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05-13-2011, 11:29 AM
So 2 years ago in october a friend of mine brought me this stray kitten he found and i fell in love with him. Jack, Brown and black tabby with an awesome personality. Last year for my birthday i decided to get him a friend from the spca her name was Trixie shy little tuxedo. Well we have a soda bottle that we use in a watering dish it automatically dispences the water when we arent there so they dont run out so fast. And attached is a food bowl that we control. We fill the food bowl about every other day. Trixie is a mere 7 pounds with a short lanky body. Jack...well hes bigger then a small dog LOL! hes about 17 pounds. The doctor said he was fine so long as he stays active and he definately does. Any string, shiny light, bug hes all over it! he eats all the time. We were going to take the food but trixie has her own little eating schedule and i dont want to deprive her because her "brother" is a pig. I honestly prefer him fat i guess ive seen so many animals thrown away so to speak by people that ive seen there ribs and it upsets me. i like my cats fat and happy. My mother has 2 fat cats as well but all just as healthy as you please!