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06-01-2011, 01:28 AM
ok, technically it's Wonderslim, Bariwise, Protidiet and Syntrax...

Chocolate Cream Pudding/Shake: Good. Needs some doctoring, SF Torani/Davinci, etc. A staple.

Vanilla Pudding/Shake: Eek. I don't know what I'm going to do with this one. I'm going to experiment some more, but it's not one I would want to drink straight out of the packet.

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie: Yum, genuine yogurt taste, the strawberry flavor isn't fake, and it's a refreshing break from chocolate shakes. I've ordered these twice.

Marshmallow Chocolate Cookie Bar: Seriously, I'm not going to eat candy bars anymore, diet or no. These are awesome, I got a sample (it was smushed) but it was DELICIOUS- I'm ordering more ASAP. It was surprisingly filling.

Lemon Razzy Fruit Drink: Delicious! It mixes easy, is sweet with a nice tang, and is so refreshing, I love it over crushed ice!

Grapefruit: Another goodie, it's not as sweet as the Lemon Razzy, and the grapefruit flavor is subtle, but I love it, it's a nice break from all the creamy shakes.

Cappuccino: Yum. Made it with hot water, tasted it and would have drank the whole thing with no other additions, but I added a tsp of Hazelnut Torani and poured it over crushed ice- no more Frappuccinos!

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal Tub: meh, not thrilled with it, but I can get it down. It smells great, but there's a little protein-y aftertaste. I added cinnamon and lots of liquid Splenda, then whirred it with my stick blender (which made it look a lot like gruel) so the consistency was uniform. It's very filling, and hopefully with some more doctoring I can start to look forward to this, because I love oatmeal.

Chocolate Dream Candy Bar: Good, especially for the protein content. The chocolate flavor is there, the texture is dense, maybe a teeny waxy, it doesn't melt in your mouth like Hershey's, but the little soy crunchies make it feel authentic. I'd order them again.

Syntrax Nectar (these are jugs of protein powder with 0 carbs, yes 0 carbs and 23g protein!)
Chocolate Truffle: Smells great, mixes easily, is quite sweet, and I didn't even try adding it to low carb milk, I was impressed with it mixed with just water so I can only imagine what it will taste like when I get to work on it. Two thumbs up.

Fuzzy Navel: OMG, I took a pinch and tried it straight out of the container as the powder, and it was awesome. This could easily be made creamy with some low carb milk, or given an extra kick of flavor *even though it has plenty* with some orange crystal light. It might replace one of my fruity Bariwise drinks...

Shake on! :D

03-29-2012, 05:47 PM
I dug this up so those of us not doing Medifast/Ideal Protein can review what we've tried! I also buy from Nashua Nutrition and my diet shopz.

So far I've tried:

Bariwise Mushroom Pasta, not bad, needs some doctoring, I turned it into tuna casserole and divided the portion into two meal subs. ETA: After eating this twice, I just do not like it. It has a weird off taste to it. I'll finish the box, but will not repurchase.

Kay's Parmesan Crisps, crunchy, a hint of lemon, I crushed some for the top of the above casserole. Not sure I'd get this flavor again.

Wonderslim Cinna-Crunch and Chocolate, delicious! Love these.

Grape drink powder (not sure which brand, sample), weird with the creaminess from the protein powder, but strangely tasty at the same time.

Jay's Oatmeal Cookies (2 per pack, serving is 1 cookie), nice size cookie, great taste.

Wonderslim Hazelnut Cocoa shake, love! Makes me think of nutella as a shake. Good heated up too for a hazelnut cocoa. I do add a bit of cocoa powder to amp the cocoa flavor.

Bariwise Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, yuck. I may have added too much water, but this was oozy not oatmeal.

Banana pudding, don't love alone. I make this into a shake with strawberries added or put it over sugarfree jello. It may make good frozen treats, swirled with chocolate pudding?

Bariwise Bacon Egg, I do not like the powdered eggs. I will in future be eating a real egg if I want an egg for breakfast.

Wonderslim Hotcakes, delicious. Cook up fluffy and delicious.

Kay's bar-q snack mix, okay, kind of sweet, but nice for a snack choice.

Healthwise Cheddar Puffs, a mild potato flavor, but really tasty. Like a crunchier cheese puff.

Wonderslim Vanilla, not my favorite. I do like it heated up with tea or coffee to make a warm drink. Good cold with something added.

Bariwise or Protidiet Blueberry pancakes (mydietshopz), not bad. Watery batter, but cook up well.

Wonderslim Chocolate shake, needs a bot of cocoa powder added or a Davinci/Torani syrup added.

