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05-30-2011, 07:03 AM
Good morning from about to be sunny Delta. The dogs and I had coffee on the deck just now with me just in my robe. The sunrise was pretty red and today we will finally get some warm weather. The garden is looking very lush after so much rain and I see some cutting back in my immediate future.

I usually change my avatar when the month changes but this really feels like June so I may jump the gun. Next month is going to be very very busy so I am going to enjoy this week when I have only one meeting. I do need to get to the doc though - my ear has been aching for a week now. Funny but I take better care of the dogs than of myself sometimes. :shrug:

We had a terrific weekend at the Mill and produced a lot of flour on Saturday. Yesterday folks were back for freshly baked bread. This was a first for us and we will try to do it each weekend. Delta and the Mill may become a "destination" tourist spot! I did NOT try any of the bread but it sure smelled great!

The gym is on the schedule this morning. My sister will be checking up on me as she takes a class at 9:30. I hate classes so work out on my own with my PT nagging and correcting me. Joan will check the sign-in sheet to be sure Ive been there! Sister rivalry still rules after 69 years!

Have a good Monday as a start to a great week. :cofdate:

05-30-2011, 07:19 AM
Good morning Ruth. Coffee on the deck sounds lovely. We sat on ours for a while yesterday and it made me think I don't do that often enough. Hope you ear is better soon.

I am in a bit of a sugar coma today. Yep, went on an total off-plan party bender. I'll be back on it today and probably take a week to lose what the scale tells me I gained overnight. Not even enough time until our next social event. Sigh. Our guest leave this morning, then we'll finish cleaning up but the bulk is done; I hate waking up to it. I'll be glad to move all "Graduation" activities to the "done" list.


05-30-2011, 07:40 AM
Morning! :coffee:

Ruth, that's a pretty new avatar and very appropriate for today. I'm glad you were able to have coffee on the porch this morning and hope the rest of your day is just as enjoyable and you find something to soothe that earache. Tell Joan I said "hi" if you see her at the gym. BTW, where does the Mill bake their bread? Do they have ovens there, or do volunteers bake it at home?

Karen, sounds like you need a few days of detoxing after all the graduation celebrations, but you sound like you're having fun and enjoying the festivities.

It's HOT here already this morning, and the heat index is going to top 100*. We shouldn't be having that kind of weather until July! I think we'll be spending a good part of the day in the pool, and I know that's where the grandkids will be. ;) Carley was in it from the time she got here yesterday until it was her bedtime. We were lucky to get her out long enough to have supper! Monica wants me to run with her this morning, but she's not even up yet and by the time she's ready, it's going to be too hot for me. I'm just going to enjoy a peaceful couple of cups of coffee before the day gets going.

Enjoy your day, no matter how you're celebrating it!

05-30-2011, 07:55 AM
Good morning :coffee2: Another storm overnight then bird alarms this morning :) My parents' dog has developed a fear of storms and gets very upset when they get one so there was lots of whimpering during the brief storm last night. Today we have our usual morning routine then I'm off to home with the thrift store pit stop along the way. I won't actually be back for a longer visit until late July when I will have a mini-vacation with the folks. In-between my DB and his DW will visit two weekends with the kids and we will all be here for a party to celebrate their marriage (they got married in Virginia Beach last October so the family hasn't celebrated yet).

Summer is clearly knocking on the door now even though spring ignored us. I started looking at my calendar and realized more than 2/3 of my weekends are already committed and we haven't planned a single camping trip yet :eek: How does that happen! When DD was young we camped every other weekend but now I'm happy to find a couple of weekends to squeeze in.

Ruth - They should bake some whole wheat bread! THe porch sounds lovely. I'm looking forward to having coffee on mine this week

Karen - congratulations on surviving graduation weekend!

Cottage - Happy pooling with the GC :)

I'm trying not to think of the work week ahead yet. Lots to do and that 10K to get ready for (or as DD says only 6.2 miles!")

Happy long weekend to those that have it and sunny Monday to everyone

05-30-2011, 08:55 AM
Hi everyone,
I woke up to a rainstorm, which I hadn't known was coming, and sort of disrupts my plans a bit, but only because it means I'll have to travel around and do my errands in the rain. We got some things settled with my parents this weekend, so that's a plus, but as so many of us here seem to know, it just doesn't really get easier. Plus I'm far away from them (3 hours) which is perhaps both a plus and a minus.

I was also off plan yesterday, and really wasted it on a terribly unsatisfying fast food pizza and some cheez doodles. I've got to go grocery shopping today so I'll pick up some on plan food for the week and try to get myself together.

Other than that, a quick trip to Ikea and replacing my son's drapes in his room, plus finishing up homework and some filing for me. Hope everyone has a great day!!

05-30-2011, 09:08 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

A breezy and somewhat chilly and overcast day here. We're waiting to hear if mom is coming over. We were going to take Rudi and Bing on a walk but the canyon where we go will have wind that would knock Rudi right over. Guess we'll settle for sitting on the couch while sipping coffee.

I got through my food events yesterday with minimal damage. I stuck to OP foods...counted out single digit corn chips and passed on the cake and sweets. I was glad for that since I wasn't really celebrating anything.

Today, pool and an appointment for Kirk. I bought organic corn on the cob yesterday. It's my moms favorite and I don't have to do any special meals for her if she can eat corn.

Have a great day, everyone!

05-30-2011, 10:24 AM
Good morning,

Ruth took your example and had coffee and breakfast on the deck this morning, so nice.

I had a very hard weekend and did cave into some baguette with cheese. Hoping that drinking lots of water will take care of that today. On another note, I am devastated, my irises have borer. First time in 10 years and it probably means losing them. They are my showcase in my front garden and I have had photographers stop by and neighbours always looking forward to seeing them in June.

Enjoy the last of your long weekend.
take care

05-30-2011, 12:57 PM
I always marvel that so many of you are up and writing at 6 in the morning! ( when it's not 4 or 5). I stumbled out into the clutter of my living room an hour ago. This week was graduation week for me, too, although I was giving out the diplomas rather than getting one. It was a very stressful week -- I got four hours of sleep a night. Somehow I lost 3 pounds doing a not quite perfect phase I.

Whine over :) I have three weeks until summer session and am, once again, hoping to be able to devote energy to changing eating habits. Each time it is easier, as I've internalized something learned/changed from the last try. In between, I read the board as close to every day as possible and learn a lot from all of you. I'm so glad you're all still here!