially, my liver was going into a panic and flooding me with sugar before I woke up. The solution was a small carb=protein snack in the late evening. My go to is light and fit yogurt = 15 carbs. There is also the possibility of sleep apnea or other sleep problems. If I don't get a good night's sleep, my morning readings are up. Good luck.

Ruth, it is sad that there is so much different information out there. My son called last night after his wife got really mad at him. He went on a diabetic websight, got some recipes and made her a meal. She was really angry because it was too carby and thought he was being insensitive. He was confused. Too bad.

Thanks for the invite. Your home sounds lovely. How great that you actually met Meowee. She was such an inspiration to me and I finally stopped lurking shortly before she passed. May she RIP

06-03-2011, 10:39 PM
I am often baffled about the relatively high carb levels given by diabetic associations, especially as more info comes out about the benefits of lower carb. Even for those who don't agree with atkins induction levels, its pretty obvious that lowering carb levels and lower glycemic foods makes a difference. The dietitian at my hospital did agree about lower glycemic foods, but still thinks I need at leat 140 g carbs a day. My sugars don't come down below 7-8 with that kind of diet, even with carefully watching types of carbs, and the cravings and hunger are too much for me. I do fall of my planned eating from time to time, but I can get back on track and fell better there.
I expect that as time goes on there will be more info about lowering carb levels.
I allowed myself to go off plan last night and had battered fish and fries. Well, the fries were sweet potato fries, and after one bite of the crunchy crispy batter, (yum) I had enough and didn't have any more, at the fish and not the batter, and lots of coleslaw and salad. No cravings today. Was able to stay on plan no problem. Also walked the dog a couple of times, so had a good day.
thanks friends, feels good to keep in touch

06-04-2011, 07:28 AM
Oh dear! Just remembered I had a ticket to a fish fry last night and forgot. I used my small propane BBQ and thoroughly ruined a small steak I was planning to use for fajitas. Low propane makes a gray steak!
I made a recovery though and had a frozen dinner which I "healthied up" by adding some more chicken and some asparagus.

The ticker is down to 181 this morning so there's hope to be in the 170s this month. BGL was a nice 4.6!

My body is feeling the effects of the week's physical exertion. I went to bed at 9 last night feeling pretty "poorly" but a good night of sleep has me back raring to go. I am off to town in a few minutes to get a weed whip and a power washer so I can tackle another busy day. Physical stuff certainly helps take my mind off mental stuff - like the looming audit of the Mill books.

We are selling another 40 loaves of bread at the Mill at ten this morning. I plan to stay away. I cannot have butter and warm bread in the house at the same time! I'll save my carbs for blueberries which are on special this week.

Happy weekend!

06-04-2011, 10:13 AM
Going to the annual Fireman's parade this morning. Firetrucks and bands from firehouses from all over Long Island march in this huge parade through town. Later on they will have the fireman races were they compete (the bands compete in the parade also). Going to a friends house to watch as her home is on the route. Stayed on plan last nite even though I wanted to eat more for a snack, I just grabbed a cheese stick and went to bed. Yay me! Off now to wake up the kiddies now to get going. Have a great day!

06-04-2011, 01:36 PM
Good Morning!

fbs at 82 this morning. I did my whole weight lifting routine and 40 minutes of light wii aerobics. It felt pretty good.

Yesterday I picked the asparagus on our farm with my gs. I took some pictures of my mom helping gs plant pumpkins. He will have fun growing them this summer.

We were supposed to go out for chinese food last night and it got cancelled. I ate very lightly yesterday with few carbs. Supper was fish and veggies. I thought that I forgot to take my metformin, so when I "remembered" at 830 I took it. I spent the next couple hours fighting lows. That was the first time that has happened in a while. I guess I should have tested before I took it. I was at 78 before supper. It was kind of scary because my son was at work and I was alone with the little guy. I need to be more careful.

Today is laundry and a barbque tonight.

Lyndy87 I would like to spend the day watching firemen ;) Good job, you are really kicking it and staying on plan

Ruth, I am with you - fresh bread is my undoing! They often serve freshly baked breadsticks at my work and it is so hard to smell them as they bake. Congrats on the ticker!

I hope Trish, Fatmad, and everyone is having a great day!

06-04-2011, 01:56 PM
Well, I ended up with a loaf of very wonderful rustic bread but am having just the crust end of it with Laughing Cow cheese, a sliced tomato and some basil and black olives with a lettuce and cucumber salad. The rest will be sliced and go into the freezer for another day. I feel so virtuous!

06-05-2011, 08:39 AM
Fly-by post! Weight the same and BGL 4.6(82.8). The bread definitely was tempting but it's in the freezer.

Today will be a bit of a challenge as I'm off to a pot-luck supper tonight. I am taking a strawberry rhubarb pie and ice cream which I will find easy to resist. (I hate the way piecrust makes my teeth feel and always have.) I do know there will be meat, probably BBQ, and Heather is bringing a salad so I should be OK if I can hold the line on wine sipping.

I have a difficult week ahead for many reasons and want to be in control of the health part of my life. I also want to feel really good in my dress at the wedding Saturday.

06-05-2011, 01:16 PM
Just a quick fly by"

FBS up this morning at 101 and I haven't a clue why. Perhaps because I just slept too long for once. I was in the low 90's last night and did my regular routine. Oh well. This disease is so strange sometimes. It is not A+B=C. I wish it was.

I hope that everyone has a good day. I am planning to get my plants out. It is sooooo late but our weather has been non-stop rain for weeks. TTLY

06-05-2011, 08:30 PM
Stayed on plan today since I veered off in the wrong direction yesterday. I find it harder on the weekends because everyone is home and my schedule is off. Gonna look through a bunch of receipes I copied years ago to find something different for dinner tomorrow. I love to try new recipes. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

06-05-2011, 09:41 PM
Hi all.

I got my plants in, even though I was "helped" by gs. I am looking forward to cucumbers, tomatoes, mint/stevia tea in the near future.

My bs settled in the low 80's today, despite this morning's high reading. Well, dinner of fresh asparagus from our farm, and baked chicken.

Ruth, we think alike. When I am asked to bring something that I should not eat, I often take something that I don't like all that much. Although I like pie, I have never developed a taste for rhubarb. LOL

Debbie, everyday on plan is another day on plan, right!?. LOL hang in there! Let us know what you find for new recipes, ok?

06-05-2011, 10:24 PM
A quick flyby. Been OP all week and kept the 8 lb loss for the week. So weight is back down to 1 lb less than what I gained on vacation. Am eating healthier than I have in a long time. Will be making Sundays my weigh in days.

Finally had some rain today for about an hour or so... just glad to get it.

06-06-2011, 07:12 AM
Not a good food day yesterday but this morning's reading is 4.2 so :shrug: The body is a mysterious machine. Maybe it was the wine I drank at the simple little potluck that turned into a BBQ extravaganza for over 20 people. Joanne just kept inviting folks. So much for our planned quiet little four "girl" dinner. We sure had fun though and I met some new fun folks.

Slight challenge today as I have my quilting group meeting which is lunch. We bring our own but there is always some absolutely yummy looking dessert which I am becoming very adept at resisting. When people insist, I ask if they know what to do about a diabetic coma.

On with the day - gym first!

06-06-2011, 10:18 PM
Hi all!

The weather is volatile here. We had a big tornado last year - very rare for our town and there are warnings east of here tonight. Here on this end of town, it is nice.

Fbs ranged from 80 - 95 today, not bad. I got in a 40 minute hard aerobic workout this morning without having too much knee pain. I guess I am on the mend. It felt good to just go for it this morning, even if it was not as long as usual. Working out makes me feel strong, so I am looking forward to getting back to my usual routine!

Ruth, good idea about the "diabetic coma" LOL. Unfortunately, I haven't told many people about my diabetes. I'm not really sure why....

Trish, You go girl! You are doing wonderful! What a weight loss.

I hope our friend Fatmad is doing well. I wish you all a pleasant evening.

06-07-2011, 12:01 AM
Hi all, just got back from my weekend away, and this week will be busy with preparing for my trip. The trick will be to eat on plan and exercise with that busyness. will talk in the am.

06-07-2011, 06:34 AM
Good morning and happy Tuesday.

That's it! I am not cooking fish ever again. I did a fairly large hunk of salmon last night and could not choke it down. I am planning to give the leftovers to the barn cats as I can't even face the thought of salmon salad sandwiches. I guess I'm just not a fish person unless it's deep fried. It's time to clear out my fish collection in the freezer and make a fish chowder for fifty people.

Please tell me salmon oil capsules will give me whatever I need for nutrition.

Aside from that little whine, life is fine with BGL staying where it should be and weight dropping slowly - a pound of weekend is gone. Today's plan will include an asparagus and HB egg salad on yummy greens from the garden. I'm not sure about supper but ww pasta, a tomato sauce and another salad may be on the plan.

06-07-2011, 09:28 AM
weight is up again, after the weekend away and a couple of cheats, (like low carb beer on the sundeck) but the weather was so lovely.....
I read two books, and played outside a bit, but not really much exercise.
FBS this am was 5.4, I am seldom out of the 5's.
Ruth, if you don't like fish, just give it up! a fish oil capsule will give lots of good protective nutrients. I ate really well this weekend with trout on Sunday evening, but I really enjoyed it! not worth it at all if its not your thing. You have such a nicely varied diet, don't worry about it at all. I'm so glad we have the capsules so almost everyone can enjoy the benefits of fish oils without the fish.

I have lots of paperwork to organize and do. Have to submit my taxes before I go on my trip, so thats my agenda today. :p

Happy Tuesday friends

06-07-2011, 11:39 AM
Just a quick note this morning....

Last night I took gs to the softball game. Despite the warnings, the sky was blue, maybe a few clouds. The storm rolled in and the grounds were evacuated. My ears hurt dreadfully and the warning sirens went off. I ran for my car and then to my parents basement. Little damage, but I haven't seen a storm like that. In the future, I will listen to the weathermen, not rely on my own assessment.;)

Fatmad, I am glad that you enjoyed your trip for the weekend. Over the long haul, the weight will take care of itself. Your blood sugar control is terrific.