Strawberry Cheesecake bar (mydietshopz), good, but has the dreaded sugar alcohol.

Wonderslim Veggie Joe, yum, yum, yum. Need I say more? Yum.

Wonderslim Cheese Steak Pasta, good, could use a bit more cheesy flavor, but I like it.

Wonderslim Chips, Honey Mustard and Cheddar. I wouldn't buy either again, too many of the other brand chips taste better.

Bariwise Protein Chips, so good. A cross between Pringles and Soy chips.

Butterscotch Pudding, delicious as pudding. I'm going to try it heated up into a hot butterscotch drink next time.

Protidiet Spaghettini, good. I add a tbs of crushed tomato or a tsp of tomato paste to it.

Wonderslim Mocha Shake, delicious. I usually do not like mocha flavored stuff, but I really like this.

Proti-diet Pea Soup, not bad by itself. I bet it would be really good with some added peas to it.


Kay's Honey Almond cereal, very good, not a bad size portion

Wonderslim Cinnamon crunch cereal, very small portion, tastes good, prefer Kay's cereals though

Snackergy Potato Zippers, cheddar flavor, nice flavor, I prefer Health Smart puffs better though

Wonderslim Dark Chocolate pudding/shake, new favorite shake flavor, dark chocolatey flavor, I whizzed it with some ice to make it really cold and thick.

04-01-2012, 02:51 PM
A couple of new reviews! And a couple of to be reviewed later after I try them today.

ProtiDiet Spaghettini Rosee, this is pink! It is also quite yummy. It is a creamy spaghetti sauce, there are no tvp pieces. From Nashua Nutrition

Wonderslim Zesty Chili, I like things spicy so I added some smoked chipotle spice and extra chili powder. I read reviews that it was hard to cook, so I covered it with hot water in the am and stashed in the fridge to be heated up at lunch. Everything cooked fine and the beans were not hard.

Wonderslim Double Chocolate Cake, the batter tasted blah, so I added 1/2 tsp cocoa powder and a packet of stevia, then cooked in micro for one minute. It cooked it all the way through, and I wanted the lava like quality so next time I will try 45 seconds. With the added cocoa powder and sweetener it was really good.

Wonderslim Sour Cream and Onion Os, these are really good. And just like the barb-q flavor, there is a generous amount. Great for snacking on!

Proti-Thin Cream of Vegetable soup, this is good. I cooked it on the stove top, with more water than it needed, then added some slivered pea pods to it. Creamy and tasty, very filling.

04-07-2012, 03:55 PM
Proti-thin Soy Chocolate Crunchies, these are delicious. Kind of malted milk ball in texture.

Kay's Cheddar Krunchees. Like the Parmesan Chips there is a weird lemon/citrus flavor on these. I have a few other Kay's snacks to try, but at this point think I will stick with the Bariwise Protein Chips and WS Snack Os for snacks.

WS Spicy Pasta, this stuff is good. Spicy and cheesy, the little bits of tvp cook up like beef.

Nashua Nutrition Health Smart Fruit Drink, I picked up the aspartame free variety pack. The Strawberry Kiwi is the one I've tried, whizzed with ice in the blender it is really good!

Nashua again, Vegetable Bean soup. Also good. I like the soups for lunch and sometimes they are nice for an afternoon snack.

WS Peanut Butter Crisp Bar, delicious. Nice peanut flavor and no sugar alcohol!

WS Oatmeal Raisin, sweet and mildly spicy flavor. Love the white yogurt coating.

WS Caramel Brownie snack bar, a little layer of caramel over the chocolate base which was a nice surprise!

04-10-2012, 12:37 AM
So I bought the wonderslim products through diet direct I need a little help with preparing some of the meals.

Vegetarian Joe: each time I have attempted to make it I have failed miserably! It always comes out still partially crunchy and all over the bowl I make it in

Apple cinnamon oatmeal: very yummy but once again whenever I make it almost 100% of it is on the microwave plate so I have to salvage what I can.

Spicy mac and cheese is tasty indeed!

Creamy chicken soup clumps a lot on me. Both this one and the chicken noodle soup taste like lipton soups(not a huge fan but manageable)

Snack bars are yum. Especially the chocomint and the caramel chocolate one

Both cereals and hot cakes don't taste diety the least bit.

04-10-2012, 11:22 AM
For the veggie joe, I pour hot water over it in the am and stash the bowl in the fridge. I reheat it in the microwave for lunch. The TVP needs time to rehydrate and this works great for me.

