Biggest Loser Challenges - Purple Team NYNY 2011 Chat Week 5 (05/09 - 05/15)

05-08-2011, 10:04 PM
Hi everyone just 2 more weeks to final WI I have been bad again and just don't seem to be in the grove of things anymore. With spring here and summer just around the corner you would think I would be more dedicated. It is shorts and tank top weather after all. Also I have my neices grad to go to at the end of June and would like to look at least somewhat decent.

Well don't forget to sign up on the new challange thread if you are joining up again. Thanks Shannon for putting those up for us. Also we have a thread up asking for names to the new summer challange so please add your suggestions.

Talk to you all later, have a great night.

05-08-2011, 11:09 PM
Hey ladies. When you sign up for the next challenge don't forget to put your starting weight or a note saying you will edit it later. On May 22nd if you don't have a starting weight then we can't place you on a team.

Hope everyone has a great two weeks left in them. The bf left yesterday on his one year world travel. I cried, but not too much because I knew he was happy to be going. We will skype and email for the first two months. In exactly 62 days I will be going home to the states for a year and he will be joining me there for a 3 week stop on his travels. Then I will join him again in December and January in Europe. I have no doubt our relationship can survive us being apart. I'm kind of excited about putting the focus in my life back on me and really getting back to losing weight and working on my own life issues. I have 9 weeks to work on them here in Korea, and then when I go back to the states I will be living with my little sister (who does weight watchers and has already met her goal weight) and I know we will be able to push each other (her to maintain, and me to reach my goal weight). Lots of big plans for this year.

Time to get my butt in gear and head for some morning exercise.

Hope everyone has a great week.

05-09-2011, 10:11 AM

05-10-2011, 01:15 PM
love your spirit jaytee!!!!

05-10-2011, 02:50 PM
Sorry I have been MIA. Life is nuts now that I work full-time, school full-time, own place and raising my 2 boys alone! My weight shows how bad off track I have gotten...back up 5 lbs :(

05-11-2011, 04:03 PM
Sorry I've been MIA too. It seems like the last month has just been so busy, and I am once again struggling with consistency.

Jacky, I have been feeling the exact same way.

Shan, what a wonderful attitude you have!

PageLynn, wow you are super busy! I can't even imagine fitting all that in.

Gotta run. Let's have a great week everyone!

05-11-2011, 08:14 PM
Sorry I have been MIA. Life is nuts now that I work full-time, school full-time, own place and raising my 2 boys alone! My weight shows how bad off track I have gotten...back up 5 lbs :(

Dont feel bad! I'm up 5 lbs too! :(
We can still lose some weight before the two weeks is up!

05-11-2011, 10:55 PM
Kelsey: I hope so lol. I started back to weight watchers points plus today. So far so good...but I spent the afternoon in the er thanks to a HUGE clot and a lot of blood loss...only to find out....NOTHING! ugh hope everything starts falling into place better.

05-12-2011, 12:03 AM
I'm up 5 lbs too! What is up with that? LOL. Geez.

Well so here is what's going on this week, one of our best friends in this world died on Mothers Day in front of his mother.. he was only 40. We are so sad. Feel like I'm walking thru mud. I will miss him soooooo much.

And court next week to see if we'll get the new baby boy. So much to worry about. Trying not to tho.

Hugs, have a good Thursday tomorrow...Selina :df:

05-12-2011, 02:06 AM
Hey Purplers;)

Sorry to hear so many are gaining. I'm down a little, not much, but I've been getting a lot of NSV's as in several people telling me how good i look - go figure.:?:

Still doing weights/cardio. Staying OP with a lot more protein. I was just turned onto a site that promotes a little coffee in the morning to get more out of your a.m. exercise. I'm going to be adding coffee back to my plan.:coffee:

Keep the faith team(s). Ten days to go.:cp:

Later gator when your legs are straighter (whatever that means):dizzy:


05-12-2011, 12:50 PM
One day back on track (may also be because of events yesterday) i am back down to 184. Hopefully it will continue to go down.

05-12-2011, 01:56 PM
selina, i am so sorry to hear of your loss for your dear friend. to die so suddenly, what happened? also, are you adopting? tell me more as i am so excited for you!! you are just a darling lady and oooo what a good mommie you'll be...keep us posted. hugs, susan

05-12-2011, 01:59 PM
Hi just a quick hello to everyone it has been beautiful with weather here the last few days so that's awesome. I still fit in last summers clothes so that's not good should have been smaller by now. Oh well at least I still keep on plugging away.

Selena - Sorry about the loss of your friend, I hope you get good news about the baby though.

PageLynn, Narnia, Kelsey that 5lbs will come off again soon enough maybe even by final WI:)

Dora - good job with the NSV

Susan - Hello

JayTee - well we will see what I can do in the next 13 days at least I'm maintaining so that's something for me.

