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05-28-2011, 02:48 PM
Week 2 weigh in this morning and I have lost 10lbs!!

05-28-2011, 03:23 PM
Great job! This is amazing! Keep up the amazing work!

05-28-2011, 05:32 PM
Way to go on your 10 Lbs loss!! Yahooo!!! Keep on, keeping on!!

05-28-2011, 05:58 PM
Keep up the good work!

05-30-2011, 11:35 AM
Thank you everyone! Man staying on track over this long weekend has been so hard lol, but it is okay. Back to work tomorrow and back to routine :)

06-04-2011, 12:21 PM
So had a very rough week with staying on track, not only did the long weekend trip me up, I was craving everything under the moon this week and struggled everyday. My weight fluctuated a lot this week and was back up to 278 but this mornings "official" weigh in is at 272 which I can live with because my cravings were caused by TOM which finally came on Friday, so hoping that by staying on target next weeks weigh in will be at least 265. Now that it is the weekend I have to be especially strong because at least during the week I have routine because of work that help keeps me on track. The carnival is also in town and we took the kiddo last night and she had a blast, I had worked yesterday to make sure I had enough cals left and had a great workout so I didn't feel guilty having a corn dog, which I order the small one and that was more than enough to satisfy the craving. On the way out of the carnival the family wanted deep fried oreo's which are just as horrific for you as they sound, but we always get them, just happens this year I am trying to lose weight, but we still got them and I had one so that is over and done with. Kiddo wants to go back today and I will take her since she has some tickets left but not getting any food today, but we might if we get in a really good workout get an ice cream cone. I decided I am not going to get rid of all the things in my life that I enjoy, I just have to learn to moderate and to workout to burn it off. I have cut out a lot of the unnecessary crud that is so harmful and I have started eating breakfast and lunch and snacks through out the day instead of waiting until I get home and then binge until the time I go to bed. Those little changes alone are making the difference. It is going to be a slow weight loss, but I have lost the weight very fast before and gained every pound back and then some. So just making lifestyle changes and just taking care of me for a change.

Having this site has been a tremendous help because when I feel an urge or need to give up I can pop on here and maybe not post but just reading that there are people going through the same thing and that they are making it, helps me get through. Now if only I could add a signature that would make it even more awesome! I thought I would have the option today but I guess my 20th day technically would be tomorrow. So I am excited to see the little ticker that will really give me a boost :)

Thanks for reading :)

06-04-2011, 02:58 PM
Glad you were able to maintain through a rough weekend. I hope you get your new siggy tomorrow.:)

06-05-2011, 01:10 PM
Yay I was able to set up my signature today!! Little things make me happy.

06-12-2011, 12:23 PM
"Official weigh in 4"

Down 7 lbs since last Saturday! I know some of that is water so I was happy that I made it to my weekly goal!

Had a great week I stayed on track. I went to the gym everyday and had wonderful workouts! I did not binge at all, I have made it through 12 days without a slip up at all!

My daughter and I walked in Relay for Life yesterday afternoon, we couldn't stay the entire day and night because my daughter is only 6 and it was super hot so we were out there for 4 and a 1/2 hours and we clocked in 6 miles which is wonderful and we had a wonderful time. Next year we plan on being there start to finish so we will build up to it over the next year.

Life is good, I have changed a lot mentally over the past month and it has made a difference. I am so much more happier than I have been in a very long time and when momma is happy, everyone is happy LOL I am half way to my first mini goal and once I get there I will do a week of maintenance. Maybe two weeks. To make sure I can stay at that weight before I take it to another level so I can knock off the next 30 lbs. I am hoping by doing this I won't hit that dreaded wall that I always seem to hit.

Since I did Relay yesterday (which Saturday is my normal break day) today I am resting, my body aches a bit today so I am going to relax and rest and be ready to hit hard again tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

06-15-2011, 10:10 AM
wow.. you have already committed (hardest part for me).
its just going to get better from here !

06-18-2011, 08:50 PM
"Official weigh in week 5"
268 lbs

Made it through the week very well, worked out every single day and stayed on plan and didn't have any slip ups in meals. I can tell already that my heart and lungs are getting much stronger because I am able to to go a full 35 minutes on the elliptical now and I know I could go longer but my lunch breaks are only an hour and I have to shower because I do get very sweaty. I am able to work with my heartrate around 146 to 150 for 30 of those minutes so I know I am getting healthier regardless of what the scales say. I have had a pretty crappy day but have been on my feet since 7am taking care of my kids first case and hopefully the last case of lice, I was livid to find out they don't do screenings in school any more because it "hurts the kids feelings" when they get sent home with lice, so instead now they let them just run a muck and don't tell anyone or even find out when there is an outbreak. But after spending 5 hours working on her hair (she has very long and thick hair) I then cleaned everything on the top floor of the house and have washed all of the bedding and pretty much all of the clothes again. On top of that I got an abscessed tooth yesterday and have been dealing with that as well. The positive thing is that I stayed very busy today and got loads of exercise cleaning the house. I will finish the laundry and clean the bottom floor tomorrow and I have to wash and vacuum the car to make sure there are no buggies in there. I know that it happens to just about every kid, I just hate it LOL. Anywho that's my weekly update.

