General Diet Plans and Questions - TOM questions, help me out here girls!

Dog Rescue Mama
05-14-2011, 04:52 PM
Ok so I'm wrapping up my first TOM since starting my diet. But I have to ask, what am I supposed to expect?? I know I'll get water retention, possible weight gain, etc. My real question is when? Before, during, after?? I can't tell what is my body dealing with new lifestyle verses period issues so what are your experiences?

What things do you experience, cravings, weight gain, water retention, etc?

What point did you experience these symptoms?

What, if anything did you do to help with these issues?

05-14-2011, 06:40 PM
Every single body is different and reacts differently to TOM issues.

Whether you'll gain/retain/lose anything is completely individual and might even vary month to month.


The personal stuff:

I either maintain or gain very little (we're talking 0.2lb) during the week of. I kinda feel a little heavier during TOM in general. The week after it's usually right back down to normal losing.

I don't change much of anything, really. If I'm feeling a little weak, I'll try to get in some extra protein.

Other than that. I don't have any "excuses" for TOM. I still have to get in my walk. I still have to follow my eating plan. Besides, eating well and moving more actually help if I'm feeling bloated or cramping.

Dog Rescue Mama
05-14-2011, 10:56 PM
Thanks Lovley. I'm on plan with no cravings etc but i noticed weight loss is very slow if any so was wondering if i can expect anything better next week.

Anyone else wanna spill?? I know most of us have this issue each month.....

05-15-2011, 01:03 AM
I get bloated and usually gain 2 lbs during my TOM. I usually avoid the scale on those days because it can be discouraging. When it's over, I'll lose that water weight gain (or whatever it is) and I'm back to normal again. Since every body is different, maybe you could chart your weight to see what your body is doing during your TOM.

(edited to add) I just looked at my calendar (I record my weight daily to see how fluctuates) and I usually gain 2-4 lbs during TOM and depending on if I've eaten really salty foods. Then after TOM, it drops off along with another pound or so that was expected during that week but did not show up because of TOM.

Dog Rescue Mama
05-15-2011, 01:32 AM
Oh I hope so. I've been at 178 for a week now and I even started my exercises! Here's hoping and fingers crossed it tries to melt back off! All my first month I was loosing great then I hit a wall a few days before TOM. Here's hoping it is just TOM messing with me!!!!!!

05-15-2011, 02:46 AM
In general, I lose weight incrementally (a few tenths of a pound per day) when it's not TOM or around that time, and during/around TOM the scale bounces around between small gains (usually less than a pound), stalls, and very small losses. I always see a bigger loss toward the end of TOM or after it's gone of all the water weight I was retaining during it, but when that loss arrives is variable - primarily, I think, because my menstrual cycle is so wacky. I never know when to expect TOM, and sometimes it stays for a long, long time (last month it was 3 weeks), so sometimes my weight loss seems erratic. But the pattern, for me, is definitely as described above.

I would imagine that you'll very likely see a drop once TOM departs. :hug:

As for cravings and things I change... not much. Sometimes I notice that I'm hungrier right before TOM starts, though I often only realize after the fact that it's why I was so hungry and eating toward the top of my calorie range. But, because I always plan to be in my calorie range, and don't go over it unless I've planned to do so for some special occasion, I just push through the hungry days.

Some cycles I get extremely painful cramps (the kind that make me completely non-functional), and when those occur I can't leave my bed/couch/bathtub let alone exercise. But, if I'm functional enough to go to work, then I'm well enough to exercise and so continue to go to the gym. I do also sometimes feel weak right before/at the start of TOM, and on those days I just do the best I can with my workouts even if they end up being a little lighter than normal.