Ruth, I agree with Fatmad that there is no reason to try to force yourself to like fish. I believe you can get the same nutrients from the capsules. At my herbalists, recommendation, I also take a flax seed oil capsule. Those barn cats are going to have a feast!:D

My bs was at 91 this morning and I got in a full 60 minute workout. Cool:carrot:

BBL! Have a great day! Oh, Fatmad, when are your taxes due in Canada? Just wondering.....

06-07-2011, 12:13 PM
Lost another lb. So excited. My hubby is losing also. Feeling good. The weather is gonna be scorching for the next few days. Thank God for central air. Stressing a bit because our homeowners insurance cancelled because we live in a castrophe prone area. Haven't had a hurricane in 20 years (hurricane Bob 1991) but I guess that is what you get when you live on the coast. Have some leads on finding another company, many are not insuring on Long Island anymore. Have come plans with my mom and my aunts tonite. My aunt is making bean soup and I can't wait to have it!
Ruth: I hear ya on the salmon. I just take my fish oil pills!
Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great day everyone!

06-07-2011, 03:22 PM
Rie, I have to make quarterly tax payments based on my previous years income, but the tax return doesn't have to be filed until the 15th of June, because I am self-employed, its April 30th for the rest of Canada. So I and my accountant have a bit of a breather for being self employed.
I am not having a good day. I am missing a few papers and my health card, and figured they were buried in the mounds of paper I haven't been keeping sorted out, but sorting today is not getting me to find these things. I don't think I have alzheimer's, but days like this, its hard to tell.
Time to go for a walk with the dog.

06-07-2011, 05:04 PM
Hello all. I am hoping I am at the right place. I was just diagnosed with diabetes, type 2 and I know it comes from my being overweight. My fasting glucose was 122 and my A1C was 6.5 I am on Metformin 500mg per day, a baby dose from what I gather. I went today for my first diabetes education appointment, I had eaten lunch at 11:15 and she checked my glucose at approx. 1:15 and it was 104, which I understand is good. Now I will be checking it every morning before morning coffee. I hope to learn a lot from you and thank you for the opportunity to join you. God Bless. Tammy

06-07-2011, 07:21 PM
Hi Cajun Chick and welcome. There's lots of information and support in here so come in daily and post away. By the way, HA1C of 6.5 is controlled Type II - that's my reading and it was a heck of a lot more than that before I lost some weight and changed my way of eating.

See you in the morning.

06-07-2011, 07:40 PM
Hi Cajun Chick and welcome. There's lots of information and support in here so come in daily and post away. By the way, HA1C of 6.5 is controlled Type II - that's my reading and it was a heck of a lot more than that before I lost some weight and changed my way of eating.

See you in the morning.

Thanks Ruthxxx! I don't always get to "play" on the computer in the morning, I sometimes have to wait till I get home at night. You can tell when I am off because I post several times during the day, when you don't hear from me but once it is usually because I am at work, we own our own business but I need to set an example to my workers, so I don't post while on the job, UNLESS, it's Saturday and I'm by myself in one of my stores, then I post during the day:D when no one is there to see me, usually if a customer is looking around the shop I'll post while they look, but don't tell my girls!!

06-07-2011, 09:43 PM
Hello All,

Today was a good day although it is dreary and raining here. I had a productive day at work and I had a nice chat with a pal. That's good enough for me!

Lindy87, Congrats on the pound! Look at you just rolling along. Yay!

Fatmad, that makes sense. I am with you on the paperwork. I can never seem to get organized enough to find stuff. My secretary, who has been with me forever, gives me copies of paperwork - she knows better than to give me originals.... LOL I don't think it is alzheimers because I have been doing it for years. I like the idea of a walk with the dog when you are upset.

Ruth, I just want to say - you do such a good job as moderator. I appreciate it.

Tammy, welcome and I look forward to getting to know you. There is great advice, support, and information here. Your A1C is sooooo much better than mine was when I was diagnosed. Let us know how we can help you.

I thought I would share my new treat that I have been enjoying. Decaf (who would have thought I'd ever drink that.:)) hazelnut cream coffee with a little splenda. I brew a small pot after I finish my supper and I really enjoy it. Do any of you have any suggestions on a really low carb, low cal "cream" substance that might work? I think that would be yummy. I was thinking plain soy milk? Maybe just a really small dollop of real cream?

Tomorrow night I have pool and a cribbage game.... :D See you all later.

06-08-2011, 07:24 AM
What I learned today: If I forget to take my evening meds, my morning reading is 7. Duh!

Really busy day ahead but I have good healthy food planned. I need to serve at a Church social 4 to 6 which is a good thing. By the time I've seen people loading their plated at the buffet, I am turned off and don't want to eat that food. I'll be home by 6:30 to a delicious and healthy supper. (Now I just have to resist Rhea's delicious pecan pie!)

Keep on truckin', Chickies!

06-08-2011, 04:37 PM
Rie, I just use real cream. Fat substitutes don't seem to do the trick, although I never tried olestra, was never approved in Canada.
But the advantage of low carb is I can go high on the fats, so cream isn't the problem. But I sure miss chips, of any variety. I love the crunch, and tho I am big on veggies with dip, (ranch, blue cheese and others that are low carb!) and they crunch, they somehow don't have to snap that chips do. I tried "unnachos" last night, basically a melted taco salad, without the chips, and using veggies to scoop it, but again, I really wanted the corn chips. Maybe at some point I can be more moderate with these things and the tendency to go from tasting to bingeing won't be so drastic, but I am not there yet.
Cajun Chick, welcome to our forum. You are fortunate to be able to catch your diabetes at an early stage, as I did. Just like dieting needs to incorporate permanent lifestyle changes to be truly successful, we need to change things in a sustainable way so that we can maintain our blood glucose in normal levels for our health. Cheers to your success.
We started out day with no electrical power after some damage from thunderstorms last night. Its back on now, and I am just catching up. fbs was 5.6 today. (100.8 to my US friends)

06-09-2011, 07:18 AM
Good morning. We had a terrible storm with wind and rain last night but there doesn't seem to be any damage around here. It came on quickly at the Church social and there was a stampede into the hall from the folks eating out in the drive shed. I worked until after six as planned and then came home to my own salad with grilled chicken.

BGL is a tad low this morning at 3.6 (64.8 US) but I'm fixing that with a fruit and milk shake. I have one of my rare headaches too and hope it'll cure that too. Are headaches a sign of low BGL? Weight is still the same even after being so virtuous about pie - doesn't seem fair! :lol:

Yesterday I bought some summer sausage although I seldom get deli meats. I had it in a sandwich at noon and really noticed the salt! It was one of the lower sodium content choices (205 mg sodium in 3 slices) but wow! I guess having cut out the stuff makes me super sensitive. I had read that we need a bit of salt in very hot weather to avoid dehydration but this was ridiculous! The stuff is now in the garbage.

I hope your Thursday is sane and healthy and that you do something nice for your body. I am planning to treat mine to a lot of body lotion after my shower and hope she is grateful.

06-09-2011, 10:47 AM
Good Morning all.

Another rainy day here in Montana. It is very green here but I am sure tired of the rain. Our usual weather here at this time is warm, 70-80's. We are going to skip spring and head directly into raging heat of the summer! And, all the weeds are growing like crazy.

Fbs at 80 today (Fatmad, thanks for the translation ;)) I had a low, in the mid 50's yesterday. I corrected but I never really felt much better the rest of the day. My readings were ok, but I felt shaky and weak. I had pool last night - I played good, won 3 out of my 4 games. I was very tired. I woke at midnight with stomach distress and was up most of the night. Weird. Usually my bs goes up when I don't feel good.

Today I plan to curl up on the couch with a book and a blanket. I took the day off.

Ruth, interesting question about the headaches. I get dizzy but never a headache. I am glad that the storm didn't cause any damage. Boy, isn't that salt sensitivity weird? I used to heavily salt things on my plate and I don't even have salt on the table anymore. As a result, some of the foods that I used to like aren't palatable anymore. I don't know if you get this brand: Cloverdale Tangy? It is pretty good and not too salty. I like it for a quick snack.

Fatmad, I am with you about the corn chips. I sure miss them. I read the labels sometimes and I think, "I can have a serving" but then I know that I won't stick to a serving. I will also be grabbing a handfull as I go past the pantry. My friend makes her own chips from a single low-carb wrap. She spritzes with olive oil, cuts into triangles, and bakes until crispy. They aren't chips, but they work pretty good with taco salad. She also said that you can sprinkle dry ranch mix, garlic or other seasonings. They aren't a chip but they are a better, more satisfying substitute than veggies. I also like the idea that you can make just a single serving...... I hope there isn't too much damage from the storm.

Tammy, I hope you have a good day. Again, congrats on catching the diabetes early.


06-09-2011, 01:58 PM
Good Morning/afternoon:

I've been away on a trip to Great Falls. Just a little shopping, sight seeing, partying and reliving our youth. We, (DH and friends) used to go there at least three times a year when we were younger so we thought we would take a trip there again while we still can. Very good time. I don't know wether we passed by you Riemontana, but I waved somewhere between Shelby and Great Falls.

Needless to say, I wasn't a good girl, but am back on plan now.

BBL - going to read what I missed.

06-09-2011, 04:00 PM
Hey Lindy!

Just stopped by here to see what's up and saw your post.

Well, I am in Billings so I didn't notice you waving from Shelby.:D

I like Gt Falls, too. I go there several times each year for pool tournaments. My friends own the Prospectors and the 8ball Inn. I really enjoy the Canadian pool players and they head down here for tourneys all the time.

Glad that you had a good time!

06-10-2011, 12:31 PM
Good Morning!

Fbs at 95 this morning and I got in a full 60 minute aerobic and weights interval training workout. Whew! I treated myself to a chobani mango greek yogurt as my breakfast. 20 carbs so it is a tad high, but wow, like eating desert for breakfast. And it is so filling - I am stuffed. Yum:D I will have a low carb salad for lunch.

