Mini-Goals - Putting my goals in writing...maybe it will help...

05-26-2011, 03:48 PM
Hello there everyone.

So I am a 27 yr old grad student and I think it is time to make a permanent change so I am putting my goals in writing and telling them to the "world" so hopefully I can stick with it because I find that I have the hardest time sticking to things when I don't have someone working toward the goal with me. My boyfriend is/was doing a VERY low carb diet and the weight (15lbs) just melter right off of him. I on the other had barely lost 3.

After my low low carb trial I am going to stick with my usual way of losing weight. Counting weight watchers points and calories on my own, but if I have to own up to it on a "blog" then it is for real and maybe it will hep if I have people following me along the way.

So my goals for the rest of May:
(1) Stick with counting calories and DON'T cheat.
(2) Don't give up!
(3) Exercise 4 times until the end of the month (spinning/jogging/hot yoga)
(4) Hopefully lose some weight (but I'm not going to worry about that until June.

June goals:
(1) Better still be sticking with this "life style" change
(2) Be on my way to the lower range of the 140s...specifically be less than 140.
(3 )Exercise 4x a week (at least)--with at least 1 time being running and 1 time being hot yoga.