06-20-2011, 10:44 AM
Seriously wanting to give up today, it was a really crappy weekend and I feel like why flippin bother anymore. Just having a blue day I guess and hoping that when I go to the gym at lunch it will snap me out of my funk. Just feeling used anymore so why should I try and make myself better, no one gives a real damn anyways. The answer to that question I know is, that I give a damn and that I am doing this for myself. I am just tired. Tired of trying and doing and doing it all. Maybe instead of the elliptical I need to do boxing workouts LOL. Anywho I had to get that off my chest so I can stop brooding and just move on with the day.

06-21-2011, 08:03 AM
Well thankfully I pulled myself out of my funk yesterday. I did make it to the gym for a really good workout but it was funny because I got to the gym and quickly realized that I had forgotten my socks and well in the mood that I was already in I for a split second thought about not working out and just going back up to my desk but I was like, no I have to do this, so I did my workout without my socks and was so glad that I did because it just helped me get over myself and the feelings that I was having and to just get myself back on track. This journey is going to be a long slow and painful process but it just has to keep going. I have to completely accept that this is my lot in life and that even though it is not easy I have to do it and get healthy or it is going to be a short and miserable life.

So I am getting my rear end in gear this morning, it is the last day of school for my kindergartner so it is exciting and sad all at the same time because where did the time go, it seems like just yesterday we were walking her to her classroom for the first time. She looks so different now compared to the first day of school. She still looked like a baby when she started and now she is this tall skinny big girl ready to take on the world lol. Ok enough talking time to go and wake her up :)

06-25-2011, 11:35 AM
"Official weigh in 6"

I seriously don't get it, and think my scales officially hate me. I have worked so hard this week and have been good on my food and I just don't understand why I have not lost anything, not even a pound. I am hoping that it is just because that I have had TOM again this week for the second time this month.
I have decided that if the scales aren't moving something has to be changing so I took measurements of my whole body, or at least the parts I care about LOL I just wish I had done that when I started this process. So the embarrassing numbers are below and I will measure again next week.
I have also increased my cardio workout to 40 minutes on the elliptical and I have been able to increase it to 3 miles total while maintaining a heart rate average of 150 for 30 of the 40 minutes. So I know I am getting stronger because I have to work harder to get my heart rate up and keep it up. I am also in the processing finding a new house, I viewed one last night and fell in love with it, but so did lots of other people so I am putting it out in the universe that if this is meant to be then it will happen and be easy. PLease be easy, I am tired of having to struggle through everything LOL.


Bust- 52"
chest- 44"
upper belly- 48"
waist- 50"
lower belly- 55.5
hips- 50
left thigh- 29"
right thigh- 30 (so weird how it is bigger but I am right handed so it is my dominant side)
right arm- 16"
left arm- 16"

Man these numbers don't lie and sure do make me feel like a whale. But you know I honestly don't feel that way most of the time, most of the time I feel like I am smaller than I am, and I am ok until I look at a picture or I look in the mirror. It messes with my head sometimes but I haven't given up yet. If though I go through another week without any loss then I am going to have to change my food again and I don't know how much smaller I can on my food, because I need some food, I can't get by on just veggies lol. Anyways I have a ton to do this weekend with cleaning and packing and looking for houses ( just in case the one from last night falls through). So take care all and thank you for reading.

07-12-2011, 08:42 PM
Well I let what usually happens happen...I let stress get in the way of what I was working towards. Lost all motivation, starting eating like crazy, and I didn't stop me, neither did anyone else. I even stopped coming here, actually I think the 25th of June was the last time I logged in. Its all in my head, I know, I just don't know how to deal with stress or not speaking my mind in any other way than hurting myself. It comes so easy for some, but not me. Whatever it may be, I need to cut the strings and get over it, I need to become a totally different person, I need to become me. I am too busy trying to do and be what everyone else wants me to be that I have never learned who I am and what I want in my life. I don't love myself and never really have. I am told that I am a very negative person, always depressed, and think everything stinks. Partly this is true, and while I don't know 100% of the cause I certain know a few key things that are causing most of my grief, and if I would just learn to open my mouth and say what is on my mind or hurting me or what I disagree with then I think I can start making the changes in my life that will help me get to a different level. I fear though hurting anyone's feeling and most people don't like people to disagree with them so I always walk on eggshells and worry about what people think and I just internalize everything, so on top of my weight I have years and years worth of pent up feelings that don't go anywhere but eat away at me everyday. Sometimes I wish I could just be a *****, that would make it so much easier because I wouldn't care what anyone thought.

At any rate I just needed to talk that out and at least not have that floating around my head. I went back to the gym today, didn't want to but I did. I will get back on track. I am a person who needs help that is for darn sure, maybe some day I will figure it all out, hopefully sooner rather than later.

07-12-2011, 09:09 PM
I am shocked though, I finally stepped on the scale and found that my two week break did not break me, I am still right at where I was when I left off so that makes me feel so much better!