Last night we grilled supper. We had lean ribs, portabella mushrooms, and (a first for me) grilled fresh artichokes. My son made some garlic and smoky paprika mayo sauce. They were really good. Thank you for Sam's club. We actually get some produce that we can afford and try new things.

I did my monthly measurements last night and I suddenly dropped several inches. I basically lost an inch at each site, straight down the middle from bust through hips. Hoping for good news at weigh-in next week. I was worried because of traveling, my injury, etc. I sure wish that I had measured myself when I started. It would be nice to have that tangible indicator of progress. But, at the time, I sure didn't want to face my measurements;) Based on my clothing size, it was awful.

I have a busy day planned so I better get going. Have a great day.

06-11-2011, 06:36 AM
Big and busy day here too. Didn't make it to the 170s for the wedding but did lose 21 pounds. Tried on the dress yesterday and it was a tad big - some darts fixed that fast! Food will be challenging for this event but I'll cope fine. See you tomorrow.

06-11-2011, 02:24 PM
Just a quick one to say that I'm still here lurking mostly. Trying to not be on the pc so much. Although I am very aware of the fact that I have to work at getting the FBS down where I want it to be and keep it under control, I've also decided that I have no desire for diabetes and food to be the center of my life. It has been all I think about for a year. So I'll be in and out of here, but mostyly as a lurker. I really love reading what y'all write and share because it shows me that this can be controlled while you still have a life. That is my new goal. After a year of this and thanks to all of you and your great advice, I know what to do... now it is just getting down to business and do it and live as healthy as I possibly can. I really appreciate you guys.

Y'all have a great weekend.

06-11-2011, 04:22 PM
Hello all! Happy Saturday.

FBS at 92 this morning. I only got about 4 hours sleep as I was running a pool tournament last night and playing poker with friends. I won about $30 dollars - a lot since most of our pots are only a couple bucks. But, I didn't get home until 2:45am and got up early.

I went to the local strawberry festival with my mom, gs, son, and several young friends. It was really nice. I bought a couple really cool ear rings and a really beautiful ear cuff. It was a lot of fun. I skipped my workout this morning to care for my knee and prepare for all the walking. I splurged a bit on part of a pastry, a small serving of tai noodles and a chicken satay stick. Planning a light supper to compensate.

Ruth, I happened to see the picture of your dress in the SB thread. Absolutely beautiful. I bet you looked wonderful.

Trish, I am glad that you are doing well. Post, lurk, whatever works for you. I hear you. I am still trying to find a way for this to not be the center of my life. I am learning that. I had to be so rigid to get started. I am hoping that once I can get down to a more reasonable weight, I will be able to ease up. But I respect your position. We all have to find our own path. Take care and comment whenever the mood strikes you.

06-12-2011, 01:17 PM
Good Morning

Fbs at 89 this morning and I got in a full 65 minute aerobic workout.:carrot: I feel pretty good. I plan for an OP eating day and a social engagement later this afternoon that won't involve food. I was pleased that my bs stayed down nicely yesterday despite the strawberry festival eating.:)

I tried the wonderslim apples and cinamon oatmeal this morning. It was really good but a rather small portion for 19 carbs. Does anyone eat any kind of hot cereal or oatmeal for breakfast? I keep reading about steel cut oats and barley but they seem to have so many carbs. Any suggestions/recipes? I plan to hit whole foods market tomorrow for ideas.

Have a great day, everyone!

06-12-2011, 01:34 PM
Survived the wedding festivities with no damage to my BGL - tested 4.6 this morning. The food was absolutely delicious and I did indulge a bit on yummy and different canapes but passed my dessert to the guy sitting next to me. He's now my new best friend. Too bad he's gay! Good dancer though.

I have no idea what my weight is today so will need to wait for the verdict tomorrow. I ate a good breakfast at the Holiday Inn: a single poached egg, a toasted English muffin and a lovely selection of fresh fruit pieces. The rest of today will be healthy too although there is a chicken BBQ happening. :nono:

06-12-2011, 09:42 PM
Good job Ruth! I'll bet that you looked lovely in your new dress. did you get lots of compliments? I'm glad that you enjoyed dancing.

Doing well here today with fbs in the 80's all day. Gonna have a restful evening and get ready for the work week.

06-13-2011, 06:58 AM
I "dodged the bullet" at the weekend festivities and not only have a good BGL this morning but saw 180 on the scale. It must have been the dancing plus passing off that yummy dessert.

This is a very busy week with an audit, the Mill AGM and a couple of other foodie events: a Book Clubbers' luncheon and an event called Breadfest running at the Mill on the weekend but I can cope now that I was able to handle the wedding temptations. I am hoping this will get easier and easier with practice.

Now to plan my week's menus - guidelines, not specifics although I am getting the urge to cook again. Maybe I'll do some asparagus soup and try a Caesar salad with Canadian bacon.

06-13-2011, 10:59 AM
Good morning!

fbs at 90 this morning. I had a really terrific dinner last night. A little pork, broccoli with a little cheese, and roasted red pepper stuffed with polenta, mushrooms and celery. Yum. I tried a new workout this morning. Kickboxing for 30 minutes. I felt like I could go on but I am too busy this week to be sore and the unfamiliar moves were straining my back. I would really like to get in shape enough that I don't have to think about "this is going to hurt later!"

Ruth, look at you go girl! Dodging bullets, ticker sliding down, wonder woman! I think it does get easier and easier. Including the ability to splurge a little without it turning into alot!;)

I am facing a busy week also. It is my Board of Directors meetings and my public budget hearing. I guess we will just keep moving forward.

I wish we could eat canadian bacon here. It is sooooo expensive. I can buy fresh salmon for the same money. Crazy huh? This is Montana!

06-13-2011, 02:56 PM
Canadian bacon is expensive here too.

We had split pea and ham soup for supper last night and my fbg was 7.8 this morning. YIKES - no more of that.

Keep up the good work everyone.

Finally figured out how to change my ticker!!!!!

06-13-2011, 05:14 PM
Lindyloo, the spike could be from the peas. They do that to me as they are pretty high carb. I adore pea soup although the ham does a water retention number on me. Cute ticker - cute as your name. I keep thinking of Little LindyLou Who in the Grinch!

06-13-2011, 08:34 PM
Life is calmer now that my chaotic weekend of 3 dance recitals for my daughter, my son's baseball playoff game, my neice giving birth to a beutiful baby girl, my daughter's confirmation, and a huge wedding reception for my husband's cousin. Managed to not gain any weight and stayed the same. So wanted to have some taco bell today but just went across the street and opted for a McDonalds grilled chicked cesear salad. Yum! Hopefully getting in a quick trip to the fruit/vegy store before end of the year awards for my son. Can't wait to find our what he is getting! They keep it a secret.
His class also participated in writing for the kids sections of one of our major newspapers for the week and his is now a published author. So proud of him!
Good to see that people are doing well. Hope to check in tomorrow.

06-13-2011, 09:19 PM

Wahooooo! I am sooo Excited. Weigh in today and I officially dropped 6 more pounds this month. I wasn't expecting much due to my injury, traveling, etc. I officially now weigh less than it says on my drivers license, something that hasn't been true for more than 20 years!

Lindy87. Good job on maintaining through all the celebrations! And congrats on your son's accomplishment.

Lindyloo, I like the name, also. I don't eat split pea soup but regular peas hit my bs more than other carbs. weird. It takes some time and experimentation to learn what affects each of us. Good job with hanging in there.

Ruth, I have to pretty much leave the ham alone, too. I used to really love it but I no longer love that puffy, water retention feeling.

Well, son has dinner comming off the grill. Fresh artichokes and mushrooms. Yum. Have a great night!

06-14-2011, 08:01 AM
Good BGL this morning and weight is solid. It will drop another pound soon I predict. However I could be wrong ... been wrong before as I've been married twice! :rofl:

Strange but I have been forcing myself to eat. I seem to have lost the hungry gene. My mother had absolutely no interest in food - can I be turning into her as I age? I am going to go back to logging foods in Fitday to be sure I get enough protein and fiber.

06-14-2011, 10:47 AM
Good Morning!

FBS at 89 this am and completed 60 minute aerobics. I feel good today.

Ruth, LOL I have been wrong before, also. LOL


06-15-2011, 08:02 AM
Reimontana, your exercise reports give me a twinge of guilt as I've been skipping the gym a lot lately. My days seem to start before I'm ready for them!

Survived presenting my Financal Report last night and celebrated with ice cream when I got home. I fully expected a high FBGL but was astonished to see 2.7! :yikes: I'll never understand this! I'm working on getting back to the normal range right now. I took some honey but am going to get some protein and carbs into me because I know the honey will take it up and then down.

The local strawberries are here and are absolutely wonderful this year - huge, juicy and full of flavour. I am planning a salad with greens, sliced strawberries and balsamic vinegar - maybe with some goat cheese for flavour. (I have a Township Book Club lunch today with my friends and have no idea what food will be served. I will be careful!)

06-15-2011, 10:04 AM
Great week so far. Staying on track for the most part. Another busy day today. Yesterday my son won 4 awards for physical education and scholastic acheivement for the 4th grade. He even had the highest overall average in his class. So proud of him. This afternoon is his class barbeque and picnic. Will be bringing my own food to stay on track. He even requested that I bring in cucmber slices for his class to share. Tonight is another palyoff game in baseball for him. Hope they win and get to continue on. They were in 1st place all season. Then some quiet until next week when all the festivites begin for my daughter's graduation from 8th grade. I tihnk it was a good thing that I got laid off otherwise I would need to take a lot of time off. Hope everyone had a great day!

06-15-2011, 10:24 AM
Good morning!

Feeling a little under-the-weather this morning so I didn't work out. I have a really long day. Very busy at work and I have pool league tonight. Fbs at 92 this morning. I didn't sleep very well.

Ruth, I absolutely love fresh strawberries in my salad. I seem to be able to eat some strawberries without a spike, unlike other fruits. Sometimes I make a salad with baby spinach, slivered almonds or sunflower seeds, and a sweet poppy seed dressing made with splenda. I am always asked for the recipe.

