Mini-Goals - The Daily Goals and Accountibiltiy Thread

05-29-2011, 11:53 PM
As a person from a few different forums based on well being and mental health, a lot of them have these "goals" threads. The way they work is what you do is list your goals.... the following day/night you reflect and post how well you did as well as write new goals.

This is especially helpful as you kind of feel a little extra push to follow through with you know other people might be reading them. You also feel empowered to share your goals with others or support them in their journey.

Others are strongly welcomed to join me in this :D

This may be confusing at first, but its easy to get the hang of.

The goals don't all need to be weight related, hoewever sinxe this is a weight loss forum they can be. Remember that we are more than numbers and it's important to keep other aspects of our life in check

I hereby christen this goals thread

:sunny: Tomorrow's Goals :sunny:
- 500 calories; no more no less
- no purging food
- at least an hour of cardio
- proper fluid intake; 6 glasses of water