For the oatmeal, try stopping the microwave when it starts boiling up. I have to open my door as my micro has no pause, I let is settle, then restart the microwave. It seems to keep it all in the bowl and cooks just fine.

For the soups I have (mine are not Wonderslim brand), I mix the packet slowly with cold water, and heat in the microwave or on the stove top. I'm not a huge fan of noodle soups (that aren't homemade) so I didn't try any. Looks like I made the right decision on that one!

I am jealous of your chocomint bars. I can't have mint, it sets off sinus headaches in me, and I love it so!

Sally Pineapple
04-10-2012, 11:43 AM
Just got my WS shakes in and tried the Chocolate. Very tasty. I add extra water and make mine more like chocolate milk instead of a shake and the dilution does not kill the taste.
It shook up in my mixer with the little ball with no clumps.

04-14-2012, 12:16 PM
Proti-Thin pudding, vanilla: This was a sample thrown in from Nashua. It tasted like baby rice cereal made with formula. Blech. Will not be ordering it.

Kay's Naturals Cookie Bites. Honey-Almond. Oh, my these are good. More cerealish than actually cookie. But a nice sweet crunchy snack.

Kay's Protein Puffs, almond flavor. These were okay. They remind me of Kix cereal with a almond coating. The coating is dry and doesn't stick well to them, some of them are bland because of it.

Proti-Thin Protein Wafer Squares Dark Chocolate (Nasuhua): These are delicious, fluffy chocolate filling between wafers. Does not taste remotely like a 'diet' food. It isn't really low cal though at 200 calories a pack. And I wasn't about to eat only one of them after tasting it.

Weightloss Systems Brand bars (Nashua again): Marshmallow Chocolate Cookie, crunchy base, nice chocolate flavor. Not really a marshmallow though. Zesty Lemon, lemony filling over a almost graham cracker flavored bottom. Really good if you like lemon.

Weightloss Systems Smoothies, Berry Blend. This is delicious. It has a great berry flavor and mixed up nice and thick. Will definitely repurchase to keep on hand even after the diet is done.

04-21-2012, 08:58 PM
The Wonderslim cinnamon crunch & chocolate mint bars are my favorites. Bariwise makes a chocolate caramel bar that's really good as well.

I've tried most of the Wonderslim puddings. My favorites are the dark chocolate, butterscotch & toffee creme.

The Wonderslim soups are good but you need to let them sit for a few minutes before trying to stir the lumps out.

The pretzels sold at diet direct are pretty decent if you are craving a crunchy snack. They also sell Kay's products. I love the nacho chips.

One way I make the Wonderslim vanilla shakes more tolerable: mix with diet rootbeer instead of water. It tastes like a rootbeer float. I've read on another site that some mix the vanilla shake with diet orange soda for an orange cream float.

Both the Wonderslim berry & strawberry yogurt smoothies are very good.

Bariwise instant drink mix in the chocolate flavor is very much like drinking chocolate milk instead of a shake. I like it much better than the Wonderslim shakes.

I've tried both the Proti & Bariwise oatmeals. They are gross. The consistency of both brands is awful. I purchased a box of the Wonderslim oatmeal but have not tried it yet.

04-24-2012, 01:49 PM
One way I make the Wonderslim vanilla shakes more tolerable: mix with diet rootbeer instead of water. It tastes like a rootbeer float. I've read on another site that some mix the vanilla shake with diet orange soda for an orange cream float.

I'd kiss you if you were here. I never thought about turning a health shake into a float with soda. Might make them a bit more bearable. :-)

04-26-2012, 10:35 AM
Last night I mixed a Diet Rite tangerine soda with a WS vanilla shake. It was really good! Very similar to orange cream. Now I'm trying to find other ways to use my chocolate shakes and mocha shakes. This sounds crazy, but I thought about mixing a chocolate shake with diet orange soda because I love those Terry's chocolate oranges we get at the holidays.

05-04-2012, 01:21 PM
I'm going to make a running list of my favorites from Diet Direct/Wonderslim.

Marshmellow Chocolate Cookie - YUM! Doesn't feel like diet food, feels like a treat.

Chocolate Coconut Snack Bar - So good. Course I love coconut so this was a no-brainer but even better than I thought it would be.

Barbeque Crunch O's - Very good. Feels like a salty bad for you snack.

Cinna-Crunch 'n Chocolate - I could eat these every day all day. I have them while driving from an appointment and it was a great grab a couple and snack on them treat.

Mint Cocoa Meal Replacement - melts in my mouth but also one of my favorite combo of flavors.

Snackergy's Vanilla Crispy Treat - I feel like I'm cheating. This rice crispy treat is to die for.