Did you feel that low when you got up? Kinda scary! I hope you are feeling better. This disease is weird. It would be nice if A+B=C. Hang in there

Lyndy87, What talented kids! you must be so proud. I think the cucumbers sound like a good idea. They are my favorite!

Gotta go. Have a great day.

06-15-2011, 12:33 PM
Reimontana, the crazy thing is that I don't really feel the low unless it shows when I am not ready to just leap out of bed! :shrug: I test as soon as I'm up and have to keep reminding myself to be really careful as I crank up the day.

06-16-2011, 11:12 AM
Morning! I am still feeling a little under the weather this morning to taking it easy. We had large thunderstorms hear last night with power outages. I was pleased to wake up and hear the tv on in the next room this morning.

fbs at 90 this morning. I ate sparingly because of no workout and I plan to continue that all day tody. Although I am a morning excerciser, maybe I will try for a walk after work.

Ruth, that is a little scary that you don't fee the lows when they happen. Do you have them often? I always feel week, shaky, sweat, and dizzy.

Everyone have a good and productive day.

06-16-2011, 11:44 AM
Good morning. My son won his playoff game last night so there is one more tonight. If they win they go on to the World Series. Hoping that they Win.
Frustated that I still cannot find a job. There is really nothing worth applying for and when you do noone ever calls. I guess the right job will come around eventually. I heard through the grapevine that they are having more layoffs at my old job and that things are pretty bad there. Kinda gald I am already gone.
Trying to stay cool today. A bit more humid than yesterday. Hoping everyone has a great day!!

06-16-2011, 01:06 PM
Hi friends, just a quick hello from South Africa, between jet lag and insomnia since arriving, sugars are a bit off, though I am eating ok. But with the conference I am inside a lot and not exercising much. Had an afternoon off today and walked for 2 hours in the sun. It was great. I will read more when I have more internet time, am very limited right now, but wanted to say hello.
will be in touch again soon.
love m

06-16-2011, 01:10 PM
Rain rain go away:mad:

Can't go out and walk or garden and it's supposed to be here until Sunday.

Another showing on the house again tonight, I hope they don't track water all through the house.

I think I lost another lb. but I'm not claiming it for a few days.

Ruth, if I went that low, I'm sure I'd be passed out on the floor.

Lindy, crossing fingers that you will find a job.

Montana have a great day taking it easy, we all need to do that every once in a while.

Fatmad, we were posting at the same time. Have a great time.

Have a great day all.

06-16-2011, 06:22 PM
Lindyloo send me the rain!! It's just about 2 months since we have had any. Been busy at work with no days off, so I am not always able to get to the computer and at night either hubby hogs the lap top or I am just too tired. My FBS is down to 135 it had gotten up to 145, still learning all this diabetes stuff, have 2 "seminars" next week. Have a blessed day. Tammy

06-16-2011, 11:12 PM
Good evening everyone!

I am still feeling ill tonight. It is weird. I am going to call the Dr tomorrow. It is a rainy dreary evening here. I am having a nice dinner of sauted chicken, mushrooms and onions, with a plain baked sweet potato. Sweet potatoes just don't spike my bs, maybe because of the fiber. I wrap in aluminum foil, bake for an hour or so, spritz the flesh with butter flavor spray and enjoy. It is so moist and good that it slides right out of the skin. Yum.

Fatmad, it was so nice to see your post! That must have been a long trip. Enjoy yourself and I can't wait to see South Africa through your words.

Tammy, it sounds like you are getting things figured out. I am sure the seminars will have lots of information. This is a good spot, also. We all follow slightly different programs so there will be something that works for you.I would sure send you our rain if I could.

Lindy87 I am sure that a job will come along soon. Hang in there1

Ruth, I hope you are well and enjoying your evening.


06-17-2011, 12:52 PM
Quick pop-in just to say I'm hanging int here. Forgot my meds last night but BGL was still 4.2 this morning. My body is a mystery! I'm wondering about my meter. HA1C later this month will tell the tale.

06-17-2011, 04:27 PM
Thought I would drop in and say :wave: I'm slowly getting back to eating healthy. I think when I went on vacation that I also took vacation from healthy eating. Also reading a new book for me called Co Undiet by Gloria Tsang, RD. She has the healthcastle.com website. I was amazed to learn of foods that we eat that we think are healthy, but they are not healthy because of the additives, colors etc that are added to them. I ended up throwing some foods out. Better for those to be down the disposal than have them on myself. Goes back to the thing we've heard so much, do most of our shopping on the perimeter of the store and not much along the isles. Book was really good and and I learned a lot, although I did disagree with her when it comes to carbs as she definitely speaks of carbs the same as most dieticians do. She says that when reading the labels, it is more important to read what the ingredients. Also amazes me that the FDA allows some of the stuff in our foods that Canada does not. So I'm doing some more "cleaning out" cabinets. Just bought almond butter and got it natural, but didn't know that it has palm oil in it and it is really a bad oil. All or most highly processed foods such as pastries, candiesetc are made with it.

Ruthie I don't is 4.2 is too low, but I'm sure that 2.7 is. Glad you got it closer to normal.

Madie Glad you made your trip safe and sound. Have a really good time.

Montana, Lindyloo, Lindy87, CC and all others reading:wave:

Y'all have a great weekend!!!

06-18-2011, 03:08 AM
Hello All.

I got in a pretty good workout today. 12500 steps on the walk it out game for an hour. I felt pretty good.

I am still having stomach trouble. I tried to get ahold of my Dr who was out. I was left with one of his partners. It was suggested that I take an antacid. Duh, like I hadn't tried that. The only other option was the er. Hoping I don't end up there over the weekend. The bills are killer. Bs un the hight 80's all day so that is ok.

I went out with my son. Had a grilled chicken breast, potato and salad. I also had a glass of wine. I watched them all doing kareoke - my son is pretty good. It was his birthday party.

Interesting nutrition stuff, Trish. I am not fond of some of the food additives, particularly food dyes. I find myself eating more and more unprocessed foods. Having grown up on a farm and preserving almost all our own food, I plan to buy at local farmers markets this year and freeze or can everything. I am glad that I will be able to use those skills. In fact, next week we are planning to can chicken. We haven't done that for more than 3 years since my grandmother died. We currently make our own egg and wheat flour noodles. I use natural peanut butter. I am just used to stirring it up. I like it for flavoring. Today I saute'd some chicken and celery and used a scant teaspoon of peanut butter and a little soy. It was a terrific lunch. Keep exploring - you will find what works for you. I am putting up some strawberries (in season here) to use in smoothies and yogurt this winter. I will be doing the same for the rasberries in a couple weeks. I can only use real fruit in a limited manner because it spikes my blood sugar. But, I am thinking that this fruit that i preserve myself will be lovely to use this winter. I owe the women of my family for the gift of these skills. I would be happy to talk with anyone about how to preserve produce. I have been considering a new thread to talk about and share this topic with others.

Ruth, I don't know about your meter. I guess you will find out soon enough. You dropped a little more weight, though, is it possible that you are just finding where your current low carb range is? Like I said before, I wish this would work like A+B=C. I would know how to manage everything. Seriously though, my first meter malfunctioned about 6 weeks after I got it. Even test solutions would not give consitent readings. Take care of yourself.

Everyone else, I hope that you are headed into a wonderful weekend. I am taking gs to a softball game in the afternoon and might stop by at a barbeque.Bless you all, I will be more attentive tomorrow.

06-18-2011, 09:09 AM
Good morning from gloriously sunny Delta where we have a string of lovely days scheduled. BGL was 4.2 again this morning which is my usual morning reading. I did have wine at Book Club last night along with veggies and dip and some fruit but I avoided the fruit dip as it was loaded with sugar. I notice that more and more of my friends are serving healthy foods at our events.

I have a busy weekend ahead but do plan to do some food prep for the week. The last of the asparagus will go into soup today - I'm experimenting with making a cream soup by adding Laughing Cow cheese for creaminess. My asparagus and broccoli soups are just loaded with veggies as I load them with puree.

Rie, like you I do have the "putting food by" skills. Right now I am drying sliced strawberries in my dehydrator and will be making berry jam for Christmas baskets a bit later in the month. It's a shame that so many folks don't have these skills. Even my slightly younger sister doesn't do pickling or preserves. (Just remembered I still have strawberries from last summer :o)

My veggie garden was finally tilled yesterday and I hope to get it planted over the next few days. There is a ton of space so i think some spaghetti and pepper squash will go in. If course there is always zucchini as a space filler but I'm really not too fond of it - except deep-fried! :nono:

The scale is just about ready to drop out of the 180s. Maybe tomorrow or Monday?

06-18-2011, 10:30 AM
Good Morning.

I woke to fbs of 92 this morning but a serious belly ache. I ate a bland breakfast.

Ruth, the soup sounds wonderful. Our asparagus is gone :(. I've never dried many foods, I will have to look into that.

I am planning on attending a softball game today, watching the gs play in his wading pool, and maybe an appearance at a barbque later. Off to take some more tums....

Hopefully I will be back later for personals.


06-18-2011, 04:04 PM
Rie & Ruthie Y'all are so gifted to be able to preserve things. I have frozen foods before (not fruit) and never dried foods. My DH of 31 years loved doing that and I think he and I were both healthiest when we lived on a farm and raised most of our food. He passed away 11 yrs ago and I sure miss his abilities in those areas.

As for finding a way that works for me, I am just trying to get back to eating the way I did before my trip. I think I vacationed from diet as well. I have been eating my steal cut oats with different fruits the past few days and I find that really do feel good and satisfied during the morning. I also find that I don't get hungry at night like I usually do. I'm thinking that my woe is more like Phase 2 of SBD although I don't cut the fat as much as they say. It lets me keep my oats and fruit in the morning and then go more low carb for the rest of the day. I think I also need a glass of red wine at night before I go to bed as it seems that my FBS if low when I drink it and it is high when I don't.

Ruthie You inspire me as you are so busy at your age and I find that I could be busier if I just got things to where I felt like it more. I went to a ladies meeting at church today and totally enjoyed it. I think that will be one of those goals for me to work toward is being more active by getting involved in more things.

Y'all have a great weekend.

