Carb Counters - Dukan Diet support for Attack and Cruise phase

05-28-2011, 07:05 PM
Hi there,

I just started the Dukan diet on 5/25/2011, with a beginning weight of 172. I am now in the middle of my fifth day and stepped on the scale this morning weighing 168. I am really excited about my progress and hope I can push through the summer to my goal weight of 135. According to I should reach that goal by 9/27/2011. The Attack phase for me was a little hard, not because of the lack of food, but more the lack of social activities I am able to do. I am 28 and live in Seattle, most of my social events revolve around happy hours and going to bars and lounges. I am looking forward starting the cruise phase because I feel like it will be easier to go to dinners and events and eat sorta like a normal person. Any suggestions for me? People that are in the cruise phase now? I am really worried I will begin to gain my weight back.