Shan - Awesome attitude and I hope you enjoy the time you will have to yourself. It is sometimes nice to not have to worry about anyone but yourself. It will be nice to be with your sister who also has the same type of focus on health as you do.

Hello to everyone else hope you are all doing well. Don't forget to sign up on the new thread if you want to join the summer challange. Also make sure to add your name suggestions for the challange.

05-13-2011, 10:09 AM
Thank yall. Yes, still so sad about Tony. He was what my friend called a gentle giant. 6'4", but sorta slow and very caring. He was like our kid to us really. Took him with us everywhere, esp before we had kids. Parks, camping, the beach.. he was grown and had never seen the beach or been in it. We still have pics of that day.

He would get depressed and lived with his mother. She didn't do much to help. Watched him drink every evening.. sitting there. No one much in that family tries to better themselves so we can see how it can be easy for him to just be the same way. But we loved him. And miss him so much. He used to say his best times in his life were with us. He knew we really cared, you know? So sad he is gone. Thanks for caring.

Yes, hoping to adopt a baby boy. Will find out next week in court if he'll be coming to us or not. It's thru CPS.. the mom had 3 before him and lost rights so they think if we foster him, he will come up for adoption too. We are so excited. Child Advocate and CPS and others involved want us to have him. But the babys attorney wants him to stay in the first home they put him in. Im glad they are being great with him but he is my 3rd childs half sib and so if we want him, he is to come to us, by tx family code. She is giving the courts a time using loopholes to keep him with the other family. Blah, such a mess. Pray for us!! CPS filed a motion and we go bk to court next wk and they all think theyll have no choice but to give him to us. He is almost 3 months old. We said yes when they called us about him, after the other family had only had him 10 days.. so I feel they are taking precious time from us. My other 3 came to us from the hospital and have 3 wk and 2 month photos made. Now I wont have those of him but its ok. God has a plan. And if for some reason we dont get him, then maybe its because the baby we are supposed to have is being born today and we are to wait for him. Just hafta be graceful and patient. Love is patient.

And ty, I love being a mommy. I always said if I won the lottery, we'd maybe never stop adopting! LOL! But I do wanna be at all their school things and even with two and their sports its hard so I sure couldnt do more than 4 or 5. My first 3 are about 3 years apart so gives us a little room but we will see how many as we move forward. Love my babies!!! :bb:

Well. I talked your ears off, LOL, everybody tell us about YOUR kids. I love hearing birth stories, all about the first day with your baby. I have mine memorized because mom told me often, all about the day I was born. She loves babies too and always said we are her greatest accomplishments. :)

Be back later on, hugs, Selina :hug:

05-14-2011, 07:28 AM
Sorry I have been MIA, I have been ill with the flu, it has knocked me around and I am still not over it. I havent been tracking my food intake for two weeks and I havent exercised since Easter. I have still lost 1.7kg but I know I could have done a lot better. I am down to 261.9 pounds. I would love to lose 1.5kg still or even better get to my 10% off. But I dont know if thats gonna happen in the next two weeks. I have a terrible cough and as soon as I start moving I start coughing so badly that I either 1. end up dry retching or 2. have light bladder leakage... both arent a pretty sight. I just wish I was back on top of my game. So getting back on here is helping me to get back on track, I joined for the next BL season, cause I know it wil help me.

Anyway, what's been happening? My son who is 7, lost his first tooth this week, we didnt know it was loose and I think he ate it, it was only on bedtime teeth cleaning check I noticed it. He went into hysterics worrying if it would get stuck in his tummy, would the tooth fairy put the money in his belly... He was an overdue baby, I was 41 weeks and was hoping to go natural, I had the massage oil, calming music as well as lots of other calming props for the labour, but the doctor wanted me to be induced, I misheard the DR and thought I was to rock up Sunday evening for the induction, and planned a relaxing day at home with my husband, he let me lie in cause I hadnt slept for weeks, before hand and the hospital rang me wondering if I was still coming in, so then I had a panic, the hospital was a 45 minute drive away and I wasnt ready! I grabbed my bags, went in, had the baby monitoring band placed on my belly and began monitoring me, but something wasnt right with my baby's heart beat or rhythmn, which panicked me more. They sent me off to be ultrasounded to see what was happening and after that the DR decided that I better have a Caesarian, I became more panicked. I decided to go completely under, and my husband wasnt able to be there but I was so stressed by this time, I didnt think I could cope or be still for an epidural C section. He was born 40 minutes later, I was out for a further hour, he was 4.1kg heavy and very long. His umblical cord was wrapped around his neck two times, and that was the reason for the irregular heartbeat. Worth every stress out but not what I planned. LOL Does any labour go to plan? LOL

05-14-2011, 01:44 PM
Hello purple team! Glad to say I've been OP for the last 13 days :carrot: not exercising as much but still seeing results.