06-19-2011, 06:33 AM
Patty, sometimes you just have to push yourself to get involved. There's a French expression along the lines of "the appetite comes with the eating". I went through a rough time when my husband became ill and just made myself get into things.

Well, I managed to put on two pounds overnight which I know is salt and the FBGL is 6 this morning - 102 in the USA. Sipping Caesars on Ernie's deck down by the Lake and a meal of lasagna may have contributed to the scale jump. I refuse to change my ticker unless the pounds are still here after 48 hours. Life happens - and I sure had fun!

Hope you have a great Sunday.

06-19-2011, 01:04 PM
Good morning!

Fbs is at 82 this morning. I did my whole 60 minute aerobic workout, even though I am still feeling a little under the weather! It is dreary and raining here again. I am really tired of it.

Ruth, your evening sounds wonderful! 102 isn't terrible:). I like the idea of "life happens". In keeping with that spirit, I am going to one of our favorite eateries with my parents tonight to celebrate father's day. I fully intend to eat a lovely meal of fried shrimp. They are lightly breaded so I have been able to eat them ok, carb wise, but probably not so good on fat and calories.

Yesterday I went to a softball game with friends and gs. Then we came home and little guy played in his kiddie pool while I read a book. After supper, son went to work and we played candyland and read stories. I was profoundly tired last night. I have been rising with the sun, which is about 5am here.:(

Trish, I agree that sometimes it is necessary to just make yourself get out there. My old behavior was all about eating large amounts of take out and comfort food at home by myself. One of the things I do now is I don't allow myself to scrunge around in sweats and without grooming. I do something with my hair and makeup every morning. It seems to make me more likely to go out in the world. Even if I stay home, I feel better.

Hoping our friend Fatmad is enjoying herself. Have a great day!

06-19-2011, 04:18 PM
Thanks Ruthie and Rie for the encouraging words. One of the good things that I remember from when I was in Overeaters Anonymous was a little statement where we were told to do 3 things each day that we don't want to do. I often said that there were times thatjust getting out of bed was one. However, the strange thing of late is that I have been waking up feeling really good and ready to hop out of bed. Feeling so good, I've been shocked to see that my FBS is way too high on those days running anywhere between 140s to 160s. After 1 year of trying many different ways of eating that are even approved by ADA, I see think that my body is telling me that it cannot tolerate all those "starches"... at least on a regular daily basis.

One thing I've learned from the latest book I read says not to say "I want to lose weight", but to say "I'm willing to _____ in order to lose weight" or whatever the goal or desire is. So I thought about how I am willing to eat in order to get my FBS down to normal and to lose weight to be healthy. For starters, I have to quit saying "I don't want to low carb any more" and start saying with conviction that "I am willing to eat lower carb not necessarily low or no carb but I'm willing to go lower so I can lose weight and be healthy". I can live with this.

Got the new attitude now to keep it. Still don't want to count carbs, but at this point, I know what is low and what isn't. I'm not willing to give up dairy or fruit because I think they have their place in healthy eating. Althought there will be times when lifestyle calls for it not to be, I think that foods need to be as close to the way it comes naturally, most of the time I will not eat much of anything with flour or sugar. I had a very tasty egg salad for breakfast. Got DH his favorite Zaxby's chicken fingers for Father's day and came home and made his fries and made a bowl of fruit for him. Then made myself a nice size salad and topped it with my half of the chicken fingers, whole wheat crackers and a desert of a new frozen diet fruity type yogurt bar Tony bought today. Plan to have a shrimp stirfry for supper and perhaps have a small snack of Greek yogurt with strawberries and almonds later this evening.

Decided to start taking more cinnamon and chromium picolinate each day hoping it will help get the bs back down. I really don't want to double the Metformin if I don't have to. I'm going to start checking bs throughout the day until I get things back down to normal. Oh, guess one of those 3 things to do I don't want to do will be exercising until it becomes a habit.

Miss Mad hope she is having a great time.

Y'all have a nice Sunday evening.

06-20-2011, 06:43 AM
Patty, I think you are on the right track. I am glad you are feeling a morning "high" - not BGL but energy. Yes, we can have carbs but we have to chose carefully. I think the ADA and our CDA are way behind the times. I argue a lot with my dietitian and she has finally given up pushing bread and orange juice on me. We are friends and she wanted me to work with her at the Clinic with the Managing Diabetes Group. After several discussions, we realized that just would not work out since I won't toe the line to the CDA philosophy.

Over in the Beck part of the Forum, someone posted that they were working on "one small objective per day aside from normal house duties". I'm going to start following that which means some of my ever-growing pile of "niggles" may get done. Today it will be trying out my new electric weed whacker.

Riemontana, I'm like you on the morning routine. Shower, hair and mascara and lipstick is my morning routine and I'm always dressed for the day by around 7:30. It's a self-respect kind of thing.

:wave: and everyone else. Come and post!

FBGL is down to 5.2 this morning but weight is still up there. I am sure it's water weight and know the taco bake last night kept me "salty". Today's food will be pretty pure. My raised garden bed is producing tons of leaf lettuce and huge heads of romaine. I wish I could share with you chicks because it sure takes a while for one person to eat a whole head of romaine! It does make a good stir-fry though. "Careful with the soy sauce, Ruthie!"

Time to get dressed and ready for the day. I need to take a mess of accounting stuff to town this morning to dump off at the auditor's office. After that, the day is mine!

06-20-2011, 10:39 AM
Starting another busy week--baseball tournament team tryouts for my son and 8th graduation for my duaghter on Wed. night. Not so perfect over the weekend as we ate out a few nights but I did not gain any weight so I am happy.
My house is a mess. I am a noncleaner and a big clutter queen so I have decided to join Flylady.com and I am on my way to a cleaner and less cluttered home. Doing it in small baby steps but hopefully by the end of the summer my home will look brand new. Off to start some errands this morning before making reminder blood drive calls for my mom who is running a blood drive at our church. She is in NYC today for a check up for her arm that she just had surgery on. Hoping that the feeling comes back and that she is able to use her arm, hnad and shoulder agian. Have a great day everyone!

06-20-2011, 11:46 AM
Happy Monday.

Fbs at 94 this morning, probably because I didn't sleep well. I am waiting for a call back from the Dr office. I hope to get in to see about my stomach this morning.

I enjoyed an off plan dinner with my Dad last night. It was fun to also see all the families with Dads who were there for celebration.

Lyndy87, you sure have a busy life! Enjoy the graduation if we don't talk before then.

Ruth, my Dr is often torn between pride in how well I have brought things under control and rueful head shaking because he thinks I am a little rigid. he is completely supportive of his patients that do more extreme low carb than I do, though. I haven't met with the dietician since I was first diagnosed. I don't go on any of the diabetes sites, though because I get frustrated and confused at their dietary advice. Good luck with the weed wacker.

Pattygirl, Good luck to you as you continue to find your way.:hug: Along with Ruth, I have a problem with the ADA recommendations. I don't want to go back to the swings that come with that many carbs. That being said, what do you mean about not "giving up fruits and dairy?" I enjoy the dairy in my diet and eat some every day. My go-to evening snack is yogurt. I eat greek yogurt for breakfast often. I love low fat cream cheese and I use it on sandwiches. I have had more trouble with fruit, limited to some berries and melon. The serving sizes for apples, bananas, grapes etc are just too tiny:D I'd rather "spend" those carbs elsewhere. Just wondering and sharing.....

I think it is terrific that you are waking with energy. Probably not the bs, maybe you are just resting well.

I hope everyone has a great day. TTL

06-20-2011, 02:16 PM
Good afternoon everyone. FBS was extremely high this morning, but DD called and talked until very late and made it to bed around 3:30 am and then mowers etc woke me this morning when they came around 8ish to do the lawn. I had to jump up and go talk to the man about replacing some dead/dying plants in the front yard. By the time I ate breakfast and checked it again, it FBS had come down about 21 pts. I also ate a few nuts before I went to bed which I've read some people should do if up at 3 am. However, I was upset with myself after I ate them because I know that rule of thought NEVER has worked for me. So FBS really wasn't fasting 5 to 6 hrs later. Oh well, I did lose a lb this week but it's a recycle lb not below those yet, but at least I didn't gain.

Rie The "I'm not willing to give up dairy and fruit" statement I made was because so many low carb diets call for cutting out milk products and fruit. I was thrilled this morning when I got a daily email from a healthy eating site telling what fruits are considered low carb and good for diabetics. Those are pretty much fruits that I already eat or like some of them named were cherries (too expensive to buy), apricots, pears, kiwi, berries, apples and oranges.

I never like Greek yogurt, but I've gone back to eating the steal cut oats and use it in the oats. I decided that I could and would develop a taste for it because it is so healthy. I think I need to spread my eating over the day into smaller meals and snacks. Not something I wanted to do, but if that has a big effect on my BS then I am willing to learn to do that as well. I've had a strong feeling for a while that I need to do it.

Well, my DH who stays up all night and sleeps during the morning should be stirring soon so I better get off this pc. Got some things I want to get done before he gets up.

:wave:Mad, Lindy87, Lindyloo and others reading.

06-20-2011, 08:14 PM
Just a quick post. It seems that I have an ulcer. Maybe other things going on as well. Initial diagnosis was pancreatitis - which scared me- but a CT scan and other bloodwork ruled that out. Although they were talking about admitting me to the hospital, I am pleased to be home this evening with medications. I will have additional tests tomorrow.

The bad news is that because of the contrast they gave me, I can't take metformin tonight or in the morning. Kinda freaks me out. My Dr, knowing me, told me to relax that a couple of higher readings won't kill me. I will settle for the cottage cheese that is on the menu tonight and rest til tomorrow..

Take care all

06-21-2011, 07:05 AM
Reimontana, sorry about the ulcer but glad you found a reason for your discomfort. Your doc is right - a couple of high readings won't do any damage. I hope the meds ease your pain and that further testing finds a speedy solution.

I'm bopping along with decent readings but still haven't dropped all the weekend water weight. It goes on overnight and takes three days to leave. What's with that? I've been eating healthy salads and delicious strawberries within reason so I know I'm on the right track.

