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05-26-2011, 12:21 PM
:wave: Hi All,
I started taking Navitas Maca approx. 2 yrs ago, as did DH, under the recommendation of a SA @ Whole Foods. I like it.

In the beginning, I thought it gave me a pep in my step, so I continued to take it. I am about to need more for June and thought I’d order online, since my local WF is usually out of it. I typically am a stickler about researching anything before I buy it, but not so much Maca.
However, when I started looking at the reviews of it, I noticed people were reporting weight gain with it. Since I wasn’t trying to lose weight when I began, I can’t really tell if it had that effect on me.

It has me concerned that it may be influencing my weight loss effort, and I am wanting to discontinue taking it.

Anyone else on it or ever tried it?
Did you notice weight gain?
Have you tried stopping it? If so, did you have rebound symptoms?

Thanks for reading.