Exercise! - Leslie Sansone - Walk Away The Pounds

05-08-2011, 02:50 PM
i spied a couple of her dvds on sale at amazon.com and purchased a few, after reading some good things about them. i was figuring i could at least give it a shot, and if i didn't like them, not a whole lot of money wasted and my mother would probably enjoy them.

i just got them in yesterday, and I LOVE THEM. i'm still in the morbidly obese category (but only for another 4ish pounds!) so most exercise dvds are too difficult for me, and i can barely get thru them. they feel like chores to me. these i could get thru the first 10-15 minutes easily, and didn't really start feelin like i was gonna die til the middle of the third mile. i finished it, and then realized i'd done 36 minutes of cardio without even noticing the time passing. the time FLEW.

okay, so she's kinda corny but she's so positive i could ignore that. SO GLAD i got these! i will definitely get more when these start getting old.

i purchased:

Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home - 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk (the one i opened and tried first - you can start on any mile, select 1-5 on the menu, or select to do the whole 5 mile workout which is about an hour)

Leslie Sansone: Walk at Home: Walk Your Belly Flat (a 3 mile intense cardio walk with some ab-centered exercises at the end)

Leslie Sansone: Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection (which is a combo of 4 of her DVDs + resistance bands) includes:
- 1 mile get up & get started - 18 minutes includes warm up and stretch
- 2 mile brisk walk- 30 minutes - includes warm up and stretch
- 3 mile advanced walk- 51 minutes -includes warm up and stretch
- 4 mile super challenge- 60 minutes - includes warm up and stretch

05-08-2011, 03:28 PM
I like these too! I need to have my knee replaced due arthritis. I am trying to (at least) delay it. I have a lot of pain after I walk but I still try to do it. However, strangely, doing these types of walking in place videos don't cause me pain and I can go a lot longer. My physical therapist says it is because of the way that a person steps when they walk in place.

I also like "Walk it Out" for the wii. It is a walking game set to music. Really fun.

Good for you!