No gym but I'm sure getting exercise with all the gardening I do lately. It's 300 feet from the back door to the end of my garden and I make many many trips, usually pushing a wheelbarrow so that has to count as exercise, right? I'm also making a conscious effort to walk quickly. I don't know if it burns more calories but it sure gets you there faster. It also makes you look more energetic which is a good thing.

It's the longest day of the year. Do something special for yourself today. I'm planning to slather my poor body with lotion after my shower.

06-21-2011, 10:41 AM
Good morning!

Even though I don't like pain pills, I had a really solid night of sleep - the first for several days. It is keeping the pain under control and I feel less stressed.

I woke to a fbs of 77 this morning, without meds. Weird! Ruth, you and I keep commenting about the mysteries of our bodies. Perhaps it is because I ate so sparingly yesterday. Then again my fbs is usually up if I don't eat.... Oh well, I will take the reading thankfully today. I am headed back to the dr for another day of tests. I have really good insurance but I am still concerned about the bills that I am racking up. Oh well. Money isn't everything.

Ruth, I think your "workout" sounds wonderful. As someone who grew up on a farm, I remember that we never worried about "excercising" LOL. I remember being out in the sugar beet field hoeing weeds with my infant son in a snuggly carrier on my chest. I watched a jogger go by on the road. I thought (somewhat nastily) "come on out here and I will show you what excercise is!" So, lugging that wheelbarrow, pulling weeds, etc is a great workout. My son keeps telling me to get a pedometer so I can keep track of how much more active I am than I used to be.....

Well, off to the dr. TTL

06-21-2011, 06:17 PM
Ruthie Sure sounds like exercise to me and I have seen gardening on lists of things to do to get exercise.

Rie Sorry to hear about the ulcer, but it is treatable and hope you have a quick recovery. I pray your other tests turn out well.

My FBS was down 10 pts this morning and I was down 2 more lbs. which also helps me to feel so much better. Although I'm still working on losing recycled lbs. Have to lose 4 more lbs before I can start losing new lbs. I'm not eating a lot of food at one time any more... gone to eating less at a time stretching food throughout the day and evidently it works. Make me kind of a grazer, but whatever it takes.

Tony's DD has been calling wanting us to move back to So. FL. We want to make the move, just have to figure out if it is possible with this economy like it is. It would be so nice to be around family again. Hope we can work it out.

Have a nice evening.

06-21-2011, 07:19 PM
Great day sticking to my diet so far. Running off to watch my son try out for the tournament team for baseball. Hope he makes it but it will make our lives crazy with practice and traveling to other towns at least 5 day/nights a week for most of the summer. Pysched about my daughter's 8th grade graduation tomorrow! Sticking to my Fly Lady goals also. So far a pretty good day. Even had a nap! TTYL

06-21-2011, 09:18 PM
Hello all.

Just wierd: fbs is in the mid 70's all day - without metformin. Probably because I am eating very small amounts of food. Waiting til the morning for more test results. Dr. upped my pain meds and wants me to try to get comfortable. I don't like them but I understand his methods.

I am a little anxious from being away from work so long.

Lyndy 87. Too cool. Staying on plan while doing all the running you are doing is an accomplishment! Good for you. Enjoy the graduation.

Trish, great news on the fbs and the scale! It sounds like you are finding your way.

Fatmad, here's hoping you are still enjoying yourself. I can't wait for your descriptions of what you are doing!

Ruthie, hope the gardening went well today.

To anyone that I missed with this confused brain: have a good evening!

06-22-2011, 07:08 AM
It's Hump Day and the weekend water weight is gone. Now to get into the 170s. FBS was my normal.

Tons of exercise yesterday and I expected to have a long sleep but still woke at three. I do have a lot of things on my mind these days but still....

I'm trying to work in one special thing for myself every day. Later today I'll make some sf freezer jam from my huge bowl of strawberries. That will be so good in the winter on a toasted ww English muffin with some Laughing Cow cheese.

Have a good day and be nice to our body. "If you didn't have your body, where would you live?" Can't remember who said that but it tickles me.

06-22-2011, 12:08 PM
Good Morning!

I am having a little trouble holding onto my bs. At 74 this morning and despite the fact that I ate a little oatmeal for breakfast, I had to treat a low with a little juice. I am waiting to hear from the dr about yesterdays test results.

Ruth, is the SF freezer jam good? I have been planning to make it this year. Do you use the Sure Jell brand or something else? Hurray on the weight! I can't believe that I am in the 180's. I really hope to follow you into the 170's before the summer is over. This is the smallest that I have been in almost 18 years. As I said, I now weigh less than it says on my drivers license. :D

Have a good day.


06-22-2011, 07:29 PM
Hello all. Going to Dallas early Friday for Market, hope to see and order lots of nice things for the shops, had to miss my diabetes seminar due to one of my managers' husband having knee surgery so will attend in July. Doing good with the walking, eating and blood sugar is down. Will bring my lap top to Dallas and hope to post there. Have a blessed evening. Tammy

06-23-2011, 06:26 AM
Good early morning! I really want to "sleep-in" until five but ti's not happening.

Patty, I hope the move to FL does work out for you. Being close to family is so important for all generations. Controlled grazing seems to be the right way for you. Everyone has a different path.

Lindy, life sounds pretty busy for you. Remember to take care of yourself and work in some fun just for you.

Riemontana, the jam did not get made yesterday because I forgot the berries in the fridge! I hope to get it done today. I use Bernardin "No Sugar Needed Pectin" which calls for 4 cups crushed fruit and 1 c. Splenda plus a cup of fruit juice which I replace with more fruit. I freeze it in little plastic snap-lid cups as I worry about glass in the freezer. Later this summer, I'll make black currant jam since my bushes are just loaded with still-green berries.

CajunChristian, I'm sorry you have to miss your seminar. Wish your boss good luck on the knee surgery. I'd love to join you for a trip to Dallas as I've never been to Texas - or Louisiana for that matter. Hmmmm.

Forgot all my meds yesterday :shrug: but BGL is just fine today. What's with that? I was very careful about what I ate at the lunch yesterday where there were lots of yummy green salads and fresh strawberries. I refused to take home any leftovers, especially my Bacardi rum cake.

This morning I am delighted to see 179 on the scale. I'm nearly halfway to an overweight BMI which, coincidentally, is the same weight I was when I got married for the second time in 1973. I must dig out and try on my old wedding gown which probably won't fit as our shapes change with age. I think it's gravity. Reimontana, I'm saving you a seat in the 170s!

The special thing I'm doing for me today? Removing my screwed up nail polish that I slapped on just before my ladies' lunch yesterday.

06-23-2011, 09:53 AM
Morning all. I am very happy to report that my fasting glucose went from 145 to 118! That is great and hopefully one day I can get off the metformin and not have to have it increased! It's a start in the right direction. Have a blessed day. Tammy

06-23-2011, 10:41 AM
Well my son did not make the tournament team, again. So sad for him, but at least our summer nights and weekends won't be crazy. My daughter's 8th grade graduation was cancelled dur to rain after we sat there for 20 minutes. Rescheduled for tonight but thunderstorms predicated again. Hoing the rain holds out otherwise the graduation will be on Fri. during the day and only the students get to go.
Been staying on my South Beach pretty good but not perfect. Weight gong down but slowly. Feeling pretty good. Now just to get my fbs down. It is always so high in the morning no matter what I do. Hoping everyone has a great day!

06-23-2011, 12:21 PM
Good Morning!

In addition to the ulcer, the dr has determined that I have a "gastric stone". Apparently one can still get stones if you had your gallbladder removed.:( If it passes on its own in 48 hours, I am good. If not, I will have to go into the hospital to have it broken up with sound waves.? I would sure like to feel better. 4 days of pain meds and discomfort has left me feeling sluggish and achy. I asked a friend to stop by and see me today because I am feeling lonesome from being at home all week.:^:It is nice to be able to come on here and talk to you all though. I am still having trouble keeping my sugar up so dr took me off metformin for a couple more days.

Ruthie, 179:cheer2::congrat::celebrate: You go girl! Summer is good for you! It will be interesting to see if the dress fits. My shape is different that it was when I lost weight at a younger age. I have always been straight through the body. This time, I am more curvy and I actually have a waist for the first time in my life. As for the gravity, I will just pretend thats not happening. :D

Lindy87. Sorry about the team and I hope that graduation is not postponed again by the weather. The morning fbs is a tough thing and is different for everyone. Let us know the things that you have tried, if you would like some ideas. One thing that helped me was that I tested a few times at 2 or 3 in the morning. It helped me figure out what was happening. Ruth could probably explain the "sunrise effect" or you could google it. If you have been "staying on south beach" pretty good, that is the battle! This is a long term lifestyle change. Good for you.

Cajun, good job on the fbs!:carrot: You can do it! It is such a nice feeling when those numbers start going down. We are here to help, if you need it.

Trish, Lindyloo, Fatmad, and others, I hope you are having a lovely time. BBL

06-24-2011, 08:17 AM
Riemontana, so sorry you are having all these problems and I hope they can get things resolved soon.

Quickie this morning after a good solid night of sleep. BGL was 4.2 and I'm down another pound. The further I get away from the 180s, the safer I'll feel!

06-24-2011, 01:28 PM
Good Morning!

After a night of the most extreme pain, I feel strangely a little better today. I even ate some yogurt this morning and didn't have to force myself. Maybe the stone has passed. I hope so.

fbs at 78 this morning. I need to work on hydrating today and plan to do a little self care. My skin is dry and itchy and I don't look very good. I am going to take advantage of this rest time today to slather myself with lotion and deep condition my hair.

Go Ruth! 179! Don't forget to save me a seat in the 170's:). Did you do something nice for yourself today?

Off to get started on my day.


06-24-2011, 03:43 PM
:lol: Yes, Reimontana. I refused to bite when a friend suggested I cook dinner for him tonight. I want a quiet night with my dogs and an early bed. I felt a bit guilty but I'm over it. "Me first!" is going to be my attitude for a few days as I'm feeling stretched by all the volunteer work I've been doing.

