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05-30-2011, 05:48 AM
The only thing I've ever done on this massive forum is ask and praise... and nothing else.


Well anyways, please please please answer my questions!
(Also, please state your source if possible!)

1. How do people "collect" glycogen/build up their glycogen stores?
Ever since I learned about glycogen, I thought that you get more glycogen by eating more calories than needed by taking in a lot of carbs. Am I right?

2. Is Ketosis the same as Starvation Mode?
Ketosis is when your body has used up all your glycogen. When it does, it will eat away at your FAT TISSUE.
Starvation Mode is when you eat so little that your body acts slowly and eats at your MUSCLE TISSUE.
What I thought was that if you ate too little, your body would use up your glycogen stores and then your fat and THEN your muscle...

OMG thanks so much! :carrot:

05-30-2011, 06:05 AM
3. How do I break through a plateau without decreasing my calorie intake too much?

I just read that people get plateaus after losing 10% of their starting weight. I hadn't realized that I wasn't losing a lot of weight until now! Right now, I am 12lbs lighter than when I started which means a plateau should come right about... NOW! D: BUT they do come at different times for different people I guess. Another reason for this unexplained lack of weight loss is probably because I've had many "rest days" where I binge
(but not so much that I have excess calories, just more than usual)-
the result of eating very little (foolish, I know) for a week.

What I'd like to know is how to break through a plateau without decreasing my calorie intake too much. At the moment I eat 800-900 calories per day with lots of water. If I decrease it by 200 like some people say to do, I'll DIE! ( Or end up having a bunch of "rest days" the next week! )