Selina-sorry to hear about your loss :hug: I hope things go your way this week.

Mum-wow that labor sounds very stressful! But I'm sure it was all worth it. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Page- I hope things (clots) are better for you. Thats strange they didn't find anything. Glad to hear the scale is moving.

Bigmid-we had nice weather for a few days (some would say down right hot) then a round of tornados and in a matter of days we went from the 90's to the 50's. As for your summer clothes, you could make that a goal, make them loose by the end of summer.

Dora-Congrats on sticking with your plan and your NSV's :carrot: Keep up the hardwork.

Susan- how are things going? Are you still doing Zumba?

My babies: I've been lucky, both of my pregnancies were fairly easy. DD decided to come into the world the day we were suppose to load up the moving van and head to our new home 3 hours away. Instead we spent the day at the hospital, I went into labor at 3am and at 6:52pm she was born. She was the most beautiful thing I had seen (as all mothers think). When she got older she'd always ask for a brother or sister and we'd tease saying when your 10 we'll have another one so you can help babysit. A surprise pregnancy made that wish come true early for her. Found out in 2008 I was pregnant. During the pregnancy, the doctor ran a test and thought there was a high risk of him having downs, so we went to a specialist and he did an ultrasound and he felt that he did have downs. I was crushed, my daughter is more of an artsy child and not much of an athlete and I was hoping this baby was going to be my star athlete. Don't get me wrong I was going to love this child with all my heart, but I had to rethink all my hopes and dreams for the child. The specialist gave us the option of an amnio, it was risky but then we would definitely know for sure. We decided that we would do the procedure. It took a few days for the results to come back (the longest time of my life), the nurse called, my heart was beating out of my chest, she said "I have your results, they came back negative", I started bawling. I started calling people, then I started second guessing myself as to what she had said. I had to call her back and made sure I understood her My DS was an easy labor went into labor at 2:30am and and had him 8:54 am, would have been sooner, but I wanted to wait for my doctor. My DD is now 8 and loves dance, gymnastics, and music. DS's now 2 and is all boy. Loves his cars and trucks and his baseball. I've got the best of both worlds :D

05-15-2011, 12:40 PM
Dream: where are you located because your weather seems a lot like our's here in OK? lol I think its weird they didn't find it; i keep getting from people I know that they think I miscarried. I dont know and I dont want to know.

To answer the question about my kids' births would be long if I went into detail so I will give a short version lol.
Asher: I had high blood pressure starting at 36 weeks (along with going into preterm labor once at 35 weeks) so at 37 weeks my doctor did an ultrasound in her office to estimate size and maturity. She estimated 7 lbs and determined he would be fine to come early. I went in the next day (9/18/07) to be induced. Being a first time mom I wanted to go natural. Pitocin kicked my butt though. I made it 8 hours with nothing. After stalling at 3 cm and breaking my water, I NEEDED an epidural. Good thing too because at 9 pm his heart rate was going haywire and I wasn't progressing. The doctor decided on an emergency c-section. He was stuck in my pelvis (large head and body). He came out 8lbs 1.6 oz! The hospital stay was unpleasant but that is another story lol.
Kam: I went into preterm labor at 30 weeks, 35 weeks, and finally went into labor they wouldn't stop at 38 weeks (not that they could stop it as nothing was stopping it lol). I was scheduled for a c-section at 39 weeks but Kam didn't want to wait. I tried to do a vbac with no pain killers but due to having a LEEP the month I got pregnant with Kam (hence the reason for his unplanned pregnancy lol) scar tissue wouldn't allow for me to dilate past 1 cm. So I opted for an c-section. We thought he would be bigger than Ash but he came out 7 lbs 6.8 oz. Longer though. Ash was 19.25" and Kam was an even 21".
Interesting side note (at least to me lol) My kids are mixed with black and they came out so white. When Ash came out, they went to show him to me and my first thought was he isn't mine he is white! Lol...Kam came out (and still kinda looks) Asian-looking. People assume my kids are hispanic (ash) and Asian (kam). SMH

05-15-2011, 05:55 PM
Page-I'm in NE

05-15-2011, 07:55 PM
How's my peeps?

05-15-2011, 10:06 PM
dream....i'm hanging in there, thanks for thinking about me :) my gym membership was only for 3 months, so ended the first week of april, so no more zumba for me right now until nigel gets work and i can afford to go back. i had won that 3 month membership the first of jan. so was happy i had the chance to go when i did but i sure miss the pool!!!!!! hugs, susan