06-24-2011, 05:22 PM
Afternoon all. Made it to Dallas! Left at 5am abd got here around 3. My glucose this morning was 121, don't know why it was up from yesterday since I did not eat that many carbs and no sweets, but I guess it will fluctuate( I think I spelled that wrong and too tired to care). Anyway will do my best not to overeat and keep it healthy, it may not be easy but I will do my best.

06-24-2011, 09:18 PM
Good Job Ruth!

Time to oneself is so important. I hope that you and the dogs enjoy your evening.

Still recovering but I feel much better. I rested and pampered myself with face/skin treatment and deep conditioning my hair. Planning on a quiet evening.

Hey Cajun. It will fluctuate for a while. Maybe when you get back, you can experiment with logging your food and the times that you eat. That was how I figured out what I reacted to. I hope that you enjoy yourself. Remember that you don't have to be perfect. Just keep trying. Say hello to the big "D" for me.... LOL

06-25-2011, 06:00 AM
Yes, quiet evenings are great and necessary! I'm up too early again but did doze off watching TV last night.

BGL is 4.2 (75.6) this morning which is fine for me and yet another pound has disappeared. However, I can feel my recently lost pounds sort of floating around my body waiting to get sucked back on. :lol:

Today's challenge? The fancy bread delivery at the Mill at 10 a.m. I'm not checking the staff until noon - maybe it'll be sold out by then!

06-25-2011, 11:31 AM
Good Morning all!

We had a terrific thunderstorm here last night. No hail, thank you, but lots of rain. The sky was lighting up and it was so beautiful. I wished that I had an outdoor porch or deck that I could have watched better.

I was up with the sun, again, today. I puttered around here caring for my indoor plants and straightening up a bit. I would really like to work out but I still don't feel 100% and I have decided that I will take another day of rest.

I had one of my favorite breakfasts. 2eggs served over a piece of unbuttered whole grain toast. Eat it with a knife and fork and it tastes impossibly rich. Yum. Only 13 carbs.

Good luck, Ruth, on the bread. As we have said before, bread is so hard for me to resist.

Have a great Saturday.


gothik butterfly
06-25-2011, 03:42 PM
Hi everyone, thought I should check in here since I was just diagnosed with diabetes this week. I start Metformin on Monday and education classes on July 6. I'm a bit overwhelmed and yet not worried. Maybe I should be more worried. My grandmother has had an extremely difficult time managing her diabetes even with the pump for many many years. I'm decently well versed in what to expect and what I NEED to do for myself. Maybe that's why I'm not worried. I know what to do and how to do it. The doing it is gonna be the issue.

Mini success #1 of the day: passed on the cheetos for lunch and just had the turkey and ham sub with vinegar and oil instead of extra mayo.

Hope everyone's weekend is going well.


06-25-2011, 09:28 PM
Hello all. Back at the hotel, tired! I am going to try and do better with my eating tomorrow, it's hard not to munch on the goodies the show rooms put out, I did overeat today. I ate a large supper last night and my fbs was up to 131, I have a feeling it will be up again tomorrow morning. I will try and do better tomorrow with my NOT eating the goodies in the showrooms, will be walking a lot tomorrow so hopefully that will help.

06-25-2011, 10:05 PM
Hello all!

I had a pretty good and restful day. I am feeling so much better! I plan to try to work out tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it. Tonight is a night of movies at my house.

Cajun, it sounds like you are managing ok. It is hard to be around all the tempting foods and not indulge a little. I hope the walking is good for you tomorrow and that you don't get too tired. Are you traveling with any protein bars or anything that can help you? Hang in there.

Welcome Kari! I am glad to have you join us and I know the others will be happy as well. I hope that your start with managing this disease is helped by the information that you already have. Maybe you will be fortunate and you will be able to get better control than your grandmother. Hopefully, the class will be helpful to you, also. There are some really experienced and knowledgeable people on this thread. Again, welcome!


06-26-2011, 08:07 AM
Good morning. No, I didn't resist the break but bought a small whole wheat baguette. I had some for lunch with olive oil I lugged back from Italy and a green salad. It was worth the carbs.

Reimontana, I admire you for your positive posts while you go through this bad patch of health. Hang in there! :hug:

Kari, yes, it is overwhelming at first but persevere as it does get better. Good work at resisting killer Cheetos!

Cajun, just think of all the people who may have handled those showroom goodies and you'll find it easier to resist. I hope today is easier for you.

Two challenges today - baby shower this afternoon where my strategy is to pass things around and a dinner party tonight that may be more of a problem. Buffets are easier but this is a sit-down and be served event. We'll see what happens. I may offer to help with the plating out in the kitchen and ensure my plate is smaller. I wish people would MYOB (mind your own business) over what others eat!

I hope your day is fun and under your control.

06-26-2011, 09:26 AM
Good Morning!

Well, 430 this morning, my eyes popped open. I valiantly tried to enjoy the feeling of laying in bed with my body completely relaxed, hoping to return to sleep. Alas, it was not to be. Is this an aging thing? Getting up early? I ate a light breakfast and I am hoping for a morning doze.

FBS at 82 this morning so it is holding very steady. I was noticing yesterday that I only test about one time per month over 100. I test 4 times per day. Pretty good, I think, because I feel like I have really adjusted to my eating.

Ruth, I agree with you about other people monitoring eating. It is hard when they are offended if you try to turn something down. Crazily, the worst pressure I face is from my parents. It is crazy because my dad is diabetic. he eats whatever he wants. They don't understand what carbs are. His A1C runs about 7.5. His doc thinks that this is good control. It makes me crazy and worried. Because of this, they think that I am a rigid wacko for the way I eat. A couple of weeks ago, they asked me to come over and my mom had made chicken and noodles with dumplings on top. She served corn as the veggie and dinner rolls on the side. I quietly ate tiny portions and drank lots of water, thinking that I would have a salad at home. As I was doing the dishes, she started to cry, telling me that she was so hurt that I wouldn't eat our "family's food" anymore. It was really hard:( Good luck with the parties.

I decided to follow dr orders and not work out this morning. I am going to go for an easy walk with gs later today to get in some activity. I plan to to the cruddy task of sorting through medical bills and insurance reports today to get that straightened out. How I wish that medical care was less complicated. Maybe I need to move "north". ;)

Have a good day.


06-26-2011, 10:36 PM
Good evening, ladies and fellow diabetics. Today was the first time in a long time I felt good all day (3 weeks taking Amaryl and Metforim). BS has finally been steady all day long with no morning spikes or midday precipitous dips (95-110). Fulfilled last night's promise to myself and started the morning with a workout in the pool. Ditto this evening. Don't know if this is the chicken or the egg--that I felt good enough to work out twice, or working out twice made me feel good.

Riemontana--My heart goes out to you at family gatherings. My mother is the queen of guilt tripping. For that matter, my gastroenterologist has a nasty habit of scolding me :nono:, while minimizing any and all progress I make with lifestyle changes. No encouragement. I can't fire my mother, but I'm thinking about finding a new GE.

Very glad I found this forum. Best wishes to you all for a good evening and steady blood sugars tomorrow.

06-27-2011, 08:12 AM
Good morning. Floriduh, I absolutely love your nickname! I giggled when I saw your registration. I'm glad your new routine is stabilizing your BGL. I definitely would ditch that discouraging GE. He/she must have been sick the day they taught patient support in med school!

Rie, when you move north, move East too. I hope this week is a better one for you healthwise. Following doctor's orders is a "good thing"!

Well, the rum cake I took to the dinner was not an issue - Heather's dog, Crash, ate the whole thing while we were having the main course! We sat around the bonfire afterward and made Smores "for the kids". Quite a few 60 and 70 year old "kids" ate them. I even tried one and realized that I never liked them even when I was a kid.

BGL was 4.2 this morning. :shrug: Today will be a day of healthy food and garden activity.

06-27-2011, 12:02 PM
Good Morning All

fbs at 78 this morning upon rising. I worked out for 25 minutes - light wii aerobics. I can't believe how much strength I have lost in a week of laying around :( Yikes! I will just ease back into it.

Floriduh, I think I would seriously look for a new doc. One of the good things about my diagnosis is that I found my current doctor. He is so incredibly kind and he is the first doctor that hasn't looked at me like I was defective because I am obese. I think his support has been a real factor in my changing habits.

Ruth, apparently Crash was interested in saving you all from the rum cake!:D That is really funny. I hear you about the smores - I always want one but they are never as good as I thought they would be. The first bit, mmmm, then it is all down hill from there.

Off to work. Have a great day.

06-27-2011, 12:03 PM
All the graduation festivities done. Splurged on ice cream and italian ices this week. Back to reality today. Hoping to stay away from both those items. Kids home today for the beginning of summer so my schedule will be thrown off for 2 weeks while they are home before camp starts. Some cleaning today and spending time with my DD. Have a great one!

06-27-2011, 12:36 PM
Good morning fellow diabetics! Today started with an acceptable FBS 101, but after DM meds and C cottage cheese w/decaf coffee, a headache prompted me to check and I'd spiked again to 141. An hour later 106 without additional interventions or headache. Frustrating! :?: Didn't spike yesterday with same and additional apple. Feeling like a yoyo.

On a more positive note--I've lost more 2 lbs! :cp:

Ruth--thanks for your warm welcome. Tickled you like my sassy screen name.

Rie--Thanks for your advice about my nasty GE. I agree. Fortunately, I have a marvelous internist/cardiologist who agreed to manage my new DM diagnosis as long as we can get it under control (tick tock-I have six weeks). If not, he wants me to see an endocrinologist. So far, my daily avg is running 101-111 over the past 7 days--pretty darn good, but I can't stand the morning spikes. This month alone, I've seen six specialists; some were routine check-ups, others due to symptoms related to as yet undiagnosed diabetic complications. Luckily, once the DM was picked up and treated with meds and diet, the symptoms have resolved. I really don't relish the thought of adding another specialist to the ever growing list, but will do so if absolutely necessary. As for the scolding GE, I would like to personally tell her goodbye and why. Maybe wag my finger in her face too. :nono:

Oh boy...I didn't mean to ramble on like this. Best wishes to all for steady blood sugars today!

gothik butterfly
06-27-2011, 01:53 PM
Hi everyone!

Had a fasting blood draw this morning and start my metformin tonight. Feeling very tired today. I have my first education class on July 6. I suppose they will start me checking my sugar at that time.

06-27-2011, 10:04 PM
Hi all!

I had an ok day back at work. People were concerned because I was gone all week. Bs and eating good all day. I am feeling better but I tire easily. I suspect that will improve each day.

Hi Kari! Remember that the metformin might cause some stomach upset at first. That problem typically goes away within a few days. I admire your calm. I was freaking out when I was diagnosed. I went from internet site to internet site, becomming more scared and confused. Good for you.

Floriduh. Sometimes it just takes time for the blood sugar to stabilize. I'm not sure why. If you keep tracking your eating, the patterns will emerge. However, the confusing part is that there are still odd numbers here and there. The body is a mystery. So, you actually get headaches with those kind of readings? I generally don't have symptoms, except for lows. Interesting.....

Lindy87. I hope that you enjoyed the graduation, and the ice cream :D

Ruth, I hope that you had a good day.


06-28-2011, 07:23 AM
Another morning of a low reading. :( I have figured out that I need a carb with dinner. Last night's dinner was delayed and I didn't cook the ww noodles as planned. Food as medicine!

I hope everyone has a stable and healthy day.

06-28-2011, 10:50 AM
Good morning, ladies!

FBS 122 this morning. Ate a sugar cookie (omg) last night because bedtime check was 87. Feel great today. Got in 30 min water jogging and aerobics :swim: an hour ago. BS 93 post meds, meal and exercise.

Hi Kari! Best wishes as you embark on your new journey. I'm just 4 weeks ahead of you.

Rie-funny thing, I've never been one to get headaches. Always said, "I give headaches, I don't get them." :stress: So...the headache yesterday was definitely a sign. It's happened most times with the mid-morning sugar spikes. Starting to think I may have a left-handed form of dawn phenomenon with the weird spikes most days after meds and breakfast. I have a pattern now with breakfast food and early morning exercise that have prevented the problem twice this week. We'll see how long it works.

Does anyone here take psyllium fiber in an effort to help control blood sugar and/or weight loss/cholesterol? I started taking it (unflavored) three times per day about a week ago after lots of research--and a :nono: from my eeevil GE to increase fiber in my diet. She recommended inulin fiber. The literature makes psyllium sound almost too good to be true. So far, no bad effects and it sure is filling. Would appreciate any and all feedback.

06-28-2011, 11:19 AM
Good morning

fbs was at 82 this morning. I got in a 30 minute Walk it Out session. 4500 steps. I still don't feel very strong but I am keeping at it. I hope to do better tomorrow.

Hey Ruth! Look at that ticker! You go girl. I missed it. I think you might be right that you need some kind of carb at supper to keep you ok in the night. Hopefully you can find some choices that fit with your plan.

Floriduh. There you go - getting that excercise in. Good for you. Your readings sound really good this morning. Just a suggestion, you might try to build in a standard snack at night. I use light and fit yogurt. A little protein and about 15 carbs. It helps to keep my bs within reason.

Off to work today. TTL

06-28-2011, 12:01 PM
Back on track with eating right after all last weeks goings on. Just some cleaning today and time with my DD. DS has friends over in the basement playing video games already. Time to get on with the day. Have a good one everyone.

gothik butterfly
06-28-2011, 01:39 PM
Good morning, all. :)

I started the Metformin last night. No tummy issues... and this morning I wasn't ravenously hungry like I usually am. I did still eat my banana and yogurt for breakfast. I'm thinking I may need more of a breakfast once I start taking a morning Metformin pill next week.

Rie- I guess I AM calm. I was expecting it to happen eventually because my grandmother has had it as long as I've been alive. I know how to check blood sugar, I know what is normal, I know how I feel when I go low... (just don't know how I feel high). I am well versed in carbs, sugars, hidden sugars and the glycemic index. I suppose that's why I am not freaking out.

Have a great day, everyone!

06-29-2011, 07:49 AM
Butterfly, it's nice than you are so calm and knowledgeable. That will really help in management of this disease. My usual breakfast is Fibre 1 or real oatmeal with fruit and yogurt. Bananas spike my sugars.

Yesterday was a good food management day although I think I overdid the carbs for supper since I read 6.2 this morning. It's all about balance. I'll try harder today. I'll be on the road so have a lunch ready to go - that'll keep me away from the evils of the Chinese Buffet. ;)

Happy Hump Day to us all!

06-29-2011, 10:52 AM
Good morning. Happy Hump Day

fbs at 86 this morning. Once again, I was up with the sun. I completed my weight lifting routine this morning. I still can't get in all the pushups! ugh! I have to push myself to lift weights because I don't really enjoy it. I use a dvd that has about a 35 minute strength routine and it is followed with a stretching routine. I need to tone up so I will stick with it. And, I keep reading about the benefits of weightlifting for managing sugar and resting metabolism.

I am interested that you guys are eating cereal for breakfast, along with fruit. I sometimes eat plain oatmeal with a little peanut butter in it. Pretty good. I seem to need some protein or my sugar spikes a lot. I miss bananas so much but I simply can't eat them at all. In fact, I don't eat much fruit. I need to talk to my endo about this next month.

Last week when I was sick I was eating fruited greek yogurt for breakfast and I loved it. I am going to drop by the store and get some today. 20 carbs is a little high but I think the protein balances it because I didn't get any spikes. It is really filling for 140 calories and leaves me calories for the rest of the day.

I have a busy day, with pool league tonight. See you later


06-29-2011, 11:01 AM
Good morning, ladies!

FBS 120 after holding Metformin last evening. Feeling great today, although the weather prevented me from my morning swim. Substituted indoor toning exercises. Held Metformin again this morning. Took Amaryl before breakfast. Latest check 91. My diet has been rather austere--4th week no potatoes, pasta, bread, cake, muffins. I'm impressed with the appetite suppressing effect of Metformin. Very hungry today. Calling up the will power to resist unnecessary calories.

Ruth--Best wishes for diet success while on the road. I confess I haven't left the house for more than three hours at a time in the past month. The idea of ordering from a restaurant menu at this point scares me very much.

Rie--thanks for the yogurt tip as a bedtime snack. Fortunately, one of my favorite foods is plain yogurt.

Kari--Sounds like you are way ahead on the learning curve. Great to hear you are tolerating the early doses of Metformin.

Best wishes for steady blood sugars today! :goodvibes

gothik butterfly
06-29-2011, 11:27 AM
Got some great news from my doc last night. I had more blood tests Monday morning and my Fasting BS was 113. She said she still wants me to take the Metformin and go to the education classes but that I'm actually on the borderline and not full blown diabetic.

I'm glad she wants me to continue, it's been a kick in the rear and I know the Metformin has made a huge difference already. I'm not so hungry and yesterday I had whole grain pasta ziti for lunch and didn't get the extreme sleepies in the afternoon. I also had more energy and stayed up later last night. I felt level all day.

Bought myself more good snacks for inbetween meals if I feel I need them. Almonds, string cheese and such.

Still no issue with the Metformin. I ate a salad, then took the metformin, then ate the rest of my dinner last night. All in all, going great.

Have a great day!

06-29-2011, 02:08 PM
I haven't had time to read much less write here recently. We spent past 2 weeks deciding what to do about DHs's DD and her family. Finally decided this past weekend that they are moving here. They talked to family there, boss etc and called last night and they will be moving up here in the house with us the 1s of August so children can start the school year at the beginning here on the 15th instead of the middle of the year. I spent last 2 days finding out where they'll be going to school and what they need to do to transfer here etc.

Now starts the real work for me. I've got to do lots of cleaning, cleaning out drawers etc so we can move furniture around so they can move some of their things in. They are going to have to put some things in storage and we will too to make room so this will work.

The economy hasn't helped with jobs etc in FL so the plan is for them to live with us for about a year, hopefully her hubby can find a job (she has a part-time online job which will go fulltime) so they can save money to put down on a house here in town hopefully in our neighborhood association to get their on place. Housing etc is cheaper here. She wants to make a career change in medicine which requires schooling (she works in docs office now) and needs to be living here in town so she can get on a waiting list at the technical school and hopefully be able to get in the next class. Her DS is a senior and needs to be living in this state to go to college here. Changes, changes, changes. Life is full of them.

Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten y'all. Life has just gotten busy and it promises to be even more so when they get moved in. Six more people and a dog should prove to be very interesting to say the least. I've just got to get myself ready for it. I have really missed having family around us so it will be nice to have the grandchildren around us.

I'll get back from time to time as I can.

06-30-2011, 07:53 AM
Wow, Patty, lots of changes. Be sure to keep yourself a little mental space for looking after YOU.

Another lowish reading this morning at 3.6. :shrug: My meter was checked and is fine so who knows. I had pasta last night and was expecting a higher reading. I'll just keep on keeping on and stop fretting about it.

Busy day today but my food plan is firmly in place. It's the Canada Day long weekend so the BBQ's and beer will be rife. There's a chicken BBQ at the park which I may attend for take-out. Cold chicken and salad sounds appealing. The strawberries are still really good although the season is winding down. Raspberries next! Can you tell I am berry fond of berries? ;)

Have a good Thursday and a great weekend whenever it starts for you.

06-30-2011, 11:31 AM
Good Morning all!

fbs was up a little this morning at 94. I am not feeling well so I will chalk it up to that.

Yesterday I splurged a bit. One of my employees brought his specialty samoan sushi to our meeting and I ate some. fbs was at 103 approximately 2 hours after eating it. It has white rice. Oh well, sometimes life happens.

I enjoyed pool night last night but it went late.

Ruth, Barbque chicken and salad sounds wonderful. I will be attending barbques this weekend, also.

Patty, those are a lot of changes. I can appreciate the issues of having the generations living in the same home. My adult son and gs live with me. Good luck and I join Ruth in encouraging you to take care of yourself.

Butterfly, and away you go! good snack choices

Floriduh, did I miss something? are you going without your metformin?

Have a good day!