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05-30-2011, 08:08 AM
Just wanted to make a quick introduction. I was here back in I think it was 07 or 08 after picking up Beck's book and applying the techniques. Coupled with Weight Watchers, the techniques helped me lose quite a bit of weight and I felt very much IN CONTROL which was a great feeling. But I was unable to maintain the weight I was at, hit a plateau, got frustrated with Weight Watchers, stopped attending meetings and managed to put back on the weight I'd lost. I'm sure that's familiar to many people out there.

I decided to rejoin Weight Watchers in December and to date I've lost 32 pounds. I had thought about Beck's book, and the techniques several times in the past 6 months, and although I can't say that I've used them consistently, I do think that the book had a very strong impact on me as a tool that I can use to be successful in my weight loss this time around.

Yesterday I attended a BBQ at a friends house. I was afraid that I'd see all of that food, go off of my plan, overeat and then feel badly about myself when I got home. But instead of allowing myself to do that, before I went to the BBQ I pulled out my old Beck index cards, along with a new blank one and started writing out a copy of an old response card I used to write for myself whenever I was about to go to a party or event where I knew there would be alot of food... "The food will tempting but I can resist it. It's much more important to me to lose weight. If I eat the food I'll get momentary pleasure, but afterwards I'll feel much worse." To my surprise, I remembered what to write on the card almost word for work from the book (replacing the word Bread with Food). And it worked! I managed to not overeat at the BBQ. I came home with a feeling of confidence and not defeated. I think that's what led me back here to this board.

Although I don't know if I can commit to daily postings in the Beck monthly thread (which I see if still going on and that's fabulous!), I did want to just come back and renew my commitment to the techniques in the book. I think I'm going to start reading it again from cover to cover and make new response cards. I'm determined to get to my goal this time AND BEYOND and I know that Beck can help me to do that.

I'm VERY disappointed that the book isn't available for the Nook, it's a pretty large and heavy book, kinda a PITA to carry around. I'd love to have it on my Nook so I could go back to certain chapters and passages for reference. Does anyone know if this is something in the works?

Anyway, good luck to all who are doing the Beck program, I can tell you that it really did work for me, and I hope to get my mind back into that mindset so that I can continue to be successful on Weight Watchers and lose this weight for good this time. I'll lurk around in the monthly thread, hopefully I'll be able to make a commitment to post and encourage others on their journey.

06-01-2011, 06:21 AM
Hi Cammie (Cammie-Cam) - Congrats on your recent drop of 32 pounds with Big Kudos for recognizing that you can use the Beck Strategies to keep them off.

Love your Response Card, "If I eat the food I'll get momentary pleasure, but afterwards I'll feel much worse." I know that feeling of "worse."

Feel free to drop into the monthly thread as fits your wants - daily, weekly, or just occasionally. When you post in it, more folks will see it and benefit from your experiences.

Whatever you decide, it's good to hear you're alive and well and moving along your path.

07-25-2011, 12:52 PM
Hi Cammie -
I just wanted to tell you that I found your message inspiring! It seems we have had similar journeys with Weight Watchers over the years. Today was the first time I had even heard of the Beck Diet Solution - found it on this board. I am suspecting it is a good idea for me - and your post has me more convinced of that then before!

Good luck on your continued success! I hope to see you around here some more! :)