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01-03-2003, 09:04 PM
I saw this book being discussed on this morning TODAY show. It's called changeone. Interesting maybe for some of us that are "starting over" Did anyone see this? any comments?


01-04-2003, 12:28 AM
I am actually using this as part of my plan, the January addition of Readers Digest has a whole section on it. It seems to really focus on portion control, and eating in moderation. My mom works at Barnes and Noble and is getting the book for herself this weekend. I will take a look at it and let you know if it is any good.


01-06-2003, 03:57 AM
Well, I took a look at the book tonight. It looked like it was a pretty good book. There is a whole lot of information in it, mostly about portion control. There are also recipes, exercise routines, and lots of info about emotional/stress/boredom eating. It is a lot more about changing your entire lifestyle, rather then simply following a diet.

HTH, let me know if you want more specific info about any of it.