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05-30-2011, 11:25 PM
I am looking at trying this for the month of June (or longer if able). I do have a few questions first though... and I couldn't find the thread.

I am 5'9.5" and at 206-209 currently. 18 years old, female.

I am eating mostly Paleo due to various allergies and intolerances.

I am considering having my eating window to be between 2-8 PM. A 6 hour window. I would have it until 7 PM... but I don't get off work until around 6 PM... and due to extreme traffic, don't actually get home until 6:45 to 7... and then I need a bit of time for dinner.

Is that reasonable?

I work a job where I'm on my feet almost all day, lifting heavy things (dogs, bags of dog food, cans of dog/cat food, etc), and in a position where I could easily work out in the mornings... I would be drinking a lot of water during the mornings... just not eating food. Is this OK considering my job?

I am looking to keep my calorie count during the evenings around 1500... but I'm just going to track it... not necessarily plan it or control it.

I am also looking at going for a run every morning before I go to work (I leave for work at 7 AM, to be there at 8 AM)... again... would this be OK to do?

I have noticed in the past that I personally tend to have more energy when I don't eat breakfast... so yeah.

Also... I'm still busy from 2 PM to 6 PM most days... so it'll be more of a lunch, and then a bite here or there... how should I make sure I'm getting enough calories? Just have foods that are higher in calories/protein (more meat?)?

So yeah... I'm starting tomorrow... just any advice you could give me would be awesome!

05-31-2011, 12:57 AM
The answer to every question you have is yes.

My advice would be not to get too concerned about your specific window at the beginning. If you're really hungry at noon. Eat. I don't know what your current schedule is but there is no reason you can't break yourself in over the course of a week to the window you want.

Also - some people don't do well in a small window. Mine is 2-10. People do well with a 5-10 hour window of eating. So find what works for you and try to stick with it.

Drink lots of water during the fasting period especially at the beginning. Helps to prevent headaches.

Doing light exercise like your job requires is perfect for the fasting period.

If you want to find the support thread just search for other posts I have made.

Last bit of advice - don't tell your friends what they're doing unless you're prepared to explain why it's perfectly natural and healthy. Best case you'll get concern - worst case a well intentioned lecture about how important breakfast is.:dizzy: