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05-18-2011, 08:56 PM
I like to use uncomfortable clothing as an excuse not to walk. My legs rub together so by the time I got home - good gosh I had a terrible rash! So, I went on a quest and found two things I love and would like to pass on. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone else had similar finds they would like to share. So without further ado:
1) Luvees - they are like little nylon undershorts. Not binding or tight, but they stay put under your clothing. They are lacy and on the inside of the thights they have a little sturdy cushiony, non lacy set of pads. No thigh rub! Woot! Plus they are totally breathable in the crotch region. and have some very unobtrusive grabbies at the bottom of the legs. Luvee them. They run true to size if not a wee larger.
2) Lands End Performance Sport Pants. They are perfect walking pants in my opinion. They are stretchy, but the material has some heft which keeps all the jiggly parts in place. The waist is not your traditional elastic but it is sort of a contoured slightly tighter version of the rest of the pant that does not bind, twist or roll over onto itself AND you can breath. The pants are sufficiently long and do not shrink and seem to be able to hold up to what I can only describe as unholy friction. They are slip on so no zippering (except for one zip pocket in the back (big enough for keys and some cash and maybe a credit card). There is a handy dandy little slip pocket with a top for your I-pod (it is located on your right hip). They come in Women's plus and regular sizes.

05-18-2011, 09:28 PM
Those Luvees look really interesting. Have you tried them vs. plain bike shorts? If so, are these better because they are more breathable?

I really like Champion Plus Semi-Fitted Plus-Size Women's Knee Pants. They might not be as heavy as the Land's End (which is good for me because it is HOT here already), plus they have a inner drawstring so you can adjust if you change sizes. But I freaking love them as they fit me PERFECTLY, and they skim the body rather than hug it or balloon out and get in the way. Downside: no pockets.

Also, has anyone tried Junonia's QuikWik Mesh Dual Layer Short? They look awesome, but the price is kinda totally high. That being said, if they are really well made, I might consider. (Might.)

05-19-2011, 04:09 AM

Do the champion pants skim you v hug and do the bottoms hang or do they cling to your leg? I like the looks of them and I like the idea of not having them give everyone a blow by blow of what is going on under my pants! I also like the sewn down seem between the legs since I am a chafe machine. As for no pockets - that is a bummer. But you can sew a makeshift one in. I use old cottony clothing and make little pockets and put them in at the inside back for my I pod. Sometimes I make a little strong, sew it inside the waistband and then put a snap on the other end for my key. I am extremely unhandy so there may be a swifter way.

The luvees go under your pants. Like I usually wear them under regular pants or jeans. I go walking a lot in regular clothing and this eliminates any chance I am gonna have a giant chafe patch inside my legs - even if I sweat. They are not for public consumption and they fit loosish, not like a bike short. Although I have tried bike shorts. Like them, but I do not want the leg band gooshing my chub over and under the band and then showing through my pants. I wear them under shorts occasionally. Luvees are lacy.

Those Junonias look interesting. Seems I have looked at those before. I wonder if the outside short rides up in the center. Does the gusseted part keep that from happening? If so those sound so good. Mesh top would be nice for FL heat. 70 bucks. Holy. I will have to think about that one. Ah 60 elsewhere. Hmmm. Good find.

05-19-2011, 01:57 PM
The Champions are a bit snug at the top, but by mid-thigh they skim so that past the knee they are looser and you can pull them up to a long short level if you need to (like during yoga during mat work if you get slippery knees).

05-20-2011, 08:16 PM
I'm gonna put both on my wish list! Thank you!

05-20-2011, 11:14 PM
Those Junonias look interesting. Seems I have looked at those before. I wonder if the outside short rides up in the center. Does the gusseted part keep that from happenin

They rode up on me and back they went. I rather just have the compression short without the outer short riding up and being weird.

I stick to Body Glide

and compression shorts or carpi length pants. Like some of these:


A. :)