South Beach Diet - Traveling And Staying On Plan........

05-27-2011, 11:59 AM
Wednesday we left the Florida keys to drive 6 hours to Orlando for my sister in laws high school graduation only to turn around the next day and drive 6 hours back! AGGGG. Anyways I thought I had planned soooo very well to stay on plan to realize just how difficult that can be. I found that in West Palm Beach which is about 3- 3.5 hrs from where we start that they had a Natures table at the rest stop. We ate home cooked on plan items all day and I packed some nuts as our afternoon snack and based on the menu for Natures Table I was convinced that we could stop and have a veggie chilli and some sort of salad for dinner. UMMMM nope not so easy. The Rest Stop version apparently has ummm well almost nothing. They had lettuce and that was it. Also a bunch of wraps. Notphase 1 friendly. So after much hassle I purchased a salad from them and than went next door to the chicken kitchen to purchase a piece of grilled chicken. Try to convey that to someone working at a rest stop. There is no button on the register for a sandwich with no bread. LOL Anyways I trooped through and finally got my chicken but never imagined how difficult it could be. Anyone else run into this issue?

05-27-2011, 12:54 PM
Not a Beacher, but when I've wanted chicken for anything on the road and not wanted the bun - I just order the chicken sandwich no mayo/dressing and toss the bun - it's easy and quick and you don't need to go into any explanation to the person checking you out (who is just trying to get to the next person in line) ... I've packed bags of mixed greens and veggies for road trips and then just added to it what I wanted each meal - be it chicken, or other things I've packed that keep well (black beans, salsa, whatever). I dont' like paying much higher prices for things on the road that aren't special.

I can usually find a market if I'm unprepared and need to stop on the way, and they're quick in/quick out and have better selection oftentimes.

05-27-2011, 01:44 PM
traveling and staying on plan, especially phase 1 is difficult without planning. i always bring a cooler and stock it with phase 1 friendly snacks. hummus and cut veggies, celery and pb or laughing cow, string cheese, deli meat wrapped around pickles, etc.

You can always order a sandwich or wrap and just eat the filling. My family knows that road trips mean special stops to places like Sonic. We hardly ever eat there so it is a treat. I order a grilled chicken wrap, no sauce or cheese, extra lettuce and tomato and then use the wrap as a plate. You could grab a small side salad as a side and top it with the filling from your wrap.

It just takes a bit of planning ahead and thinking outside the box. :)