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05-06-2011, 08:53 AM

I have tried every diet known to man, but could not stick with them. I recently did two week induction on Atkins, but really missed dairy, fruit. I am planning on starting phase I. Some of my questions are: do you all track your food, carbs, calories, etc? I had been on Weight Watchers for years and tracked, and Atkins counts carbs so didn't know; do any of you suggest joining online at south beach diet dot com; and last, have any of you started in phase 2?

I am 53, hypothyroid, menopausal. I would love to lose 80#, but 50# may be more realistic. I currently weigh approx 215. I have even been approved for weight loss surgery, but just cannot get myself to go through with that.

Any suggestions? I have not done well with my eating this past week.

Hope to get to know everyone.


05-06-2011, 09:42 AM
Hi Lynn and :welcome:

I did a clean Phase once and have made it my priority not to eat so poorly as to ever revisit a full 2 weeks again. I occasionally have off plan meals but get right back on track. I did not eat anything off plan during my first 6 months on SBD and lost the most weight during that time. I occasionally had a week or two where I didn't lose pounds but kept with it as my body readjusted. I would highly suggest starting in P1, mostly because you are saying you have not done well with your eating the past week.

I did not count anything for almost 1-1/2 yrs. on SB. I decided mid February this year to count calories while eating OP. It has helped me lose 11# since I started. I really enjoyed the freedom of losing without counting and would suggest trying that first. Even with counting my calories I don't target any particular number regarding carbs I just follow SBD guidelines and keep my carb choices healthy ones.

In February, I did the month trial at the SB official website. I was looking for help with online menu planning. I chose livestrong instead, because the menu function at only allowed menu planning with recipes they had on their site and I found it to be of no assistance. At livestrong I track calories, exercise and weight while having the ability to build my favorite recipes into a recipe box where I can access them for tracking purposes. I haven't joined any of the forums there; I find all the support I need right here.

My suggestion, before you ever considered WL surgery, would be to commit to 6 mos. totally OP and see where your at then. Believe me, things can change radically in 6 mos. I feel better than I've ever felt.

If I could give one piece of solid advice it would be to jump into these threads and post every single day. Don't be intimidated-just hop on in. The reason we already know each other so well is because we come here every day. We all started not knowing anyone. Personals are not required! What every day check ins have done for me is give me an every day accountability to do the best I can do for me and to get right back on track if I take a "detour".

Best wishes!

05-06-2011, 09:50 AM

Thank you so much for the advice. I will be out of town and at birthdays & Mother's Day this weekend, so am starting P1 on Monday. I am going to try and make good choices this weekend until then.

I really like your idea of 6 months and see where I am from there. Even though I have thought of that in past, it was a "lightbulb" moment when I saw it in black and white.

Thank you!

05-06-2011, 10:14 AM
What Debbie said. I agree that before you start counting anything, just try doing a clean Phase 1 and then following Phase 2 for 6 months and seeing what happens. If things are not working after that, you can start tracking calories or whatever, but in that six months you will have completely cleaned out your body and gotten a huge headstart on a very healthy lifestyle. Welcome and I also second the recommendation to post here every single day and I find the on plan thread great for accountability and menu ideas.

05-06-2011, 06:33 PM
Enjoy your weekend! Just the simple act of making better choices before you "officially" start P1 will make a big difference!